A Good Girl's Guide to Murder (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

A room at dusk
Mastering the
art of lying still
Breathe like a girl
Till my lungs fill
Oh, pull your boots up, boys
And push me down
I'm only here
For your entertainment
I am a dark red liver
stretched out on the rocks
All the poison, I convert
it and I turn it to love
Here comes the feminine
urge, I know it so well
To nurture the
wounds my mother held
Oh ballerina, bend
under the weight of it all
Ain't it fun to hold
the world in your hands?
Do you feel like a man
when I can't talk back? ♪
Why are you hiding?
You need to be eyes on Penton.
Mrs Penton's never
going to serve you.
She knows your birthday.
Well, she's not
currently on till, and
..I have this.
This makes you 27!
I can pull it off.
Pip, you need to
distract Mrs Penton, OK?
Do NOT let her look at the till.
Why me? You got this.
I don't want to be an
accessory to a crime.
Well, don't fuck it up.
There we are. Thanks.
I just I had a question
I wanted to ask you and
Are you here as some
kind of a decoy?
Pippa Fitz-Amobi!
Bye, sorry!
Let's go home!
After everyone telling me there
was no hope of getting him off,
justice had finally been
served, and do you know why?
Cos you followed due process.
Innocent until proven guilty -
unless You're a black man.
Have we got any of
the posh crisps?
No, because they cost a fortune.
You can buy some
when you get a job.
Actually, in fact, Linda Walker's
catering company is looking
for waitresses over the summer.
She's organising some big do
for the Hastings' silver wedding
anniversary party or something.
What's that?!
Vic's cooking dinner!
It's a starter!
I've got homework to do.
It's the first day
of the holidays.
What homework could
you possibly have?
Uh my EPQ.
It's really important, Dad.
Well, first you need
to walk the dog.
Hurry up, man!
Knock it loud!
Hey, idiots, you dropped
your communal brain cell!
Come, let's go!
Hey, Pip. Hi.
Have you seen Andie?
It's OK, I just
I just need to speak
to her about something.
There better be
a good reason why
I'm not watching Love
Island right now.
I've decided what
I'm doing my EPQ on.
I'm going to solve
the Andie Bell case.
Not this again.
The Andie Bell case is solved.
Her boyfriend killed
her, remember?
The whole world thinks
Sal Singh is guilty,
but he never had a trial and they
never even found Andie's body.
Except Sal confessed to her
murder and then killed himself.
Do you know how many
people confessed to
the murder of
Charles Lindbergh Jr?
I have no idea who that even is.
That's 199 false confessions.
Come on, you knew Sal too.
He was head boy, he
was going to Cambridge.
And he was always
really nice to me.
Sal was a good guy.
Good guys don't kill people.
Well, actually, they
do - all the time.
What is it with
you and this case?
And if Sal didn't
do it, who did?
I don't know yet, but whoever
it was might still be out there.
last seen driving away
from her home on Church Street
at approximately 10:30pm.
CCTV footage from
Little Kilton Square
shows Andie driving
past at 10:38pm.
When Andie Bell failed to pick
her parents up from a dinner party
at the agreed time of 12:45am,
Jason and Dawn Bell
became concerned.
It's been five days since Andie
Bell went missing from her home.
Late yesterday, a body
was discovered in woodland
close to the village
of Little Kilton.
It is believed to be that
of 18-year-old Salil Singh,
the boyfriend of missing
teenager Andie Bell.
It is believed Salil
took his own life
after confessing to the
murder of his girlfriend.
His younger brother Ravi was the
last person to see him alive.
Jason and Dawn Bell remain
unable to bury their daughter,
as the search continues
for Andie's body.
Do I know you?
No, just taking a walk
..with muffins.
Are you sure I can't
help you with something?
Well, how do you know I'm
not just heading this way?
Do I remember you from school?
You did that assembly dressed
as Florence Nightingale.
Uh, Emmeline Pankhurst,
but yes, that was me.
That explains it.
I was wondering why Florence
Nightingale would chain herself
to the gym apparatus.
Yeah, that didn't
quite go as planned.
It took them two and a
half hours to cut me free.
Who's this handsome boy?
His name's Barney.
Vanilla essence? Yes.
Mm, touch of nutmeg?
Ah, you're good.
OK, did I use fresh
or frozen blueberries?
Muffin genius.
Why, thank you.
So, pedestrian muffins
..this is me.
I'm Pip.
I've actually been wanting to come
by and talk to you about my EPQ,
and so these are kind
of bribery muffins.
Your what?
Yeah, I don't know if when you
were at school, if you did an EPQ.
Anyway, we do, which everyone's
really annoyed about apart from me.
It's an Extended Project
Qualification I need to do
for my university application.
I was going to do a feminist
analysis of the Gothic novel,
but then I thought, "What's
something that really matters?"
Which is when I thought
of the Andie Bell case
and your brother.
So, yeah, I guess
that's what I'm doing,
and I was wondering if I
could ask you some quest
Oh, wow, I think you should go.
But My brother's dead.
Come on.
Sorry, did I scare you?
I just thought you
were someone else.
Don't worry
..people always get us confused.
So much for the summer of love.
Hey, Cara, is Naomi home?
Pip, no. What?
Please don't ask my
sister about Sal.
Why not?
She was with him the
night Andie went missing.
She's a key witness.
Max is in Italy and
Jake moved away.
No way.
You do realise how sensitive
this still is, Pip?
Yeah, of course I do.
Oh, my God.
Ant Lowe has just asked me to go
to the Hastings' party with him.
What are you going to say?
Uh, yes, obviously.
Ant's an idiot.
He always says "pacifically"
when he means "specifically".
Don't listen to Pip.
The last guy she had a crush on
has been dead for, like, 200 years.
BOTH: Nikola Tesla.
Anyway, who wants a snack?
LAUGHING: Um, OK. Yes, please.
FROM UPSTAIRS: I don't even
know who Nikola Tesla is.
Do you not?! No. Yes, you do.
What is a Tesla? It's a car.
Hey, Naomi. Shit!
You OK?
You scared me, that's all.
How's the job hunt going?
Still hunting.
Did you guys take
the Jammie Dodgers?
I saw Dad unpacking them
earlier, but they've vanished.
Things don't just vanish,
they must be here.
Keep looking.
Sometimes things do disappear.
You know, like hair
bands, odd socks.
Well, with socks,
you simply check them
on the way into the
washing machine,
and then you check
them on the way out.
It's not rocket science.
You never give up on
anything, do you, Pip?
Hey, Naomi Mm-hm?
..did Cara tell you I
decided to do my EPQ
on the Andie Bell case?
Well, I just wondered if I
could ask you some questions
..seeing as you and Sal were
so close and everything.
If I can remember stuff.
Five years is a long time.
Is it OK if I record it?
Interview one - Naomi
Ward, Sal's best friend.
Could you tell me everything that
you remember about the events
of the night of Friday
the 19th of April, 2019?
Um, we were all at Max's
playing Super Mario Party.
Sal left early.
Who's "we"?
Jake, Max, Sal and me.
And what time did
Sal leave, exactly?
I remember because
we ordered a pizza.
Sal left as the
delivery guy arrived.
He said he was tired.
where are you?!
Just coming!
But he didn't get
back home until 12:50.
I don't know what
you want me to say.
Sal was a smart guy.
If he'd killed Andie, you'd
have thought he would have
at least come up with an alibi.
TEARFULLY: Sal had an alibi.
Hi, Dad.
Hi, my love.
How's the internet?
Weird and depressing.
So, no change there, then.
How's the tutoring?
But a teacher's salary
only stretches so far.
Join us for dinner, Pip?
Not for me, thanks.
Victor's making tacos -
a whole Mexican feast.
Oh, OK.
Que hombre!
Hey, Pip, don't
forget your notebook.
awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
for services to humanity -
the first bearded
collie ever to do so.
That year, he made the front
cover of Time magazine.
And guess what three words were
printed underneath his picture.
"Stay beardie, folks."
"Stay beardie, folks."
WHISPERS: Yes, you're asleep.
Your dad used to
tell you that one,
and it was Beadle the
Wonder Dog back then.
Don't tell Josh.
I don't remember.
I've been thinking about what
you said about getting a job,
and I think you're right.
I need to get out
in the real world.
Could you ask Linda if
she still needs waitresses
for the Hastings'
silver wedding party?
Yeah, of course.
I am seeing her tomorrow at
book club, so I'll ask her.
Maybe ask if she needs two.
Cara's really keen as well.
MUSIC: In The Mood
by Glenn Miller
There are people
from school here.
I didn't know there was a whole
"stars of the silver screen" thing.
Is yours chafing?
Mine's really chafing.
I just need to ask Max one
thing, and then we can go.
Come on, it's fun.
We're undercover.
Thank you very much.
Oh, thank you very much.
MUSIC: Down South Camp Meeting by
Benny Goodman and His Orchestra
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
FLASHBACK: We were all at Max's
playing Super Mario Party.
And what time did
Sal leave, exactly?
You need to come here right now.
Because I'm telling you, Becca.
Daughters, eh?
You've been stalking me.
I'd like to ask
you some questions.
It's time for the speeches.
It won't take long.
What are you going to do for me?
Quid pro quo, you know?
Tell you what, every time I answer
a question, you have to take a shot.
I don't drink.
Oh, that's boring.
What do you want to know?
August 3rd, interview
with Max Hastings.
Is this an interrogation?
On Friday the 19th
of April, 2019,
Jake, Sal and Naomi were all at
yours playing Super Mario Party.
It was FIFA, but carry on.
What time did Sal leave?
Mm-hm, down the hatch.
Look, I don't know
what you want.
It was a standard
Friday evening.
Jake and I just played
Xbox and got pissed.
What about Naomi?
Naomi was MIA.
What was she doing?
I don't know - taking a nap,
taking a dump? Fuck knows.
Listen, I have to go and
watch my parents pretend like
they've been happily
married for 25 years.
Naomi told me that
Sal had an alibi.
What was it?
We were Sal's alibi.
He made us lie for him.
The day after
Andie went missing,
Sal asked us to tell the police that
he stayed round mine till 12:15.
He said he didn't want
them wasting time on him
when they should be out
there finding Andie,
and we went along with it.
Then you told the
police the truth?
What changed your mind?
It's a crime to
lie to the police.
Anyway, things were getting
real. Andie hadn't just shown up.
Did you like Andie?
I didn't know the girl. Like,
literally never spoke to her.
What are you trying to
prove by doing this?
That Sal's innocent.
You really think that?
Don't you?
The Sal I knew, no way
he could have killed her.
But he confessed to it.
Then he went into the woods
..and swallowed
a bunch of pills.
I mean
..you don't do that
for nothing, do you?
People say money
can't buy you love.
Well, they clearly haven't
met my beautiful wife.
LAUGHTER Well said.
No, seriously, I'm a
very successful man
It's always nice to see
true love, isn't it?
A bit of old-school romancing.
I didn't mean to scare you.
It's all right.
A word to the wise
..I've heard you're a
bit of a nosy parker.
And you know what happens
to nosy parkers, don't you?
Naomi's wasted and acting
weird, I've put her in the car,
Lauren's stormed off in
tears. We need to go.
Dark forces are at work here.
A good-looking man just
tried to steal my nose.
What good-looking man?
Are you drunk?
No! No, I only had five teeny
tiny drinks, like thimbles.
OK. Let's go.
So, two key witnesses that say
that Sal lied about his alibi,
which does not look great.
But they were just so weird!
There were like a
million discrepancies
about their accounts
of that night.
Max says they were playing FIFA,
but Naomi says they were
playing Super Mario Party.
And Naomi says she was
there the whole evening,
but Max says she was MIA.
You spoke to Naomi?
I'm sorry. I asked you not to.
I specifically asked you not to.
Did you know that Naomi and
the others lied for Sal? Yes.
So, why wouldn't you tell me?
It was five years ago!
And everyone except for you
wants to forget it ever happened.
It's a key piece of information
and you're my best friend.
Are you for real?!
I didn't tell you cos I didn't want
you stirring everything up again.
But it's important! To you!
You're totally happy to
fuck everyone else's life up
just so you can carry on playing
detective. I am not playing!
Hey, Pip. Hi.
Have you seen Andie?
It's OK. I just
I just need to speak
to her about something.
She went in there.
I have important
information for Ravi.
From a galaxy far, far away?
No. I live on Martinsend Way.
Come in.
She says she has
important information.
I came to tell you something.
Is it that you've
completely lost your mind?
Well, why are you here?
I came to say that I'm sorry.
I want you to know that it wasn't
just a school project for me.
I always believed
that Sal was innocent.
And so you thought you'd ride
in like some white knight
come to save us?
No. No, I didn't think that.
This was just a stupid
mistake. I shouldn't have come.
Why did you think
he was innocent?
I knew so.
He was always kind to me.
He would have never have
done anything to hurt her.
Come with me.
It's Sal's.
The confession.
"It was me. I did
it. I'm so sorry."
The grammar.
The last text, the
punctuation is perfect,
but the others Sal was
the smartest person I knew,
but he texted like
an illiterate.
He didn't write the confession.
So if he didn't
write it, who did?
I guess that's what
we need to find out.
MUSIC: Gunshot by Lykke Li
I am longing for your poison
Like a cancer for its prey
Shot an arrow, in your harbour
Where you waited in the rain
I am sire, I am ivy
I am no-one, I'm nobody
I am longing for your honey
I am longing for your love
And the shot goes
through my head and back
Gunshot, can't
take it back ♪
I can't. I can't. Andie, please!
Please, just stop! No, wait.
No, I'm sorry! I love you!
Wide awake, why
you're not here ♪
I'm sorry.
..straight into my heart
Goes through my
head and back ♪
I'm sorry. I love you
Gunshot, can't take it back
My heart cracked,
really loved you bad
Gunshot, I'll
never get you back
Never get you back
Never get you back
Never get you back
Never get you back. ♪
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