A Man in Full (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Push Comes to Shove

["In the Good Old Days
(When Times Were Bad)" playing]
Anything at all was more than we had ♪
In the good old days ♪
When times were bad ♪
No amount of money could buy from me ♪
The mem'ries that I have of them ♪
No amount of money could pay me ♪
To go back and live through it again ♪
[song fades]
[birds chirping]
When we were first married,
I used to come home,
be like entering the lair to lust.
At some point, it became
a whole different lair altogether, Gerald.
Say what you might about marriage,
but the idea that it's non-consumptive
Sooner or later, it gonna eat you up.
[Gerald] Yes, sir.
I don't mean to judge.
I know you're happy with your Mrs.
You'll be fine, sir.
What's that saying?
"No man fights the same dragon twice,
or she's never the same dragon."
- [Gerald] Hmm.
- And I'm not the same man.
[Gerald] Do you know what she wants?
What they all want. [sighs deeply]
Me to stop being me.
[unsettling music playing]
Fuck that.
[lighter flicking]
[kettle whistling]
[clock ticking]
[smacks lips, sighs deeply]
[cup clinking]
I appreciate you coming over.
[Charlie] Hmm.
- Sorry?
- [Charlie] I said, "Hmm."
Slang for "my pleasure."
- How about we just get to it, Martha?
- Fine.
Why are you doing this to Joyce?
What I'm doing is aimed
at Norman Bagovitch,
for the greater good of Atlanta.
I'm simply asking Joyce
to be part of that greater good.
- Oh, here we go.
- [scoffing] How broke are you?
If you're worried
your alimony may be at risk
You will not be extorting Joyce Newman.
I will stop you.
- [scoffing] You think so?
- You have a son. I will protect him.
- From what?
- [Martha] From becoming you.
I will call my attorney,
have him cut off all contact.
Oh, please.
[Martha snickering]
Do not think I'm kidding.
How fucking dare you!
I dare because he is my son,
and I will not see him
grow up to be a person capable
of doing what you're endeavoring to do.
I am en I am endeavoring to survive,
to stand up for myself,
not to back down from myself.
That's a lesson any father,
any mother should pass on to a son.
[tense music playing]
And you don't get to talk to me like that.
[inhales sharply]
You have underestimated me
for too long, and that era is over.
You wanna test me? Go ahead.
[tense music intensifies]
[groaning softly]
- [Jill] How you doing in here?
- [Conrad] Good.
- [Jill] Did you get her letter?
- Yeah, got it.
[tense music fades]
How you doing?
[prisoner] I don't know, man.
- [Jill] Do you think the lawyer can
- What kinda complications?
Basically, most of Croker's Georgia assets
are in the process of being frozen.
We have out-of-state assets, but for bail,
bond has to come from Georgia.
So we need to open accounts
to secure the bond
before the funds get locked.
It'll get done.
[tense music stops]
- One more thing.
- [Conrad] I don't like the sound of that.
Hmm. We gotta go back to the judge
to get him to sign off.
The same judge that stuck me here?
[Roger] As long as
we post bond, we'll be fine.
[indistinct chatter]
Look [exhales softly]
[Jill] What?
No, nothing.
[Jill] Say it, Conrad.
[sinister music playing]
I'm not sure I'm safe in here.
A a kid got assaulted,
and I I went to his aid,
which went against some house code.
I'm I'm not in good standing
with some of these people.
You need to get me out.
Sooner rather than later.
[phone clinks]
[gate lock buzzing]
- [phone ringing repeatedly]
- [prisoners chatting]
[melancholy music playing]
[Jill breathes deeply]
The thing about my husband [sniffs]
is that he is into stoicism.
Yeah, his brain defaults to the positive,
so for him to say that he is scared,
for him to look scared,
you need to get him out.
- I know there's a lot going on right now.
- [Roger] I'll get him out.
[Jill's breath trembling ]
[sinister music builds]
Dean, the stuff that I went through,
did you see? Were you watching?
I mean, it ain't easy, but damn.
[music fades]
[bird squawking]
[sighs deeply]
No matter how hard he fights, everything
will eventually be owned by Planners.
Croker Foods, Turpmtine,
we already got his fleet of planes,
attachments on several of his warehouses.
I'm not interested
in his food company or his plantation.
But the Concourse.
His basis in that is over 400 million.
The bank would take 175.
With the right buyer,
which my opinion counts on that,
the bank would be willing to accept
a 20% down payment, finance the rest.
I'm putting together a syndicate,
three or four investors at most.
You could take it all if you want,
and I'd highly suggest that you do.
Uh, he'd never let that building go.
It's his pride and joy.
He built it as a monument to himself.
It's not up to him.
The bank is taking it. I promise you.
And you're doing this all
for just a promotion?
I'd like some skin in the game.
[suspenseful music playing]
Do you even have skin?
In the form of a broker's fee which I earn
by bringing together the syndicate.
- That's a total conflict of interest.
- One which I'll reveal at the right time.
I'm doing this for skin,
for a look, and a thump.
- I beg your pardon?
- The skin comes from the syndicate.
The look comes from Charlie
when it registers that I fucked him.
And the thump
is me
[thuds foot]
beating my chest.
[music cuts off sharply]
[duck quacking]
[Sirja] Aggressive, dirty man.
[Raymond] Hmm. Not dirty, ruthless.
That is a virtuous quality in business.
One I've lacked until now.
And how does it feel? This virtue.
[hoarsely] Wonderful.
Not just fuck this Charlie Croker person,
but his ex-wife.
Oh, that's not what that's about.
Of course, it is.
Men want the penis to get envy.
Usually, about size,
but sometimes placement.
You want to put the penis in his wife.
I actually like her.
She's a really cool lady.
- [Sirja] How old is this woman?
- I think she's 52.
You need to be careful, Raymond.
People decay at that age.
- Is she in menopause?
- We haven't discussed that.
It's not funny, Raymond. Okay?
Period flushes toxins out of vagina.
After menopause,
no more flushing, toxins go to brain.
She make crazy.
She's not crazy.
Well, you better prophylact.
Rich women carry bacteria.
[Raymond chuckling]
So, you became
wealthy banker man after all.
With this syndicate.
And I have you to thank in part for that.
Charlie used to have this expression,
"At some point,
a man needs to let out the big red dog."
- [chuckles softly]
- [Raymond] So that's what I'm doing.
[clicks tongue] I'm proud of you.
[car honking]
[tense music builds]
You seem different now.
[baby cooing]
You want to see your son?
- [Sirja] Hey, Lasse.
- [soft cry]
- [Sirja] Yes.
- [Raymond gasping] Lasse.
[Sirja] Say hi to Daddy.
- Hi. Hi.
- There he is, there he is.
[Sirja] We make beautiful baby, no?
[Lasse cooing]
We do.
[Sirja] One day, maybe he play
American catch with you.
Teach you how to be ruthless.
Walk like an American.
Like a big red dog American man.
- [baby laughs]
- [Sirja] Yeah. Wave to Papa.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Conrad] First place you gonna eat
when you get out?
Easy. I'm going straight
to Waffle House. Gotta do that.
- I need them hash browns immediately.
- [Conrad] Hash browns?
[Five-O] Oh, uh-oh. Shit.
This ain't good.
[sinister music builds]
Excuse me, Five-O.
Could I get a word with Brother Conrad?
[indistinct chatter]
It's okay.
You know he's fucking up.
My colleagues and I were just discussing
your philanthropic service.
So how you doing, my brother?
First time in a place like this,
You witness shit.
Awful, awful
awful shit.
- I just wanna be left alone.
- Say what now?
You heard me.
[Rotto] Maybe you should've thought twice
about being a Good Samaritan.
[sinister music builds]
Good Samaritans draw attention.
Like heroes.
Heroes get special attention.
You wanna be special, Conrad?
Mind if I call you Connie?
[prisoners chattering]
You're a number in here.
I'm a number in here.
I'll respect you.
And you will respect me. You understand?
I'm not askin' you
for any favors, but I will ask, I do ask
that you leave me alone.
And you'd be wise to hear that.
That's cute.
But I shouldn't be surprised.
Because you cute.
You're the cutest thing going on in here.
Get away from me.
I ain't going anywhere, Connie.
[both grunting intensely]
[Rotto yelling]
- [Conrad grunts]
- [Rotto yelping]
God damn! What the fuck are you doing?
What the fuck are you looking at?
[Mutt] You wanna roll with me?
[alarm blaring]
- [truncheon thudding]
- [yelling, grunting]
[Conrad panting]
[Jill] What do you mean he is in solitary?
[Roger] He evidently attacked
one of the other prisoners
and injured him, so he's been placed
in solitary confinement.
- It was a violent attack.
- [Jill] No.
That is not possible.
He wouldn't just attack somebody.
What does this mean? What happens now?
- I don't know.
- [Jill] Oh my God.
How long does he have to be in there?
And and what about the hearing?
I'm not sure.
The information I'm getting is very fluid.
He will be a wreck when he gets to court.
The judge will see a wreck.
Can he be denied bail altogether?
- I don't know.
- [yells] Well, who does?!
[siren wailing]
[Jill softly] Sorry.
[Jill shuddering]
I'm sorry.
He's claustrophobic,
so, solitary [whimpering]
- Oh my God. [sighs]
- Still might be the safest place.
[tense music playing]
Jill, if we post bond,
we still might be able to get him out.
But you don't know that.
[Jill sniffling]
[Roger] No, I don't.
[Jill grunts]
[Jill sighs heavily]
[crickets chirping]
I don't think
I've ever heard a sound like that.
- It's like it came from a place beyond.
- Can we get him out?
Transfer him, at least, to another prison?
I don't think so.
What can I do? [sighs]
The main thing is to have the funds ready,
should the judge honor the bond he set.
[Roger exhales]
Everything has become so fucked.
Wes is calling me on the other.
[breathes deeply]
He's going down in the polls.
If we're going to do this,
it's gotta happen fast.
For his sake,
and from what I'm hearing, for yours.
You think this plan can really work?
Gotta be another way.
Filing for bankruptcy. That would be all.
That's an indignity I will not endure.
You were supposed to protect me
from this, you and Wiz,
all your layers and LLCs,
all your accounting.
And we have. [exhales heavily]
It'll be difficult for them
to get to you fully,
but if they are determined,
which they seem to be
it's push come to shove time, Charlie.
We're out of options.
Tell Wes I'll meet with him tomorrow.
[Rogers exhales]
[Raymond] It sounds
like a difficult conversation.
- It was a very necessary one.
- [glasses clinking]
Which, maybe, you and I need to have.
[jazz music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
So how does all
of this affect me financially?
Well, if your assets are separate,
it shouldn't. But does he
Does he still pay you alimony?
I get a consulting fee
from Croker Industries in lieu of alimony.
Excuse me?
[smacks lips]
It penciled out to be cheaper for him.
Well, that could very much be at risk.
It also sounds questionable legally.
Oh, he ran it through
a gazillion attorneys.
It's legal.
Put it on the table, please.
Is he broke?
[Raymond exhales]
Your ex-husband is bankrupt.
He owes us near a billion dollars
and several other banks
another half a billion.
Of the total, he has guaranteed
600 million personally.
Non-recourse loans.
That was one of his cardinal rules.
Well, that all went out the window
when he decided to erect
the concrete and steel erection
known as the Concourse.
[menacing music playing]
Which I have an interest in.
I cannot understand how this could happen.
[Martha breathes heavily]
[Raymond clearing throat]
[exhales softly]
I owe you an apology.
How so?
Well, I am by no means the lead attack dog
in this whole deal against Charlie,
but I'm one of the mushers
hauling the sled.
The idea
that this could work to punish you
If there is a way to insulate you,
I will do it.
[both chuckle]
[menacing music fades]
[Raymond] Cheers.
[Conrad] He who is brave is free.
[intense clanging]
[Conrad] He who is brave is free.
[keys jangling]
- [echoing silently]
- [Conrad] He who is brave is free.
[door squeaking]
[Conrad] It is the power
of the mind to be unconquerable.
[eerie music playing]
[Conrad] It is the power of the mind
to be unconquerable.
[gate lock buzzing]
[Conrad] It is the power of the mind
to be unconquerable.
It is the power of the mind
to be unconquerable.
[echoing intensifies]
[Conrad] It is the power of the mind
to be unconquerable.
[prisoners chattering]
[Conrad] It is the power of the mind
to be unconquerable.
to be unconquerable.
It is the power of the mind
It is the power
it is the power of the mind
to be uncon unconquerable.
It is the power of the mind
to be unconquerable.
The power of the mind It is the power
It is the power of the mind
to be unconquerable.
It is the power of the mind
to be unconquerable.
[Conrad] Do not fuck with me!
You hear me?
You do what you gotta do, so will I!
I will put you down!
Every last one of you motherfuckers!
[prisoner 1] Hey
[sinister music playing]
[Roger] You can't be challenging
these people.
[Conrad] It's a different world
in here, Mr. White.
Crazy might just keep me alive
till you get me out.
Am I not getting out?
[Roger] It's become more
difficult with the the new assault.
I'm filing a habeas petition
with the court.
What's that?
A Hail Mary until I can figure out
something better,
but in the meantime,
you gotta lay as low as possible.
- [Roger exhales]
- [phone knocking on glass]
[Roger] Look at me.
When you threw the punch at the officer
can you tell me what you were thinking?
- I'm not sure I was thinking anything.
- Okay.
What did you feel?
[Conrad] I told you.
I need you to tell me again.
I was feeling
"This is not right."
[thuds hand] This
is not right.
[tense music playing]
[upbeat music playing]
[exhales intensely]
[robotic knee buzzing repeatedly]
[Charlie groaning]
- [Charlie] What's this here?
- [Wes] It's a script.
[Wes] One that you will stick to.
It doesn't have to be exact.
It's best for you to come off natural.
But the basic idea.
It'll take place in the form
of a small press conference,
just like we talked about.
You're gonna be inducted
into the Georgia Tech Hall of Fame.
- Excuse me?
- [Wes] It's about damn time.
You did win them
the national championship.
I'm on the board,
so I got it all worked out.
There'll be a small,
impromptu kinda half-ceremony.
You'll be handed an honorary football.
You'll look at it
with great pride, of course.
And as you look
at that football, Mr. Croker,
you will be reminded of old times.
But you're gonna get
more caught up in the current times,
which are much bigger, with larger things
at stake than a football game.
You are going to be mindful
that the entire city
of Atlanta is on the line.
And as you look
at that commemorative football,
as the emotions begin to swirl,
you're gonna conjure up
your playing days with Norman Bagovitch,
the two of you playing
in that same backfield.
And you would be remiss remissed,
and I'd say if you did not declare
how much you two are not playing
for the same team today.
As much as you love your old buddy,
Norman Bagovitch represents a great threat
to the city of Atlanta
and the state of Georgia,
and you would be derelict
in your duty as a citizen
if you did not come forward
with what you know.
Norman Bagovitch is a bad character
and a sexual predator.
- I can't state that to a certainty.
- [Wes] I do not give a fuck.
You say that you have it
on good authority, like you believe it.
Because if you believe it,
if the Sixty-Minute Man says it,
it is so.
So, where are we with the victim?
Nowhere. She's not participating.
[Wes] Okay. Well, I would encourage you
to take another shot with her.
But we don't need her.
We can do this without her.
People will believe you.
Before we do anything,
you need to honor your end,
make my difficulties
with PlannersBanc go away.
I can't eradicate your debt.
All right? I can just get them
to back off on the collecting.
Well, you do that.
You call Planners' dogs off
and I'll hold my press conference.
[tense music playing]
[Charlie sighs]
This is a good thing we're doing here.
[Martha] He certainly heard me.
Felt me.
But I I'm not sure I changed his mind.
- Ugh. It's vile.
- [Martha] I know.
Charlie has no business
[exhales heavily]
Anyway, thanks for trying.
[Martha] Joyce.
Can I ask you
what did happen that night with Norman?
I don't know exactly.
Alcohol was involved,
you know, memories get blurred.
[Martha] Sure.
But you don't have a
a gut sense of things?
I have some sense of the physical.
Less so of the cognitive.
[Martha] Meaning?
Meaning either he was upon me
and I couldn't fight him off,
or after I resisted, I [exhales deeply]
I changed my mind and reciprocated.
[Martha] Are you saying you're not sure
if you were sexually assaulted,
or or or are you comforting yourself
by just leaving it a question?
I'm saying that Charlie is building
this narrative of of victimization
around me for his own personal gain.
Oh oh, I'm not asking about Charlie.
He so wants this to be true,
and I am not gonna lie for him
[smacks lips]
when I don't remember what happened.
Have you ever spoken
with Norman about what happened?
He said back then, when a woman said yes
he did not wait for her to sober up.
- He maintained I consented.
- And you take his word for it?
Look, whatever did happen
[somber music playing]
it's my life
and it's my choice to make.
[Roger] In that the bail requirement
has now been met,
I would ask that the court
order the transfer of my client
and allow for his release
on his own recognizance,
which request is being joined by the DA.
N Now, hold on here just a second.
I I have some new information before me.
It has come to my attention
that your client has committed
yet another aggravated assault,
inflicting serious injuries
requiring surgery.
My client was defending himself,
Your Honor.
There are security cameras
in that prison facility.
Those cameras captured the assault
in which your client
was "defending himself."
I have reviewed the footage.
Have you, Mr. Jennings?
I have, Judge.
I see no indication of any attack
by the inmate your client injured.
The offending inmate had raped
another younger prisoner the previous day.
My client went to aid the victim
and, in doing so,
made himself a target
of the inmate known as Rotto.
Mr. Rotto is currently
serving time in Fulton County
for murder and rape convictions.
He is a gang leader
within that institution
and represented a threat to my client,
and in response to that threat,
Conrad Hensley safeguarded his own life.
[Judge Taylor] The footage I saw revealed
your client to be the violent threat.
- I'll remind you he has no prior record
- I do not need to be reminded.
As I'm sure you need
no reminding that, as a judge,
I have an obligation to act in good faith
as an officer of the court, as a guardian
for the good state of Georgia.
And I cannot, in good faith,
order the release
of your client at this time.
He stays where he is.
[Roger] Permission to approach.
[clears throat softly]
- What is this?
- Civil Petition for habeas corpus.
To release the body of Conrad
before he becomes a body.
My client's in physical danger as long
as he resides in Fulton County.
Habeas is a relief after conviction.
Not in Georgia.
Habeas is allowed to release the body
of one wrongly imprisoned
and awaiting trial.
O.C.G.A 9-14-42 subsection A,
subsection C,
based on Ex parte Yerger, 75 U.S. 85, 95
- Counsel.
- Ritchie v. State.
Pre-trial habeas should be granted
should the defendant show there'll be
adverse collateral consequences.
Habeas petitions
are civil matters, Counsel.
The Superior Court of Georgia
is a court of general jurisdiction,
handling both civil
and criminal law action.
You have the discretion to calendar both,
and given the imminent danger
to my client, failure to calendar
would amount to abuse of that discretion,
in dereliction of your duty
to act in good faith.
[spectators whispering]
- [delicate guitar strumming]
- We'll schedule the matter for Tuesday.
[Jill sighs softly]
[tense music playing]
[Charlie] You ever seen
a more glorious building?
No, sir.
Crown jewel.
No scraper in Atlanta glistens like that.
Hell, not in all of Georgia.
Sunrise, sunset, moonlight, no matter.
It radiates splendor.
My splendor.
[Charlie sniffles]
Fifteen years of my life.
Between plans, permits,
zoning bullshit, construction.
That building near killed me.
Maybe now it has.
I very much doubt it.
[Charlie] Hmm.
You seem low.
My ex-wife said some pretty hurtful thing.
Windy at the top is what they say.
Winds I face today.
Can't be who I wanna be,
say what I wanna say,
lean in directions I wanna go.
World's gonna make men like me extinct,
what they're gonna do.
[door opens]
[dog barking]
[car beeps]
[doorbell dinging]
- Mrs. Smith?
- [woman] Yes.
My name is Roger White.
Uh, is your husband home?
- Honey.
- [Smith] It's all right.
[chuckling, chattering]
Why are you here?
I tried calling, sir,
but having got no response, I
You just show up at my house?
Are you kidding me?
- I was just hoping to have a conversation.
- Well, the DA told me not to talk to you.
Which works out just fine.
I got nothing to say.
Be a good idea for you
to remove your foot.
The DA told me it was fine to contact you.
Remove your foot.
The altercation that transpired between
you and my client was a misunderstanding.
I'd like for you to tell the judge
that you initiated the altercation.
Your client almost killed me.
You come here asking for my help?
And to give you this. [sighs]
That is a subpoena, Officer.
Looks like we'll have
our conversation in court.
[Wes] You really
expect the cop to help you?
[Roger] I was hoping.
[Wes snorts]
Dear God.
Desperate times. I don't need to tell you.
Oh, fuck off.
- [guests chattering, laughing]
- [funky music playing]
You know
[exhales deeply]back when we were
in school, part of me wanted to be you.
And part of you wanted to be me.
And I figured as the years went by,
we'd meet somewhere in the middle,
but we never did.
I stuck to being me, you being you.
Hell, we never even met
for so much as a beer until tonight.
I I I feel your rejection
of me in all this,
and, uh, it it hurts.
But it's not anything new.
It's always been there.
- That's what this drink is about?
- In part, mm-hmm.
I am sorry
for dragging you into all this ugly.
I really am.
You found a way
to rise above the muck, I never did.
[breathes deeply]
I'm not sure I ever really stuck to me.
[sighs heavily]
Not completely.
I gotta stay mayor, Roger.
[Roger clears throat]
[doorbell dinging]
[Jill sighing]
[door squeaks, closes]
Got my new knee.
I'm already walking around on it.
How about that? [knee whizzing]
Modern medicine.
I'm not going to ask if you're okay,
because I know you're not.
I'm not going to pretend
to have a solution, because I don't.
Plus, you can see through my bullshit.
I just came to look you in the eye
and tell you that I am on this.
I don't know how,
but we will get Conrad out.
I am on it.
Mr. Croker, are things
going to be okay at work?
Things will be fine.
[dramatic music builds]
[Jill sighs deeply]
- Do we know what this is about?
- Just said he wants to see us.
[Raymond] This is exciting.
[knocking on door]
[secretary] Mr. Longley.
Gentlemen, thank you for coming.
Come. Please, sit.
I've taken a personal look
at the Croker situation
and decided to lay off for now.
When you say, "lay off"?
[Longley] It's a macro decision, Harry.
Uh a "macro decision?"
Yes, Raymond.
Bigger than this specific issue at hand.
It's part of a larger strategy.
- Let him off?
- What larger strategy?
[Longley] That's not really
your concern, Raymond.
[snorts] Uh
W w with all due respect,
Charlie Croker has
Charlie Croker has lied, cheated, stolen,
stalled us, laughed at us,
played us for suckers.
I hope it won't astonish you unduly
to know that I am,
from time to time, called upon
to deal with problems broader in scope
than what you two want
to do with Charlie Croker.
[Raymond laughing]
Okay. So this is all just a big
"never mind."
[Longley chuckling]
That's a lovely way to put it, Raymond.
"Never mind."
[Longley chuckling]
[Raymond exhales]
But we have him. We finally have him.
No, Raymond you don't.
[Harry] Hmm!
[Harry sighs heavily]
[female reporter]
More of that story after the break.
[atmospheric music playing on TV]
[female voice narrating TV ad]
The skin softens, and the mind calms.
The blissful caress
of innocence and peace.
Purity, by Cleangirl.
When the only thing that stands between
[remote control thuds]
[suspenseful music playing]
[gate lock buzzing]
- [Five-O] So when's the hearing?
- [Conrad] Tuesday.
- So you could get out?
- [ringing]
That's the hope.
So you just gotta stay alive till then.
[doors banging]
[Mutt] That won't be easy
in a place like this.
- [yelling]
- [Mutt] You gotta tell him, man.
[Five-O] You don't think this
[prisoners yelling]
[door buzzing]
- [prisoner] All right, pretty boy!
- [prisoners yelling]
[Mutt] Shut the fuck up!
- [inmate 1] Whoo, whoo!
- [clanging]
[inmate 2]
I'm gonna rip you inside, you fucker.
[unsettling music swelling]
[music fades]
[Henrietta] Not really cool. Showing up
at the arresting officer's house.
Judge could come down on you for that.
[Roger] I just wanted
to get a sense of the man.
- See what I'm dealing with.
- [Henrietta huffing]
[clicks tongue]
What exactly is the plan here?
I think part of what Conrad sensed,
if there was ever going
to be an opportunity for fairness,
for retribution,
for safeguarding his dignity,
it was not going to be found
in our judicial system.
The only window
for this officer to be held
to even a modicum of accountability
was right then and there,
which compelled him to take that swing.
Self-help justice.
Hmm, you don't intend
to make that argument.
If you'd heard him.
"This is not right."
If I can get the judge to feel a fraction
of what Conrad made me feel
It won't be with that path, honey, honey.
This judge, loose cannon that he is,
he follows the letter.
You need to find a path
that respects the rule
and one that respects him in the process.
This will not be won
with "The officer had it coming."
Honey, do I really need to tell you that?
[Roger exhales]
- I had no business taking this case.
- You're the right lawyer.
- I should have got a criminal attorney.
- Hey! Hey!
You're the right attorney
to do this. You are.
The goal, like you suggest,
is to make the judge feel your client.
You're in the best position to do that,
but you need to pick a path
he's willing to go down.
This judge, end of the day,
follows the law.
So whatever your needle,
that's your haystack.
Roger, you go in that room.
You find your feet.
You make your case.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Roger smacks lips, sighs heavily]
[wheels squeaking]
[brakes screeching]
[suspenseful music fades]
[people yelling]
[baby crying]
[intense moaning, grunting]
[suspenseful cello
and violin strumming music playing]
[intense moaning, grunting continues]
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up! Shut up!
- [woman moaning intensely]
- [man grunting]
[woman panting]
[man panting]
[silently] This can't be how it ends.
[huffs] This cannot
We had him, we had him.
This is not how it ends.
[yells intensively]
This is not how it ends!
[ending theme music playing]
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