A Million Little Things (2018) s02e13 Episode Script


1 DELILAH: There's something we need to talk about.
It's about Charlie and me.
EDDIE: We all want to believe we have control over our lives.
You spoke at his funeral! I trusted you! But that's rarely the case.
- DELILAH: Take care of her.
- We will.
Everything keeps changing.
Stability is fleeting.
I think he's struggling.
A new baby half-sister.
Despite our best efforts You keep saying you need to know who you are without cancer.
Maybe I need to figure out who I am without you.
things change Are you Are you s-saying - I want to adopt a baby.
our perspectives shift I didn't give you what you needed.
So you had to go get it from Eric.
and we just have to keep up.
Gary, this is not on you.
I could've handled myself better.
You know, bud, I was thinking we don't have to do this every day.
We could do this every other day, every third day.
MAGGIE: Oh! There's my guy! I missed you! - [COLIN BARKS.]
- Oh, hey.
Hey! - Gary.
You're running.
- [SIGHS.]
I thought one of your hobbies was, uh, not running.
Well helping Colin get back in shape.
He's getting a little flabby.
He keeps trying to convince me it's puppy fat, but we all know the truth.
- Ugh.
I hate those things.
- I hate those things.
Eh guess it's good for the environment.
- It's not worth it.
- It's not worth it.
Oh, uh, Elena reached out.
She said that you're the only one who hasn't RSVP'd to her remission party.
Yeah, I've been putting off responding 'cause of the whole you and you know Oh.
I mean Don't worry.
Everybody in the group knows that we broke up.
Hence my reluctance to attend the festivities today.
I mean, I like a cancer-themed party as much as the next guy, but I'm not sure I can endure two hours of "Oh, what happened?" I know.
But I just want to support Elena.
Five years of remission is a big deal.
Also, they got a private room at the Top of the Hub, which is closing soon.
It would mean a lot to Elena.
You're right.
I'll go.
I'll be there.
Well, then, I guess I'll see you there.
Um do you guys wanna join me? I've got about two miles left.
Left? Hooh.
You know, if it was just me, hells yeah.
But, uh that's a lot of running for the big fella.
Don't Don't wanna push it - with the dog.
- No.
Bye, Colin! I'm glad you're finally driving a nice, big, safe car.
You can't be too careful with this little passenger.
I've had that car for a while.
Remember, Dad? Jon got it for me for my birthday last year.
Oh, yeah.
I love this place.
It is so much brighter than your old apartment.
And it's nice to know that people are here to check in on you.
You know what they're serving in the dining hall tonight? Turkey meatloaf.
On a Friday.
How dare they not know about Pizza Friday.
So, how you doing, DeeDee? I mean, other than having to deal with your prince of a father.
I'm good.
The house is too quiet without Sophie there.
Well, at least you have little Danny here to keep you company.
It's Charlie, Dad.
Oh, right.
Right, right.
Of course.
Of course.
- [COOS.]
- I don't know if you're aware, But I have a slight memory problem.
Yet you don't let it get you down.
It's like that story you tell about the young sergeant in love.
Oh yeah.
W-What was that, again? Nothing.
Help me out here, Charlie.
I know, Mom.
Us, too.
What did she say? She said she's excited.
Of course she's excited! It's exciting! She's about to be a grandma! Oh, uh, yeah.
Eve is eight and a half months pregnant.
Tell her the baby's the size of a large cabbage.
I've been reading up.
About babies, not cabbages.
No, I Mom, slow down.
Nothing has happened yet.
Well, we're just gonna meet each other, see if we're the right fit.
It's It's an interview For all of us.
Tell your mom Eve's got kind eyes.
She heard you.
She said eyes are the windows to the soul.
She gets it.
And let her know this doesn't usually happen this quickly.
You want to talk to her? No.
She called you.
Theo! Let's go! Breakfast! Did he mention it when you woke him up? No.
He seemed fine.
I think we handled it the right way Just, you know, not making a big deal out of it.
"Even though we tell you never to talk to strangers, we're gonna pay one to talk to you about how you're feeling.
" - Yeah, right.
- "And look - [WATER STOPS.]
Waffles with a disgusting amount of chocolate chips.
Gonna be a good day.
" There he is! Chocolate chip waffles on a weekday? It's like they say, bud, breakfast is the most important dessert of the day.
That's right.
So, what is on everyone's schedule for today? Ah, well, Liam's mom and I are still trying to set up a playdate for after school.
Oh, and, uh, we have that appointment with Susan this morning.
Oh, yeah.
I'm not going to that.
DELILAH: It's just hard, seeing my dad like that.
I'll think I'm used to it, and then pshew! There's s-something else, another piece of him that disappears.
I'll take care of that, Jake.
For as long as I can remember, he's had these twelve stories, and no matter what I was going through Breakup with a boyfriend, struggling at school No matter what, he just would tell me one of those stories and somehow make it apply to my life.
I couldn't stand them.
I thought they were so boring.
But now I'd kill to have him rattle them off the way he used to.
Here's the lip gloss I was telling you about.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
I, um I just got an e-mail from your guidance counselor, just reminding you to register for the PSATs.
REGINA: If it makes you feel any better, she didn't really need to come in this morning.
Maybe she knew you'd be here and wanted a little contact.
Really? If nothing else, you didn't yell at each other.
That's the bar? Not yelling at each other? [CHUCKLES.]
You're right.
I'll take it.
We just thought you might want to talk with someone about what you've been going through.
I'm not going through anything.
I already apologized to Auggie for pushing him at school.
I had my consequence, and I don't need to talk about it anymore.
Actually, T the reason why I asked Dad if I could take you to meet Susan today was 'cause I was hoping that I could talk to her about some of the stuff going on in my life.
You have stuff to talk about? Oh, sure.
I mean, everybody does.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Yeah, so, maybe I'll talk to her about what I'm feeling, and you don't have to say anything if you don't want.
Just be there.
Okay? So I'm not alone.
If it will help you.
Thanks, T.
Jake! Can you get the lamb shanks? Jake? I'll get the lamb.
Jake, what are you doing? Uh no, I was just I asked her to help me with something, and um Okay.
Uh, thanks.
ROME: Okay, babe, we're rolling.
Let's Hi? [CHUCKLES.]
What's going on? Oh, nothing.
Just, uh, we got the call.
The call, baby.
A birth mother wants to meet with us.
Are you serious? [VOICE BREAKING.]
Are you serious? I'm very serious.
Stop it.
Look at her.
GARY: Look at you.
I'm putting together a montage that the baby can watch one day.
- It will be my masterpiece.
- Wow.
You give your child the next "Citizen Kane," and all I've given mine is stress and anxiety.
How is the little man? You gotta make sure he's all fixed and proper before I become his guardian.
Katherine is taking him to his first therapy session today.
I just wish there was more I could do to help.
Nah, seriously, dude.
You got him the help, right? That's not nothing.
- Yes, RuPaul? - Why are you all dressed up? You got a hot date or a court appearance? No, it's a friend's cancer remission party.
Actually, I wasn't gonna go 'til Maggie talked me into it.
Maggie talked you into it? You talked to Maggie? Yeah, after all the Eric stuff went down, I went over there and made sure she was okay.
You were in her apartment? You have never been in a woman's apartment without having sex with her.
No, no, no, there was the one time the boyfriend came home before Gary's boxers came off.
- Yes.
- You are doing an infidelity joke with me? Stay on topic.
You and Maggie.
- Yeah.
- How was that? I mean, Eric is out of the picture, right? This is why the party's gonna suck.
Everybody's gonna want to know why we're not together anymore, and I don't want to keep talking about it.
I can tell you guys to screw off, but you know what's really hard? Telling people who've had cancer to go screw themselves.
- I mean, I'll do it.
MAGGIE: I'm not sure that's right.
- Too much? - Mnh I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard to impress Eve, but But you want to impress Eve.
- Yes, I do.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mnh-mnh.
- Ohh Hey, what about this one? Oh, that's Rome's.
- He is his own person.
- Yeah.
So, anyway, um - yeah, Gary - Yeah.
stopped by to check on me after all the Eric stuff.
So, therefore - No.
- Mm-hmm.
A little bit.
- Gina.
- Okay.
The stuff with Gary was just so messed up, and I've spent the last three months with a guy who was lying to me from the moment we met.
I just can't keep Aw.
What is it? You know, if you asked me right now do I want to get back with Gary, I don't.
But there is something really incredible about how he was there for me as a friend the other night, and that's what I miss.
But I don't know if I can have that, and I don't know if it's fair for me to ask him to be that.
And honestly, I don't even know if we can do that.
KATHERINE: So, I have been working on this case for months.
Then when it went to trial, they took it away from me, gave it to another lawyer.
I was sad and a little mad.
Maybe a lot mad.
Because I had worked so hard and this was a big, big change.
SUSAN: What did you do? I smiled and said, "Okay.
" Even though it didn't feel okay.
Did you tell anyone at work that you were unhappy with the decision? Well, no.
I didn't want the guys to think I was being difficult.
Do you think you were taken off the case because you're a woman? I I have my suspicions.
The firm is going through a management shake-up, and I didn't want to add to the tension by complaining.
I get that.
Do you agree with your mom, Theo? Yeah.
If you complain about a problem, you're just making more of a problem.
Check this out.
That's great, sweetie.
DELILAH: Sophie! - Hey, I thought maybe, uh - Oh, God.
I could give you a ride home.
Please? After this morning, I thought maybe we could have a little check-in.
Yeah, well, I-I don't.
Especially not with you.
Alright, S-Soph, come on, please.
Let's just Talk to me.
I'm still your mother.
Look, it's just Jake is almost 19, and I don't Look, no, you do not get to talk to me about who it's okay to have a relationship with.
I mean [SCOFFS.]
seriously? - Sophie - No.
No, no, no.
You want to talk about this? Let's talk about this.
You cheated on him.
He was always there for you, and you cheated on him.
I know.
I know.
Just stop.
I messed up, but you can't just keep on - - [SIGHING.]
One second.
Hello? Yes, this is she.
What? What do you mean he's missing? Okay, I'll be right there.
I'll be right there.
Thank you.
- Oh, God.
Okay, I have to go.
- Wait, what's going on? - They can't find Poppa.
I just I need to go right now.
- What are you doing? I'm helping you find Poppa.
Let's go.
Babe, too much teeth.
- Hi.
I'm Eve.
- Don't get up.
Don't get up.
- Okay.
- I mean, unless you have to pee.
If you have to pee, let me Let me help you up.
This is my awkward, yet adorable husband, Rome.
And I'm Regina.
And you're the Howards! [LAUGHTER.]
I loved your video.
It was like watching a reality show.
No, that's good.
- That's good.
And by the way, Rome, I think you're showing just the right amount of teeth.
Thank you.
Your man's got nice teeth.
Let him show 'em off.
I tend to smile a lot when I'm nervous and want things to go well.
Yeah, I bite my nails.
Which is what I've been doing all morning, waiting for this meeting.
It is a bad habit 'cause my nails are fake.
Fake nails and a real baby.
That's my story.
Well, look, thank you for meeting with us.
Thank you for coming all the way out to Brighton.
You know, it wasn't a problem.
I actually grew up not too far from here.
- Oh.
- And you're originally from Philly? Yeah.
Moved a few months ago.
How do you like Boston? I like it.
Although, I haven't been able to find a decent hoagie.
Uh, that's because you're calling it a hoagie.
In Boston, it's called a sub.
Yeah, I won't hold that one against you.
What do we say we get some coffee? I mean, decaf for you, obviously, Eve.
Uh That's okay.
I'll get it.
You asked our birth mother to get us coffee? [WHISPERING.]
I didn't know that she worked here.
Are you saying She could really be our birth mother.
But when I came down to pick him up for tea, his door was wide open Okay.
Thank you, Abigail.
Oh, I do hope he's alright.
I mean, he's so sweet.
He has such nice hands.
We did a sweep of the grounds and haven't located him yet.
KAREN: Thanks, Wayne.
I know this is upsetting, but while this sort of thing does happen on a rare occasion here at Springbrook Hills, the resident always turns up safe and sound.
Bravo for Springbrook Hills.
Can we just please Just try to find him? Find my father? Why don't you come down to the office? We'll review the security footage.
Soph, why don't you just stay here, just in case? No, but I want to help.
No, just please.
Just please.
Just in case he comes back.
What's weird is, I eat the exact same amount as before I was pregnant.
It's like I've been eating for two my whole life.
I guess I'm just not ready to be a mom.
And I don't have the support system you both have.
All that stuff from your friends and family It really moved me.
I mean, it helps that I have all these extra hormones in me, making me cry and eat pie and yell at a puppy.
But overall, I guess I'm in good shape.
I'm not gonna lie, the first trimester was tough.
I mean, I was throwing up into I'm sorry.
I know not everyone is able to Oh, no.
We never tried to get pregnant.
This is what we want to do.
- This is our first choice.
- You are our first choice.
Oh, I forgot.
Uh, we wanted to ask you about the birth father.
You put down "Father unknown.
" What does that mean, exactly? I-I do know who the father is.
He's just not in my life.
No, no.
We just We just want to know as much about him as we can.
You know, medical history, that type of stuff.
Yeah, it's kind of important.
Of course.
Um He's healthy, as far as I know.
No drugs or cigarettes.
Uh, played baseball in high school.
When was the last time you saw him? Not since I got pregnant.
You know, we only saw each other a few times.
But trust me, I don't think he'd want anything to do with the baby.
So, I would say number one is reading and number two is LEGOs.
But I didn't see any books on your shelf that I liked.
No offense.
None taken.
What are you making there? A space ship.
I like these because you can build whatever you want.
But I have to keep all the pieces cleaned up at home because Charlie might eat them.
And what's Charlie like, besides being a LEGO eater? She's great.
I can't wait to have some conversations with her.
Right now, it's mostly just, "Hi.
" I got a lot more to say.
I'll bet you do.
It must be great having her around.
But I bet sometimes it seems like a lot of change all of a sudden.
How does it make you feel? It's good.
I'm okay.
But, honey, it'd be natural to have lots of feelings about something like a new baby in the house.
It's okay.
You don't have to worry about me.
It's my job to worry about you, Theo.
Mom and Dad just want to make sure you're happy, okay? You know you deserve to be happy, right? I don't know.
Hello, Bloom.
Fancy meeting you here.
That's a killer dress.
You look beautiful.
You You do, too.
- I mean Th - Not - Handsome You get it.
- beautiful.
It's a nice dress.
You look - Great jacke - nice.
- It's Danny's.
My ears are popping.
Are your ears popping? No.
- [SIGHS.]
Buckle up.
There they are! [LAUGHS.]
- Hi.
- Oh, there she is.
Five years.
So, while we review the security footage, the police have his photo, - and they'll alert us if - Whoa.
Look at camera 4.
Isn't that My daughter.
What is she doing? [TIRES SQUEAL.]
Sophie! - Sophie, wait! - [ENGINE REVS.]
Hey, Poppa.
Hey, there, kiddo.
I can't remember what I came in here for.
Well, while we're here, what do you say we pick up some fennel sausage, since it's Pizza Friday? - Oh.
Of course.
I was making pizza.
What do you say we get some and get home? - Yes.
I saw you arrive together.
So? No.
Still broken up.
Uh No.
It's all good.
I could have told you.
Gary's allergic to commitment.
There's no EpiPen for that.
You know, Kay Actually, um, it was me.
I-I couldn't commit to him.
Oh, Gary.
Well, what'd you do to make it so poor Maggie couldn't commit? - Mm.
I'm gonna mosey on over to what I'm praying is an open bar.
He's gone.
Spill it.
I like what a nice, big, safe car this is.
Oh, right.
It was a birthday gift from Jon.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean, uh, to upset you by mentioning him.
- I - Oh, no.
No, no, no, it's it's okay.
Have you talked to him, like you said you were going to? - Have you? - Uh No, he's Look, honey, I know I'm your dad, and I know it's not my place to get involved, but you can't go on living like this.
Feeling so alone in your marriage.
I mean, if he refuses to admit there's a problem, if he's unwilling to acknowledge his own wife is unhappy I'm not DeeDee don't say it's for the kids, because you're their role model.
I mean, don't you want Sophie to grow up knowing that she has a right to be happy in her own marriage? Yeah.
I know you're trying to keep up a perfect front for the family.
Lord knows he doesn't make it easy.
He may be a good father, but for more than a while now, he hasn't been a great husband.
I just want my daughter to be happy.
GARY: Kay introduced me to her husband as "the guy who broke Maggie Bloom's heart.
" So sorry about that.
You know what? - We are doing this for Elena.
- Mm-hmm.
So, pull up your big-boy pants, make some small talk with me, and then turn to your left and do it all over again.
Small talk.
Got a job interview next week.
- Fingers crossed.
- Mm! Saw my mom for the first time in 28 years.
- Got my car washed.
Bought the 10 pack.
- Wait, what? Financially, it makes more sense, Bloom.
No, you saw your mom? What What did she say? What did you guys talk about? A lot.
And nothing.
Got what I needed, all thanks to a certain miniature person who told me I should work on myself.
So, 28 years.
How do you feel? Oh, I'm sorry.
Apparently, I have to turn to this person now.
Hey, man.
Gary Mendez.
I'll be honest I've never been a big fruit in salad guy, but these orange segments are making me rethink everything.
You're the expert, Gloria.
Does this happen a lot? [WHISPERING.]
What'd she say? Is it a problem? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, thank you.
We'll be in touch.
Gloria said not having contact with the birth father in these situations is fairly common.
So it happens a lot.
That's good, right? But if he hasn't filed parental responsibility with the state, then he could come back and file a legal claim.
She said that's one of the main reasons adoptions fall through.
But Eve she's perfect.
She was perfect until we mentioned the father and she got all cagey.
I think I think that she was just embarrassed.
It didn't sound like they were a couple.
Rome this guy could swoop in in the last minute and take our baby.
I'm sorry, but no.
- My gut's telling me this is not right.
- We were so lucky to be matched so quickly.
W-What if we never get another chance? Gina.
Are you looking for a way out because maybe you are having a change of heart? Are you kidding me? Pull up that video from yesterday.
I had tears.
You ask me if I want a baby? Of course I do.
But not like this, not jumping in blindly.
Rome, the one thing that we agreed on was that this baby would bring us together, not tear us apart.
Yeah, you're right.
But you call and tell them.
'Cause I can't be the one to turn her down.
- Okay.
Oh, thank God.
You okay? Oh.
I'm okay.
I gotta go inside.
You need help? No, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
- [SIGHS.]
- Okay.
I'll be there in a minute.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Look, I'm I'm sorry that you have to go through this with him.
It must be so hard.
Yeah, it is.
But you know what Poppa would say, right? "Don't let the trying times get the best of you.
" "That reminds me of the story of the young sergeant.
KATHERINE: I caused it, Eddie.
I mean nature, nurture, either way, I made him who he is.
Katie, this is not your fault.
You know, Susan asked me today if I only fight for my own happiness when it aligns with everyone else's.
I realized she's right.
All this time, I thought I was modeling the right behavior for Theo.
I was teaching him to keep things in.
I think we both have been doing that.
Did Susan have any advice? Anything we can do to help? Yeah, after the session, she said some people, when faced with change, pretend like everything is okay just so they can feel a sense of control.
That's definitely Theo.
So she recommended we find small moments where he's not in control, and we just try to embrace it, just let it happen, let him see that the Earth will continue to turn.
Then that is what we'll do.
Hey, everybody.
Uh, I'm Vincent.
Most of you know me as Elena's husband.
- I'm okay with that.
Six years ago, when Lainey first started chemo, I was so scared.
But she just kept saying, "I'm gonna beat the crap out of cancer.
" So, now, on the fifth anniversary of being in remission, I'd like to present a gift to the strongest woman I know.
A chance to thanks to this piñata, literally [LAUGHTER, APPLAUSE.]
beat the crap out of cancer.
And you know what I'm gonna keep doing this year? Beating cancer's ass! [LAUGHTER, CHEERING.]
- Just gimme - Oh! [LAUGHTER.]
Alright, you out of the way? Okay.
Whoo! Oh.
Oh, shoot.
Well, it's a good thing I'm not playing for the Sox.
- Yeah! - Yeah! - [THUD.]
- VINCENT: Hey, babe.
- I can do this.
- Why don't you Wait.
No, no, no, no.
I-I got it.
I got got it.
I just You know [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
I got to take this off.
I just [THUDDING.]
Just break! Just [BREATHES SHAKILY.]
I-I can't I can't - I can't I just - It's okay.
It doesn't matter.
No, no, no, no.
Let me talk to Regina, and then I'll call you back.
Thanks, Gloria.
Gloria? Social worker Gloria? Eve would like to meet with us again.
She heard that we're not moving forward and she wants to explain.
Rome, what could she possibly say? I don't know.
Let's find out.
Can we not make this more painful than it already is? We need to move forward.
That's just it.
I need closure so that we can move forward.
You said it yourself We can't let this adoption pull us apart.
They told me I'd be dead by my 45th birthday.
What if the doctors are still right? W-What if it comes back? I don't want it to come back.
Excuse me.
I get it.
Even though the cancer's gone, the fear is still there.
But you cannot let that paralyze you.
You're better than that.
But what if I'm not? That's why we're here.
Right? - Mm-hmm.
- That's right.
That's why you invited all of us to this party.
When you don't feel strong enough, we lift you up.
- We love you.
- Yeah.
You know, all last year, when I was going through chemo, so many times, I thought I couldn't make it.
And this guy was there for me.
I just helped her find the strength I already knew she had.
Gary supported me, and now we are all here supporting you.
- Yes.
- Absolutely.
Whether you like it or not.
Stop farting around, take that stick Take it, and you crack that bottle wide open.
Get it! Yes! Babe, you can do it! I know there's always a place for you and I A place where every word that you say can save my life Oh, oh, oh, oh And nothing hurts and nothing breaks Oh, oh, oh, oh I know it when I see your face I'm safe Ohhhh, oh, oh, oh, oh I'm safe Ohhhh, oh, oh That was amazing.
- It really was.
- I'm safe Ohhhh, oh, oh I'm safe I wasn't honest with you this morning.
And I'm sorry.
I know you were concerned because I said I didn't know where the father is.
But I do know where he is.
I just I don't want him to know where I am.
We were together a year and a half.
He could be so sweet and so thoughtful.
But he also has a temper, and he Eve.
Then when I got pregnant [SNIFFLES.]
I worried about the baby.
I could never forgive myself if something happened.
So I hid it from him.
Then one day, he just I knew I had to get away.
I knew.
And that's why I picked you.
I saw in your profile that you were on the board of a woman's shelter, and I just I just knew maybe it was meant to be.
I'm so sorry for lying to you.
No, no, don't apologize for doing what you have to do to keep you and your baby safe.
This is really good, Mom.
Thanks, sweetie.
Glad you like it.
Oh, no! Ohh! - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
It's okay, T.
Hey, buddy.
Hey, this is not a big deal, okay? It's alright.
Uh, let me help with that, okay? Oh.
A sneak attack, huh? [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
- You wouldn't dare.
- Oh.
Are you just gonna let him do that to your dear, innocent mother? Come on.
- Hah! [LAUGHS.]
- Yes! You brought broccoli into it, you little stinker?! Better not touch.
It's 1 on 2.
Gotta get home.
Danny's been on Charlie duty all afternoon.
I'll drop you off at Rome and Gina's.
Well, you know, I might just crash at the house tonight.
Yeah, I mean, it's closer than Rome and Regina's, and plus, I want to see Danny and the baby, so That'd be nice.
That was pretty incredible, seeing Elena like that.
Yeah, it was.
Pretty disappointed there wasn't any candy in that piñata, though.
Confetti? Who does that? You gotta give a man a Kit Kat, a Spree - a Dum Dum - [LAUGHS.]
some Lemonheads You really are twelve.
Oh, come on.
What is it with you and elevators? - [BUTTON CLICKS.]
- No way.
You know what? We stopped talking before I told you about visiting my mom.
But I think what I would have said is I realized something when I was with her, and that's that I maybe pushed you away before you had a chance to hurt me.
I used to laugh when Jon would say that everything happens for a reason, and this is gonna sound crazy.
I think I got cancer so that I could find you.
I love you, Maggie Bloom.
I loved you then, and I love you now.
I love you.
My ears are popping.
- Yeah.
Gary, wait.
After everything that happened up there, I-I realized I was wrong.
We can just be friends.
That's crazy.
I was just thinking the same thing.
SOPHIE: Let me tell you a story about a young sergeant and about never giving up.
The sergeant was stationed overseas when he met a beautiful dark-haired young woman working at a flower shop.
So every few days, he'd go into the shop to buy daisies, just so he could have an excuse to talk to her.
He made her laugh, and she made him weak in the knees.
Now, he wanted to ask the woman out, but he just couldn't work up the nerve.
And then one day, Sergeant Farache was shipped back to America.
If you need me to go back with you to see Susan sometime, I will.
And he was heartbroken that he missed his chance with her, but he never gave up hope that he would one day see her again.
His family and friends, they told him to move on, but he just couldn't forget her.
We are doing this thing! - Right? - Yes.
Text it to Eve.
SOPHIE: He wrote to her often, and she wrote to him.
And then, two years later, while on vacation with her family in the States, she and the sergeant met up again.
Right here in Boston.
And he brought daisies for her.
She was so surprised by the gesture.
And he told her, "All the daisies I ever bought from you were for you.
I just never gave them to you because I didn't have the nerve.
" And then a year later, they got married.
And a year after that, they had a baby.
And that's how Mom got her middle name.
Delilah Daisy.
DeeDee for short.
Poppa never gave up on what he loved.
Which is pretty good advice.
So that's why we'll always tell that story in our family.
We are doing this thing! - Right? - Yes.

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