A Man Called Hawk (1989) s01e09 Episode Script

Never My Love

[Instrumental music]
[Theme music]
[Music continues]
[Dramatic music]
(Male #1) 'Check.'
one warrior takes another
in pursuit of the
decision maker.
One death..
To save the balance
of his own army.
Sterling a. Brown
died this morning.
A man with whom I have shared
many moments of joy and sadness.
From infinity to childhood
to adulthood back to infinity.
[Sighs] What is death..
But life unmasked whether
it comes early or late.
But whether it
is early or late..
Is never the real issue.
What is The real..
[Chuckles softly] For
the veil has been lifted.
The poet..
..Is with me still.
[Instrumental music]
(Man on radio) 'This is Batman
on this chilly DC morning.'
'anybody you see without
a coat today ain't got one.'
(Bailey) Shoot!
(Man on radio) 'Seventeen
degrees, the traffic's bad'
'the roads are
clear but congested.'
'and there's really
nowhere to go'
'it's just hurry up and wait.'
'sit down, enjoy what
we do, if you don't like'
'what I'm doing,
change the dial.'
'that's what I always
implore you to do.'
'if you got to be at work by 8
o'clock, you're already late.'
[instrumental music]
(Male #2) 'Look here, man,
all I need is nickel's work'
'to tie me over to my
cruise ship come in, man.'
yeah, just anything.
Good morning, mama.
Hey, love!
Runnin' a little late
this morning, I see.
Oh, a late date with Curtis.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'll make it by 8:30.
- Thanks.
- Later, man.
[Dramatic music]
You know that blouse
you asked me to get you?
Got it right here.
Thanks, ma.
[Giggles] Oh. Hey.
What's he doin'?
Hey! Get out of my car!
- Get out of my car!
- Shut up!
[Tires screeching]
(Bailey) 'Stop him! Stop him!'
oh! Oh.
Bailey! Bailey! Are
you alright, honey?
[Tires screeching]
Don't. They're just messing
up the neighborhood.
Look now, are you sure
you're alright? Are you alright?
Yeah, yeah, I'm
okay, mama. My car!
Yes, well, I called the police
and I will call the doctor.
[Indistinct chatter]
Curtis, hi, it's me.
Curtis, I need a lift
to work this morning.
I, um..
Oh, this is embarrassing.
Somebody stole my car
right out from under me.
No, no, I'm okay.
[Giggles] No, no,
really, doctor, I'm fine.
He stole my car
not my good health.
Okay, I'll wait for you
in front of ma's store.
Okay. Bye-bye.
Who are you callin'? The police?
[Scoffs] Somebody better.
[Phone ringing]
(Hawk) 'Talk to me.'
'I'll be right there, Louise.'
just find it if you can.
Bailey Webster, what's going on?
Hello, hawk.
I understand you're
gonna be commuting
with the regular folks,
you be alright or what?
Someone just took my car.
The police got
all the information.
It's a shame it was a brother.
Tell me more about this brother.
Here's my ride.
'Oh, hawk, the brother wears
a cap that says, "so what."'
Curtis, I'm sorry I had to
bring you out here this morning.
Meet hawk, he's a very
good friend of the family
sort of a big brother.
Good morning Hawk.
Three, two, one, doctor.
I think it's time
we get you to work.
I will, uh, inquire about
your misappropriated vehicle.
[Dramatic music]
(Curtis) 'Some big brother.'
- shall we?
- Yes.
(Curtis) 'Are you
sure you're alright?'
I can have someone
look you over if you want.
No, I'm fine. Really.
Is something bothering you?
Who is this hawk person?
I told you he's a
friend of the family.
I've known him since
I was in grade school.
Oh, come on, hun.
Don't let that bother you.
Have you given any more thought
to what we talked
about last night?
I haven't thought of much else.
Aand like I said, it's,
it's a little too soon.
We've only been going
out a couple of months.
We should give it
some more time.
Why? I've told you
how I feel about you.
And you've told me
how you feel about me.
I know. I'm having
a wonderful time.
I'm just not ready to make
that kind of a decision yet.
Why not?
What's wrong with
wanting to get married?
Start a family?
- look, I'm a successful doctor.
- Mm-hmm.
'I have a very nice home.'
and I have plenty
of money in the bank.
What more do you need?
Just a little more
time, Curtis, okay?
[Instrumental music]
(Male #3) 'I don't
know right off, hawk.'
'crime's gotten so bad,
can't tell the difference'
'between good and evil.'
'car stolen in this
neighborhood can be done'
'by any drugged-out punk
looking to buy a piece of crack.'
I'm looking for a
young brother about 5'9"
on the slim side, wears a
baseball cap says, "so what."
Oh, yeah?
Oh, yeah.
Dates it right here.
Yeah, well, we'll
talk to him about it.
[Indistinct chatter]
One thing you got to give me
high marks for, miss Webster.
I do know how to stick
to the task at hand. Hmm?
Oh, yes, doctor,
you're very persistent.
So, dinner and dancing
tonight? We'll talk some more?
Oh, no, Curtis,
it's a school night.
Okay, early dinner and dancing.
- Okay.
- Good.
Hey, thanks for the ride.
- Love you.
- Love you.
[Dramatic music]
[Upbeat music]
[Indistinct chatter]
Hey, didn't I tell y'all I'm
gonna come through, homie?
Yeah, bud, that you did say.
[Laughs] As soon as I sell this
baby, we'll be totally square, man.
Bible say, "thou
shalt not steal."
Who the hell are you?
You're going to find out in
the next several moments.
[Music continues]
So this is one of our
errand delivery men?
Yeah, that's right,
Mr. Mcswain, he decided to
liberate a few goods
for his own use.
You know, it's too bad we
can't bond our employees
aye, Derrick?
(Mcswain) Have a nice day.
Good afternoon, sir.
See you later, tank.
[Car engine cranking]
[Upbeat music]
Here's to the most
beautiful woman in the room.
Why, thank you, sir.
- And to good health.
- Not too good.
I am in the business
of healing, you know.
You wanna dance?
Oh, yeah, I like this one.
[Music continues]
(Bailey) Wow.
Come on over here,
baby. Get closer.
[Both laughing]
That's alright.
- Bailey?
- Johnny!
Man, I ain't seen
you since graduation.
(Bailey) 'Oh,
Johnny, how are you?'
- 'you sure look good.'
- 'Oh, you look great too.'
how have you been? How are you?
What do you think
you're doing? Hey, man
[Bailey screams]
- What is wrong
- who is that?
- Tell me, who is that?
- A friend from college.
You seem to have friends
popping up everywhere, don't you?
Curtis, how dare you.
You just take me home.
[Dramatic music]
What sort of place is this?
It's where I make
all my deliveries.
I ain't never seen no cop carry
no piece like that before, man.
You haven't yet.
Show me the way.
What's the problem, huh?
Huh? What's the problem?
[Metal clanking]
When Derrick west
councils an employee..
The effects last
a long, long time.
You understand, sweet pea?
You want to see what
one of these can do?
(Hawk) 'They say that
all the baddest dudes'
are either dead or locked up!
You want to see what we
can do with one of these?
Now, you go get the tape deck
and the radio you sold
to these gentlemen.
Let's go, gentlemen.
[Dramatic music]
Wait a minute, Bailey.
I said, wait a minute. Why
can't we talk about this?
Talk about what, Curtis?
Your insane behavior back there?
The fact that you're
convinced that any man
who looks at me sideways
is some long lost lover?
Well, I'm sick of it, Curtis.
I'm not gonna stand for it.
If you want me to stop reacting
then why don't you stop flirting
with every other
man who walks by?
Flirting? My god, Curtis,
would you listen to yourself?
I-I think that we should
just say goodnight
and talk about this later.
No, we won't. We'll
talk about it now.
Let go of me, Curtis.
- Take your hands off of me.
- I just wanna talk.
(Bailey) 'Oh, no, you
don't wanna talk, Curtis.'
'hey, yo.. Get your
hands off of me.'
- get your hands off of me!
- Stop that!
I'm not.. Listen, I'm not
puttin' up with this nonsense.
Dammit, you're hurting
my arm. There you..
- Let go! Stop it!
- Bailey! Bailey!
Are you alright?
- Here it is.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ain't no use to gift wrap it.
The police will be making
a visit to this five and dime.
Say goodbye, suckers..
[Intense music]
Do you want to talk about it?
Not really.
Oh, ma..
He treats me like a possession.
Yeah, well, some
men will do that.
Well, I hate it.
But you don't hate him.
No. No, I don't.
He can be so sweet at
times. Attentive, loving, warm.
'But then he'll just go.'
or he'll soak like a
little boy imagining
all these silly fantasies
about me with other men.
Has he ever hurt you, Bailey?
No, ma.
Looks like Curtis has some
growing up to do, hmm?
Something like that.
I guess I better go on home.
[Bailey laughs] Oh.
I don't have a car.
Stay the night, honey.
Thanks, ma.
Oh, ma, did I tell
you? I got the job offer
to teach in northern Maryland.
You gonna take it?
I don't know.
I haven't given it much thought.
Goodnight, ma.
'Goodnight, precious.'
[Indistinct chatter]
[Engine cranking]
[Instrumental music]
They're free. Take one and go.
[Glass clanking]
Do I hear a note of sarcasm
in your voice, Mrs. Webster?
I'm sorry.
I was trying for disdain.
You can laugh all
you want, Mr. Mcswain.
But your time is coming.
'This was a nice,
peaceful neighborhood'
'till you and your
guy moved in.'
yeah, we..
We know all about you and
what you do around here.
But folks aren't gonna
take it any longer.
We'll organize and run you out.
Good day, Mrs. Webster.
Good day, Mr. Mcswain.
And just to show you how
wrong you are about me
I'm going to offer
you a little advice.
Whoever is running crime in
this neighborhood can play rough.
'Very rough.'
'so before you and a
bunch of shopkeepers'
start trying to face them down..
You'd better think twice.
Leaving for work, mama.
- Miss Webster.
- Good morning.
[Coins clatter]
Lord, spare us from that man.
Gonna take the bus, honey?
I guess.
[Car honking]
[Bells jingle]
Ah, my car!
Greetings to the ladies Webster.
- You found it.
- Thank you, hawk.
Oh, yes, thank you,
hawk. How can I repay you?
Keep your car
locked from now on.
You know, the
police would still be
looking for this car
if it weren't for you.
Oh, I formed a
community action group.
Would you come
to our next meeting?
I will be with you in spirit.
I thought you might need a ride.
Thank you, Curtis.
But hawk found my car.
So I see.
Can I call you later?
Maybe in a day or two, okay?
(Bailey) 'There's been a lot of
horsing around out here today'
'and it's not going
to be tolerated.'
'now, this is a school
field trip, not a party.'
whatever any of you
are outside of school
when you're with me,
your students of history.
And I want you to think
about what that means.
Now, if you have no appreciation
or respect for what
has gone on before
how can you possibly
understand where you are now
and will be in the future? Hmm?
History is a great continuum,
and each of you is a part of it.
'Tomorrow we're
gonna have a short quiz'
'on our third
president Mr. Jefferson'
and the declaration of
independence. Okay?
'Alright, let's get on the bus.'
come on. Hurry.
[Indistinct chatter]
[Indistinct chatter]
Hawk. My man.
I am not your man. I thought
you learned that yesterday.
Look, I'm just trying
to help you, man.
I wanted you to know
six houses got hit today.
Do I look like
the police to you?
You must be some
kind of enforcer.
Why else would you be out
here messing with brothers
who're just trying
to survive, huh?
[Intense music]
[All screaming]
Call an ambulance!
[Knock on door]
It's good of you to come by.
I have something I'd
like to talk to you about.
Okay. What do you
wanna talk about, Curtis?
I would like to
apologize for last night.
Will you forgive me?
[Sighs] Yes.
I forgive you.
I really do love you, Bailey.
That's why it's hard for me
when I see you with other men
Curtis. Curtis.
There are no
other men in my life.
That's good.
You don't know how good
it is to hear you say that.
I'd like to make
all of this up to you.
That's why I wanted
you to come by.
I've been thinking, why
don't we get away together?
Maybe run up to Atlantic
city for the weekend
Curtis. Listen to me.
I've been thinking myself
and I think that maybe
it might be best
if we take a break.
Just not see each
other for a while.
What are you talking
about? We're a couple.
Like I said, just for a while.
I love this.
I'm standing here,
pouring my heart out
telling you how much I love you
and you want to take a break!
I knew this wouldn't
be easy. I'm sorry.
Maybe I'll just leave.
No, you won't.
Curtis, please don't.
(Bailey) 'He's
never hit me before.'
he's never gone this far before.
I shouldn't have seen him.
Bailey, there's
nothing wrong with you.
There's something
wrong with him.
Excuse me.
I know what you're thinking.
I need to talk to this
doctor. I need to know why.
As the friend you
are to this family
I'm asking you this..
Just talk to him. That's all.
He will never bother you again.
Yeah, well, that may be my wish.
Your wish.
But that's not enough.
'She hates him, now.'
she fears him now.
But what is ever that simple
between a man and a woman.
I mean, part of
her still loves him.
Even after all
she's gone through..
I mean, she just
can't turn him off.
You call that love?
Something close.
The only other time
I've seen that in her..
Was when she fell for you.
'I mean..'
'she was a school
girl, no more than ten.'
you were a teenager.
She told me flat out she
was gonna marry you.
Yeah, well..
All that was a long time ago.
'School girl crushes are over.'
something here is for real.
Now, she will work it through.
But it can't be
because you or I..
Or anyone else decides for her.
I will speak to this doctor.
Hawk, do so..
With my blessings.
[Dramatic music]
What the hell do you
think you're doing?
Medical alert!
Don't you ever lay
another hand on Bailey Webster.
You wanna slap
somebody, slap me.
Get up before I can
knock you back down.
(Mrs. Webster) 'I worked a lot of
years to make this place successful.'
'now look at it.'
'and they didn't take nothing.'
'they just trashed the place.'
(hawk) 'Two men?'
[Mrs. Webster
sarcastically laughs]
Cashier, he was just opening up
when he walked right into the
middle of a pair of hoodlums.
And it doesn't matter who.
I know why.
It was a message for me to, uh
stop our community action group.
Well, I'm not gonna do it.
He's not gonna frighten me.
You said he?
Name's mcswain.
'He calls himself a
legitimate businessman'
'but he's as crooked
as they come.'
everybody knows that he's behind
all the burglaries and
thefts around here.
We just can't prove it.
But we will.
And, hawk..
I mean I know you're
not a joiner but..
I sure could use your help.
I'll see what I can do.
If you see Mr. Mcswain, you
tell him I'm looking for him.
Don't forget or I'll be back.
[Instrumental music]
(Male #1) 'Maggie Simms'
little girl is getting married.'
'it seems only yesterday.'
'she was a small child'
pestering me to go
for a walk in the park.
There she began by providing
sheltering, protecting
kind of a love
for a small child.
Then, as the child grows older..
That love has to be
fortunate enough to be free.
Ultimately, the child
becomes an adult
to get married and to
express her own love.
Why are you telling
me these things now?
I told you..
Maggie's little girl
is getting married.
Natural thoughts
at a time like this.
You don't know
what's troubling me.
'You don't know
about Bailey Webster.'
Louise's girl.
No. Should I?
Sometimes I think
you just know things
as soon as they cross
my consciousness.
[Chuckles] Read your mind, hawk?
We are close, I admit it.
But no, I can't do that.
You give me too much credit.
[Door shuts]
Ma, what are you doing here?
Somebody broke into
the store this morning.
Oh, no.
Oh, well, they
didn't take anything
but they sure trashed the place.
Bailey, I can
understand you're not
wanting to sit in
your apartment alone.
'I can understand you're
not wanting your students'
to see you like this.
But you can't hide away forever.
I'll be fine, ma.
Still thinking about
Curtis, aren't you?
In all the years
you were married..
Daddy never laid a
hand on you, did he?
No, honey.
He didn't.
Ma, Curtis needs help.
Well, that is not
your concern now.
He needs a professional.
(Bailey) Hawk, you didn't bring
me out here to give me a guided tour
of hains point.
What's on your mind?
(Hawk) The question
is, what's on your mind.
I say, it's the doctor.
(Bailey) I suppose one could
accuse me of bad judgement
in this situation.
(Hawk) One could,
but not this one.
(Bailey) I never thought something
like this would ever happen to me.
You seem to always
be in control, on top of it.
Seem to be.
I've decided.
I'm not gonna see
him again, hawk.
(Hawk) Your choice.
You are a woman now.
Been one for quite a while.
Didn't think I'd
notice, did you?
(Bailey) No.
Well, sometimes.
(Hawk) Do you really want to
know how I feel about you, Bailey?
(Bailey) Sometimes I think I do.
Then, other
times I don't know.
The most dangerous place to be..
Is in the place of wonder.
Who's in control of your life?
Think about it, Bailey Webster.
(Mcswain) 'Will
you stop worrying?'
'I'll take care of hawk. You
just make those deliveries.'
boy, you really stirred
up the hornets nest.
(Derrick) What can I do?
That is a dumb move
going after this man, hawk.
I was only trying to
take care of business.
I know what you were trying
to do but you screwed it up.
Now, the police are all over
the place asking questions.
Look, I don't need people
around me who make mistakes.
Hey, Mr. Mcswain
Well, you-you cost me 50 grand
on that little bonfire of yours.
Now, hawk is making waves.
I want it ended.
I'll do it.
And this time don't miss.
You wanna move off the
streets into the big leagues..
'you prove to me
you belong here.'
[Instrumental music]
[Knock on door]
What do you want?
Ms. Webster, I was
wondering if Bailey was here.
I.. I'd like to apologize.
She's not here.
Well, she's not in her
apartment so she must be here.
Well, I said she's not here.
Now if you'll excuse me.
I know she's here, Ms. Webster.
What do you wanna do?
Hit her again?
Bailey, I just wanted to
talk to you, to, uh, explain.
I'm really sorry
about what happened.
You see there's this
thing that comes over me.
This rage inside me has been
there ever since I was a kid.
And it-it controls me.
I was just afraid of losing you.
I could've loved you, Curtis.
You scare me.
I scare me.
It's a sickness. I see it now.
I see it in my brother. I
Curtis, this isn't
getting us anywhere.
I know.
I just want you to know
that I don't mean to hurt you.
I love you.
If you do..
You'll see someone..
You'll get help.
I will. I will.
And if I do, is there
any chance that we
Don't ask me to
answer what I can't.
I understand.
I want you to know
how truly sorry I am.
And please forgive me.
You've got to get help.
[Upbeat music]
[Indistinct chatter]
Community is tired of satisfying
the appetite of petty thieves.
What do you want from me, huh?
World peace.
Stop the proliferation
of nuclear arms.
Ah, but I suppose that's
asking too much, huh?
I want you to talk to me
about a man named mcswain.
[Dramatic music]
(Hawk) Move! Move!
[Hawk yelling]
Get out. Get out of here.
Oh, Derrick's going crazy!
- Do you know who that is?
- Yeah.
His brother's my doctor.
Dr. Curtis west.
You know I could
call the police.
I don't need you. I
want your brother.
I think he needs to be put away.
And what is that
supposed to mean, hawk?
Twice now he's tried to kill me.
Oh, my god!
Do you know where he is?
No. I..
You don't think I'm
gonna stand here
and tell you where
you can find my brother.
It might help.
What are you gonna
do if you find him?
'Okay, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.'
he works for a man
named mcswain.
I don't know where
you can find him.
But I have a number
around here you can call.
Look, hawk, I don't
want Derrick hurt.
Are you gonna the police?
Do you know where he is?
I need help.
Is that a gunshot wound?
Yeah, so you notice.
You play with guns,
you sometimes get shot.
How'd you know?
He was just here looking
for you. Let me see it.
It doesn't look bad.
Have you lost your mind?
What are you doing
running around out there
trying to kill people?
I didn't come
here for a lecture!
Now just fix it.
You're gonna kill me too?
Yeah, I might.
You gonna turn me in?
No. I want you to do that.
Yeah, I bet you would.
Solve a big family problem.
Now look, I had
nowhere else to go.
I thought we were brothers.
Oh, brothers in hell.
Go in the bathroom, Derrick.
(Hawk) 'A man could get
indigestion eating this early.'
I'm glad you called.
You know, several
of my employees
are very impressed with you.
Uh, can I buy you a meal?
You sent someone to kill me.
Ah, I'm a businessman
in this community.
I don't send people out to kill.
Derrick west is his
name. He works for you.
A lot of people work for me.
Suppose we make a deal?
Don't make deals with devils,
could lose my soul that way.
I'd give 'em to ya.
You can't give me anything.
So why are you here?
I came to let you know,
mcswain, that you are a thief.
Brown people have
enough adversity
in their lives without you.
Money is green.
What do you
propose to do about it?
Initiate a hostile takeover.
(Male #4) 'Are
you alright, sir?'
Bailey, what are you doing here?
I thought you were
going to work today.
I am, mama. I just want to
talk to you about something.
Oh, ho, ho, ho! Do
I have to sit down?
You're not gonna see
Curtis again, are you?
Bigger change than that.
Mama, I've decided to move,
take that job in Maryland.
Bailey, running away is
a fast fix, it's not a cure.
I know that too.
Mama, I was born in DC.
I went to college in
DC and I work in DC.
I think it's time I moved
on, get a change of scenery
a new beginning.
What do you think?
I think it's a decision
you're going to have to make
all by yourself.
[Engine cranking]
[Dramatic music]
[Tires screech]
[Horn honking]
[Music continues]
Hey, man, what's wrong with you?
[Upbeat music]
[Tires screech]
[Man grunting]
[Music continues]
Where you going, man?
You! You did this.
You screwed everything up
bringing hawk down on me.
Get out of my way.
I thought we were
gonna work together.
You're a bigger fool than ever.
No. The only fool is you.
I'll kill you too.
Won't miss this time.
You're not dead.
But you got to do some time.
[Breathing heavily]
Oh, yes, I wanted to tell you,
I've decided to seek counseling
about my temper, my feelings.
That's good.
I'm glad to hear that.
Curtis, I've decided to take
that job in northern Maryland.
It's time I flew the Coop.
Got to taste a life of my own.
I'll miss you.
Here's to friendship.
Good luck on your new job.
You take care now.
[Engine cranking]
"But love me for love's sake
that evermore thou may'st
love me through love's eternity."
Sonnets from the Portuguese.
A few years ago, I would've
told all my girlish dreams..
And you would've said
"Bailey Webster, our
romance must never be."
I trust I would've
been more eloquent.
- Hawk, I'm serious.
- I know you are.
Damn, I'll miss you,
more than you know.
Just listen to the wind..
And I'll be there.
[Instrumental music]
She was very beautiful.
She's very special.
She taught me to
understand that I..
Knew very little.
In her presence, I
learned everything.
Have you gotten
over her passing?
Not really.
She's still alive
in my thoughts.
As is my son.
The love they
gave me still glows.
You should sleep.
[Music continues]
Is it not for you, hawk?
'A family.'
I don't know.
'A family is a good thing
in your old age, hawk.'
a good thing indeed.
In time, old friend.
In time.
[Theme music]
[Music continues]
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