A Gifted Man s01e14 Episode Script

In Case of Co-Dependents

Previously on A Gifted Man: Anna? There were some kids playing.
Their ball went into the street.
I didn't even see the car.
Zeke: Am I stepping on toes here? Are you and Christina? No, no.
Not at all.
On your knees.
Michael: Anton! Don't tell me you haven't noticed what's going on between her and her husband.
Need I remind you that Kate Sykora is married? Dr.
Holt's office? That way.
Where can I find Dr.
Holt? I'm his executive assistant.
Oh, my goodness! You're that singer, Shawnee Baker.
The appointment's under the name "Etta Barker.
" I understand.
My son Lynn, Jr.
was stationed in Iraq when you did the USO tour.
I can't tell you what it meant to the troops.
I'm here for medical attention, and you're hounding me for an autograph? I didn't ask for an autograph.
I have the forms you submitted online.
Uh You skipped a few questions.
I answered all the relevant ones.
Under medical history, you wrote, "none of your blankety-blank business.
" I don't want my personal information sold to the gossip rags.
Never in the history of Holt Neuro has there been a media leak.
Holt is more stringent about vetting his staff than his patients.
Can you just get him for me? - He's finishing up a procedure.
- On my time? Your appointment isn't for another half hour.
- It was for 10:00.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
What time does it say on the confirmation e-mail? "11:00.
" I've had this headache for weeks.
Makes it hard to concentrate.
I'll show you where you can wait.
Kate: You need to stop nagging me.
Harrison: Do me a favor and just think about it? I thought about it.
I hate it.
End of discussion.
You're being completely intractable.
Harrison, I am so late for work.
It's better pay, better hours.
Hey, get away from there! Better neighborhood.
I made my decision, all right? Let it go.
Do you have time for lunch? Yes, if you want to have it with two dozen clinic patients.
Would you at least consider the offer from Claridge Medical? I have a job.
You don't have a safe one that ever lets me see you.
I will see you at home tonight.
Gird your loins.
It's bedlam in there.
Why are you out here? Clearing my head.
Oh, with carcinogens? I don't get it either.
It's like they're addictive or something.
Hey, Anton, welcome back.
Something wrong, man? I'm trying to get to a good place right now, so Well, it's good to have you back.
Ooh, sorry.
That's not the shoulder you were shot in.
No, it's the other side.
You okay? Can you please just drop it? All right.
Excuse me.
My little girl is sick.
This place is good? It's great.
Almost two weeks without a shooting.
It's perfectly safe.
We'll have her fixed up in no time.
Here, fill this out.
Okay, right this way, Mr.
I don't need help.
Harvey will find a seat for me.
Mama, there's a dog.
I'm allergic to dogs.
I'm allergic to jackasses.
Okay, I'll handle filling out the form.
Unless Harvey can take care of that, too.
Who do you think does my taxes? (Chuckles) Can I pet him? Well, he's a service dog, so you probably shouldn't Oh, let the little girl pet the doggie.
You're not here for rabies, are you? No, but I've been sick in bed for two weeks.
Aw, you must be sad, missing all that school.
I stopped going before that.
Oh, are you home-schooled? No.
We moved a few months ago.
I'm looking for a new one.
Oh, well, I'm a social worker.
I could help place her for you.
Do you live around here? I don't need to bother you.
No, it's no bother.
It's my job.
I'm taking care of it.
Simona, get off the floor.
Come sit back down.
Come on.
So tell me what's wrong with you.
My career's on the skids.
That's not really my area of expertise.
So you had to cancel your tour last month? After I bombed at Madison Square Garden.
It was like I was performing in quicksand.
They booed me off the stage.
It was supposed to be my comeback concert.
Your comeback? How old are you? I'm 23.
But I've been doing this since I was eight.
My personal physician said that it's clinical exhaustion.
Touring can be grueling.
It was my opening concert.
I've been at home for a month now, and I'm still completely wiped.
I need you to fix me.
What are your other symptoms? A constant headache.
My head hurts here.
And I'm too tired to play.
I feel so weak.
Every muscle aches.
I feel very ow-y, and sometimes the room spins around.
I have dizzy these spells.
I'm nauseous.
I have to throw up.
My memory's crap.
Inside, my brain feels very fuzzy.
I feel so depressed I wanna blow my brains out.
I feel sad all the time.
I don't want to be sick anymore.
You and me both, kiddo.
Let's run some tests.
(Screaming) What's wrong?! (Barking) What's the matter, sweetie? Tell me where it hurts.
She followed us here! Who? Grandma! Oh, Simona, don't.
(Screaming) I'm sorry.
Where is she? Right beside you! Her grandmother passed away a year ago.
Please, it's a ghost! It's a ghost! Please, get her away! Make her go away! Little Miss Pop Diva had herself emancipated at the ripe old age of 15.
Do you have any medical history on her? There's ample documentation of her being so "neurologically impaired," she forgot to put on panties.
That's funny.
Stop googling my patients.
They say Shawnee's meltdowns and histrionics have caused her star to wane.
Was she by any chance rude to you? High-maintenance patients are like water off a duck's butt to me.
What I can't abide is her wasting your time.
Come on.
Cut her a break.
One of the few questions she did answer was "alcohol consumption.
" She marked "none.
" I saw that.
She's had two highly-publicized stints in rehab.
Rita, relax.
I didn't miss the fact that all of her symptoms could point to chronic alcohol poisoning.
All her symptoms point to a viral gastroenteritis.
What's that? It's what most people erroneously call the "stomach flu.
" I never heard of flu making you see ghosts.
Extreme dehydration can cause hallucinations.
So I need to replenish her fluids and electrolytes.
I would like to start her on I.
fluids immediately.
Why did the ghost follow me here? Well, as soon as we get you rehydrated, you won't see it anymore.
Is there medicine to make her better? Just lots of water.
I can give her an antiemetic for the vomiting, but her temperature's back to normal, so it's pretty much run its course.
She never had a fever.
- At all? - No.
You know what? I'm gonna run a quick blood test before we do the I.
(Shrieks) Are you seeing a ghost again? No, I'm more scared of needles.
Shawnee: Get that needle away from me! I don't need a blood test.
I got it.
If you're worried about what might show up on a tox screen Unbelievable.
You think, you think I'm a junkie? I know you've had substance abuse problems.
I went through a phase when I was a kid.
You're still a kid.
I've been taking care of myself since I was 15.
My parents died in a car crash just before I hit it big.
They were so supportive my whole life.
They just never got to see me make it, so Are your parents still alive? My dad died when I was 13.
Wouldn't you give anything for him to see your success? I guess I don't really think about it.
I do.
The legal guardian they appointed me fleeced me out of everything I'd made.
Is that who you emancipated yourself from? Yeah.
Wouldn't you have? Yeah, I would.
But the drinking is the issue.
That's not what's going on with me right now.
Well, it might.
Alcoholism, among other things, can lead to intestinal malabsorption syndrome, which can cause lesions on the brain due to a deficiency in vitamin B.
This would explain a lot of your symptoms.
No, mm-mmm, that's not it.
These symptoms have just started in the last month.
I've been sober for six.
(Breathing heavily) Hey, Anton? Oh (Gasps) Is this a bad time? I'm teaching my first yoga class since I got shot.
I'm trying to get centered.
Look, I just want to clear the air, what happened earlier, it seemed weird, right? If it's about Christina It's not.
I'm sorry.
I'm really not in the mood for a heart-to-heart right now, okay? I just had no idea.
I had no idea that you two That there was anything going on with you.
So I want you to know, nothing happened between us, all right? You kissed her.
No, she kissed me.
That doesn't sound exactly right.
Whoa! (Panting) Is this part of your centering process? Will you please just leave me alone? You need to be careful of your wounded shoulder.
Why aren't you compensating with your other arm? What's going on with you, man? What happened? Your whole peaceful, shamanic energy vibe seems to be on the Fritz.
I just need to be alone right now, okay? Please! (Knocking at door) Yeah.
Hey, do you have a minute? I just put a patient on a saline drip, so I've got a few.
I wanted to get your medical opinion on Anton.
I heard he was back.
I just I've been swamped.
What's wrong? Everything.
When he took a bullet for Michael, I wanted to be there for him, the way he's always been there for me.
So he's been staying with me, but after what happened last night, I don't know what to do.
Christina, he didn't hit you, did he? No.
I don't mean to eavesdrop, but Anton's right down the hall, and given his current mood, I don't want him to hear what you're talking about.
Zeke, I didn't want to bother you with this.
No, you're right to be concerned.
He's, uh coming across a little scary.
- Post traumatic stress disorder? - That's what it seems like to me.
What happened last night? He was yelling that there was something in the sheets.
When I ran into the room, he was grabbing for it, and I started screaming It was crazy.
When he finally got ahold of it, he tried to throw it out of the bed, and that's when I lost it.
What was it? His left arm.
(Sighs) It's so freaking uncomfortable in here.
Shawnee, we're almost done, but I need you to hold still.
Why's it so hot in here? Dr.
Holt? (Clears throat) Turn it off.
What's wrong, Shawnee? (Groans) It's burning me.
Michael: That's not possible.
It doesn't generate heat.
It's just a radio frequency and an electromagnetic field.
Shawnee: No, no, no.
There-there's something wrong.
It's frying me alive! (Yelling) No! Turn it off! It's burning me! Turn it off! (Screaming) Turn it off! Turn it off! Shawnee, I don't see anything.
It still feels like I'm on fire.
Well, there's no sign of a rash or a burn.
(Whimpers) (Sighs) But the color, the temperature, the texture of your skin, all looks completely normal.
Yeah, well, maybe your machine nuked me from the inside like a microwave.
Well, even if that were possible, which it's not, I checked the MRI myself.
It's, uh Nothing wrong with it.
Well, I'm too young to get hot flashes, so what is it? You had a panic attack.
I'll get you a mild sedative to calm you down.
(Sighs) I don't need to calm down.
I need you to listen to me.
It feels like I have a sunburn, but I haven't been in the sun in a month.
Well (Groaning) Okay.
(Sighs) It hurts even worse when you touch it.
Even this gown hurts.
You need to let me run a full blood panel.
(Exhales) Trust me.
Do you know how many times I've been screwed over by people who've said those words to me? What do you need my blood work for? Well, there are a few disorders that can be accompanied by skin hypersensitivity without any visible signs.
Like? Hepatitis, diabetes, leukemia Any cancer if it's advanced enough.
So, nothing serious.
(Sighs) My head's killing me.
I'm nauseous, I'm I'm burning up.
Just do what you need to do.
(Whimpers) Simona: I'm cold.
Kate: Sometimes a fever can cause chills.
So let's see.
The ghost came back after my mom fell asleep.
But I didn't scream.
Yeah? That was really brave of you.
Oh, you know, we have a strict no-ghost policy here, so you're probably still dehydrated.
She told me I'm going to die.
Honey, you are not gonna die.
Look See right there? Mm-hmm.
- You're perfect.
- That's why she keeps showing up.
To take me to heaven.
Simona, stop talking nonsense.
She never even met her grandmother.
She says she's lonely, but that I'll be with her soon.
Man: - Shawnee? Rita: - Mr.
- Shawnee.
- Mr.
I'm sorry, Michael, I tried to stop him.
Who's this? My manager.
Nicky, what are you doing here? I was worried sick about you.
Huh? I was calling and texting all morning.
I told you I would call you when I heard some You gonna fix her up, right? I'm trying.
Rita, would you take Mr.
Davis, uh, where I wish you would let me know before you came here.
Any paps catch you coming in? I don't think so.
I don't want any invasion of this kid's privacy, all right? No one gets a picture of her.
No cameras, no cell phones, nada.
You know, we were just gonna go over her results, so if you don't Good, let's hear them.
Well, it's a private issue.
It's okay.
He can stay.
First door on your left.
Be right with you.
I know.
I'm on manager-wrangling duty.
Fun, fun.
Could be worse.
She could have invited her entire entourage.
Speaking of which, your playground chums at the clinica want you to do a neurological workup on Anton.
- For what? - I'll fill you in later.
But Kate says you can't say no.
I wasn't going to.
Just book him into my next opening.
Are they treating you all right? Can you get her a mineral water? I will, uh, get right on that.
So, these are the images from your brain scan.
Tell me it's nothing serious, or you're gonna have me as a patient, too.
Well, we wouldn't want that.
(Grunts) So, I don't see any tumors, strokes or bleeds.
So, she's gonna be all right? Well, judging by this, your brain looks completely normal.
Oh, that's fantastic.
So, you can finish the tour after all.
What if I can't? Will you dump me? Oh, come on, now you're just talking crazy.
She's not cleared yet.
There's still some results I'm waiting on.
(Groaning) I think I'm gonna be sick.
Yes, I know I'm in a really dark place right now, but I'm doing everything I can to fix it.
Will you let me look at your arm? It's the only one I've got at the moment.
(Sighs) Can you feel this? I feel you touching someone else's arm.
Come on, this is such a waste of time.
- I know Michael offered to help.
- Yeah.
He'll just assume it's a defect in my brain.
Which is wrong.
What do you think it is? It can't be a coincidence this started after the shooting.
It's not.
When the bullet entered my body, it brought with it the predatory energy of the shooter, which is now in my left arm.
It's making me think it's not my own.
Anton, I'm sorry this is happening to you.
But until you get it figured out, I would prefer you not see patients.
Oh, come on.
I'm sorry.
I know, but it's not unreasonable.
What do you want me to do here? You want me to do what it wants me to do? - I want you to do whatever - Is that it? You want me to cut it off?! No, of course not! Hey.
She just conked out.
Any news? Yeah.
So the initial blood work came back.
Ruled out hepatitis, leukemia, diabetes, and anything infectious.
- Good.
- Yeah.
Let me ask you something.
Um, (Clears throat) If it's just nerves, is there something you can give her to, you know, get her back on stage? Mr.
Davis, whether it's neurological or psychological, your client obviously is not ready to go back to work.
Well, if you want to get your bill paid, then you better get her there.
Are you threatening to withhold payment? No.
I'm telling you that she doesn't have it.
Come on, that's crazy.
Girl's worth millions.
Listen, you can't imagine how she blows through money.
And this isn't the first concert that she's tanked.
I mean, even before this, we've got multiple ongoing lawsuits.
Before I straightened her out, she used to lavish gifts on every parasite who pretended to be her friend.
Rita: Like the Escalade I read about her giving you? Lady, that was a promotional deal I worked out for Shawnee.
And yeah, I got one, too, but she didn't pay a dime for it.
Okay, okay.
If she doesn't finish this tour, she's gonna have to rent out her brownstone and move downstairs to the basement apartment, where she stores her junk.
And I don't want to see that happen.
And by the way, I know what you think.
But that girl in there, she's like a daughter to me.
So anything you could do will be much appreciated.
I'll do what I can.
She blew through a second fortune? Sure, wouldn't be the first artist to do it.
Oh, I called Anton to schedule an appointment.
He turned us down flat.
He was actually quite nasty about it.
- What, Anton? - Yeah.
Are you sure you dialed the right number? Anton's temper tantrum frightened a few patients away, but on the bright side, the wait is shorter.
Oh, thanks Hector.
We'd prefer not to scare away the patients.
Oh, you're not leaving yet, are you? Oh, Simona's feeling better.
And I have to work tonight.
I understand.
I'll call you when Simona's blood work comes in.
What are you gonna drink lots of? Water.
That's right.
Are you feeling sick, too? It's just a headache.
Do you have any of Simona's other symptoms? My pains are from cleaning offices.
It's not the flu; I'm just tired.
She couldn't wake up this morning.
I had to shake her and shake her.
Why don't you come back? I'll run some tests on you, too, just to be safe.
No, I-I need to get to work.
Anton is barricaded in the wellness room.
He says he's not coming out until he's cleared himself.
- What do we do? - Know a good exorcist? Christina: I never asked Kate to call you.
- I never said you did.
- Yeah, well, - Anton assumed it was me and had a fit.
- What do you want me to do, Christina? Help you? Not help you? What? I don't know.
I I wish I was like you.
Even when we were kids, you never needed anybody.
- You're the person everybody needs.
- I need you to tell me what the hell's going on.
Anton's my rock.
And now he's unrecognizable.
And if he continues acting like this, I'm gonna have to stop seeing him.
It's complicated.
He's been staying with me.
I've been taking care of him, and now I'm not comfortable with Milo being around him.
So, kick him out.
It's your place.
I can't kick him out now.
Look, can can Milo and I stay with you for a couple nights? No.
No, that's a terrible idea.
What if I can make Anton his old self again? How? What exactly is wrong with him? (Sighs) (Crying) Is the pain that bad? Hmm? I was just thinking about my parents.
How much I wish they were still here.
I'm sorry I was so nasty to you.
(Laughing) My mom would have killed me.
(Sighs) You had to grow up way too fast.
I know that wasn't easy.
And we all do whatever we need to get through.
I used to be a nurse.
(Laughs) I was also a raging alcoholic.
One day, my two loves collided.
I got caught drinking on the job, and I lost my nursing license.
I've been sober ten years this month, but I burned a lot of Bridges.
Michael took me on when nobody else would.
This job's great.
But Oh, I miss nursing.
Why you telling me this? I killed a career that meant everything to me.
I don't want you to do the same.
The rest of your blood work came back.
You tested positive for amphetamines.
(Sighs) Do you have any idea how much pressure I've been under to get back on the road? You're always going to have pressures.
They never go away.
I was desperate to get my energy back, so I popped a few pills.
But it was only over the last few days.
They couldn't be the cause of this.
I was clean when this started.
I I swear.
You believe me, don't you? You have an overwhelming compulsion to cut off your left arm.
Yeah, but I'm not going to.
I'm not crazy.
Well, the two aren't mutually exclusive.
(Chuckles) I can fix you.
How about I fix you? Have you seen Anna lately? I could extract her for you right now.
All right, this Can we just just stay on you for a moment? Yeah, sure.
You have a neurological impairment called somatoparaphrenia.
I have a dark energy that's very liquid, very difficult to catch.
I mean, I should be able to find it Okay, it's It's a delusion where a person denies ownership of a limb.
You've seen cases like this? Not personally, no.
It's rare.
You're not going to believe this, but the first recorded case occurred in 1893, and the patient's name was Anton.
So you think it's a name-specific affliction.
(Laughs) In almost all cases, it's occurred in right-brain-damaged patients.
The side you were shot.
I was shot in the shoulder; I wasn't shot in the head.
But your right shoulder.
Anton, there has to be some connection.
I-I-I I don't know how, but - I can treat you.
- No offense, but I don't want you - drilling holes in my head.
- Well, I don't have to.
Conventional treatment has been vestibular stimulation.
What's that? Basically, all it involves is a cold water irrigation of your left ear.
(Laughs) Isn't it amazing when our two worlds collide? - As doctor/patient? - No.
As healers.
There's a Peruvian shamanic ritual that involves cold water submersion to purge a dark energy from the body.
Where are you going? I'm going to jump in the ocean.
Anton, it's freezing outside.
Let me do the irrigation.
How'd it go with Anton? Uh, well, be careful what you wish for, but he's going to be his old self again.
That's so great.
(Laughs) Hey, uh, while you're here, I just got the blood work back on an eight-year-old.
Nothing showed up on the standard panel.
I'm thinking maybe it's neurological.
Symptoms? Chronic headache, muscle soreness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue.
You know, I got a patient in my office with those identical symptoms.
Really? Is yours seeing ghosts? Excuse me? The patient thinks she saw a ghost in our waiting room.
What kind of ghost? I don't know.
Are there different kinds? I mean, what did she What did it look like? Her dead grandmother.
Really? Yeah.
Michael, she was obviously hallucinating.
The problem is, she kept seeing her after I rehydrated her.
Guess I could take a look at her.
Oh, they left already.
Well, you got her chart handy? Yeah.
Right this way.
Boy: Mister.
Hey, that's my ball.
(Chuckles) Of course.
Exact same as mine.
That's the problem.
The symptoms fit so many possible conditions.
Michael: Her mom didn't, by chance, work in the, uh, recording industry, did she? Uh, no, she was a cleaning lady.
She raised some red flags, so I did a little field investigation.
Her home address turned out to be a P.
Why wouldn't she want us to know her home address? I don't think she has one.
Her emergency contact told me she lost her apartment a few months ago, right after she was fired from her old job.
And where was that? Cleaning house for some paranoid pop star who accused her of selling stories to the rags.
All right, this is crazy.
She had to work for my patient.
It's too coincidental.
It's got to be environmental.
Something, uh Toxic mold, maybe.
Something in her home.
But the little girl didn't work there.
Yeah, my patient's got a garden apartment where she stores all her junk.
Housekeeper would have had a key.
I mean, maybe maybe they're both squatting there.
Michael: Hey, Rita.
Listen, track down Shawnee's manager.
Have him meet me at her brownstone with the key.
(Horn honking) Come on.
Albescu, you in there? What is that? Is something burning? You got the keys? I could only find a key to the What the hell was that? That's an electrical fire.
That explosion was caused by carbon monoxide.
It's been building up in the pipes from Shawnee's apartment for the last month.
- Is it serious? - It's deadly.
- Give me the key.
- It's just for the gate.
- Call 911.
- All right.
(Keys jangle, lock clicks) Is there anybody in here? Mrs.
Albescu? Hello? No.
No, no, no.
Okay, okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Hey, where's your mother? At work.
Are you a ghost? (Chuckles softly) Carbon monoxide has been depriving your brain of oxygen.
- Will this really cure me? - It better.
Oxygen is pretty much the only treatment for CO poisoning there is.
How come Dr.
Holt didn't figure this out when I first got here today? It mimics the symptoms of so many different illnesses, it's almost impossible to diagnose.
So all this from a leaky furnace? It's completely colorless, odorless and tasteless, which is why you didn't notice it yourself.
Michael: Move.
This is our only hyperbaric chamber.
You mind sharing? No, of course not.
She has carbon monoxide poisoning, too? Yeah.
Ileana? What's my ex-housekeeper doing here? Simona is Ileana's daughter.
Ileana: I'm sorry.
I swear, I never sold any secrets about you.
- We had no other place to go.
Shawnee: - I don't understand.
You you were in my house? Your downstairs apartment.
I I would have known.
Ileana: You never go down there.
We were careful coming and going for you not to see, and - We were very quiet always.
Michael: - It's okay.
Simona's just as sick as you are.
Her mother is, too, but not as bad 'cause she goes to work.
I only figured this out because they both came into my other clinic.
So, actually, they saved your life.
Simona: Please don't be mad - at my mama.
- I'm not.
Simka (Coughs) We need to get you on oxygen, too.
Come with me.
Rita, get the door.
Mama! Shawnee: Don't cry.
- I want my mama! - Shh.
- Your mommy will come back.
- I want my mama! Your mommy's going to be okay.
(Sobbing): Mama! (Humming) Light up, light up as if you have a choice even if you cannot hear my voice I'll be right beside you, dear louder, louder and we'll run for our lives I can hardly speak I understand you can raise your voice to say (Laughs quietly) Kate, I'm sorry about your window.
Can I fix it tomorrow? That'd be great.
Well, I'm glad everything's copacetic.
- Good night.
- Night.
(Sighs) I'm starving.
You want to get something to eat? Uh, I am actually gonna go and surprise my husband, - have dinner with him for a change.
- Mm.
Good night.
- You taking off? - Yeah.
Holt said that I can go back on tour again.
Yes, after another hyperbaric session or two.
Well I can't wait.
I'm ready to go now.
Well, you heard the lady.
Can you believe she's giving her housekeeper her job back? If it were up to me, I'd have her arrested.
No, you wouldn't have.
She was just doing what she needed to to protect her daughter.
My mom would've done the same for me.
So, where are you staying tonight? Oh, that's right You can't go back home till we get you a new furnace.
It's no biggie I'll just stay at a hotel.
Nicky: Oh, no, no, over my dead body.
You know what, you're gonna come home with me and Jeannie.
But I got to warn you, she's gonna mother the crap out of you.
Well, that doesn't sound half bad.
Where have you been? Why? Did you need me? No, it's just been, uh, over a week.
I thought Follow me.
Is she feeling better? Yes.
Thank you.
I want you both to stay overnight for observation.
No charge.
Thank you.
Simona still believes the ghost was real.
She was! You found someone else who sees ghosts? Simona You see any ghost here now? No.
I don't.
Maybe you have to have a connection with the person.
Well, tell me about the ghost that you saw.
What was it like? Scary.
- At first.
Anna: - Who was she? Did they have a connection? You thought it was your grandmother, right? It was my grandmother.
Well, after what happened to you, I did a little research.
You would not believe how many houses that people think are haunted actually have carbon monoxide leaks.
I'm not a carbon monoxide hallucination.
The gas made you see and hear things that weren't really there.
- They were.
- You haven't seen the ghost since I put you in the glass princess bed, have you? (Sighs) Yeah, not since then.
That's what I thought.
But I saw her while I was in there.
- You did? - Uh-huh.
She told me not to be scared.
She's not coming back anymore.
'Cause I'm safe now.
Thank you, Michael.
For what? Just I don't know.
(Chuckles) Thank you.
Hey, call the gas company tomorrow and have them, uh, check my loft for leaks.
Why? You're not seeing ghosts, are you? (Small combo playing mellow jazz) Thank you.
(Mellow jazz continues) Kylie! You look great.
So do you.
- Hi.
- What are you doing here? I came to surprise you.
I called your office Shelly said you'd be here, so Uh Where is your gorgeous husband? (Chuckles) He got caught up at work.
How was the, uh, the clinica today? Uh, it was good, yeah.
So, uh, what scandalous celebrity divorce are you working on now? Come on, I want all the juicy details.
Ooh, what's that? Oh, uh, nothing.
We were, uh, just going over some business.
(Laughing): What business could you possibly have with a divorce lawyer? (Chuckles) Come on, let me see.
No, no, it's not what you think.
Okay, now you're scaring me.
It's a, uh, it's a pro forma asset protection plan In case.
In case you leave me? - Kate, I've done dozens of - Please don't talk to me right now.
I don't want us to divorce ever, but since you started working at that clinic, we barely see each other.
You fly all over the world for your business.
But I always make time for you.
(Scoffs) Do you really not see how unavailable you've been to me? Please don't make a scene.
I wasn't planning on it.
so What are you drinking? You have two choices.
You can either remove your hand of your own volition, or I can surgically remove it for you at the wrist with a corkscrew.
(Chuckles) Bartender: Word of advice This probably isn't the right bar for a married woman who doesn't want to get hit on.
Duly noted.
Okay, just in case you're in no place to tell me later, is there somebody you want me to call for you? So what are we celebrating? Michael.
(Both sigh) To the end of my fairy tale marriage.
What did he do? Nothing yet.
At this point he's just looking into hiding his assets so that he can comfortably think about divorcing me.
- I don't know what to say.
- Like I would ever take a dime of his money.
Why didn't I see it coming? What's wrong with me? Nothing.
You're perfect.
Some people can't handle perfect.
That's probably why Anna divorced me, really.
(Chuckles) (Sniffs) You're lucky I'm such a good audience when I'm drunk.
(Laughs) I think we need to, uh, cut you off.
Let's get out of here.
Here we go.
(Sniffling) (Exclaims) Where's your car? I was actually out with a friend when I got the call, so they dropped me off.
It's all right.
Where to? (Laughing): You're going home.
(Laughing): That doesn't sound like any fun at all.
Trust me, you're going to be much happier in the morning.
Can't figure you out.
What? Everybody comes to you when they need help.
Today alone, you fixed your patient, my patient, Anton, Christina, and now here you are helping me.
Don't you ever need anybody, Michael?