A Man Called Hawk (1989) s01e13 Episode Script

Life After Death

[Theme music]
[Music continues]
[Instrumental music]
[Music continues]
- Uh, who are you?
- A friend.
You're a friend of Sharon chase?
For the second time.
Look, you mind
answering some questions?
As long as you do the
same. What happened?
Looks like sleeping pills.
Found an empty
bottle in the bedroom.
When was the last time
you saw miss chase?
Two days ago.
You got any idea why she
might wanna kill herself?
No. She had a boyfriend.
They were very much in
love till she got pregnant.
'It seemed like the whole
world turned against her.'
- and where are they taking her?
- Southern Maryland.
[Instrumental music]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
Mr. Johnson, you scared me.
What are you doing
here? It's Sunday.
Oh, well, I had some last
minute programming to do.
'We're running the
xk-90 tomorrow.'
[Instrumental music]
[Music continues]
I'm looking for Sharon chase.
And ambulance brought her in.
- Are you a relative?
- Friend.
I'm sorry. Miss chase
died en route to the hospital.
Is there anything
we can do for you sir?
Would you like to speak
with the doctor on duty?
[Phone ringing]
[Indistinct chatter]
Sure I'm angry. But
I've got all right to be.
And maybe I'm being selfish.
I'm just not ready for this
Mitch, for god's sakes,
will you calm down?
The whole building can hear you.
I could care less!
Mitch you're
acting irrationally.
Well, I'm not the one
that's acting irrationally
you're the one that's
acting irrational, not me.
I don't want to talk to
you when you're like this.
Oh, no, no, we're
going to settle this thing
once and for all,
before it's too late.
I've got a lot on
my mind right now
but I'll tell you
something, Mitch.
This is going to happen
with or without you.
'I just wanted you
to be involved.'
"be involved." What's
the matter with you?
Of course, I'm involved.
We'll talk later when
you've calm down.
'Where are you going?'
I'm spending the
night at my parents.
Oh, that's great! Yeah,
that will solve everything!
Run home to daddy!
[Indistinct chatter]
[Exhales] Damn it!
- Lois Gilbert?
- Yes.
[Gunshot fires]
[Dramatic music]
[Music continues]
[Tires screeching]
- Follow that car! What!
- Let's go!
Against the car.
Come on, face down!
Why are you doing this,
man? You're making a mistake.
[Phone rings]
(Woman on speaker) 'Doctor
white, please report to oncology.'
'doctor white
report to oncology.'
frank, I, uh, I..
Oh, hello, Doris.
I went to your house to
have you sign a few papers
and they told me you were here.
- What happened?
- It's Lois. She's been shot!
What happened?
The kid she's been
living with. He shot her.
- Mom. Mitch wouldn't
- not now, Michelle, okay?
What's her condition?
We don't know yet. The
doctors are still with her.
I knew that kid
would be trouble.
I tried to tell her, I tried.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert.
Go sit over there,
Michelle, okay?
Her condition is critical.
- What does that mean?
- She's in a coma.
Experiencing what
we call spinal shock.
The coma might be
temporary caused by swelling..
Or the bullet might have
caused permanent damage.
Can't you operate? Can't
you take the bullet out?
We can't operate until
the swelling goes down.
I don't want to deceive you.
'There is a possibility
that she might not last.'
In the meantime, someone is
going to have to make a decision
about the pregnancy.
[Instrumental music]
She hadn't told you?
She's somewhere
in her third month.
There's a chance
that the pregnancy
may have an adverse
effect on her condition
but it may not, it's
a matter of choice.
'Normally it would be
Lois' decision but obviously'
'under the circumstances
that's not possible.'
someone is going
to have to decide
whether or not to terminate it.
[Music continues]
- Do I know you, little one?
- I met you at the mortay's.
You were helping my friend
Vicky's dad, remember?
Oh, yes, Michelle lemignon.
I hardly recognized
you. You've grown so..
And you're speaking in English.
If my memory serves
me, the last time we met
you'd only converse in French.
- Yeah. That was silly.
- Oh, I don't think so.
We learn to practice
and practice to learn.
God gives you a
gift, you must use it.
[Speaking in foreign language]
- I'm okay but
- 'Michelle.'
[phone rings]
Uh, my mom's looking
for me. I got to go.
But could I talk to you later?
- Do you have a problem?
- Well, yeah, I think so.
But I got to go right now.
When you need to talk.
I'm never far from here.
[Speaking in foreign language]
Michelle, honey, come on.
We're going home now.
[Instrumental music]
[Speaking in foreign language]
Well, now. You called, I came.
I don't know if you can help
me but nobody listens to me.
I didn't know who else to ask.
Now tell me, what
troubles you have?
My sister got shot, that's
why I was at the hospital.
They think her
boyfriend Mitch did it.
He's in jail.
But I know he didn't
shoot Lois. I know it.
Explain that to me.
Mitch would never
do that. I know him.
They take me out
sometimes with them.
He's a nice person and
I know he loves Lois.
He told me so.
Mitch needs help. Please,
hawk. Nobody will listen to me.
But they'll listen to you.
I'll see what I can do.
[Speaking in foreign language]
[Instrumental music]
Who are you?
Friend of a friend..
Who believes in you.
Asked me to help extricate you
from your present circumstance.
Well, that's real
nice but right now
I don't need a friend,
I need a lawyer.
Considering what
the police tell me
you're going to need
more than a lawyer.
District attorney is preparing
a six by six cage for you.
Well, the cops
got there real fast.
Just what are they telling you.
The suspect. One
Michelle Connor.
Caucasian, age 23.
Occupation, cab driver.
Shot one Lois Gilbert
in the parking lot
of 446, hill, park street.
The neighbor called the
police long before the shooting
because the suspect was
arguing very, very loudly with Lois.
That same neighbor saw
the suspect standing over
'the apparent
lifeless body of Lois.'
'the suspect was
then apprehended'
'fleeing the scene on foot.'
yeah, well, they got anybody
who saw me pull the trigger?
Police say the suspect
has a prior record.
Possession of illegal firearms.
So heck, it's DC. Who
doesn't carry a gun?
Yes. Jury is gonna love that.
If you want me to
help you, cab driver
or shall I summon
a public defender?
I'm going to ask
you two questions.
One. Did you do it?
Hmm. That'll do for now.
Two. Did you know
that Lois was pregnant?
That's what we
were arguing about.
She feels she's
ready to have the kid.
I'm not.
So you're willing to stand aside
while her father approves
an abortion for her?
An abortion. They told
me she was in a coma.
They didn't say
anything about the baby.
There's not yet a certainty.
But the doctors can't
make that decision.
Lois is in a coma, so
she certainly can't make it.
It seems to me that
you're the only one left
'except for her father.'
she wants the baby too much
I couldn't live with
myself if she loses it.
I remember someone
else who couldn't live with
that decision either.
It's her father who doesn't
want that kid because it's mine.
If there's a chance
if keeping that baby
alive won't hurt Lois
that's what I got to do.
Lois would want that.
- She wants that kid.
- I don't know, cab driver.
You're going to
have to fight for Lois.
[Instrumental music]
What more do you
want from me, hawk?
We got an injunction
on the abortion
and we got the kid out on bail.
A minor miracle if you ask me.
And considering
the circumstances
three days to the hearing is
proper and very reasonable.
I need more time Cynthia.
You know this town
and the system.
You also know how
I depend on you.
Alright. I'll buy the da lunch.
Attempt to withdraw
from the favor bank
but, hawk, don't
hold your breath.
I don't get this. I'm the
father, it's my decision.
Mr. O' Connor.
As your attorney, my advice
to you is to listen to this man.
- He's your only chance.
- And I love you too.
[Instrumental music]
I'm sorry, Lois.
I'm sorry for what I said.
Please forgive me.
This is my fault. If we
hadn't been arguing..
I shouldn't have let her go.
I should have been there.
If you had, you'd be
lying there next to her.
No help to her at all.
Lois, you hang on.
I'm not going to let anybody
take this baby away from you.
[Music continues]
[Indistinct chatter]
Frank, no! No, stop!
What the hell are
you doing here?
I came here to see Lois.
What? To finish the job?
I didn't shoot your
daughter, Mr. Gilbert.
And I have every
right to see her.
Yeah, you come near
my daughter again
and it'll be the last
thing that you ever do.
Do you understand me?
That's all I remember about it.
Could be a pro. And the car?
Ah, it's four door,
maroon. I don't know.
Why would anyone
want to kill her?
That's all I've
been asking myself.
Nothing. I can't figure it.
Think. Did she say
anything? Do anything?
I don't know.
I mean she's real kind
of nervous lately, edgy.
I thought it was about
the pregnancy but..
But to tell you the truth
I haven't seen much of
her the last couple of weeks.
I mean going to that night
school and try to get my degree.
Trying to make
a better life for us.
- Where does she work?
- At her dad's place.
Teldar over in lawndale.
That's how we met.
She was at a fair.
I used to drive her over
two three times a week
before she got her license.
- You believe, a 22 years ol
- what do they do at teldar?
Ah, they make computer
parts for the government.
She's an electronics engineer.
Her dad runs the place.
Her father doesn't like
you very much, does he?
No, I'm about his
worst nightmare.
And that's why we
haven't got married yet.
Lois figured, things will get
better between old frank and me.
[Scoffs] You see, they haven't.
[Instrumental music]
Looks like somebody didn't
leave anything untouched.
You have any idea what
they were looking for?
No idea.
Maybe she hid
something of value.
Something that they wanted bad.
[Dramatic music]
[Music continues]
[Tires screeching]
[Music continues]
[Kids chattering]
Hey, sweetie pie.
- How you doing?
- I've been better.
Yeah, me too.
It's all going to be okay.
Where did you find this guy?
Oh. I get around.
We need your help.
What can I do?
[Intense music]
[Music continues]
Hawk, I think I found something.
Yeah. Okay. I'll see
you there tomorrow.
I found it in her desk,
in a locked drawer.
I had to pry it open
with a letter opener.
A key to a post office box.
Something important
enough to keep locked away.
She's a smart woman,
Lois. Just like her sister.
So, these four post offices
are either by our place
by teldar, around here, it
could be any one of them.
[Intense music]
It's me. Yeah, I'm on it.
Her little sister just
gave him something.
What was it?
Well, you keep driving.
You'll hear from me.
Well, hawk's with the boyfriend.
They have been talking
to the sister again.
She gave them something.
Fiss couldn't make it out.
Let hawk do our
work for us, Decker.
Once he finds it. Take
care of him and bring it back.
You got him, right?
And I just don't want him
dead. I want him gone.
I want hawk and Mitch
Connor to disappear.
[Intense music]
There you go.
Last place to look.
It's Lois' handwriting.
This was post marked
the date she was shot.
You so much as flinch
and it's checkout time. Okay.
Now turn around ever so slowly.
Okay. Now the gun.
Man didn't say please.
Uh, uh, uh, uh.
Let the kid do it.
Two fingers.
'That's it. Alright.'
okay, now put it on the
ground, kick it over here.
9good. Alright.
Now the envelope.
Thank you.
See, I can be polite.
Now move.
[Music continues]
Okay, now hold it, hold it.
Kid, open the door. Come on.
Get in the car.
[Dramatic music]
[Gunshot fires]
[Intense music]
[Instrumental music]
Ah, yes. The 85-55.
Sexy bit of circuitry
you got here, hawk.
- Anymore where this came from?
- Why?
You know that research
Grant I applied for..
This little baby and
one of his cousins
would just about cover it.
How much are we talking about?
Well, I haven't been in
the market for one, lately.
I'd say 80, 120 grand per unit.
And that's a cautious estimate.
Mercy, mercy me.
Believe me, my friend,
it's worth every penny.
Oh, this is a micro processing.
Jam packed with hundreds of
thousands of intricate circuits.
They call it a risk
chip in the trade.
Reduced instruction set chip..
It's essential to robotics,
cad cams, weapon delivery
aerospace. Ouch!
Shh, there goes my sabbatical.
This one is cooked. Take a look.
See the dark part?
That's meltdown.
This chip has been
exposed to stress
exceeding it's tolerances.
Hotter than a car on fire,
can you please elucidate?
Well, to take a worst
case scenario it means
any airplane guiding
system using this unit
could be meeting the
ground at a high speed
resulting in a big crash.
Hover. Bodies strewn
all over the runway.
You are a great credit
to the halls of academe.
- Anything for a buck.
- Always a pleasure.
[Indistinct chatter]
- Come on.
- Alright, baby, alright.
- Hey, Tommy hersh.
- 'Yeah, baby, you got it.'
that's a halfway decent
right hand you got there.
Like you, hawk, I do
nothing half decent.
You've been out looking for
the guy that tried to kill us?
Yeah, I have.
But you got to keep the
body in tune with the mind.
Look at this.
It's a packing slip, I found in
the envelope with the chip set.
There's an address on
it, 5/32 something west.
And the rest is burned out.
So all we got to do is
track down all the streets
that end with west, you know?
- Northwest, southwest.
- What is all this we?
We're not going to do anything.
You're going to stay right here.
Now, wait a second a hawk.
I love Lois and I'm not
just gonna sit around
and wait for you to save us.
You could get
yourself killed too.
Besides, do you know
how many streets are on
the district of Columbia
with the last word "west?"
- I got to do something, man.
- Alright.
You stay here and
watch Milton Tommy rot.
But you do what I say, huh?
- Stay right here.
- Where are you going?
Wanna see what's in the
soup you stir up the pot.
Hey, hit man, I'll be ready
for you in the year 2000.
No, hawk. Try like three.
I'm not at Liberty to
discuss this with you.
We're under a contract
with the government
to produce components
for military aircrafts.
The nature of our
work is classified.
But assuming that,
that chip Is ours.
If you're implying
there's something wrong
than you're totally misinformed.
Everything we manufacture, is
manufactured in accordance with
strict military specifications.
Our lab maintains that control.
Your daughter worked
in that lab, did she not?
What are you getting at?
She mailed herself an envelope.
Kept it safe by mailing
it to a post office box.
- Where is this envelope?
- Incinerated.
But this survived.
You got to be out of
your mind coming to me
with a story like that.
Your daughter knew
something and somebody wanted
to keep her quiet.
Are you accusing me of
having something to do
with the attack on
my own daughter?
I'm accusing you of knowing
more than you're saying.
You, get out of my house!
Well now, Mr. Gilbert.
No matter what you think Mitch
did not shoot your daughter.
And forcing her
to have an abortion
will not stop her
from loving him either.
[Instrumental music]
[Music continues]
Doctor! Doctor!
Doctor! She moved!
She's coming out of it.
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
Hold it right there.
Get your hands up. Now!
Come on, we've been
through this, frank.
Lois was wrong. Those chips
were tested over and over.
First by us then by the
defense department.
And you've seen the reports.
If you want to see
them again I can call hal
and have him bring them over.
Look, who is this
guy hawk, anyway?
Who do you think hired him?
He wouldn't say.
Oh, come on frank. He's
working for Mitch Connor.
He's got an axe to grind.
'He's going to stack
the cards anyway he can'
to prove the kid was innocent
because that's what
he was hired to do.
Look, there's no reason
why we can't have
those chips tested
again. Just to be sure.
There's no need for that.
I want the chips
tested again, Stan.
Hey, wait a minute.
Are you giving me orders?
[Intense music]
Let's not forget
who works for who.
You wouldn't be
here if it wasn't for me.
Look, we have a deal, frank.
You were a front, that's it.
I call the shots.
[Music continues]
Hal, get over to the warehouse
and get rid of the micro-chips.
All of them.
[Music continues]
- I'm not pleased.
- Hawk, listen for a second.
Remember that address I
showed you, 532 west something?
Go on.
I found it in Lois' office..
'in a box of micro-chips
exactly like the one we found.'
[Intense music]
- What do you want, man?
- Open one of those boxes.
My, my, my.
I'm in the mood for
a story. Make it good.
I'm the owner of teldar
in name only.
Stan Taylor runs the operation
and has since day one.
That's how we qualify
for set-aside contracts.
You're familiar
with that program.
The government reserves a
percentage of appropriations
for minority-owned companies.
Not only have you defrauded
the federal government
but you have
betrayed your people.
I've used my position to
provide jobs for the minority
to put food on
my family's table.
To educate my daughter.
You have snatched the livelihood
from the hands of
legitimate businessmen.
Look where that's
gotten your daughter.
And what about the
chips, Mr. Gilbert?
'Do you know what I figure?'
the man you're funding for
has been supplying the company
with inferior computer chips but
selling them at superior prices.
Lois came to me
several weeks ago.
She was working on
the altitude control panels
that are going to
the military planes.
She thought she had
found something wrong
with the micro processor.
Something potentially
destructive to the entire unit.
Potentially destructive.
Altitude control fails,
plane goes down.
I went to Stan Taylor, he..
Told me the chips were tested.
He told me they were okay.
You knew nothing
about those chips?
I can't believe Stan is
capable of something like that.
Where is he?
He uh.. He's probably
at the plant. He..
He told me, he'd
be there this week.
[Intense music]
[Music continues]
Stan Taylor.
Mr. Taylor isn't
in. Who are you?
I'm a man who's getting
ready to explode all over you
if you don't tell
me where he is.
He's at the ceo heliport.
Taking a company
helicopter out on business.
[Dramatic music]
[Music continues]
What are you doing here, frank?
I came to see you off, Stan.
What, are you crazy?
- What's the gun for?
- It was you, wasn't it?
You got Lois shot!
Go on and admit
it, Stan. Admit it.
You might as well.
Either way you're gonna
die for what you did.
You're out of your mind, frank?
Put the gun down!
What you got in
the briefcase, Stan?
[Dramatic music]
Now, frank. Put it down.
I'll put it down
when I'm finished.
Spend the rest of your
life rotting in a jail cell
when it's his name on it.
Hell yeah!
Please. Frank!
Think about it, frank. Think
about Lois and Michelle.
You take his life,
you take both of theirs.
If you pull that trigger..
You'll be gone,
frank, you'll be gone.
[Dramatic music]
The operation went well.
We were able to get the bullet
out. She's going to be okay.
She's unconscious right
now but that's normal.
What about the baby?
The baby is fine.
Apparently unaffected.
- Can I see Lois now?
- Sure.
Her family is in there now.
Where are you going?
Good luck, cab driver.
[Instrumental music]
Hi Mitch.
- Where are you going?
- I'll come back later.
No. Stay.
[Music continues]
I love you very much.
[Music continues]
[Speaking in foreign language]
I have something for you.
- What is this?
- Thirty eight dollars.
Where did you get
all of this money?
I saved it up.
It's for you, for
helping Mitch and me.
I'm sorry but I can't accept it.
Why not?
Vicky's dad paid you
when you helped him.
That's right, sometimes
I do things for money
but this is different.
I did this for someone
I was too late to help.
Sometimes we are
asked to heal others
and end up healing ourselves.
That's payment enough.
Adieu, Michelle.
[Music continues]
[Theme music]
[Music continues]
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