A Man Called Hawk (1989) s01e10 Episode Script

Intensive Care

[Theme music]
[Music continues]
[Pleasant music]
I have a surprise for you.
(Ruth) 'What I would
love to see here.'
'do you think you
could do this?'
'it's a little more
room, so for chair'
'say, or-or cushions
on the floor.'
'so, children could
sit comfortably'
and listen to the story tellers.
Ah, your sister Ruth.
(Mr. Dark) 'Yes, she is serving
as a consultant to the institution.'
have you been telling
stories behind my back again?
I certainly have.
But don't worry. I was
saving the best ones for later.
And now, you must be hawk.
You always say that. A
great honor to see you.
Come on!
All this work, is it yours?
Oh, no.
I've just been giving
them a little advising.
Great many men and women
have contributed their stories to it.
Their memories.
But do you know, just
thinking about all that history
gives me a powerful appetite.
Since this is supposed
to be in my honor
why don't we just sneak a
head start on this shindig?
Ha ha ha.
[Mysterious music]
[Music continues]
[Fire crackling]
Oh, my god!
[Music continues]
Hey! Back it up!
Over there.
[Tires screeching]
[Music continues]
(Male #1) 'Now.'
It's at least six
million dollars.
[Engine revs]
[Music continues]
[Machine gunfire]
That wasn't the plan.
Backup one, pick us up quickly.
- He's got our money.
- I'll kill him.
- Alright, now what?
- Calm down.
Maybe he is not as
smart as he thinks he is.
[Piano music]
[Indistinct chatter]
Excuse me, I'd like to introduce
someone. Mrs. Spellman.
She is one of the major
underwriters of the new wing.
Oh! [Glass shatters]
Oh, excuse me.
I-I-I am so sorry.
Oh, well, uh, don't be sorry.
Can we get a chair, please?
No, no, I'm
alright, I'm alright.
But we can see that you're not.
(Ruth) 'Now, listen, just
because I'm an old woman'
doesn't mean, I need
to get all this attention.
Now, you just go on.
I just have something in
my eye and it threw me off.
Your eye? Tell me.
It's, I just have
something in it.
Clotted over, is it?
Dim or dark? You can't
see very well through it?
Give me your hands.
Ah, you're making
too much of this.
Please let him,
he has knowledge.
Alright, now squeeze.
[Intense music]
Get the paramedics
in here right now.
Now you, you're
gonna ruin the party?
Party can wait, but you can't.
I've seen this before.
Suddenly weak or
blind on one side.
Usually, it's a head injury.
But in Ruth's case, I
think she has a stroke.
Did you call that ambulance?
On it's way.
[Mellow music]
[Siren wailing]
You're right.
There is some blockage.
A sort of mini stroke.
The clot's dissolving.
But it was caused
by a deterioration
of her carotid arteries.
It's going to cause
more obstructions.
Probably bigger ones.
What do you advise?
That we operate tomorrow,
once she is stabilized.
Why not tonight. Surgeons
need their beauty sleep?
Look, it'll almost
take that long anyway
to prep her and
pull together a team.
But I'll push this schedule
to first thing in the morning.
I assure you, I won't let
any delay add to the risk.
We won't even
move her off this floor.
Perhaps you should go home.
Be rested when she
needs you in the morning.
There's a danger.
Tonight, you sense that?
I don't know, I
can't explain it.
[Speaking in foreign language]
- 'Will you ' -
stay? Of course.
Good then, I'll..
Go rest as you say..
And return in the morning.
[Mellow music]
Hawk, she means much to me.
'Our parents died
when I was very young.'
Ruth told me
stories, our heritage.
Stories she learned from
my mother and grand mother.
'She instructed me
in reading in history.'
when there were no schools
in our county that
would accept us.
She is the music
I hear in my soul.
And you passed that onto me.
I will watch over her.
I will not close my eyes.
[Music continues]
I don't mind that
you had the impulse
to steal from me cutter,
after all, you are a thief.
But did you really think
you're gonna get away with it?
- Where's the money?
- I'll get it for you.
No, we don't want you to
go through any troubles.
You just tell me where it is
and we'll get it for ourselves.
- No.
- Maybe you should ask him.
- Okay, bro.
- How did you
How did we find you?
By knowing where to look.
When I planned this
robbery, I checked
every man's
background very carefully.
I've even followed you
to see what I could see.
You came to this hospital
every night like clockwork.
Who is it? A secret lover?
- Look, please. Just let me
- you talk cutter.
Or we go after your lover
next, is that what you want?
- She don't know anything
- she?
So, we have the gender.
And we know which wing of
the hospital you've been in.
Which now is down
to about 50 patients.
Still a name would be
nice and the room number.
I won't tell you.
We want the money,
cutter. All six million of it.
Man, are you stupid
man? You killed him.
Now we're never
gonna get the money.
- Maybe the girl knows.
- Oh, yeah.
Maybe my aunt hatty does.
Man, you idiot, man.
You know, I still
I said, stop it. Charlie think.
- Hey!
- Boy, shut up.
Why else do you think
he kept coming here?
She was in on it from the start.
Alright, how do
you know that, huh?
I don't. But she's
all we've got.
So, tomorrow morning we
go in during visiting hours
and we find her. Come on!
[Exhales deeply]
[Melancholy music]
(Ruth) 'You didn't
sleep a wink, did you?'
I rarely do.
I'm a child of the night.
Do you need anything?
I'm afraid.
I'm addicted to the
morning newspapers.
Information is power.
Has my brother been
quoting me to you?
Who told you?
Mr. Hawk, could I see you?
I'll meet you in the or lounge.
- 'Alright, let's go.'
- Alright.
Would you like my paper?
I'm finished with it.
Why thank you.
Who is your surgeon?
Dr. Rush, I think.
Oh, he is good.
You won't have any problems.
Well, thank you.
(Male nurse) 'You really should
be getting into your room now.'
(Dr. Rush) 'The clot isn't
dissolving the way we hoped.'
'in fact, it's aggregating.'
'we're going to have to
address that first when we go in.'
Excuse us.
[Mysterious music]
Excuse me, I have
an order for Ms. Cutter.
[Keys clacking]
We don't have a
cutter on the patient list.
Well, the order was
phoned in by a Mr. Cutter
my boss assumed..
I'm sure we sent
her a note at least.
You don't have a visitor's log?
No, but um, I guess it's
okay, it's visiting hours.
Try one of the nursing
stations upstairs.
If she is long term,
one of the nurses
will probably be
able to help you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
What are you doing here?
Trying to collect the
commission on all the business
you make for the
emergency room, hm?
Hm, how is the women's
fashion business, Francine?
As soon as I get out
of here, I'll find out.
You're here for surgery?
- Biopsy.
- You'll be alright.
Just exploratory stuff.
Hey, it's real good to see you.
Only authorized personnel
allowed in this area.
I'm here to take a statement
from a Mr. H. Brown.
- Do you know what room he's in?
- No.
- Okay, brown?
- Yes.
I'm gonna have
to check the charts.
Hey, buddy. You packing?
What's that?
When I bumped into
you, I felt the gun.
'Now open your coat, real slow.'
[Intense music]
[All screaming]
You guys get out of
that hallway! Go on.
In here.
[Indistinct chatter]
[Music continues]
Help that man.
Marty, Marty, I'm hit.
(Police man on
radio) 'Several of 'em.'
'look out, they should
be coming your way.'
22-13, shots
fired, officer down.
We're cut open in front.
Back at you, secure departure.
Block the entrances, packing
with hostages. I'm coming down.
Alright, everybody, everybody.
Come on, down to the lab.
Go! Move! Move! Move!
[Siren wailing]
[Tires screeching]
No good. Three, four
police units are inbound.
Move it! Come on, hit the floor.
Sit down, down, down.
[Music continues]
Nurse Henderson, get
the patients ready to move.
[Indistinct chatter]
[Elevator dings]
They-they've got automatic
weapons in the lobby.
- Is there any other way out?
- No.
I don't like it.
Get back in here.
[Music continues]
[Hostages whimpering]
Shh! Just shut up!
[Telephone ringing]
(Captain Miller) 'It's
the police. Let's talk.'
hey, no, you listen.
'You can see the new carving
I'm installing in the lobby.'
and I've got more
patients packed against
the windows upstairs.
So, what do you want?
Look, we gotta get out of here.
Shut up!
I give you one hour.
Have the hospital's
medivac copter ready
to lift us off the roof.
But don't plan any tricks
or a lot of people
are gonna die.
(Police man) 'You two, get out survey
the one way over here. Now, come on.'
it's time to find the girl.
Is that guy still up on
the roof with a 357?
Now, we take care of him first.
Ruth, how are you feeling?
I feel Strange.
Just hold on to
life little longer.
I will get us out of here.
[Mellow music]
(Police on radio) 'Unit 3 to
unit 3, report please, over.'
(police on radio) 'This
is unit 3, we read you.'
'status of hostages,
unknown. Over.'
I have to search the
police man for another gun.
- He is still bleeding.
- Exit wound.
Oh, I should've thought. I
haven't worked er for 20 years.
Pack the cavity. I
know you remember.
Uh, damn, 9 mm
and his gun is gone.
Is that a problem?
Could be, I need
every gun I can get.
This is captain Miller.
Can you read me, Johnny?
Your man Johnny is down.
We're doing everything
we can to help him
but things are little
tight right through here.
'I got 14 people here'
'hold up on the third floor
in the surgery lounge.'
I count three desperadoes
with heavy iron on this floor.
One of the patient
saw two down the lobby.
- You copy?
- 'Yeah.'
but who are you?
Just a man called hawk.
Question is what are you
doing about it? Come on back.
This is captain
Miller of the ert team
'and let me talk to my man.'
this is supervising
nurse, Henderson.
The officer is unconscious
and I have a real
serious problem here
with several of my patients.
Now are you gonna
come and help us?
(Captain Miller) 'I will
when it's appropriate.'
that very inspiring
mon capitaine.
I remember now, you are
the genius that conducted
the rescue of the
third street bank.
Just keep this channel clear.
I'll get back to you
when appropriate.
Show me the pa system.
Didn't they kill the hostages
at the third street bank?
Yes, it was rather
an even score.
Bank robbers killed
three of the hostages
while the captain was
holding press conferences.
Then two more of the hostages
were killed by his ace team
when they ran out of the
bank cause they looked like
the bank robbers.
[Both exhale deeply]
If we keep on
waiting on this captain
we all might as well, lie
down and shut our eyes.
Good morning, cretins.
'This is the hawk
speaking to you.'
'if you have the nerve'
'find the public address
system and press the button.'
I wouldn't insult me if I were
you. You're the man in the box.
Wrong. I am the lid on the box
'that is wrapped up by
the police and the jury.'
now, whey are you here?
I don't like having an ol' man
in my back, so if you wanna stay
alive, Mr. Hawk, open
that door right now
otherwise I'm
gonna open it for you!
That is the most
ridiculous thing I ever heard.
You will never get past me.
Now look.
If you don't lead your people
out of there immediately
I'm gonna lay out dead
patients in front of your door.
Brilliant, Mr. Mastermind.
Shoot the patients.
But all those people
masquerading as police men
with their soldier of
fortune costumes on
just sit on their
hands till you do it.
That's policy.
'Until you convince
them that you really are'
'human people, they'll
come right on to you.'
guess what? Continue
your winning streak
and you are killing
the very people
you came here looking for.
What makes you think
I'm looking for somebody?
Well, one of your men on
a reconnaissance mission
lost one of his
appendages in the ringer.
'Who is he?'
'i might have him right here.'
if you tell him, he may walk
out of there with the money.
Obviously, he is a pro.
Maybe that's why he is here.
And how is he gonna
escape, sprout wings and fly?
Now look.
A man named cutter visited a
woman every night last week
before his unfortunate demise.
She owes us a very large
sum of money. Help us find her.
And we'll be out of here
and so will you, my friend.
Finish checking
the other patients.
[Exhales deeply]
I bought us some time.
Until that time runs out
and they figure that their
guns are bigger than mine.
You took a big risk.
What else is there to do?
So, things are better
then they seem, huh?
'Anybody here a friend
of this Mr. Cutter?'
who said that's any
of your business?
My wife needs medical
care, a lot of people here do.
Well, Mr. Husband, do
you have a better theory?
We shouldn't even
be thinking about this.
We give them what they want.
Maybe she is the one.
And maybe you ought
to shut your mouth!
(Hawk) 'Francine..'
perhaps you should
put your mouth on click.
Have these people
been here all week?
They're just here this morning
because they are
scheduled for surgery.
Please get the
patient's record ready.
What are you thinking of doing?
Find the woman.
And then?
To do whatever is necessary.
To keep you alive.
You know hawk, why people
make such a fuss about me?
Because otherwise they
think you'd lecture them.
I got a lot to say.
I'm a rare bird.
Getting near the last to my god.
[Inhales deeply]
My grand mother..
Was born a slave.
But she taught me about freedom.
And that's why I
found the courage
to do the work I did.
Setting up the freedom school.
Sitting there in
the lunch counters.
Getting shot at
with pile of Clay
and when the sheriffs
turn 'em loose on us.
And I did it.
So, people couldn't be
bought or sold not ever again.
[Inhales deeply]
So, every life
would be cherished.
Everybody didn't get the word.
Well, a lot did.
Through the years I..
I've done all the work I can do.
Even to the last
door I know for the..
Oral history tape.
[Soft music]
I don't wanna end
my days feeling that..
Somebody traded off
another human being
to buy me a little
space of time.
It would be kind of like..
Making a mockery of
my life, don't you know?
What are you going to do?
Anybody recognize this man?
Who he is visiting?
Everybody gets to go home
as soon as we find
out who he was visiting.
I-I do.
- What?
- Who is he seeing?
I'm not sure, uh..
I think it was a
patient down my hall.
She was going up for
surgery this morning.
Aye, he was seen visiting
a woman patient here.
That's why hawk's here.
She probably hired
him to cover her.
And I don't like this.
Maybe he doesn't either.
He's trapped just like us.
So, what else do
we know about him?
(Hawk) 'I'm now through
detecting in the hospital records'
indicate that you just
checked in this morning.
So, you couldn't have possibly
had anything to do with this.
Now but you could.
Of course, she was
here all the time.
That's who he was visiting.
Wrong again, big mouth husband.
No need to see her at work.
Patients have to stay here.
But she could come
and go every night.
Then why do you think I
had something to do with it?
Nine files, ten beds.
No patient under my care
is gonna be sold
out to those men.
Lady, those men are about
to come through that door
and shoot all the
patients under your care.
Facts first. Then the judgment.
(Man on pa) 'Patient squealed,
hawk. So, we know she's in there.'
'and that means you time is up.'
'five minutes to come
out of there, Mr. Hawk'
'or we'll shoot our way in.'
[intense music]
[Patients screaming]
Try that again, I dare.
Easy, hold your fire!
(Captain Miller) 'What's
going on? Talk to me.'
if anybody else gets
hurt, we're coming in.
Do you read me?
Answer! Do you read me?
If we don't help
her soon, she'll die.
(Hawk) 'How soon?'
I don't know, she is
weakening every minute.
Now you tell me and
you tell me quickly.
What do you know
about all of this?
Herman cutter is my father.
But I don't use his name.
And those men, what
do they want with you?
I don't know.
You're not thinking hard enough.
Your father was
a convict, isn't he?
He used to be.
According to my mother
safe cracking, armed robberies..
Armored car hijacking
in Virginia two days ago.
'Six million dollars.'
that's the only thing big
enough to make these men
take this kind of chance.
Now, where is the money?
I don't know.
- That's not good enough.
- I swear to god, I don't.
He never had
anything to do with me.
He ran out on our
family five years ago.
Then why was he here?
You wanna know why?
'I think it's because
he was afraid.'
when he called me a month ago
I thought it was because maybe..
I hoped he felt like a
father again, maybe..
Maybe he missed me or..
Or felt sorry about my accident.
There has to be something more.
Your father never told you
anything about the hijacking?
I would have turned him in.
Well, the man's sure was
here to drop something.
Those men downstairs
sure think he did.
He didn't tell me anything.
He didn't give me anything.
He just seemed sad.
Very, very sad.
- Oh, my god!
- What?
Last night, her father asked
me where he could store
some of her jewelry overnight.
I didn't bring any jewelry.
I told him he could have it
but with your other things
in the property box.
These boxes, where are they?
In the basement where
the classrooms are
and the laboratories.
The elevator can get there
but there won't be
any way out from there.
There are 100 maybe 200
people kept hostage in this hospital.
Lot of people are going to die.
Many already are.
Now you go with
me and risk your life.
Will you go?
[Mellow music]
[Indistinct radio chatter]
[Intense music]
Hey, you can't leave us.
We all have to
share in the risk.
Here, big mouth!
You got 12. Shoot straight. Go!
We have to break the
door down but be careful.
He may have some rounds left.
That's it.
[Music continues]
First, second, third..
(Hawk) 'Anything
you don't recognize?'
Ah, a bank receipt with your
name on it and your name only.
So, the money couldn't
be traced to him.
I guess he figured, he
could get your signature
on a slip of paper
any time he wanted.
Now that he was my
loving father again.
Ah-ha, he loved you some.
He didn't give them
your name, did he?
Let's move.
We got about four, five minutes.
Hello, Mr. Mastermind.
'While you were
frightening all the patients'
'i was picking up your money,
all six million dollars of it.'
you think you can find me?
I'll give you one clue.
The lid is off the box
and I'm hunting you.
- I told you.
- No, he's gotta be bluffing.
Search every floor.
(Hawk on pa)
'Welcome to my world.'
'the kingdom of the night.'
'six million sparkling in the
name of the one you seek.'
'think you can find?'
'remember, kill her and
you never see a dime.'
'oh, by the way, I'm here too'
'and I plan on
defending these people.'
spread out! On the basement.
That's where the
money went, alright.
Stay here.
I'll see they don't
try to cut us out.
He's got to be here some place.
[Intense music]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
- Hold it, it's me.
- Man!
[Music continues]
Did you hear me?
Over there.
[Glass shatters]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
Time to phone home.
[Indistinct chatter]
Don't try it.
You don't have any backup.
You're the last one standing.
- 'Oh, it's over.'
- 'Oh, thank god, it's over.'
(captain Miller)
'Come on, take him.'
(Police man) 'Come on,
let's get him out of here.'
this is the police.
We've secured the building.
'Patients and staff,
stay where you are.'
'we'll check you
out room by room'
in just a few minutes.
[Mellow music]
[Machine beeps]
And go ahead.
Alright, you're okay.
Go ahead.
That sounds good.
[Instrumental music]
'Go ahead.'
'that sounds good.'
you did what you had to do.
You risked your life
for her when others ran.
You didn't fail her.
She lived her destined years.
She would've died
on the operating table.
We'll never know that.
Oh, it's true. I told
you last night, I felt it.
And more importantly..
So did she.
She must have told you.
'When it moved to her today..'
'that her life's
work was done.'
Yes, it's as you say.
But no.
[Exhales deeply]
What is, is.
Let me have a moment
alone with her, please.
[Mellow music]
That's good, you can pass.
'Just a second.'
'alright, go ahead through.'
'you can go through.'
we're gonna need a statement.
- It can wait.
- I don't think so.
You put down three men, dead.
- 'Or wishing they were.'
- Four.
Only were four. And we
took one out when we entered.
Look, I've been
doing this a lot longer
and a lot harder
than you, capitaine.
I counted four.
Plus whoever
stayed in the lobby.
Well, we haven't checked
any one out of this building.
Except patients and staff
that we positively identified.
And the body count
stands at three.
[Sighs] Where's
cutter's daughter?
In the new wing.
What's her room number?
[Door closes]
[Intense music]
[Fire alarm blares]
Scream all you want.
Nobody is gonna hear you.
Get away!
You cause me any
more trouble, I'll kill you
even if it does
cost me the money.
Now, get on the chair!
(Hawk) 'Move!'
[indistinct chatter]
Get out!
Hold it there.
Hawk, he's got a gun.
[All screaming]
[Gun firing]
[Ellen screams and sobs]
[Ellen crying]
It's over. Last one's down.
You'll be alright now.
[Ellen sobs]
[Mellow music]
We had always hoped
from the time this exhibit
was first planned that
your sister would honor us
by dedicating the new wing.
'And now it is yes,
with some sorrow'
'but also with the pride and
the joy in her great memory'
'that instead this day, we
dedicate the wing to her.'
(Old man) 'So, now you'd
like to hear another story?'
(kids) Yeah!
'How about A woman
with a heart like a queen?'
- 'soul of a warrior.'
- 'Alright, that's cool.
Walked through fire
without any weapons.
Faced down ten men
with shot guns once.
'Outside of a little backwoods
church in Mississippi.'
'so, you can be
what you are today.'
(kids) What was her name?
The people..
People it seemed
always just call her..
- Nice name.
- Yeah.
Just Ruth.
[Theme music]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
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