A Man Called Hawk (1989) s01e01 Episode Script

The Master's Mirror

[Theme music]
[Music continues]
[Instrumental music]
[Music continues]
(Male #1) 'Hawk.
I don't believe it.'
hawk, what it is?
[Distant police siren]
- I knew you were returning.
- 'You felt it?'
- The other city..
- Was not home.
It was time to go.
I understand.
Movement is good..
Now and again.
Especially for some.
- You'll stay?
- Affirmative.
As you say.
It's home.
To returning.
[Glass clinks]
(Male #2) 'You
recognize his face?'
yes, it's him.
Got him through the
heart from four feet.
And now, gentlemen..
Your payment.
Looking for this?
At the door earlier,
when we shook hands.
See, that's the misdirection.
Very important in magic.
When we shook hands..
I lifted it.
Maybe one day
your tricks will get you
into a great deal of
trouble, Mr. Tracton.
Or out of it.
- You want to count it?
- No.
You check it again.
I'll be back.
[Dramatic music]
I'll take the roof. You go down.
He may have
headed for the street.
[Dramatic music]
With my compliments.
Wrapped in kente cloth.
Dr. William Edward
burghardt du bois.
A name as eloquent as..
Poetic as his writing.
Signed by the man himself.
It is more than a book,
hawk. It is a treasure.
And it is right in your hands.
"The souls of black folk"
written in 1903.
It is wonderful.
Over 85 years ago.
And this man was
already speaking of soul.
Eternal truths, old
friend. Eternal truths.
You're alike in many way,
you know? You and this man.
Nomads. Fighters.
Causes mean much
to you. Same like you.
'Very few indeed.'
[Dramatic music]
[Metal door clanks]
[Dramatic music]
[Distant siren blaring]
[Music continues]
I warned you about
misdirection. Could have cost you.
Still looking for the obvious..
When you should worry
about the unexpected.
[Intense music]
[Jazz music]
[Music continues]
[Distinct chatter]
That's him.
You in a hurry?
Hey, I'm talking to you.
That's like one-sided
You're coming with us.
[Tires screeching]
(Male #3) Sir, sir.
This is a private club.
Good. I'm a very private man.
But, sir, you have to
be a member to go in.
Send me an application.
[Utensils clinking]
Who is this guy?
You forgot how to
use a phone or what?
- Where is the other one?
- At the dentist.
David, I'd like
you to meet hawk.
Hawk, my deputy
director, David Freeman.
Charmed. So, we're
going to talk or what?
Gentlemen, would you
excuse us a moment?
[Breathing heavily]
I'd ask you to calm down
but I realize you'll
do whatever you wish.
Since your memory
is working so good
then you know I'm not going
to stand around a place like this
all day either.
Tracton is here in Washington.
Wherever the American
citizen maybe a stranger
he is at home here.
To a certain extent.
I need to find him, hawk.
- He works for you.
- 'Yes, he does.'
- so bring him in.
- I've tried.
He's not responding
to the usual channels
or our emergency signals.
How do you know he's
here in Washington?
I have the bodies of two
hoods. Maybe double agents.
One of them had this in him.
I do recognize the knife.
- Help me find him, hawk.
- Why?
When you worked for me
years ago, you accepted the fact
that often I couldn't tell
you everything I knew.
I don't work for you
or anyone, anymore.
You want to find tracton,
you find him yourself.
Hawk, I could help
you a great deal.
Now you're in Washington.
That Cannon you're
carrying for example.
No one anymore.
Put two men back on
him to watch this time.
They are to do
nothing, but watch.
He'll find tracton for you?
Not for me..
But he'll find him.
[Band music]
Move! Move! Move!
[Indistinct shouting]
Hi, there.
Bailey Webster, what's going on?
I've known you since,
I was 6 years old
and it's always
been "Bailey Webster
what's going on?"
So what is, huh?
Oh, it's so good to have
you back. I missed you.
Missed me 'cause you got
little jobs you need doing.
And you're so
good at doing them.
So, where is the cat?
He's not here yet, but
he'll show up. Creep.
'I told Lionel's
coach about him'
but he didn't want
to get involved.
Been watching Lionel?
(Hawk) 'Yeah, yeah, he's good.'
got that Doug
Williams like touch.
Oh, district two years.
And this is the boy who almost
dropped out in the ninth grade.
Until he had to do
a little one-on-one
with Ms. Webster, huh?
His father asked me to try.
It was tough at first, but
the more I tutored him
and he saw I wasn't
going to quit, he took off.
'He's a solid,
excellent student now.'
I have been on him about major
in history next year at college.
He called me a liar to my face
but I think he's
starting to like school
almost as much as football.
There is a serious
doubt in that.
Here we go.
'This sucker comes
here everyday.'
sports agent, my butt!
Hawk he's offering Lionel
money and all kinds of stuff
to get him to sign
early with him.
'He could screw up
everything about school.'
trying to sink his teeth
in the young kids like that.
I told him to get lost myself,
but he just laughed at me.
I'd like to bust
his head myself.
You'd be better as a school mom.
[Intense music]
[Indistinct chatter]
- Is that him, Ms. Webster?
- Uh-huh.
- That's really the hawk, huh?
- Watch him.
[Intense music]
Hi, honey.
I've got another
package for you.
I'll leave it at the
same place, okay?
Honey, I understand that, Lisa.
But it's way too
dangerous right now, okay?
I'll see you as soon as I can.
Love you too.
(Colonel) 'May
snow early this year.'
this hawk worries me, colonel.
He's a loose Cannon
in this whole affair.
Any loser than tracton himself?
That's my point.
Tracton has gone rogue.
Now we have an
outsider running around.
An outsider you yourself admit
we may not be able to trust.
Certainly can't control.
Look David, do we have a choice?
We clearly can't or at least
haven't been able
to locate tracton.
Hawk will if anybody can.
- Well, what then?
- We take him.
Well, hawk will let us?
They are close, you said.
Very close at one time.
Teacher and student. Comrades.
Hawk trained tracton
in special forces.
They worked together
as a two man team.
Yes, David, they are
close. Combat close.
And who's to say that
hawk won't join tracton?
- Help him slip away?
- Could happen.
So, I ask again. What then?
- What then, colonel?
- What do you want, David?
A death sentence for
them both right now?
I know..
It may come to that.
None of us wants that, sir.
Just has to be considered.
[Intense music]
- 'We have met before.'
- 'Twelve years ago.'
(mother superior) Yes, it's been
that long since you brought Lisa to us.
Such a lovely child.
The joy she brought
us while she was here.
When we brought her here,
the man who was with me
have you seen him?
Oh yes, while Lisa was here
he visited three-four
times a year.
So kind. Always a
donation for the school.
And he loved Lisa so very much.
Did you ever have
to contact him?
Was there an address,
telephone number?
Oh, you've lost track
of your friend, have you?
We never had a
permanent address.
I gathered Lisa's father
worked and lived overseas.
Well, I'm sure
Lisa can help you.
I could have her call
you when she stops by.
- She still lives in D.C.?
- 'Oh, yes.'
since she graduated, she's
been immersed in her music.
She has a gift. Such
a great god given gift.
I'm often difficult to
reach. Could I contact her?
I don't have an address.
But I'm sure the capital
symphony can help.
'She's with them now, you know?'
[piano music]
[Piano music continues]
Lyrical technician as a
friend once called him.
That's a perfect description.
Do you know me?
- No.
- I'm hawk.
And I knew you
once in another place..
Lisa swaymer.
'Do you remember now?'
- I really don't want to
- '1975.'
war was over.
Your father called me
to go back to Vietnam.
Back to hell is what he said.
Two of us went in..
Through Laos.
Three hundred clicks
through an enemy's heart..
To save a little girl.
At that time there was
only one man on earth
with whom I would have
made such a journey.
You and father saved
my life. I know that.
They had killed my
mother for loving him.
They would surely
have killed me too.
You father's love saved you.
It may be time
to repay the debt.
- What do you mean?
- I need to find him.
I don't know where my
father is. I've never known.
He visited.
Yes, but that's all.
I mean, the money still comes
but I haven't seen my
father in over a year.
Why are you looking for him?
Because others are.
You play exquisitely.
[Piano music]
'"And death shall
have no dominion.'
'"dead man naked
they shall be one'
"with the wind
and the west moon.
"When their bones are picked
clean and clean bones gone.
They shall have stars
at elbow and foot."
(Tracton) '"Though they
go mad, they shall be sane.'
"though they sink
through the sea
"they shall rise again.'
though lovers be
lost love shall not."
"And death shall
have no dominion."
Seems like a lifetime, trax.
Or a moment.
I got your message.
I knew it would
come through Lisa.
She's grown quite a bit, eh?
She has true talent.
Yeah and beauty.
She's all I got, hawk.
So what did colonel want?
'I assume that's
what this is about.'
he said nothing.
[Laughs] It's the first time
I remember that.
You want to hear
why he's looking?
You want to tell it?
- Do you?
- We should leave.
Always a teacher.
I remember you'd
always be asking me
"what are the two safest places
for a soldier when hunted?"
Absolutely alone or in a crowd.
I hear music.
[Jazz music]
Army finally got something right
when they assigned me to you.
You're hell of a student,
trax. Good instincts.
Instincts don't cut it
unless you got the training.
I gave what I could.
You need every edge to win.
How many times
you teach me that?
But our skills are a
piece of the puzzle.
For a warrior..
It is the puzzle.
What is the colonel want, trax?
Come walk with me, hawk
before we have to part.
[Indistinct chatter]
Kicked around Asia for a while.
Didn't really know
what I as going to do.
So, I get this call from
the colonel saying that
he's moving over to
intelligence full-time
and wants me to come along.
Him at a desk, you in the field.
Covert operative.
Doesn't matter what you
call, it's the same thing.
Angola, Nicaragua, middle east.
The hell ain't gone.
Training insurgents, you
know, some anti-terrorist duty.
- I did a lot for him there.
- My, my, my.
So, now they want me
in, right? Fast, overnight.
Orders came in uh,
about a month or so ago.
It's got a bad
ring to it, brother.
Trouble there somewhere.
I think they got some old
spy's home picked out for me.
Come on, hawk.
I mean, the things I've
done, the stuff I know, man.
- You want to pack it here?
- No.
No, no, no.
I got a lot of work to do yet.
Now I don't think, I
got much of a choice.
- You got any money?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I've made some.
Then hit it, trax.
You've earned your rest.
'You've been fighting
for this glorious country'
'before you could vote.'
take Lisa and split.
Not a man alive could find
you if you don't want him to.
Except you.
[Tires screeching]
[Intense music]
[Gunshot] Fire!
[Tire screeches]
[Tire screeches]
Damn it.
[Car brake squeals]
(Colonel) 'It wasn't us, hawk.'
(hawk) 'Save it, colonel.'
no, I won't.
Donald tracton and I worked
together for nearly 20 years.
You honestly think I
could issue a hit on him?
(Hawk) Men like you
can order anything.
You forget about all those
missions that you dreamed up
while we were in the jungle?
That was war.
And just what do you call
what you've been doing
to that brother for
the last 15 years.
Peace keeping?
Talk to me, quick.
Stop accusing for
a second, damn it.
Stop looking for
blood on my hands
and help me find out who did it.
Take this.
It's a permit for your gun.
It was hell to
come by, but I got it.
I will carry my piece
without your piece of paper.
In this town, you will
carry it a lot easier with it
than without it.
It'll be on the file.
You'll have full
clearance for my office
as long as you are in D.C.
I also took care of the
incident on the bridge.
'You won't hear
anymore about that either.'
"the incident on
the bridge," said he..
Alright, tracton shooting.
Look, David Freeman and I
will look at this from the inside.
'Help us on the streets.'
'help us find out who shot him.'
I think I'm talking
to the man right now.
Hawk, if I had killed him
wouldn't I want confirmation?
The police haven't
found his body.
[Piano music]
[Knocking on door]
- Who is it?
- 'Lisa.'
(tracton) 'Open up.'
'open up.'
- help me with this.
- My god!
I must've worn that
thing a thousand times
but never needed it.
I'm so glad I had it on tonight.
- You mean, you're not shot?
- No.
No, I may have a broken rib.
It's the fall that
damn near killed me.
Look, honey..
I'm not gonna be
able to stay here.
There is still a chance
they could find you.
Now I gotta get
out of the city soon.
I'm gonna need you to
get me some of our money.
- I'm coming with you.
- No. Unh-unh.
Father, you told me
one day this would end.
I didn't have you
when I was growing up.
Let me be with you now.
Honey, I can't.
(Tracton) 'Look, Lisa..'
You've got a life
of your own here.
Hm-hm. Now I got it.
You didn't bring me
along to buy me anything.
You just needed
some old pack mule.
So, can I help it, I get
a little carried away.
Anyway, a couple
of those are yours.
Yeah, these other 20 are yours.
- Oh, shoot!
- What's that?
I left my charge
card in the store.
- I'll get it.
- No, no, baby, I'll go back.
No, I don't mind.
Besides, if you go there
you'll start buying again.
Hey, get a time on this speed.
[Tire screeching]
[Woman screams]
(Male #4) Hey, did you see that?
(Male #5) 'Somebody
call an ambulance.'
[instrumental music]
(Hawk) Just tell it slow.
(Bailey) His hip's broken.
Both legs in several places.
There's internal bleeding.
(Hawk) And he is out of
danger. Man child's alive.
- Yes, but
- no!
(Hawk) No more negative.
Has been dealt, it's
over. Life, Bailey babe.
(Bailey) Football was
everything to him, hawk.
My god! He may never walk again.
Behold, he's still alive.
You show that boy's mind
how to think and create.
You did not hold his hand.
You drove him.
Can't be holding his hand now
especially when he
gotta come through this.
I know.
I know.
You know, I've only
known Lionel few years now
but I couldn't feel worse
if it were for my
own little brother.
That's funny how a
teacher and student..
(Hawk) Strong bond,
teacher and student.
You use that now, Bailey babe.
'Stand with him, help
him every way you can.'
(Bailey) 'My god! What is that?'
(hawk) 'A message.'
(Bailey) Message?
Telling me to stop looking.
[Xylophone music]
You are troubled.
In the extreme.
Is it yours?
Another man's.
But a friend?
He was once but a lot
of years have gone by.
And now you doubt him?
I don't but I doubt
those who control him.
Being controlled?
That's an ugly thought.
It is the loss of freedom.
Yes, but it may have its price.
Federick douglass said it.
"No man can put a chain
about the ankle of his fellow man
"without at last finding
the other end fastened
about his own neck."
[Xylophone music]
Hello, colonel.
It's been a long time.
Too long from your
point of view, I gather.
I tried, trax.
I tried to make contact.
Pretty hard it seems.
Yes, because
it's time to end it.
You must know that.
Hawk's alright?
You ever doubt he wasn't?
So, what now?
Come with me.
Come in.
I can help you.
Private hospital somewhere?
Best doctors..
If that's what's needed.
- You tried to kill me.
- No.
No, it wasn't me.
I served you.
And you became
just like all the rest.
All of the enemies.
It's out there, you know that?
Yes, yes.
There are many enemies
but not me.
Believe me, trax, I
have been your friend
in work that has very few.
I still am.
Come with me tonight, trax.
The running's over.
Come with an old friend.
[Intense music]
So many enemies, colonel.
So many enemies.
[Indistinct chatter]
[Sirens wailing]
You are not an easy man to find.
I allowed you this time.
Patrolman found him
about an hour ago.
What else?
The last message
recorded on his phone
was an unidentified man.
This address and a time.
You dig this, bureau crap.
If it were you lying
on this stretcher
I'd give you a quick
amen and say goodbye.
But it happens that this man
here I knew and worked for.
It pains me that he is dead.
It pains me than more of
the tracton might've done it.
I said nothing about tracton.
You'll say nothing about
anything anyhow, won't you?
Just invited me down here
to look at a dead body, huh?
Let me rock it to
you one more time.
Either you're gonna
tell me about tracton
or this is the last
time we speak.
Tracton was under the
colonel's direct control for years.
You know as well as I
do the type of work he did.
I do not need a novel,
make it a short story.
A few years ago, colonel and
I started receiving information
that tracton had gone
solo on a few missions.
- Branched out.
- How so?
At first field movement
without authorization.
Sort of side trips.
Then funds were
drawn mysteriously
Come on, Freeman.
Later, we heard rumors
of hits, assassinations..
- Who?
- 'All sorts.'
'again at first the victims
were people actively working'
'against our government.'
terrorists mostly.
Then rumors of private
contracts started coming in.
Murders for money.
A drug lord in South America.
A political activist
in west Germany.
While you kept him
riding that choo-choo train
kept old trax doing
the legit work for you.
We were planning action
if the rumors
were to prove true.
We were investigating all
Kept clicking right
along, didn't you?
Look, what did you
expect us to do?
Take some kind of
preemptive action against him?
You did exactly what
I knew you would do.
You used him, jammed him.
Used him until it was too late.
Feign, when it was too
late, you wrung your hands
'cause you lost control.
We had no proof.
You do now.
You stay away from him.
We'll find him.
He's ours and
we'll take him out.
[Engine revving]
[Knocking on door]
I have nothing to say to you.
Take me to your father.
I told you before. I
don't know where he is.
Three hours after
we meet, he finds me.
You stop this little life
and dangle, darling.
Your father is clammed
to a cosmic hole
and I might be the only
one that can help him out.
Just go away.
You don't wanna
hear this, do ya?
You know what your daddy does?
No, I don't.
Yeah, yeah, you
know it well enough.
He is a soldier
without a uniform
but he is a soldier
just the same.
And like all men under
fire, he lives in danger.
He is intimate with fear.
My father has never been afraid.
Then he has never been at peace.
And it's destroying him.
I do know, I've seen it in him.
Even during the war
everything gets twisted.
Defense become suspicion, alert
paranoia, good, bad, evil
all blurred for your father now.
Lisa, he is sick.
'He's been killing so long, he
does not know another way.'
you're lying. Just leave
me alone and stop it!
What we need to stop is him.
We need to stop the
demons that are chasing him.
The men who've used
him up and now fear him.
How dare you say these
things when you just don't know?
I do know.
But for the grace of god..
[Door closes]
[Upbeat music]
He's here.
No, father. I was careful.
No, it's alright.
It's okay, honey.
I knew, he'd come.
[Intense music]
Colonel's lap dog.
- Freeman?
- Hm-hm.
They're gonna have the
country looking for you.
Then I'll have to
avoid that half, won't I?
- You won't make it.
- 'Got to, hawk.'
looking at my options.
Colonel wanna put me
in some room somewhere.
Let me rot away.
'No, mnm-mnm.'
and I ain't gonna
stay put either.
Let them hunt me down,
shoot me in the street?
So, you got to move.
I know ways out of
this city that they do not.
Come with you, hawk?
And you won't take me to 'em?
You know.
Do I?
So, I'm the enemy now?
He's got a lot of faces, hawk.
- Father maybe we should just
- 'no.'
This is between us.
Hawk is the only
man I can't outrun.
I won't be behind you.
Way too risky to
take that chance.
It's time, hawk.
Time to see if the student's
become the master.
You don't need
to fight me, trax.
'Then let's make sure.'
turn on your gun, hawk.
Sorry, hawk.
(Lisa) 'Father,
for god's sake..'
[Lisa screams] 'No!'
[Lisa sobs]
He's not dead. He's just
hurt. Call an ambulance.
Call it now!
Take-take me out, man.
[Tracton panting]
Gotta do it. Take me out.
Let it be the hand of a friend.
It won't be me.
[Somber music]
[Indistinct shouting]
Hut! Hut! Hut!
Oh, man!
Lionel, should we go?
Yeah, let's get out of here.
Never should've
came in the first place.
This shit life is
over for me anyway.
Another one's beginning.
When's that?
After I crawl out of
this here wheelchair
and start hobbling
around on crutches?
Nothing's gonna happen
if you don't make the effort.
Point is right on through here
football's the only
thing gone in your world.
And life is still gorgeous.
(Bailey) Like college.
If the sports scholarship is out
you can still win
an academic one.
(Hawk) You hear that?
I know.
Guess I just struggle
through it, huh?
You have no choice.
You push yourself till
you can't stand the pain.
And when that's done, you
push yourself a little more.
[Gun clicks]
What is it you want with me?
Tracton committed suicide.
Yeah and you were right
there helping him pull the trigger.
You and the colonel
and all the rest that drove
that brother to madness.
You made him a
machine, didn't you?
Then you let him burn out.
It happens, damn it.
There's stress in the field.
You of all people
must know that.
You put a weapon in his hand.
And then wouldn't
let him lay it down.
Twenty years of fighting!
Yeah, bureaucrat
that do becomes stressful.
Now you're gonna get
back at the whole system
by killing me.
I'm cogitating on it furiously.
I still owe you for
the bridge that night.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You did that, didn't you?
A little ad-lib and the
colonel didn't even know it.
There is a slower death..
Mess up all that
ambition and planning.
Whisper in some ear.
You can't do anything to me.
[Intense music]
[Gun clicks]
Whisper in the right ear.
[Instrumental music]
[Theme music]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
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