A Man in Full (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Judgment Day

[mysterious music builds]
[dog barking]
[door squeaking]
[door closes]
[Raymond snoring softly]
We'll see about them saddlebags.
[gasps, panting heavily]
[mysterious music cuts off]
[liquor sloshing]
- [sniffs]
- [train horn blaring]
Not over.
[guitar music playing]
[sighs softly]
[cars honking]
[tailor] It hangs so well on you.
Sometimes, a suit makes the man,
but sometimes, the opposite.
- Mr. Mayor.
- [guitar music fades]
It looks beautiful.
Thank you.
[tailor sighs heavily]
It'll be ready within the hour.
- Can you gimme a little shimmy?
- I beg your pardon?
It helps me to see how it falls.
Just a little one. Just
[Wes chuckling]
[tense music builds]
[Roger sighs deeply]
- [Henrietta] You nervous?
- What do you think?
Be bold,
but with care.
And how does that work?
[exhaling] You'll figure it out.
Just feel your way.
[tense music fades]
[female reporter]
Well, another wet scorcher
is basically the bottom line, Phil.
And for October,
you could call that climate change
[Charlie speaking indistinctly]
or just Atlanta being Atlanta.
Thanks, Lisa.
And speaking of climate change,
that's pretty much been the only thing
mayoral candidate, Norman Bagovitch,
hasn't pinned on Wes Jordan,
though that changed last night,
when the challenger did indeed blast
the incumbent for enabling
We've got yet some more revisions.
[Charlie] Oh, come on.
Are they gonna put this on a teleprompter?
No, the whole point is
for me to seem off the cuff.
You look nice.
For court. They call it
"sympathetic pretty." [breathes deeply]
[anchor] Meanwhile, Wes Jordan is expected
to be at Georgia Tech today
for the announcement
that legendary football star,
Charlie Croker,
is being inducted
into the University Hall of Fame.
- [control clicks]
- [huffs]
- Don't you wanna hear that?
- Not especially.
You tell Conrad
to stand tall in there, okay?
Not haughty,
"the law don't apply to me" smug,
but self-respecting, head high.
- Judges pick up on that.
- I'll tell him.
Also, tell him I'd be there myself
if I didn't have this stupid presser.
- He knows that.
- All right. You tried Joyce Newman again?
Still unavailable.
Okay then.
Seems like a house call
is officially in order.
- You ready?
- All set.
- Clothes for Conrad?
- I got 'em.
- How about you? You ready?
- Close as I'm gonna get.
Still set for five?
Show goes live on the early news.
Wes doesn't miss much.
If I get done with court,
I'll try to be there.
You just get it done with Conrad.
[sighs softly]
It's a big day.
[mysterious music playing]
[inmates chattering]
- [inmate 1] It's bullshit to me.
- We on it, and you the last one.
[Mutt] God damn.
[mysterious music stops]
It's a red-sky-in-the-morning type shit
we got going on all over here, guys.
All right.
You know, maybe today might be a good day
to break some metacarpal bones and shit.
- Go all Jason Bourne.
- Mutt.
- I'm trying
- Hensley! Let's go.
[inmate 1] Boop. Hey, hey, hey.
Good luck, bro.
Ticktock, motherfucker.
[sinister music builds, cuts off sharply]
- [Martha] He was standing over your bed?
- Laughing.
- What do you think it means?
- [clinking]
[clicks tongue] This is actually
good for you, this development.
Your assets are safe. At least, for now.
What do you mean, "for now"?
Oh, well, banks don't
just forgive 800-million dollar debts.
Planners will rear up at some point,
as will the other creditors.
So, if you wanna safeguard your assets,
you might wanna take care of that now.
Are you okay, Raymond?
Let's just say that my
desire to take down your ex-husband
goes beyond what is healthy.
- Oh, you really hate him.
- Worse.
I admire him.
I don't know.
Maybe because he's
lived on his own terms.
And I've just drafted.
[tense music playing]
My entire life.
In his wake and the wake of others.
And I'm feeling
[clicks tongue]
very much like the nothing
that he cracked me up to be.
And now I realize
that I don't just wanna leave my mark.
I wanna leave it on him.
[tense music intensifies,
cuts off sharply]
I just want you to hear me out.
I did. You said I could be
on the bus or under it.
Joyce, you being present
makes a strong statement for women.
- For you.
- Bullshit.
[clicks tongue]
How disgusting can you possibly be?
It seems I'm just discovering.
[sighs deeply, clicks tongue]
But I know I'll sleep okay
taking down Norm Bagovitch.
So whatever happened that night
What happened is I made a choice, Charlie.
And the choices I make now
and going forward won't be made
by you or any other man.
[phone ringing]
Well, I guess in the end,
we gotta do what we gotta do.
[indistinct chatter]
[mysterious music builds]
[door closes]
[sighs softly]
[indistinct chatter]
[female bailiff] All rise.
Case number 32613,
People of Georgia versus Conrad Hensley,
in re habeas corpus petition,
all parties present.
The Honorable Judge Lawrence G. Taylor
presiding. Please be seated.
[mysterious music fades]
All right, Mr. White. We shall hear
from you on your habeas petition.
Thank you, Your Honor.
The Defense would also like
to be heard on its motion to dismiss,
which I hereby attached
together with the pleadings.
I've also provided
District Attorney Jennings with a copy.
He has agreed
to waive notice at this time.
What is this?
The parties are all present.
The District Attorney
is prepared to argue.
- It's a short hearing.
- What are you trying to pull?
Are you part of this ambush?
The State stands in opposition
to the defense motion.
We do agree to waive notice
and get rid of it today.
Counsel, I have no idea what you're up to.
You are the judge, Your Honor.
It's your call.
I would simply ask you
to hear me before making it.
Make it quick.
The defense calls the arresting officer,
Michael Smith, to the stand.
- [Judge Taylor] What?
- [Roger] Mr. Smith has been subpoenaed.
He is present.
I would like the court's permission
to treat him as hostile.
[Judge Taylor] Officer Smith,
please approach and be sworn in.
You're sure as shit gonna regret this.
Let the record reflect
the witness has informed me
that I will "sure as shit regret this."
Sit yourself
in the witness chair, Officer.
[Judge sighs softly, deeply]
[sinister music builds]
[sinister music fades]
[keys jangling]
[cutlery clinking]
What we got goin' on here?
- What are you doing home?
- [Charlie] Uh
Time to kill. Nervous energy to burn.
Feeling a bit squirrelly, so
- The press conference?
- Uh [exhales]
- Don't we have people to fix these things?
- Yes.
But sometimes,
it just feels better to do it yourself.
I'm sorry for, uh
putting you through all this nonsense.
How'd I get so lucky? [sighs deeply]
You just did. That's all.
[Charlie chuckles]
[robotic knee whizzing repeatedly]
What is that?
- [Charlie] Still a few kinks.
- Your knee?
It will get corrected out
when we adjust it.
- [knee whizzes abruptly]
- [Serena chuckling]
[sniffs] Oh my dear God.
[doorbell chiming]
- Martha.
- [Martha] Talk to you for a minute?
Sorry to intrude.
- That's all right. Come on in.
- I'll try to keep it brief.
- Uh, should I give y'all some privacy?
- No, you could stay.
I mean, you're his better half.
He could certainly use one.
- Okay, that's all right.
- All right.
[Martha sighs heavily] All right?
Nothing's all right, and you know it.
What you're endeavoring
to do is just vile.
You made that point.
Well, evidently it didn't take.
Oh, it took.
You're the mother
who doesn't want her son
to grow up to be me.
It took.
But you don't get to walk
in my house and call me vile.
You are about to destroy Joyce
and sell whatever crumbs
remain of your soul.
Shut up. This doesn't affect you!
You don't think so?
I loved you.
I even decided to try to spend
the rest of my life with you,
however disastrous a mistake that was.
Did you expect me
to shrivel up and lay down?
- Forgive me for not wanting to be dead.
- I don't forgive you, not even a bit.
And you can forget about Wally being there
for whatever this spectacle is.
He said he would come.
My son will see me fight
if it's the last thing
- He will see me fight.
- Fight dirty, that's what he'll see.
You think you're the only one
who knows how to fight dirty?
Just because you've never seen ugly
in me doesn't mean it's not there.
- Oh, I've seen plenty.
- Tip of the iceberg.
I've warned you.
I will fuck you up.
[tense music builds]
[tense music fades]
[Officer] Get out of the car now,
or I will remove you.
- [indistinct yelling]
- Get the fuck out of this car now!
- [Conrad] This is not right.
- [woman] Hey, calm down.
- Hey!
- [Conrad grunting, groaning]
[woman 1] This is not necessary.
- [Officer] Asshole.
- [woman] Stop!
[Conrad grunting]
- [woman] Stop it! Let him go!
- Taser! Taser! Taser!
- [Conrad] I didn't mean
- [woman] Stop!
- [taser rattling]
- [woman yelling] He's down already!
[Roger] Officer,
does that accurately depict
you removing my client from his vehicle?
[Officer] There was a context.
We were called in for backup
because the parking enforcement officer
perceived an escalating situation.
Upon arriving at the scene,
I observed your client
behaving in a volatile and erratic manner,
one that posed a safety risk
to several people, including myself.
So the context you speak of
is you felt in danger, afraid.
You felt your safety was at risk.
Things I've seen happen
and have known to happen.
So your fear was not only informed
by the situation you encountered this day,
but by past experience?
Do you recognize this person?
- Come on motherfucker, just get out.
- Get the fuck out of this car now!
The tow truck driver.
- [woman 1] That's not necessary.
- [woman 2] What are you guys doing?
- [Officer grunts]
- Oh, shit.
- [Officer 2] Taser!
- No, I didn't mean
[Conrad grunts]
[woman] Stop, he's down already.
You think you can hit a cop,
you piece of shit?
- Dispatch, this is 1099. Officer down.
- You like that?
Most of that happened
after I was unconscious.
[truck driver] You want more,
motherfucker? You like that?
[women yelling]
[Officer 2] God. Hey!
Hey! Stop kicking him!
- [truck driver] Asshole.
- [Conrad grunting heavily] Please, stop!
When you arrived on the scene,
did you have an opportunity
to observe the demeanor
of the tow truck driver?
He was pissed off.
He was pissed off. You were pissed off.
[Officer] Is there a question?
- You were armed?
- I'm a police officer.
- Your partner was armed.
- Yes.
You stated that you were afraid.
Do you make room for the possibility
that Conrad Hensley was also afraid?
- I wouldn't know.
- You wouldn't know.
You were armed. Your partner was armed.
The tow truck driver was pissed off.
Conrad Hensley was suddenly
and violently removed from his vehicle
and slammed against his car.
Is it your testimony,
sir, that while you were afraid,
you cannot allow for the possibility
that my client, too, was afraid?
I'm sure he was.
And you stated for your own fear,
you drew on past experiences,
things you know to be true.
Is it possible Conrad
drew on what he knew to be true?
That doesn't excuse it.
If he felt fear for his life, he doesn't
have a right to defend that life?
- Not against an officer.
- [Roger] Never?
A person reasonably fears for his life
at the hands of a police officer
doesn't have the right to defend himself?
[Officer] I was doing my job,
which he knew.
So you base your conclusions,
in part, on what you knew
to be in my client's head?
I base my concl
He wouldn't get out of the car,
so I had to do my job.
Got it.
I pass the witness.
You identified yourself
as a police officer
as you arrived on scene?
[Officer] We arrived in a police car,
wearing police uniforms,
and we had badges.
[DA] And the defendant refused to comply?
Resisted arrest?
He did.
Thank you.
[Judge Taylor] The witness is excused.
Counsel, am I to understand
you're suggesting
that because your client was afraid,
he gets to take a swing
at a law enforcement officer?
I'm suggesting that the policeman's status
as a law enforcement officer
offered my client
no assurance that he was safe,
especially while in the throes
of an assault by the officer.
Conrad Hensley lashed out
in a nanosecond, in terror,
for which he's already served
a week in Fulton.
Pending trial, not as punishment.
It was punishment.
Getting tased,
getting kicked.
Bearing witness to a rape.
Having his life threatened
for going to the aid of a victim.
Conrad Hensley has been punished.
Officer Smith spoke of his context.
So, too, did my client have one.
And I care about neither. What carries
the day in this room is the law.
Then let's turn to that.
The arresting officer has admitted,
testified to,
that Conrad Hensley was likely afraid.
A young 20-something man of color
being violently assaulted
by a police officer
in this state or any other,
but especially this one,
of course he felt fear.
And just as the officer
drew on his experience, his reality,
to locate his own terror,
so did Conrad draw on
what he knows his to be.
He felt fear for his life,
which gave him the lawful right to act
in reasonable self-defense.
That's the law.
No jury, after viewing that footage,
could conclude beyond all reasonable doubt
that my client's fear was unjustified.
Your Honor,
Mr. White is basically asking you
to substitute your judgment for the jury.
- [suspenseful music builds]
- No.
I'm asking Your Honor to recognize
that if the facts
cannot satisfy the state's burden,
the evidence
cannot reasonably sustain a conviction,
then the judge
has a lawful duty to dismiss.
- The color of law.
- [Judge Taylor] I beg your pardon.
The defendant is being charged
with an assault
on a law enforcement officer
who was acting reasonably
under the color of the law.
That question, whether the officer
was acting reasonably, is before the court
because it will be
before a trial court jury.
A jury living in this climate
with the full opportunity to appreciate
the attitudes of the participants.
[suspenseful music stops]
You yourself have been known
to quote Oliver Wendell Holmes.
- [dramatic music builds]
- The soul of the law is experience.
The court is not a robot.
It doesn't simply apply
the letter of the rule
but also common sense
and experience.
The side of the road,
Atlanta 2024
a police officer,
a Black man.
Whether you bend to the law,
to justice,
to common sense, to fairness.
I respectfully submit.
[woman yelling]
Hey, hey, this is not necessary.
[Conrad grunting]
[woman 1] Stop it! Stop!
- [woman] Stop it! Let him go!
- Stop it! You're gonna hurt him!
[officer 1] Taser! Taser! Taser!
I would simply ask
that you do what you feel
is to be right.
[Judge Taylor breathes deeply]
Mr. Jennings?
[DA] The state maintains
the facts support a conviction,
and we stand by the charges as filed.
And again, he's asking you
to substitute your judgment for the jury.
[inhales deeply] Mm-hmm
I disagree. [sighs gently]
The possibility of self-defense
cannot be reasonably excluded.
If prosecution's burden
cannot be satisfied,
then as a matter of law,
the charges ought to be dropped.
[motivational music builds]
[Judge Taylor] I hereby do so.
The defendant is free to go.
This case is dismissed.
[gavel thudding]
- That's it?
- [Roger] That's it.
It's over?
It's over.
[Jill breathing heavily]
[Jill] Let's go.
[motivational music fades]
- You're taking this too personally.
- How can you not?
Because I'm military. Look at history.
The Germans were our enemy,
then our allies.
Russians went
from foe to friend, back to foe.
It's all cyclical.
Be it the Iranians, the Iraqis.
Croker was a reason to get out of bed
in the morning, someone to go after.
There will be others. There's plenty
of shitheads where he came from.
- [sighs] I cannot look at it that way.
- Well, you'll have to.
I don't.
[tense music playing]
It's not over.
[indistinct chatter]
[door slams]
[joyful Latin guitar music playing]
[Conrad] I still can't believe
what happened there.
- How did you do that?
- Honestly, this is gonna sound crazy.
I think you did it.
I'm sorry?
I mean, I was good today.
Maybe the best I've ever been.
Like something or someone took me over.
I think it was you.
I'm not sure I know
what you talking about, Mr. White,
but thank you.
- Yeah.
- Oh!
Oh, I got a press conference to get to.
Yo! Keep it up!
[Conrad] I love you so much.
[Jill] Mmm.
[music stops]
[Charlie] Gonna be a train wreck.
No, it isn't.
I've already forgotten
half of what I'm supposed to say.
[Serena] You're okay.
You got this, Charlie. You got this.
[tense music builds]
Thank you for coming, Wally.
[tense music fades]
I was thinking about opening up
my own prop business.
I could just rent myself out
to you exclusively.
I am not bringing you as a prop.
- Your mother tell you that?
- [Wally] Kidding.
You know, when I invited you to my 60th,
It was bec I thought
if you could see me being celebrated,
maybe you might come to do so.
- For once.
- Dad, I was kidding.
I'm not proud that my legacy is
something I did on the football field,
but it meant a lot
to a whole lot of people.
If you make somebody else's day
or world better,
bring them joy,
even if it's only a flicker,
that's somethin'.
That day was my somethin'.
and the day you were born.
Also, I think your mother's
more fucked up than I am.
Probably shouldn't say that,
but somebody needs to.
So this can actually work?
No reason it shouldn't.
It's cleaner than most deals.
[Martha sighing]
[Raymond] Mmm.
I can't remember
the last time I had lemonade,
maybe never, like this.
[sighs] Wait till you taste
my chicken thighs.
[chuckling softly]
[cell phone ringing]
[Raymond] Uh
Sirja. Hey.
[Sirja] You sounded terrible.
Like you want to leap off building.
Oh, just another day. I'm better now.
Don't lie to me,
Raymond, I read your face.
[sighs deeply]
Well, I'm actually
with Martha Croker at the moment.
[Sirja] Is this problem?
She made lemonade.
She's roasting a chicken.
Tonight could be the night.
And that gives me [gulps]
a certain anxiety.
You big red dog, American pickup.
The thing is, Charlie is rumored to be
quite gifted in that area.
- Take pill.
- It might not be enough.
- Take two.
- [Martha] Some wine?
[Sirja] Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Take pill, think of me,
fuck like a big red dog.
Raymond, do you like this woman?
I think I do.
Take pill.
[mysterious music playing]
[Wes] I've enjoyed many days
of honor and some honorary days.
Today, I get to do both.
As we both celebrate and recognize a man
that gave us a day that nobody
at Georgia Tech will ever forget.
You know, someone was saying
to me earlier, "Why today? Why now?"
Well, why not now?
Especially now.
We live in a time
when heroes are hard to come by,
and and I mean heroes
in the truest sense of the word,
not just people who achieve great things,
but how they go about doing so.
A character and a dignity
that tells us that it is still possible
to be both successful
[Raymond slurping]
[Wes] and noble.
- Charlie, could you join me at the podium?
- [Martha sighs]
Now, there will be another,
more formal ceremony to come,
but it gives me great pleasure
to present you
with this honorary commemorative football.
When into the end zone you took
that leap, so did our hearts leap.
You let us taste something,
and it gives me great joy
to recognize the joy
that you have bestowed upon all of us.
[shutter clicking]
Ladies and gentlemen, the 60-Minute Man.
[man] Yeah, Charlie!
[woman] Whoo!
[Charlie] I, uh
I really don't know what to say, uh
He knows exactly what he's gonna say.
[Charlie] I was both honored and humbled.
I was tellin' my son earlier,
he's sitting right there. Hey, buddy.
I was tellin' him, at the time, we
I just thought
it was another football game.
You never know how big a moment can get
and find yourself in the middle of.
You know, you never quite know your role.
I sure was proud
to be a Yellow Jacket that day.
[sniffs softly] I had great teammates.
The irony, Mr. Mayor,
is one of them is running for your job.
[crowd chuckling]
Norm Bagovitch was a hell
of a football player, I'll tell you that.
But we got a lot bigger challenges now
than whoopin' Bulldogs
and winnin' national titles,
which is why we are lucky
to have you, Wes.
A mayor who prioritizes character.
Hell, everybody everywhere
is running around, chasing greatness
and not enough, you know,
pursuing goodness.
[tense music builds]
I, uh
can't help but think of my buddy Norm
when I look at this football,
playing along beside me.
The thing about Norm
He, uh [sniffs]
was a hell of a football player.
What you don't know about Norm,
maybe you all do
[shutter clicks]
[tense music cuts off sharply]
Not the man we need most
as mayor right now.
We need human.
We need compassion. We need Wes.
A man capable of feeling and seeing that
[suspenseful music playing]
all of us are human.
Fragile as we are fallible
Thank you for this football.
I will be forever proud
of the leap I got to take that day.
When I was playing ball,
I had this mantra.
"Today's the day I do better."
It was simple,
but it helped me run faster,
hit the sled harder.
Made me better.
So I think I'll close with that.
[exhales sharply]
[Charlie] Today's the day.
Thank you for this kind honor.
[suspenseful music fades]
[shutter clicking]
- Surely, you got something else to say.
- I said it all, Wes.
- I will fuck you up the ass, my brother.
- You do what you gotta do.
Deep into your motherfucking intestines.
I thank you kindly again for this honor.
[photographer] Right here, please.
Thank you.
[Wes] That was a betrayal.
That was a goddamn motherfucking betrayal.
- Take a breather.
- Fuck that.
We had a deal, and then he goes off
and he gets up there
and Pearl Harbor-Benedict Arnold's me
in my Judas ass!
That motherfucker!
- I think it went pretty well.
- No, fuck that.
- Wes.
- Fuck that.
Roger, fuck that.
Wes, just check the news.
Fuck that.
[anchor] Never mind what miracles
he pulled off with a football,
humanizing Wes Jordan may be
Charlie Croker's biggest Hail Mary yet.
Early reactions show a spike
in the mayor's popularity,
with most respondents favoring Jordan.
Believe that shit?
[doorbell chiming]
Was that your plan?
No, I was just up there
flying without a paddle.
I can't even get my metaphors right.
That's how lost I am.
Charlie, Wismer Stroock is here.
What? Oh, okay, I'm I'll be right out.
I'm proud of you.
That was cool what you did. That was
or what you didn't do.
[sighs] I [clears throat]
I don't want you to be proud of me, Wally.
I mean, I do, more than anything, but
I'm sorry to just show up.
[Charlie] Must be important.
What's going on?
Serena, Wally, excuse me
and Wiz for a second.
[crickets chirping]
What's going on, Wiz?
I received a call
from Mitchell Heilbronner,
a real estate attorney.
- I know Mitchell.
- I'm sure you do.
He represents Herb Richman and others.
He called regarding a new entity,
"Big Red Dog LLC."
- Excuse me?
- Herb is part of it.
So is Raymond Peepgrass.
In fact, Raymond heads it.
You conveyed part of The Concourse
to Martha and Wally.
Part of the divorce settlement,
as well as tax shelter,
life insurance shit.
- 28% to Martha, 28 to a trust for Wally.
- Get to the point.
- A trust where Martha serves as trustee.
- I said, get to the point.
The point is Big Red Dog LLC
is in the process of getting
a majority interest in The Concourse.
[sinister music intensifies]
["Shakin' All Over" playing]
When you move in right up close to me ♪
[moaning intensively]
That's when I get
The chills all over me ♪
Quivers down my backbone
Just the shakes down my thighbone ♪
Charlie! Charlie!
Shivers in the knee bone ♪
[both moaning]
Shakin' all over ♪
[tires screeching]
Well, you make me shake
And I like it, babe ♪
- [tires screeching]
- [horn honking]
Just the way you say goodnight to me ♪
Brings that feeling on inside of me ♪
Quivers down my backbone ♪
[yelling] Martha!
Got the shakes in my thighbone ♪
I got me shivers on my knee bone ♪
Shakin' all over ♪
Quivers down my backbone ♪
I Got the shakes in my thighbone ♪
I got me shivers in the knee bone ♪
Shakin' all over ♪
[both moaning, groaning]
[music cuts off sharply]
You seek to take my Concourse?
- Get out! What the fuck!
- [Charlie] I need a word with Raymond.
- I will call the police.
- Go ahead.
But do it outside this room, please.
I need a moment with Raymond.
- You can't just barge in here.
- Get out, Martha!
I will call the police right fucking now.
[intense guitar strumming playing]
You think you're gonna take my building,
Mr. Big Red Dog?
It is a lawful and legal transaction.
My ex-wife and my son
will not be transferring their interest
in The Concourse to your LLC.
You can't stop them.
And lucky for them.
At least they'll still have something.
As will you. That the idea?
Damn right.
How dare you?
It's time I dare.
If not now, when?
Big red dog, indeed.
Do you know what a Macnab is Charlie?
It's a Scottish thing.
When you trespass
onto somebody else's estate,
and you shoot a deer and a grouse,
and you catch a salmon in his river,
all on the same day.
Kind of like my big Macnab
getting The Concourse.
Now, the Macshag,
that's even better.
That's when you fuck the landowner's wife.
[grunting, gagging]
- [thudding on door]
- [Martha] Open the door!
- The police are on their way.
- Be a minute!
Not a little bug anymore, am I?
[bone crackling]
- [knocking on door]
- What are you doin' in there? Charlie!
Locked up.
[Raymond gagging]
[marchlike drumming playing]
[Martha panting]
[both gasping]
[siren wailing]
["Carmen: Quand Je Vous Amerais" playing]
[music fades]
[robotic knee whizzing]
[closing theme song playing]
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