A Man Called Hawk (1989) s01e03 Episode Script

Hear No Evil

[Theme music]
[Music continues]
[Saxophone music]
[Telephone ringing]
(Female #1) 'This is
Henry's. How can I help you?'
(male #1) 'Be nice,
sister. See if hawk is there.'
(female #1) 'Just
a moment, please.'
Hawk. You have a phone
call. Right over there.
[Music continues]
- Talk to me, quick.
- 'Uh, hawk. It's me.'
(male #1) 'Be cool now
because I got no real emergency'
'but there's been some
trouble in the building.'
(Hawk) 'Four robberies
here within one month.'
'you contemplating moving?'
(male #1) 'Nope.
That's why I called you.'
I mean, look. I'm not
gonna be pushed around
by some cat burglar.
Neither are my friends.
[Knocks on door]
Your friend see him?
No. But she heard him.
He came in her
bedroom window, told her
he'd kill her if she
turned on the lights.
But she heard his
voice and recognized it.
(Emily) 'Yes? Who is it?'
uh, it's the super, miss Emily.
Miss Emily, this
is my man, hawk.
It's very nice to meet you..
He can do the job.
Who told you, babe?
I forgot my wallet. I'm
going back. Stay here.
My wa forget it.
Go on, I'll catch up with you.
I never told on anybody.
'No, no, please!'
do it!
Well, this can't be
happening to me. Why?
'Cause I own you.
Do it.
[Man screams]
[Suspenseful music]
Finish it.
Take him!
[Dog growls and barks]
What are you doing?
[Growls and barks]
'Come on!'
[Music continues]
I just sat in the dark.
Long after he'd gone.
Afraid to move..
Afraid he'd come back.
- He's been here, before.
- Here?
In the building.
I heard his voice over
the intercom downstairs.
- Unmistakable.
- How?
Very pronounced southern accent.
Appalachian, north
Carolina, Tennessee.
And there was something
else I remember, he..
Oh, no.
It's not just the
things he took.
It's the way he invaded my life.
I hate that!
You said there
was something else.
A scent.
Must have been on
his hands or his clothes.
Not a lot to go on, huh.
I know.
Don't get my hopes up
that you'll find
any of my stuff.
I can live without the jewelry
and the radio but I just paid
$4000 for my computer
and I need it for my class.
I'm a teacher, you see.
I know.
You do?
You teach at
gallaudet university.
Have we met before?
(Hawk) 'Years ago.'
I brought a little
girl to the school.
To learn how to sign.
You taught her, she taught me.
What was her name?
Amy. Sorry, I don't
remember her.
- Where is she now?
- Gone.
This might take a while.
I don't know how much
money I could pay you.
You already have.
[Door closes]
(Male #3) 'What time
did you get in last night?'
late. We missed the subway
and had to take the bus.
Be different if I
could drive the car.
Now, Jeffery, we've
been all through that.
I'm not deaf!
(Mom) 'We know that.'
you don't really need
a car on campus.
Then why do I bother
with this thing, huh?
If I can't do anything normal.
No one said you were not normal.
Mom does.
I said impaired.
'There's a difference.'
[telephone rings]
I'll get it.
So, uh, Paul.
How do you like Washington?
I like it very much.
That will be all Alice.
Well, we're so glad that you
could spend the weekend with us.
I know how far it
is from Texas, i
Mom, he can't read your
lips when you talk so fast.
Oh! I'm sorry.
(Dad) 'Helen, it's for you.'
excuse me.
I know I'll get
better with practice.
No! No, no, not a word.
You wanna tell your folks
what we did last night?
Forget it.
I never really saw
what happened anyway.
[Tools whirring]
Looking for the man in charge.
Save one time.
- He's out.
- Who's in?
Me. I'm busy.
I'm payin'.
- What for?
- Information.
About a man who sells
things that don't belong to him.
Pawnbrokers said
I can find him here.
Like I said, uh, I'm busy.
Car need fixing?
What do you think?
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
What the hell are
you trying to do?
- Trying to kill me?
- Yeah.
(Hawk) 'Now the man I'm
looking for has a southern accent'
'and smells like gasoline.'
man, are you
crazy? I never did
Ding! Truth time. I got friends.
Nigh time friends,
day time friends say
you the thief I'm looking for.
Say, you broke in a
ladies room last night.
- No, i
- put something..
No, no, no, no. Listen.
Don't you lie to me.
Here. A list! You
got eight bells.
Everything on this list
goes back. Or I'll be back.
Okay man, okay. Listen.
This thing is between
you and I, okay? No cops?
Man, I just got
out of the joint.
I gotta have that.
You don't understand.
I'm hooked.
You chose a way you live.
Now chose a way you die.
Your way, my way.
(Emily) 'Some expressions
are very difficult to control.'
for example..
During emotional arousal..
The pupils Expand.
- Oh, yeah!
- Yeah!
A listener provides a continuous
commentary of his reactions
to what is being said..
'by small movements
of the eyebrows..'
the mouth, indicating
[Gasps] Surprise..
For instance, Jeffrey..
Is obviously bored.
You've heard all this before.
Uh, no.
Well, do you understand
everything I've said?
Oh, I-I can read your lips.
Turn off your aid.
Go ahead!
- 'Uh, no. Yeah.'
- 'Yeah.'
can you hear me?
A little.
Now can you read my lips?
If you could read my hands..
You would answer.
Anyone know what
Jeff just proved?
He's a jerk.
No. No, no, no. No!
He just proved how important
total communication is.
You've got to use
everything you can.
Hey! Thanks a lot.
Take it easy.
You're just like the rest of us.
You're wrong.
Look, I'm sorry. I just
don't think I belong here.
Shirley, I-I can't..
Ah, forget it!
Look, I don't know
what I'm doing.
You're the best thing here.
You're the only
thing I care about.
Will you walk with me?
[Suspenseful music]
Got you!
(Detective #1) 'You should have
called the police, immediately.'
now, this man with a dog,
what was the color of his hair?
- I'm not sure.
- You're not?
Well, look, he saw me.
That's all that matters.
Uh-huh, some discrepancy. Yeah.
Yeah, they had a few beers
and went to an x-rated flick.
Didn't wanna tell
anyone. Mm-hmm.
Yes, sir. We believe it
was the boy's library card.
'He dropped it, they could
have picked it up, traced it.'
yeah. Alright, we'll work on it.
Look, uh, our
sketch artist is out.
- Is tomorrow okay?
- I-I guess so.
Good. Now where
can I pick them up?
- Well, Jeffrey will be at home.
- No, he won't.
Helen, the boy
could be in danger.
(Helen) 'You want him to
be home the rest of his life?'
now, you said we should
not worry, too much.
You know he hates it there.
Look, when this is all over
we can send him
off to another school.
If we let Jeffrey drop out
now, he will never go back.
And he needs to
face that reality.
(Helen) 'Roger, he needs help.'
'that he can't get
at another school.'
what about police protection?
Uh, I can manage a couple
of days, but after that..
Well, we'll hire a bodyguard.
For both of them.
Where do we look? A phone book?
Why not?
I think, I might know someone.
(Jeffrey) 'This is crazy.'
'i don't wanna go to school.'
'i mean, what are you
gonna do? Sleep in our room?'
'go to our classes?
Join us in the John?'
'well, what makes
you so good anyway?'
'you're not even a detective.'
Get out of the car!
- Where? What, here?
- Out!
I think you should take me home.
Oh, you do? Is that a
command? Am I your servant?
You've been talking.
Now, you listen.
Now, whether you live
or die, is not the question.
'It's how you live.'
now, as long as I choose
to keep you in good health
you will do what I
say. Understood?
Now, you get back in the car
and don't you say another word.
No one in this world is gonna
touch you unless I say so.
Do you understand?
I'll get in. There too
many students next
I don't wanna hear it!
No excuses.
The kid's dead.
I'll take care of it.
[Instrumental music]
(Emily) 'Music is part of
everyone's life. So is dance.'
there's very little
they can't do.
Notice how the cameras
have special monitors on them.
So the crew can see
the signals being send
from the director's booth.
[Music continues]
'The program's
called, "deaf mosaic".'
they've been
doing it since 1984.
It's the only one of
it's kind in the world.
By the way, did I say thanks?
For what?
Last night this pizza man came
to my door, made a delivery.
Everything I had stolen
was in the back of his truck.
I, uh, gather you spoke
to someone on my behalf.
I speak the truth and
he was very appreciative.
[Music continues]
If you wanted to have
a private conversation
why did you ask me along?
Sound, Jeffrey, I forgot.
Don't do that. You know
I don't understand that.
What? You're making
no effort, whatsoever to..
Something wrong?
You may have noticed, Jeff's
having a hard time adjusting.
He had meningitis about three
years ago and all of a sudden
he was left with a profound
and progressive hearing loss.
The others were born deaf, so
he doesn't identify with them or..
He won't.
He just can't admit
he'll soon be like them.
You've been going on for,
you know, twenty minutes.
I'm totally left out.
Well, he's-he's, he's just,
he's going with the hands.
He knows I don't understand.
You learned the sign, stupid.
- I don't have to. I can hear.
- Not for long.
That's enough. That's enough.
Now, what's this all about?
I don't have to learn how
to sign if I don't want to.
Oh, what's the use? You
always take his side anyway.
- You said Langston?
- That's right. Paul.
My son was very
impressed with him.
Said that if he did enroll,
he'd like to look him up.
Here he is.
Room 108, residence hall 5.
Right. "Residence hall 5."
You don't have more
than one Langston, do you?
This boy's black.
I'm sure it's him.
- From Texas?
- From Midlands, I think.
- This boy's from abilene.
- Much obliged for your help.
I'll get these form all filled
out and return them to you.
Do you have a
telephone I could use?
Downstairs, hard
around the left.
Thanks again.
Just trying to be
a good counselor.
Mrs. Stone and I
thought it'd be a nice idea
if the boys have the
weekend together.
You know, get to
know a local family.
Boy, can I pick 'em.
We're supposed to
be there by 2 o'clock.
Hell, what do I
introduce you as?
[Tense music]
[Distant bell tolls]
I'm sorry we're late.
Lieutenant Hodges,
Mr. Carter, this is hawk.
Now, we won't
keep the kids long.
I will work with a sketch
artist, see if we can come up
with a composite.
You guys ready?
He wants hawk to come.
- That won't be necessary.
- Yes, it is.
This is a police matter.
You got a badge?
They go, I go.
I think we can protect the boys.
I know I can.
I don't think you understand.
Yes, he does. He
just don't give a damn.
I hear you get paid a lot
of money. You worth it?
Now, look. I already
talked to Mr. and Mrs. Stone.
I got their permission. So
you don't have to worry there.
And this being a police
investigation which you have
no interest in, I'd appreciate
if you'd just back off.
This once, huh?
- Deal?
- Trade.
Trade what?
No hit man chases
people with a dog.
And no mugger is worried
about chasing down deaf children.
Now, you tell me
what's going down.
We don't know yet.
Victim was an ex-con.
Just released from larc.
Professional thief
named, Earl Willis.
His wife said he was being
recruited back into the rackets
but he was trying to
go straight. That's it.
- Satisfied?
- Mmm.
You listen to me.
Your parents are long way off.
So you got to trust somebody.
The men doesn't need me.
You'd be safe with him.
I'll give you this one.
Did I miss something?
He acts like he's
doing us a favor.
[Intense music]
(Hawk) 'Did you order a pizza?'
- foolish behavior
- I did what you told me.
That doesn't make us friends.
But it doesn't make
us enemies either.
I got friends, if
that's what you mean.
People who can dig your grave.
Earl Willis, a friend of yours?
Hey. I don't know
nothing about that.
He was liberated
from prison, like you.
He was a thief! Just like you.
He has expired, not like you!
Tell me.
Hell, I don't know. I just..
Honest to god!
Now, I do know
about needle marks.
Now, tell me was this
such a wild one that bit you?
I can't.
You already did.
Second question.
Who scares you so?
Looky here.
Let me show you.
You look out there.
'See those streets?
The waterfront?'
'all the dark places
where there are no lights.'
do you knows who
owns all of that?
I do.
All that you see, between
earth and sky belongs to me.
You know, why?
Because I claim it, huh!
Men tienes?
In the time of night,
the hawk takes over.
He goes where he wants to.
He flies to where
no one can hide.
In the night, the hawk
rules the world out there.
Now, what scares you so?
He's not out there. He's inside.
And he'll kill me if I talk.
I will If you don't.
[Instrumental music]
I need to talk.
I'm off duty.
But then you know this.
You know, hawk, I got a feeling
that this town isn't big
enough for the both of us.
- That was a joke.
- Been to prison lately?
That ain't no joke.
Maybe you should go.
Thief just got out.
Same abode as Willis.
And his flesh is perforated
with canine teeth.
Thought you might be interested.
Well, I'm not.
Tell you the truth..
I really don't give a damn
who killed the little punk.
'Except he did it on my turf.'
'now, that's important
to me, you know.'
who steps on my turf.
You know what I mean?
I checked up on you. Vietnam
hero, some professional fight
Ancient history.
(Hodges) Now you act like a p.I.
But you don't carry a license.
Don't need one.
The folk know me.
Well, you seem to be
well connected here.
Not all bad marks either.
But you're walking
on a thin line.
Say what's on your
mind, policeman.
Name's Hodges.
And if I catch you
stepping off that line
I'm gonna nail
you faster than spit.
I was polite this afternoon,
because of the kids.
But no more.
And do me a favor.
Get out of my face.
What's he doing here?
Wasting my time.
Where are the children?
- We dropped them of at school.
- Alone?
Look. I don't think
there is a problem.
Now those kids never could
agree on what they saw.
Except for the dog.
And to tell you the truth, I
think they were both drunk.
You think?
[Keys clacking]
Okay, okay. Don't freak out.
It was just the ash tray.
I don't know what
you're so angry about.
You know!
Hey, I broke the
rules. So report me.
I'm going out.
[Suspenseful music]
(Jeffrey) Paul! Wait up!
Come on, man. What's the
matter? You're so sensitive.
- No.
- I'm sorry.
(Jeffrey) 'I'm
sorry about earlier.'
[tires squeal]
You! Get down!
[Distant sirens]
[Indistinct chatter]
You say you had a gun permit?
You got friends in high places.
Look. I guess I was wrong.
About the kids.
Maybe about a
couple other things too.
When will Paul's mother be back?
Is there any way to
reach her Mrs. Adams?
'I see, oh no, no, he is fine.'
he's just a little anxious
to come home What?
Yes, I'll tell him.
Friday will be fine.
No, no. Today, I
wanna go home, man.
Don't worry he'll
be safe with us.
'Yes there's plenty of room.'
and-and Jeffrey
will be with him.
Hard to believe this
is really happening.
Did you hear me?
I'm gonna call the
school in the morning
and tell them that you
won't be coming back.
It was wrong to keep
you there anyway.
Maybe when this is all over
you can come downtown
and work for me.
You don't really
need a degree, right?
[Indistinct chatter]
Name was Lou Davis, the
car was stolen, no local record.
But we're checking
with the bureau.
- Did you reach Paul's family?
- Only his grandmother.
His mother's away on a
business trip till the weekend.
Well, I made arrangements
for him to stay with us until then.
Honey not right
now, you can't.
Here, this is my home address.
I'll always be
available to you. Okay?
I've got authorization to put a
24 hour guard on your home.
- Thank god.
- Here's a statement.
Where's the addressed
telephone. How do I find him?
You'll know where to find me.
Well, now that the police
have arranged protection
I guess there's
really no need for you.
I cannot tell you how
grateful we all are.
[Paul mumbles]
Like the wind, I will never
be far away from you.
You understand?
[Piano music]
The child was laying in
the street, heart cut open.
Blood all over the place.
'And all the man had to say was,
you should have called earlier.'
fact is the child in
heaven, they could called
and even if he did,
the man was wrong.
What's he care, he don't
know nothing about us.
It's all in the attitudes
you growed up with.
When I was a boy, people paid
attention when a child was hurt.
And not just black
people, that's why I say..
We'd be foolish to think he'd
do what we want him to do
even if we got a nickel.
'So when we got to do a thing..'
'we got to do it ourselves.'
'whether he wants us to or not.
[Music continues]
What did I say..
[False note]
(Malcolm) 'I speak the
truth because I have no fear.'
uh, 10 years ago it
was "Malcolm the fearful"
now it'd be like..
"The invincible."
Allah be praised.
Always words of
great comfort, huh?
I miss you, so..
What brings you to the castle?
I know you ain't
working for the man.
I am working on a puzzle
and I must fashion the pieces.
What you got?
Somebody create a schema
maybe from inside here
against cons on the street.
- Go on.
- Iced a man named Earl Willis.
- Never heard of him.
- Lou Davis.
Used to be a turnkey, bad dude.
It's a thieves racket, ain't it?
What can you rock to
me without finding trouble?
Ain't no trouble I can't handle.
There's been talk.
About the guard
captaining some of his boys.
'Special privileges
here and there.'
if you're about to get out,
even early parole, only..
Once you got on the street
you got to steal for them.
(Jeffrey) Where'd you hide it?
Dammit, Paul, I'm
not kidding around.
You're like me.
You're like me.
I'm not like you.
I will never be like you.
I'll be always be able
to hear something.
I'll be like everybody else.
You know I hate
you for doing this.
- Huh?
- Read my lips, dummy!
I hate you for doing this.
Found it.
I guess I was wrong.
I'm sorry.
I said I was sorry.
Boy, you people.
What, wh-what are you
trying to tell me that I'm a jerk?
You weird.
Hey, I'm not the
weirdo here, you are.
You know, this is-this
is the real world, buddy!
If you don't like it, why don't
you go back to where you belong?
[Birds chirping]
How long has he been in there?
Was it cleaned?
Well suppose you search
him again and this time..
Find something.
No, I don't care if they
have to carry him out.
I want him to get the message.
(Emily) Did he say
where he was going?
All I did was split.
He'll be back.
Probably come back
here, he likes it so much.
And you won't be back.
Not in a million years.
It's that bad? Huh?
[Jeffrey sighs]
Look, I know you mean, well.
I just never felt that
comfortable here, you know.
Not even with hearing students?
They wanna be here, I don't.
How long did the doctors
give you, a year? Six months?
Jeff, why take the hard way?
Look around you, everything
you need or want is here.
(Jeffrey) 'What I want
is to work with my dad.'
he agrees with me.
I know, he told me.
That's not unusual.
Fathers are the most defensive
the least to admit that
their child has a problem.
But he's not helping
you with his own guilt.
And you're not helping
yourself by running away.
Hey, Ms. Howell, it's
Paul who ran away.
You're gonna blame
that on me too?
(Hawk) Let me
blame for everybody.
- Aah!
- What happened to you?
Somethin' that you
wouldn't understand.
Question is what
happened to you?
- How'd he get away?
- He sneaked off.
- No one could have stopped him.
- You try?
Well, what do you mean?
Well, he started it. He
called me weird first.
- Oh no.
- What else?
Look you stop playing games.
You think you might
know where he is?
We snuck out a couple of times.
He likes to walk along
the water, I could show you.
Uh-uh, the kid's an eyewitness.
It's still makes him a target.
Uh, I never really saw
the other man with the dog.
I lied.
I was just trying to drop
out of school, you know.
Paul's the only
one in danger here.
You show me.
Hey, wait a minute,
I got to call this in.
Well, it's gonna be a
long report, anyway.
I'm going home, maybe
he'll try to reach me.
Okay, now don't worry,
it's a big city, he'll be alright.
He's scared, he's
alone, he's deaf.
Don't tell me he'll be alright.
[Instrumental music]
[Truck honks]
(Male pedestrian) Hey!
[Engine rumbles]
[Tires screech]
(Male pedestrian) 'Got
to pay attention here.'
you okay?
Huh man? Huh?
(Jeffrey) We used to walk from
here over to the river and back.
Talk about anything special?
Nah, guess I never
wanted to listen.
Trying to be a man making
decisions, don't know how.
- When'd you learn how to sign?
- Long time ago.
Because of your parents?
Young woman, she was 16.
Got sick like you,
lost her hearing.
Hearing aid was of no
use, so she learned to sign.
She loved to talk, so
I learned to sign too.
Passed on to the
spirits, smiling.
And I will be eternally
grateful that she could do that.
Hello, Mrs. Adams?
Uh, you don't know me.
But I'm here with Paul,
your grandson in Washington.
'Uh-yeah, he-he's right here.'
uh-uh, yeah, only he
can't talk, I-I-I mean here.
So he wants me to tell you
that he's coming home tonight.
Uh, yes, uh-uh, by train.
Oh-oh, no, no trouble.
'I-i-I'm just doing
the boy a favor.'
well, you have a good day now.
How'd I do?
[Indistinct chatter]
Abilene, Texas.
The home of a Mr. Paul Langston.
At least that's the son's name.
Information alright,
that'll be fine.
What's the number?
I keep hoping, he'll
show up or call or..
It's all my fault.
He wouldn't have run
away, if I hadn't been
Could have gone home.
To Texas?
Everyone seeks
shelter in a storm.
How would he get
there? Hitchhike?
(Hawk) Plane, train, bus.
He's old enough to walk.
He's scared enough too.
I don't know. He knows
his mother's not home.
When he came, he took the
train, that's how he got up here.
Beats sitting around.
Now you stay, give you a
chance to talk about school.
Man be thinking about
changing his mind.
Is that right?
[Inhales sharply and sighs]
I-I told hawk things I
couldn't tell my dad.
Doesn't make any sense.
Every time my dad looks at
me, I know he's disappointed.
And I'm scared.
I know I'm going deaf.
And he won't like me anymore.
Oh, Jeff, it's okay.
It's okay.
He'll like you, you'll see.
He'll even be proud.
You've made the right decision.
[Indistinct announcement]
- The train to abilene.
- On your left.
[Intense music]
(Female announcer) 'All
passengers boarding from'
'New York City
grand central station'
'the train will leave in
seven minutes on track four.'
'this is not an express.'
[bell dings]
[Music continues]
[Indistinct announcement]
[Indistinct announcement]
- Next train to Texas.
- Over there.
[Music continues]
[Dog barks at distance]
[Music continues]
(Hawk) 'Hey! Dog lovers!'
Go, shake him up!
[Music intensifies]
Dog lover!
- I'll kill him.
- I don't think so.
[Gun fires]
[Breathes heavily]
All I want is the boy!
You must be ready to die.
You're a fool.
[Indistinct cheers]
He came back about
three weeks ago.
This time, his
father brought him.
This time, he's ready to learn.
Thanks to you.
[Soft music]
[Theme music]
[Music continues]
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