A Million Little Things (2018) s02e14 Episode Script

The Sleepover

1 There's something we want to talk to you about.
GARY: It's so easy to get caught up in the chaos.
I think he's struggling with you guys almost getting divorced and then a new baby half-sister.
Just when you put out one fire You keep saying that you need to know who you are without cancer.
Maybe I need to figure out who I am without you.
something else - Jake, what are you doing? - Uh explodes.
So, are you a musician, too? You ever hear of the Red Ferns? So, how do you find the strength DANNY: You told me when I was ready to tell you about Elliot, you were ready to listen.
to break the cycle.
When you're ready to tell me that you're still in love with Maggie, I'm ready to hear it.
She could really be our birth mother.
I'm sorry.
I said I didn't know where the father is.
But I do know where he is.
I just don't want him to know where I am.
- ROME: Alright, here we go.
- REGINA: It's exciting.
- Ooh! - What's wrong? - Are you okay? - I'm I'm I'm fine.
- It's just cold.
- It's just cold.
- Just cold.
- Okay.
Now breathe.
I'm talking to you guys.
Hmm? Us? - Good call, Doc.
- Okay.
You ready for the tour? Alright, let's go.
First stop, perfectly shaped head cute button nose two arms and there's Oh, whoa.
Yo, is that the It's just a finger.
- Boy.
You wanna hear something cool? [HEART BEATING.]
That's your baby's heartbeat.
Do you want to know the gender? - REGINA: Uh, yeah.
We're - ROME: Yes.
No, no.
I don't want to know.
It's just No, no, no.
- It's okay, sweetheart.
- It's fine.
THUNE: What it is is a perfectly healthy baby.
You did great.
I'm so glad you're in our lives.
DANNY: Gary? I've never seen you this early in the morning.
What are you doing here? A few household repairs, Dan Dixon.
I think the real question is, why are you wearing that? This is Red Sox nation, son.
Oh, this old thing? It's Elliot's.
- He gave it to me.
- I see.
I feel like there's a switching teams joke in there somewhere.
Put it on your to-do list.
Left speaker up and running.
Only took five minutes.
Not gloating.
Just making a point of it.
Oh Oh, it's the right speaker that wasn't working.
I-I was texting.
Jake is so funny.
I mean, his mom told him to go to the grocery store to buy blueberries, but on accident, he bought grapes.
Isn't that funny? That's not funny.
And it's by accident.
Eh You know what? I'm gonna send him a recipe for grape muffins.
Not a thing.
- Bye, Mom.
- Oh, wait.
Where are you going? I thought your shift wasn't 'til 11:00.
Oh, yeah, it's not, but I was just gonna stop by Rome and Regina's and get the rest of my stuff.
Cute top.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
She's baaaack.
Don't jinx it.
You've been here since 7:00.
You know you don't have to do all this.
Oh, I know.
I just couldn't sleep.
The thought of your garbage not being properly disposal-ed Hey, Mom, can I have a sleepover tonight? Did you finish all your homework? - I did.
- Then yes, you can.
I'll go tell Elliot.
Colin, did you hear what just happened? D just gave Danny permission to have a sleepover with his boyfriend.
Oh, yes, she did.
Who did? D did it.
Yes, she did.
Hold still, please.
Just two more.
- Gary, he's - [CHUCKLES.]
That's not funny.
They're 13.
You want to know what I was doing when I was 13? I was trying to convince my dad to let me have a sleepover with someone I wanted to sleep with.
You are really earning that "Best Mom Ever" mug.
They like each other, but they're they're friends.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Quick question Uh, what if Sophie wanted that Jake guy to spend the night? Absolutely not.
But this is different.
Yeah, there's two Jakes.
No, Danny's a young 13.
A-And I'll lay down some ground rules.
I see.
Like? They'll They'll sleep in there.
Right in there? Yeah.
And I'll make snacks in here.
- Oh, you'll be right over there? - All night long.
That is Mom-speak for keeping an eye on them.
While trusting them.
With my eyes.
KATHERINE: I think it's great you invited Theo to watch you rehearse with Dakota.
He talked about your new job in therapy, and it's nice for him to feel included.
Oh, he's not just watching.
I gave him a part.
THEO: A-one-ee and a-two-ee - Here comes my percussion section - and a-four-ee.
And a-one, two, three, four.
- Great syncopation, pal.
- Mom, clap your hands and be the beat.
Not totally sure what that means, but I'm in.
A-one-ee and a-two-ee and a-three-ee and a-four-ee - and a one, two - [DOOR CLOSES.]
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Did the band start without me? - [LAUGHS.]
- Everybody, this is Dakota.
- Hi! - Hi, Katherine.
Nice to meet you.
Eddie showed us some of your YouTube videos.
Those songs are great.
Great taste and beautiful.
- How'd you pull that off? - Ohh.
- I like her.
- Your sweater has holes in it.
And this is Theo.
Yeah, you know what's cray? Is I actually paid a lot of money for these holes.
- That is cray.
- Mmhmm.
I'm gonna take Charlie to the park so the professionals can work.
Thanks, Mom.
- Should we do this? - Yeah, let's do this.
Oh, wait.
I need something for the rehearsal.
Oh, is this Charlie? Hi! It's nice to finally meet you! My mom is absolutely a fanatic about having me avoid the sun, too.
Oh, yeah.
They just did a study.
Every Asian mom's like that.
Ooh! Speaking of hats, that is a cute one! Do you mind if I try it on? I'm actually looking to get something new.
I would, but it's head lice season, and I just can't risk it.
Oh, that's fair.
- Shall we? - Come on.
You okay? [SIGHING.]
I mean, I don't know.
Did you see anything? Oh, uh, I'm just the tech.
I'm not really supposed to discuss - Yeah, of course.
I just - Hey, Jamie.
We're doing cake for Vivian's birthday.
Didn't realize you were still here.
Still here.
Anyway, as I was saying, the doctor will go over everything with you when you sit down with him later today.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Happy birthday! - Save me a corner piece! WOMAN: [LAUGHS.]
ALL: Which nobody can deny What'd I tell you? Best ice cream in Boston.
You weren't lying.
- This stuff is great.
- Mmhmm.
- And there's no sugar in it? - What? Kidding.
Totally worth it.
So, I'm taking a left on Jallison, right? Yeah.
Then the diner will be on your right.
Thanks again for driving me.
My mom used to take me for ice cream Every Thursday when she got off work.
She'd always get chocolate.
Every week, I'd always try a new flavor.
And if I didn't like the one I chose, she'd switch with me.
She was great.
You would've loved her.
I lost my mom a few months ago.
Can't even eat carrot cake without thinking about her.
Was that her favorite? Oh, no.
She hated it.
- She said it ruins the carrot BOTH: [AS RENEE.]
"And it ruins the cake, Romey.
This baby's gonna be so lucky.
You can let me out right here.
Don't stop! Don't stop! - What? - Keep driving! That's Derek's car.
- Hey.
I've been thinking about tonight.
Do you know what would be fun? What if we all camped out in the family room? Watched some movies, near the snacks? I could make some s'mores, and then when you get thirsty, I can get you the non-alcoholic beverage of your choice.
What do you say? Okay, sweetie, look, this is a little more complicated than a regular sleepover.
It is.
Elliot's moving.
What? He just texted.
His dad was waiting to hear about a job, and he got it.
They're leaving next week.
It's okay.
Are you sure it was his car? I saw the license plate.
I can't believe he found me.
I was so careful.
He's gonna want to see me.
- Well, you're safe here, honey, okay? - No, I'm not.
He traveled all the way from Philly to find me.
You don't understand what he's capable of.
If he can find me at the diner, he can find me anywhere.
It was boiling water.
My scar.
I was making tea.
He picked it up off the stove and threw the whole thing at me.
That was the night I decided to leave.
He didn't know I was pregnant.
But I knew I had to protect the baby.
You did.
And you did the right thing.
Can you Can you do me a favor? Of course.
Can you go to my place? In the closet, there's a blue bag.
It's already packed.
Can you get it? I need to leave town.
- No.
- What? No.
I can't go back there, and I can't go to work again.
I promise I'll contact you when I get to a new place, but I have to leave Boston.
- Eve, you - Honey, you can't keep running, alright? I can make a phone call to the Women's Shelter.
N-No! No, no, no.
Listen to me.
Derek doesn't know that I'm pregnant, and he can't find out.
He'll use the baby as the way to be connected to me forever.
- Slow down.
- No, I don't Take a minute.
He's at the diner right now, waiting for me.
And when I don't show up, he's gonna come looking for me.
It's alright.
It's okay.
And then after A minor, it just repeats.
- Oh! There it is! - What? - That's That's the face! - No! - That's the poster face! - That is not a face.
This is just my face.
Ooh, you know, dollar jar disagrees.
Okay, well, you know what? Correct me if I'm wrong - You're wrong.
- But Okay.
Uh, for your information, that band right there opened up Wait, are you gonna tell us that you, uh, played at the Garden again? No.
Where was the last place you played? Oh, yes.
The Internet.
Oh, well, at least it was this decade.
Okay, taking it again from the top, okay? [LAUGHS.]
Are we rehearsing or are we joking around? Okay.
Uh why don't we just take five, huh? Yeah.
Well, we can't just let her leave Boston.
That's not right.
I don't think it's right, either, but we We can't take any more power away from her.
You heard her.
She's got nowhere to go.
Yeah, but we can't force her to do something that makes her feel unsafe.
Then we make her safe.
You don't even know if we can do that, babe.
And we can't make that decision for her.
Remember what Gloria said about not getting too involved? We have to respect her boundaries.
You're right.
Oh, come on.
For the love of Here.
Try this.
Thank you.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Uh, I know this is probably the last thing you wanted to do, but I am, uh, getting my six-month cancer screening results in an hour.
I thought I could handle it alone, but maybe you could go with me? Of course.
Um why don't you just text me the address and I'll meet you there? Okay.
GARY: Twizz 1.
What are we playing? DANNY: A cool new game that Elliot brought over.
That's my mom's mug.
What? "K" is for Katherine.
I-I didn't know.
"E" is for Eddie.
If you want to use a mug, use one of the blank ones that nobody cares about.
Um, actually I think I'm just gonna use the bathroom.
That was really rude.
I thought you were excited to work with Dakota.
What changed? I realized I don't like her.
And why not? I don't know.
I just don't.
But that doesn't mean you can't be nice.
She's a friend.
Friends like you and Aunt Delilah? Are you gonna have a baby with her, too? Alright.
The garbage disposal is fixed.
Ready for all of your disposal needs.
It's the island one that was broken.
What? Damn it.
- Winning.
- Hey.
Could you watch the kids for, like, a couple of hours? I told them already.
Where are you going? Oh, I, uh - just have an errand.
- 'Kay.
I-I have these clothes that I've been meaning to return for, like, 30 days, and and I realized that this is day 30, and, uh I don't see any clothes.
When you get there just tell Maggie that I'm thinking about her.
She made this appointment when she first went into remission.
I put it on my calendar 'cause I thought for sure I'd be going with her.
That's why you've been playing handyman all day? Hey, you and your soft-close drawers can thank me later.
I'm glad she's not alone.
It's gonna be okay.
I mean, as much I think we didn't want to explain why it happened, maybe we didn't give him enough context.
Like when we told him that Maggie was sick and he was so scared the next time he caught a cold.
Until we explained that that wasn't the same thing.
You shouldn't have to clean this up.
I'll go talk to him.
I think we need to do it together so he sees that we're united on this.
But let's wait until tuck-in.
That way, we can see what questions he has and answer them the best we can.
Here you go.
I know you think I was crazy to ever stay with him.
I don't.
We really did love each other.
The first time it happened, he was so upset.
He was so sorry.
If you understood the house he grew up in You don't have to defend yourself.
Sometimes the people you're supposed to trust let you down.
You know how I gave money to that women's shelter? It wasn't my money.
It was my uncle's.
On our birthday, my dad would mark our heights.
No cheating.
Okay, I won't.
I won't.
Now write your name so when you come back and visit, we can see how much you've grown.
Mom says that Hartford's gonna be a new start for us, but I kind of like who I am here.
I like who you are, too.
Can I come out of the pantry now? Now you'll always know I was here.
GARY: Look up.
MAGGIE: It's perfect.
MAGGIE: I was here, damn it.
Until I wasn't.
Who wants to watch a mindless action movie with a bunch of bald dudes and fast cars? - DANNY: Way ahead of you.
I know it's annoying.
It's a bad habit.
It's fine.
Thank you for being here with me, D.
- I didn't sleep at all last night.
Hey, did you guys catch the Bruins game last Oh.
Um, this is my friend Delilah.
Well, Delilah, you're just in time to hear me tell Maggie good news.
Maggie, your numbers are solid.
Axillary lymph nodes are down to size.
Everything looks great.
That's it.
That's fantastic.
It really is.
Oh, uh, by the way, before you go, let's get your next six-month screening on the books.
Yeah, of course.
So, you never got a chance to confront him? Nope.
He died just before I got there.
I am so glad he's gone.
I mean 'cause now I know he can't hurt anyone else.
But a part of me wishes I could have stood up to him.
Girl, I practiced what I was gonna say a thousand times.
I practiced what I was gonna say to Derek, too.
In the end, I left in the middle of the night.
I was afraid that if I talked to him, I'd stay.
That chili was delicious and spicy.
- I thought you liked spicy.
- I do.
But the baby's kicking.
You want to feel? Can I? Mm-hmm.
I don't feel.
Hello there.
He just kicked hello back.
He? It's just a feeling.
- Oh! - Oh.
The baby just kicked my bladder.
Back in a few.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Where is she? She's in the bathroom.
Are you okay? Was he there? Oh, no.
But the whole time I was driving over there, every red car I passed, I thought it was his.
When I was inside of her place, every sound I heard, every shadow I saw, I thought it was him.
I just kept thinking he was gonna show up.
And if it's like that for me for 20 minutes, what's it like for her all the time? - We can't let her go.
- I totally agree.
I know we promised Eve we would love and protect her baby, but right now, the person we need to protect is Eve.
Come here.
I spoke to Wendy at the shelter, and even though Rome and I wanted you to stay here, she said the safest place for you to be - is in the safe house.
- ROME: Yeah.
One of my best friends is a lawyer, and her firm can help us get a restraining order against Derek.
We can call her right now, if that's what you want to do.
Thank you.
Get over here.
I want you to try this.
I added some buffalo wing sauce to the butter to give this just a little kick.
Be honest.
Tastes really strange.
And irresistible, am I right? Speaking of which, how's it going over there? [INDISTINCT TALKING ON TV.]
It's It's good, I guess.
What do you mean you guess? You're watching a killer movie with more bass than you thought was humanly possible, kid next to you is digging you almost as much as he's gonna dig this popcorn.
What's the problem? I'm having so much fun, it's making me sad.
Do you know how hard it was to find someone who gets me? Yeah.
I do.
We have a connection.
Well, man, you know I get it.
Have you talked to her today? No.
Nah, I didn't think it was my place.
It's just, uh [CHUCKLES.]
If it's good news, I want to celebrate with her.
If it's bad news, I want to be there for her.
That's why you've been acting so weird, isn't it? Weird or amazing? - Weird.
- Amazing? Weird.
You think Elliot and I can stay friends even after he moves? You know what, pal? Don't think about tomorrow, okay? Just enjoy tonight.
Every second of it.
Here take that bowl of deliciousness over to your dude before Colin and I eat all of it.
Come watch the movie with us.
Oh, no.
No, no.
I signed a very strict no third-wheel clause.
You were with us on our first date at the arcade.
So why not be with us on our last date? I thought you said Elliot didn't think the arcade was a date.
He didn't.
But he thinks this is.
Come on.
You okay? Yeah.
It's just When I was lying in that tube, I kept thinking about my friend Elena.
She She fell apart at her remission party 'cause she was so afraid of it coming back.
I've spent so much time trying to wrap my head around the fact that I have the rest of my life ahead of me, but the fact is, I only get that life six months at a time.
I mean, it came back once.
It could come back again.
Oh, Maggie.
No, that was that was always Gary's outlook.
Not mine.
But I finally get it.
Why didn't you call him? Honestly, I wanted to, but that's not who we are right now.
I mean, part of the reason we broke up is because we couldn't separate ourselves from cancer.
I think that if we're gonna find a way to just be friends, cancer can't be a part of it.
Could you do me a favor? Could you tell him I'm okay? Yeah.
Of course.
KATHERINE: On the way over, I reached out to my colleague who works in family law.
He told me the steps for filing an emergency restraining order.
It lasts 10 days, and in that time, we can petition for a more permanent one.
Uh, were you able to document any of the prior abuse? I know.
You shouldn't have to prove it.
It was last May.
Our neighbor called the police.
But by the time they got there, he had calmed down, and I didn't want to make it worse.
Well, they keep a record of every call.
- I'll start digging.
I don't know if this helps, but we can call Dr.
Thune and see if she'd document the scar on your shoulder.
But there's no proof that he did it.
It's a start.
I can get you a form to sign that will release your medical records to me, uh, so I can start the ball rolling.
I only have about $300 saved.
Don't worry about it.
For all the complaining I do about my firm, they're really good about doing pro bono work.
I'll call you first thing in the morning when I get into the office.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate this, Katherine.
It's really cool your firm does so much pro bono work.
Uh, they don't.
But I wish they did.
Thank you.
We all know an Eve.
I don't think you like popcorn.
I just think you like the sound it makes.
Hey, D.
- Thought you were your mom.
- [SIGHS.]
- How was work? It was exhausting.
I don't know how you guys do it.
I don't.
- Oh.
Oh, it's Jake.
Hey, Danny, did I tell you today about Him mistaking grapes for blueberries? Yeah.
Hi! Traffic was light? That's awesome! - [CELLPHONE VIBRATES.]
- How was your game? [CELLPHONE BEEPS.]
What? Just car chases.
Get me every time.
You know that.
How'd it go? [SIGHS.]
She's going through a lot.
But I hope I can help.
Did my jobs.
Time for cuddles.
Hey, bud.
We actually want to talk to you.
I want to do cuddles with just Mom tonight.
Okay, T.
But say good night to Dad first.
Night, Dad.
What's on your mind, T? Dad and Aunt Delilah had Charlie.
What if the same thing happens with Dakota? [INHALES DEEPLY.]
Do you remember Uncle Jon? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY.]
- Of course.
He always picked me up and turned me upside-down.
Ahhh, Theo.
He always listened to me.
He understood me.
He was my friend.
Just my friend.
It's just I don't want you to have to go to the Grand Canyon again.
DELILAH: Hey, guys.
What was that for? I know it was a big deal to let me have this sleepover.
Of course.
- How's Maggie? - She's good.
- How's Gary? - He's good.
Yeah? How was the movie? Well, two of us made it past the first car chase.
Should we wake him up? No.
Let's let him sleep.
I'll cover him with Sophie's sleeping bag.
I sure am very tempted to tickle his feet.
DELILAH: Thanks, sleeping bag.
I mean Good night, baby.
- Hey, Mom? - Yeah? - I love you.
- I love you, too.
Good night, Elliot.
Good night.
The Grand Canyon? He said that? Not surprisingly, our son catches everything.
I am so sorry.
I'm gonna call the label and tell them I can't work with Dakota anymore.
What are you talking about? You're not just working with Dakota for you, Eddie.
It's for us.
It's for our whole family.
You bringing in extra income means that I get to stay home with Theo more.
And the fact is, there's always gonna be another Dakota.
Look, I'm sorry that you had to be the one to help him through this.
You know, I saw how the truth affected Delilah and her kids.
I guess I just wasn't prepared for how it was gonna affect Theo.
But this is part of our story now.
And it always will be.
You know what, dude? If you'd gone to the bathroom last night instead of digging up D's chrysanthemums [GROANS.]
- Stop it! Ooh.
I want to show you something.
Hey, bud.
I need you to look at this.
These are the vows I made for your mom on our wedding day.
You know what a vow is? It's like a promise.
It's the most serious promise you can make.
And it's what you say on the day you get married.
You promise to love, cherish, and honor the person for as long you live.
Yeah, you're right.
I didn't do that.
Having a baby with Aunt Delilah I broke my vows.
And as much as I love Charlie, it is something I am not proud of.
But I want you to know it won't ever happen again.
How do you know? Well there are a lot of reasons.
But one of the big ones is I saw how much it hurt you and Mom, and I saw how you looked at me differently because of what I did.
Mom has agreed to give me another chance.
And I hope that I can convince you to give me one, too.
You can.
Hey, Mom.
Dad was just talking about your wedding.
- Was there cake? - Oh, don't ask.
That's a long story.
If you're done with breakfast, clear your bowl and do your jobs, okay? [BOWL CLATTERS.]
THEO: I'll be in my room! When I was tucking Theo in, we talked about Jon.
And I realized I hadn't thought about him in a few days.
When he died, I thought about him all the time, and I never thought there'd be a day when I wouldn't.
Ever since you've been back, you've done everything right.
It's not that.
It's just There are certain things you think you'll never get over.
But then you realize maybe it just takes time.
Uh here's a little life hack, free of charge.
Roll your clothes.
More space, fewer wrinkles.
Uncle Gary taught me that.
Uh, yeah, no offense, dude, but your uncle is super weird.
DELILAH: Elliot, your dad's here! [ZIPPER CLOSES.]
I have a picture Pinned to my wall Um I g I got it.
Um laughing with love at it all But look at our life now We're tattered and torn Danny Dixon you changed my life And how I pack forever.
In the tears that we cry until dawn Oh, oh Hold me now Whoa, oh Warm my heart Stay with me Let loving start Is this from? First time we hung out at the arcade? Yeah.
Whoa, oh Warm my heart - Stay with me - Hey, Elliot? Time to go, sport.
Let loving start Let loving start - You say I'm a dreamer - [SIGHS.]
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
Good luck.
Both of us searching for some perfect world Hey.
Uh I'm calling because I should have texted, and I didn't text because, um well, uh, I wanted to respect your boundaries.
I know Delilah told you that I'm okay, but I wanted to tell you, too.
So I'm calling to say I'm okay.
And sorry for not texting.
Well, Bloom, I'm glad you're okay.
I'm also glad you called.
It gets easier, you know.
What? Living six months to six months.
So, Delilah told you? Told me what? Uh, she and I were just talking about how Nothing.
Did you hear Elliot's moving away? Yeah.
D told me.
How's Danny? He's sad.
He thinks he's never gonna meet anyone else who gets him.
- Which is understandable - [SCOFFS.]
considering the fact he owns a staggering number of action figures.
He'll find someone.
Yeah, I know.
Let loving start Let loving Well, [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
I should go eat a huge stack of pancakes.
Whoa, oh Stay healthy, Bloom.
You too, Mendez.
Let loving start Let loving start [CELLPHONE BEEPS.]
How's Eve doing? ROME: Gina's women's shelter found her a place.
That's great.
What about her job? You know what? She's gonna be fine.
She just found something.
Hey, do you want any more cinnamon roll pancakes - before you head out? - [DOOR CLOSES.]
Uh we just took one lap around the block.
I don't know if I earned a third breakfast.
So, no? How you doing? I think last night went well.
Right? Crisis averted.
Danny got to say goodbye to Elliot, Maggie got the all-clear, and Sophie's back in the house.
So, if you need me, I'm gonna be, uh, drinking my coffee over here out of my "Best Mom" mug.
The one that I earned.
Well you're about to earn some overtime.
- Look what I found.
Please tell me that's left over from when you were in chemo.
I wish they were.
Believe me.
No, I found those in the pink sleeping bag.
You should have saved the pancakes in case Soph gets the munchies.
She's baaack.

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