A Man Called Hawk (1989) s01e07 Episode Script

Choice of Chance

[Theme music]
[Music continues]
[Instrumental music]
[Instrumental music]
[Engine starts]
Elijah rock shout shout ♪
Elijah rock coming up lord ♪
Elijah ♪
rock shout shout ♪
Elijah rock coming up lord ♪
Elijah ♪
rock shout shout ♪
Elijah rock coming up lord ♪
Elijah rock shout shout ♪
Elijah rock comin' up lord ♪
Elijah rock shout shout ♪
[Dramatic music]
(Female ♪!) 'Hey, baby!'
[indistinct chatter]
[Instrumental music]
Elijah rock comin' up lord ♪
Elijah ♪
rock shout shout ♪
Elijah rock comin' up lord ♪
Elijah ♪
rock shout shout ♪
Elijah rock coming up lord ♪
Sit here next to my friend.
The voices are in
good form tonight.
Elijah rock comin' up lord ♪♪
Alright. Stop.
Hold it right there.
Now, I may only be the minister
here and your choir director
maybe out ill tonight and
we may not have the luxury
of a piano for accompaniment
but I swear, that is no
reason to be hearing
all these sour notes.
Sister carver, was that your
fine voice I heard squeaking?
- I'm afraid it was, reverend.
- 'Hmm.'
(Marvin) 'Hey, let's try this
one more time again, please.'
and this time, Mrs. Carver
will sing on key. And..
[Piano note]
Elijah rock shout shout ♪
Elijah rock comin' up lord ♪
Elijah rock shout shout ♪♪
Michael, you promised
I could watch cartoons
until dinner time!
Shut up, Leslie!
But the game just started
and that's what we're watching.
We'll see what mom and dad
have to say when they get home.
[Man on TV
speaking indistinctly]
Hey, ruthie.
Run next door and get butch.
He knows better than
to come home after dark.
Okay, daddy, but you
he won't listen to me.
I'll go with you. I'll bet he'll
listen to his uncle Bobby.
Uncle Bobby, could you put on
your mean face
when you tell him?
Yeah. I'll get him.
[Instrumental music]
(Ken) 'That bankers should
have kept his mouth shut.'
(Nicholas) 'Some
people just never learn.'
(Ken) Yeah.
'A few more blocks.'
(Nicholas) 'Let's
just do it, man.'
Time for dinner, butch.
(Butch) Well, come
on and watch the game.
Uncle Bobby?
Hey, guy, let's go.
Oh, come on..
Elijah rock comin' up lord ♪
Satan s a liar
and a conjurer too ♪
if you don't mind
out he'll conjure you ♪
if I could I surely would ♪
just stand on the rock
where Moses stood ♪
rock Elijah rock shout shout ♪
[Instrumental music]
(Ken) This is it.
You sure?
Yeah. Yeah, this is the place.
Let's go.
Ruthie, you wanna
see my new winter coat?
Is it alright, uncle Bobby?
Alright. Go ahead, but
just one look, you know.
Your dad has got dinner waiting.
Rock Elijah rock shout shout ♪
Elijah Elijah Elijah ♪
rock ♪
shout shout shout ♪
Hey! What are you guys doing?
Coming up lord ♪
Elijah rock shout shout ♪
Elijah rock coming up lord ♪
Elijah rock shout shout ♪
Elijah rock coming up.. ♪♪
(Male #1) 'Somebody
call the police!'
(Female #2) 'They brought
the Van to banker's house!'
Elijah ♪
rock shout shout ♪
(Female #3) 'Don't
you go out there!'
Elijah ♪
[Engine starts]
[Tire screeches]
[Horn honking]
[Indistinct chatter]
Hawk, seems like we haven't
seen you in church in a long time.
Been on the golf course.
We could use someone like
yourself in the congregation.
Seems like today people
feel like they're too busy
to worship.
Told the boy here that you
take care of the homeless.
And that we do.
I also spoke to the
owner of the shelter.
He plans to renew your lease.
I trust you spoke
to him politely.
(Mrs. Craver) No! No! No!
[Dramatic music]
(Female #4) 'What?
What happened?'
- 'her son was shot.'
- 'No.'
[instrumental music]
[Indistinct chatter]
I told you they couldn't
keep them away from us.
Look at him, he never
should have testified
against those people.
[Machines beeping]
Get the door.
Mr. and Mrs. Bankers,
federal agent romero.
Will you please come with me?
What is this world coming
to when thugs can just walk
into someone's house
and start shooting
without reason?
There is always a reason.
What do you mean, you
haven't found them yet?
(Hodges) 'I know this
is hard for you, ruthie.'
but can you describe the people
who came in with the guns?
It happened so fast.
All I can remember is one was
black and the other was white.
Can you give us any more
details like, how tall were they?
It was hard to tell.
I don't know exactly.
Those guns went off..
And uncle Bobby..
They murdered.
Mr. and Mrs. Bankers.
I'm detective Hodges. Homicide.
I'd like to ask you
some questions.
(Romero) 'I'm
sorry, but not now.'
excuse me.
I'm federal agent
romero, detective.
And at the moment, this
couple is under my jurisdiction.
Well, agent, there's been
a murder in my precinct.
(Mrs. Bankers) 'No!'
There is so much
pain here tonight
it's hard to know
where to soothe it.
- Let's start right there.
- Hmm.
Alright? Aw, shh. Come on, now!
Don't, oh, baby, it's..
Are you alright?
Listen. Listen, listen..
Now, what brings
you back to D.C.?
Strong winds, fast seas, romero.
Looks like a storm
brought you here.
You know anything
about this shooting, hawk?
I know some innocent people
got caught in the middle of
somebody else's trouble.
What do you know about it?
Could be drugs.
Neighborhood gang.
You know that can't be so.
I don't know anything for sure.
That gold in that badge
must be blinding you, Hodges.
Romero here works with
the feds. Witness protection.
Those white people
were the targets
that brown family suffered.
That's what this is about.
Well, there's nothing
I can do about that.
Well, there's
something that I can.
[Instrumental music]
More violence
tonight in the DC area.
Two gunmen burst into a home
and opened fire on a family.
Police say that one
14-year old boy has died.
Another 14-year old..
(Nicholas) 'Hey, Kenny.'
we ain't put the
guy's lights out.
Mack is going to
be pretty ticked off.
(Nicholas) 'Where you going?'
I'm getting out of this dump.
We're supposed to
lay dead for a while.
Mack isn't gonna like that.
The hell with mcpherson.
Every Sunday morning, I get
up on that pulpit and I preach.
Man! Do I preach!
Using big colorful words.
Throwing in a hearty,
"yes lord! Hear now!"
The amen corner hums, "yes"
and every single member of that
congregation is filled
with the spirit of the lord.
And then they go home and
get the hell shot out of them.
- You knew this family well.
- Yes!
They are a good family,
a god fearing family.
This is a tragedy that
never should have happened!
It won't happen to them again.
[Instrumental music]
[Instrumental music]
Hey! Easy now! Easy!
Hey! I hear you're
looking for a shooting team.
One black, one white.
That's the question,
now tell me the answer.
Most like to work alone. Only
two teams I know of like that.
One's on the west coast right
now, the other, from Chinatown.
'Party boys. Little crazy.'
'what's the names worth to you?'
depends on whether the
names match the location.
Grey boy named, Ken whitewood
and a brother
named, Nick Murdock.
You're long way from home.
How do you know
so much about them?
I did little business with them,
the last time they were in town.
No honor among thieves, huh?
Hey, they took me for a grand.
You're not here
because I love you.
If they're here, I don't
know where they're staying.
But I do know they
like the atmosphere
'at the sage
rush, bar and grill.'
hey! Hawk! What about
some dineros here?
Helpful, friendly, courteous,
kind, obedient, cheerful
thrifty, brave, clean, reverent,
you should've been a boy scout.
Boy scout.
[Indistinct chattering]
What will be, hawk?
A double. Whitewood
with a splash of Murdoch.
You want that straight
up? Or on the rocks?
Eh, comedy has never
been your strong suit.
I don't know their names.
But those maybe
the two party boys
you're looking for over there.
[Woman laughing]
- Wish.
- I will. I know.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Hold these.
Hey, brother.
What's going down?
Boy's dead.
Who the hell are
you supposed to be?
I never suppose. I am.
'Name's hawk.'
I came here to help you
write tomorrow's headlines
either from the city
jail or from the morgue.
[Intense music]
[Instrumental music]
(Mcpherson) 'Didn't
I tell you to stay put?'
(Kenny) We just out
for a couple of beers.
Right, Nick?
Just in case you didn't figure
this out, you missed the target.
We hit the house you gave us.
- You hit the neighbors.
- Tough.
And you blued
up a living witness.
And then you get in
this bar room brawl.
'Now, what in the
hell was that about?'
some black guy asking questions.
(Nick) Big, mean
looking brother.
Said his name was hawk.
I want both of you to
stay out of sight here
and wait for my instructions.
This hawk?
Uh, bodyguard, muscle.
Last I heard, he was in Boston.
But don't worry about him.
I've spent considerable
amount of time and money finding
Mr. Bankers, so I figure
it's alright if I worry.
Because, sooner or later,
he's gonna decide to air
my financial laundering
in front of a grand jury.
(Thorpe) 'I want bankers
dead, Mr. Mcpherson.'
one more thing.
When they finish the
job, get rid of them.
Come in.
I have a little errand for you.
Bajar, romero!
Hey, man, you scared
the hell out of me.
What you got for me?
Oh, no, I can't talk to
you about this one, hawk.
Feds are interested
in the bankers
because their
taxes are delinquent.
Come on, hawk. This
case is hard enough.
- I just can't say.
- Your memory fail in 1985.
Grand jury witness, I found
it when no one else could.
Dues time, romero.
Bankers is a cpa.
One of the best.
He just got his
allegiances a little mixed up.
Now, he's on our side.
Witness protection program
not exactly a well
oiled machine.
His location got leaked to them.
- But we've cut it off.
- Them?
- Hmm?
- Hereness?
I don't know, hawk.
That's another
level of clearance.
This is a hot one,
hawk. Just steer clear!
Young boy just met his maker
and two more waiting in the wings.
It's time to take sides, romero.
I can't change what
happened to those families.
It's past now.
What about that 16-year old
girl that killers know, saw them?
The carver family is
a police matter now.
I'm sorry.
[Tense music]
[Indistinct chatter]
[Tires screeching]
[Dramatic music]
(Mr. Carver) 'You know
times are very different now'
'reverend Lewis.'
yes, they are.
I remember when we didn't
have to lock the doors.
The neighbors used to
look out for one another.
And now, you don't even
know who your neighbors are.
[Doorbell rings]
Excuse me.
What are you doing here?
My presence is needed.
[Instrumental music]
That's them.
Let's go.
Freeze, mister!
Dammit, hawk, there
has got to be a way to stop
all this violence.
(Hawk) Been around
since Kane and Abel.
The innocent always
get caught in between.
Your way works.
People on the street
have a place to live
food to eat.
But it is not enough.
You thinking about
making a change?
I refuse to accept the
idea that the isness
of a man's present nature
makes him morally incapable of
reaching for the oughtness
that forever confronts him.
Martin Luther King.
I often wonder if I might be
able to contribute something
more to society if I was
something other than a minister.
When a man begins the fight
in himself, he finds his worth.
Why do you care?
I have no choice.
My, my, my.
It's good to see the
department decided to send
a bright gold badge when a
plain old patrol man would do.
I assume you came
here to protect the family.
I'm just here to tell them the
two men have been arrested.
- By whom?
- Seems like everybody.
They're off the
streets, it's over.
- Is it?
- It's over, hawk.
You're just going to
cause more problems.
The last thing this family
needs is more interference.
I know the lyric to
that tune, detective.
[Telephone rings]
Yes, doctor, they're here.
How's my uncle Bobby and butch?
[Instrumental music]
What's the matter, sweetheart?
[Sobbing] Uncle Bobby just died.
[Instrumental music]
[Knock on door]
Come in.
- You ready for them?
- 'Yes.'
Alright, come in.
Have a seat.
The jurisdictional conflict
between federal authorities
and local police today
resulted in a mix-up
'caused two men accused
of attempted assault'
to be released by mistake.
Authorities have released
these photos of the suspects.
Daddy, they're
out of jail, daddy!
(Man on TV) 'Police say that
one 14-year-old boy has died.'
'police are looking
for these men'
'and warned that they're
dangerous and armed.'
'the victim of another
shooting died today.'
'the younger boy also
wounded in that shooting is still'
'in critical but
stable condition.'
'but prince George's county..'
[tense music]
If they won't get those mad
dogs out of the street, then I will.
(Mrs. Carver) 'Violence
from you won't solve anything.'
'you'll just end up behind
bars and what good'
'will that do our family?'
(Mr. Carver) 'What good
will it do to our family'
'if those kind of murderers'
are allowed to walk the street?
They could come
back and do it again.
Oh, honey, please.
The Bible says, "for the
battle is not yours but god's."
But the victory will be ours.
[Instrumental music]
Your mother and father
would want you home.
Yes, sir. They
trust me with you.
Can I go look around now?
They'll be waiting.
I'll take him directly.
Did the visit to the homeless
of the church go well?
I marvel at his curiosity.
When you were his age, curiosity
surrounded you like a landscape.
I was never his age.
He asked me..
Who chooses the
people to suffer.
What did you tell him?
I told him until
they've been displaced
they cannot be forgotten.
They're but for
the grace of god.
- Go high.
- Am I my brother's keeper?
Still not an easy question.
Because it has to be
answered by many, hmm.
I think we're making a big
mistake, going after this girl.
I say we take the
deal the feds offered.
I don't trust them.
Besides, I already
called mcpherson.
Told him we gonna
hit the girl tonight.
Mcpherson is a lot more
dangerous than the feds.
Let's go get the butterfly.
[Instrumental music]
[Automated message] 'Hello,
this is reverend Marvin Lewis'
'and I can't come to
the telephone right now.'
[intense music]
'I'll get back to you
as soon as I can.'
[Suspenseful music]
Come on! Come on, come on!
Come on, come on!
Let's go down that way.
[Intense music]
[Instrumental music]
[Instrumental music]
(Kenny) No!
[Instrumental music]
[Dog barking at distance]
[Indistinct chattering]
(Male #4) 'Hey,
stop that guy, Marty.'
say pal, you got some ID?
Supreme court say,
I don't need those.
(Hodges) 'He's okay. He's okay.'
so what's the deal, policeman?
Deal, hawk is that,
this is a police matter.
A police matter.
Who missed the
bell toll this time?
I thought you could read
minds or something like that.
- Something like that.
- Name's Ken whitewood.
One of the thugs
that feds let escape.
- But you know that.
- Now, who's reading minds?
Somebody shot him four
times. Small caliber gun.
Probably a throw down.
This isn't your typical hit.
That might be precisely
what they want you to think.
[Instrumental music]
[Instrumental music]
Your partner woke
up dead this morning.
He did?
'Yeah, the word on the
street is that the feds let both'
'of you guys out of jail so
that they can nail Mr. Big.'
Is that right, Murdoch?
Look, all know is that
you hired me to do a job.
Why would I want make a deal?
And what are you trying to
do? Set me up or something?
Now, why would I do that?
You going somewhere?
Now, you're not gonna leave town
before you take care
of that witness, ain't ya?
When he tried to Rob
the owner at gunpoint
the gun used by the robber
turned out to be a toy gun.
Authorities say, the man fits
the description for three other
robberies committed
over the past.
'In other news,
around the region'
'fire department spokesman
said officers were dispatched'
'to an area in silver hill
to investigate reports..'
- carver.
- Oh, yes, please come in.
Do you have any news about
the man who killed my brother?
Yeah, one of them
was killed last night.
And what about the other one?
We found a .22 caliber
handgun at the scene.
It turned out to be
the murder weapon.
The gun is registered
to you, Mr. Carver.
Mr. Carver, you have
the right to remain silent.
'You have the
right to an attorney.'
'if you cannot afford
one, the court will appoint'
'a qualified attorney.'
- no, that won't be necessary.
- Regulations.
Please. My daughter,
I don't want her to see.
Do you understand these rights?
Yes, but I didn't kill him.
'I felt like killing him'
but I didn't do it.
Oh, god, please
don't take him to jail.
He couldn't shoot
anyone. Please.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Carver.
[Instrumental music]
I need to talk to you, reverend.
Sit down.
They arrested my father.
They found his gun.
They took him away.
Tell me what happened, ruthie.
I saw them.
I tried to call for help.
They came to get me.
So I took daddy's gun
out of the China drawer.
'I ran out of the
house for safety.'
but he came after
me in the alley.
So, I pointed the gun
and pulled the trigger.
Does your mother
know about this?
Daddy knows.
He told me not to tell anyone.
But I had to tell somebody.
And you were the only
one I thought of, reverend.
The only one I could trust.
Okay. It's okay.
Okay, okay. Alright.
[Instrumental music]
(Hawk) What do
you want, constable?
A man named is Murdoch
is still on the street.
Tell me something I don't know.
I've also just
arrested eddy carver
on a suspicion of murder.
His gun killed whitewood.
Murdoch's a dangerous man, hawk.
Be careful.
[Car engine starts]
[Instrumental music]
[Door lock clicking]
Dangerous man!
[Instrumental music]
(Hawk) 'With all that's happened
seems like your childhood'
'is just racing on by.'
'can't carry all that load'
'on those little
shoulders, ruthie carver.'
people still looking for you.
You're not safe to be out here
all alone.
I was waiting for the reverend.
I needed to talk to someone.
Your father will
survive his ordeal.
He's surrounded by
a whole lot of love.
- Hawk.
- Reverend.
Dig this.
Murdoch is now first baritone
in the federal opera company.
'And his first
rosetta t will not be'
in "the barber
of Seville" either.
You do have a way
with words, hawk.
He's not talking to the man
because he wants a warm bed
and three meals a day.
There's something out
here that scares him so.
You know, who dusted
whitewood, don't you?
- Yes.
- It wasn't Eddie carver.
Little girl get hurt
out here all alone.
Not your style, reverend.
How did you know?
I didn't..
Until now.
[Instrumental music]
I'm alright, baby. Don't worry.
Look, I'm out now.
Everything is gonna be okay.
I'm gonna take care of you.
Where did you get the
money to make my bail?
Oh, well, the church loaned
it to us and reverend Lewis
has been of great
spiritual support.
How can I ever repay
you for your help?
Just come to church more often.
Need to know who the man is.
What man?
This is not a game
show question.
We're dealing with people
who finance countries, armies.
These people are more
than bankers, hawk.
These people buy and sell power.
We're getting middle
management right now.
Excellent preamble.
Now, get on with it.
This case is five years long.
We already nail two
of their lieutenants.
We've been after this
guy for nine months.
There's a long list of these
so-called power brokers
but we can nail this
one right now for murder.
- If Murdoch sings.
- I think he will.
Hey, look.
Thugs are a dime a dozen.
- We want the bankers.
- Damn the bankers!
I'm fresh out of
Patience, romero.
This little program of
yours has little regard
for innocent people who
have been paying and paying.
Time to stop!
The name?
- Augustus thorpe.
- Muchisimas gracias.
Police know who
killed mcpherson?
They found him in
Murdoch's hotel room.
- Where is Murdoch now?
- Under guard in the hospital.
He's due to be moved to
the prison hospital today.
[Instrumental music]
(Woman on P.A.)
'Dr. Rose, 4-2-1-2.'
'Dr. Rose, 4-2-1-2.'
your status?
- 'Yeah, well let me know.'
- Roger.
(Woman on P.A.) 'Dr.
Phillips to pediatrics.'
'Dr. Phillips to pediatrics.'
[instrumental music]
[Dramatic music]
Good morning, how you doing?
I'll be out before you
get home to dinner.
- 'Sniper!'
- 'where?
(Male #5) 'Parking structure.'
let's go! Go! Go! Cover.
[Piano music]
Come on children let's sing ♪
let's sing ♪
about the
goodness of the lord ♪
come on children let's shout ♪
let's shout ♪
all about god's rich reward ♪
help guard my
footsteps everyday ♪
keep me walking
in the narrow way ♪
oh come on
children let's sing ♪
(Male #8) 'Today's service will
have a wonderful feeling to it.'
yes, it seems a miracle
that sister carver's voice
could be filled with such life.
In the last few days
have brought such despair
but carver family's good
deeds have prevailed.
The bankers family have been
moved out of D.C. and the police
have a signed confession
that proves that ruthie
did not murder whitewood.
Deeds themselves have souls.
And like souls,
good deeds live on.
No lawyer say that there is
a good case for self defense.
They have been blessed
with a strength of faith and love.
Love surrounds
them like the winds.
Never visible
but always felt.
'The church reinforces
this in our character.'
'and helps us to remember..'
listen to your heartbeat.
There is strength in the church.
That strength does not
lie in the bricks and mortar
of the structure.
- It lies in
- the souls of men.
My lord your god my lord ♪
ohhh oooh ♪
that is why I can sing

that's why I can sing ♪
that is why I can shout ♪
because I love and
it's all about goodness ♪
oh ho ho ♪
oh my lord ♪♪
[Theme music]
Victory victory
shall be mine ♪
ohhh ♪
victory victory
shall be mine ♪
if I hold my peace ♪
let the lord fight my battle ♪
victory victory
shall be mine ♪
ohhh ♪
joy joy shall be mine ♪
ohhh ♪
joy joy shall be mine ♪
ohhh ♪
if I hold my peace ♪
let the lord fight my battle ♪
victory victory
shall be mine ♪
ohhh ♪
love love shall be mine ♪
ohhhh ♪
love love shall be mine ♪
if I hold my peace ♪
let the lord fight my battle ♪
victory victory
shall be mine ♪
ohhh ♪
victory victory
shall be mine ♪
yeah yeah yeah ♪
victory victory
shall be mine ♪♪
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