A Million Little Things (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Band Of Dads

1 Previously on "A Million Little Things" JON: Friendship is the person that you trust with your wallet and your wife and your kids.
It's being able to have the hard conversations and be willing to listen.
It's a million little things.
You're not gonna believe this.
Jon killed himself.
ROME: If you hadn't called to tell me about Jon, I would be dead right now.
I had a mouthful of pills when I answered that phone.
EDDIE: Jon always said, "Everything happens for a reason.
" I can't find a reason for this.
- What is he doing here? - Men get breast cancer, too.
Obviously, my boobs are fake.
Obviously, I'm okay with that.
EDDIE: And where did you meet this one? 10 bucks says his breast cancer support group, and if I'm right, you're gross.
And you're 10 bucks richer.
REGINA: Gary's an amazing friend.
- Underneath at hot mess is - A lukewarm mess? [LAUGHTER.]
GARY: When I spoke to Ashley, she said that up until then, it was a normal day at the office.
How does this happen? Why did he do this? It makes no sense.
Jon called you at 12:27.
I forgot my briefcase.
Didn't you notice I left it? Why is everyone an idiot? GARY: You and your wife can't stand each other, but you'll never leave her.
I'm in love with someone.
We can't do this.
Not now.
What if he knew about us? Hey, hey, hey, hey What, did you just go for a run? - Yes.
- That's sexy.
What happened in here? Are you moving? I just moved.
Like switching apartments? Yeah.
To one that's not in Chicago.
- Chicago? - Yeah.
I don't I don't know anything about you.
I know.
Ist it great? Ohh! So, when are you gonna unpack? Mm As soon as you take your shirt off during sex.
- That's fair.
- Yeah.
Walk with quiet feet, buddy.
We don't want to wake Mommy up.
Dad? Quick question? Yeah, what is it, bud? - Why are there wars? - What? Why do some countries fight other y untries? Well bud, I think that some people feel Tell you what, can we talk about this in the morning? Ooh, can we have waffles in the morning? - Sure.
- Set a reminder on your phone.
As soon as you get into bed, I will set a reminder.
- Waffles.
- And war.
We have to talk about war.
Waffles and war.
Can't wait.
Dad, where's your necklace? DELILAH: [GIGGLES.]
We need to get back.
Do you think that maybe someday we'll be able to do this not in the back of your Lexus? Yeah.
As soon as we tell him.
THEO: Are you okay, Dad? Yeah, bud.
I'm fine.
Don't you forget about me Don't, don't, don't, don't Don't you forget about me Will you stand above me? Okay.
I - am gonna go.
- Yeah.
love me Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling Down, down, down [KEYS JINGLE.]
- Just gettin' my keys.
- Totally.
Just to be clear Yeah, I'll see you when I see you.
- Love it.
- What?! - You - I said "Love it.
" - I clearly said "Love it.
" - Yeah.
- I know.
Because that Well, that's [DOOR CLOSES.]
down So, when Jon called you, did he leave a voice cil? No.
Don't you forget about me As you walk on by - Will you call my name? - As you walk on by Will you call my name? And you walk away When you walk away Don't you forget about me When you walk on by Don't you forget about me Call my name Don't, don't, don't, don't Will you call my name? I said la, lala-lala Lala-lala La, la, la, la-la, lalala, la, la Lalala-lala Lala-lala La, la, la, la-la, lalala, la, la As you walk on by Lala-lala Will you call my name? [CAR HORN HONKS, SIREN WAILS IN DISTANCE.]
- Hey! - Hey! Hi, guys.
Now, I know we should have called, but we didn't want you saying no.
I cannot eat all this food by myself.
This one was up all night cooking.
And this one was doing a midnight stroll on a hunt for bagels.
Found 'em.
'Cause that what you do.
Y-You bring bagels.
My bubbe would be so proud of you.
- Would she? - Good news.
This impromptu gathering just got a whole lot better.
These are for you.
Really? Paper towels? What, am I gonna show up empty-handed? I found these in my car.
It was either this or four loose french fries.
Come on, man.
Anybody can bring bagels.
These are perforated, okay? That means you can tear off smaller sheets.
Are you really explaining how paper towels work to an adult? Maybe.
Yes, I am.
Did I know you were gonna be here? Uh, Delilah called me right after you left.
I didn't want her to be alone.
I was gonna text you, but I was worried about seeming stalker-y.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
I see thirony.
Oh, that's right, you two know each other.
- Kind of.
- Oh, we're still doing this bit? - [CLEARS THROAT.]
That must be Ed.
Saved by the bell, thank you.
No, no, I'll go get Eddie.
Thank you.
You just stay here and get to know Maggie.
You're gonna love her.
- She's a psychologist.
- Psychologist.
It's a good bit.
- Listen.
- Eddie.
- Look, I am sorry about last night - Eddie - I know you don't want to see me here - I know it's tough.
but I wanted to show up 'cause everybody's here.
Eddie, he found your necklace.
It was in his nightstand.
Jon knew.
- We need to tell him.
- I know.
I know.
Wait Just because my necklace was in his nightstan that doesn't mean Jon knew about us.
Then why wouldn't he give it back to you? - Hey.
- Look who's here! Ashley.
Um, I got coffee before work.
I hadn't been since Jon died.
The barista made my usual order.
I just didn't know what to do with his.
It felt weird throwing it out.
Come in, have some breakfast.
- How you doing? - ROME: I'm fine.
I asked you a question.
I said I was fine.
You need help.
Eddie and I are worried.
Dude Not here.
Gina doesn't know? I haven't told her yet.
You didn't tell Maggie, did you? Of course not.
Well, you obviously haven't asked anything about her life, so I figured you had to fill the conversation somehow.
Stop covering with jokes.
That's literally all you ever do.
Look, dude, I know that I told you that stuff, but you cannot treat me Like what? Hmm? Like someone who told us last night over a hot dog that you tried to kill yourself? If you don't find someone to talk to about this by the end of the day, I will tell Gina myself.
Tell me what? That I got to do the re-shoots for that commercial this afternoon, but you already know that.
Oh, you're a commercial director? Whoa, whoa, hold on, hold on.
You're saying it's possible for one person to not know another person's occupation? The difference is you've had sex with her.
That, I do know.
I don't mind this bit.
All right, talk to me, come on.
How's school? I don't love it, I don't hate it.
How's the insurance business? Oh, I do hate it.
But it's a paycheck and it allows me to drive a fun car that grownups can barely fit in.
Anybody at school that you like? You mean like like? Who are you talking to? It's Uncle Gary, okay? Of course I mean like like.
I'm the king of the like like.
- There is this one person.
- Give it to me.
Sweetie, you didn't tell me that.
Who is she? Just this new kid at school.
- Ella.
- Ella.
I need more juice.
Hey, everybody.
Thank you all for being here.
Anything for you, of course.
Just Sophie, Danny, and I, we couldn't, uh Wait, where is Soph? I don't think she's come down yet.
Danny, sweetie, you know where your sister is? I think she's upset.
About this.
Danny, be my eyes.
What is that? The father/daughter dance recital.
That's, uh, it's the daddy/daughter recital, and it's tonight, and I forgot.
All right, huddle up.
You heard that.
Which means we got to do something for Soph.
We got to do what men do.
- We got to deflect.
- Absolutely.
- That's right.
- Yeah, what can we do to distract her? We got it.
What could we, uh Karaoke? I get it.
I bought you one crappy Christmas gift.
The point is that we have to be there for her in the same way Jon would be had it been one of us.
Between the three of us, we should be able to cover, what, half the stuff that Jon used to do? So, if we take my brains, your good looks, my sense of humor, that's a pretty killer combination.
It's like a great band.
Band of Dads.
Band of Dads! I just said that.
He did just say that.
DELILAH: Sweetie.
It's okay.
No one expects you to do the recital.
I'll call Miss Jenny and tell her that you "Dixons don't quit," Mom.
Remember? Soph? Can I interest you in a cream cheese ball? I'm lactose intolerant.
Not a word, Gina.
Not a word from you.
- Sweetie, this is different.
- But I don't want it to be.
I don't want all the kids at school treating me like I'm the girl whose dad killed himself.
See? This.
This is exactly what I don't want.
Okay, last time, you You can choose your own size.
So, if you have a minor spill - ROME: You can tear off a tiny sheet - Guys.
Mom, no, I'm doing the recital tonight.
Sweetie, who are you gonna dance with? DANNY: I'll dance with you.
Can you tear me off a tiny sheet? I think I need a big one.
Thanks, dude, but I need someone a liksle taller.
There's a part where you have to pick me up.
Okay, Band of Dads.
Look, Gary, let's just say what we already know.
I'm the one that everyone goes to for anything involving dancing.
- Do we all know that? - Everyone but you.
I want to do the recital with you.
I'm sorry, Pharrell.
She picked her guitar teacher.
Yeah, well, you know what? Won't be as good as me, but definitely won't be as bad as you.
So, will you do it? I'd be honored.
You guys sit down and eat, and Eddie can help me reach the non-dairy creamer.
Happy to help.
What he lacks in height, he makes up for with disproportionately long arms.
What are you doing? You can't do the father/daughter dance with Sophie.
I don't have a choice.
She chose me.
And if Jon knew I'm not gonna let his daughter down.
It can't be you.
When she asks me why, what should I tell her? [INDISTINCT TALKING IN DISTANCE.]
We didn't go looking for this.
Yet we let it happen.
ASHLEY: Good news.
The landlord just sent over - the final lease for the restaurant.
- Gina! I'm gonna head into the city, print it out, and circle back.
Wait, that's silly.
Why don't you work out of Jon's study? - You sure? - Yes, absolutely.
You can use his laptop, and You need his password? No, of course not.
Six years his assistant, you know more than I do.
Thank you for everything you do for this family.
Of course.
Danny, you know that I am the cool uncle, right? Does that mean you're gonna try to make me drink beer with you again? No.
What I mean is, I've known you your whole life, right? I've never changed your diaper or anything, 'cause that's gross, but if you ever want to tell me that Ella's a boy, I'm glad to hear that, all right? What are you talking about? Ella's totally a girl.
What was that about? - Guy stuff.
- Oh, yeah? - Talking about, uh, Corvettes and testicles? - Yeah, pretty much.
Well, Ernesto and his Corolla are 12 minutes away.
That's what you get for having a 3.
9 rating.
It was not my fault, it was the tequila.
I'm gonna give you a ride.
Don't vomit in my car.
Can do.
And I will see you at the recital.
You guys don't need to come.
Th's what makes it such a sweet gesture.
Thank you.
You've hugged her more in the last two days than I have in the last 10 years.
Well, that's because you finally brought over a woman we like.
You didn't like Joyce? Joyce.
No, I didn't like Joyce.
Or the fact that she stole my egg timer.
That You can't I don't think that happened.
REGINA: There you are.
He looks so happy.
Behind every smile is another story.
- ROME: And cut! - [BELL RINGS.]
- That was great, Mark.
Give us a sec.
How we feeling? - That was good.
That was good.
- Really great.
- Yeah.
- Except - Yeah.
- It It could be bigger.
Needs to be bigger.
I mean, we want the soda to make him smile.
But he was smiling.
That's true.
But maybe we could push the smile.
Definitely push the smile.
- But not too much.
- Not too much, though.
You know? Just a little bit.
- Let me show you what I'm talking about.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
- What is it we're looking at? - Smiles.
- Smiles.
Rome, these are smiles.
- Oh, and that one is - Too much.
Too much.
Rome, you with us? - H-He's got it.
- Okay.
- Does he? - I don't know.
New plan.
Give me the biggest smile you got.
Don't worry about basing it in reality at all.
Totally get it, no problem.
MAN: Rolling.
Can you believe we have to do this crap? I'm getting paid a month's rent to stand here and drink soda.
MAN: Quiet on set! Places, please.
And action! Five, six, seven, eight.
DELILAH: You two are gonna be the cutest daddy/daughter in that ballroom.
Oh, gosh.
- Mom, don't film us.
- No, let her film it.
People have to see how good I am.
I am keeping this forever.
I'm gonna show it at your wedding.
Sweetie, you don't have to do this.
Yeah, I do.
Come on.
We got this.
Thanks for the ride.
Five stars.
And you get 4.
2 stars.
Your small-talk game needs work.
You want to come inside? Five stars.
Full disclosure, I've eaten four bagels.
Oh, um Could I take a rain check? You will not fat-shame me, woman.
Oh, no, I'm, uh Uh, could I call you later? Oh.
- Sure.
- Yeah.
Late Later's better.
So, what are you doing here? I thought we said this was over.
I'm worried about you.
We all are.
Did you fly in just to tell me that? 'Cause they have this thing now called texting.
It's super great.
I'm sorry.
For everything.
I'm I shouldn't have left like that.
I just I don't know if I can be who you want me to be.
I just want you to be alive.
Yeah, that's it, Tom.
I did everything I was supposed to do, I followed all the rules, and I still got cancer.
- Twice.
- Yeah, but, Maggie, we can we can fight this.
Alan said that you canceled your appointment.
- Why? - If by "Alan," you mean Dr.
Matthews, he's not supposed to tell you that, and I'm not saying that I'm not gonna fight it.
I I know this sounds crazy, but cancer is not the worst thing that ever happened to me.
I don't e I don't even know what to say to that.
I'm happier than I've ever been, and I'm not playing by the rules anymore.
I need you to know I did not s ave you.
I left old me.
All right, so front, back.
Front, back, step-ball-change.
Step, kick - No, you have to take a step.
- Ah! You know, let's just take five.
I'm gonna go get drinks.
You okay? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
She's amazing.
She's strong.
Just like her mom.
I don't know how strong I am.
I do.
- I'm gonna go check on her.
- Yep.
- Thanks for doing that.
- Sure.
JON: Thursday at 8:00? No, that's not gonna I'm rescheduling a dentist appointment.
But make sure you get this.
Come on.
Why are you smiling? The Bruins just ruined a two-goal lead.
Are you ever not faking it? As bad as this seems, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.
Come on, come on.
Just give me one where you're not smiling! [CAN CLATTERS.]
Damn it.
DELILAH: Is that the lease? It's so exciting! Wow, this is very real.
Well, it will be as soon as you both sign here.
Wait, why do I have to sign? Didn't Jon tell you? He left the place to both of you.
He was talking about this building for almost a year.
He never mentioned that.
Yeah, look, here's the lease.
He put both of your names on it.
He knew you were nervous about opening a place on your own, and with the kids growing up, he thought you might be worried about running out of road.
He told you that? He just said you stopped working when the kids were born, and this could be the perfect opportunity for you to get back into interior design, that's all.
I I'm so sorry.
I thought you knew.
I thought that's why we were signing the contracts here.
He planned the whole thing.
So I wouldn't have to do it alone.
He gave you the restaurant.
And he made you her business partner.
Seems like he had a plan for everyone.
The only person he forgot about was me.
Soph - UMPIRE: Ball 4.
Take your base.
- Damn it! MAN: All right.
Come on! Time.
All right, hang in there! Dad, I can't do this.
- I can't.
- Hey, listen to me.
I don't need you to win this game.
I just need you to not quit the game.
You're a Dixon.
Dixons don't quit.
He said, "Dixons don't quit.
" And that's exactly what he did.
He loved you Stop.
Stop! How can you defend him?! He left us! Oh, sweetie.
Why? I don't know.
Well, he may have quit, but I'm not going to.
ROME: Hey.
Oh, my God, it's so crazy running into you here.
Yeah, especially when you're holding a smoothie with my name on it.
What do you think I did? What, you think I just took the business card that you gave me, drove over here, and waited outside, holding a Mango-My-Tango with your name on it? What is going on? Don't think, just drink.
Here you go.
R-Remember the movie that I said I was researching that had the therapist in it? - Mm-hmm.
- I would really love to pick your brain.
Yeah, I'm happy to, just not now.
I have an article that I'm writing, and it was due, like, yesterday.
Okay, I'm not here about my movie.
I'm here about me.
You know, typical childhood, sometimes hugged too much, sometimes not enough.
Got lost in a Home Depot once.
Honestly, I don't remember it, and my dad just wheels the story out on Thanksgiving to embarrass me.
A few things.
One, you said mango, but I'm tasting blueberry? I'm not complaining, I'm just pointing it out.
And two, I cannot be your therapist.
I'm becoming friends with your friends, one of whom I literally just had rug-burn sex with.
Is that too much? Yeah, I'm sorry.
But see? That is exactly why this won't work.
I'd be happy to refer you to When Gary called to tell me about Jon, I had a mouthful of pills.
Hey, pally.
I'm here.
Scooping you up for this recital.
I thought you and I could roll in my sweet ride.
The one I work 40 hours a week for at a soul-crushing job in order to pay for it.
Nothing? You think maybe you could laugh? Chuckle? Give me a little encouragement? Your Uncle Gary is very needy.
You know this.
What's going on? - Nothing.
- Nothing means something.
What is it? Do you think he did it because of me? Who? Dad.
Da What are you talking about? What are you talking about, Danny? I mean maybe he knew things about me.
Things lidn't think other people knew.
Things that you know.
You been drinking beer without me? All right.
Get up.
Come on.
We're doing this.
I know your dad.
You know your dad, okay? And while we may never know why he did this I know he definitely didn't do it because of you.
And for the record, if he did know what I know, his reaction would have been the same as mine.
To love you even more.
Got it? Okay.
- Everything okay with Soph? - Yeah, as okay as it's gonna be.
She's strong-willed.
Just like her father.
How are you doing with everything? I noticed you haven't signed the lease yet.
It's just - Hmm.
- What is it, Gina? Just, why was this the last thing Jon did? I mean, don't get me wrong.
I-I love him for doing this.
It's just that With everything I went through with the last place, I can't help but wonder did Jon leave me the restaurant because we're friends or because he believes in me? Here.
You're giving me back my Tupperware? Now? You've had it for six months.
Honestly, I've already counted it as a loss.
These are the coconut chocolate bars you made for Jon.
The ones I made for his birthday? - Mm-hmm.
- He still has them? Great.
He hated my cooking.
He frozehem the night you gave them to him, and he'd eat one A single one Every time he closed a big deal.
If Jon had come home from the office that day, he would he would have treated himself to one.
So proud to have closed on your restaurant.
Our restaurant.
He believed in you.
The fact is, if I hadn't gotten that call from Gary Jon and I are the same.
Apparently, he's he's been hiding behind a fake smile just like me.
And I've been looking for any way that we might be different, and I can't find it.
Listen to me.
I cannot be your therapist.
I'm gonna refer you to my colleague, Dr.
David Heller.
He is excellent.
And you need to call him.
All right? But as a friend, I will say this.
There is one way that you and Jon differ.
You picked up the phone.
You took Gary's call.
You made the decision to live.
Does she know? Not yet.
But you told the guys? I'm sorry.
With the new restaurant and everything, she's going through a lot.
Just give me a second.
Hey, babe.
Is everything okay? Oh, I didn't realize how late it was.
I'm still at the commercial shoot.
Oh, no, I'm gonna quickly go home, change my clothes, and I will meet you at the recital.
Love you, too.
- You still need a ride? - Yeah.
Um, but before we go in every relationship, there's a flower and a gardener.
And it sounds to me like you've been the gardener for a long time.
But you need to tell Regina.
You you got to be the flower for a while.
You're very good at your job.
Still can't be your therapist.
Yeah, right, because of the rug-burn sex - you had with Gary, right? - Yes! I get that.
How many seats do we need? All of them.
Maggie said she was coming.
Rome said he was on his way.
What's going on? - Is that Ella? - No! That's Ella.
Yeah, it is.
- Hi.
Sorry we're late.
- Yeah.
Well, you know, she was late, I was late.
I guess, so, we're late together.
So, what I'm hearing is you're not on time? No, 'cause we're late.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I called you.
You didn't pick up.
Sorry, I was busy, man.
Oh, no, no, that's not fair.
I call you, you don't pick up, I worry now.
My God, I just became my mother.
For your information, Mama Mendez, I was in my first therapy session.
You already found a therapist? That's great.
Who is he? Uh, this guy, um, uh, Dr.
I'm gonna get some footage of Sophie and Frankenstein.
Technically, he's Frankenstein's monster.
- [SIGHS.]
- Oh, hey, stranger.
How was your day? It was good.
'Cause if I'm not mistaken, I saw you hugging a homeless man outside your apartment.
Well, some people give money, I give hugs.
- You can't drink hugs.
- No, you cannot.
At the risk of sounding like any number of the women that I have disappointed, who was that, exactly? Actually, I didn't ask that.
Forget I asked that.
Now I'm asking.
Who was that? It's just someone from my past.
You do like like her.
And that's your second ginger ale.
Are we keeping secrets or not? ANNOUNCER: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Holy Cross High School Father and Daughter Dance Recital.
I'm gonna go check my makeup.
- Of course.
- Okay.
Dixons don't quit.
WOMAN: Come on, Sophie! - UMPIRE: Ball 4.
Take your base.
- Damn it! Did you ever finish that song you were working on? Yeah.
Thanks for remembering.
When can I hear it? You don't want to hear it.
Of course I do.
Well, maybe we can have dinner, the four of us, and I can play it for you guys.
Oh, Jon's working late every night this week.
- So [LAUGHS.]
- Who am I kidding? - So is Katherine.
Maybe we should have dinner.
Just the two of us? Well, yeah, and then you could play me that song.
All right! Whoo! What am I doing? I can't do this.
I got your text.
What the hell is going on? I shouldn't do this.
It doesn't feel right.
I'm not her father.
None of us are her father, man.
I don't know if you've heard he is dead.
- Come on.
- You don't understand.
It can't be me.
Well, I would do it Except you're a horrible dancer.
We know.
Everyone knows.
We are the Band of Dads, right? Which means that one of us is gonna go out there and dance with her, and it has recently been brought to my attention that I suddenly lack the necessary skills.
I just can't be Jon right now.
I can.
Keep it PG.
From walking home and talking loads To seeing shows in evening clothes with you From nervous touch and getting drunk To staying up and waking up with you Sophie's totally gonna beat these guys.
It's not a competition.
Really? Oh, what are you doing? You're up next.
No, I'm not.
The guys are on it.
What do you mean? Come on, let it go You were right.
It can't be me.
Wait, where is he? Where is Eddie? Okay, here's the thing.
I'm gonna dance with you.
But you don't know the dance.
Yes, I do.
Actually, I always did.
Your dad was nervous about dancing, so he had me secretly coach him.
Made me go over all the moves.
Like I said, when it comes to dancing, I'm the one that people go to.
I didn't say anything 'cause you picked Eddie.
And I didn't know if I could fill your father's shoes.
But I'm the one who should dance with you.
I think it's what he wanted.
Oh, my God.
No, it's okay, it's okay.
I'm really good.
He didn't forget about me.
- Mom, don't film this.
- No, let her film it.
People have to see how good I am.
He got so much better! Dad did have a plan.
Yes, he did.
Even though she picked me, I can't do this.
I love you.
- Stop saying that.
- No, listen to me.
I love you.
I love Jon.
I love Sophie.
I love everybody but me right now.
That's why I can't be the one to dance with Sophie.
Even if she never finds out, I know.
I know what we did.
She is on.
Of course.
ANNOUNCER: And for the final dance of the evening, put your hands together for Sophie Dixon and her uncle Rome.
I don't want to go out I want to stay in Get things done I catch a paper boy But things don't really change I'm standing in the wind But I never wave bye-bye But I try I try There's no sign of life It's just the power to charm I'm lying in the rain But I never wave bye-bye Hey, it's Jon.
I was hoping to speak to you, not just leave a message, but I just need you to do me a favor.
Love each other.
Walks beside me Modern love Walks on by Modern love Gets me to the church on time Church on time Terrifies me Church on time Makes me party Church on time Puts my trust in God and man God and man No confessions God and man No religion God and man Don't believe in modern love Modern love Modern love Modern love Modern love Modern love Modern love Modern love Modern love Modern love Modern love Modern love Modern love Modern love Modern love Modern love Modern love Modern love walks beside me Modern love Modern love walks on by