A Man Called Hawk (1989) s01e08 Episode Script


[Music continues]
[Instrumental music]
[Indistinct chatter]
[Instrumental music]
- Ah, serita.
- Ambassador.
Mm, so good to see you. Hawk.
Perhaps we'll all have
a chance to talk later.
You sure you can't
make it tomorrow night?
The dance troop was fantastic.
I've seen them perform before.
You have? Where?
In Abuja.
Sometimes I wonder
which one of us
is the globetrotting diplomat.
Serita, you look
lovely tonight, as usual.
Why, thank you, Mr. Julian.
Um, hawk, this is
an acquaintance
'from the embassy next door.'
'their attache, Mr. Julian.'
Mr. Julian, my escort, hawk.
Hawk, what an interesting name.
And what do you do, Mr. Hawk?
I don't.
He's a consultant.
A very private consultant.
[Woman shrieks]
(Female #1) 'Oh
please! Somebody help!
[Intense music]
This is security, call for
an emergency ambulance.
She's gone.
- Oh, no.
- You know her?
Who is it, sir?
She is my daughter!
My god! My god!
[Indistinct chatter]
So, what did Mr. Ferris
say? How did he react?
I have to ask the
state department.
Come on, detective,
daughters of diplomats
are not immune to drug abuse.
So, what's your angle, that
drugs are the curse of the rich?
Don't be ridiculous.
Drugs affect people
from every walk of life.
'That's why I'm
doing this story.'
what did she die of, Matt?
Looks like an overdose.
We won't know until we
get the coroner's report.
'Something's not
right about this one.'
what do you mean?
You think she was murdered?
All I'm saying is that
I've seen a lot of ods
and this one looks different.
Matt, I'm gonna
write about this story
whether you want me to or not.
Now, either you talk to me
or I'll find someone who will.
(Matt) Okay, fine.
Go ahead, do your expose,
and when you're finished
I'll still have drug
dealers and pushers
on the street to contend with.
You really don't think
it can ever be stopped?
Oh, if I really believed that
I wouldn't risk my neck
on the street every day.
Don't patronize me, Matt!
You're removed from the
problem, Carol. You write about it.
I'm out here on the street
living the reality
every single day.
I'm just as involved as
you are! More than you!
Why are you so hell bent on
doing an expose on drug dealer?
Because none of us can
escape what's going on.
Not even the innocent.
Carol what is it?
Six months ago..
I had a beautiful
little boy to love.
I didn't care about
drugs on the street.
"Didn't affect me," I said.
My son was killed.
Shot to death.
Caught in a crossfire between
two drugged out maniacs.
So, don't you tell
me I'm not involved.
I'm sorry.
So am I.
[Dramatic music]
(Cy) Her mother
died ten years ago.
I have no other children.
No, thank you, cy.
I just want to convey
the sorrow I feel for your loss.
And the regret that
my government has
that such a tragedy took
place in our embassy.
I thank you very much
for that, Mr. Ambassador.
[Door opens]
Friends are the only
consolation in time like this.
Sometimes that's
not even enough.
You work in the embassy?
I was guest of the
deputy of economic affairs.
She said, you might
want to see me.
You're hawk. Of course, I
saw you there with serita.
She was so kind
to help me after..
She said you might
want something more.
Well, I should be returning.
I can let myself out.
Cy, please let me know if
there's anything I can do.
- Hawk..
- I'll keep you informed.
Please say she didn't
die from an overdose.
'She was poisoned.'
that's right, she actually died
from strychnine
laced in with the drug.
It's all poison.
Somebody killed my little girl.
That's why I need your help.
I can find out what
happened to your daughter
Mr. Ferris, so can the police.
I want more than finding out.
I know, it's in your eyes.
It's in your voice,
you want revenge.
Someone murdered my daughter.
I want them dead.
I can promise you information.
I cannot promise you the
kind of justice you're seeking.
Money is not a problem, hawk.
Money is never a
problem to me, Mr. Ferris.
Now, was your daughter a user?
[Sighs] She had everything.
All she had to
do was ask for it.
Perhaps she asked
the wrong person.
Yes, I thought, she'd
be too smart to get invol
Mr. Ferris.
There are a lot of
smart children out there
putting all kinds of
poison in their bodies.
Lots of children.
Last night, a young man
with glasses, in his 20s.
John Simons.
- Boyfriend?
- 'Her escort.'
what's he got to do with this?
I'm about to find out.
[Dramatic music]
[Indistinct chatter]
[Door opens]
[Door closes]
Drinking to forget.
Hm? Are you talking to me?
You're the only one in here
who looks like he wants
to have a conversation.
I-I'm busy.
Joanna Ferris is dead.
Chuck, this guy is
starting to bug me.
It's time to move on, trooper.
Why don't you go down to
Florida and hit some pop flies
while I talked to John here?
Well, why don't I just
use your head as a ball?
Stay down, fat boy.
[Clears throat]
[Door closes]
Why are you hassling me, man?
I don't even know you.
You were at the embassy
that night Joanna Ferris died.
So I danced with her, man,
she danced with a lot of guys.
I don't know anything
about her death.
I can tell by the fine
company you keep
that you're an educated man.
I suppose you came here
to have tea and crumpets
with Princess dye, huh?
I can go out with who I want to.
And give them drugs too.
I didn't give her any drugs.
I suppose you don't take
any drugs either, huh?
What? No, I'm clean.
Roll up your sleeves.
Come on, man.
Either you do or I do.
[Intense music]
Your tracks ooze tears.
[Indistinct chatter]
Good afternoon, sweetheart.
Can I help you with something?
No, thank you.
If you're looking for some place
I know the
neighborhood real well.
I don't need any help.
Are you sure? You look
like you're lost to me.
I'm a reporter with the
"Washington mirror."
Now, why I'm here is none
of your concern, if you'll just
Hey, what's your hurry?
Besides, you shouldn't be
in this neighborhood alone.
It's a lucky thing
for you, you got me
to protect you from
the criminal element.
[Dramatic music]
Hey, hey, that's not nice!
Oh, no, no! No!
[Both grunt]
Gentle or rough..
It doesn't make much
difference to me, honey.
What do we have here?
Stop it, take your hands of me!
[Indistinct yelling]
Oh, my god, hawk.
I can't believe it's you.
You alright?
Yes, I think so.
Is your car around here?
Down the block.
You are a long way from
the society page, Carol.
Tell me.
That guy just proved it.
I'm on city now, hawk.
Crime beat.
You here trying to be the
subject of your own story?
Seems like that, huh?
Like you say, a long way
from weddings and
debutante parties.
I was told there's a
crack house around here.
I'm working on an article.
Guess it was kind of
stupid to come alone.
You're absolutely right.
I won't make that mistake again.
You only have to
make that mistake once.
Thank you, again.
I owe you.
Repay me by trying to
be more careful, huh?
I'll be okay, you
see, hawk, I'm tough.
The question is, are
you tough enough?
[Instrumental music]
[Indistinct chatter]
You haven't changed much
in ten years. Prettier maybe.
I always thought you were
great looking in high school.
You turned a few heads
yourself, if I remember.
Oh, sure, I was always a beauty.
No, asha, I mean it.
So, besides the
high school reunion
what do you want with me, Carol?
Okay, I'm not gonna kid you.
I know you're associated
with Jackie stubbs.
'I got that from
a police officer.'
[chuckles] So?
I wanna meet stubbs, talk.
Interview him for a
series of articles I'm doing.
Interview him? Why would
you wanna interview him?
Oh, come on, ash, Jackie's
into drugs and you know it.
- Union is over.
- Hey!
Let's talk straight here.
Every cop in town knows
about Jackie stubbs.
It's only a matter of
time before they bust him.
Do you know about him?
He's a dangerous man.
Drugs are dangerous, too.
Listen, I won't use
his name, okay?
- Can you arrange a meeting?
- Oh, I love this, Carol.
You haven't seen
me in ten years.
Then you've come to me,
so you can set someone up
so you can win
the pulitzer prize?
You always looked after me.
[Chuckles softly]
Remember the time you stopped
big Mabel Smith from
taking my head off?
[Both chuckle]
Yeah, she was a big girl.
And mean.
Asha, you know what
it is to do a good story.
To get all the inside facts.
To make it real, to help.
I've kept up with your career
wishing all the time
that it was mine.
'You're good.'
'i dropped out.'
I'll help you, you help me.
I wanna start over again.
I would do anything
to do what you do.
Just think of maybe you could..
Get me a job.
Maybe on the paper?
Even if you didn't
help me, I can do that.
[Intense music]
[Car door opens]
(Male #1) 'Good
evening, Mr. Boros.'
got something for me?
I think your people
will be pleased.
Have been so far.
Usual price,
count it if you like.
No need.
I hear there's been some
trouble with the other supplies.
Yeah, what's that?
Never mind, you're fortunate
you're dealing with
someone you can trust.
[Sighs] Next week.
I'll call.
[Indistinct chatter]
- You know him?
- I did briefly.
You have an
interest in this, hawk?
Private, how'd he die?
Some junk that's been poisoned.
You have a client,
I have an epidemic.
Seven, so far.
I could use some help.
I'm still listening.
Okay, here it is.
No one in the drug business
would poison the well, right?
I mean, even a
junkie is smart enough
not to shoot up strychnine.
Assuming he knows
that's what it is.
Let me throw a name at you.
"Jackie stubbs", you know him?
I've assiduously avoided
the pleasure of his company.
But I do listen to the
language of the street.
Alright, here's
another one, "harker."
Major player, used to control
ninety percent of the
smack in the district.
"Used to."
This percentage
has been bitten into
by Neo-fight, Jackie stubbs.
You got a finish for this act?
Yeah, suppose harker
has been doctoring the dope
in stubbs district, junkies
freak out, buy somewhere else.
'From harker like they used to.'
or vice versa.
Either way, you slice it though.
We got the makings
of a gang war.
'No guns and blood, mind
you, just a nice vicious'
marketing ploy to
destroy competition.
That's a lovely
theory. I wish you luck.
All I'm asking is that
you keep me informed.
Share with me what you get.
You ever known me to
make a deal with a man?
No, you haven't known me to ask.
I'm a cop, hawk, high profile.
Harker and stubbs see me
coming, they turn into deaf mutes.
'You got a client.'
'i got the rest of the city.'
and we both want the same thing
to get these maniacs
that are killing people.
Neither you nor I can
ever stop senseless killing.
[Dramatic music]
[Birds chirping]
(Male #2) 'I
appreciate this, hawk.'
'my government would feel
more comfortable, I think'
if that young girls'
murderer were apprehended.
Especially if we
had a hand in it.
I'm sure your government
has spent a lot of time
feeling uncomfortable about it.
I know, I know the
language of diplomacy.
As if so abstract a thing as
a government could mourn.
The police are
figuring it's a gang war.
One group poisoning
another supplier
to force them out of business.
- And the Ferris girl?
- An accident.
There are others dying, I hear.
- Seven so far.
- Hm. Ah, Mr. Julian.
Mr. Julian is from our
neighboring litigation.
He is a medical specialist.
We've met.
Yes, serita's friend
from the reception.
You gentlemen share a common
concern in the drug tragedy.
Every night, I wonder,
"how many more are dying?"
It's almost beyond
comprehension, isn't it?
Hawk informs me that there
may be some sort of gang war
of which these drug poisonings
are an offshoot, Julian.
And the police do nothing.
In my country, those
who deal in narcotics
face capital punishment,
they are shot.
Yes, well, the police
are working here also.
- As is hawk.
- Oh.
I told Mr. Ferris, I would find
out why his daughter died.
And you think you can?
I will.
Man wants to see you.
I thought as much you've
been behind me all morning.
In the car.
Don't give me that look, Jack.
Remember who's got the gun.
Yeah, remember
who's got the gun.
Let's go see harker.
This time, I'll be behind you.
[Engine starts]
[Engine revs]
[Tires screeches]
You have been asking
questions about me.
Do you have something
to hide, harker?
Watch your mouth.
Let it be, butch.
Why? This jerk don't scare me.
He should. Now leave us alone.
Okay, so you're here.
Ask me to my face
what you need to know.
Remember, you've
been following me.
Now, an absurd question.
Are you poisoning drugs?
Of course not.
Is any of this poison
showing up in your area?
- Yes.
- 'What are you doing about it?'
what can I do?
Hundreds of suppliers.
Do you ever check?
What am I? A chemist?
I can't analyze every batch.
Of course not, cost
too much money
just sell that death.
Anything else, hawk?
One last question.
Is any of this poison coming
out of Jackie stubbs' turf?
Stubbs? I don't know.
It might be worth finding out.
Yeah, stubbs. He would do that.
'He's a vicious
little punk, hawk.'
I should have dealt with
him when he first moved in.
That is not your style, harker.
You put down your
guns a long time ago.
(Harker) 'Going to see stubbs?'
I might.
You might want to
keep your head down.
Violence may be in my past
but if I find out that stubbs
is dirtying my goods..
Well, let's just say that I
still remember how to shoot.
[Dramatic music]
[Indistinct chatter]
Oh, that's asha.
Ernie, let her in.
Have fun, Jackie.
I'm out of here.
Hey, what's the matter?
You don't want your
name in the papers?
You got it.
Welcome, welcome.
You must be the reporter.
Have a seat.
Jackie, this is Carol
rowe. Lady I told you about.
Yeah. Well, yeah!
I appreciate you taking
the chance to speak
with me, Jackie.
Don't use any names or
anything, just like we talked.
What do you need to know?
Anything you can tell me about
the drug flow in Washington.
'Well, how it comes in.'
how it's processed,
distributed, the chain, if you will.
Beautiful lady, who cares
about the technicalities of it all?
Especially my readers.
What your readers
don't wanna know
is how these young people live.
(Jackie) How they survive!
How their families survive!
Do you know what
the minimum wage is?
- Uh..
- It's low!
See little Ernie back there?
He makes more money in one
day than you make in one month.
Put that in your article.
How long will that last?
Until it stops.
These young men
aren't waiting to grow up
and work for a fortune
500 company, Ms. Rowe.
So why are you so concerned with
how the drugs get
into our fair city?
If you care so much
why do you lead these
young people into crime?
Me? Me?
If I quit this business tomorrow
there'll be a hundred
dealers standing outside
to take over my territory
end of interview.
I'm going.
And I'll write down
everything you said.
Let's go.
Yeah, asha, go ahead.
'Escort your friend out.'
no, i-I'll stay here.
[Dramatic music]
[Indistinct chatter]
I told you before you were
in the wrong neighborhood.
Ah! Please!
Now, I'm gonna
have to tell you again.
Will she be okay?
(Female #2) 'She was in
shock when she came in.'
'we've sedated her'
but she'll be alright.
Put out an apb for
this "boros" character.
He's an ex-parole officer.
Got kicked out for dealing.
'We'll pick him up soon enough.'
where did it happen?
Near stubbs' place.
She's working on
that damn story.
Where are you going?
announcement over pa]
I'm going to do
what I have to do.
Mr. Stubbs.
You're hawk, aren't you?
Oh, we don't have
any business together.
You know that as well as I do.
I'm looking for a man, a
mule, a supplier named boros.
There's three of us, hawk.
If you know anything about me
you know that's
of no consequence.
Okay, hey, I don't want
any trouble with you.
I should think not.
Because obviously
you are new to the sport.
You're gonna have enough
trouble coming at you anyway.
And what's that
supposed to mean?
For the last time,
Mr. Stubbs, I want Mr. Boros.
[Dramatic music]
[Tires screech]
[Glass shatters]
(Jackie) 'It's little Ernie.'
I told you about that
trouble coming at you.
What's this about, man?
This is a message,
Mr. Stubbs, from Mr. Harker.
[Instrumental music]
[Knock on door]
Come in.
What are you doing up?
I thought you'd be
staying for a while.
No reason to stay.
I never liked
hospitals all that much.
What's that?
Oh, uh Candy.
They had a sale
downstairs. I couldn't resist.
That was sweet of you.
We picked up
harker for questioning.
We've arrested Jackie stubbs.
And we're holding them
on some lightweight charges.
But they're off
the street, for now.
What about boros?
(Matt) 'We're still
looking for him.'
will you stay here at least
until we've picked him up?
I'm going to finish my story.
In fact, there's going
to be a new chapter
about reporters being beaten up.
Look, I understand your anger
but you have absolutely
nothing to prove by doing this.
I know, just the same. I..
Oh, will you let me help you?
I've got to do this alone.
'A friend needs my help.'
- who?
- A friend In need.
She just called, she
wants me to meet her.
[Instrumental music]
I know this sounds
like cheap advice.
[Music continues]
Be careful.
[Music continues]
Yes, I understand.
Tonight will be fine.
No, the price is unchanged.
Only remember, there will be
no more deliveries for a while.
I'm going out of town.
Out of the country, actually.
Well, I'll be back to serve you.
[Intense music]
[Indistinct chatter]
You scream, you'll get
hurt, you understand?
Okay, good, now, I'm gonna
ask you a couple of questions.
I want the right answers.
Don't lie to me, asha.
You're still playing an
investigative reporter, huh?
- You dropped a dime on me.
- No.
- Now, how can I believe that?
- No, boros, I-I never!
I'm just helping Carol.
She needed some
info for her article.
I never gave any names.
So how come this guy
hawk's been on my tail?
The cops are crawling
all over the neighborhood.
Even Mr. Stubbs.
- You set me up
- no, I didn't!
Honest to god.
Okay. I believe you.
Okay? We're still friends?
Alright, alright.
Then why don't you
give your friend Carol
first hand information, woo..
No, no, no, no.
No, I've never
done it before! Don't!
I'm just trying
to be your friend
to help you help yourself.
- Please.
- No, huh?
Please, don't do this to me.
- You'll like it.
- Please!
[Siren wailing]
I'm so sorry,
asha. I am so sorry.
It's all my fault.
[Serita sobs]
[Mellow music]
I'm sorry, asha.
Oh, god, I'm so sorry!
- Okay, we'll take her.
- No!
There's nothing you
can do, just let her go.
Bob, give me a hand.
[Indistinct radio chatter]
[Music continues]
She was going back to
learn the newspaper business.
I was going to help her.
It's not your fault.
[Sobs] She died because of me.
She was going to
prove to me that..
She could get
information for my story.
I wasn't there when
she needed me.
I promised her I would
be there, and I wasn't.
She knew you'd care, that's
why she wanted to help.
She died because of a
lousy newspaper story!
I've lost a son.
Now, asha.
Seems to me, it's more
than just a story now.
Seems to me that you have
to finish what you started.
[Dramatic music]
Here. So, when is
the next shipment?
- When I get back.
- Make it soon.
I got a lot of customers.
- Fewer day by day.
- What?
Simply a reference for
the newspaper accounts.
How do you explain
that to your customers?
I don't. Who cares anyway?
[Siren blaring in distance]
[Intense music]
Please what?
Don't kill me.
Why do you deserve to live?
[Music continues]
Here, this is what you want.
You're gonna have to give
me a whole lot more than that.
[Music continues]
(Matt) Stuff was laced
with strychnine, alright.
- From Julian?
- Yeah.
Boros couldn't wait
to tell us everything.
He played dumb for
about 30 seconds.
And then we explained to him
how long he'd
have to stay inside
before he was
eligible for parole.
He told us more than anyone
wanted to hear about Julian.
Like how he used
his diplomatic status
smuggled the stuff
in he was wholesaling
for boros.
Either he didn't know
that stuff was poisoned
or he didn't care.
He had it priced so low,
boros could Mark it up
three times and
still be competitive.
Makes you think Julian
wasn't in it for the money.
- Yep.
- And?
And we can't touch him.
Everybody's been consulted,
FBI, state department
executive branch, everybody.
So, he walks?
Walks, runs, flies out of
here tomorrow if he wants to.
He's got diplomatic
immunity, hawk.
He's going to
get away with this.
[Dramatic music]
(Cy) 'I can't believe it.'
(hawk) 'I just thought
you should know.'
the man that deals drugs
that killed my daughter?
A dozen other
people and goes free
because of some set
of government rules?
So they say.
There must be
something we can do.
Otherwise, he'll just
go on killing people.
There must be.
(Carol) Maybe you've
got diplomatic immunity.
But you don't have Carol
rowe immunity, you bastard.
So you still can't
let him go, huh?
Not if I can help it.
Anything new?
I've researched him
back through grade school.
His wife died at child birth.
He had a daughter.
She died..
Of an injected drug overdose.
So, you think he
might be getting even?
Right now, I don't
know what to think.
But that would
be my first guess.
I hate to be the one to say it.
But it really doesn't
matter now, anyway.
He's just gonna fly out
of here in a couple of days
go right on dealing drugs.
- Maybe.
- Carol
I'm going to be his living hell.
I am going to write about him.
I am going to investigate
him and I'm gonna follow him!
And I'm gonna let everyone
everywhere know what he is
and what he's done.
Your publisher approved?
Paper's behind me.
Well, watch yourself, kid.
Fry his tail.
[Telephone ringing]
I am making arrangements
to take care of Mr. Julian
once he returns
to his own country.
Now, I told you that
on the telephone.
How can I be sure?
This has become very
important to you, hasn't it?
But, why is this time
so important to you?
If a man breaks the
law, he should pay.
If the law protects
him, he should still pay.
You have my promise.
[Intense music]
- Ms. Rowe, is it?
- Yes.
I'm glad you came
to set the record
straight, as you would say.
I would like to
hear your version.
Please, sit down.
First, I speak for myself.
Not as a representative
of my government.
Of course.
Your government's
wanted war on drugs
is a well-known joke.
As long as there is a
market, there will be drugs.
So I attack the market
to save those I can.
If people are afraid
to use a product
that product will go away.
My god.
You did it on purpose.
Many drug users
are doomed anyway.
And, yes, I would sacrifice
some for the good of the whole.
Oh, isn't that a
fine abstraction?
Ms. Rowe, I am not like you
with a victim of
western humanism.
There are things that
must be dealt with.
Infection that must
be scraped away
at whatever pain,
before the entire body
is bloated with corruption.
Your daughter died
of drugs, Mr. Julian.
Is that what this is all about?
I'm afraid this interview
must end, Ms. Rowe.
You are clearly unable
to understand me.
Damn you.
You think you're the only one
who's lost someone to drugs?
'You fill yourself up with these
grandiose masterplan fantasies'
but behind all that
talk about salvation..
You're a sick man.
'A psychopath'
'and a murderer.'
and I plan to write
about you day after day
after day until I
run out of stories.
I must pack.
I leave for my new
assignment tomorrow.
But, no, Ms. Rowe, I
am not the problem..
Drugs are.
Good day, Ms. Rowe.
[Intense music]
[Gasps] No.
No, please.
[Music continues]
To everything, there's
a season and a time
for every purpose under heaven.
A time to be born
and a time to die.
Asha died before her time.
But death is
swallowed up in victory.
For we know that if our
bodies on this earth die
we have a place
in a heavenly body
with god in heaven.
'Let not our hearts
be troubled by death'
'because in god's house,
there are many mansions'
'many homes.'
'god has prepared a
mansion, a home for asha.'
'asha has gone to be with god'
and no longer has
earthly concerns.
They found Julian dead in
his room, at the embassy.
Half-packed, ready to go.
- You know who did it?
- 'Nope.'
no fingerprints, the
slugs we pulled out of him
don't match
anything the FBI has.
'Besides, who in the
world would wanna see'
'a sweetheart like Julian dead?'
other than your client.
As a matter of fact, you,
Jackie stubbs, harker
'the whole DC police force.'
why are you pointing
the finger in my direction?
Nobody's above suspicion.
Nor above the law.
No matter how justice is served
the fact is, the deed is done.
[Sobbing] Asha.
It's always the
family which suffers.
Pain won't stop until the
drugs and violence are gone.
We have to stop dealing
with the symptoms
and eradicate the disease.
Until we do that, Carol, Matt..
We can never sleep.
[Instrumental music]
[Theme music]
[Music continues]
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