A Man Called Hawk (1989) s01e06 Episode Script


[Theme music]
[Instrumental music]
[Instrumental music]
You lose something back there?
I hope so.
I'm going to the harrington.
You blow the horn, huh?
A little.
Do I know you? You
famous or something?
If wishes were swishes.
No! No, I'm serious.
I mean, you look familiar.
Like on TV or something.
No, it must have
been somebody else.
[Instrumental music]
Here, keep the change.
Hey, relax, pal.
This ain't a warzone.
It's backfire.
Happens all the time.
[Intense music]
Hawk, Jesse Turner.
Hey, how you doing, cuz?
Hey, look, uh
You got a minute.
I just need to rap at ya.
Yeah. Yeah. I'm
staying at the harrington.
But look, I'll anywhere you
want. You name the place.
Okay. Okay.
[Instrumental music]
Homeboy, don't
make this a habit.
Twice in five years
is a little too much.
The next ting you know,
you will be talking about
a family reunion.
How you doing?
I'm glad you could make
it. I know you're busy.
So, I'm here. What
are you doing in D.C.?
You're supposed
to be in Atlantic city.
I'm still there. I just
needed to see you, that's all.
How's the music?
Same old, same old.
Think gigging a review.
I like it.
It's not headlining
at the Apollo but..
Beach sleeping on
still greats at night.
How long we going blase
before you tell me what it is.
What trouble you in this time?
I can't blame if your jaws
are tired about my being here.
Now, you've been
cleaning up behalf of me
ever since we were kids.
Somebody had
to do it. What is it?
You know Joe Dayton?
I know him.
Not friendly. No love
lost between us either.
You have a beef with him?
He's having my book.
Word on the way I find out that
he's got a contract out on me.
He thinks I'm fooling
around with his mistress.
And dipping into his funds.
Are you?
Hawk, I'm being set
up. You know me.
I never stole as much as a
piece of gum my whole life.
What about the other thing?
You've always been
quite a ladies man.
Usually more
selective though about
where you take your pleasures.
Anna and I, we found
ourselves doing the thing.
I didn't know who she was.
And well..
It was hard to stop.
Getting killed might do it.
I never thought
this would happen.
You never thought?
Jesse, man, you have
such a sweet sound.
Why do you keep twisting
it by breaking the rules?
Man's got a gift,
got to respect it.
I'm sorry, man.
Sorry never changed
a damn thing.
Now you tell me why you
think Dayton's gonna hit you
besides something you
read on the bathroom wall.
Couple of bad suits
have been dogging me.
Can you do anything?
I will talk to Dayton.
Don't relax, just yet.
[Instrumental music]
What are you, lost man?
This is a private suite.
I want to see Joe Dayton.
- He ain't taking no calls.
- He'll take mine.
Planning to announce me.
I'll get back to you.
- Quite an entrance.
- It's my show.
Last time I saw you
was in Atlantic city, huh?
What? Five years ago?
Yeah, outside one of my places.
They were zipping your
handiwork into bodybags.
Your memory is impeccable!
Have a seat. You obviously
have something on your mind.
Well, no, I just heard
you were in town.
I came to discuss
some family business.
My cousin is Jesse Turner.
I heard of him. He plays in
one of my clubs, I don't know.
Yeah. Well, what else you hear?
Did you hear that
he's been tampering
with one of your ladies?
Did you hear that he
stole some money?
Well, let me tell
you what he heard.
You have a contract out on him.
He's scared and I am not happy.
Your cousin's having
delusions of grandeur.
I mean, what do I care enough
about a two bit horn player
to have a contract out on him.
That's rich.
Well, bear of a man like you
get stung by a bee, he reacts.
I don't have time, hawk. I got
million dollar deals on my mind.
I mean, what's a
few grand to me?
What's the loss of a
callgirl or call-whatever.
I can get another one just
like I can replace a horn player.
So, you're not looking
for Jesse Turner, huh?
What brings you to town?
Business. First.
I'm buying this hotel.
Then I got an appointment
with an eye doctor.
Yeah. That's right.
Real specialist.
Dr. Fairmont.
Best in the country.
Gonna fix my right eye.
Well, you go to the doctor,
and I'll tell Jesse to relax.
If that's what you wanna do.
He can listen to the
rumor mill all he wants.
Hear all kinds of fairy tales.
'I forgot it as soon
as it happened.'
well, you remember this.
I'm a specialist too.
That wasn't nice, hawk.
Good help's hard to find.
So, what'd he say?
According to Dayton, you've
been talking to uninformed sources.
Blowing this thing
all out of proportion.
Pull the ice-man long time ago.
So, I can go back
to Atlantic city?
Hey, Marvin gaye says, "some
and none are what you hear.
Half what you see"
well, he wouldn't lie to you.
[Tires squeal]
[Tires screeching]
[Intense music]
- Who's that?
- He works with Dayton.
I've seen him at the casino.
Let's rock.
[Suspenseful music]
[Doorbell rings]
- Short notice.
- Couldn't help it.
I will not make this a habit.
Good policy. So,
you're hawk's cousin.
- Yes Jesse Turner.
- Lorna Wells.
- My pleasure.
- Yeah.
I owe you.
Save it.
I hate to see a strong
man on his knees.
Besides, how many
favors do I owe you?
I do not know.
Spare room's pretty comfortable.
Plenty of food in the fridge
and any request will be honored
as long as they're
not too outrageous.
Think I'm gonna like it here.
Now, you'll see her
when the deal is done.
Well, if you come in early like
I had asked you to, both of us
could have saved ourselves
a lot of inconvenience.
Hawk has him somewhere.
It's up to you find him.
I just want him dead.
I'll double your fee if
you take hawk out too.
Don't argue. Do it!
Time to pull off the covers.
What haven't you told me?
Anna took the money.
She was going to use it
to set us up somewhere.
She had some way of drawing it
out of the bank from the casino.
How much?
Hundred grand.
Some special arrangement
she had with Dayton
his wife didn't know about.
This is not chump
change, we discussing.
Sounds like she means
more than just a pawn to him.
He was gonna
leave his wife for her.
She's.. Hawk, she's
a beautiful person.
Not just a dancer
but an educated artist.
You're making it real tough to
be sympathetic with you, man.
What possessed you
to become involved
in something heavy like this?
I never knew anything about
this until she dumped it on me.
I tried to get her
to take it back.
I called Dayton. Tried
to talk to the man himself.
But it was too late.
He assumed that
I put her up to it.
And I panicked and ran away.
And she said she loved me.
And I believed her.
Ever since I have known you,
you've been sitting on a stack
of dynamite picking you
teeth with a kitchen match.
You're making it real tough
to be in your corner, man.
I'll make it up to you.
Then stop speaking like a child!
Decide to rule your
life or be ruled by it!
[Distant siren]
Mr. Slater.
You know I'm in frequently
amused about people
leaning on my car.
- I want to get your attention.
- You got it.
Need to talk to you,
man. About old times.
- Maybe get your advice.
- Advice?
I thought you out of the trade.
Ain't picked up a
gun in five years.
Ain't looking back, neither.
Never worked on the same
side of the street, either.
So, what do I have
that you need?
I'm looking to do some business
with the law and order boys.
I'm what you to call,
uh, information broker.
My, my, my. Taking a
sullen names, have you?
You know me, hawk.
I got a little more
dignity than that.
And a big overhear
than a penny ante snitch.
Spin your tail, let's ride.
First time I heard about you,
it was about that handkerchief
you used to leave
to sign your hits.
All I use it for now is to
wipe sweat from my brow
when I exert myself.
Which happens with
more frequency than I like.
I'm getting old, hawk.
Lot of shooters don't live
long enough to say that.
You've been blessed.
Hmm-mm. I was good.
So, if I decide to
help, what doors
you planning on going through?
You're still not
convinced, are you?
- You don't trust me.
- Never did.
- Where for, now?
- Touche.
Well, you do decide to
steer me in a direction
it'll be straight to the top.
Come again?
I know you got contacts,
hawk. You always did have.
I need to talk to
somebody for j.D.
Justice department? At
least you have not become shy
in your old age.
It's been a long road, hawk.
Long road.
[Intense music]
[Instrumental music]
[Phone rings]
We've got to talk.
I can't think, I can't sleep.
Wish I had more
sympathy for you, Anna.
What am I supposed to do, Joe?
I'll be here another week.
Come. We'll talk.
Sounds interesting, Mr. Slater.
But I can't make the
decision on my own.
Nobody's asking you to
make a decision, Carlson.
This is not g-man's
school junior.
I want you to relay what
I told you to the brass.
O'keefe, Wade, somebody
with some weight.
And after they check
out this man's credentials
then we'll have
something to talk about.
And by the way, you tell
o'keefe that I'm not interested
in training his new agent.
You got that, junior?
Yeah, you gotta chance
lying somewhere between
fat and skinny. But these
boys'll make you sweat.
Makes them feel important.
I'm staying at the
Washington court.
You give me a call if
you hear anything, yeah?
Aw, man! Oh, it
almost got me, man!
You mind if I hang out with you?
Damn, you hard old cars.
[Instrumental music]
Man, that wasn't a couple
firecrackers somebody
planted back there.
Who told you? But I got
big question for you, sleazy.
You've been out on
harm's way for five years.
Why are you jumping
back into the frame now?
Economics, my brother.
I got a daughter,
13. Name's kissy.
Her mother died a few years ago.
Now I gotta make
sure she's taken care of.
I had a check-up
a while ago, hawk.
I'm not gonna be around long.
So, jd buys my suggestion, I
can ensure my daughter's future.
Two visits in two days.
Must like my company, hawk.
Man in a black suit tried to
kill Jesse tuner yesterday.
And all night long,
I keep thinking.
It couldn't be Joe Dayton.
Cause he stood right over there
yesterday and told me to my face
that he forgot the whole thing.
Well, now. The worst thing
you could have done is lie to me
when I told you that
Jesse was my blood!
Come from the truth!
I'll give you truth.
I have been shamed!
Your cousin ripped me off!
Twice! Nobody does
that to me. Nobody!
I will do whatever it takes
to bring Jesse Turner down!
Well, well, well.
All this time you
measuring Jesse for coffin
you never even thought
about the woman.
'Maybe she is making
a fool out of you.'
maybe she came on to him.
Maybe she took the
money and slipped away
when you found out.
Takes two to tango, Mr. Dayton.
You get out of here
while you still can.
I can't wait to leave.
But you hear me, Joe d.
The road to Jesse Turner
is paved through me.
[Intense music]
[Instrumental music]
Must be going stir crazy.
I'm alright.
What are you working on?
Hmm. A report that's due
when I get back from vacation.
You know, I've been so
wrapped up in my own problems..
I end up in my room, I
don't know what you're doing.
Or who you are.
I'm a psychologist.
- Surprising.
- Why surprising?
I don't know.
But you look like you
could be in the fashion world
or something.
Well, yeah. I mean,
you're beautiful.
Heard you playing this
afternoon. It was wonderful.
I was playing for you.
You were playing for yourself.
I only meant to give
you a compliment.
And I, you.
Look, I don't wanna step
on your toes or anything..
If you and hawk
have something
What? Friends. We are.
And I gave my word to
hawk that I would shelter you.
Can we be friends?
I'd like that.
[Instrumental music]
I made a good living.
Had a pretty good reputation.
Best money can buy.
And I was proud of it, too.
Judith's traveling along, hawk.
You got a family?
Become an easy Mark.
Yeah. Weak link,
only way to get to you.
Now, you got it.
See, my mother and I
had nothing in common.
Except her.
He spend a lot of time around
your flesh and blood, hawk.
Changes you.
I felt so responsible for her.
So protective.
One day, she's about eight..
She asked me
what I did for a living.
I couldn't answer.
So you quit?
Yeah. And gladly.
Two years, man, I turned
down every offer that came.
Till people finally realized
this man is serious.
I started gambling for living.
I'll send him money.
When her mother died..
And my luck ran out.
Like I lost the touch.
I got into debt. Hmm.
Big debt.
And then this health
thing kicked in.
Pump's almost gone, man.
Well now..
Maybe I can use
your services, broker.
Where for?
I'm dealing with a dude
named Joe Dayton.
He wants to deep
six my flesh and blood.
Seems that he was dallying
with Mr. Dayton's mistress.
And then there is a question
about some missing money.
Which makes
Mr. Dayton's jaws very tight.
So you can't cop into a
temporary insanity plea on that.
Nah. Nah, no, no, no. I
do believe he's innocent.
About the money.
But I cannot
convince Mr. Dayton.
Hmm. Girl's the key then.
You get her to tell
Dayton the truth.
'I still know the big
boys in the Atlantic city.'
I could locate her
with two phone calls.
In exchange..
You go all out for me at
the justice department.
No milk, no shake. Ha-ha.
[Trombone music]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
(Hawk) 'Not bad, Jesse.'
not bad.
How you doing?
Setting off for few
explosions here and there.
I appreciate what you're doing.
You know, I wish,
I-I wish I could play
like this all the time.
Not for the casino crowd.
Not popular enough.
So I give them what they want.
You come from people
true to that talent.
Your heritage says
you're rich man.
'Could be, you got to
continue the tradition.'
hey, I'm not down on my self.
I like what I do.
I just wish that I could do
better sometime, that's all.
I mean, I know when
the music is right.
When it's pure.
You know, when I was a kid..
I thought one day..
I'll be like Louis Armstrong.
Just floating on
that sweet sound.
That's all I ever wanted.
When I was a kid.
Now, I play for my supper.
Could be different.
Will be when you try.
I'm not good enough.
All that takes is
courage, Jesse.
And I'm not you!
Man! Don't you
think I'd like to be.
'You don't understand
what it's like.'
just to keep working.
There's not a lot of
places for me to go.
I do know.
I understand the
daytons of this world.
Which means you've
got to rise above them.
Yeah right.
In heaven.
Maybe, that's where
I'll finally get my chance.
Me and Gabriel.
Alright, Jesse.
You know.
You know, it's like
fishing for marlin.
You snag a big, fierce one,
you fight it for all its worth
and then It tires.
And dies.
That's nature. Ah!
I love it.
And you, are about
to land me two big fish
and clear your debts.
What about my daughter?
Oh, my people will release her.
'As soon as hand me
their heads on the platter.'
What's the trouble?
You got qualms?
Hawk's professional.
He knows the rules.
- Jesse Turner is harmless.
- Mmm-mmm-mmm.
I want him hurt.
You want him dead,
there's a difference.
- Big waste of talent.
- Talent?
What's that got to
do with anything?
Doesn't matter to you, does it?
Maybe some lives
are worth keeping?
Oh, you're a philosopher.
No, I'm not a
philosopher, Mr. Dayton.
But I've heard
Jesse Turner play.
Other folk might like too.
Slater, I'm a businessman.
I live up to my contracts
or I get penalized.
The same thing goes
for all my associates.
You do what you agreed to do.
Or I'll burn your kid, huh?
[Dramatic music]
(Slater) 'I have some
good news for you.'
'i burned up that phone
last night to Atlantic city'
'tracking down a certain
miss Anna George.'
- 'and?'
- 'and I got lucky.'
I found out she's
taking a train to DC
for a secret
meeting with Dayton.
Now you get to
her before he does..
Maybe you can
gain some leverage.
Here's the train number.
And time of arrival.
My, my, my. You're in a
brilliant mood this morning.
Makes you ready for
that meeting with the feds.
Yup, bring them on.
Our people did an extensive
check up on you, Mr. Slater.
Your story holds water.
Apparently you're quite
formidable when you were active.
That was my past. I
wanna talk about my future.
We do things in stages.
The justice department
is a bureaucracy.
How long?
Give me your
terms, dollar figure.
We understand
about the immunity.
You also need to think
about the extent of protection
you might need.
- We can't offer much.
- I can take care of myself.
I bet you can.
So you have a figure in mind?
I want 50,000 to start with
an additional 50 at the end
of the first year provided
what I give you is satisfactory.
What do you think, hawk?
Is this man worth his fee?
You want to know about the
three crime families in Chicago
the movers and
shakers in Atlantic city
the muscle boys in St.
Louis, mo, and Kansas City.
He rubs elbows with
all of them and more.
You'll figure that out yourself.
Okay, take it back to my people.
We'll meet in my office
on Thursday morning.
[Suspenseful music]
[Indistinct chatter]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
(Male #1) 'Hawk.'
Hello, central. This is unit 34.
I need an address verification
for the following number
[Music continues]
Now, how did I know I get a
call about static on the line?
If you want another
angry customer deal
well, now you do it.
Thank you.
[Music continues]
Hey, here. Take the money, man.
- Take it!
- Wait!
What? Who are you?
I'm hawk. I'm Jesse
Turner's cousin.
What do you want with me?
I need to have a
heart-to-heart conversation
before you go and
talk to Joe Dayton.
This is kidnapping.
This is a conversation.
Jesse, listen, I'm
going out for a little bit.
I'll be back in about
an hour, okay?
Okay, see you later.
[Tires screeching]
(Hawk) 'I've known
Jesse a long time.'
there are some things
he does I don't agree with
but stealing is not one of them.
So I have to give considerable
thought to what he says.
What did he tell you?
That he loved you.
And you gave him the
impression that you loved him too.
And when things got a little too
heavy, you panicked and split.
Woman, let me
tell you something.
Joe Dayton is a viper.
When he's out for revenge,
nobody means anything to him.
You have deflated his ego,
which means you are his enemy.
Regardless of what
happens to Jesse
just what do you think
he's gonna do to you?
What was I supposed to
do? I didn't know what to do.
Things got all
messed up, so I ran.
And left Jesse holding the bag.
You don't care about Jesse,
you care about yourself.
I love him.
I wanted out of the relationship
with Joe before
Jesse came along.
'I planned on taking the money
and going to Europe to study'
until I fell in love with Jesse.
When things got out of control,
I-I didn't spend the money
I just hid it away.
Thinking about Jesse..
He must really hate me.
I told you, he loves you.
Where is he?
Somewhere safe.
Anna, you think about
what I just told you.
Maybe we go to
Dayton, I go with you
and I assure that
you will protect it after.
But you gotta
tell the whole truth
just like you did to me now.
[Suspenseful music]
[Trombone music]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
[Intense music]
[Music continues]
[Intense music]
I shouldn't have left, hawk.
If you hadn't, you'd be
laying there beside him.
I saw him, hawk,
a man, tall, black.
Wore a hat, late
40s, trench coat.
Yeah. How do you know?
Left a message.
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
You'll have to wait in
here. This way, Mr. Dayton.
Go in and relax, the doctor
will be with you in a moment.
You know, as drops
they put in there.
That makes it hard to focus.
- Focus on this.
- 'Hawk!'
'don't-don't be a fool.'
(hawk) 'You're the
one who's a fool.'
I don't want any
yip-yat chit-chat
just tell me where he is.
He-he-he's taking a bus
back to Atlantic city,
that-that's all I know.
Don't you turn around.
[Intense music]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
(Female #1) 'This is the
last call for bus number 33.'
[indistinct announcement]
'and Atlantic city
boarding at ramp nine.'
'gold line bus number 16
is now arriving at ramp four.'
He has my daughter, hawk.
Why didn't you tell me?
It doesn't matter.
Too late now.
[Indistinct announcement]
[Music continues]
(Male #2) 'Hey, what the heck?'
[Music continues]
I'm sorry about Jesse, man.
I-I didn't have a choice.
Neither did I.
He still got my daughter, hawk.
I need you. I need you.
I'll see to it.
They're here.
I, um..
I took the money on my own.
'I-I was planning
on leaving you'
and Jesse had
nothing to do with it.
Here's a check, cashier's
check for most of it.
I've-I've-i think I've
spent about 2000
I'll get the rest back to you.
You think you can
just end it like that?
What about my pride?
Enough of you and your pride.
Your pride got Jesse killed,
your pride got slater killed.
Leave it alone!
What's the point of
going on with this?
I'd tell you what, rich man,
use all the shooters you want
'against her, and
I will protect her.'
slater was good, but I'm
the best. Cogitate on it.
You don't wanna
start a war with me.
Alright, hawk.
Go, it's over.
[Instrumental music]
Slater's daughter.
Served the purpose. She's free.
[Music continues]
I guess Dayton gets
away with killing Jesse.
Might be surprised, could
be arrested even as we speak.
'Man in the justice department
wanted some names'
'that slater was
supposed to give him.'
when I told him how Dayton
interfered, he was very angry.
But when I further discussed
my willingness to tell the truth
about Mr. Dayton, he
became very elated again.
Do you think slater was really
going to give those names.
I don't know, maybe, maybe
he just wait to see how the wind
would blow, but I do know this.
He felt better off retired.
You'll be alright.
I guess.
I'm going to miss him.
God, he could play.
Best part of him.
Listen to this.
[Trombone music]
Once you hear
music, it's in the air.
You can never
recapture it again.
[Theme music]
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