A Million Little Things (2018) s01e01 Episode Script


1 I'm not asking you to give me the lease for free.
I'm telling you to overcharge me on the rest of the building and then look the other way for the rent on that space.
Oh, you can't or you won't? Ashley, I got this.
Why don't you take a long lunch? - Okay.
- Because if you can't, Alan, I got to talk to the person who can.
And if you won't, well, let's talk about why you won't.
I always say that everything happens for a reason.
Now, I have something I have to get to, so I have exactly five more minutes to spend on this, but just so we're clear, at the end of this call, we will either have a deal or we will never have a deal.
No, no, no! No, today is the day! I can't be in this marriage anymore, and I want to be with you.
Now, in exactly 5 hours, 12 minutes, Katherine's gonna come home.
She's gonna want to get takeout Indian food again.
My people are from Milwaukee.
We weren't bred to eat that much vindaloo.
I don't know what I'm gonna tell Theo.
Maybe that Daddy needs to be happy.
- Eddie? - Damn it.
I forgot my briefcase.
Didn't you notice I left it? Ah.
Hey, you! Great.
Now I lost an hour out of my day.
Now I don't have time to pick up Theo.
Uh, you got him, right? Oh.
Actually, I was gonna teach a guitar lesson at noon.
She didn't file the motion, like I told her to.
Why is everyone an idiot? Okay, so, uh, you got Theo? - Yeah.
- Okay.
See you tonight.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Gary.
Just wanted to review your X-ray.
It's in line with what I was expecting.
Wow, Doc.
The suspense is killing me.
Is anything else killing me? The fact is Dr.
No, I was very clear Balsamic vinaigrette.
Yes, they do.
I get salad there three days a week.
It's right next to the edamame.
Are you looking at the edamame? That brownish liquid next to the edamame is called Sorry.
I don't mean to interrupt what sounds like a super important salad conversation.
I just have one quick question.
Is my cancer back? And so more than three years after the crisis began, the class-action lawsuit is once again making water in Flint, Michigan, front-page news.
were aware of the contamination.
For months, Flint reside were unaware that water from their own faucet was silently killing them.
When the defendants became aware of the crisis water crisis in Flint as a wake-up call.
What?! You're not gonna believe this.
Jon killed himself.
This is our chance! One time it! One time it! Way to go, Pastrnák! Whoo! Never, ever count out my B's! 30 seconds ago, you said they sucked.
30 seconds ago, they did suck.
Hey, guys, I want to get a photo really quick.
Uh, do yourself a favor, Ed, and tuck that hideous necklace, please? Uh, this good-luck charm just got the Bruins their last goal.
Oh, really? I thought it was Pastrnák.
Damn it.
I can't believe Jon is missing this! I saw it.
And watch your potty mouth, there, sunshine.
You're a lady.
I love the necklace, by the way.
Hey, gentlemen, I just want to get one photo with the four of us on opening night.
Can we do that? "A thirst-quenching, ice-cold beer" for the commercial director.
Got one for no-nips-McGee.
- Hey! - Ooh! I had breast cancer.
I know.
No nips.
Oh, my What? And a flat ginger ale for the stay-at-home mom.
Yeah, that's right.
Well, at least I have nips.
Cancer in my body, people.
What is this? Is this another charm for the necklace? Oh.
I promised Theo I'd bring him something home from the game.
And now you're gonna be up for stay-at-home dad of the year.
You think they do that ceremony at home? Hey, you guys forget that this stay-at-home dad was once the lead singer in a band who opened up for Kings of Leon Right over there.
Of course, that was a decade ago, and you were so wasted that you forgot it and the lyrics to the only decent song you guys had.
Do they have a decent song? You know, since then, I've been working on my craft.
- Which means teaching - Guitar lessons.
Okay, you guys suck.
And you still owe me for the guitar lesson - this week for your daughter.
- Oh, what's that? Is that Katherine calling to check on your balls? When does she need those back? Guys, wives are off-limits.
- One photo, four of us.
- All right.
Ed, seriously, if money's the reason you're still together, I'll write you a check tonight.
Yeah? Life's too short.
Just be happy.
That was just last week.
How does this happen? Why did he do this? It makes no sense.
Look, I haven't been to church since I left for college, but I think I'm gonna swing by on Sunday, 'cause someone needs to explain this to me.
"Life's too short.
Just be happy"? How are we supposed to do that, Jon, without our best friend? He should be here.
Yeah, knowing some guy he could call to fix all this.
I just I can't accept this.
Regina, these are amazing.
What are these, pork? Veal.
- Hey, Gare.
- Pork.
H-Hey, Gare.
Those are for after the funeral.
Yeah, for the guests actually capable of expressing human emotion.
After what Gary had to do, he can have as many as he wants.
I can't imagine having to tell Delilah.
By the way, if any of you have "delivering horrific news" on your bucket lists, take it off.
It's not as fun as you'd think.
I went to see her, and I just I didn't know what to say.
I mean, what do you say to the woman who just lost the love of her life? You guys, this doesn't make any sense.
This is Jon.
Perfect Jon.
How do we know he didn't just fall? Because he's not 4.
When I spoke to Ashley, she said that up until then, it was a normal day at the office.
He wasn't upset.
She said he was making jokes.
No!! Help! Somebody! How could he not leave a note? But, then again, what could a person possibly write that could explain any of this? He could've said something.
Because right now, this doesn't add up.
I want to pick what Dad would pick.
Stripes no question.
Where are my sunglasses? Why are we riding in a limo? Sophie, sweetie, I just need to know that you know what you're wearing tomorrow.
Because, honey, I-I want the three of us to be together.
Okay, Soph, should I just pick something for you? I want to play a song for him at the service.
I mean, if that's okay.
He would love that.
Um, Mom? Yeah.
I love you guys.
And so, I always find a reason for Randall and I to have the lights off.
I'm just not ready for him to see me like this.
He thinks I'm really into candles.
I like candles.
I like pillows.
Sue me.
Thanks, Peggy.
What we alhere share in common is the incredible relief to be in remission.
That said, we all take life after breast cancer in a different way, and you have to find the way that works for you.
Maggie, did you maybe want to introduce yourself? Sure.
Okay, um My name is Maggie.
Hi, Maggie.
Hi, everyone.
Um Honestly old me never would've come to a group like this, but I just feel like I'm I'm in a place where I'm where I feel like I, um Ooh.
I am so sorry.
What is he doing here? Men get breast cancer, too.
It is a real thing.
It only affects 1% of us, but it got all of me.
Believe me, I would've preferred ball cancer.
Sorry, Joan.
The boys are doing just fine, by the way, in case you were wondering.
Okay, good to know.
Thank you.
Also, I only ate one doughnut, Gail.
I'm Gary.
To friendship.
- To friendship.
- To friendship.
Wait, no, no, no.
I'm not done.
I'm not done.
Come on, chuckleheads.
Friendship is when you don't care when your buddy throws up in your car when you're taking him back from chemo.
And yet he keeps mentioning it.
Friendship is believing that your friend will one day make his movie.
What do you think I'm doing? It's holding a friend's hand when she loses her restaurant, 'cause you know she's gonna open up a better one.
It's the person that you trust with your wallet and your keys and your wife and your kids.
And it's being able to have the hard conversations and be willing to listen.
It's a million little things.
- A million little things.
- A million little things.
A million little things.
Hey, babe.
I know we talked about postponing our vacation to Kona because of Jon, but I think Jon might be the reason we should go.
Obviously, my boobs are fake.
Obviously, I'm okay with that.
What? No.
It's just, uh Life's too short.
Just be happy.
Wow, babe.
Really beautiful.
Why didn't he just tell Delilah he was hurting? You know? Regina.
Thing is What is it? What, babe? I think we should go to Kona.
Uh, I-I keep waiting, 'cause it feels weird starting without Jon here.
A part of me keeps thinking that, at any moment, Jon is gonna hang up that God-awful Blackberry he refused to get rid of and come barreling through those doors right there.
Can we just just nudge in with you guys? All right.
All right.
That was perfect.
You see, Jon always said, "Everything happens for a reason.
" He refused to believe in coincidence Even how we all met.
People always assume Jon, Gary, Rome, and I went to college together.
And Jon was always quick to say, "You think these douche bags could get into Harvard?" No, the real way we met was so random.
We were all on an elevator that got stuck.
Now, there are two kinds of people on elevators People who don't talk to strangers and Jon.
And Jon started talking and talking, and he got really deep at some points.
And then he found out we were all Bruins fans.
Even Rome.
- Go, B's.
- That's right.
By the time the Boston Fire Department pried open those doors, Jon had convinced us to go in on season tickets.
Yeah, then he never took our money.
41 home games a year.
In that decade, our friendship has moved outside the Garden.
A couple of us got married, a couple of us had kids, one of us beat cancer, and one of us got sober.
Jon was the one who pulled me aside right after Theo was born and told me that I needed to stop drinking.
I haven't had a drink in almost seven years because that random guy who I spent 2 1/2 hours in an elevator with was there for me.
And it absolutely kills me that I wasn't there for you, buddy.
Jon, you say everything happens for a reason.
I can't find a reason for this.
Now Jon's daughter, Sophie, would like to play a song for her father.
If she plays something by Bruno Mars, I will burn this place down.
That was beautiful.
Thank you.
Love you, Daddy.
Rows and flows of angel hair And ice cream castles in the air And feathered canyons everywhere I've looked at clouds that way I've looked at clouds from both sides now From up and down, and still somehow It's clouds' illusions I recall I really don't know clouds at all Wow, you're just doing that.
Well, you're not talking, so I'm just trying to figure out who you really are, because, uh, "guy with breast cancer" seems to be the least surprising thing about you.
Uh, you're You're running low on this.
I wasn't sure if you knew that.
Oh! Bull's-eye.
Charleston Chews.
These are my favorite.
Uh, no, no, no.
Don't eat that.
I have no idea where that even came from.
Any idea where this came from? Probably whoever owned that candy bar.
I'm so sorry.
Thanks, Ashley.
You were amazing through all of this.
You were so important to Jon.
Do you Do you have any idea why? He was always so happy at work.
I don't - I didn't mean - No, no.
I know.
It's okay.
Just give me a second.
Just to be clear I don't want to be here.
Makes two of us.
For the record You are stronger than all of us combined.
Ro, you coming? Y-Yeah, I just forgot these, man.
That's smart.
Their living room gets very sunny.
Hey, I heard about the Shasta campaign.
That's amazing.
Yeah, well, it's not making my movie, but if I can get one person Just one person To buy soda How's work with you? Ugh.
Crazy, as usual.
Just rushing in to give Delilah a quick hug.
I didn't realize this would be an all-day thing.
Welcome to my world.
Just confirming You brought a date to our friend's funeral.
It was morning, okay? I wanted to buy her breakfast, and we ran out of time.
So I made her breakfast? And where'd you meet this one? 10 bucks says his breast-cancer support group, and if I'm right, you're gross.
And you're 10 bucks richer.
So, what, you're just working your way around the circle? I got to be honest It doesn't feel like work to me.
That's just - What? - not okay.
- Nothing's okay about that.
- That's very okay.
No, it's so not.
That night that my water broke, he had the car five days.
Yeah, I don't know how he got them to take it back.
He had a way with people.
He always made me feel like I was part of the group.
All right, everybody.
Listen up.
This is Maggie? Right? Okay.
- This is Rome, Regina, and Ed.
- Eddie.
That was a beautiful eulogy.
You made this one cry.
Are we sure that's why she was crying? Okay, just so you're not left out, a long time ago, these two went on a date.
One horrendous date.
What is this? Why are we doing this? - Man up.
- Well, you say it was bad, but did it end with him taking you to a funeral? I love her so much.
Who is this woman? I mean, why didn't he get help? I mean, to a lot of people, it's still taboo.
On my dad's side, they'd be like, "We black.
We don't talk about that.
We got Jesus.
" Maybe he just lost sight of the horizon.
I-I was watching this documentary on JFK Jr.
You remember when his plane went down? July 16, 1999.
It's my birthday.
Your birthday is the 12th.
This is the only grown man ever in existence to celebrate his birthday for a whole week.
"Happy birth week" is not a thing yet.
Anyway, Kennedy was a novice pilot, and he was flying at night, and the clouds came in.
His instruments were telling him which way was up, but he didn't trust them.
The truth was right in front of him, and he couldn't see it.
And he lost sight of the horizon and nose-dived.
And by the time he realized what was happening, it was too late, and he couldn't pull up.
And what does this have to do That's depression.
Now, maybe he wasn't depressed.
I mean, maybe something else was going on.
People keep secrets from their close friends and loved ones.
Sometimes, you don't even know they have these secrets until, um an event like this happens.
Apparently, Maggie moonlights as an armchair psychologist.
It's true.
But during the day, I'm a clinical psychologist at Boston General, specializing in depression.
Tell me you knew the occupation of your funeral plus-one.
No, he did not.
No, I did not.
Hey, Maggie? Would you mind if I got your business card? Oh.
Yeah, sure.
The whole thing you were saying about losing sight of the horizon was Yeah.
Hey, hey, hey.
Really? Because I went on one date a million years ago with your wife? No, you know what? I want this for you.
The movie I'm trying to make has a therapist in it.
Okay? Ohh.
Just want to ask Maggie a few questions.
There's a Bruins game tonight, isn't there? And Jon hated waiting for us.
Made us set an alarm on our damn phones.
You guys should go.
Seriously, you should go.
You know he wouldn't want the tickets going to waste.
And, uh, I can use some time alone with my best friend.
And my new friend.
Maggie, please stay.
- Yeah? - Yeah, sure.
All right.
Well, we fully support this plan.
There's only one problem The tickets.
Are in Jon's office.
So, anyway, we just We wanted to be in his space for a little while, get some closure, let the reality of what happened sink in.
You need the tickets.
- Yep.
- Yeah.
Ash, what are you doing here? Tell me you're not working.
Just tying up odds and ends.
You got to love odds and ends.
- Shut it down.
- What? Jon specifically said do not have sex with her.
And we're sure he was talking to me? I feel like I just threw a party.
For Jon.
He's not even here.
He would've loved it.
He would've been so mad that I let people in the house with their shoes on.
I just felt like I had to make it easy for everybody today.
How could I not know? How could I not see it? We're here for you.
I'm here for you.
Whatever you need.
I need a time machine.
Do you have any idea why he did this? Why does everyone keep asking me that? Sorry.
I just, uh You know, you were with him all day.
Didn't know him like you guys did.
What's the code? See? There are things you know that we don't.
He was on that business call for a really long time.
It's not the last call he made.
No, yeah, it was.
When I came in to give him the mail, he was standing on the balcony, just finishing up the call.
He made a call right after that.
To you.
Yeah, Jon called you at 12:27.
Uh, yeah Mondays, noon, I teach this kid, Talbot, guitar during his lunch break.
Uh, I turn my phone off.
It rang once during a recital.
Yelled at the parents, which was brilliant, 'cause it turned out to be my phone.
He tried to call me.
You can't do what you're doing right now.
- But maybe I could've - No, stop it.
Ashley I'll get the tickets.
No, I just like to give Gary crap.
Seriously, Gary's an amazing friend.
Underneath that hot mess is A lukewarm mess? I just never thought that a guy like Gary would be the first man to truly understand what I am going through.
Were you scared? Yeah.
I see that in Gary.
H-He tries to hide it, but even though he's in remission, it's like he's afraid That it's gonna come back.
Is it the same for you? As much as I can be similar to Gary.
To Jon.
And to that tradition he started on the elevator all those years ago.
I-I I'm not drinking to that.
I spend 40 hours a week valuing people's lives for insurance companies.
The time that we spend together isn't worth a damn thing.
- Dude.
- Really? Do the math Average length of a hockey game is 2 hours, 19 minutes, times 41 home games for 10 years That means I spent almost 950 hours sitting next to Jon, and I had no idea that he was depressed.
Did you? Did you? No.
You want to know why? Because we don't talk.
Yes, we do.
Ed, we don't.
The last time we said anything deep was when we were in that elevator.
We were more honest with each other before we were friends.
Now we do this.
We sit shoulder-to-shoulder like guys, like we're doing right now.
And the truth, the very sad truth, is that we don't really know each other.
I bet you two don't even know what color my eyes are.
I'll drink.
I-I'll drink to whatever we thought this was.
Think I liked you better with cancer.
Me too.
You have your own place? I did.
I opened a restaurant with an investor.
It was years ago now.
But she rented way too big a space.
We just couldn't make the rent.
The first time I ever met Jon, he helped me get out of that lease.
I didn't even know him.
I mean, he was doing it more as a favor to Rome, but but still Wow.
And because of Jon, I'm not giving up.
I'm gonna open up my own place again someday.
And this time, I'm gonna do it right.
Grab your coats.
Oh, I'm so glad you said that.
It's freezing out here.
No, we're gonna go on a road trip.
I need to show you something.
What is it? It's the last thing Jon did before he died.
Look, Gary, I know you like to go dark, but I need this to not be as horrible as it is, because I keep thinking that maybe I could've done something.
Like what, Ed? Like Like maybe if you hugged him one more time, he'd still be alive? You have magic hugs? Who the hell are you? Well, apparently, someone who's a little more in touch with his emotions than you are.
Enjoy the game, bro.
Should be a good one.
Maybe Jon's death is like a wake-up call, you know? It's like It's like he always said, "Everything happens for a reason.
" Are you kidding? Our Our friend offed himself.
Wh-What are you saying? If we live better lives, he wouldn't have died in vain? Maybe.
Well, I got news for you, Ed That's not gonna happen.
'Cause we're not gonna live any differently.
You hate your stupid job Your words But you won't quit because directing asinine pizza commercials pays way too much money.
You and your wife can't stand each other, but you'll never leave her Not ever Because you're too afraid to take a chance on yourself.
People always say they're gonna live differently.
And you know what? We will For exactly two weeks.
And then we'll go right back to doing the same crap that we've always done.
I'm in love with someone.
What? She's a the mom of one of my students.
We did not mean for it to happen.
But I love her, and she believes in me.
And I need to leave Katherine, but I just have to make sure everything's okay with Theo first.
And I'm in love with beer.
Mind if I go ahead of you guys? - Sorry 'bout that.
- It's all right, fellas.
Look, Ed, I'm thrilled that you are getting out of a marriage that is more toxic than anything that's ever been in my body, but it's your need to credit ending something that should've ended two years ago to our friend jumping off a concrete diving board.
Listen, it's not just that.
It's the fact I haven't had a drink in seven years because that same friend stepped onto an elevator Knock it off.
Knock it off with the elevator crap, man.
What do you think I would've done if I hadn't met you guys? Seriously.
I would've become friends with three other schmucks.
I mean, look around.
There are Bruins fans all over the place.
Gary how does a man who beat cancer not see that maybe there is a reason that things happen? Let me be very clear.
First of all, God didn't cure my cancer.
Science did.
Secondly, it's not that I don't have cancer, Ed.
It's that I don't have cancer right now.
The all-clear screening I got this week just gives me permission to hold my breath for another three months! Hooray for me.
Damn it, Jon.
You had everything.
Everything happens for a reason? Really? Tell me one good thing that's happened because of this.
If you hadn't called to tell me about Jon, I would be dead right now.
I had a mouthful of pills when I answered that phone.
And I know I know I know that sounds crazy because I have an incredible life and I am married to the most amazing woman.
But sometimes, I feel so hopeless! It's like I can't breathe.
Only, I'm breathing.
And I just I think, you know, maybe if If if I just stopped, it wouldn't hurt so much.
And for the record, Gary, your eyes are hazel.
And they're magnificent.
We got you, man.
Come on.
We got you.
Come on.
So, Ashley told me at the house today that, uh, the last thing Jon did was close this huge real estate deal.
Of course he did.
I wanted you to see it.
Wait this is it? Yeah.
Jon's last deal was for the old Griffin Street Bakery building? This place is incredible.
On the bottom floor, there is this great restaurant space.
That's why Jon fought so hard to get it.
Your new restaurant is opening spring of 2019.
W-What? Wait.
Jon's last deal was for me? - Mm-hmm.
- Why? - "Why?" - Yeah.
Because Because he believed in you.
He was working on it for months, and he didn't even mention it to Rome.
He wanted to surprise you.
- Yeah! - Whoo! How are we able to do this? I thought you had a music lesson to teach today.
Oh, I did.
But Talbot got pink eye.
Got to love that pink eye.
I'm sorry.
Are you rubbing your eye right now? I am.
Do I have it? Check, please.
God, you are beautiful.
Even with the pink eye.
- Shall we toast? - Yes.
Where did you get the wine? Oh, I brought the wine And the glasses From your house.
I really love this woman.
To Jon.
To Jon.
To Jon.
Say that last part again.
Well, I was saying, you know, as bad as this seems, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.
The challenge in life is to find that reason.
You can't be here.
We can't do this.
Not now.
What if he knew about us? What if that's why he did it? He didn't know.
Maybe that's why he tried to call you.
You should answer it, just just so No, I'll call him in 10 minutes from the car.
We need to tell I know.
I know.
Tell me you don't love me and I will leave here right now.
If you love me, you'll leave right now.
Sometimes, w-what happens is terrible you know, and you think, "What good could possibly come of this?" Sometimes, what happens is so hard to believe that you refuse to accept the truth.
And sometimes, you even try to change it.
Maggie, it's Dr.
You missed your appointment today.
If we're gonna beat this thing again, you have to stick to your chemo schedule.
Hi, Daddy.
Oh, hey, bud.
I just wanted to get my hockey stick.
What are you doing? But as bad as this seems there is good.
And you will find it.
I promise.
Everyone back away from the door! - Oh! - Hey! - Yeah! - Are you serious? Ah! Go, B's! Don't tell me who won the game, though.
I've looked at clouds from both sides now From up and down, and still somehow It's clouds' illusions I recall I really don't know clouds At all Tears and fears and feeling proud To say "I love you" right out loud Dreams and schemes and circus crowds I've looked at life that way But now old friends are acting strange They shake their heads and say I've changed Well, something's lost, but something's gained In living every day I love you.
I've looked at life from both sides now - From win and lose, and still somehow - From win and lose, and still somehow It's life's illusions I recall I really don't know life Really don't know life at all Mmm Mmmmmmmm