A Man Called Hawk (1989) s01e05 Episode Script

The Divided Child

[Theme music]
[Music continues]
[Instrumental music]
So, then what
did Brian call you?
A tragulidae,
whatever that means.
Well, it probably means
that he's getting better grades
in school than you are.
- Mom.
- Okay. Okay.
So, what did you say to Brian?
Well, I don't think you want
to hear the exact words.
Does this mean I'm going
to get a note about this
from your teacher?
Not unless she
can speak Spanish.
[Chuckles] Jonathan, you're
getting just like your father.
- Can I go to the comic books?
- Sure.
- I'll meet you at the deli.
- Okay.
[Dramatic music]
[Speaking in foreign language]
(Male #1) 'Price check
on 12 ounce cream corn.'
[indistinct chatter on pa]
[Music continues]
[Indistinct chatter on pa]
[Music continues]
They call you
Jonathan, don't they?
- Jonathan kirkpatrick, huh?
- Jonathan!
Mrs. Kirkpatrick, I..
Let's go, it's okay.
[Music continues]
[Horn honks]
Run! Go!
Go on the driver's side!
Stay down.
Okay, get in there. Now,
get in there. Stay down.
[Tires screeching]
Jonathan, I said, stay down!
[Tires screeching]
Hey, watch out!
[Tires screeching]
(Male #2) 'Come on, stay close.'
I want to see no
backing up, Frankie.
Frank, step into to him!
Step into him.
Alright, take a break..
Before Frankie's head comes off.
Where do you think you're,
Frankie? The dance class?
- Come here.
- Alright, southpaw now.
Southpaw. You got him.
Hey, hawk.
You want to tell this guy
what happens to a boxer
that always backs
up and drops his left?
Other man send you to
dreamland, Mr. Ringer.
Hear that, Frankie?
Lights out. You lose.
Coach, you might not have
the right man for the job.
Some never have it.
Takes a whole lot of nerve.
Step on your gloves and step
into the ring, stand toe to toe.
Man, just watch it.
I've been watching. You
afraid of your opponent.
Maybe you should
get out of boxing.
Do something else, like,
standing on the corner
with a pistol, a pint of whiskey
and a crack rock in your pocket.
Something that takes
no nerve to do at all.
[Grunts] Over here, baby.
Here. Hah!
Best punch I've seen all
night. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Smack that. Double
up on the jab!
'That's it, double up!'
come on. Move! Move! Yeah, yeah.
- Now do that in the ring, huh?
- Alright.
You go a couple more
rounds and I'll be right over.
I had to pop him one
when he swung at me.
Yeah, there's only one
place to hit a young man.
Yeah, right in the ego.
Besides, busting a young
man's head won't do anybody
any good anyhow.
[Telephone ringing]
Mr. Hawk?
I heard your name from
some mutual friends.
I believe I can give
you some employment
for your talents.
[Intense music]
So, did you finish
your homework? Huh?
- Uh, yeah.
- Did you finish your home..
No? Okay, turn around.
Do that homework.
Then you can watch TV.
But you have to do it tonight.
- Division?
- Okay.
You finish that
homework, and then TV.
- Okay.
- Okay? Okay.
- I'll see you later?
- Okay.
[Door closes]
[Indistinct chatter on TV]
(Nathan) 'The first time
we had trouble like this'
'we were living in Santiago.'
'ah, we'd moved down
there six years ago'
in connection with my job.
I was selling
communications equipment.
To the lower five, you know.
Italy, Argentina,
Paraguay Uruguay, Bolivia.
Big systems, telephone exchanges
radio nets, cellular phones.
Yeah, government sales, huh?
Military buying up
equipment for secret police
and the death squads
Look, I just wanted
to make some sales.
My first sales contacts
were first arranged
through the state department.
But, you are right.
Some of the equipment
did end up in odd hands.
I mean, I would see
plain clothes police
that I hadn't dealt
with carrying my radios.
Some of the equipment
turned out to be fairly useful
for surveillance work.
It made some people angry,
didn't it? Being spied on.
I started getting death
threats from the opposition.
Urban terrorists, gorillas.
I mean, even against
my wife and child.
I mean, can you imagine?
I mean, me, I can sort of
understand that, but them?
Well, it wasn't worth that.
I closed down my south American
operation and moved us back up
here a couple of years ago.
'But they are still
coming after us.'
so, a gorilla tourist group
takes a six thousand mile trip
north to settle an old grudge
against a telephone
salesman, huh?
I mean, the only
thing I can think
is that they have me
confused with somebody else.
'Or maybe somebody is piggy
backing on my export license.'
I never would've done
business with those governments
if I knew it could lead to this.
And I'm certainly not doing
anything with them now.
You can believe that.
You look very worried.
You should call the police.
No, no, no, no, police.
You know how they are?
They'll fill out a report and
then they'll forget about it.
I want this thing to end, now.
No. You don't need me.
Yes, we do.
Whatever you believe,
whatever you might think about
'whom we sold to
in Latin America.'
someone is trying to kill us.
The first target they
picked was our child.
'We'll pay.'
[Dramatic music]
Do you know this man out there?
[Indistinct beeping]
Dad, help!
- Oh, my god!
- 'Mom, help!'
[music continues]
Stay back!
Get out of here!
[Music continues]
Don't look.
[Glass shatters]
[Tires screeching]
[Intense music]
[Tires screeching]
Pack just the things you need.
- For how long?
- Few days, a week.
Take you somewhere safe
where I can sort all of this out.
B-But what about
these men outside?
We'll deal with that, now move.
Don't let the shadows
fall across the windows.
He stays with me.
[Intense music]
You scared?
- Yes.
- Good.
You stay that way..
And you follow every
order as quickly as you can.
- Okay?
- Yes, sir.
How long have you, uh,
lived with your parents?
I was adopted.
Only before I can remember.
Now I know all of
this frightens you.
But nothing's going to happen
to you or your mom and dad
as long as I am here.
You understand?
[Instrumental music]
[Mrs. Kirkpatrick grunting]
- What are you doing?
- Why? Why?
- You don't think they would..
- No, no. No.
It was revenge,
clear and simple.
And this man's
going to set it right.
I've explained to
your wife what to do.
Now, if they're out there
they know my car and yours.
So, you give me 45
seconds, and then we'll hit.
Close your eyes.
[Dramatic music]
[Music continues]
[Engine revving]
[Tires screeching]
[Tires screeching]
[Horn honking]
[Tires screeching]
Damn! There are
two cars, let's go back.
[Tires screeching]
[Music continues]
[Tires screeching]
[Tires screeching]
[Gun fire]
[Tires screeching]
[Instrumental music]
You'll be safe here.
Meet, Mr. Ringer.
'You'll get to know him
well while you're here.'
you must be the kirkpatricks.
Let's get your luggage.
What is this place?
Small country retreat
with a few extra amenities.
A full safe house.
You own this place?
It is yours while you're here.
There are no
telephones, safer that way.
If you need to communicate
with someone ask, Mr. Ringer.
Your rooms are here.
Does every room
have one of these?
Absolutely. Remember
your code, 221.
Doors lock automatically
when you shut them.
Now, what I need
from you is a list of
all your regular activities.
The addresses for your
office, your athletic club
Jonathan's school, any place
where those men might have
picked up your trail,
so I can pick up theirs.
I'll show the boy to his room.
[Instrumental music]
This, mi amigo,
is where you sleep.
It's a nice room.
- Ah..
- Thank you.
[Hawk chuckles]
- Can you keep a secret?
- Sure, okay.
Let me show you something.
There's a secret passage
that leads from this room
to the basement.
You need a place to run,
Jonathan, you run down here.
Just remember the combination.
[Speaking in foreign language]
Say it.
[Speaking in foreign language]
Esta bien.
Now, I need something
from you, por favor.
Tell me..
Those men in the super market
did you recognize them?
The men?
Uh-uh. No.
How many were they?
Two i think.
Jonathan, do you have any
idea why this is happening?
I guess because the
people down there
where we used to live,
hate my mom and dad.
They wanted to kill us.
- But..
- Okay.
That doesn't mean you
have to shoot back, does it?
If someone tries to kill
you, you wouldn't fight back?
I guess. I don't know.
I just don't want to have
those people hurt, you know.
The people at the supermarket..
We're pretty
much all settled in.
Anything else I can tell you?
As a matter of fact, I have
some phone calls to make.
[Instrumental music]
Well, well, well.
Shadow in south.
Still packing the .357?
[Chuckles softly] It's kind
of passe, don't you think?
Six hundred rpm's.
The only thing the
agency issues now.
Hey, you still paid up in
retired operative association?
I'm sure they could probably
swing you the discount.
I don't need one,
besides you still think
fire power makes you a man.
All I need is some information.
What's this? No small talk?
Come on, butter me up.
Tell me how good I'm looking.
You're a lot better looking
then the last time we met
when you needed some
favors from me that you could not
do yourself.
Alright, alright.
That car you air conditioned
is just as you predicted.
Paid for in cash,
phony registration.
And at least it's worth
Nathan kirkpatrick.
He has an export license
for non-lethal technology
to South America.
He lived there for several years
and he moved back home
a couple of years ago.
All indications are, he's clean.
So clean that his wife and
son were delicately approached
at a supermarket, followed
by a pas de deux at the house
which ended up in
a machine gun ballet.
- That does not add up.
- Beats me.
But whatever the
reason, I make your bet.
Your dice.
This dude that's
after him stands 5'8"
weighs a 145, and before
he became a one name hero
answers to the
name of Victor lael.
What makes you
think Victor's involved?
'Because you're right, not many
Latin robber rousers can start'
a toothpick collection up here
much more dance
the tango like last night.
But Vicky went to Berkeley,
he's rumored to be back in the us
and he's got the right attitude.
He's a hot-headed 25.
And the insurgents are
hoping that he's going to be
the next Che Guevara,
or Simone boulevard
depending on how you
want to distort your reality.
He's active all
over the lower five
and he's supposed to be
fearless, and he's relentless.
Who put Victor
on his live mission?
Don't ask me, I wasn't there.
But I'll let you
in on one thing.
If you do ice him,
you're a lucky man.
The generalissimo
have a price on its head.
One million in American money.
Hm. I wonder where
our foreign aid was going.
[Dramatic music]
[Indistinct chatter]
See you all tomorrow. Bye.
[Music continues]
No, no, no! Please, please!
[Speaking in foreign language]
Vamos! You, let her go.
'Come on!'
[speaking in foreign language]
[Speaking in foreign language]
[Engine revving]
[Music continues]
[Tires screeching]
Today, I found those two
people from the supermarket.
I could've shot them.
[Speaking in foreign language]
- I didn't. Because of you.
- Me?
You asked me not to
this morning, didn't you?
Now, tell me something,
where were you born?
[Speaking in foreign language]
In Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Buenos Aires.
Is that where the
kirkpatricks adopted you?
I remember more than I told you.
I was five when I
went to live with them
after my real
parents were killed.
How do you know your
real parents are dead?
Because, I was there
when the soldiers came.
My whole family was there.
Aunts, uncles, my
cousins and grandparents.
Then suddenly, men
with machine guns
were breaking down the door..
And shooting.
My f-father hid me in a closet.
When the soldiers pulled me
out, there was blood everywhere.
They told me everyone was dead.
What does the name
Victor lael mean to you?
That was the name of my brother.
Was that who came
up to you in the store?
I don't know.
I don't remember
what he looked like.
He-he was away at
school for most of my life.
And the other person?
It.. It-it was a woman.
[Speaking in foreign language]
Why did you shoot at her?
[Sighs] Who is she?
She's my mother.
My real mother.
[Mellow music]
So not only did you take money
and payments from those colonels
but you took a child.
No, it's not that simple.
There was a
guerilla war going on.
Children were being
orphaned by it right and left.
But you didn't go to the
church or to the red cross.
Well, they told us
that Jonathan's parents
had been killed.
And you believed them?
Of course, we had no
reason not to believe them.
Alright, we..
Suspected that they had
been killed for political reasons.
But it was going
on all around us.
There was nothing
we could do about it.
We believe them, or
we couldn't have possibly
gone through with it.
We were only
thinking of the child.
So, now, what do you think?
We loved Jonathan and we
thought we could give him a better life.
What difference does
it make to you anyway?
What difference does it make?
Maybe just three, four
hundred years, when slavers
slaughtered people of my
color, and sold our babies
just like those colonels
sold Jonathan to you.
I swear to you. We didn't
know that his mother was alive.
'We thought we were saving him.'
and after somebody
started to come after you
you had to suspect?
Suspect what? That somebody
was coming after us? Or the child?
I mean, we really don't
know what's going on.
When are you going to
start telling me the truth?
You know you took
the child illegally!
Whatever you
might think, I know..
That if his mother
is alive she can..
She cannot love him like we do.
She was shooting
into his bedroom.
'He can't be her
child not anymore.'
'in her heart.'
but he is our child
and we are not
going to lose him.
Lock everything down.
- What are you going to do?
- Find his mother.
- And then?
- We'll have to see.
[Instrumental music]
You listened, didn't you?
Nothing you don't
know about, huh?
[Speaking in foreign language]
Still has all the
paws in the air.
We don't know where
they're going to fall
but they are going to fall.
You're going to have a
hard decision to make.
[Speaking in foreign language]
[Speaking in foreign language]
- Hawk.
- Shh-shh-shh.
I know.
It shouldn't come up so fast.
But it's time to grow up.
[Music continues]
I can do it.
Only you can.
[Speaking in foreign language]
[Speaking in foreign language]
What does it look
like I'm doing?
Promise.. You promised
you would not use the gun.
I promised to
re-untie my family.
But, Victor, this is wrong.
Maybe, maybe we should go home.
No, they kill my father
my uncle, my aunt,
everyone we loved.
And they took my brother.
Now, I want him back.
Pero, Victor, this is wrong!
This is not your father's way.
You don't understand.
I don't understand?
You want to get back
at them for everything
that they have done to you.
But, Victor, if you do that
then the coronelis and
heneralis will have won.
They will have made
you just like them.
If that's the case, mama..
Then they won five years ago.
I have to call my friend.
Victor, is he your friend?
Or your enemy?
I'm sorry, mama.
[Speaking in foreign language]
[Mellow music]
[Music continues]
[Lock clicking]
[Music continues]
Can I help you?
Yes, father stu,
my name is hawk.
And I'm betting that you
heard about me today
from a woman in
your shelter in here.
Her name's Eva lael.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Mm-hm. She dropped this.
A paper on immigration rights.
And every wise man on the
street knows that you print this.
Assuming she may
have been here once.
Do you have any idea why?
Because her little boy is one
of the children of the vanished.
There are hundreds of
such children, Mr. Hawk.
Maybe thousands.
Taken from their slaughtered
families in South America
and often given to very
men who did the slaughtering.
If one of those mother's
escaped the killing
wasn't in her home
when the soldiers came
and went searching
for her child.
What makes you think
I'd turn her over to you?
Perhaps she is so angry
that she's put her
own child in danger.
I don't believe that.
I don't want to either, but
I do need some answers
for the sake of the child.
- I understand, Mr. Hawk.
- Padre. Padre.
Esta bien. Esta bien.
I believe you.
Have you talked with my son?
Your boy is safe.
They call him Jonathan.
[Speaking in foreign language]
He remember me?
(Hawk) Yes.
But he's confused
about many things.
Five years..
Is a very long time for a child.
What about his father?
Does he remember his father?
[Speaking in foreign language]
After I saw him
The day before
I thought..
Am I doing the right thing?
But I want him to
know about his father.
I must know this.
Did you and Victor attack
the kirkpatrick house?
Attack? No.
Then you never meant to
harm the kirkpatrick family?
No. No. It was Victor's idea.
That we find Juanito
and take him back with us
but we never meant
any harm to anyone.
Por favor.
Believe me.
Tell me, where's Victor?
[Sighs] I can't tell you that.
You don't agree with
his methods, do you?
You are hiding Jonathan
somewhere, no?
Somewhere where
no one can find him?
How did you find
the kirkpatrick family?
A friend of Victor's..
From the embassy.
Someone he trusts.
What are you thinking?
About those who did attack.
Someone sent those
men after the boy, for what?
For bait..
To draw Victor out.
[Speaking in foreign language]
He went..
To call his contact.
[Sobbing] I just know!
[Eva sobbing]
[Speaking in foreign language]
[Door opens]
Jonathan's still talking to me.
Though I don't recall him
calling me mom, today.
What's wrong?
I called them.
[Dramatic music]
Who did you call?
Who do you think, Joan?
- No!
- We have to bring them in.
I should never have
hired this, hawk.
I mean, you heard how he talked
to us, as if we'd stolen Johnny.
Joan, honey, we
could lose our son.
And we have to get out of here.
'Go get Jonathan ready.'
[Door closes]
[Dramatic music]
(Hawk) 'Jonathan?'
- Fitz kirkpatrick!
- 'Here.'
two cars coming up the road..
..With guns!
Argh! Ah!
[Music continues]
Ah-ha, it's good to see
you again, Mr. Kirkpatrick.
You did the right thing
calling our embassy.
Colonel, I didn't
expect to see you.
Well, they contacted me. I
understand you need my help.
Very much so. We
have to move quickly.
I am very grateful.
Oh, no, no, believe me, Nathan.
The pleasure will be all mine.
Victor called our contact.
Apparently he believed
him. He's on his way.
- Put the cars around the back.
- Yes, sir.
[Dramatic music]
[Church bells ringing]
No, no, Victor!
[Speaking in foreign language]
What'd your contact
tell you, Victor?
[Speaking in foreign language]
He said you were with Jonathan.
In a house on north cross road.
If your contact knows,
your enemy knows.
Oh, we're all ready.
- Good, take their luggage.
- No, that's alright.
We can take them.
We better get moving.
I'm afraid you
can't go just now.
We're keeping the
house very quiet.
- And I need the boy.
- What?
His brother is coming for him.
I'm not sure he will be
rash enough to show himself
unless he actually
sees Jonathan.
His brother, h-how did..
[Intense music]
You told him where we were?
You were the
people at the house.
You tried to kidnap Jonathan.
You and your black friend
were making it very difficult for us
to build a trap around him.
Come here.
No, you're not
going to touch him.
Mrs. Kirkpatrick.
I'm not here to hurt the child.
I have children of my own.
[Speaking in foreign language]
[Mrs. Kirkpatrick
screams] No, don't! Go!
- Go!
- Leave him alone!
- Go, go, go! Go!
- Leave him alone!
(Nathan) Go!
Break it down.
I don't care about them,
just get me the boy!
Where are you going?
I know a secret way.
Hawk showed me.
There's a stairway,
only the door's locked.
I can't remember
the combination.
Okay, alright, try and
remember the numbers.
(Mrs. Kirkpatrick) 'Three
numbers, what are they?'
- 'come on. What are they?'
- Four, one, four.
Four, one.. Okay.
No, that's not it.
Come on, think about it.
[Intense music]
[Music continues]
(Hawk) 'Eva, get
their attention.'
[speaking in foreign language]
Over there! In the trees!
[Firing continues]
[Music continues]
- Two, two, one.
- Yes!
[Music continues]
[Door thudding]
(Hawk) Take that stairwell.
Joan, they're through.
Help me with this.
Keep, keep working on
this. Keep working on this.
- Keep doing that.
- 'Argh!'
alright, go. I got it. I got it.
[Knob clicking]
[Men grunting]
Joan! Joan!
- Keep doing that.
- Okay.
[Men grunting]
[Nathan groans]
(Victor) 'I thought you
wanted me, ardante.'
[gun firing]
(Male #3) 'But I think this
might be out of our jurisdiction..'
- 'I'm okay with that.'
- 'Get back.'
- 'you got your guy..'
- 'Right this way.'
[indistinct chatter]
- Watch your head.
- 'Crosby!'
Crosby, notify the state
department right away!
'And get me a press officer,
out here on the double!'
well, these state
troopers out here
they're gonna have
some questions
and they need some answers.
I'll make a few phone calls?
See if I can sell them one.
Real issue here, we got
two mothers, one child.
And that boy cannot decide.
[Indistinct chatter]
(Male #4) 'Are you going to
take care of all the paperwork?'
(Male #5) 'We've been looking
the other side of the house.'
[indistinct chatter]
Mrs. Kirkpatrick, can
I see some ID please?
- Your name hawk?
- Affirmative.
What went down here?
Mrs. Kirkpatrick will explain.
Who are you?
You alright?
(Jonathan) Yes, sir.
What's your name?
See some ID from you, please?
I think we better get
you to your mama.
Who's your mother?
[Instrumental music]
She is, lieutenant,
Mrs. Kirkpatrick.
- The other lady's undocumented.
- Please!
No, this lady is
staying with us.
And this..
Is Juan lael.
In English, we
call him Jonathan.
[Mellow music]
[Speaking in foreign language]
And this woman..
'is his mother.'
'we've been taking care of
him until he and his mother'
'could be safely rejoined.'
- 'because..'
- they are his godparents.
And it is their right to
help to bring him up.
[Music continues]
[Theme music]
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