A Man Called Hawk (1989) s01e12 Episode Script

Beautiful Are the Stars

[Theme music]
[Music continues]
[Instrumental music]
[Music continues]
I choose to share this
volume with you today.
It was a gift from
a very special friend.
Ah. A signed collection
of Langston Hughes' work.
It's truly wonderful.
I thought we might share
the memory of the man
through his works.
Poetry always
informs of our past.
More than we are
sometimes aware.
"I have known rivers.
"I have known rivers..
"ancient as the world.
"And older than the flow of
human blood in human veins.
"My soul has grown
deep like the rivers.
"I bathed in the euphrates
when dawns were young.
"I built my hut near the
Congo and it lulled me to sleep.
"I looked upon the nile and
raised the pyramids above it.
'"I heard the singing
of the Mississippi'
"when Abe Lincoln went
down to New Orleans
"and I've seen its muddy bosom
turn all golden in the sunset.
"I've known rivers,
ancient, dusky rivers.
My soul has grown
deep like the rivers."
Morgan Weaver gave this to me.
Do you..
Remember her?
Morgan Weaver.
A rather striking
woman, as I recall.
She still is.
I wish you could do
something for me and her.
'I want you to call on her.'
'i think she needs my help.'
[instrumental music]
Uh, may I help you, sir?
I have an appointment
with Mr. Jacobs.
Oh, then..
Then you want to speak with
him privately. This way, please.
Good day, Mr. Abraham.
- Good of you to come.
- Good of you to meet with me.
I suppose the merchandise
we talked about is in that packet?
(Abraham on tape) 'I am
an honest man, Mr. Jacobs.'
'i presume that you have
a package for me as well.'
(Jacobs on tape) 'I do.'
'shall we both put our
goods on the table.'
come on. Come on, man. Do it.
Make the exchange.
[Indistinct chatter]
[Children laughing]
[Indistinct chatter]
[Children gasps]
[Indistinct chatter]
(Girl #1) 'It's magic.'
[children gasps]
- 'Wow!'
- 'wow!'
- That's a nice one.
- Hmm. Where is he?
He's in the back room.
Let's go.
[Intense music]
You said to make it look good.
Come on, let's move.
Something's gone wrong.
Treasury department. Hold it!
(Tom) Take the rear.
[Music continues]
Mary! Mary!
(Tom) It's alright.
It's alright, it's alright.
I'm with the us treasury.
Oh, my god! He's been shot.
He's dead.
Take care of him.
Hey, search the trash cans,
the jewelry store, everything.
[Siren wailing]
(Hawk) 'What are you
going to do if the bank'
'won't extend your
mortgage note?'
(Morgan) 'I haven't
the remotest idea.'
there are taxes,
another $2000 in bills.
The phone could
go off this week.
The heat would be next.
We could lose this place.
It's a landmark, you know?
Yes. It's an extraordinary
tribute to the city's history.
It belonged to Georgia
Douglas Johnson.
In the '20s and
'30s, she held forth
with some of the brightest
people of her generation.
Gentle Langston Hughes,
feisty zora neale hurston.
'Sterling brown, right
here in this parlor.'
since I have retired, I've
spent most of my time here.
Would hurt a great
deal to lose this place.
(Mary) 'Now you agree
that we aren't gonna tell her'
'anything about what
happened, right?'
- I said, I wouldn't, okay?
- Okay.
Mary, Lisa, meet my dear friend.
(Mary) 'Well,
good day, mister..'
(Morgan) 'Hawk.'
a man got shot.
- Lisa!
- I just couldn't hold it in.
It happened
outside flame's shop.
'He fell right on
Mary and died.'
- are you alright?
- Yes. Just shaken up.
But we're still going to
hear flame sing tonight.
We're invited.
Let's go put these away.
Come on, Lisa. Can't you
see Morgan has company?
It was a pleasure
meeting you, hawk.
Mary and Lisa, what
wonderful energy.
That's an understatement
when it comes to my two sisters.
I want to help you, Mrs. Weaver.
Thank you. But I can't let you.
- You're just a baby.
- I am not.
I'm 26 years old and
that makes me a woman.
You're 21 and it's time
you started acting like it.
I do.
What's this?
You bought that
candy, didn't you?
I told you not to buy it.
We hardly have enough
money to buy real food.
But I didn't.
[Gasps] Look at this.
Junk. You bought
some junk, didn't you?
You're going to
have to take it back.
[Instrumental music]
- What the hell happened?
- I don't know.
Did you find the package
Abraham was carrying?
- No.
- Do you know anything, Jacobs?
Uh i'm-I'm sorry. It's,
uh, it's not your fault.
It's this case, you know?
It's been weeks trying to put
this sting operation into place
just to have it blow
up in our faces like this.
I take it you're not looking
forward to meeting Mr. Schult.
No, I'm not, Jacobs.
He's gonna be very unhappy
and so will my boss and the
South African ambassador.
Why don't you wrap this thing
up and write up your report.
[Instrumental music]
(Hawk) 'Do you know
anything about the man'
'who did the
shooting out there?'
I've seen him around, if
that's what you want to know.
An afrikana.
What was he doing?
Just snooping around,
asking questions.
He's a frightening man, hawk.
Do you know anything about
the brown man who was killed?
Never saw him before in my life.
You're coming to
my show tonight?
I'll be there.
[Both chuckle]
[Siren wailing]
(Schult) Agent Wilson, you
assured me that this sting operation
would get back my
company's property.
(Tom) I know I made the
assurances, Mr. Schult.
The operation was
going very well, until
(schult) Until what,
agent Wilson?
At your government's request,
the South African secret service
has agreed to
stay clear of this.
But if you cannot
do your job properly
I'm going to be forced
(Tom) Look, let me
tell you something.
I could care less about
how your government feels.
And the fact that
you got burglarized
by some local organization
against apartheid
doesn't bother me either.
But rest assured,
Mr. Schult, I'll not let
my personal concern
stop me from doing my job
and right now The police
are very interested in a murder.
It disturbs me, agent Wilson
that you're more concerned
with some interloper
'than with getting
back my merchandise.'
and it disturbs me that
you're more concerned
about this merchandise
than the fact
'that a man has
been killed over it.'
I've been authorized
to offer a reward.
One million American
dollars, Mr. Wilson
'for the return
of the diamonds.'
if you'll excuse me..
I'll keep you informed
on my progress.
[Instrumental music]
They call me a wild woman ♪
but I'm as cool ♪
as any woman ought to be ♪
they call me a wild woman ♪
but I'm as cool cool ♪
as any woman ought to be ♪
I don't step and no jumping ♪
and I don't lock
down with no misery ♪
no they call me a wild woman ♪
but I'm as cool ♪
I'm as cool as any
woman ought to be ♪
yeah yeah yeah ♪
call me a wild woman ♪
but I'm as cool cool ♪
as any woman ought to be ♪
Where did you
get those earrings?
I made them. I can make
you a pair if you want.
Those silly looking
things? No, thanks.
Sister cool y'all ♪
[Music continues]
[Vocalizing continues]
They call me call
me a wild woman ♪
but I'm as cool as
any woman ought to be ♪
they call me a
wild wild woman ♪
but I'm as cool as
any woman ought to be ♪
I don't step and no jumping ♪
and I don't lock
down with no ♪
no misery yeah ♪
they call me a wild woman ♪♪
(Hawk) Flame was
gorgeous tonight, wasn't she?
- Oh, yes.
- She was wonderful.
- You ladies drive carefully.
- We will, hawk.
(Lisa) 'It was a pleasure
meeting you again.'
[car revving]
[Dramatic music]
(Mary) Parking in this city
is getting to be ridiculous.
(Lisa) 'A person can't
even park within a block'
'of their own home anymore.'
[rain pattering]
[Music continues]
(Lisa) Don't look now but
there's somebody behind us.
(Mary) Run.
[Music continues]
Slow your roll.
- Is anybody hurt?
- No. Unh-uh.
- I'm fine.
- Alright, let's go home.
(Hawk) Do you know why
this man is trying to harm you?
I think so.
Tell me why.
I'll show you.
I think this is what
that man wants.
My! My, my! This
is quite a fortune.
Where did you get those?
I think the man that got shot
must have put them
in our grocery bag.
Well, why didn't you
tell somebody about this?
I told Mary but she
said they were junk.
Well, they looked like junk.
How was I supposed to
know what they were
(hawk) Mary.
May I keep these?
- No!
- Of course.
I'll see what I can do.
[Instrumental music]
[Music continues]
Mr. Wilson, I told
this gentleman
we only have a few
minutes to spare.
Few minutes is
all that I'll need.
He says his name is hawk.
It's okay. That's alright.
Thank you, Margaret.
So how can I help you, hawk?
I understand you're the
federal agent in-charge
of secret operation.
Well, that's not exactly true.
Well, now the men
who interrupted
your tea party yesterday
and now trying to kill
a group of innocent women over
a bag of uncut diamonds, why?
- You have the diamonds?
- All I have is questions.
If you know the
whereabouts of those stones
you could help us avert
an international mess.
My, my, my. Politics
rears its ugly head, explain.
Those stones belong to a
South African mining company.
They were stolen by
some political dissidents
and smuggled here.
The mining company has asked
our government's assistance
in regaining them.
Now do you know
where they are?
- What went wrong?
- You don't need to know.
It's classified. And wait,
who the hell are you anyway?
That's an excellent question.
But no answers from
you, no answers from me.
[Instrumental music]
[Door closes]
An imposing looking
man is going to
pass your desk in
about 30 seconds.
Tail him.
(Stringer) Good of you
to meet me, Mr. Schult.
Good of you to
call, Mr. Stringer.
Rumor has it that
you're interested
in acquiring some
diamonds, Mr. Schult.
Yes, the very ones
the treasury department
were trying to recover
before your efforts foiled them.
I looked you up,
foreign mercenary.
Still go for the biggest price?
Done your homework, captain.
How much money do you think
you can get from my property
on the, uh, open
market, Mr. Stringer
Three hundred thousand.
Half million, if I
find the right buyer.
I'm prepared to
make the situation
a lot easier for both of us.
How is that?
You find the diamonds
I'll give you the
one million dollars
that my company is
offering as a reward.
Oh, then you'll
get what you want
and I'll get what
I want, is that it?
And my country avoids a lot of
unnecessary embarrassment.
When will I have them back?
[Sighs] Well, as soon
as I eliminate the man
who has them now
in his possession.
[Dramatic music]
(Hawk) 'I would appreciate it'
'if you would share
any information'
'about the African man who
was killed in Georgetown.'
ah, that would be
maroosee Abraham.
He was in the movements.
Namibia, soweto.
'He saw a lot of death.'
his business in DC?
Spear of the nation.
- Spear of the nation?
- Gangs apartheid.
He was here to exchange
diamonds for money
to be used against our
government and its policies.
And his life was
taken in the end.
I appreciate the delicate
nature of your situation.
But if you could share anything
with me about your mission here.
I can. But I won't.
I feel these walls
have ears, eh-eh.
'But you can get other answers'
from the American citizens
against the apartheid.
And be careful.
Many people are interested.
Many powerful people.
[Speaking in foreign language]
(Lisa) "Beautiful are
the stars, a sight to see.
Beautiful are the stars,
bring peace to me."
Lisa, there aren't
any stars out tonight.
They are in my mind.
Look at this.
A reward? One million dollars?
Mary, our problems will be over.
We'll never have to worry again.
And Morgan could really
retire and let her mind rest and
Just one problem. We
don't have the diamonds.
Hawk probably
already turned them in.
Not all of them.
We can't keep them.
It would be wrong.
'We have to turn them in also.'
[instrumental music]
I'm looking for the africana
who is fervently seeking this.
I don't know what you're
talking about, mister.
I'm betting you do.
I'm also betting that
you are the inside man
'that tipped up
the holed-up guy.'
- no. No.
- You set me up, didn't you?
Well, you do know
who he is, don't you?
Uh, what do you mean?
Well, I know you've seem
him around the neighborhood
asking questions, haven't you?
I, I don't know. I
can't remember.
Ah, you have amnesia or
you just won't answer me, huh?
Please look. I-I can't
tell you anything.
He-he'll kill me.
You watch this.
Just browsing.
[Dramatic music]
[Music continues]
How's your memory now?
[Instrumental music]
[Tires screeching]
Well, well, what a lovely sight.
The uninitiated would think
you and Mr. Johnson
are the best of buddies.
Get him.
All it takes is a little
Uh, will he talk?
The man is afraid too, he
has an awful lot of secrets.
So do you. I tried to do a
little checking up on you.
You tried to?
I didn't have high enough
clearance to hire your file.
Then you should have asked me.
I need the diamonds back.
Say, why are you
such a top secret?
Only to those who
have no reason to know.
[Instrumental music]
Hawk. What are you doing here?
Good to see you.
Always a pleasure.
John Paul and I were working
on this new tune of yours.
Do you mind if I
help you find it?
Please, please.
[Piano music]
If I should ever leave ♪
where should I go? ♪
If I should I ever wander ♪
where for ♪
should I wander? ♪
I hear voices ♪
telling me ♪
to follow the one ♪
look to the sun ♪
look to the sun ♪
ooo ♪
reach out ♪
for my peace of my mind ♪
you you know my story ♪
you know you know my story ♪
can't turn back
the hands of time ♪
you ain't no shortcut ♪
to glory ♪
oh ♪
footprints in the sand ♪
god is real ♪
take me there ♪
take me ♪
take me there ♪
[Music continues]
[Flame vocalizing]
Take me there ♪
Whoo. Yeah.
Ooh ♪♪
[Music continues]
Did you get the diamonds?
Well, we locked up
Johnson, Mr. Schult.
We got him for conspiracy to
commit grand theft and murder.
My company doesn't care
about some little jewelry clerk.
The diamonds, Mr. Wilson.
[Dramatic music]
We don't know where they are.
How disappointing.
My company and my government
are gonna be very disappointed.
It's not my problem anymore.
[Music continues]
(Morgan) '"When a man
starts out with nothing.'
'"when a man starts
out with his hands'
"empty but clean.
"When a man starts
out to build a world
"he starts first with himself
'"and the faith
that is in his heart'
"the strength there,
the will there to build.
"First in his heart
is the dream.
"Then the mind
starts seeking away.
"His eyes look out on the world
"on the great wooded world
"on the rich soil of the world,
on the rivers of the world.
"The eyes see their
materials for building
"see the difficulties too
"and the obstacles..
"Mind seeks away to
overcome these obstacles
"the hands seek
tools to cut the wood
"to till the soil and to harness
the powers of the waters.
'"Then the hand seek
other hands to help.'
"a community of hands to help.
"Thus, the dream becomes
not one man's dream alone
"but a community dream,
not my dream but our dream.
"Not my world alone, but
your world and my world
belonging to all the
hands who build."
That's a beautiful reading.
(Morgan) It's timely
prose, my friend.
Do you have a poem that
you'd like to share, hawk?
The heart of a woman..
Goes forth with the dawn.
In the wake of the echoes
the heart calls home.
'The heart of a woman
falls back with the night'
as it tries to forget that
it dreamed of the stars.
As it breaks, breaks,
breaks on the sheltering bars.
Our diamonds.
[Instrumental music]
- Mr. Hawk!
- Yes, ladies.
Whatever happened
to all those diamonds?
Why would you want to
know something like that?
We were just wondering.
Turned them over to
the proper authority.
(Hawk) 'You're quite welcome.'
[music continues]
(Schult) If you cannot
eliminate this man hawk
and get back my property,
I'll be forced to make
other arrangements.
(Stringer) I can handle the man.
But he's not in possession
of the diamonds.
What? Who has them?
The agent they call Wilson.
The man they call hawk
handed them over to him
when my contact was arrested.
Then you have a new
assignment, Mr. Stringer.
How long will you be
out of town, Mr. Wilson?
Ah, just a few days.
Could you put this stuff in
storage for me too, Margaret?
And you won't be
able to get a hold of me
so I'll have to call
in for my messages.
[Instrumental music]
[Dramatic music]
[Music continues]
[Tires screeching]
[Horn honking]
(Tom) 'Man of many
faces, eh, hawk?'
and of many moods.
Right now your
presence is not creating
one of my better one.
- I need your help.
- Indeed.
I didn't turn the diamonds
over to the South Africans.
Then you need to
get out of the country.
Please. Listen.
I need to talk to you about
the American citizens
against apartheid.
[Intense music]
And welcome to acaa helplines.
And this This is my desk.
I applaud your effort.
Apartheid is not one of
my favorite concepts either.
But what do you
want from me, Wilson?
Help me to stay alive.
Long enough to find a
buyer for the diamonds.
So, you've turned thief
like everybody else?
If it helps to break
apartheid, absolutely.
But don't worry, the
money will be well spent.
'I promise you.'
I'm not interested in
promises, only in results.
And I don't think you can
deliver anything but pain
to whomever else is
involved in this either.
Hey, hey, hey!
I can't let you leave,
you know too much!
I know you must be
confused about what to do.
Why don't you turn
in the diamonds?
Collect the reward, use
the money as you see fit!
Obviously, I'm excluded
from any such claim!
You're going to pull
the trigger or what?
Now explain, did
you know Abraham?
Only-only by reputation.
I knew he was in town
trying to make contact with us
that's why I set up
that sting operation.
I figured he'd exchange
the diamonds for the money
and we'd make contact later.
What does the South
African mining company
have to do with this?
Peter schult is their
representative here.
He came to me on advice
of the state department.
Offering to pay for the
return of the diamonds.
I'm sure stringer's
on his payroll too.
The man who tried to kill
me just before I met you.
As long as I have those
diamonds believe me, he'll try again.
They don't care who dies.
'They just want
their diamonds back.'
are you a lawyer?
Then you've just
gotten a fool for a client.
That's right.
[Dramatic music]
[Intense music]
If your heart was any
bigger, you'd be dead.
But you'll live.
[Instrumental music]
(Lisa) 'What do you
think is taking so long?'
(Mary) How should I know?
Maybe they're trying to decide
how much money to give us.
What are you doing?
One million divided by fifty..
Equals 20,000.
Twenty thousand each, Mary.
That's 40,000 dollars!
Unfortunately for you,
ladies The reward applies
only to the entire
cash of merchandise.
You're not even going
to give us any money
for the two diamonds, are you?
I'm afraid not, miss Weaver.
That is, of course..
Unless you can tell me
where the others are located.
Well, they were turned into you.
Weren't they?
I'm afraid not.
You may go, ladies.
[Instrumental music]
(Mary) 'Fool! Now that
man is going to bother hawk'
and hawk is going to tell Morgan
and we are in deep trouble.
And we don't even
have the two diamonds.
We could've sold them.
I think we should
tell hawk what we did.
What you did.
But you're right.
Wait a minute. We don't
even know his number.
I bet Morgan's
old friend has it.
But that means we'll
have to call Morgan.
She'll have questions.
Well, I know exactly
what to tell her.
What are you going to tell her?
Something crazy.
Something way out,
something she'll believe.
What's that?
The truth.
(Hawk) Harm has come to
everyone who has possessed these.
You must turn them over.
No matter what they represent.
It's the right thing to do.
The right thing isn't
always the best thing.
Yeah, true, it is true.
There is one man
who will stop at nothing
to get this treasure.
He must be stopped.
[Telephone ringing]
'Yes, uh Mary?'
uh, yes, I can reach him, uh..
'In fact, he's
standing right here.'
[Instrumental music]
Don't act nervous.
But I am nervous. Where's hawk?
How should I know? We're
not even supposed to be here.
Come on.
[Instrumental music]
(Lisa) Do you think he'll
give us the diamonds?
I don't know, all
we can do is ask.
- It's for a good cause.
- Yeah.
I hope he doesn't
get angry with us.
Angry? Why should he be?
We haven't done anything wrong.
Well, what do we do
if he doesn't show up?
Will you stop worrying
about everything?
You are so nervous!
Nervous? You're the
one who's nervous!
That's a good place to be.
Now before you say anything,
I just want you to know
we never meant to
keep the diamonds.
Not even two of them.
- But they looked so pretty
- Lisa.
And anyway, we gave
them back to Mr. Schultz.
- Schult.
- Schultz.
Schult, his name was
schult, not Schultz.
Now be quiet for a minute.
Mr. Schult Said that if we
brought him all the diamonds
he'd let us have
the reward money.
And we sure could use it.
You know, to give to Morgan
for the house and everything.
It is much too dangerous
for you to be involved.
You see the door over here?
Please go inside and stay.
- But we just got here.
- And what about the diamonds?
Later. Now please do what I ask.
- Oh, marvelous.
- What?
The way he just takes command.
Foolish, that's what you
are. You never grew up.
It wasn't my idea to
come here in the first place.
And I don't need you
to insult me either.
No, you can do
that all by yourself.
[Lisa laughs sarcastically]
[Instrumental music]
I'll take the diamonds.
Then say goodbye.
[People screaming]
[Music continues]
Hey, watch it!
[People clamoring]
You won't have to kill me.
Because I made a wish
and you're already dead!
[Instrumental music]
- Oh. I got here a little early.
- No, I'm a little late.
I wanted to tell you how
much we appreciated
all the help you've given us.
My friend is always
there for the people.
He asked and I responded.
Well, you gave much
more than was asked of you.
Your gentle persistence
saved our property
and much more
importantly my sisters' lives.
This is much more than
anyone could normally expect.
(Hawk) 'There's a real sense
of community, Morgan Weaver.'
the stars are beautiful.
Beautiful are my people.
[Music continues]
It was a good deed to
allow Morgan and her sisters
the reward for the
recovery of the diamonds.
(Hawk) Yes, Morgan
deserves the best.
All her current
debts will be paid.
There will be something
leftover for the rest of their needs.
It's a miracle.
As you say, good deeds
have lies of their own.
Get you in trouble?
Of course, all that's good
is being down the paradoxes
oppression still
lingers in the world.
It's something
that'll end eventually.
One step, hawk,
one step at a time.
[Theme music]
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