A Gifted Man s01e11 Episode Script

In Case of (Re)Birth

Not again.
I have to go back to work.
Or what? You'll fire yourself? Good, that's very good.
Stop it.
I'm going down right now.
- Oh - Stairs.
I'm going down stairs.
I have art to sell.
- Didn't you say that good art sells itself.
- Umm hum.
If I'm so irresistible why haven't I heard from you since last Labor Day? Hmm? Remember East Hampton.
We had so much fun.
And I can't begin to tell you how crazy my life has been.
Why? What's been going on? You know you're right.
I think, maybe you should get back to work.
Will you call me? Before next Labor Day? Absolutely.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Where you been.
I was uh talking with the owner.
- Oh yeah? - Yeah.
She must be a pretty close talker.
You got - Thank you.
- Hey, look at this.
I mean.
Wow! I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry, listen.
I'm him.
I the artist.
This is me.
I'm Charlie Reinhart.
Pleased to meet you guys so what you were saying is absolutely correct.
I did it all in one time.
I barely lifted my pen from the canvas one single time maybe I did maybe once maybe twice or three times.
I think I lifted it three times before I finished this thing and it's incredible.
It's incredible.
Are you- are you interested in it? You know what? I might.
I mean I've got a big empty wall.
Charlie, man, it's a pleasure to meet you I'm Edward Morris, this is Michael Holt.
- Hey.
- Hay.
Hay is for horse.
You big horse.
I can't believe it.
Hey Jayne, come here a second.
Ed here- Ed here is thinking of buying my New York piece.
It's his first show.
He's sold six pieces already.
I have- I have, it's amazing and I think you should Ed.
Man, you gotta do something for me Dude.
You gotta promise me that you'll give it a home.
In your home.
Because this is me, man.
This is me.
These are my synapses snappling and crackling up here like the Fourth of July.
Give me your tired, man, give me your poor, give me your huddled masses, man.
Can you do that? Well, cut it out, honey.
It's a painting.
It's not like he's gonna adopt your child.
What are you talking about? That's exactly what it is.
It's precisely that.
This is my child, man.
This is my child, and it could be yours.
Charlie? You all right? No, yeah.
I'm good, I'm good.
It's a big, big this is the biggest night ever, you know, and it's just really overwhelming in there.
I got overwhelmed, and that-that, plus it feels like there's 32 miners pick-axing through my head.
So, I'm a doctor.
You mind if I, uh, take a look at your eyes? Oh, no, no.
Go right ahead.
Just don't ask me to turn my head and cough.
Do you have a lot of headaches like this? Oh, that's the price you pay for sucking in fumes 24/7, seven days a week.
You know what I'm saying? That and I never eat.
I always forget to eat, and, uh, and I don't sleep.
You got to take better care of yourself.
But I can't, man.
I can't.
You see, I got these images.
I got these pictures that come crashing into my head, you know? And I have to get 'em out, because they started one day, and they kept coming and coming - What do you mean? They just started? - Yeah, a couple of months ago, they just started coming to me.
So you did all these paintings and drawings in there in a couple months? All of those I did in a couple of weeks And I got tons more at home, man.
I always fancied myself an artist, you know, but I never was fancy enough.
Now I'm fancy enough.
Listen to me-- I used to work at the DMV, man.
"Stand here, put your right hand over your right eye.
F, T, P, T, M, Z.
" I want you to come see me in my office as soon as you can.
Charlie? Are you coming in? - Yeah, I'll be right in.
- Okay.
You call me, okay? Yeah.
No, I'm good.
I don't No, I'm good.
Thank you for your concern.
You're a good man.
I appreciate it.
And don't step in my puke.
Clinica Sanando.
May I help you? Ma, call me on the cell.
Excuse me? Christina, thanks for volunteering around here.
We need all the help we can get.
It's my day off.
Better than trolling the internet for discount vegan shoes.
To wear, not to eat.
Christina, what are you doing here? - I'm helping out Zeke.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
- Well, and the rest of the staff.
Oh, my God, Michael, I almost forgot.
Happy birthday.
Ah, don't.
Since when did you become so touchy about your birthday? You got a patient for me? Hey, exam one.
You're welcome, Dr.
You know, uh, don't take it personally.
He's just in a weird mood today.
- Excuse me? - Just grab a seat, por favor, I'll be with you ASAP.
I really don't feel good.
Hone, you have to wait your turn.
Look at - We need a doctor.
- My baby! I got it.
Find Dr.
Kate! Hey.
What's your name, sweetheart? - Maribel.
- Okay, Maribel, well, your water broke, you're fully dilated, and your baby's crowning.
Is that bad? It means you're ready to give birth.
This is happening now.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
No, I'm scared.
Listen to me.
Your body knows what to do.
Just keep breathing.
I want medicine! You're too far along for that.
We're gonna do this the old-fashioned way.
I have to go to the bathroom.
That's just your baby coming down the pike.
I need you to breathe with your contractions, - and I need you to push, okay? - I can't.
Yes, you can.
You ready? One, two, three, push.
Head's out.
One more big push.
All right, deep breath in.
And push.
It's a boy.
Boy? His hair.
Just like my lucky He's got a nice, strong cry.
Let's get him to exam room one.
Get him cleaned up, weighed, record his Apgars.
Where'd she take him? She's just taking him to the next room.
She's gonna clean him up, and then, I'm gonna bring him back here so that you can breastfeed your son.
How old are you, Maribel? Sixteen.
Is there someone I can call for you? Your mom? Maybe the baby's dad? There's no one.
Just rest for a minute, okay? We're going to take good care of you and your baby.
Hey, I heard you just delivered a baby.
- Yeah.
- Congrats.
It's been a while.
Everybody doing okay? Yeah.
Um, the baby seems fine.
Mom's gonna need some help, though.
She's, uh she's a minor.
I don't think she had any prenatal care and no family support.
I'll call my contact at the shelter.
Hey, you, uh You want to see the baby? Yeah.
I thought I could help, since I'm a mom.
Of course.
Oh, he's a cutie.
- Hey.
- And big.
Nine pounds even.
And he was born with the most beautiful head of dark hair.
- Come on.
- Thank you.
Let's go see your mommy and tell her how much you missed her, huh? Tell her about all your big plans to change the world.
Okay, your son is ready to eat now.
Where'd mom go? I don't know.
She was just here.
Michael, did you see a teenage girl go by? No.
Did you lose one? Yeah, this baby's mother.
January 13, 2012 How's he doing? He's a trouper.
I'm heading out.
- So soon? - Don't you want to see the baby? I see him.
He's a baby.
I can't believe his mother just left him here.
Well Maribel was really scared.
I hope Autumn finds her.
She left without delivering the placenta, which can cause problems.
He's so calm.
It's like he was meant to be born here.
Autumn searched the neighborhood, no sign of mom.
Maybe she planned to leave him here.
Will she get in trouble when the cops find her? No.
Clinics and fire stations are safe havens.
Moms have 30 days after the birth to leave the baby, no questions asked.
Well, what's gonna happen to him now? He'll go into the system, get placed in a foster home.
Unless we can find another family member who wants him.
Oh, who wouldn't want him? He's perfect.
I'm gonna go see if Hector got a last name for Maribel.
She wouldn't talk about her mom, but maybe there's someone else, an aunt or grandmother.
I could hold him until you find out where he's going.
Sounds like a plan.
Aw Hey, look at that.
Still got it, mommy.
He was born on a very special day.
- It's Michael's birthday today.
- Ah.
- Your brother's a capricorn.
- Mm-hmm.
That explains a lot.
I know.
And moody.
Don't you worry, little guy.
You're gonna be just fine.
You capricorns are born leaders, mm-hmm.
Celebrity birthdays today include gangster Al Capone, Lambchop's better half, puppeteer Shari Lewis, and the greatest himself, Muhammad Ali.
No, no, no.
I know.
You're mad because they didn't mention you as one of the celebrities born today.
Ah, you know me so well.
Are you all right? Why wouldn't I be? Well, when we first started dating, you said, "you'll never get sick of me.
I'm gonna die at 38.
Like my dad.
" - I never said that.
- Oh.
That's right.
That was that other Michael I was married to.
My father was a raging drunk who destroyed his liver.
I'm nothing like him.
Doesn't part of you believe it's still your destiny, too? So use it.
Embrace it.
Live like it's your last year on earth.
Maybe something wonderful will happen.
Is there somewhere I can drop you off, like A cemetery? I'd hand you your messages, but I've been kidnapped I'm not allowed to move.
Oh, Dr.
holt, I'm glad you're here.
Do you remember me? I'm Charlie Reinhart.
You remember the miners in my head with the pickaxes? Well, they're back, and, um, and they brought their friends.
Let's get you an MRI, see what's going on.
Rita, my pietà, my Mona Lisa, that's for you.
You hang on to that.
Hang it somewhere special.
It could be worth a lot of money one day.
It's not bad.
This is the temporal lobe of the brain.
This right here Uh-huh.
It shouldn't be here.
Why not? It's beautiful.
Look at it.
Looks like-like-like - Like a planet - Charlie No, no, it looks like Mars.
It looks like pluto.
Pluto's not a planet anymore.
That's a tumor.
It's a left-temporal- lobe glioma.
It looks to be low-grade, so it's probably not malignant.
But it explains your headaches and why your mind is racing.
And the pressure that it's putting on your left hemisphere seems to have caused visual disinhibition.
Which basically heightens your desire to draw and paint.
I suspected something last night, but The MRI confirms it.
Roll, roll back, roll back, wait a minute.
What you're trying to say to me is that The way that I see right now, the things that I see, the way that I hear, that I taste, that I smell, the colors, the pictures, images, is all because of that? Because of that tumor? Oh, my God, that's amazing.
Thanks to that.
Thank you, tumor.
I'd like to operate soon While it's still small and easily resectable.
Uh, well, there are other options.
Options? What options? There's other options? What are the other options? How many are there? How do we know which one? What do we do? Do we roshambo? Do we eenie, miney, mo? Surgery is the best option, under these circumstances.
You know, Charlie, you should just talk to your wife before you make a decision.
So I'll have my assistant call her and ask her to come here.
Let's do some pre-op tests on you and get a jump on things.
Checked every Maribel, no matches in the file.
If she even gave us her real name.
I have to call child services and have them send a case worker over for the baby.
Well, hold off, just a minute.
Maybe we can find the father.
And what if he can't handle a newborn? Uh, then maybe the parents will step up.
It's not our job to track down the family.
ACS will do that.
By then, it'll be too late.
He'll be in some random home, and you know the drill.
He'll get bounced around, God knows what.
You don't have to tell me how the system works.
What's going on here? I want to find the father before we put the baby into the system.
- Got any leads? - One.
When the baby was born, Maribel said he was "just like Lucky.
" What? I had a pedes patient, kid from the neighborhood, Luis Morales, but they called him Lucky.
He'd be about the right age now.
And he had the same dark hair as our little guy.
Here he is.
Anything? No phone number, but he lives with his mother a few blocks from here.
Feel like making a house call? I'm on my way.
Hey so Christina just introduced me to the baby.
And you didn't know him from the past life? No.
But he's an old soul.
I'd like to do a blessing to welcome him.
Yeah, why not? We're going to start by using these petals to breathe all of our love, courage and hope into this beautiful baby's heart.
We'd like to welcome this new soul into our world.
He is our ancestor, reborn in this perfect moment.
I'm glad you're doing this.
Kid's going to need all the help he can get.
You couldn't find the dad? You better light another candle.
Lucky Morales is dead.
He was killed five months ago, sitting at a bus stop, on his 16th birthday.
Damn it.
Zeke, I'm so sorry.
Man, he was such a funny kid.
He used to tease me about my comic book obsession, called me "Zeke the geek.
" Did he know his girlfriend was pregnant? His friends said he was scared as hell but excited.
He wanted to do a better job than his pop, who split when he was little.
Did you talk to his mom? She moved out after Lucky was killed.
Cecelia Gonzales She's a patient here.
I pulled her file.
Well, if she's the grandmother As soon as I get a break, I'm gonna find her.
Red velvet, chocolate, or vanilla cream? All delicious.
Why? Michael's birthday.
Cupcakes and champagne at 5:00.
I told you yesterday.
No, I don't think so.
Standing in the very spot you're in now.
I said to make sure not to book anyone around 5:00 and that I told Michael he had a consult so he'd be free, and you said Michael didn't seem like a birthday party kind of guy.
And I said he isn't but any excuse for a cupcake.
Any of this ring a bell? Red velvet.
Red velvet.
Uh, excuse me, I'm Jayne Reinhart.
I'm here about my husband Charlie.
Um, Dr.
Holt will be right with you.
Hi, Jayne, I met you last night at the gallery.
I'm Dr.
Oh, of course.
I'm the neuropsychiatrist around here.
Where is Charlie? Uh, he's just undergoing some tests.
Um, can we talk for a few minutes? Sure.
I knew it was too good to be true.
I knew there was something strange about it, the way he changed so much, so fast.
Do you have to operate? Well, that's one way to go.
Or we could do mris every three months, make sure the tumor isn't growing.
There's a good chance it won't, and I could give him a prescription for nortriptyline for the headaches.
Really? Look, with this type of tumor, I would advocate a watch-and-wait approach.
And that's certainly your opinion, Dr.
Reinhart? Jayne, please.
Come with me, would you? Uh, you want me to join? No.
This way.
So if you take the tumor out, does that mean that all of his magic and his inspiration Will that all go away? I don't know, but, uh, he'll be alive.
I'm giving you good news here.
You don't understand.
When when we first got married, it Well, ten years in, in April Charlie was this bright light.
He'd draw all the time, then he'd try to sell them, mostly cartoons.
And it just rejection, though, rejection and Finally, I had to say, "honey, you have to find something else that you want to do.
" It was awful, but I loved him enough to be the bad guy.
And so he put down his pencils, and he got a job, and he got bored and sad.
And things got not so great with us.
It was like he would look at me and just see his failure.
Then suddenly, he started drawing again.
And these drawings were different.
They were exciting, and the the gallery wanted to rep him.
So that's why I'm not jumping for joy when you tell me that he might lose all of that.
But if I don't take the tumor out, and it does grow, it could cause your husband to lose his motor skills.
He could lose his speech.
It could twist around Charlie's brain, become inoperable Or it could do none of those things.
That's what Dr.
Morris said.
Do you really want to gamble with his life? Your husband could end up dead.
He could keep on living and still be dead.
He must be so scared.
Can I just see him now? Are you kidding me? Hold on, hold on, man, not finished.
I'm not finished.
Yes, finished.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's not finished.
But look at it, honey.
What do you think? What do you think? Do you think the gallery will want it? Dr.
Holt, we'll pay to have this repainted.
No, no, no, we're not What are you talking about? I have a long way to go.
Where's my pad? Where's my pad? I have other things to do.
- I got things to get out, honey.
- Charlie, stop.
I got to get it out, honey.
We got to talk to Dr.
I can't, I can't, I can't.
I got to get it out, I got to get it out.
Charlie Please, please Not now, I can't, not now.
I got to get it out, got to get it out.
I got to get it out.
Babe, we got to talk about what's I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, the tumor, the tumor.
I know.
It freaked me out at first, okay? Then I drew it.
I put it up there so I could understand it, so I could wrap my head around it, and now I get it and I'm not afraid.
I want you to take it out.
I want you to take the tumor out of me Dr.
Holt, I want you to take those little tweezers, don't hit the sides and get the "bzzt!" Like in operation.
I want you to understand that after the surgery, some of the exuberance that you've been having for the past few months might go away.
No, no, no, it's not going to happen to me because I am what I am, Dr.
Holt, and that up there is me.
That's me, and that's not going anywhere, and you know it.
Do you understand now? Look at me.
Holt, listen to me, listen to me.
It's going to be okay 'cause I have to stick around.
I got to stick around to finish this.
I got to stick around for my girl.
Take it out.
Take it out.
It's going to be okay.
Jayne? I can do it this afternoon, if you like.
All right.
Let's do the surgery like Charlie says.
If Lucky's mom doesn't take the baby, I'll have to call ACS to come get him.
Just wait.
Sykora, I'm the social worker here.
- It's my ass on the line.
- Well, I'm taking full responsibility for keeping the baby here.
There, it's my decision, so now it's my ass.
Heads up.
Oh, thank God you're back.
Help me.
Help me get her to an exam room.
All right, okay.
She's burning up.
I'll need two sets of blood cultures.
I'm starting her on I.
- Got it.
- I'm sorry - I ran away.
- It's okay.
It's just good that you came back.
We can help you.
Tell me what happened after you left.
I went to the park, and all this stuff came out.
It hurt.
That was the placenta.
Were you bleeding afterwards? A little but not through my clothes.
I'm gonna start you on a medicine called oxytocin.
It's going to help contract your uterus, and that should do the trick.
Is my baby still here? Yeah, he's doing great.
I wish I could take care of him, but I got no place to live.
You're on the street? What will happen to my baby? We'll find him a good home.
I had to move out of the old place.
His ghost was in every room.
Lucky always liked you, Dr.
He was never scared to go to the clinica.
I think his girlfriend came in today.
Did you know Maribel? I didn't like her.
She was a runaway.
Why'd you leave home? My stepfather he was bothering me.
It got real bad.
Did you tell your mom? She called me a liar, so I ran away almost two years ago.
That's when I met Lucky at the park.
It was love at first sight.
You ever had that? Yeah.
Lucky was gonna get a job and take care of me and the baby.
When he got killed, I just, I just cried and cried.
Didn't know I had that many tears in me.
Did you know that Maribel was pregnant? No, I didn't know that.
She had the baby today, this morning at the clinica, and then she ran off; She left the baby there.
Of course she did.
What's that got to do with my son? The baby is a boy.
When he was born, Maribel said he's just like Lucky.
That means nothing.
She's no good.
You don't even want to see the baby? I think you should leave.
It's really a remarkable resemblance.
I wish you never came here.
My heart is broken, and you got to stir it all up.
Get out.
I heard you talked Charlie into the surgery.
He and his wife made an informed decision together.
Hmm, can't help thinking, guy might have lived the rest of his life in blissful ignorance if we hadn't gotten our hands on him.
What kind of psychiatrist advocates denial to deal with illness? You know what would really put a damper on his life, E-Mo? Dying.
What about the fact that You're going to be right here in wernicke's area? Could come out with aphasia.
Could stroke out.
Could go under anesthesia and never wake up.
- He'll be just fine.
- Hmm, because of your great talent.
That's right.
Well, what if somebody was to take that away from you, just cut it out, when maybe, just maybe, they didn't have to? You are seriously comparing me to Charlie? Let me tell you something My gift comes from years of study and practice and more study and working my ass off to be the best I can possibly be.
Charlie is who he is because a cluster of cells started to multiply and divide out of control.
I just want to talk to him, make sure he knows what's gonna happen.
Well, you talk to him or his wife again and you're fired.
Charlie Reinhart, presented with paradoxical functional facilitation, performed gross total resection of a low-grade glioma.
I love it when you talk brains.
I'm glad to see you haven't died yet.
Estimated blood loss transverse-sigmoid junction, but all vital signs stable.
That's nice, someone sent you flowers for your birthday.
Who was it Rita, Christina? I don't know, there wasn't a card.
Ah, a secret admirer.
I've always loved sunflowers They're so cheerful.
I think they're from my mother.
Your mother? Why do you think that? When I was, uh, five, I went into my neighbor's yard and I picked their sunflowers.
I yanked 'em out, actually, it wasn't pretty, but I gave them to my mother.
I thought they were called "son" flowers.
She thought it was funny, it became a thing between us.
But it's been a long time.
So maybe she's still thinking about me.
You're not only being haunted by me today, you're being haunted by me and both your parents.
It's a regular party in here.
- Michael.
- And here's your other mommy.
Kate's on the phone.
Said they're shorthanded and could use you for a few more hours this afternoon.
You have a 5:00 consult here, though.
Is the consult important? I'd like to get out of here for the rest of the day.
I'll move it.
Hey, did you find the grandmother? Yeah, but no dice.
She's grieving; She blames the girl for Lucky's death.
She's not interested in the baby.
I hear Maribel is having a tough time.
Yeah, her uterus is atonic, it won't contract.
Oxytocin didn't help.
I'm gonna try bimanual massage.
Okay, I got to take another patient.
I'll check back in soon.
Maribel, I'm gonna do a special kind of massage on your uterus.
It's going to be uncomfortable, but it will help stop the bleeding.
Lucky didn't make it.
Why should I get to live? I can't even take care of my baby.
Your baby is going to be fine.
Right now, we need to take care of you.
That baby is still here? Yeah, I've been holding him all day.
He's a peach.
ACS needs to come get him.
We're working on that.
We? Autumn, Kate, Zeke, and me.
All right, why are you acting like we're in junior high school and you don't want me hanging out with your friends? They're not my friends, they're my coworkers.
Michael I want to foster this baby.
You're kidding.
Anton said the universe brings people into our lives for a reason.
You have a hard enough time taking care of yourself and Milo.
I already feel a connection with this little guy.
I mean, come on, he was born on your birthday.
So what? So I think you should hold him.
Okay, all right, I get it.
This baby stirs up a lot of bad stuff for you and me.
You know, his mother abandoned him just like ours did.
Michael, I need you.
The baby's mom came back, she had a mild postpartum infection, and now she won't stop bleeding.
I tried everything.
Why didn't you call an ambulance? There was no way to know she would bleed like this.
Well, you're too proprietary with your patients.
This baby should have been picked up this morning.
Are you familiar with the system? You know, I had a patient almost starve to death in foster care? You think the baby's family is going to do any better? You assume you can just help everybody out.
Hemorrhaging is getting worse, bp is dropping.
We got to do something.
All right, let's get her to the trauma room.
We're gonna have to operate.
Found it.
There's a tear in her uterus.
How bad? I can suture it.
Should stop the bleeding.
Vitals are stabilizing, the bleeding is slowing down.
Let's close her up.
BP's dropping.
Damn it, she's bleeding again.
BP's down to 60 systolic.
All right, suturing didn't work.
Let's stop horsing around and take out her uterus before she bleeds to death.
- No.
- Don't argue with me now.
The safest thing to do is a hysterectomy.
- Can we just think for a second? - We don't have a second.
She wasn't ready for this baby, but that doesn't mean she doesn't want to have children in the future.
We can't just take that from her.
- She could die here.
- BP's at 45.
What about an artery ligation? We can tie off the hypogastric artery, stop the bleeding, and save her uterus and ovaries.
Too complicated.
Michael, she is 16; We have to try.
All right, scalpel to Dr.
Right, incise the peritoneum and expose the artery.
Dissecting down.
I'm losing her pulse.
Tie off the artery now.
I can't get around the artery.
It's too deep.
Try coming laterally.
I can't get a pressure.
- Damn it.
- Just focus on what you're doing.
Okay, I got it.
Pulse is getting stronger.
Looks like it worked.
It did.
She'll be okay.
So How are we doing in here? He got through the surgery That's the most important thing.
Charlie? I know I did that.
I know I drew it.
I just don't know how.
Yeah, that's all you.
I wouldn't even know where to start.
It's like it's gone, you know? It's completely gone.
Hey, are you up for a quick field trip? Well, there it is.
The city you love so much.
Yeah yeah.
Who cares? You should.
I should? Why? Because you got lucky.
First, when you met Jayne.
She's a keeper.
And second, when your brain tapped you on the shoulder and showed you a whole new way to see the world.
No, that's all over now.
Well, then you're gonna have to learn a different way of seeing.
But all that art, all that feeling, that was in you all the time.
The tumor That just woke it up.
Which brings me to the third way you got lucky.
When you met Dr.
Holt, and he took that tumor out.
So now, you don't have to live your life in fear, waiting Wondering Is it going to grow? What's it going to do to me? You got no idea what a blessing that is.
Trust me.
Go on, take it.
Now do what you do.
I-I'm sorry about before.
It's been such a hard time.
I was so shocked to hear about the baby.
No apologies necessary.
Would you like to see him? Come on.
So, when ACS shows up, they'll schedule a court date and a home visit to set you up for foster care.
This is Cecelia Gonzales, Lucky's mother.
She'd like to see the baby.
Um, sure.
We can do a DNA test to confirm paternity.
You don't need to.
He looks exactly like my Lucky.
I want to raise my grandson.
Give you everything you need to take with you.
Yeah? Hey.
She's gonna be fine.
That's great.
So, listen, Lucky's mother is here.
She is? Take it easy.
She wants to raise your son.
But she hates me.
She's asking to see you, if that's okay.
Yeah? Okay.
I know it's hard.
But your son's gonna be in a good home, with someone who loves him.
Do you have kids? No.
My, uh, husband and I decided not to.
Maribel? I'm sorry.
I know you think it's my fault.
I was so angry, I had to blame someone.
But now your baby is a gift.
A piece of my son has come back to me.
We don't know each other well, Mija, but when you get better, you can visit the baby.
You'll be a part of our life.
Do you want to hold him? - Is that okay? - Of course.
You're his mother.
Maribel, this is Christina, one of our volunteers.
She's been looking after your son all day.
Thank you for helping him.
He's beautiful.
Just like you.
Hi, baby Lucky.
What's up? Ah.
Thank you, Michael.
I know you think I took a risk with Maribel, but I really did do what I thought was best for her.
Good thing we got a nice trauma room.
You said "we.
" I kind of like that.
Hell of a way to spend your birthday, though.
What?! Christina Michael's in birthday denial.
Anyone care for a cupcake? I didn't want these to go to waste, so I decided to bring the party to you.
Make a wish, young man.
You didn't really think we'd ignore your birthday A man can dream.
I could do a birthday blessing for you.
- Yes.
- No.
I don't know, I wouldn't have pegged him for a cupcake guy.
Michael Holt has a secret sweet tooth.
What'd you wish for? Nice try.
Happy Birthday.
Thank you.
I guess they're your friends after all.
Buy you a drink? My father taught me how to appreciate a good scotch.
Yeah, my father didn't care what he was drinking, long as it was at least 100 proof.
Then that's what killed him.
He was 38 years old, which is the age that I turned today, so I apologize if I have been a little more moody than usual.
No, no, no, no, it was on me.
I, I overstepped.
I, um, shouldn't have tried to hijack your patient.
No, I guess I was just, you know, too invested.
Is your dad still alive? No, no, he's, uh, he's gone 15 years already.
What did he die of? Huntington's.
That could be my inheritance, although I would have much rather have gotten his watch.
Yeah, my brother died of it, too well, more or less.
He, uh He started developing symptoms.
He took his own life rather than wait around to die a miserable death.
Do you have the gene? Never been tested.
Have you had any of the symptoms Tremors, forgetfulness? I don't remember.
Hey, I never felt better.
Guess there's a 50-50 shot you don't have it, so you could be living with a sword over your head for no reason.
Yeah, I could be.
Then get tested.
If I have the Huntington's gene, there's nothing I can do.
Just wait around for my body to fail me.
So if it's a choice between living with a sword over my head or a death sentence I'll take the sword.
Mm-hmm, yeah.
I bet you're glad I invited myself over to celebrate, huh?