A Good Girl's Guide to Murder (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

On New Year's, five years ago,
I was out with Max and Jake.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one.
Twenty-four seven, I'm 365, wait
for me heaven, I'm here till I die
I'm goin' all in It's
five in the mornin' ♪
Shit, shit, shit.
Get back in the car.
He's not moving.
I said, get back
in the fucking car!
Who did you call?
A friend.
A few days later, it
was in the papers
..there'd been a hit-and-run, a man
was seriously injured in hospital.
There was no mention of us.
I don't know who Max spoke to,
but he basically made
our part in it disappear.
We never told anyone
and then, months later,
after Andie went missing, just
after the police interviewed us
about Sal, we got a note
delivered to Max's house.
It had instructions on it.
We had to tell the
police that we lied,
that Sal had left
Max's at 10:30.
Delete any photos taken
of Sal after that time.
And if you didn't?
They'd tell the world that
we were in a hit-and-run
..that we left a man to die.
All this time, you've been
letting people believe that Sal
was guilty, when he
couldn't have done it.
It hasn't been easy!
My best friend killed himself
because of what I did.
I've hung on to that for five
years and it's almost killed me.
Oh, dear.
Is she having another
one of her episodes?
I've told her everything.
Why would you do that?
A man nearly died because of us.
And because you were too much of a
coward to own up to it, Sal died!
I'm sorry.
I did it to protect us.
We can't bring him back.
Come on. We made a pact.
Don't do this, Gnomes.
It's already done.
I have proof.
What proof?
You missed this one.
I knew it was there,
but I didn't tell you
cos I hoped one day
I'd be brave enough.
It was taken at 12:06am,
on the night Andie disappeared.
Sal's taking the picture.
What have you done you
stupid, stupid bitch?!
It's not just me that's going
to go down for this. Hmm?
You're going to destroy
her life, you know that?
Where are you going?
What's going on?
We need to talk.
So whoever blackmailed
them, killed Andie.
Everything makes sense now, she's
been terrified this whole time.
What's going to happen to her?
She lied to the police.
I guess she could go to prison.
But why didn't she tell me?
Maybe it was just a part of
herself that she kept hidden.
She was probably too ashamed.
She should be.
Just because she did this thing,
does not mean she's
not a good person.
I'm just not sure I
can lose anybody else.
What if there's another way
we can prove Sal's innocence.
I don't know yet, but
You'd do that for us?
I'd do anything for you.
Who goes there?
Come help me wrap.
Your mother said
you'd had a chat.
You know, growing up I knew
so clearly what I wanted.
I wanted a family and
I wanted stability.
Financial stability.
But you had that.
Yes, I had it all.
But it came at a cost.
I was working all the time
and while I had
financial stability
..I didn't feel stable.
I wasn't having an affair.
I just left to get
my shit together.
Why did you come back?
Because, chicken
..I realised that I needed
to make some changes,
and your mother and
you and your brother
..were not the problem.
And I missed you.
Hey, Barney Boo, what's up?
Come on.
Barney, come here!
I'm right here. Come and get me.
Barney, come on.
My name is Pip Fitz-Amobi and for
the last few months, I've been
investigating the
Andie Bell case.
I'm going to publish the whole
story right here tomorrow,
so tune in.
Oh, and just so you know,
they got the wrong person!
Hi. My name is Pip Fitz-Amobi
and for the last few months,
I've been investigating
the Andie Bell case.
You were right.
I never should have doubted Sal.
So, if you've got
proof Sal's innocent,
why are you here posting videos
instead of showing the police?
You don't want to
get Naomi in trouble.
You're joking!
We know that Sal's innocent.
But on its own, I'm not sure
the photo's enough to
prove it to the police.
We can try. But I'm just
asking for a few more hours.
To do what?
To see if the real killer
will reveal themselves.
If we catch them, maybe there's
a way to prove Sal's innocence
without anybody finding
out about the hit-and-run.
They're not that stupid.
They've kept hidden
for five years,
why would they risk
exposing themselves now?
There's something
I haven't told you.
Since the beginning, I've
been receiving threats.
The first was a note,
the others are texts.
I didn't tell you cos I thought
you'd try and stop me. Oh, my God!
I got another one tonight.
They were close
enough to see me.
And you posted a video
to draw them out.
But you don't have
all the evidence.
If they think that I'm going
to share the whole story,
then maybe they'll come after me and
I'll finally find out who they are.
This is an unbelievably
terrible idea.
But I'm in.
You want me to keep watch
while you get some sleep?
Thank you, but maybe we
should stick together!
I just don't understand
how Max was able to cover
something like that up.
A man nearly died.
He's rich and white and his
dad knows everyone in town.
I'm more interested in
who the blackmailer is.
Well, isn't that what
we're about to find out?
You're a bad winner,
you know that!
Oi, Bear. You gave
us a heart attack!
I broke a thing.
Yeah, we heard.
Hi. Hey, I'm Ravi.
Congratulations on the
whole double figures thing.
Thanks. Got anything good?
Two books, a new skateboard, and
a Lego X-wing, or a TIE fighter.
I can't tell by
the rattle. Nice.
Bed. And maybe don't mention to Mum
and Dad that Ravi was here, yeah?
Who's Ravi?
Do you remember your dad?
I was only one.
That's sad.
Weirdly, I don't think it's
had any effect on me at all.
I think it's at the
heart of everything.
What do you mean?
You're like me.
Always worried about doing the
right thing, being a good person.
Why is that?
Cos we don't want to see
our parents sad again.
It's pointless anyway.
There isn't such a
thing as a good person.
Just a messy mixture of both.
I sometimes wonder who I would
have been if Sal hadn't died.
You've got to get up
before my parents wake up.
What if, you know? It's fine.
They're not going to show up
at a kid's party, are they?
Like you said, it
was a stupid plan.
Call me if you need me, Sarge.
Come here
You're adored!
See who?
Hey, Sarge? Everything OK?
Yeah. It's fine. Just
making sure you're OK.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Have you seen Josh?
I think he's outside.
Five minutes and counting.
Start gathering people up.
Josh? Wow! Which way's
the birthday cake?
Have you seen Josh?
Is he in the teepee?
Actually, can you tell him
we're about to serve cake?
Happy Birthday
Dear Josh
Happy Birthday to you! ♪
Happy birthday.
Make a wish.
Vic, have you fed
Barney? No, not yet.
I wish Barney could
have some cake.
Where's Barney? Um I
think he may have got out.
Hey, this is Pip Fitz-Amobi.
I just want to apologise
for my post yesterday.
It was just a stupid joke.
I don't have any evidence.
None of it was true.
Here, boy! Barney!
What if he got hit by a car?
He's a sheep dog.
He's number one on the
list of smart dogs.
But he was frightened of sheep
and that's why we have him.
We're going to find him.
He'll just be on some
kind of epic squirrel hunt
and have forgotten
the time, or
Here, boy!
Sweetie, I'm going to take
Joshy home and just hope that
Barney's made it back, yeah?
Right. I'll keep looking.
Me, too, but I think
we need to split up.
I'll call you if I find
him. Keep your phone on, OK?
Oh, no
No! No-no-no-no.
Barney?! Barney,
please Barney! No!
Someone must have hit
him, Pip, I'm so sorry.
64 tennis balls.
We counted them.
All the balls you left in
the house and the garden.
We hope you can take them
with you wherever you go.
Why didn't anyone help him?
Maybe there was no-one
around, sweetheart.
The person who hit him was
around. Why didn't they stop?
I don't know. But, hey
..it's against the law to
not report hitting a dog.
We just have to make sure the
police investigate properly.
Hi, there. my name's
Pip Fitz-Amobi.
I need to speak to PC
Dan da Silva, please.
I'll see if he's
available. Happy to wait.
Pippa? What are you doing here?
I have some information
about a hit-and-run that took
place on January 1st, 2019.
Well, if you'd like to make a
statement, we should find
somewhere quiet to do it.
What do you want to talk about?
I know who was
driving the other car.
I don't know what you mean.
I've spoken to Max and Naomi.
I know it was you Max called that
night and asked to cover it up.
And I know that later
you blackmailed them,
and told them to
change Sal's alibi.
It had to be you.
You were the first one there.
All I did was move some
debris on the road.
It wasn't a big deal.
Either way, this has nothing
to do with Andie's death.
I think DI Hawkins
might disagree.
Andie and I had a thing,
but it was two years before
she even went missing.
How old was she?
That's statutory rape.
She was 15!
Yeah. Not a good look if you
want to become a police officer.
I could tell you she lied
about her age, said she was 16,
but I'm not sure you'd
believe me, would you?
Either way, Max
found out about it
and held it over me
whenever he could.
He knew I'd lose my job.
Max was the one who blackmailed
me, not the other way around.
So, if you didn't
blackmail them, who did?
It was the middle of the
night, the middle of nowhere.
No-one else saw.
Except someone did!
I think it's time you
gave this up, Pip.
What's our next move?
I think we need to stop.
They came to your house,
and killed your dog.
I've already lost Sal, I
don't want to lose you too.
But then we didn't do
what we set out to do.
Things are never that neat.
This will never
have a happy ending.
Sal's still dead, his
friends still lied.
But the truth
What about it?
It's important!
People don't really
care about the truth.
They just believe what
they want to believe.
I care.
I know you do.
Come on, you're going
to Cambridge next year.
Then, you're going to be
Prime Minister of the world.
What will you do?
What can I do?
I can't leave my parents.
I'm stuck here.
I've got to go.
What time does the exam
start? I'm not going.
What are you talking about?
I don't feel like it.
Barney, would want you to go.
No, he wouldn't.
He was always sad when
I left for school.
Fine, old Pip would
want you to go.
Yeah, well, who is the old Pip?
My brilliant, forthright,
intelligent daughter,
who loved exams.
Barney was an
absolute gentleman.
He was, wasn't he?
We saw your post.
Yeah, not my finest moment.
At least you went viral, baby!
Shall we go? OK, bye.
Good luck!
Love you!
Phones, please.
You OK, Pip? Mm.
You've 100% got this.
Open your papers.
How'd it go?
It was OK.
Comparison between texts
on the theme of evil.
Which two did you pick?
Easton Ellis and Melville.
HE SIGHS That's good
How's Naomi?
Yeah. She seems better now.
That's good.
Lauren's got a horror
movie marathon lined up.
I've got pizzas, and
Dad is driving us home.
Let's go!
Don't tell me, you picked
Melville and Easton Ellis.
Great choice.
Shotgun. No.
You can't say no to
shotgun. He's my dad, OK?
Hey, Pip, it's Naomi.
Cara told me about Barney.
I'm so sorry.
Whose number is this?
Well, since Max
smashed up my phone,
I had to borrow some ancient brick
of my dad's I found in a drawer.
Your dad's?
Yeah, anyway, I just wanted you
to know I was sad about Barney.
Come to Mama!
The duality is super obvious
in Stevenson's Jekyll and Hyde,
but it had a forerunner in
Dostoevsky's The Double.
I just want you to know I've got zero
idea what you're talking about right now.
It's the idea that good
and evil can coexist in a
person at the same time.
They are not opposites,
but instead indissoluble
components of the human psyche.
Do you want to watch the horror
movie with us tonight, Dad?
We're going to
start with Onibaba.
Not even a tiny bit! You
know how I am with horrors!
Oh, and I've got tutoring tonight,
so I'll drop you guys and run.
How come you spend so much time tutoring,
but we still don't have any money?
Because I have many
mouths to feed.
You have expensive tastes.
Thanks for the lift.
No problem. See you later.
How scary is this film? Um
Cara's birthday
Got any snacks?
Yeah, I think there are some
Jammie Dodgers in the kitchen.
Berners Lane
Isn't that where
you used to live?
We sold it years ago. Why?
The cupboard is bare. Not
a Jammie Dodger in sight.
What? I swear I saw
a whole bag full.
Get off, you're strangling me!
I've got to go.
I love you so much.
OK, weirdo.
I love you, too.
I think you're smart enough
to understand why we felt
perhaps it wasn't the most
appropriate subject matter.
What if Andie's
not actually dead?
NEWS REPORT: Jason and Dawn
Bell remain unable to bury their
daughter, as the search
continues for Andie's body.
What on Earth are
you doing here?
I've called the police.
Why would you do that?
Because you have
Andie Bell inside.
Admit it.
Andie Bell?!
Don't be absurd.
Come on in.
What's happened,
Pip? Are you OK?
You were sleeping with
her! I know you were!
What would make you say that?
Jay Gatsby? Daisy Buchanan?
I really think you've let
all of this get to you, Pip.
I'm fine!
By all means, go on up.
I promise you, there's
no-one here but us.
You put this in my sleeping bag!
You were scared that I would
uncover what really happened,
and poor Sal was accused of
a murder that you committed!
Oh, Pip
I didn't kill her.
Please, just let me
tell you what happened.
Come and sit down.
Andie was struggling at school.
Her home life was not good and
her grades had started slipping.
She came to me for help.
Just tutoring.
This was not long
after Isabel had died
and I was in a dark place.
Andie and I grew close and
..started a relationship.
You're disgusting!
It only happened a few times
and then she started seeing Sal.
We limped on for a bit,
but then she called it off.
She said she was
in love with him.
You were at the Ivy House Hotel
with her just days
before she went missing.
You're right, I was.
She said she wanted to see me.
At first, I thought she'd
had a change of heart.
She wanted money.
I don't know, but I said no.
Then she left, but a few days
later, she came to my house.
She told me if I didn't give her
£5,000, she would tell the world
that I'd taken advantage of her.
Again, I said no, I
wouldn't be blackmailed.
She went wild,
screaming, and slapping.
I pushed her off.
She fell hard and hit her
head on the counter top.
It was bad. There
was blood everywhere.
I went to get my phone
to call an ambulance, and when
I came back, she was gone.
I never saw her again.
So, you didn't kill
her? I didn't kill her.
I cared about her.
Let's get you home, Pip?
It's nothing, it's, it's just
I'm not Andie.
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