A Good Girl's Guide to Murder (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Woke up this morning
I feel so bad and important
I looked in the
mirror, I'm different
I finally made a decision
All the rejected that
lost a lack of respect in
They hurt you and
make you feel helpless
They're not brave like you
They're too scared to do
anything that's different
Anything that's new
I don't need lessons
I do what I want
It's refreshing
As soon as you
taste independence
You start living
life in the present.
Hey there
How you been?
I got power in my hands
And it's yours for the taking
La, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la, la
Give me a rule, I'll break it
Your conscience
needs a shaking
I've been here before
I know the mistakes
you'll be making
But they're too scared to
do anything that's different
Anything that's new
Take it! ♪
Interview three. Emma Hutton,
Andie Bell's best friend.
There were three of us,
always - me, Andie and Nat.
We met in primary school and
became completely inseparable.
She was funny and kind,
and just being around her
made you feel special.
What was Sal? Sal
made her so happy.
He was different to
other guys our age,
like an old-fashioned romantic.
I mean, they hadn't
even slept together yet.
He wanted to wait.
It's weird how you can
get someone so wrong.
I mean, they never even argued.
I suppose Andie never
did anything wrong.
Would she have told you
if they were arguing?
Of course. We told
each other everything.
Except I've seen Sarah's
phone, and there were messages
on it that showed that they
were definitely arguing.
What are you saying?
Maybe you got it wrong.
I think either you're
saying I'm lying,
or I didn't know my best
friend, which is a
I don't even know why
I'm telling you all this.
All what? You've not
told me anything.
I'm done here.
Oh, and Pip
..don't ever contact me again.
End of interview.
Nice one, Pip.
Give me a rule, I'll break it
Your conscience
needs a shaking
I've been here before
I know the mistakes
you'll be making
Forget the past, it's over
Forget being the joker
Let them know that you're
home and you're in control
Gather round, here's
how to get what you want
Introduce a new religion
of feeling like a boss
Take it! ♪
Pip Fitz-Amobi here.
Remember muffins, star costume,
EPQ, etc.
There have been some developments
in the Andie Bell case
you might be interested in.
Perhaps there's a convenient
time I could visit you at home.
Er, I remember after they found
Sal's body, you didn't sleep
for a week, and you did
ask a million questions.
It never made sense to me.
You're not going to tell
me I can't do it, are you?
I am worried about
it, to be honest.
You're always worried.
Just promise me you won't speak
to the Bells or the Singhs, yeah?
Sure. And don't let it get
in the way of anything else.
Like what? Like this
little beauty here.
So, it's a spreadsheet of all
the colleges in Cambridge. Mm-hm.
I've categorised them by age,
number of applicants per year
and future prospects
of graduates.
Very good.
Newnham looks nice.
Alumni include Jane Goodall,
Emma Thompson, Clare Balding.
What about Trinity,
where your dad went?
Yeah, Trinity's
definitely on the list.
Top of the list?
He'd be really proud
of you, sweetie.
I can't believe you've
gone rogue already.
You and I made a solemn pact
to be partners on this case.
And the first thing you do is go and
interview Emma Hudson without me.
She barely said anything to me.
According to Emma, Sal
and Andie never argued.
I wish Nat would
reply to my messages.
Who's Nat? Nat Da Silva,
Andie's other best friend.
Oh, Nat Da Silva - Nudegate Nat.
Nudegate what?
I didn't come up with that.
Someone leaked her nudes.
There's this whole mystery
cos no-one knew who did it.
What do you think the
messages to Andie are about?
I don't know, but
with Sal and Andie,
there was always
some kind of drama.
I think our dad hated Sal
and it caused issues at home.
Why did he hate Sal?
His little blonde angel
going out with a brown boy?
Do you mind talking about Sal?
I like it. I don't
get to do it much.
Andie's the one who disappeared,
but her face is everywhere.
Sal is nowhere.
It's like he never existed.
One, two, three.
Let's go again. Best of three.
Look, Dad's tutoring.
I've got to make dinner.
I can help.
It's been really
hard for Naomi
..since Mum died.
And then Sal.
I know, and I'm sorry.
But you still did it.
I just I think sometimes
I get fixated on something
and I can't think
of anything else.
Even the things I
care about the most.
If you want me to stop
doing the case, I'll stop.
You can do it, but please
leave Naomi out of it.
OK. Promise?
Have you ever sent a nude?
Why are you so interested
in nudes all of a sudden?
Ravi was telling me about Nat
Da Silva's nudes getting shared.
He didn't look at them himself.
They were just all over the school.
So Ravi Singh?
We're working
together on the case.
He said it was a
mystery who sent them.
Lucky it was a mystery.
Nat is not someone
you want to fuck with.
Do you still see her ever?
I know Nat.
Nat and I are at the
same tennis club.
I've got a doubles match
against her next week.
Hello, chefs.
What are you girls
talking about?
Tennis. Nudes.
There were three of us,
always - me, Andie and Nat.
My bad.
Ant said he'd get me a drink,
and then he was gone,
like, half an hour,
so I went to look for him,
and I found him and Stella in Mr
and Mrs Hastings' walk-in wardrobe.
You know.
Doing what?
You know. No.
Fucking. Sh!
It's match point.
Da Silva to serve.
UMPIRE: Game, set and
match, Foxcroft-Ward.
I think Da Silva
might be doping.
Let's be sportsmanlike, please.
I'll be back in a minute.
There she is.
Champion. You're a superstar.
How do you feel? Good.
Good game. It was a shit game.
Do I know you?
I've DM'd you a few times.
I'm doing a school project
on the Andie Bell cases.
If I could ask you
some questions
Don't be shy. Everyone's
seen it all before.
I haven't.
What do you want to know?
What was Andie like?
Andie was one of those people who,
when she turned a beam of light
on to you, it felt
warm, it felt
It felt like you were
her entire world.
Why do you think Sal and
Andie argued so much?
I guess, when that beam moved
elsewhere, it felt cold.
Maybe that got to
Sal after a while.
Did you and Emma feel that, too?
No. No, she was the
best friend ever.
If Andie had a flaw, it's that
she attracted the wrong guys.
She'd start sleeping with someone
new and then she'd just
But she wasn't
sleeping with Sal.
You said sleeping
with someone new.
Who did you mean?
You seem nice, Pippa.
You don't know what
you're digging up.
Be careful.
Oi, Ward, next time,
let's look to dominate
on the right-hand side, yeah?
Sure, Ruby.
Enjoy the rest of your holidays.
Go fuck yourself. Thanks.
We're going on a
survival expedition.
Oh, wow.
Can we go?
Oh! Here we go.
Ah! Wow, wonderful.
Did you find the head
torch? One better.
This bad boy has no battery.
And no light. Oh,
we have a light.
See, there's a light there.
Right, there we go. OK.
It's all right, I've got
my phone anyway, so
Oh OK. Oh! And release.
Just release, OK? I'll
only be gone for one night.
OK, who's driving?
I told you. Me.
It's OK.
Pip is responsible.
What do you need to remember about
driving in cars with friends?
Strap on, slow right down.
Don't show off or clown around.
God, not you, too. Because clowning
around is the number-one cause
of teenage automobile
I'm not sure that's a
genuine statistic, dear.
Mm! Have fun, and, er, wish
Cara a happy birthday from me.
Mm? Love you. Love
you very much.
Forever and a day. Bye, Josh.
Creep. Ah You what?
You seem nice, Pippa.
You don't know what
you're digging up.
Be careful.
You're right, that is weird.
And she got into a car with
the guy from the party.
Are him and Nat still in touch?
I don't think so. He
moved to the city.
Give me her number.
What are you going to do?
You'll see.
Hey! It's not me, it's Nat.
In the eyes of the world,
it doesn't make Sal
look great, does it?
A jealous boyfriend is kind of
the oldest motive in the book.
Yeah, but Andie
had two boyfriends,
which means this secret older
guy is our first real suspect.
Which means we're already
one step ahead of the police.
Sal was their only suspect.
Nice work, Sarge.
You're not a Detective
Inspector yet.
So, good luck with your
night in the wilderness.
I'm imagining a Revenant-style
battle against the elements.
Pip versus nature.
Who's going to win?
It would probably be nature.
Camping's not really my thing.
Yeah, me neither.
So what are you going to do?
A couple of parties,
might go clubbing.
More like a double
shift at the pub,
bus home, followed by an all-night
gaming session in my bedroom.
MAN: Cara. Ah
Thank you. I should head off.
No, you've got to meet Cara.
No, no, it's fine. Yeah.
Cara, this is Ravi.
We're working together
on the case, like I said.
Ravi, this is Cara. Best
friends since we were four.
Cara, Ravi. Ravi, Cara.
Hey. Hey.
So I should go, but
enjoy your trip.
Er, yeah, sure.
What are you doing now?
Didn't you drop out of school?
Bill Gates dropped out of
Harvard. Look where he ended up.
tent is enormous.
I'd say it's tent-sized.
Did your mum make you sing
the drive safely song?
Of course. Is she still
oblivious to the double meaning
of the word strap-on? Yeah.
Let's go, campers.
Here we go Here we go
Here we go Here we go
Here we go, here
we go, here we go
I was in your wet dream
Driving in my car
Saw you at the
side of the road
There's no-one else around
You're touching yourself,
touching yourself, touching your
Touching yourself,
touching yourself
You said, baby, do you
want to come home with me?
I got Buffalo 66 on DVD
You said, baby, do you
want to come home with me?
Beam me up Beam me up
Count me in Count me in
Three, two, one
Three, two, one
Let's begin
Here we go Here we go
Here we go Here we go
Here we go, here
we go, here we go
Beam me up Beam me up
Count me in Count me in
Three, two, one
Three, two, one
Let's begin. ♪
This one is for
the birthday girl.
And this Oh! ..is
for the rest of us.
I assumed you'd reversed
your no-alcohol policy after
Max Hastings and
the tiny thimbles.
I tested my hypothesis
and came to the conclusion
I was right the first time.
Who's going to
tell a ghost story?
Oh, Pip. Come on, give us your top
five Andie Bell killer suspects.
You're on the list.
Where were you on
19th April, 2019?
At a sleepover with you.
You suck.
The thing is, if you're right
and Sal didn't kill Andie,
then whoever did
is still out there.
And if they find out
you're looking for them,
isn't there a chance they
could come after you?
Don't say that. Sorry.
Nobody's going to bother with
some schoolgirl doing a project.
Have you guys heard about
the duct tape killer?
He's a serial killer.
Apparently, he wraps duct
tape round his victims' faces,
or he strangles them to death.
Tum, ta-ta, tum!
What are we doing?
We're playing Charlie Charlie.
This is going to end badly.
Who are we going to summon?
Oh, Andie Bell.
Mm! Ooh!
Whoa! Sh, sh, sh!
..are you there?
Oh, well, that can't be real.
I think it's fake. Oh, come
on. There was a breeze.
Surely, if she says she's not
there, then she kind of has to be.
Good point.
Will you speak to us?
No way!
..are you buried here?
They never found her body.
She could be anywhere.
Need to pee.
It's like we're pond life.
You, me and the rest of
us are the bottom feeders,
flatworms and the tadpoles
just sort of stuck in sediment.
Ant, Ruby and the rest of
them exist on the surface -
the boatmen and the damselflies.
All we can do is just
gaze up towards the light.
Speak for yourself.
Still, they don't
see us. Exactly.
Why do you even care
what they think?
Duh! Because she wants
to hook up with Ruby.
Why do you want to hook
up with Ruby Foxcroft?
Cos she's got perfect thighs.
Yeah, but why Ruby Foxcroft?
Well, you've been off having secret
assignations with Ravi Singh.
Ravi Singh?!
That's why you're so
interested in Sal's case.
That's not why
I'm doing it. Mm.
I think we're going to need
to unpack this tomorrow.
Or not.
OK. Sorry.
I peed on my leg.
There's someone there.
It's OK.
It's me.
It was a fucking serial killer.
Statistically, you're more
likely to die in a bath
than get murdered
by a serial killer.
Who was it, then?
A hiker who got lost.
Or it was the ghost
of Andie Bell.
Or it was just a
hiker who got lost.
It's OK, guys.
Me and Zach will stay
up and keep watch.
No offence, Con, but we all saw
when Dylan knocked your
physics books on the floor.
It's called the foetus.
It's a defensive pose, used
in a lot of combat situations.
You OK?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Let's go home.
No, it's fine, I got
it, I got it, thanks.
Can't believe
summer's nearly over.
And then it's our last
year at school, and then
I don't want to talk about it.
You're not still upset about
the Ruby thing, are you?
How come you only told
Lauren that she liked her?
I didn't tell her, she guessed.
Why didn't I guess?
You're not really interested
in all that stuff.
Come on. It's just
a stupid crush.
She's a damselfly, remember?
And I'm a tadpole.
You're a flatworm like me.
What are you worried about?
I just don't want
anything to change.
Oh, come on, I've known
you since you were four.
Nothing's ever going
to change between us.
Get off.
You seem nice, Pippa.
You don't know what
you're digging up.
..digging up.
..digging up.
Do you think I'm crazy?
But that's not
necessarily a bad thing.
So what have you got?
What am I looking at?
Stan Da Silva,
Nat Da Silva's brother.
He's a police officer
who worked on the case.
Oh, shit, I remember
him. He's a right prick.
Yeah, he's the guy that
warned me off the party.
Could he be Secret Older Guy?
I don't know. But then
you have Nat being all
"You seem nice,
Pippa. Be careful."
Could he be covering for Nat?
I'm just putting them
in chronological order.
I'm a little surprised you ain't
done it already, to be honest.
Look. Andie, Emma, Nat.
Andie, Emma, Nat.
Andie, Emma, Nat,
all the way to here -
April, two weeks before
Andie went missing.
From here on, it's
just Andie and Emma.
No, Nat.
They definitely fell
out about something.
When were the nudes leaked?
It was April. I remember
cos we'd lost 5-0
in the under-14s.
Everyone was passing them
round on the coach back.
You said it was a
mystery who sent them.
What if it was Andie?
Would she do that
to her best friend?
I don't know, but if she did, it
gives Matt a pretty good motive.
I'm going to need
your phone again.
Next time, we need to get
the stakeout food right.
What's wrong with crisps?
Too noisy. We need
something quiet.
Like a doughnut.
Too sticky.
Think of the
fingerprints. Hmm
What about marshmallows?
It's got to be the
quietest food in the world.
Hi, Nat.
Hi. I'm just meeting a friend,
so I can't really talk.
You mean Emma?
Emma's us.
What the fuck?
We know it was Andie
who shared your nudes.
I'm sorry?
You think that Andie
released my nudes
and I killed her in vengeance?
That's so dark.
Andie was my best friend. You
and Andie fell out, didn't you?
Just before she disappeared.
I had a row with Sal the
night before he died.
It still feels bad.
She changed.
I don't know.
Before she died, she'd just
gone into self-destruct mode.
She started hanging
out with this guy
who was just a
nasty piece of work.
I told her to stay
away from him, but
..she didn't listen.
Max Hastings.
He's twisted.
Could Max be Secret Older Guy?
All Nat said was that
they were hanging out.
Yeah, but Max said he
literally never spoke to her.
He lied.
Or maybe he just forgot.
Max could be a dick, but he's
round our house all the time.
He taught me how to
do a rainbow flip.
Do you still see him?
Not really, Not
since the funeral.
OK, I'm this way.
Do you want me to walk you home?
I'm fine, but thanks.
I'm a friend of Max's.
Lucky old Max.
Is he in?
We need more wine
from the cellar.
Max is upstairs. Just follow
the smell of Paco Rabanne.
Early this morning
When you knocked on my door
Early this morning
When you knocked upon my door
And I say, "Hello, Satan"
"I believe it is time to go"
So my old evil spirit can
Catch a Greyhound
bus and ride ♪
What the fuck are you doing?
Does Sal know you were
sleeping with his girlfriend?
You're funny.
Like some hysterical,
avenging virgin.
I might take that
as a compliment.
I didn't sleep with Andie.
Found it in a
classroom in school.
I keep it by my bed
for inspiration.
Just because I can
appreciate the female form,
doesn't mean I'd screw my
best friend's girlfriend.
How do you explain these, then?
finally caught on.
Andie sold drugs.
How do you know?
I was one of her customers.
She sold them at
Calamity parties, mainly.
Sal hated drugs.
She was a dealer?
She worked for a dealer.
I don't know his name.
How do I find him?
At a Calamity, I guess.
Calamity is hot and
sweaty and noisy,
and just a little bit
fucked-up in all the best ways.
Such a good girl, Pip.
Are you really ready for that?
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