A Good Girl's Guide to Murder (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

I was living rough,
out near the old bus station
..when he found me.
I'll never forget the look
on his face when he saw me.
..relief and joy.
And then disappointment when
I wasn't who he thought I was.
He said he was a teacher,
he had daughters,
I could stay at his house
a night, and then
..in the morning, he'd
find someone to help me.
He seemed normal.
You know?
I went to sleep and then
..later, I woke up and went
downstairs for some water.
He was there on the
sofa, drinking
..so I thanked him.
I just told him
he was a nice guy.
But that seemed to upset him.
You're a good person.
You don't know that.
What if I told you
I killed a person?
Would you judge me then?
I wish I'd run
then, but I didn't.
Then what happened?
His name was Salil Singh.
I drugged him first
..before I smothered him.
And as he was slipping away
..I spoke to him
about university,
the future
..just so he would fall asleep
thinking about something good
CRYING: but I could see
in his eyes he was scared.
Do you think I'm a monster?
I think
..you're a nice guy
..who must have found
himself in a bad situation.
Thank you.
But maybe I could
have one of those.
I'll get you a glass.
No, no, no, no!
SHE SOBS He wouldn't let me go.
It's going to be OK, I promise.
Memory comes when memory's old
I am never the first to know
Following the stream up north
Where do people
like us float ♪
Sal! How could you?
Hey, hey, hey, it's
over. It's over.
You're safe now, chicken.
For bruises, asses, hand claps
I will never disappear
For forever I'll be here
Morning, keep
the streets empty
For me. ♪
How are your parents?
Like, happy one
minute, sad the next.
Everyone now knows
that Sal isn't guilty
and that he didn't kill himself.
But he was murdered by
someone he knew and trusted.
And you?
I feel different.
I've got you to thank for that.
Well, I didn't do it on my own.
We were a good team.
You OK?
Yeah, I'm just
..trying to say something.
Saying something feels
Look, what What I
wanted to say is that
Pip, I'm leaving.
I feel like I've been
trapped here, frozen,
my whole life on hold.
I wanted to leave so
badly, and now I can.
I'll get a job, apply to
college - you know, do life.
You could do that here.
I need to go.
They had a forensics team
going through the house,
looking for DNA and stuff.
I just can't get over the
fact that he walked among us
like an ordinary, everyday guy.
He taught his lessons,
drove us about, cooked,
and he was harbouring
the darkest secret ever.
It wasn't just one secret.
He had a woman trapped in
the attic of a secret house,
he had a secret teenage lover, then
murdered said secret teenage lover,
hid her body and then secretly
murdered her boyfriend.
He broke into my house
on my brother's birthday
and he killed my dog.
So here I am.
What can I do?
What do you mean?
I want to make it better.
How can you?
I can't do this.
Right, the oven's
ready. That can go in.
You need to whisk it You need
to whisk it properly, sweetheart.
Oh Oh, dear.
I've ruined Cara's life.
Elliot was all she
had and now he's gone.
No! No, no, no. That's
on him, not you.
If you hadn't done what you did,
then this whole town would still
think that Sal killed Andie and
the Singhs would be carrying around
that shame. Plus, Andie's
family would never have seen
the person responsible for
their daughter's death arrested.
A girl would still be
locked in Elliot's attic.
I know there were a million
obstacles, but you never gave up.
Yes, everything seems
..strange and sad,
but I need you to know that
you are the bee's knees, OK?
I could not be
more proud of my
..and determined daughter.
Thank you.
Where could I
possibly get it from?
It makes me cross, though,
that Elliot doesn't have the
decency to own up to killing Andie.
Josh's birthday.
You've got five minutes.
I'll be here if you need me.
I'm sorry. No.
Why did you come?
You were gone the day
Barney went missing.
You couldn't have taken him.
What do you mean? Someone
took Barney and killed him.
That same someone sent
me threats on the phone.
Which means
Someone else was
hiding something.
Someone else
murdered Andie Bell.
Who's going to believe you?
I'm the monster.
The things I've done, maybe I
deserve the blame. You are to blame.
You murdered Sal
..and took advantage of Andie.
She was 17
..and you were her teacher.
You kidnapped Isla and
you kept her prisoner.
Don't you want Cara and Naomi to
know that you didn't kill Andie?
You said Andie was
looking for money.
Can you think of any reason why?
When I told her I wouldn't
give her the money
..she went crazy.
She said if she couldn't
leave that night
..she was scared of
what he might do.
When Andie and I
were together
..she told me that Jason
..was controlling.
Of all of them - Andie, Becca.
He ran that house with fear.
Didn't let her have boyfriends.
And the night Andie went missing,
he was out to dinner with friends,
supposedly all evening, only
I know for a fact he wasn't.
I was out looking for
Andie by the woods.
He drove past me in his van.
He's lied about his alibi?
Or didn't mention
the flaw in it.
Either way, he's not
going to admit to it now.
It's Jason's word against mine.
When Andie disappeared,
I was desperate.
As far as I knew, she
was dead somewhere,
and when they found her,
everything would lead to me.
And then I remembered
a few months before
..Naomi was struggling, and
..she'd turned in on herself.
She wouldn't talk to me.
I had to know why,
so I read her diary.
The hit-and-run.
When I remembered that,
that's when this
..dark little seed
came into my head.
I tried to make
it go away, I did,
but it took hold and it grew.
And pretty soon, it was
all I could think about.
Killing Sal and blaming him
became the only way
to protect my girls.
They'd already lost their mum.
I couldn't let them lose me too.
You're evil.
Or maybe it's that dark
little seed that's evil.
Now I wonder if we
don't all have one
somewhere in there.
Even you, Pip.
Even you!
It just needs the right
conditions to grow.
As metaphors go
..I expected better
from an English teacher.
You had a choice
..and you chose to murder Sal.
Time's up.
Have you seen the girls?
The van that Jason
was driving
..can you remember
what colour it was?
Yeah. It was blue.
Don't go.
I just saw Elliot at
the police station.
He didn't kill Andie Bell.
You saw who?
Elliot Ward. Please listen.
He was out by the woods, he
saw Jason driving a blue van.
Do you remember the blue van
the police were looking for?
Andie could have been
in the back of it.
I don't care what that man has
to say and neither should you.
Just because he did
something terrible
does not mean that
everything he says is a lie.
It's not even that.
It's just I'm done.
We're supposed to be
a team, the two of us.
Sherlock and Watson.
I can't do it on my own.
Pip, it's over.
Hold on.
Hey, have you seen anyone
around here? I don't think so.
I could have sworn I saw
someone lurking about.
What the fuck are you doing?
Why are you here?!
I work here.
Surely the real question is,
why the fuck are you here?
I thought you already
locked a dude up for that.
He didn't kill Andie.
It was Jason.
He wasn't at the dinner party
all night like he said he was.
His blue van was seen
driving out of Little Kilton
exactly when Andie went missing
and nobody knows where he went.
Yeah, except for me and
my dad and the police.
The security alarms
went off at the office.
Jason came down and turned them off,
then he went back to his dinner.
How do you know?
My dad used to work here.
Jason told him about the alarms
and he checked out the
security footage on the gate.
There was no break-in.
The only person coming in was
Jason coming in to turn them off.
It all checked out.
What about the blue van? The
police were searching for it.
Yeah. Jason came forward
and explained it was his.
They just didn't
mention it on the news
cos they already thought
it was Sal by then.
Jason was controlling,
but he had reason.
Becca was my best friend,
but those girls were wild.
Andie was a party girl
and Becca did everything she
could to be just like her.
Jason knew those
parties were bad news.
Even then, it didn't work.
He couldn't know what
would happen to Andie.
I wasn't talking about Andie.
In 2019, Becca went
to a Calamity party.
LOUD MUSIC: Out Of Control
by The Chemical Brothers
And it always seems
we're running out of time
We're out of control
Out of control
Out of control
Maybe that I'm just
scared of losing you ♪
She had no idea where
she was when she woke up.
She'd been raped.
She called me and we went to go
and get the morning-after-pill.
She'd been drugged, no
question. Roofies in her drink.
Did she know who did it?
No. She couldn't
remember anything.
I better get back.
Thank you.
That's the second
time you've saved me.
JESSE: She'd been
drugged, no question.
And TT has a soft
spot for Rohypnol?
Roofies in her drink.
Andie sold drugs.
I was one of her customers.
Tangot! ts.
Hey, babe.
I guess you're
ringing to apologise?
What do you mean?
Well, you've been trying
to pin this all on me,
when all along, it was
your favourite teacher
who did the bad thing.
Only, you did a bad thing, too.
I haven't told the police about
what you did on the road that night,
but I still can.
And this time, I have
Naomi's diary to back it up.
What the fuck is your problem?
My problem is that you raped
Becca Bell at a Calamity party
in March 2019, with the drugs that
Andie sold to you, didn't you?
Yeah, Becca and I slept
together, but it was consensual.
She never once said no. It's hard
to say no when you can't speak!
from Little Kilton Square
shows Andie driving
past at 10:38pm.
I know what you're doing.
I just have one question.
What do you want? Can we talk?
I'm on my way out. I
know what Max did to you.
And I know it was you driving
Andie's car that night.
Andie was already dead
..wasn't she?
Come in.
Hey, can you stop
the bus, please?
Jesse told me what happened
to you at the party.
They stopped some guy
getting nasty with you.
Yeah. It's It's fine.
Why is that fine?
Why is it fine for
some slimy little prick
to put his hands on you
when you asked him not to?
Why is that fine?
You're right.
It's not. No.
No, it's fucking not!
And when you tell your sister
about it and you ask her
to come to the police with
you, what should she say?
Except she tells
you she can't
..because she was the one that
sold Max Hastings the drugs
that he used to rape you.
Why did she do it?
She said she needed the money.
She told me she was
leaving the next day.
Where to?
Don't know.
She just said she had to go.
She couldn't take Dad any more.
His temper.
After all this time
..of it being the two of
us together against him
..she was going to leave me.
And then I
I guess I lashed out.
I lost it.
Then she was just lying there.
She was just there.
And And she was vomiting
..and she was choking.
And I just stood there.
I just stood there
and watched her die.
It was awful.
She was already injured.
She and Elliot had fought.
It wasn't your fault.
It doesn't even
matter now anyway.
Do you want to see where she is?
Then drink up.
Let's go.
Come on.
What can I say?
I don't know.
Why are you here?
I'm looking for Pip.
I'm worried about her.
I haven't seen her. It's just
..the last thing she said to me was
that your dad didn't kill Andie.
That it was Jason Bell.
She wanted me to come,
but then I got on the bus,
and then I got off the bus,
and then I went to the
Bells' and her car was there,
but she wasn't in it.
Pip was willing to lie to the
police to protect your family,
you know that?
It wasn't easy for her.
She loved your dad, and
you know she loves you,
but in the end, it was the
only choice she could make.
I know where she is.
I track her.
I thought she didn't
let anyone track her.
Yeah, well, maybe she's
not as smart as she thinks.
Where are we going?
We're nearly there.
We're here.
This is where I put her.
This is where I put my sister.
Weirdly, Andie was the one
that showed me this place.
The thing is, Pip
..now that I've shown
you where she is
..then I have to put you
in there with her too.
No, you don't.
It's hitting you now,
isn't it? PIP PANTS
That'll be the Rohypnol
I put in your tea.
I got to Andie's
bunny before you did.
Why are you doing this?
It's not me you're angry with.
It's Max Hastings.
He caused all of this.
We could go home right now and
I swear we could make it right.
When will you realise, Pip,
that nothing ever happens to
people like Max Hastings?!
I'm really sorry.
None of this was meant to happen.
You understand that, don't you?
It's OK. The police are outside.
They'll get her.
Why did you come back?
It had something to
do with marshmallows.
You're going to be fine.
You're going to be OK.
Come on.
You're OK.
Have you seen Andie?
It's OK. I just need to
speak to her about something.
She went that way.
My dad knows.
I thought it was
him following me.
He's taken all the
money that I saved.
OK, we'll get more money.
I have enough for a room, I can come
on the weekends, you can find a job.
We'll be fine.
We're going to need
thousands of pounds.
We will work something out.
OK. Yeah.
There's a 10am train
tomorrow from Oxford.
I'll get there early
and get the tickets,
you meet me at the station.
OK. I'll bring coffee.
Are you going to
tell your parents?
They're going to freak out.
As long as I'm back in time
for school, they'll be fine.
Are you scared we're
doing something stupid?
Not for a second.
I have to go.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Get up, get down
Get up, get down
Feel the turn of
rotation and stop
See the next one waiting
Get up, get down
Get up, get down ♪
9:30am tomorrow. Don't
you dare change your mind!
Get up, get down
Get up, get down
Get up
Sentiment's the same,
but the pair of feet change
Get up, get down
Ah, ooh, na-na-na, ooh
Get up
See the next one waiting
Get up, get down
Get up, get down Get down
Get up
Sentiment's the same, but
the pair of feet change. ♪
So, what do you think?
Well, it's the best EPQ in which
a student solves a murder case
I've ever read, so
So they'll give me an A. Yeah
Ooh, we might hear about
your interview soon.
I'm trying to remember whether
I wanted to go to Cambridge
or whether you wanted
me to go to Cambridge
because Dad went to Cambridge.
And I'm wondering if
there's a difference
between what you
want and what I want.
Is there?
Sometimes I think I have more in
common with Victor than I do my dad.
I think that makes you sad.
It does a bit, but it also
makes me really happy.
So what shall I do?
Whatever you want to do.
I have every faith that
whatever you decide to do,
you will see it through.
Hey, babe.
Didn't expect to hear from you.
You and I can never be
a thing, you know that?
However much you want me.
Go fuck yourself.
I'm really sorry about what
happened with Becca Bell.
I guess now you can see what
a fucking psycho she is.
You really can't believe
anything she says.
But I do believe her.
Course you do, cos you're
a fucking psycho too.
I'm not the one who has to drug
girls till they're unconscious
to get them to sleep with me.
I told you it was consensual.
Mmm. Right.
What do you want,
you stupid bitch?
I want you to know
that you're nothing
and I'm not going to stop
until every single person
you have ever hurt gets justice.
MUSIC: Anyone Who Knows
What Love Is by Irma Thomas
Anyone ♪
Hey. Hi.
I was thinking we could drive
to that new pizza place.
It does these weird
topping combinations
like chocolate and artichoke.
Then maybe go see that documentary
on feminist post-whateverism
you keep going on about.
Please stop talking.
You can blame me
Try to shame me
And still I'll care for you
You can run around
Even put me down
Still I'll be there for you
The world
May think I'm foolish
They can't see you
Like I can
Oh, but anyone
Who knows what love is
Will understand Understand
Anyone I just
feel so sorry ♪
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