A Man Called Hawk (1989) s01e04 Episode Script

Passing the Bar

[Theme music]
[Music continues]
[Instrumental music]
[Siren wailing]
[Man vocalizing]
You're crazy, man.
Stay away from me. Leave the..
[Bat clanking]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
Hey, man, you alright?
'What's the matter,
man? Are you alright?'
what's wrong?
- Please, you must help.
- Hey, listen, lady, lady.
- Take it easy.
- Please!
There's a man being murdered.
Stay there.
'Hey, you! Stop
right where you are.'
'don't fool with me.
I used to be a cop.'
I didn't do anything. I
just found him up here.
Be as I tell you.
(Male #1) 'Alright, I
didn't do anything.'
move it up. You're
over your head!
(Male #1) 'I didn't
do anything.'
[siren wailing]
I'll ring the buzzer when
I'm through, Charlie.
Timmy, Jeff Adams and his
daughter are your lawyers.
They're going to
need some information.
Maybe I'd like to
pick my own lawyer.
Listen to me, young man.
I am trying to help you
get out of a very big mess
that you've gotten into.
We're not just lawyers, Timmy.
We're damn good lawyers with
an excellent dismissal record.
We're also expensive lawyers.
No way you could afford us.
'But your father
and I are old friends.'
'so I'm taking this
case for nothing.'
'which you should
be profoundly grateful.'
can you get me out of here?
That is the objective.
'Now, tell us what happened?'
(Timothy) 'Last night, my
father and I had a fight.'
'i didn't sleep home.'
you didn't tell him?
- What would be the point?
- Right?
(Timothy) 'It kills him that I'm
not what he wants me to be.'
'so I got a bottle, and I
went out to get stoned.'
I woke up because
somebody tossed a baseball bat
on the car where I was sleeping.
I got out to see what
was going on and..
There was this guy
on the fire escape..
Unconscious, sleeping.
I didn't, I didn't know. I..
'My head was going in circles.'
'and that's when
that other guy came.'
that would be l. Kenneth cuspin.
A former police officer, and
now a security consultant.
A baseball bat isn't
strange too, is it?
We've checked you out, Timmy.
A juvenile offender record is
long as constitution Avenue.
But I didn't kill this
guy! I didn't kill him!
- 'You want my opinion?'
- 'Always.'
(Cynthia) 'Plea
bargain the kid.'
take a five to ten
Max for manslaughter.
Dismissal is better.
A kid with a record like that..
His fingerprints all
over the baseball bat.
- He's the son of my friend.
- Yes, I know.
The glorious 60's.
You and roark on
the march together
for peace and civil rights.
That's not a bad platform.
- Keep it in mind.
- Sure.
I want to get to
the hill someday..
And those are the people
whose votes I'll need.
They're scared for their
lives. And I don't blame them.
People locked in their houses
children afraid to
walk home from school.
You know it.
[Dramatic music]
- Dad.
- Huh?
Are you alright?
[Chuckles] Yes, yes.
- I'm fine.
- Dad, we should talk.
Ah, Cynthia, let's go.
[Guitar music]
[Indistinct chatter]
- Counsellor.
- I was just thinking.
No one sang those
blues like Billy.
He just sang 'em and lived 'em.
Great prison, dope..
Nobody spared or anything of it.
Billy holiday didn't
have a friend like you.
The man is determined
to embarrass me.
I would never do that to a
promising young attorney.
- Young?
- Was then.
When we met trying
to keep angry children
from going the wrong way.
Nothing's changed very much.
I still have a
weakness for trying to
get young people out of trouble.
'Fact is, I'm
representing one now.'
against all odds.
Headline, young man is
picked up with a baseball bat..
(Jefferson) 'But not
a motive for murder.'
he didn't know the victim,
didn't steal from the victim.
And as far as we know,
neither one of them was cruising.
I need your help.
Last two months,
I pulled a blank on
who else might
have killed the victim.
The trial starts Monday.
- Everybody is afraid to talk.
- Everybody?
What dad means is
nobody will talk to us.
Well, the victim is
black. My client's white.
My position is not very popular
in the victim's community.
- Victim have a name?
- And an address.
I'll see what I can do.
- Is there an established price?
- Absolutely.
[Chuckles softly]
Established long time ago..
- Oh, dad!
- Oh, damn!
Oh! No, no, i'm, uh..
I can clean up after myself.
'Old man's messing,
my father used to call it.'
[Jefferson chuckles]
(Hawk) 'No need to apologize.'
old is beautiful.
[Chuckles softly]
[Indistinct chatter]
[Door opens]
[Dramatic music]
[Music continues]
[Door opens]
Who are you?
What in the hell
are you doing here?
- Place got bugs.
- What?!
Bugs, you know what those are.
Man from the office calls,
said he need an exterminator.
Didn't say what to
exterminate, though.
You're going to use
that thing or what?
If not, put it down on table.
Hm. Sit.
Look, I don't want
any trouble, okay?
Just get out of here.
Now, this is the room
of Leonard Melrose.
Would you agree?
Was. He's dead.
Yes, I heard, head was
bashed in with a baseball bat.
You'd know anything about that?
What businesses
is that of yours?
No, I.. I don't know anything.
I'm-I'm just the landlord.
I-I-I rent out rooms to anybody.
You'll rent to me?
Well, since you're
not willing to talk
maybe you'd be
willing to listen.
I am looking for the man
who swung at Leonard
Melrose and connected.
- He's in jail.
- Could be someone else.
Could be, you know who it is?
Could be, you tell him
that I'm looking for him.
Name's hawk.
I wouldn't.
Hey, what do you.. Ah!
Come here, you!
I'm here to collect.
- Yeah, okay, Kim. Just take
- you like to take money.
But you don't like
to pay, do you? Huh?
- Alright, take it easy.
- Let me tell you something.
I'm here to collect.
I can find you
anywhere, anytime I want.
At the house, your garage,
even in your own bed.
You name it.
You understand
what I'm telling you?
Yeah! Yeah!
[Instrumental music]
[Tires screeching]
[Both grunt]
[Tires screeching]
Now! You want to be
buried in that jewelry
or are you going to talk?
Drop it! [Tires screeching]
[Jewelry clinking]
I see you got my message.
You got one for me?
Yeah. You gonna have to
lay off that Melrose's case.
Ah-huh! This is
really a muggin'.
Give me your wallet.
Give it to me!
My, my, my!
High sheriff.
Ex-sheriff Arnold, huh?
You know, you should've
stayed retired, here.
- Man!
- Get up the alley!
Mr. Adams, I'm Joe
nevins, us attorney's office.
I'll be prosecuting
for the district.
I'm pleased to
meet you, Mr. Evans.
This is counsellor
Adams, my daughter
and Nelson roark,
the defendant's father.
How do you do?
Mr. Adams..
You don't know what
an honor this is, sir.
When I was in law school,
we studied your cases.
I mean, it was Adams and darrow.
No one else in that class.
- Thanks very much.
- I'm honored, sir.
- I'm also very sorry.
- For what?
I'm afraid we've
got your client cold.
Good tactic, Mr. Nevins.
Show confidence in your
case, no matter how weak.
'Trial strategy one.'
I give you b-plus.
It's not justice prince
on the bat anymore.
We've got an eyewitness.
A woman who says
she was in the alley..
'and saw Timmy roark
standing over Melrose'
'with a baseball
bat in his hand.'
those are the breaks.
Good day.
[Indistinct chatter]
(Male #2) 'Three ball,
straight back into the pocket.'
[door closes]
Don't let me bother you.
Why you bothering me, pal?
I understand you're the one
that arrested Timmy roark.
Then you're sending out
the welcome wagon for me.
(Male #2) 'Five
ball, side pocket.'
stupid shot.
But then you are full of
stupid moves, Mr. Cuspin.
I didn't hear anyone
ask for your advice, pal.
Well, let me give
you some for nothing.
The next time you put a
contract out on me, be prepared!
For what?
This! Bartender!
Set everybody up
with a round of drinks
and then charge it to him.
[Dramatic music]
[Door closes]
I'm usually right on the button.
After you called, my
paralegal walked in
with a brief that needed
complete rewriting.
So you just threw on some
rags and taxied on over here
with ink all over
your fingers, huh?
Can't hurt a woman
to look her best.
Mission accomplished.
Now what else
brings us together?
I wanted to talk to you.
This seems like a good place.
Dad and I come here often.
Talk about what?
What can you tell me
about this man, cuspin?
Ex-cop from Maryland.
Got his ex the hard way.
Discharged for
brutality to prisoners.
That's it?
Change of subject.
You're going to tell me
about your father or what?
[Sighs] You're good.
Now I see why dad
thinks so highly of you.
Actually, I wonder
how I'd feel about you
if I got the chance
to know you better.
You've heard that line before.
Okay, the truth.
I thought I could talk
to you about my father.
I'm frightened for him,
and he won't listen to me.
Maybe he'll listen to you.
Listen to me about what?
You haven't noticed
the lack of concentration?
Drifting off into reveries.
He forgets names..
And places.
He won't go to a
doctor for a checkup.
I don't want him
falling apart in court
not in the middle of a trial.
'That's my worst
nightmare, hawk.'
[sighs] Please help me
convince him to get off this case.
Your father is a champion.
He will know when to quit.
It's time now.
Look, the truth is that..
Recently he's lost several
cases he shouldn't have.
There were property
involved, but..
Next one could be alive.
'Do you understand?'
what I understand is
the decision for a champion
to hang up his gloves
must be made by himself.
Now, Ms. Barrow, can
you identify the man
you saw holding
the baseball bat?
That's him.
(Evans) 'Let the record
show that the witness'
'has identified Timothy
roark, the defendant.'
you're witness, Mr. Adams.
Beating, shooting, stabbing.
What's become about
world, Ms. Barrow?
- It's terrible.
- Terrible.
Once we could walk in
our streets without fear.
Now it's like the wild
west in the movies.
You like the movies, Ms. Barrow?
Oh, yes.
- 'Westerns?'
- sometimes.
(Jefferson) 'My
favorite's "high noon."'
- do you like that one?
- Oh, yes.
One of Clint Eastwood's
best, don't you think?
I think counsellor
Adams made a mistake.
That was Gary
Cooper in "high noon."
'And Clint Eastwood in "shame."'
'or was it Jimmy Stewart?'
no, Jimmy Stewart
in "fistful dollars"
and Gary Cooper in "shame."
'Or was it Alan ladd?'
I don't know.
- 'They all look alike to me.'
- 'Oh.'
(Cynthia) 'They all
look alike to you.'
no further questions.
- 'May I redirect, your honor?'
- 'Go ahead.'
- are you alright?
- Yes.
Just overtired. You
didn't have to do
Yes, I did.
(Timothy) 'What the hell
kind of a lawyer is that?'
(Nelson) 'He's the best.'
what I see is a tired old man
talking to people who want
to send me away for life.
It's not going to happen.
You're innocent, and Jeff
Adams is going to prove it.
Yeah. Maybe.
Maybe we could do some
business together when this is over.
Hey, how's it going? [Chuckles]
[Indistinct chatter]
[Indistinct chatter]
[Instrumental music]
[Knock on door]
(Male #3) 'It's open.'
[Both grunt]
No, no, no. No.
- Cheap shot.
- Raise the price.
This may get a
little more expensive.
[Glass shatters]
[Man screaming]
- Get up there. Get up!
- No! No!
- Can you fly?
- No!
No, I hate heights. Please.
What is your
business with cuspin?
I don't know, cuspin.
Please, no. No, no, please.
Luke brenner, you're a cop.
Retired, yeah!
Lotta ex-lawman flying around.
Please, let me in. I can't
stand heights. Please.
This is not a crossing
guards pay, is it? Huh?
What do you do to
augment your pitch, huh?
- I'm gonna help you.
- What the hell you doing?
You're breaking, you know that?
Are you nuts? Let me in!
- Who do you work for?
- Cuspin.
I just do security. That's
all. That's all, I swear.
- Please. I just do security.
- Oh. Good for you.
- Any special clients?
- N-N-No, I swear.
- Swear.
- I knew you would.
[Instrumental music]
[Indistinct chatter]
[Music continues]
- Hey, Adams.
- Hm.
What's wrong?
You're not feeling well.
Maybe we should ask for a
postponement or something.
I'm alright.
You're not yourself,
and you know it.
- Ah!
- Come on.
We've been friends too long
for you to start lying to me.
Now, this won't be an easy
question to answer or to ask.
What would you say to
a plea, manslaughter?
You know, the prosecutor
made a signal today.
It's ours for the asking.
Five years for your boy.
He'll be out in three.
That's better than
risking 20 to life.
Well, there's only one
thing wrong with that.
- What's that?
- Timmy is innocent.
I know, that's what you
believe, Nelson. But we have to
He's innocent, Jeff.
The way he's turned out, all
the trouble he's gotten into..
It's not his fault, Jeff.
It's mine.
I wasn't there
when he needed me.
You and I went off to war.
That's what it was,
Jeff. It was a war.
We fought it with sit-ins
and marches instead of guns.
But it was a war.
We had a cause that
we knew was right
and we were
willing to die for it.
But we forgot that
somebody was paying for it.
Our families and our children.
Our children are proud of us.
Well, no. Not all
of them. Not mine.
I wasn't there when
he needed me, Jeff.
I wasn't there.
[Sighs] If he goes to jail
for five years or five months
or five days, I'm not going
to be able to live with it.
I hear you, friend.
I hear you loud and clear.
There's my bus.
[Horn honks]
[Engine revving]
[Knock on door]
Come in.
[Door opens]
Sorry I'm late, your honor.
I got your message at
half past eight this morning.
[Sighs] Traffic from Georgetown.
I don't have to
tell you about it.
Do you know who this man is?
Ah, one of the jurors.
Mr. Tompkins, I believe.
Did you have any contact
with him yesterday?
Outside of the
courtroom, I mean.
Certainly not.
Mr. Tompkins.
Tell your story.
While I was in the
washroom yesterday
someone left an envelope
with my name on it
and a message inside.
Well, not a message, exactly.
A telephone number.
'I didn't know what
it meant, so I called'
and a voice at the other end
told me to go into
Lincoln park last night.
To go in at the
northern entrance
and to walk till I
came to a wire basket.
- What kind of voice?
- I don't know.
It sounded muffled
like when you put a
handkerchief over the phone.
I guess I shouldn't have gone.
'When I got there..'
to the wire basket, there
was this brown envelope.
I opened it up, and
there was money inside.
'Five thousand dollars.'
'and this note, "from a
friend of Timmy roark."'
I'm not dumb. I know
what that means.
So I brought it here as soon as
the courthouse
opened up this morning.
You did the right
thing, Mr. Tompkins.
Now, before you
answer my next question
I want to be sure that you
know that jury tampering
is a serious crime,
punishable by a prison term.
Yesterday when you
found the envelope..
Did you notice anyone nearby?
'Anyone connected
with this trial?'
- yes, sir.
- Who was that?
Mr. Adams.
[Dramatic music]
(Hawk) A man whose brilliance
always lit up the courtroom.
- His star is fading.
- Nature's way.
Aging begins at birth.
- Accelerates year by year.
- 'True.'
but still there is a gift.
The gift of old age is peace.
Though I lose my sight..
I can still see the
beauty of the world.
'I may lose my hearing, but
always appreciate the music.'
until the very moment we die..
We have A gift..
of being.
(Cynthia) 'He
could be anywhere.'
he's not far.
How can you be so sure?
'I'm not sure of
anything anymore.'
my father being accused
of bribing the juror.
It's a bad dream, hawk.
Lots of people are
accused of lots of things.
Does not mean
that they're guilty.
A good lawyer should know that.
Shouldn't she?
Hawk, there he is.
Wait here.
I love this city, hawk.
Every inch of its splendor.
Tribute to where we've come.
And the reminder of
where we still have to go.
(Hawk) Where are
you headed, my friend?
[Jefferson chuckles]
That's the question, isn't it?
What is it, Jeff?
Alzheimer's, first
stage, as at least.
Snuck off to a doctor..
And told Cynthia.
What a burden to put on her.
Going to retire, counsellor?
Hard thing to do.
- You're used to the hard road.
- Yeah. That's all part of it.
Why, I've tried to
hold on so long.
What do I mean to people, hawk?
My success, my reputation.
Black man, professional.
Reaching the
pinnacle in his world.
Damn it!
[Sighs] That's it?
A lot of people staring at
you, watching every move.
How did I do in my last case?
- Is he starting to crack?
- Hoping for failure?
I don't want to give
them that satisfaction.
And you didn't.
For over three
decades, you gave them
some of the best legal
work they'd ever seen.
- And now this.
- Now what?
You got older.
You got sick.
But you still have the gift.
Old friend of mine calls
it, "the gift of being."
You can't lose what you've got.
All those years you stood
when other did not
have the courage
should give you peace, Jeff.
'People will never forget.'
You're leaving behind a legacy.
That's more important
than even your record.
Someone beautiful, bright
strong and caring.
Let her take you home now, Jeff.
- We're closed.
- I do beg your pardon.
- Did you work here?
- Yes, I did.
Before our beloved
Mr. Arkyroid decided to leave
with the company funds.
Did you know a Mr. Melrose?
He used to be a dispatcher here.
Fellow that was killed?
Yeah, I knew him.
'Sat right over there.'
fast food place coming in here.
They won't make it.
All the traffic's
down on e-street.
You're not with
the police, are you?
- Hardly.
- That's a shame.
Love to see someone
run Mr. Arkyroid down.
The way he treated people
including your
friend, Mr. Melrose.
Do you have any
idea why he was killed?
Heavens, no.
He is the one who should have
done the killing for my money.
- Strong opinion.
- Well, it was terrible.
Mr. Arkyroid offered
to sell him the business.
And sweet Mr. Melrose
jumped at the chance.
No one thought he'd come
up with the money, but he did.
Then Mr. Arkyroid takes
off with every penny.
I felt so bad for Mr. Melrose.
No contract, bill of sale.
Nothing. He just lost it all.
Do you have any idea how
much money was involved?
Not really.
I heard talk of around $25,000.
Now, I wonder how Mr. Melrose
raised that kind of money.
We all wondered.
Maybe he was just
frugal with his money.
Or someone else's.
[Chuckles softly]
(Lewis) 'So..'
in this hypothetical situation..
How much you make a week?
Two hundred fifty,
three hundred, tops.
[Lewis chuckles]
You are what we
say "a working stiff."
Ah-huh, "stiff" is the
operative word here.
- 'Mmm. What about collateral?'
- Nothing.
'I'll tell you one thing. You
don't do business with me.'
then someone in
your line of work.
I'm no longer in
the private cash.
I'm into investment banking.
Ah-huh! That's a quantum
leap from a loan shark.
Stewardesses are
flight attendants.
Trashmen are sanitary engineers.
'So we dress ourselves
up a little, so what?'
who told you?
So then, who is still sharking?
Somebody willing to slide
$25,000 over the counter
if the commission is right?
'Hmm. Thirty percent.'
- you tell me?
- Limited.
You ever heard
of Benjamin argos?
I have now.
Don't cut him.
[Both laugh]
[Instrumental music]
[Door opens]
(Benjamin) 'We are closed.
Come back in the morning.'
yeah, well, I'm a late sleeper.
Sometimes, I don't
come alive till night.
- What do you want?
- Talk about little Melrose.
- I don't know any Melrose.
- How much did you lend him?
Told you, the name
doesn't ring any bells.
Well, that's my
job, bell ringing.
You know what this is?
Some call this a baseball bat,
others call it a memory jogger.
Tonight, it's a bell ringer.
Hey, what the hell
are you doing?!
That cost me a bundle.
What? You're going
to make a social call?
To the police for protection?
Not only just any police, I
mean the ones that work for you.
You know what I
think, Mr. Argos?
You are not a fast learner.
No! Hey!
Okay! I lend Mel-Melrose
the money. Yeah.
But I didn't kill him.
I didn't touch him.
Well, who touched him?
Who sent someone with a
baseball bat to collect $25,000?
- Cuspin. It was cuspin.
- Cuspin work for you?
Not just for me!
He collects for loan
companies all over town.
That is a big job for one man.
He's got guys working for him.
You know none of us can
do business without protection.
You know..
Hey! We'd go broke.
So, if the man does not
pay, he ends up dead, huh?
No! You don't kill clients!
I just wanted to teach
Melrose a lesson.
To make him pay.
You know?
You got a lot of people
paying for the stuff that you
and Mr. Cuspin have done.
You got a young
man in jail paying.
You got a lawyer paying.
Hey, no, no. Don't go smashing.
Now tell me.
Who framed Jeffery
Adams for jury tampering?
Was it you, or
Mr. Cuspin, or both?
Neither one. Not us.
This calls for
more bell ringing.
Okay, okay.
I-I-I told cuspin to work
Melrose over, not kill him.
Just work him over.
$25,000 don't grow on trees.
But we had nothing
to do with the lawyer.
[Dramatic music]
Some important information
has just come to my attention.
- I think you should know.
- Go ahead.
This information comes
from Benjamin argos.
A loan shark of
little note in our city.
He would be with us now,
but for a prior engagement
at the hospital where
he's been treated for, uh
stomach ulcers
brought on by stress.
Stress caused by his role in
the death of Leonard Melrose.
- Is that correct?
- Close enough.
[Elevator bell rings]
- Who is this?
- A business associate of mine.
It was he who
gathered the information.
What information,
counsellor? Get to the point.
It seems Mr. Melrose
borrowed some money
he did not return in due cause.
An act considered bad
manners in certain circles
punishable by bruises
and lacerations.
When the collector
goes too far, the result
as in this case, is often fatal.
Can you back that up
with evidence, counsellor?
Mr. Argos was kind enough
to put his confessions in writing.
[Door opens]
This is hardly a legal document.
And it's got blood on it.
Mr. Nevins, I can vouch that
Mr. Argos signed this paper
in my presence
under no coercion.
Yet, an overwhelming
urge to talk.
Confessed to everything,
from hiring Melrose's killer
to leaving chewing
gum on the Metro seat.
I'll have all this checked out.
If the facts hold up..
'I'll issue a warrant for
the arrest of Mr. Argos.'
and his collectors.
Their names don't
appear on this letter.
Names and places are
etched in my memory.
We'll talk.
- The rest is over.
- Timmy is free?
He will be soon.
I'll make a motion to
dismiss all charges.
- 'Congratulations.'
- work's not done.
You got him to confess.
He didn't confess
'cause he didn't do it.
But you know that,
don't you, Mr. Roark?
'You're the only one here
with a motive for jury tampering.'
unless we are to believe
that this man here
would erase the honor
that he has
maintained unblemished
for over half a century.
You would not let
your friend go down
for that which he did not do.
How could you?
I didn't mean for you
to get blamed, Jeff.
That wasn't my intention.
I-I just wanted to save my kid.
I love him.
You understand that?
I love him no
matter what he did.
The case was going against
us, you said so yourself.
I'm sorry, Jeff.
I'm really sorry.
You're sorry?
You think that fixes everything?
Cynthia, that's enough.
I understand.
We are what we are, friends.
Arm and arm to the end.
- You forgive him?
- Of course.
The prosecution won't.
You know they'll file charges.
And I'll defend him.
[Indistinct chatter]
(Male #4) 'Alright,
nice shot. Nice shot.'
[indistinct chatter]
You're cuspin, right?
I'm Lewis.
I understand you got a problem.
Yeah, a 20 g problem.
Big John o'brien says you're
the one that can solve it.
- Yeah, I get 50 percent.
- Whoa, oh, oh. That's half.
Yeah, but my work is guaranteed.
You get what you pay for, pal.
Okay. It's a deal.
Here's some money to start with.
It's the guy over there
in the ghetto blaster.
Owes me 20 big ones.
- Stay here.
- Remember..
- Just his knees.
- I know what I'm doing.
Hey, fella.
You ever see a man after
he has lost his kneecaps?
[Chuckles] Never the same again.
Sometimes, sometimes they, uh
drag themselves around
the street begging for food.
Hey, you! Fella!
I'm talking to you!
- Now! Hold it!
- What's going on?
You're going out
of business, Luke.
Is that a trick you
picked up from cuspin?
- Get proof.
- We already have.
I've got two witnesses here.
And Mr. Argos is singing
his heart out downtown.
Cuff him, and
read him his rights.
- Get him..
- Sir, you're under arrest.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Two ball, side pocket.
You've got five, ten seconds.
What are you going
to do with, Mr. Cuspin?
You're bluffing.
Could be worth
your life to find out.
- What do you want?
- 'The truth.'
you killed Melrose while
making the collection, didn't you?
What are you, a
cop or something?
No. I'm just trying to help
a friend save his client.
Your time has ran out.
You lose.
Depends on whether that
envelope in your pocket
contains the money
from Mr. Louis.
If it does, you are in trouble.
Big trouble. That
money is marked.
Going to put
you in jail for life.
Your pocket is empty..
Let's find out.
'Go ahead! Do it!'
'do it! Go ahead!'
ah. Oh, man.
You lose.
[Piano music]
[Music continues]
You know that reminds me of
"god bless the child
that's got his own."
- Know the story behind it?
- Used to.
Hmm, uh, Billie
Holiday needed money.
Tried to borrow from her mama.
Nothing wrong with your memory.
Ups and downs.
Her mama said no, and Billie
Holiday never forgave her.
Broke up the family.
That's the most important
thing to preserve, isn't it?
I don't know what would
have happened to me
if I didn't have Cynthia.
She's gonna make a great
trial lawyer one day soon.
She got a good teacher.
[Hawk chuckles] [Chuckles]
On motion of the
district attorney
the people's case
against Timothy roark
is hereby dismissed.
'I understand there is another
matter of an arraignment'
'that has come
before this court.'
the people versus roark.
Jury tampering, is that correct?
Yes, your honor.
Are you represented
by a council, Mr. Roark?
Yes, I am, your honor.
It would please the court
my associate will
be handling the case.
Counsel is ready, your honor.
[Instrumental music]
[Theme music]
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