A Good Girl's Guide to Murder (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Someone else must have
taken the burner phone.
But look at this.
It's a proper stash.
Yeah - what is it all?
Coke or ket, pills, weed
..a big fat spliff.
Who was Andie Bell?
None of this makes any sense.
Maybe she needed money?
The Bells own three cars.
Yeah. It's weird.
Help. It's a tick list.
These are the buyers, that's
the drug, there's the amount.
JL likes their coke.
DW's a pothead
And TT has a soft
spot for Rohypnol.
Any one of them could
have killed Andie.
But who are they?
I'll take it with me and
see if I can work it out.
You get rid of all that.
You know, I've always
wanted to pursue a career
as a small-town drug dealer.
Well, now's your chance.
You want to be my henchwoman?
But maybe after school, though.
Rabbit guts.
I'm really sorry.
It's OK, Pip. Just in time.
This is Mrs Bradshaw.
She'll be conducting your Cambridge
University practice interview.
Hi. I'm Pip.
Neo-feminists might view Jane Eyre
as both progressive and limited
in its feminist perspectives,
but Jane's determination
to assert herself
and pursue her own desires,
despite societal expectations,
surely has to be seen as an
example of feminist resistance.
Your personal statement
was interesting.
I enjoyed your reference
to Le Guin's Carrier Bag
Theory Of Fiction very much.
Thank you.
"We are so much more than
hunters and warriors."
"We are foragers
and carriers too."
And, finally, what is
your chosen EPQ topic?
It's on feminism and
the Gothic novel.
Perhaps you want to
elaborate on that?
No, thanks, I think
I've got that covered.
Now, if that's everything
..I'll be off.
As the head of party committee,
I think we're going
to need more glitter.
More is more.
Is anyone even going to
show up to this reunion?
Two of their year group are dead,
the rest have lost the plot.
For our five-year reunion,
I'll be living out in LA -
but I'll come back
for you guys. Maybe.
Hey, you. How was the interview?
It went well.
Oh, good.
Dad came into the art
room looking for you.
I was worried you'd missed it.
Pip bunked off three lessons.
You what?!
Bunking's a strong word.
Who were you bunking with?
I wasn't bunking with anyone.
How's it going, Ward? Cute hat.
LAUGHS: Do you think?
I wasn't sure
Oh, you'd look cute in anything.
I don't think I've never
seen Cara flirt before
Are they a thing, then?
Oh, my God, how do
you miss these things?
They hooked up at the Calamity.
Really? Razor-sharp
insight as ever.
NOW where's she off to?
Victor, could you
get those bags?
Hiya. How was school?
No, the interview?
Oh, yeah. It was fine.
Where are you off to?
Um Cara's.
To do what?
She's got a school project.
Was that a lie?
Ravi and I have another
lead on the case.
We're going to go look
into it. Sorry, what?
Exploring a lead on the case.
You're no longer doing the case.
Well, I'm no longer doing
the case for my EPQ,
but I'm still doing the case.
OK, well, you're
absolutely not going.
But I am going.
Well, I'm saying
no, so it's a no.
So, I looked into it.
The cheapest room
is £200 a night.
So, she definitely didn't
come here with Sal.
And it's far enough
from Little Kilton
that if she did come here
with Secret Older Guy,
no-one she knew would find out.
So you're thinking his name
is somewhere in the records?
That's what I'm hoping.
What if Andie's
not actually dead -
and she and Secret Older Guy have
been holed up in a posh hotel,
ordering room service
for five years?
I hope you've got a plan.
Not yet.
Hi, there.
Henry, is it?
I'm Pippa Fitz-Amobi
and this is Ravi Singh.
I don't know if you remember
the Andie Bell case?
She went missing in April 2019
and hasn't been found since.
I'm afraid not.
You didn't take a proper look.
Oh, yeah, she was here
a couple of weeks ago.
But that's not possible.
Well, if it's not possible,
I must have made a mistake.
We think she might have stayed here
shortly before she went missing.
Can we take a look at
one of your guest books?
All guest information
is confidential.
If you two aren't going to book
a room, then I suggest you leave.
I've got an idea.
Don't panic, anyone,
don't panic, please.
Just calmly to the
assembly point, thank you.
This one's empty.
Did you get it?
I got it.
How did you set
the fire alarm off?
I blazed this bad
boy up in the toilet.
Oh, great!
It just came to me
like a flash of genius.
You're such an idiot.
Let's wait here a minute and
then we'll get out of here.
Wasn't that the weirdest thing,
when he said he'd seen
her the other week?
A few months after
Andie went missing,
there were loads of sightings,
but they were all fake.
It got quiet after a while.
You look great.
Max Hastings had this same exact
photo hidden in his bedroom.
She WAS here.
You're smarter than you
look, Pippa Fitz-Amobi.
Well, thank you.
The luxurious
softness of the cream
with the delicate
sharpness of the berries,
then the sudden surprising
sweetness of the syrup.
It's really very delicious.
So, no Andie or mystery guy,
but there is one an
entry on April 17th,
just before Andie went missing,
under the names Daisy
Buchanan and Jay Gatsby.
Oh, hang on.
I actually think I know them.
They're fake names.
The Great Gatsby.
Honestly, I need you to
stop being such an idiot.
That has to be them -
it's Andie's handwriting.
Who else could it be?
Love you.
Me too.
The number you have
dialled cannot be reached.
Please try again later.
Victor, love, you fell asleep as
they were storming the embassy.
No, no No, I saw that bit.
Oh, what, with your eyes closed?!
I was just resting them.
Oh, that's what that
Right, I'm off.
I'll get the streamers and
balloons on the way back tonight.
Thank you, sweetheart.
I'll see you later, chicken.
You know that time when
Dad went back to Nigeria
to visit Granny for a
week five years ago?
Why didn't we all go?
I think we just felt it was a very
long flight with two small children.
Morning, Pippa.
Now, as an officer, I would
usually warn a young woman
about getting into a
car with a strange man,
but there's something
I'd like to show you.
I've got school.
I'll give you this back.
How old do you think I am?
I'm kidding. Come on.
No, thanks. Like I
said, I have school.
I promise to get you
back before first lesson.
And that didn't bother
you the other day.
When you broke into
a dead girl's house.
Don't worry.
I'm not about to turn you in.
Did you go round the
back of the house,
and find the key
under the plant pot?
Hey, I admire your nerve,
even if your methods were
a little unconventional.
You remind me of my sister.
I'm not sure who my money
would be on, though,
if you two came to blows.
We sort of raised
each other, Nat and I.
It's why we're both still a
little rough around the edges.
Where were your parents?
Oh, they were terrible people.
But we did all right.
We had each other.
Andie must have been
round your house a lot.
Her and Nat were really close.
I don't want to
talk about Andie.
Nat and I had to
fend for ourselves.
We managed, but there
were some hairy moments,
with no money coming in and
a a little sister to support.
Nat's small, but,
wow, she can eat.
Jason Bell stepped up, took me
under his wing, gave me a job.
Then, later, he encouraged
me to join the police.
I never would have dreamed
that for myself, but
..he saw something in me.
Then, when he lost Andie
..the grief was terrible.
Seeing a grown man
taken down like that.
It was humbling.
Why am I here?
You need to stop now.
A girl died.
Her parents are mourning.
It's still raw.
Sal's parents are mourning.
Of course, but that's on him.
He made his own choices.
Andie had no choice.
Look, Sal is guilty.
I worked on the case.
When Sal found out that Andie wasn't
the good girl he thought she was,
he couldn't take it.
I don't believe it.
Of course you don't.
I've seen your family.
What does that mean?
It means you want to see
the world in a certain way.
I get that.
There's one more thing
I think you should see.
VIDEO: I know you left Max's
house at 10:30 not 12:15.
That's not true.
You want me to believe that
you're telling the truth
and all three of your
friends are lying?
It doesn't make sense.
You and Andie were arguing
the day she died, weren't you?
No. You left Max
Hastings' at 10:30.
Then you went to meet Andie.
What happened next, Salil?
What did you do to her?!
Hey, hey! Let me out of here!
I was there, up close with him.
You could smell the rage on him.
Time to get you to school.
Hey, Pip.
Have you seen Andie?
It's OK. I just need to
speak to her about something.
She went in there.
Pip. Can I have a word?
I just want you to
know that I understand
you must be disappointed
about your EPQ -
but I also think you're
smart enough to understand
why we felt perhaps it wasn't the
most appropriate subject matter,
all things considered.
It's OK.
It's done now.
How are you feeling?
Just a bit wobbly.
Oh Is this about what we
were talking about this morning?
About Victor going to Nigeria?
Victor checked himself into
a hotel room five years ago.
I found his name
in the guest book.
He didn't go to Nigeria.
Er, no. Yeah, OK.
That's um, that's true.
What was he doing?
We were going through a rough patch,
and he was at work the whole time,
and I was stuck at home
looking after two children.
So, of course, I jumped
to the conclusion
that he was seeing
somebody else.
When, actually he just
needed to take a minute.
Anyway, we did
have a break, um
..but it was work stress.
How do you know he wasn't
seeing someone else?
Because he told me.
It's OK. Pip.
It's not OK.
He makes himself out to be this
good guy, when he's just
He is a good guy. He really is.
Do you know, all relationships
go through tough times.
And I can be a bit
much sometimes.
You're not a bit much!
You're exactly the right amount.
Anyway, the important thing
is, he wasn't having an affair.
Yeah, so he said.
So he said.
And I chose to believe him.
If you choose to believe someone
when all the evidence
points against them, then
..you're just an idiot.
Can I come in?
Nothing happened.
How can I know that?
Because you know me, chicken
..and I respect you
too much to lie to you.
Just because I want that to
be true doesn't make it true.
Hey, Sarge.
I need to tell you something.
Dan da Silva showed me the
video of Sal's police interview.
Sal seemed
He's being interviewed
by the police -
he's going to be
freaked out, defensive.
Yeah, maybe, but
But what?
He lost his temper.
He had this energy
..about him that I
haven't seen before.
What, anger?
How would you react if
you were being accused
of having something to do with
your girlfriend disappearing?
I wouldn't react like that.
Sal loved Andie.
And people in love
do stupid things.
What does that even mean?
I'm just trying to
look at it objectively.
You think Sal was
looked at objectively?
A brown guy going out
with a pretty blonde girl?
The papers calling him
a beast and a monster?
But Sal lied.
He told them he wasn't arguing
with Andie the day she disappeared.
They were.
There's something
I haven't told you.
I saw Andie and Sal in school.
That day.
She passed me in the corridor.
She'd been crying.
She put her finger to her lips,
like, "Don't tell anyone
where I am," and then
..and then Sal came and he asked
me, had I seen Andie? And
..I told him
..and then the next
day she was gone.
Sometimes I wonder, if I
hadn't done it, then
Sal wouldn't have murdered her?
What if we're wrong?
Have you even considered it?
So, it's all about you.
It's always been about
you and your guilt.
You needed Sal to be innocent.
Oh, wow.
Poor little Pip.
Stop it! That's not it.
I knew Sal was innocent.
At least I thought I did.
Now I don't know what I think.
I can't believe I thought
you were different.
I actually liked you.
You think you're
this good person.
What if you're not?
I can't believe I trusted you.
Can I come in?
When are you going to
tell me what's wrong?
Nothing's wrong.
Oh, come on, please.
Do you think you can ever
really know a person?
But you know me
and I know you.
There are definitely
parts of you I don't know.
No, there aren't.
What about when you're
doing the case with Ravi?
I don't see that Pip.
That makes me sad.
It's not meant to.
I'm happy with the Pip I know.
Is that Pip a good person?
The very best.
Can I stay here tonight?
But I will need your
help with something.
LAUGHTER Submit to my power!
I'm making you beautiful!
Come on!
We need to go.
I have to make sure
no-one's lacing the punch.
Oh, and I regret to inform you
that the television is broken,
so you'll have to entertain
yourselves the old-fashioned way.
Oh, stop! I was thinking
maybe Pip could read aloud.
OK, Boomer.
We'll watch a film on my phone.
A film on your telephone?!
What dark wizardry is this?
Right Oh
School reunions are for losers.
There's no-one I
want to see, anyway.
If nothing else, you have
to admire our banner.
Pip and I spent hours on it.
Did we?
Plus, Jamie Reynolds
is going to be there
..and I heard he's looking fine.
Pip, do not release her, I
need to get the straighteners.
Run while you still
have the chance.
How are you getting
on with the case?
Cara doesn't want me
talking to you about it.
She thinks it upsets you.
I want to know.
Not good.
I'm pretty sure I
got it all wrong.
What do you mean?
I think Sal's guilty.
Got 'em. Oh, Pip,
man! You let her go.
I'm done - and it's fine.
I'm going.
You can borrow my laptop if
you want, to watch a movie.
Well, that's got to be a first!
No, Pip can borrow my laptop.
The password is wardsRus.
I highly recommend Tango Tits.
OK Sounds like a '90s porno.
More like 2019.
Thanks for making
me look pretty.
Tango Tits.
We were at Max's, playing
Super Mario Party.
Sal left early.
And what time did
Sal leave, exactly?
Then, who's taking the picture?
Is it a porno?
I've got to go.
You've always got to
go. I'm really sorry.
It's OK. Call me tomorrow!
As we all know, Andie wouldn't
have missed this for the world.
Being here, attending this school,
was so important to my sister.
It's where she made her friends.
It's where she had dreams
of what she was going to do
with the rest of her life.
I know how happy that made her.
She was always the life
and soul of any party.
I just wish it was my beautiful
sister standing up here tonight.
Not me.
We had such a hot year group.
It's just a shame so
many of us ended up dead.
How did you become so?
Fucked up? I don't know.
It's either cos my
mother doesn't love me
or cos my father
thinks I'm a failure.
Probably both.
How could you?
Not here.
Sal's innocent.
He didn't leave at 10:30,
he was with you until
12:15, just like he said!
Why did you lie?
Maybe I can't do this
You can.
You need to.
We had to lie.
Because they found
out what we did.
You should see me in a crown
I'm gonna run
this nothing town
Watch me make 'em bow
One by one by one
One by one by
You should see me in a crown
Your silence is
my favourite sound
Watch me make 'em bow
One by one by one
One by one by one
Count my cards
watch them fall ♪
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