A Man Called Hawk (1989) s01e02 Episode Script

A Time and a Place

[Theme music]
[Music continues]
[Instrumental music]
[Music continues]
[Tires screeching]
[Intense music]
[Gun firing]
[Gun firing]
[Tires screeching]
So you can't do two things
right in a row, is that the story?
Look, Mr. Tarpon
Two simple hits!
Complete surprise on our side
and hawk's still walking around.
Cop's dead as hell, Andy.
So is petey, your
buddy in the car.
Yeah, I owe this
hawk guy for him.
Not like I owe him.
So give me another shot.
I got something else in mind.
Dump petey's body.
- What do you mean dump him?
- What do you want?
A 21 gun salute?
A state funeral?
Lose his body
quietly. Get out of here!
[Door closes]
Where'd you find him? Jerk!
Not a lot of brain surgeons
looking for driver's jobs, Mick.
Just calm down.
We're doing okay here.
Is that right, Jesse?
I can read. I've seen the books.
Girls are off 50%.
And don't give me any
song about new morality.
(Mick) 'Drug traffic
is way down, too.'
Mick, it's a new game.
There are new
players. Street players.
We can't control them all.
Like I said I can read.
Even the gambling's a mess.
Look, Jesse.
I didn't spend four and a half
years in prison to come out
and find my whole
organization falling apart.
Things are gonna
change right now.
That includes incompetent
staff, even drivers.
Look, wilhite's alright.
He did do a good job
on bowers, didn't he?
Yeah, yeah.
The cop who sent me up is dead.
I still want hawk!
[Instrumental music]
(Prisoner) 'You know what
I got is gold for you guys.'
I'm not selling it cheap.
Why don't you just rot
away the next five years.
- I'm out of here.
- Hold it, bro.
Can you just hold it?
Are you gonna hear my stuff?
I didn't come all the way
down here from headquarters
to play "let's make
a deal," sternberg.
In fact I think this whole jail
house snitch business stinks.
[Sighs] Hey, will you
just sit down, okay?
It's about Terry bowers.
You'll give me some
time off on this deal, right?
Hey, I know who dusted him.
This is not a really very good
time to get cute with me, Carl.
We're talking about
a dead cop here.
Look at me, Carl!
Look closely. Tell me you
understand what I'm saying.
Hey, look, what do
you think I'm nuts?
I'm not gonna feed you
some fantasy about bowers.
I've picked up a name, man.
- A name.
- Go.
This guy's got himself a
bullet with bower's name on it.
I want the name, Carl.
He's a brother.
Name's hawk.
[Suspense music]
You're distant.
Away from the art.
This room can be a place
of contemplation and calm.
But not for you now.
[Exhales sharply]
Someone tried to
kill me this morning.
I see.
And where will this lead you?
You are unsure.
But lead you it will.
You're not one to be hunted.
You are the hunter.
Not the sparrow but the hawk.
Look at you.
It's in your blood. Your heart.
These things cannot be denied.
- Ashanti.
- 'Yes.'
a man of kumasi who
lives in your stood.
So you hunt those who seek you.
[Speaking on foreign language]
As you say.
Let the hunt be good.
It's okay. I understand.
You're busy, huh?
Yeah, tomorrow.
I know.
The more I think about it, I got
something to do tonight anyway.
Yeah, well I knew you
when it was a lot easier
to get a date with
you, you know.
Yeah, we, uh, we
both look different then.
Listen. How you feeling?
Lower back?
Yeah, that's rough.
Well, doc said to
expect it, though.
What? I told you, look,
I'm gonna-I'm gonna
cut down and then I'll stop.
Listen, why don't you just, uh,
curl up and Go to sleep, okay?
Get some rest.
I'll call you. Come on.
Okay. Fine.
Alright. Listen, Susan.
Love you pal.
Alright, see you soon.
[Instrumental music]
[Horn honking]
[Man whistles] 'Taxi!'
[music continues]
[Dramatic music]
[Siren wailing]
Hands in the air!
- You alright, sir?
- Yeah.
Who are you, man!?
Cuff him and read
him the speech.
(Cop #1) 'You have
the right to remain silent.'
you give up the right to remain
silent. Anything you say
(hawk) 'I know my
rights! Press the charge.'
before you started
playing hide and seek
I just wanted to
do a little talking.
But now there's more. Now
you're under arrest for murder.
- Who did I kill?
- A cop, homeboy.
'A friend of mine.'
'you're under
arrest for the murder'
'of detective sergeant
Terry bowers.'
(Brogan) 'You know I got the
right to use what you say in here.'
(hawk) 'Sure,
hope I don't slip up.'
why don't we just get a pd
down here and let's get on with it?
If I want or need a
lawyer, I will find someone
of my own choosing.
Someone with skill.
Yeah well I noticed
thurgood Marshall didn't crawl
'out of bed to be here with us.'
Okay hawk, since you
seem willing to proceed
can you tell us your
whereabouts on the ninth?
That's three weeks ago
between six and nine pm.
I have no recollection.
Feel free to use
that against me.
Oh, the court's gonna love
the comedian act, you know.
- You're gonna start with that
- Brogan!
Sergeant bowers was shot
with a 357 Magnum, hawk.
You were arrested
with a 357 Magnum.
Who told you?
Same gun counselor?
It's in ballistics now,
hotshot. We'll find out.
- Solid. What else?
- Where do you live?
In the district of Columbia.
- Anywhere in particular?
- Somewhere very particular.
How about Boston?
And I have records showing..
Eight shuttle flights
in the last two months
between Boston and DC.
All charged on credit
cards found in your wallet.
One was made the
day before the killing.
Ergo, did you know detective
sergeant Terry bowers, hawk?
We met once.
- Under what circumstances?
- Unpleasant.
He rousted lieutenants notes.
So, I carry a big gun.
Fly on airplanes, had
an unpleasant encounter
with a blue coat. Sounds
like murder one to me.
And you shot him the back, yeah.
Murder one hot shot and
you're gonna burn for them.
- We got more on you!
- 'Jim, cool off!'
meeting's over. I'm going
back to my cell and wait for bail.
Excuse me? Bail?
What we got is pretty
circumstantial so far, Jim.
We'll get more.
Bail will be pretty high anyway.
You better hope to god
we don't meet outside here.
[Instrumental music]
[Door creak]
(Hawk) 'I wouldn't.'
another Magnum, huh?
Where'd you get that?
You buying by the case?
Fire sales. Sit down!
This is great, man.
You're out on bail for murder
and now you're gonna..
Add on breaking and entering.
'Threatening a peace officer'
'and anything else I
want to charge you with.'
or am I gone now?
You're gonna blow
me away too, hotshot?
Attention, officer Brogan!
What do you want?
- Answers.
- 'Like?'
why you are warming up
the electric chair for me?
Killing a police
officer, that enough?
He was dirty. Did
they tell you that?
You are really something.
I don't believe you man.
Folk came to me. Folk
from the neighborhood.
Said a cop had his hand
open. Name was bowers.
You can can that right now?
(Hawk) 'So I went to
see this civil servant.'
see what was
happening and he was not
pleased with what I told him.
In fact, he wanted to bust
me for anything he could.
That was what he had
in the notes about me.
I can check this
out, you know, man.
I am doing some checking myself.
What else do you
have, Mr. Bloodhound?
'What else!?'
you were fingered.
Guy right out of lorton
picks up on the
inside telegraph line
lays it hot on the table for me.
Yeah, alright. You
can't get to him.
You can't touch him.
Guy by the name of
Carl sternberg doing
10 to 20 for armed robbery.
Bye, Mr. Bloodhound.
Thanks for stopping by, hotshot.
You know, you must tell me
who your interior decorator is.
I'm moving soon.
Please send me your
change of address card.
[Door bangs]
He's out on bail,
do you believe that?
So what?
He could walk
from court too, mate.
One way or the other he's dead.
If he goes up,
he'll get it in prison.
If he's acquitted, some cop will
eventually nail him for revenge.
All we have to do
is point the finger.
I'll tell you, though.
I'll be glad when
this stuff is over
so we can get back to business.
What is this, all
some pain to you?
Look, Jesse, maybe
that's because you didn't sit
in some stinking
cell all those years.
Here's some street punk named
hawk who shot you brother down.
Hey, Mick, I didn't
mean anything by it.
There's no in-between with me.
Either you're with me
or you're against me.
[Instrumental music]
Hey, sternberg! You
got a minute man?
Not now, duce. I'll
be late to work man.
This won't take long, man.
Hey what is this, duce?
It's a re-adjustment session!
Heard you been
talking about the man.
All friendly like.
(Sternberg) 'Hey duce you've been
listening to fairytales again, man.'
until I heard somebody in here
been jacking his jaw to the man
about a brother on the outside.
Duce, I, ah..
Heard he said this
brother dropped a cop.
You hear this story, sternberg?
No, no!
Well, the worst part
is the cat lied, man.
And for money.
'You ever heard such a thing?'
duce, I don't know what
you're talking about. I swear.
I'm talking about
hawk, little man.
His name is hawk. You know him?
I-I, uh, i
Just take the baddest
dude you know and double it.
Add a couple of zeros.
You're starting to
get close to hawk.
What are you gonna do, duce?
I'm gonna watch a
liar change his ways.
Or watch a man commit suicide.
[Indistinct chattering]
- Henry, hi.
- Susan.
Uh, do you have room
for one and half more here?
Yeah, I'd almost
given up on you.
Traffic as usual.
Do you remember when you
used to be able to drive in this town?
Yeah. I can't even make it
through with a siren anymore.
- And how are you?
- I'm fine.
Um, I feel like a something
out of circus sideshow.
- Well, not long now.
- Yeah.
I have the same feeling.
You know, maybe we should
just, uh, move plans up just a little.
Now, come on now, you
can hold on till Saturday.
Yeah, yeah, I can. I can.
But it's him/her
I'm worried about.
Well, him/her..
Uh, him, him/her, can this
wait please until Sunday
at the earliest?
So we're really
gonna do it, huh?
Yeah. Saturday at
noon. Judge is all set.
It's great.
Then we can sneak off
together for three or four
romantic days and nights at
St. simeon's maternity ward.
- A little backward, huh?
- Yeah.
That happened.
- Yeah.
- Yeah
[laughs] I still
can't believe it.
We're married for five years.
We're divorced for two.
And a couple of dates and..
Well, you..
You were lonely. You
wouldn't let me go home.
Well, something just keeps
reminding me of that, umm..
I think I'm gonna have to
make an honest man out of you.
- That's the least you could do.
- Yeah.
Isn't technology amazing?
You can get a telephone call
without even having a phone.
It's the station.
You gotta go?
That's what I always
used to do, isn't it?
When we were married?
Didn't work too good, did it?
[Chuckles] No.
Think I'm gonna try a
little differently this time.
- Can I get something to eat?
- Are you sure about this?
I'll call when we're finished.
Alright, it's probably
bad news anyway.
It can wait.
[Upbeat music]
- I wanna talk to you!
- We had our talk.
What, when you put
your Cannon in my face
and assassinated my couch?
You touch me one more time
you gonna have a whole
world of trouble coming at you.
Yeah, well I'll file that
under things I'm terrified of!
What is your problem
besides your thick skull
and your occupation? What is
I want you to tell me
how you got to sternberg.
What makes him
take everything back
that he told me two days ago?
Man's got a right
to change his tune.
But we aren't there yet, are we?
What is it that's
turning around in you?
Ding! Ballistics, huh?
Old scientists found
something you did not like?
Alright. The gun
that killed bowers
wasn't the one we took off you.
My my my, we got a real
grim fairytale working here.
The rat lie, the dirty
cops dirty my gun
did not shoot him, Eureka.
I repeat. I was framed.
And I'm gonna
find out who did it.
The only thing you're gonna
do you jive thousand dollar coat
sunglasses at midnight bozo
is to stay the hell
out of my way!
Maybe bowers was dipping.
But I knew him for 15
years. He was a good cop.
And whoever took
him down is mine!
You wanna clean
up your language.
Stay out of my way, hotshot.
I'm not gonna tell you again!
[Instrumental music]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
You have a warrant?
Doesn't much matter,
nothing in desk anyway.
Don't waste your time. Kitchen,
basement, bathroom, all empty.
Mr. Bowers must have kept
all of his books in his head.
How the hell did you
get inside that house?
The same way you
did. Took less time, too.
And didn't I tell you
to stay out of this?
- You are such a fool.
- Oh, hey. I'm sorry.
I'm real sorry, I'm not supposed
to touch you like that, right?
[Tires screeching]
(Driver) 'Hey, buddy look out!'
hope you got insurance!
- Like I said, I'm terrified.
- 'Hey you guys are crazy.'
[tires screeching]
I just want you to know..
That I'm not finished.
I think you've taken a
word "fool" to a new height.
I think you stink.
I think you're a jerk.
I think I think I just
got my butt kicked.
[Breathing heavily]
I also think you had nothing
to with Terry bowers death.
But everywhere I go, you're
not gonna leave it alone, right?
You're gonna be
there in my face, right?
[Breathing heavily]
Well, you wanna
cut the middle man?
[Instrumental music]
[Engine sputtering]
Car's just like the
driver. Seldom works.
Little overdue for a tune-up.
Kept putting it off.
Well so we take yours.
The only thing you get
here is a hard road a home.
You wanna beep this
cop killer rap or not?
Wipe your feet
before you get in.
Man, this thing's great. What
do these things go for anyway?
More than you got. Where
are we headed anyway?
Downtown. Oh, you gotta
keep quite about this, too.
'I'm gonna pick up
the file on bowers.'
see if there's
something in there
that point us in
the right direction.
You ain't said
nothing but a word.
Oh yeah, and, uh, I-I
gotta do an errand first.
- Ta-take the next right, okay.
- Say what?
I said, just-just
take the next right.
I'll be back tomorrow
for the rest of it.
[Engine starts]
So you broke your bed, huh?
I'm gonna have a baby.
[Brogan laughs]
Trouble is first I
got to get a wife.
- Who'd choose you?
- My wife.
My ex-wife has, you know.
We're getting
re-married this weekend.
Is that a fact?
(Brogan) 'Yeah, then
bam we got a family.'
I don't know, a kid, you know.
I was kinda afraid having
a kid, this job and all.
When Susan told me, I
just about dropped over.
More I think about
it, more I like the idea.
Yeah, I think I like
this fatherhood thing.
Uh, you don't mind we
drop off the bassinet, do you?
Oh, no, no, no, no. I
hope this fun never ends.
- Hi, honey. I got it.
- Great.
Uh, Susan this is
hawk. Hawk, Susan.
Hi, pleased to meet you.
My god, Jim, your face!
Umm, I had a heated discussion.
Well, umm okay I want this set
up right outside the bathroom.
It must be me.
It goes off the
minute it sees me.
Yeah, we have a something.
There's an urgent quote on this.
- Okay, go. No, go, go.
- No, I know, i'm
I can get the bassinet upstairs.
- Go.
- Are you sure?
Yeah. Bye.
- You got this?
- I got it.
- Alright.
- Bye-bye.
[Engine starts]
[Suspense music]
[Indistinct radio chatter]
[Camera clicks]
Right, right. Two big hits
on the passenger side.
One of them
punctured the victim.
Okay, so they creamed
him. Put that in the report.
Okay. H-Hey, look.
Look, it's been a long
day for everybody.
Yeah, yeah, i-I'll tell him.
Yeah, he just got here. Hm.
(Cop #2) 'Couple
more shots here.'
so, when do I get
promoted to detective?
When you grow up, Stanley.
Who found him?
Couple of kids were
fishing when they spotted it.
Guy's name is Peter
karlson with a k.
Alias Carlson with
a c. Alias petey rico.
I'm very impressed. You
get all that by yourself.
Guy carried a wallet.
He the one you've
been looking for.
Ask him.
That's him.
So, you got a make
what else you got?
He was paroled on
an adw last October.
Works as a bartender for
a club over on Alexandria.
Club owner's name
is Jesse Blake.
You got all that from a wallet?
I've been on the
horn to the computer.
Told you I wanted
to make detective.
Name Jesse Blake
mean anything to you?
- Blank.
- Wrong, hot shot.
Always an answer, just got to
know who to ask the question.
That's the first time you sound
like you know what you're doing.
[Engine starts]
- I got a plan.
- You have a plan?
Yeah, first we got to
get my car back, though.
This is already a disaster.
Needs something unmarked.
I'll lose this bat-mobile.
Right, then I call down to
the big mother computer
like Stanley did c.C.I.
Central criminal intelligence
feeding information
on a Jesse Blake.
And we see what comes back.
What do you wanna
bet he's in the rackets?
Nothing satisfies you, you know.
Dinner would.
Buy you a hot meal.
Glad with baloney?
(Hawk) 'Same thing Blake
and tarpon are having, I'm sure.'
[intense music]
So, his name was tarpon?
Michael j.
Known as Mick to his friends.
You a friend?
His brother and I had
a fatal confrontation.
Is that what this is all about?
Time will tell.
(Hawk) 'Looks like dessert
just walked out the front door.'
[intense music]
Now, I don't suppose either
one of them is Mrs. Tarpon.
I don't suppose so. Now what?
(Brogan) 'We wait, we watch.'
'and we look for a tie up.'
it's already tying together.
Your buddy bower
sent that man up to river.
The hit man we found swimming
in the river works for Blake
who works for Mick
who wants me dead.
'That enough tying for you?'
show me some
evidence, I'll make a bust.
Take it easy.
(Brogan) 'The damn
thing's broken again.'
[car door open and closes]
[Suspenseful music]
- The play has just begun.
- Yeah, who's he?
The man who drove the car,
the morning they tried to hit me.
Okay, sit tight,
I'll call for backup.
- We don't need any.
- 'It's procedure.'
(Brogan) 'Alright?'
'this scout 43-10-33.'
'requesting immediate
backup on a possible 402'
'near corner of wharton
and Charles, over.'
- 'Roger 43..'
- Procedures.
I learnt long time
ago not to play hero.
Only time I ever
got anyone hurt..
Was when I didn't get a backup.
You are gonna blow this.
I'm not.
[Intense music]
[Doorbell buzzing]
[Door buzzes]
[Door closes]
- I'm through waiting.
- Yeah, something's up.
I'll get the car,
you get the house.
[Music continues]
Behind you!
Hide, hide!
(Female responder on
radio) 'Scout 43, this is cq.'
'backup unit now in progress.'
'request further
report on pending 402.'
'respond 43.'
[children chatting indistinctly]
(Susan) I thought it'd be nice.
One day we'd walk here together
watch the children play.
Only, we never had the time.
I was always scared it
would happen like this.
All of a sudden, he'd be gone
before anyone could cry for him.
I'm sorry.
It was good of you to come.
Did he say anything before
He was looking forward
to being with you.
And the new child
made him happy.
Yeah, me too.
[Instrumental music]
All they said was
in the line of duty.
- How did he
- just like that.
- That's Jim.
- It was his job.
You know, you really,
uh don't have to stay.
Thanks, I'll be fine.
[Music continues]
Everyone's gone!
- Open it!
- Yes sir.
- Where's tarpon?
- I don't know.
- Will he be back?
- I don't know.
You tell him, the man
who killed his brother
is willing to do
the same for him.
You won't forget, will you?
- No, sir.
- Good!
So, what will I say?
I'll do the talking.
He won't like it.
I'm tired of caring.
He's out of touch.
Why don't let hawk have him?
Why not?
And then we'll get rid of hawk.
What's in it for me?
A long and happy life.
- Hey, I'm asking you, w
- it's him.
[Engine rumbling]
He's good at killing cops,
what else is he got to live for?
Hey, wait a minute,
it wasn't my
You shut up!
[Sighs] Look, Mick,
so we got a problem.
It's nothing we can't handle.
Get rid of him.
Mick, you don't want
him. You want hawk.
That's what I'm
here to help you with.
- You wanna help me?
- You know what I mean.
I'll put the word out, we'll
meet him somewhere.
We'll make a deal with him.
How's receipts?
Good, good.
What's to expect so soon?
One thing you learn inside
Jesse is to expect nothing.
What are you getting at, Mick?
I'm selling out. I got a bid.
- From who?
- It doesn't matter.
But it's enough for me
to live for a long time.
'But I've got to have
things shaped up.'
they don't want a
sloppy operation!
So what happens to me?
I'll set you up in
a new business.
What's in a deal?
We're still together
like always, right?
- Sure.
- But no more mistakes.
Okay? It's bad for our
look, you understand?
[Sighs] Don't worry about it.
Just tell me when
you got hawk, set up.
I'll be there!
[Intense music]
[Engine starts]
Lot of secrets.
So who do you trust?
Good choice.
Let's go.
I got an invitation to
get out on the street.
[Engine starts]
[Music continues]
[Distant sirens]
Must've been some time
since you've been here.
You said this was
important, is it?
When do our roots
stop being important?
It was your room
up there, wasn't it?
(Hawk) 'Long time ago.'
and over there your daddy's.
I was just trying to remember
all the good times lived here.
The holidays, the
weddings, the baptisms.
Down there at the third house..
'there was a ghost
hunt every Halloween.'
and an uncle who died trying
to kill a man out of revenge.
I was thinking about
that today, passing by.
'All the joyful moments
this neighborhood had'
and the small tragedies.
No different than any other.
Every neighborhood
has it's legends.
Some of courage
some of foolish passions.
Might say, all the
backyards are the same.
Only the people
who are different.
True, like us, ha-ha.
We sense things, you and I.
Standing here I felt
something from the past.
'Like you were in
danger from yourself.'
'like a child who was
ruled out of passion.'
is that what the
hunter has become?
If so, it could lead you astray.
I've got to go.
Take care, hawk.
Take care.
[Breathes heavily]
- What time is it?
- It doesn't matter.
Put that damn thing out.
No one's coming.
He'll come. He'll come.
It's him.
It's Mick, get ready.
[Intense music]
Keep it quiet, Jesse.
We don't wanna surprise anyone.
Mick come on, please.
I warned you not to be sloppy.
- Give me another chance.
- Last one, Jesse.
For your years of service.
[Music continues]
[Engine rumbling]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
Where are you?
(Wilhite) Right here sucker.
(Hawk) 'And I'm right here.'
(Hawk) 'Go ahead!'
[gun firing]
[Music continues]
[Gun clicks empty]
Did the gun misfire
or is it empty?
'Only one way to find out.'
You want me dead so do it.
Don't shoot.
Do it!
Don't kill me.
You are a dead man.
Only not tonight.
Not here.
[Music continues]
In prison..
Is where you'll die.
[Instrumental music]
[Susan sobbing]
[Theme music]
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