A Gifted Man s01e13 Episode Script

In Case of Complications

What the hell? - Hi.
- What, is your Wellness Program giving out door prizes? Dr.
Kate's prescription for asthma sufferers.
Reduced dust and mold in the home means less doctor visits, which reduces costs.
It's called, uh "Environmental Medicine.
" Yeah, I read the same journal article.
Apparently, Dr.
Kate was more impressed than I was.
- An ounce of prevention, friend.
- Yeah.
This is current patient files.
- Mm-hmm.
- They go here.
Follow-up go down there.
You got your patients awaiting lab results right here.
And then you have home visits with medication, they go back here.
That stir up some negative energy for you? - How do you keep it all straight? - A lot of times I just stuff them in there and hope for the best.
How so? Didn't you and my sister used to? Come on, Anton, I know you were more than just her "spiritual" mentor.
Christina and I share a deep bond of intimacy that began at our first retreat.
And, yes, she has a natural affinity for the Tantric Arts.
Yeah, that's more of a visual than I need.
But I have no problem with her connecting with another soul.
If you love something, set it free, right? Yeah, later, Little Creek.
- Michael.
- Hey, Harrison.
If you're looking for your wife, Kate is right back in the Wellness Room, probably getting a vacuum cleaner.
Actually, can, uh, can we chat first? Uh, sure.
What's up? I don't know if Kate ever mentioned this to you, but, uh, I run a technology financial group.
Curtis Bio-Investments.
I do my homework.
Me, too.
Uh, and my spies tell me that Holt Research Group is doing some very exciting work in neuroimmunology.
How do immune cells honing in on glioblastomas grab you? I heard that your outside funding fell through a month ago.
Uh, you know, every project has its bumps.
Yeah, an-and my firm can help smooth them out.
Look, I'm flying to Brussels in a couple of hours a surgical technology conference but we, uh, we should have lunch when I come back next week.
Sounds like a date.
Careful there, Michael.
He'll wine ya, dine ya, sweep ya right off your feet.
Hey, honey, you got time for a kiss good-bye? Have a good trip.
I love you.
Love ya.
Turning into a voyeur? Wow.
Our own pharmacy.
Another reason why I wish I hadn't died.
Yeah, I hate to say it, but, uh, it did get the ball rolling.
Kate's done amazing things.
I hope she sticks around.
Why wouldn't she? She's unhappy.
- Wh - Oh, come on.
Don't tell me you haven't noticed what's going on between her and her husband.
What? Well, the way she turned her cheek when he went to kiss her, and he said "I love you," and she said "Love ya.
" Come on.
They're just, uh, busy, productive people.
Like we were.
Look what happened to us.
Our mistake wasn't that we were busy.
It was that we worked together.
Well, why was that a problem? We were in love.
The clinic should have been about medicine 24/7, not about our personal lives.
You're all about medicine, which may be why you haven't had a relationship in ten years.
Excuse me? Oh, I'm sorry.
Did you want to be alone in here? No, I'm sorry.
Um no, I just can't believe I can't find what I'm looking for.
Oh, well, what do you need? I'll get it for you.
Sorry, it can wait.
I need you to take the patient into Exam One.
Uh, no, I can't.
I got to be in court in a few hours.
Finally caught up with you, huh? Oh, Zeke.
I'm gonna be late if I don't get my charts done now.
No, no.
This is more important.
It's a little girl with glass in her foot.
She needs a surgeon's nimble fingers.
Is it still bleeding? Nope.
You're doing great, Pilar.
Just a couple more stitches and, uh, close up the wound.
There we go.
Is that a diorama for school? - Yeah.
It's a village like the Manhasset Indian Tribe lived in.
- Oh.
Did you know they used to call Long Island "Paumanok"? I did not.
What's that mean, "Land of Shopping Malls"? "Land of Tribute.
" Oh.
Mija, where do these matches go? That's the fence, Dad.
It's a smart girl like you having your dad do your homework for you.
He's helping 'cause I forgot it was due today.
Yeah, like, at 10:00 last night.
I was in such a rush this morning, I accidentally dropped a glass of OJ.
And I stepped on the pieces.
Are we almost done? I have to get to school, and my dad has to go kill bugs.
I work for a pest control company.
If you ever need something, somebody, let me know.
Just leave your card at the front desk.
I'm sure Dr.
Zeke has bugs.
Okay, you are a brave girl.
You got through it.
Me, too.
Hey, Pilar, mija, check it out, honey.
I'm gonna get an A-plus, Dad.
That's right, you are.
Sanchez? Dad! - A little help in here! - Dad! A little help! What happened? Your BP's a little low.
I'd say you fainted.
Pilar? Where are you, Pilar? She's right here, Mr.
- Dad, are you okay? - I think so.
I should've never looked down.
I get so queasy around needles and stuff.
Let me guess.
Didn't have any breakfast this morning? No, I was too busy with that diorama.
Unfortunately, I think the diorama's a goner.
Oh Honey, I'm so sorry.
It doesn't matter.
We can make another one.
You look good.
Just make sure you eat something today.
Perhaps something from our well-stocked vending machine.
Michael, I heard the little girl's dad fainted.
Hypoglycemia from not eating.
I prescribed 40 grams of a granola bar.
Okay, so you can do your charts now, right? Uh, no.
I'm gonna be late for court.
When are you gonna do 'em? Later.
Kate! Yeah? What's going on? Holt checks him out; He's all good.
Minute later when he stands up to leave collapses.
It feels like someone's sitting on my chest.
Is he having a heart attack? Whatever's happening, we're gonna take really good care of him.
Let's get him to the Trauma Room.
- Can you stand up? All right.
- Yeah.
BP's 130/88.
Heart rate's 99.
Both a little high, but nothing off the charts.
EKG looks normal, too.
Then why does it feel like my chest is gonna explode? Do you feel any pain anywhere else? Left arm, neck, your jaw? No, no, no, just right here.
- You ever felt like this before? - No.
- You have any family history of heart disease? - Never.
Look, I don't got time to be sick.
Pilar's mother died three years ago.
I'm all she has.
Heart attacks don't always show up right away on an EKG, so we're gonna draw some blood to test your troponin levels.
- My what? It's an enzyme that leaks out when heart muscle dies.
It's a quick test.
Oh, come on.
I don't got time for tests.
You just said you're all Pilar has.
Please don't take a chance she'll lose you.
Can someone get my little girl to school and tell her teacher why her project got wrecked? I will have our social worker take her, all right? Right now you just lie down.
I'm gonna send a nurse in to draw your blood.
And I need a rush on his blood work.
I don't know if we can con Holt into letting us use his lab.
Michael's actually busy in court today, but I'll call Rita and put it through.
Six of New York's bravest were injured rescuing residents from the massive blaze.
But firefighters could not reach three people fast enough.
Margaret and Robert Ellis were both pronounced dead at the scene.
- Push me again, Mommy.
And six-year-old Rebecca Mathis died of smoke inhalation in an ambulance rushing her to the hospital.
Holt, you're aware that the defendant, Jake Preston, was charged five months ago with three counts of murder and arson for the fire you just saw? Yes.
Jake had just been arrested when he suffered a seizure, and his parents asked me to examine him.
Did you discover the cause of that seizure? Yeah.
Through MRI imaging, I confirmed that Jake had a malignant astrocytoma, a type of brain cancer.
But I suspected he had a tumor the moment I heard his story.
Because of the seizure? Jake's parents told me that he had never been in trouble before last year, when out of the blue, he began setting fires in the neighborhood.
Small ones at first, and then larger ones.
Both the seizure and the sudden change in behavior suggested a tumor on the frontal lobe of his cerebral cortex which is exactly where I found it.
What does the frontal lobe do? It gives us the ability to recognize our actions have consequences and suppresses urges to do harmful things.
In other words, Jake's brain cancer took away his impulse control? Until I destroyed it with gamma knife radiosurgery.
So you're saying the surgery you performed on my client, it affected his behavior? Yeah, almost immediately.
Jake spent the night of his procedure in my surgical center.
Woke up at 2:00 a.
, crying and inconsolable, trying to understand why he had done something so horrible.
And since then, he has been contrite and remorseful and lost any urge to start fires.
So, in your professional opinion, do you believe that Jake Preston should continue to be confined in a psychiatric facility, or do you agree with his therapist that he's no longer a threat to himself or others? Jake's personality changed because of the tumor.
Removing it took away any desire and intent to start fires.
As horrible as the outcome of this fire was, he shouldn't be held responsible.
Thank you, Dr.
No further questions.
The People have no questions for the witness.
How about why he's making excuses for a killer? Be quiet or you'll be expelled.
What the hell kind of doctor you think you are, Holt? - Officer.
- My wife and I are living in hell because of what that monster did to our little girl! You may step down, Doctor.
The defense rests.
Then we're in recess while I make my decision.
Released into our custody.
Could have been a lot worse.
Thank you for everything, Dr.
I'm just doing my job.
- Maybe we should go out the back.
- Mom, no matter what made me start those fires, I'm the one who did it.
I have to face them.
There'll be a time for that, Jake, but I don't think it's now.
Thank you.
Yeah, bad time, Rita.
Sorry, Michael.
Sykora called and sweet-talked me into running a few lab tests for a Clinica patient.
Yeah, well, she can be very persuasive.
Yeah, speaking of which, she wants to persuade you to come back over there and finish your charts.
To be honest, it sounded more like a friendly threat.
All right, tell her I'll be back at the Clinica tonight, uh, but I got to go.
Are you proud of yourself? What I did in there wasn't personal.
It's science.
It's my job as a doctor to tell the truth.
Well, I hope you can sleep tonight.
'Cause we won't.
What'd the test say? - Did I have a heart attack? - No, your troponin levels are fine, but your white count and your liver tests are abnormal.
So why do I feel worse than I did before? And why is it so damn hot in here? Are you still having pain in this area? No, all over now.
Fever is 102.
Okay, I'm gonna push down right here and I want you to take a deep breath.
- Ready? - Uh-huh.
Aah! No, no, no, right there.
Right there, a-and I, and I feel it in a little part of my back now, too.
Positive Murphy signs with epigastric tenderness radiating to his chest.
You thinking infected gallbladder? I think an ultrasound will tell us for sure.
Sanchez, I'm sorry, we're going to have to run another test.
Whatever's going on with you, I'm guessing it's going to involve you spending the night in the hospital.
Please just let me get well so I can go home to my little girl.
That we're going to do.
It's closing time.
I'm gonna lock up while you get him prepped.
Say good night to Christina for me, yeah? I thought you quit.
Yeah, I did quit, you're right.
You know what? To hell with this.
Good, 'cause I don't like to kiss guys that smoke.
No? You see anything? Unfortunately, acute cholecystitis.
Your gallbladder is inflamed and full of stones.
The stone in your common bile duct is what's causing your pain.
But I'll live, right? Pilar won't be alone.
Only while her father is in surgery having his gallbladder removed.
All right, I'm gonna call you an ambulance and you can tell your daughter which hospital to meet you at.
So you want to go grab a drink? There's a bar around the corner Miguel's Tavern.
Yeah, that sounds great.
I'll meet you over there.
Let me I got to let me lock up, put my stuff down.
- Okay.
- I'll meet you over there.
- I'll see you over there.
- All right, see you over there.
- Okay.
- Miguel's.
You got a screw loose, Zeke.
In the blinds, I mean.
What, are you spying on me up there? Uh, wait a minute, am I stepping on toes here? - Are you and she? - No, no, not at all.
Draping the shackles of commitment over someone isn't my trip, but I do need to ask about your intentions with her.
About my intentions? What are you, her dad? Be careful, Zeke.
Christina's got a good heart, but it's fragile.
Okay, yeah, s-sure.
Taking off? Yeah, just have to fix one more sticky window in the Wellness Room.
Uh, I'm sorry, ma'am, we're closed for the night.
Then lock the door.
Look, whatever it is you want, just tell me and I'll make it happen.
Turn off the lights.
Put the keys down.
Close the blinds.
Can I make a request that you not point that thing at me? 'Cause I'm kind of allergic to getting shot.
Be quiet.
Zeke, what happened to the lights? Who else is here? It's another doctor and a sick patient.
I turned them off! Okay, turn them back on.
A serious problem.
Sanchez has got to get his gallbladder out.
We have a bigger problem than that.
- Okay.
- All right.
It's okay, it's okay.
Don't do anything stupid, or you're gonna die.
If you've come here for drugs, you've come to the wrong place.
We don't stock narcotics.
Shut your mouth.
Fine, I'm gonna toss you the key to the pharmacy.
You can see for yourself.
I don't want that.
Who else is down there just the patient? Yes.
All right, put your cell phones down there.
Both of you, your cell phones right there.
Let's go.
What's going on with the lights? Who the hell is that? That's our handyman.
That's our handyman Anton.
You're lying to me, huh? Okay, okay, lady.
Whatever is bugging you, we can fix it without that.
Okay, you, too, you give me your cell phone, come on.
I don't have one.
I What are you talking about? Everybody has a cell phone.
Not if you believe that the radiation causes brain tumors.
What's with him, huh? - Some kind of joker? - No.
Empty your pockets right now.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
No phone.
If you're not here for drugs, why don't you just tell us what you want? Michael Holt.
Rita, what are you still doing here? Thought I'd get a jump start on tomorrow, which is a jam-packed day, so I suggest you get your butt home and get some sleep.
Uh, I got to head over to the clinic for a few hours and finish my charts.
- It's late place is closed.
- Yeah, I know.
Kate will be there for a little bit doing paperwork.
Yeah, since when do you want to go back to the Clinica? Yeah, since when, Michael? Need I remind you that Kate Sykora is married? For the time being anyway.
You know, I have no interest in Kate Sykora, so everyone can just relax.
Everyone? It's just a figure of speech.
Hmm, sort of like "protesting too much.
" Michael, all I'm saying is, it's dangerous to fish off the company pier.
That is another good saying.
You know what? They're just charts.
I'm gonna call Kate and tell her I'm not going to come over.
What do you want with Dr.
Holt? That's none of your business.
Where is he? I have no idea.
Call him.
I'm not gonna do that.
What did you say to me? She's not going to do it, and neither am I.
He wouldn't come if I called him.
That's him.
You answer it.
Answer it! Lady, why don't you just tell us what you want? Hi, it's Kate, you know the drill.
Well? Looks like she's not working late after all.
So you're going home? After my last set of rounds.
So long everyone.
You shouldn't have said no to me.
Did you call the cops? I called an ambulance for my patient.
- Get rid of it.
- That man needs to get to a hospital for an emergency surgery.
Get rid of him.
All right.
Hey, false alarm.
What happened? Dr.
Sykora said you had a patient in distress.
Yeah, you know, I told him I called for a bus, and he got squirrely, he took off.
We'll let the hospital know.
All right, don't work too hard.
All right.
Now get back in here.
Lady? Nice and easy.
Walk out of here now.
We'll forget the whole thing.
You made a mistake.
Michael Holt is not coming here tonight.
All right.
We'll wait.
We're both doctors, so, maybe we can help you with whatever it is that you want.
What's that? It's just my patient's alarm.
He's a father.
He's very sick.
I need to check on him.
All right.
We're gonna go together.
All of us are gonna go.
Move it.
Heart rate's 110, BP's 90, and temp is 104.
Oh, damn it, he's septic.
- What does that mean? - It means the infection in his gallbladder is now in his blood.
Give him something for that.
What he needs is a ride to the hospital and surgery as soon as possible, or he's a dead man.
No one is leaving here.
Well, then we're gonna have to perform the surgery ourselves right here.
Hey, hey, hey, don't move! Lady, this man could die.
He hasn't done anything to you.
What are you doing, trying to trick me, huh? Yeah, that's right.
We're trying to trick you into letting us perform a surgery we haven't done in years with a gun pointed in our faces.
Are you gonna let us save this man, or are we gonna stand here and watch him die? All right.
All right, all right.
You two, operate.
You tie him up.
He's not a doctor.
Tie him up.
You can use this.
Let me see.
Yeah, that'll work.
Let me see what you're doing.
Nothing personal.
It's okay.
I know.
That's good.
It's good.
Ankles, too.
Sit him down there and get his ankles, all right? Nice and tight together.
Am I at the hospital? We're actually going to do the surgery here if we have your consent.
If I don't make it, will you tell Pilar how much I love her? You'll tell her yourself.
You're gonna make it.
I'm going to give you something now to put you out.
What's your name, sister? Don't talk to me.
Might help to talk.
Relieve some of the anger you're feeling so you don't have to lash out with violence.
Now is not a good time, man.
Zip it.
Zip it for him.
What are you doing with my phone? How's Mr.
Somers? Post ventriculostomy CT looks good.
You, on the other hand, look beat.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's time to go home.
Or not.
- Yeah.
Who's that? - Kate.
She needs my help.
He's coming.
We're just gonna let Michael walk into this? What choice do we have? What's taking so long? Just trying not to kill the patient.
Why don't you join the club? Just be quiet and get it done, all right? BP's responding to the fluid bolus.
Vitals are stabilizing.
At least someone's gonna sleep through this insanity.
Hope Eduardo doesn't mind a shaky incision.
You're doing great.
Extend the incision inferolaterally ten centimeters more.
I'll retract, you divide the rectus sheath.
You know, lady, all of us, at one point or another have wanted to shoot Michael Holt.
What's your beef with him? - None of your business.
- I mean, I'm serious.
The guy's a real pain in the ass.
I got stories, Kate's got stories.
I mean, hell.
Anton over there he's known him longer than either of us.
He probably got a list a mile long.
Why don't you ungag him, you two can compare notes? Shut up.
Don't be such a smart-ass, okay? Don't mess with me.
All right? Don't mess with me.
She's right, Zeke.
Don't upset her.
She might do something really stupid, like take a bunch of strangers hostage for no reason.
You know what? I got my reason, so you keep your mouth shut, too! Okay, okay, easy.
Just do your job.
I need you to retract the duodenum.
Okay, I got it.
Retracting it.
Yup, I see the gallbladder.
Let's get that little sucker out of there.
Where the hell is he? What the Oh, don't tell me you and your "patient in trouble" have left already.
Kate? You still here? Kate? Not a word.
Get back against the wall.
Come on.
We can't just stop in the middle of surgery.
I got to get a clip on his cystic artery.
I said no.
Clean-up on aisle three.
He's gonna die one way or the other.
Got it.
Hello? Hey, you having a party in here? Whoa.
Come in and close the door.
- What the hell? What, uh - Do what I say.
That's the guy who fainted on me this morning.
Emergency cholecystectomy.
Michael, she texted you from my cell.
I'm so sorry.
Speak or move again, and you're dead, all right? Get in here now, or everyone dies.
- Okay.
Don't need to, uh, shoot anyone here.
That's far enough.
Down on your knees.
- Lady, whatever this is about - On Your knees.
Put your hands behind your back.
What? What's that? Our patient's blood pressure dropped.
His cystic artery must be bleeding.
If you don't let us stop it, you are going to leave a ten-year-old girl without a father.
Fix him.
Fix him.
Do it.
- All right, let me help.
- No, no! You stay where you are.
I'm a surgeon, all right? Anything they're gonna do, I can do ten times better and quicker.
- You arrogant son of a bitch.
Just them.
Artery clip's popped off, his belly's filling with blood.
Now I see the tear.
Uh, you suction, I'll suture.
You want to tell me what you want? When I'm ready.
Rita? Is Dr.
Holt on call tonight? Mr.
Somers' intracranial pressure is building.
- Is his EVD blocked? - It doesn't appear to be.
I need a doctor to come flush the line.
I'll give him a call.
You're not such a big shot now, are you, Dr.
Holt? Do I know you? I'd remember you if you were a patient.
Oh, right, right, right.
Because you're so smart.
You know everything.
I would never go to a quack like you.
Don't move! It's a phone.
It's my assistant.
What, she's gonna come to the rescue? You're so high and mighty, the world can't go on without you? You know what? The world doesn't care about you.
Or me.
Or anyone else.
He never ignores my calls.
Uh tell you what.
Sujishi is backup tonight.
Call him to come in.
Thanks, Rita.
Look, whatever problems you have with me can we just at least go to another room so they can work? - You are done telling people what to do.
Do you want to be responsible if that man dies? Don't turn this around on me.
Who's that? - That's my assistant.
- Yeah? Yeah? Well to hell with her, too.
What the hell was that? Could you send a patrol car to a storefront on Avenue D, 443? Clinica Sanando.
You see those tanks? We have an open flow of oxygen here, okay? Y-you shoot like that again, you could blow us all up! - Good! - Just take your finger off the trigger, please.
You okay? Listen.
Whatever it is I did to you, or whatever you think I did, just let them go, all right? They have no reason to be here.
- What are you doing? - I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm rattled, I'm not used to operating with a gun waving around! - Pick them up! I can't.
It's a sterile field.
- Pick them up! - Can't.
He's right.
Just look at me, lady.
I don't know who you are, or what this is about.
Just tell me what you want, and I will get it for you.
- You can't.
- Try me.
I-I-I've got money, I've got connections.
You can't bring people back from the dead, can you? You can't you can't give me back my Rebecca.
That's your daughter.
She was murdered in a fire.
The fire that Jake Preston set.
She was in her room.
She was doing her homework.
She always did her homework before she watched TV.
We never even had to ask her.
And I was doing the dishes, and my husband comes in, he says, "Tracy, is something burning in here?" And I said, "No.
" But then, he smelled smoke, and then I smelled it, too.
Before we could get to her room Tracy I'm sorry.
What are you talking about, you're sorry? Do you understand you are the reason that my daughter's killer got off today.
Jake Preston had a brain tumor.
I-I don't care.
I couldn't even go into court today and look at that little monster.
Then my husband came home and told me he was set free because of you.
And like I said to your husband, I was just doing my job as a physician.
Exactly right.
You have money; You have connections.
People listen to you.
And that's why my daughter's killer was set free.
He heard you saying on the phone that you were coming here tonight.
That's when I knew what I had to do.
No, but that's just it; You don't have to do anything, Tracy.
- Yes, I do.
Look at look at her.
This is who that boy killed.
He should have to pay for what he did to her.
He should not have gotten off after what he did to my baby.
Someone's got to pay.
Someone's got to pay.
- Anton! - Anton! Oh, God! Don't move! Anton! - Anton! - Oh.
I didn't mean to do it.
- Well, just let me help him.
- No.
Stay where you are.
- And just watch him bleed to death? - No.
It's okay.
If it's my time No, Anton, it is not your time.
Anton? I can't I can't breathe Okay, Anton? Anton.
Anton! Do you hear that? He is drowning in his own blood right now, do you hear that? - That's your fault.
That's because of you.
- No.
Help me Do you want Rebecca to see you kill someone? What? What are you She's dead.
What if people don't die like we think? What if they're around us, uh, somehow, and can see us? - What are you saying? - If Rebecca's spirit was here, and Rebecca's watching you right now, wouldn't you want to show her that you could do the right thing, and just drop the gun? Oh, God! I miss my daughter so much.
I know.
Zeke, close up.
I got it.
All right.
Closing up.
- Michael - This is gonna hurt a little.
Is the bullet still in him? Uh, no, it's through and through his shoulder, but it must've nicked his lung.
Okay It's okay, Dad, you're gonna be just fine.
Hang on.
Breathing sounds severely diminished on the right.
Trachea's shifted.
An air leak is causing a tension pneumothorax.
Needling his chest won't help if there's blood around the lung.
He needs a chest tube.
- We don't have any chest tubes.
- Well, give me something that'll work.
Uh there's a, there's a liver failure clinic on Thursdays.
I can get you a paracentesis catheter.
That's fine.
Don't need a calendar, need a tube.
Please tell me you know how to do this.
Ten years ago.
Salmon fisherman gaffed himself on a boat collapsed a lung.
Thank God one of us worked in Alaska.
Sorry, Little Creek.
More pain.
- You're okay.
- All right, Anton.
We're draining the blood around your lung to let it expand.
There we go.
Good air movement.
Strong pulse.
NYPD! Anyone in there? I'll get the cops.
Call an ambulance.
Tracy Come here.
It's over.
I am so sorry.
I only wanted my baby back.
I know.
Everybody take it easy; Nobody's coming through here.
- Please, you have to let me in.
- My daddy's inside! He was supposed to show up to the hospital but he never did.
I know he's inside! It's okay, it's okay.
You can let her through.
Daddy! Hey, Pilar.
Look who's here.
- Daddy! - Hi, sweetheart.
- Michael? - Sorry, ma'am, nobody gets through.
No, no, it's okay.
It's my sister.
I was supposed to meet Zeke at the bar down the street.
- What's going on? Is everyone okay? - Uh They are now.
I'm sure he'll be happy to see you.
Zeke! I waited so long for you.
Sorry I stood you up.
Night didn't quite go as planned.
Are you hurt? No.
I'm fine.
Anton got a little tear in his energetic body.
- What do you mean? - He got shot.
- Oh! - But he's fine.
He's okay.
- You were shot? - Yeah.
Come see me in the hospital? Yeah, I'm going to ride with you.
Um I'm gonna go with him.
Of course.
You okay? Yeah.