A Million Little Things (2018) s04e12 Episode Script

Little White Lies

I got in.
- Congrats! - You're going to MMI! Previously on "A Million Little Things" I had feelings for you.
I just didn't realize it at the time.
I think I was too scared.
It's the perfect night.
I mean, I even managed to get out of having to talk to Gary.
- There you are.
- Hmm.
I had lunch with my dad.
How'd the Ron show go? You know, I get being friends with your ex, but You have nothing to worry about.
You okay? Mom?! Katherine? I shouldn't have kissed you in the elevator.
I should have waited until I broke up with Cam, which I just did.
Oh! I think I'm ready to tap out.
Oh, no, no, no, Bloom, I've done the math.
We need to have sex 19 times a day, through next Labor Day.
Then it's like we never broke up.
After that, we do a modest three times a day like an old married couple.
What I'm hearing is that we're going to be an old married couple.
We are.
And I look forward to our matching-outfits phase.
Is that before or after our cruise-ship phase? Concurrent.
Matching sailor outfits on the open seas.
Oh, please stop eating those.
They're from Cam.
He just keeps sending chocolate and flowers.
It's like a never-ending Valentine's Day gift.
I think he's hoping we'll get back together.
Either that or he's fattening you up for the kill.
Which I pretty much deserve, since I lied to him.
Eh, you didn't lie, exactly.
I mean, I didn't tell him the whole truth.
I didn't tell him about us.
Then I think you're in the "little white lie" zone.
And as someone who's been on the other end of a difficult breakup with you, trust me when I say you did him a favor.
Have you ever thought about teaching an ethics class? 'Cause you're a regular Thomas Aquinas.
That's probably another flower delivery from Cam.
I have to tell him the truth.
Do you, though? Will him knowing about us really make him feel better? Or will it make him hurt more? Or will it make me hurt more because he's gonna want to kick my ass? I know I look strong, but I'm very, very weak.
It's an optical illusion.
I heard about what happened.
I'm so sorry about you and Cam.
How did you hear about it? Uh, the whole world heard about it.
I mean, after last night's game, he kinda lost it to a reporter.
Said he was dealing with a breakup.
Just know that I'm here for you.
Okay? Whatever you need.
But I thought Rocky Road would be a good start.
- Uh - Please tell me it's another delivery of these You know what? It seems like you've got all the company you need.
Sophie, hey! Please don't go! Sophie! All right.
Tell me what you guys think of this.
Oh, hey! Take it easy there, champ.
Last thing you wanna do is slip into a food coma, fall asleep like a beached whale at your big college interview.
Are you saying my sliders turn people into comatose whales? Nah, he's just trying to get me to stop taste-testing so he can eat mine, too.
Pretty smart kid here.
I think he's gonna ace this college interview.
Dad, I am sorry for booking a catering gig during your visit.
I mean, you flew all the way up here You kidding me? I am more than happy to help you out today.
Just keep paying me in these free samples.
I knew it was a good idea to get you that Easy Bake Oven when you were 4.
Oh, yeah.
That's right, Ron.
I guess we got you to thank for everything Gina's ever done.
Rome, you didn't wear the Halo Band Dad got you - on your run.
- Oh.
- I forgot.
- Come on, man! Team Halo! This thing is so cool.
Tracked my sleep last night Slept like a baby.
What'd I tell you? Oh, well, I definitely didn't.
And that makes sense if you look at my tone-of-voice data, which says I have been sounding stressed lately.
Because I am stressed.
- Hey.
- Come on! Gots to be quick, Ty.
You gotta be quick, baby.
Mmm, mmm.
Don't you have to get dressed for your interview with Yale? Yeah, I got two hours before I need to leave.
Yeah, but I thought we were gonna do that mock interview before you go.
Hey, kid, good luck today.
You're gonna do great.
Uh Little nervous.
I wish my first interview wasn't also my first choice.
Since when is Yale your first choice? We talked about a bunch of other schools.
Yeah, I know.
What about Hampton? What about Howard? Yeah, my mom shut that down.
She thought I was mispronouncing "Harvard.
" And I didn't end up applying to either.
I know, I know.
It's just my mom worked so hard to stay in this country for as long as she could to make sure that I got a good education, and to her, that means a top-25 school.
What, you can't see me in a Yale hoodie? Come on.
How about now? Tyrell, I want you to at least check out an HBCU.
Didn't you go to Emerson? If their Black student population is over 5%, I will eat my future Yale hoodie.
And that's exactly why I was hoping you'd at least apply to a historically Black college.
Look, the application deadlines have passed, so I don't even know why we're talking about this.
Maybe you could just help me prep for the interview I dohave? I want to help, man.
I do.
Well, unless you're starting your clingy college parent, can't say goodbye thing now, could you give me a minute? Oh.
I always knew you and Maggie were endgame.
Thank you.
Wish I could say your sister felt the same.
Don't worry.
She'll come around eventually.
Either that, or you can go into the witness protection program.
Ha! Not a bad idea.
Thanks to cancer, we already have an impressive array of wigs.
Well, since your time might be limited, I will make this quick.
Milo got his wisdom teeth out, and we haven't been able to talk or video chat in a few days.
I remember when I got mine out, my whole face blew up like a chipmunk.
Can I send you a list of things to put in a care package to take to his house? All over it, dude.
And can you write out the card for me? Well, you're lucky.
I happen to have very romantic handwriting.
I'll text you the list of stuff and what I want on the card.
Just sign it, "Je t'aime, Danny.
" Now, my French may be a little rusty, but I do understand that.
Hmm? Thanks, Gary.
Au revoir, Dan Dixon.
Au revoir, mon ami.
And just think, when I graduate from medical school, I'll get to wear scrubs, which are basically just pajamas.
Med school? I thought you wanted to be an astronaut.
That used to be the dream, but after your trip to the hospital, I've changed my mind.
Doctors are way cooler.
Theodore Saville, MD? Hmm.
I like it.
So, are you going into the office today? Uh, no.
Carter's got that covered.
I get to work from home.
It's one of the perks of having your own law practice.
- Oh.
- Now, remember, you have practice after school today.
Don't forget your cleats.
They're by the back door.
And I'll be right down to walk you to the bus.
Okay? Okay.
Foo Fighters, "Colour and Shape" tour.
First time I ever had an all-access pass.
I watched the entire show from the wings.
And when they finished their encore, I saw this beauty come offstage, just covered in sweat, still resonating.
So I asked if I could just hold it, and he goes, "It's yours.
" No way! Wait, Dave Grohl gave you that guitar? Dave Grohl's roadie gave me this guitar.
Eddie, are you really sure you want me to sell this? 'Cause it's gonna go fast.
It's not like I'm gonna get back onstage.
Not a lot of guys doing stadium tours in wheelchairs.
No, just Dave Grohl, who was in a wheelchair for half the "Sonic Highways" tour.
And what, just 'cause I played the violin, I can't love the Foo Fighters? Well, I am no Dave Grohl, but you're right.
I'm gonna take a minute to say goodbye.
That sounds sweet.
Hey, I know you, right? Uh, you ever hear of the Red Ferns? No.
Oh, wait! You're Sophie's guitar teacher.
That's right! We went to your gig the other night.
Small world.
Hey, would it be cool if I put one of our fliers on your board? Yeah, go ahead.
Wow! Look at this.
You're going on tour? 20 colleges from here to Miami.
We're pretty psyched.
My folks always wanted me to go to Duke.
It's costing them a lot less this way.
I take it she didn't tell you? Are you sure you've got everything? Dude, chillax.
I got this.
But do you have the Yep.
It's all here.
Got fudge, uh, yogurt tubes in every available flavor, and the coup de grace An ice tray with heart-shaped cubes, so when he presses it against his cheeks, he thinks of you.
Call me after.
I want you to tell me exactly what his face looks like when you give it to him.
Will do.
Sit tight, Dan Dixon.
Hey, it's Sophie.
Leave it after the Hey, Soph, it's me, again.
I just really want to sit down and talk about this morning.
Um, I understand if you need more time.
Take as much as you need.
Just know that I love you, and I'm ready whenever you are.
And while I'm not exactly sure what my major's gonna be, I'm really interested in joining the Yale Film Alliance.
I'd love to connect with other students that share my passion for documentary filmmaking.
Okay, great.
You got the basic answers down.
Now let's make sure we got a few questions for them.
Um How does the university foster relationships between seniors and the alumni? No, y-you're playing softball, okay? What you should ask them is, how many students of color get hired upon graduation, or ever? Actually, Ty, in an interview, you either want to be interesting or interested, and that question screamed interested, and that's great.
What you need to ask them is what reporting mechanisms do they have in place for incidents of racism? Yeah, sure, and then, in the fall, you can tell all your friends about it at community college.
I'm just trying to work with him here.
Do you mind? Of course.
Regina's waiting for me.
Okay, seriously, what's your problem? What are the demographics at your school? You know this It's mostly Black.
You're used to having a big community.
Yeah, but the real world isn't like that, and college is supposed to prepare you for life.
All the more reason to have four years at a school that will help you fortify that sense of self before stepping into the real world.
You don't think I can handle Yale.
That's not what I'm saying.
That's exactly what you're saying.
You know what? It's almost time for me to go.
I'll finish up on my own.
I mean, I'm happy to look over your divorce papers, but I don't think that my professional advice will really be of much service in your custody battle for Patti LaFur.
Not with that attitude.
Ah, I love that cat.
What are What are you doing? Hiding our takeout containers? Are you ashamed of how much styrofoam we just used, or am I your dirty little secret? Theo's just gone through so much change lately.
I need to find the right time to tell him about us.
I totally understand.
Theo has to be your first priority.
You know, maybe I will represent you and Patti LaFur.
May I see you in your chambers, counselor? You can use my billable hours however you want.
Ooh! I can't believe I burned an entire tray of meatballs.
I'm really gonna need you to push the sliders with the guests.
Push them, not eat them.
You can count on me.
Thanks, Dad.
I don't know how I'm gonna keep doing this.
I was delusional thinking Val and I could handle this size job out of our tiny kitchens.
Why don't you rent a professional space, take the stress out of your home? After two failed restaurants, no bank is gonna give me a loan.
Can you get the plates? How about the International Bank of Dad? I'll give you the money.
I've tasted your food.
I've seen you work.
You are a great, great investment, Gigi.
That's really generous of you, Dad.
Yeah, let let me and Rome talk about it.
Well, we both know what his answer's gonna be.
He's still holding a grudge because I gave away the leftover cake after your wedding.
Yeah, well, we didn't have a slice to thaw out for our anniversary.
Which is why I replaced it with a three-tier cake from the best bakery in Boston, huh? Well, that's Rome's issue with you.
What is? He feels that you show up with your your wallet and and not much else.
Why didn't you tell me this? 'Cause I-I didn't want to give you another reason to stay away.
Come on in.
What's going on here? Uh, well, we lost our rehearsal space.
And then I realized, until the house sells, I've got this.
Turns out the acoustics in here are actually pretty good.
- What's up? - I heard about your tour.
Yeah, I was gonna tell you.
How's that gonna work with your class schedule? It's not.
I told MMI I'm not going.
You mean until next semester? No, I mean, at all.
I told them to give my slot to someone else.
Are you kidding me? Soph that is everything we worked for.
I know, but it took me getting into MMI to know that that's just not the right path for me.
And this is? Hmm? Going on tour with a garage band you joined five minutes ago? Why should I go to school for four years to do something I could just do right now? So that when the touring stops, you can actually get a job or teach at a great school.
You can't do any of that without college.
Yeah, says the guy who didn't go to college.
Yeah, says the guy who's driving a rideshare, Soph.
Does your mom know about this? Oh, my mom? Yeah, who's reliving her youth on a permanent tour of France? You know, why is it that all of the adults in my life get to do whatever the hell that they want, but somehow I'm the one who's expected to be responsible? You know, I-I thought you, of all people, would be excited for me, but you obviously don't think we're good enough.
I don't, because "good enough" isn't enough.
To make it, you have to be great.
And even then, there's no guarantee.
Hey, Sophie, we're here! Well, you can say what you want, but I'm going to bet on myself.
Hey, guys.
What's up? Soph, please.
I just need you to rethink this.
And I need you to leave.
It's time for us to rehearse, which you just made really clear we need a whole lot more of.
Oh, my God.
What did you tell Danny? I panicked.
I told him I dropped off the basket and never saw Milo.
Uh, quick question.
Is that still in the "little white lie" zone? 'Cause it seems more like a "big fat lie.
" Oh, come on.
This is different.
Feels like the same kind of awful to me.
All I know is, at some point, this is gonna blow up.
And instead of being the messenger who breaks Danny's heart, I can be the person who helps him pick up the pieces.
Hold on.
Someone's at the door.
Wait, Cam is there? Uh come in, dude, please.
We need to talk.
I need you to help me get Maggie back.
Hey, Rome.
Back already? Yeah.
Regina forgot the tiramisu.
You okay? Look at this.
It's a website that breaks down the diversity of the Ivy League.
Check out the stats for Yale.
Black students only make up 8.
4% of the student body.
Tell me that's not ridiculous.
I feel like I overstepped earlier.
You know Tyrell way better than I do.
I'm sure you know what's best for him.
I do.
You're protective of him.
And Gina, too.
And as far as I'm concerned, that is the most important quality to have in a son-in-law.
But let me give you a little advice, from one dad to another.
No matter where Tyrell ends up going, just make sure you give him a reason to come back.
You don't want to end up my age, trying to make up for too many decades of lost time.
Then what did she say? She said, "I'm gonna bet on myself.
" We're not at the blackjack tables in Vegas.
This is her life we're talking about.
That may be on me.
I'm the one who told her to bet on herself.
She came to see me when she got into MMI, but she didn't know that I went there.
Maybe seeing how I parlayed my degree into a super-impressive career in retail gave her second thoughts.
She doesn't know what she's in for.
What's she gonna do at 2:00 a.
in Myrtle Beach when the promoter stiffed the band, they have no place to stay, no money for gas? But Sophie is not you.
And just because she's going on the road, it doesn't mean that she's gonna hit all the same potholes.
I mean, I stayed in school, but I also found my own way of self-sabotaging by listening to a guy who told me I wasn't good enough.
I may have said exactly that to Sophie.
If I could get her to see clearly, you know, I think she'll realize that we are perfect for each other.
Gary, come on.
You're her best friend.
You know her better than anyone.
Is there anything I could say or do to get her back? Look, all I know is that you're Cam Lam, the one and only.
No matter what happens, you're gonna be okay.
You just gotta get back out there, man.
I'm sure there are plenty of I really want you to tell me you got those yourself from the chocolatier on Newbury Street.
Still or sparkling? Uh, sparkling! Who are you? I'm Greta.
Theo, what are you doing home? You have soccer practice.
I feel sick, so I got on the early bus.
I didn't want to bother you because I know you had work to do.
Are you the Greta from the phone call? Yes, I am.
She came by for lunch, but she was just leaving.
Hold on, T, I need a thermometer.
Greta, I'll call you later tonight? Sorry.
Wait, don't go.
Y-You should stay.
I know it sucks being sick, but I have a hunch your mom is the best nurse in town.
Mom?! I'm okay! Just knocked over the vacuum! Hey, Theo, you know I am so glad it was you at the other end of the phone that night.
You handled it like a pro.
No, I didn't.
Her head was bleeding.
If you hadn't been on the phone Oh, what are you talking about? You did great.
You have natural instincts, and you trusted them.
You really think so? Absolutely.
Found it.
Greta, you're still here.
I cannot find my car keys.
Do you mind, uh, helping me look? Uh, yeah.
I knocked, but you didn't hear me.
What do you want now? To apologize for being an ass.
And to give you this.
Isn't this the one you got from Dave Grohl's roadie? I took it on my first tour.
Now you'll take it on yours.
As long as you promise not to smash it.
I think I got a little confused about whose life we were talking about.
You deserve to live your own.
You don't need my blessing or anyone else's to do that.
Thank you.
By the way, you are great enough to make it.
Way better than I was at your age.
You really think so? I do.
And I think about what you have right now, your whole life in front of you, all the amazing songs you've yet to write, and now all the shows you're gonna play.
Makes me a little jealous.
What are you doing? I'm not taking this with me because you are not done with it.
Sophie, I'm not a rock star anymore.
You are still a rock star to me.
And when I get back, I want to hear you play that.
Have a great tour.
I will.
Be right up, T.
What's going on? I don't think Theo's sick.
You think he's faking? He likes school more than candy.
I think the other night, when you passed out, it was really scary for him.
Like, really scary.
I mean, he was talking about you bleeding from your head and not knowing what to do.
Oh, my God.
That's why he wants to be an ER doctor To protect me.
Do you remember in fourth grade when Crystal Myers pushed you off the tire swing? You landed on your wrist.
Oh, my God, yes.
My wrist hurt so badly.
Yeah, but you didn't want to make a big deal about it because your sister had that piano recital.
I couldn't be the reason the entire family wasn't there.
You put on a brave face, and it wasn't till later when your mom noticed your wrist was swollen to twice its normal size that you went to the hospital.
You just wanted everyone to be okay, no matter what that meant for you.
I'm not so sure that's a good thing.
He's doing it because he loves you.
You just have to talk to him about it.
I think Patti LaFur lucked out having you as a mom.
Katherine, you're already on retainer.
No need to butter me up.
He knows.
I can't believe I didn't see it.
The trip to Albany, Gary staying with you that night with Colin.
I'm so stupid.
No, you're not stupid.
Uh I should've told you the whole truth.
I'm gonna give you guys a minute.
You told me I had nothing to worry about with him.
When I said that, it was true.
I don't get it.
How did this happen? Little by little.
And then all of a sudden.
I-It was a surprise to me, too.
I-I should have been honest with you.
- Hello? - Hey, Danny.
You know I'm in France, right? I know.
I know it's late, but, uh Can you talk? Hey.
How'd it go? Well, uh I asked a question you would've liked.
"What diversity initiatives do you have on campus to combat racial discrimination at all levels of the institution?" I believe I owe you an apology.
Uh, no, you don't.
No, actually, I do.
I need to tell you something.
Rome, what? Between my sophomore and junior year of high school, my dad pulled some strings with one of the owners of the Celtics to get me into Sussex Prep.
That private school? - I didn't know you went there.
- Yeah.
I don't like to talk about it much.
I got a great education.
It's just that, you know, I had a horrible experience there.
It was tough being one of only a couple Black students.
I guess you applying to these schools kind of brought that back up for me.
I'm really sorry that I let my own baggage get in the way of your opportunity.
You didn't.
In fact, the guy said my essay was the main reason I was getting a look at Yale.
And I like my chances.
Cool as a cucumber.
I'm glad you're feeling better.
Me too.
But I don't know why they say "cool as a cucumber.
" I mean, isn't a cucumber just always room temperature unless it's in a fridge? Uh, T, you know, Greta said that she thought maybe you were still thinking a lot about what happened to me the other night.
Is there anything you want to talk to me about? I don't know.
It's just what if I had been at Dad's that night? You would've been all alone.
That's why you came home early, isn't it? So I wouldn't be by myself? I'm gonna be okay.
You were really brave the other night.
You did all the right things, even though you were scared.
Greta said I have good instincts.
That is so true.
You know, if she's around more, that's okay with me.
Yeah? I like her.
And you do, too, right? Well, sure.
She's, um She's been my friend, uh, since before we were your age, and that's a long But she's more than a friend now, isn't she? Is this because of my perfume? I can just tell, Mom.
You seem different.
You've been smiling a lot.
Well you're right.
We are more than friends.
How do you feel about that? I'm really glad someone's looking out for you.
Me too.
How about I stay here until you fall asleep? - I'd like that.
- Okay.
Comfy? Mm-hmm.
Thanks for your help today, Dad.
Hey, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings with what I said before.
I just wanted you to know where Rome was coming from.
No, I get it.
Sometimes I do lead with my bank account.
Yeah, about that offer You don't have to explain.
It's okay.
I accept.
With one stipulation.
If I'm going to start this business, I don't just want your money.
I want you.
You said yourself you had some time before your next project.
And today felt so good having you there by my side that if I'm really gonna do this again, that's what I need from you most of all.
Well, that and your money.
Nothing would make me happier than us working together.
Well, I had to watch Danny's poor little heart break in real time.
It was pretty brutal.
I'm so sorry.
How'd you leave it with Cam? He just gave me a hug and told me all he really wants is for me to be happy.
Can I just say that that guy is a damn saint? He is.
You're sure about us, right? You don't need to rethink the whole you and me being together again thing? Because Cam is perfect.
Yeah, you're right.
He is perfect.
But I'm not.
- And you're not.
- No.
Yet somehow, we are perfect together.
I guess we do deserve each other, then.
You know, when I told you about what really happened with Peter, you were the only person that knew I wasn't capable of doing that to him.
You didn't even need to ask.
Because I know you.
Well, I know you.
And I love you.
And I missed you.
From now on, it's you and me against the world.
We only need to have sex 18 more times today to stay on track.
Oh, come on.
As thrilled as I am that you two are back together, could you get a room? There's one just down the hall.
Ooh, what is this? Are you, uh, serenading us tonight? I think I'd rather listen to you kiss again.
Yeah, I was trying to give this bad boy to Sophie for her tour.
She's leaving tonight.
Rome, what's going on? You okay? It's Tyrell's college essay.
It's about me.
"The word that has shifted the most in meaning for me is the word 'father.
' I once thought that it was purely biological, a matter of DNA A connection formed with little choice or input.
But Rome Howard showed me that I was completely wrong.
"Sometimes, someone chooses to change your life forever.
" "He supports me emotionally when I'm happy, when I'm sad, and" And when I'm all the things in-between.
Love you, Mom.
I love you, T.
He chooses to see me as the best version of myself and pushes me until I have no choice but to believe it, too.
He showed me that even on the hardest days, I should keep fighting because sorrow isn't permanent and bad days end, no matter how terrible they feel.
Hey, let's go see if he's free right now.
Hey, Cam Lam.
This is my nephew, Logan.
Can he, uh, get a picture? Only if I can be in it.
What's up, man? All right.
- Here we go.
- Thanks.
All right.
Go B's on three.
1, 2, 3.
And even though I know that there are many more things I'll learn from him, the most important lesson thus far has been that relationships of all kinds are gifts and have to be handled with care.
Eddie told me you were leaving on tour.
I didn't want you to leave without saying goodbye.
How can you be with him? After what he did, after knowing what he's capable of? I'm not gonna judge him by the worst day he's ever had.
Yeah, well, that worst day showed me he is capable of making a split-second decision that hurts me and everyone around him.
So I'm sorry, but I don't trust Gary anymore, and, honestly, I'm not sure I ever will.
When I tried to give up on myself, Gary wouldn't let me.
He fought for me every second, even when I lost the will to fight for myself.
Someday, I hope you find somebody like that, a person you can't be without, a person you can't stop loving.
And when that happens, you'll understand why I have to be with Gary.
Hey, Sophie.
Sorry, but we gotta roll.
- It's getting late.
- Yeah.
Well, my mom was right about one thing.
It's time to get the hell out of here.
Fathers come in many forms, and I'm sure the definition will continue to expand, but for me No matter what, I know I can always lean on mine.
And he'll always be there for me.
Okay, okay.
Dan Dixon.
What are you doing here? I'm here to get Milo back.

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