A Million Little Things (2018) s04e13 Episode Script

Fresh Start

You think something like this is gonna happen again? Previously on "A Million Little Things" Junior year of high school, my dad pulled some strings to get me into Sussex Prep.
It was tough being one of only a couple Black students.
What is the deal with those two, anyway? You don't know? Nick and Jane used to date.
If I'm going to start this business, I don't just want your money.
I want you.
Nothing would make me happier than us working together.
Milo got his wisdom teeth out.
Can I send you a list of things to put in a care package to take to his house? What are you doing here? I'm here to get Milo back.
Mom! Mom! I cannot get on a plane back to France right now.
She's gonna be fine, and you're doing great.
You're not even listening to me! - He's a dead man.
- Yeah.
Turns out, I am going to prison 'cause D's gonna ask me to kill him and send him back in little pieces.
Poor kid.
I hope she lets him stay long enough to at least get a good night of sleep.
I say send him back to France as soon as possible.
What? Did you not miss him at all? Of course I missed him, but I Mom! I came here so I could figure things out with Milo! Can't believe she's being so hard on you.
Will you please stop yelling? You know I cannot understand fast French.
You are being so unfair! Of course I love having him back.
What I don't love is him groveling, going over there trying to win that cheating cheater Milo back.
Little douchebag doesn't deserve our Danny.
No, he does not.
But if you bring that up, I would leave the D-bag out of it.
He's not thinking clearly.
It's his first love.
Of course he isn't.
If he was, he would tell that lying sack of Shabbat! And that, Margaret, is how a Bar Mitzvah works.
It's weird that you asked me about that, but, uh Hey.
How'd it go? She has never been so mad at me.
I'm definitely gonna pay for this when I get back home.
Sorry, man.
Need a ride to the airport, dude? Uh, no.
Not yet, actually.
She's letting me stay for Spring Break so I can get Milo back.
- That's great.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Hey! Hello, there.
Hi! What's going on? I have a gift from the station's owner, for WZLN's star employee.
Cutler? Why is he giving me your phone? No, no, no.
That's not the gift.
Push right here.
Why did your phone just start that car? Because that is Michael Cutler's gift to the station's highest-rated host.
That sweet ride is yours! As soon as you program the digital-key feature to connect with your phone, because Actually, I need mine back.
Wow! I know, right?! Remember when you wanted to fire me? Oh, hey, you know what? Be nice to me.
The only thing I ever got from this company is a mug.
- Oh.
- Maybe if you made your job as much of a priority as you do your appearance, you'd have a car by now.
With a vanity plate, I'm sure.
Hey, Nick.
Weren't you supposed to be on vacation this week? - Starts tomorrow.
- Not a moment too soon.
Shall we? - Oh, we shall.
- Good luck.
Route 9's backed up all the way to Worcester.
It's near Boston Common, Dad.
Can't beat that.
And how cute would it be having our sign up on that sweet little awning? Come on.
That space is way too small! You got me now.
With your talent, once we're up and running, we are gonna be unstoppable.
You gotta start thinking bigger, Gigi.
Alright, alright.
Let's talk about that sign.
What should we put on it? Well, uh, Val and I were actually brainstorming names the other day.
What do you think of "Ease Catering"? "Put your mind at Ease, we got the food covered.
" It's a great tagline.
Thank you.
That's what we thought But I don't know about the name.
They say most successful companies have a "teh" or a "keh" sound.
Don't tell that to Apple or Disney or Google.
- Huh? - Nothing.
Katherine says they have our articles of incorporation ready to sign.
That's what I'm talking about.
Let's go make this official.
Ah, she said to stop by at lunch and Carter will walk us through it.
What is it? It's just Katherine's office is above Someday.
Or where Someday used to be.
It'll be my first time back since we closed.
I know that was so hard, losing your dream restaurant.
Yeah, it was.
But the The timing was off, and You know, sometimes, I still wonder if If what? No.
It doesn't matter.
All good things come to an end, right? Okay.
Let's try expanding our search area.
Feel better? A little.
But, um, I still have no idea what I'm gonna do about Milo.
The best I can come up with is to stand outside his house with a boombox and play some Peter Gabriel.
But, um, maybe I've just been watching too many John Hughes movies.
M'kay, that's That's Cameron Crowe, but I'm gonna let it slide.
What do I do? Help me out here, sensei.
Well, since you're asking we could just hang out, play video games all day, eat the burgers and tacos that you're not getting in France.
And we forget about that jerk who thinks it's okay to smash faces with other boys.
I-I can't just forget about him.
Well, we can do the other thing that '80s movies taught us.
You can make him insanely jealous of the thing he can no longer have, because you are no longer his.
You go over there, you're gonna dump his sorry butt, and you're gonna do it looking like a delicious piece of man candy.
Now, that that's classic John Hughes.
And you think that'll make me feel better? Yeah.
There's only one way to find out.
For the first time, I am glad that my roommate has more beauty products than all the Kardashians combined.
You go to town in there.
By the time you're out, I'll have this thing up and ready to press.
Yeah? You seem like you know how to use that.
I am so sorry I had to cancel our lunch.
Katherine was able to get an appointment for Theo and his therapist, and she asked for us all to come.
He's just been so anxious since Katherine's accident.
Oh, my goodness.
Of course.
Eddie, I completely understand.
Well, thank you.
And to make it up to you, I got you some extra guac.
Not the little one.
The biggie.
- Ooh! - Yeah.
It's too bad, though, because I was gonna force us to be the obnoxious couple that snuggled on the same side of the booth.
I love that.
And I promise, we will annoy all the restaurant patrons with our adorable smugness another time.
You know, maybe us missing lunch is for the best.
- How so? - Because instead of lunch, perhaps we could do a romantic dinner.
At my place? We could dress up, or we could not dress at all.
That is, if you want to spend the night.
I mean really? Extremely really.
I will see you tonight, then.
Whatcha doin'? This morning, I told Dr.
Heller about how I freaked out over your Yale interview, how I think it was because of what happened when I went to Sussex Prep.
- Sounds intense.
- Yeah.
So now I'm looking up old classmates.
Heller thinks it might be good for me to visit the campus.
Thinking about ripping off the Band-Aid and going today.
You really did have hair once.
Oh, yeah.
Even more than you.
So cherish that, 'cause it probably ain't gonna last.
These follicles are invincible.
You weren't kidding.
You were really the only Black kid, huh? Yeah.
It was me and Dre Washington.
In our grade.
And check this out.
Apparently, he's still there.
Oh, they got a brother as Vice Principal.
- That's what's up.
- True.
I just can't believe he'd work there after everything we went through.
What did you go through? Alright, Colin, prepare to have your mind blown by my post-breakup comfort-food creation.
Hamburger patty, topped with hash browns, sandwiched between two waffles.
The hashburgaffle.
Hello? Oh, you're back already, huh? How'd it go? You okay? Uh Milo.
Uh, so, we are back together.
And then, of course, there was the usual stuff.
You know, the teacher not picking me when I had the answer to a question, but then they'd single me out so that I can explain to the class what the "African-American community" had to say about a subject, telling me how impressed they were with how well-spoken I was.
Yeah, I've gotten that a few times.
It's like, bro, I grew up five blocks from you.
Why would I talk differently? It is exhausting.
And that was just the faculty, man.
Kids are much worse.
My senior year, during Black History Month, these guys thought it would be funny to hang a "Whites Only" sign on the water fountain.
Oh, my God.
What did you do? There was this guy, Mr.
He was my history teacher.
I told him everything, 'cause I thought for sure he'd do something about it 'cause now I finally had proof of what had been happening.
He just He just took the sign and threw it away.
I'd never felt more betrayed in my life.
I remember him straightening his stupid bow tie and telling me it would be best to just let it go.
Said it would only get worse if I made any noise.
So I didn't.
I just kept my mouth shut on that day.
And every day after that.
You know what? If you're going, I'm going with you.
No, man, it's okay.
I-I-I think this is something I need to do on my own.
Thank you.
- Thanks again for coming, Susan.
- Of course.
And, you know, it's really helpful to have so much support from both parents.
You're doing a great job.
I'll see you next week, Theo.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Well, I should head out, too.
Actually, can't you stay a little longer, Dad? I started the Kylo Ren ship, and it's like a thousand pieces, so I need an assistant.
Oh, T, that's gonna take forever, and your dad can't stay.
He has a-a date tonight with Anna.
You know what? It's okay.
I can push it.
Awesome! It's on the table.
Are you sure? You don't have to cancel.
It's just No.
Theo needs me here.
Anna will understand.
He will.
Gross! You got any tissues? Alright.
Stop everything you're doing and behold.
I-Is that a waffle as a bun? Yes, it is, Milo.
Feel free to eat around the delicious parts.
Do you have any tissues? Milo's allergic to dogs.
Of course he is.
- What? - Yeah.
Yeah, I think I've got some on a shelf in the bathroom.
I'll be right back.
Dude, what the hell happened? We had a plan.
It was solid.
You were gonna go over there, you were gonna dump his cheating ass.
H-He told me he loved me and begged me to forgive him.
Of course, he's gonna say that.
Have you seen your amazing hair? You're like a half-French Erik Estrada.
You can't let him off the hook like that, Dan.
You have no idea how hard it was to be separated for six months, okay? He regrets it.
Believe me.
And I'm letting it go.
You're just setting yourself up for more heartbreak, kid.
You can't trust that guy.
You think I don't know that? Yeah, obviously I can't totally trust him right now, but we're building that trust back.
That's the whole point of this.
There's no way that I'm gonna le That is why they call it a menstrual cycle.
Now, who is hungry? A-Actually, I'm gonna head out.
My allergies are acting up.
Talk to you later? Uh-huh.
Have a good one, Milo! I knew you were a cat person.
That was rude.
No? Uh, Anonymous in Charlestown, you are "in the room.
" Um, hi, Dr.
So, I'm a single mom of two little ones, and they are the greatest joy in my life.
I work days, and I'm also going to night school to become a nurse.
That is all very impressive.
Thank you.
I'm lucky that my family helps with my kids.
But the thing is I'm pregnant again.
No one even knows yet.
This wasn't planned, and I just know that I can't give my kids everything they need if I have this baby.
I'd have to quit school, which is something I'm doing for their future.
And, well, I just I don't have it in me to Oh, God.
I'm sorry.
I just No.
That's That's okay.
That's okay.
Um, that sounds overwhelming.
It is.
Which is why I've decided not to keep it.
It's definitely the best decision, but I don't know how to tell my family.
They're religious, and I'm afraid they will think less of me.
I know that ending a pregnancy can be delicate which is all the more reason to surround yourself with people who are supportive of you.
Do you have anyone you can lean on? Maybe some of my friends, but I'm not sure.
I understand.
Uh, well, we can give you access to resources like the closest safe clinic for you to go to.
Thank you.
Jane, I have Mr.
Cutler on the line for you.
Do you think I should tell my family about it? I think you should do whatever is best for you.
This is Jane.
What do you think would happen if you were to not tell your family? I-I'm not sure.
I guess I hadn't thought about it because I want to be able to tell them everything.
Well, it's your right to keep this private, if you want to.
Thank you.
That really helps.
Stay on the line for resources.
And that is our show for today.
Thank you for listening.
Maggie, I need to see you in my office.
Come on, Jane.
What would you have me do? She needed help.
Maggie, you cannot give your listener that kind of information.
I give resources to all my callers.
Not when it comes to that subject.
Talk radio has one of the most conservative audiences, and if you think they're buttoned up, you haven't met Mr.
Cutler, who owns the station and your show.
Yes, obviously, I know that Mr.
Cutler is conservative.
We're grown women, and we call him Mr.
It is an easy fix.
Your producers just need to screen the calls better, and the next time the a-word comes up, they're not gonna take it.
They most certainly are going to take it if a call comes in about abortion.
Jane, come on.
You are the one who told me that to make my show meaningful, I needed to connect to people on a deeper level.
I can't think of anything that goes deeper than this.
I mean, what would you do in my situation? It is best to just avoid a topic that is so political.
Except it is not political.
It's personal.
For that woman who called and for every single person who's ever had to face that decision.
Supporting those women is way more important than cowing to some male executive's wishes I support women.
I have supported women my whole career.
You and I we managed to infiltrate a boys' club, and in order to stay here, we have to make some concessions.
Talking about this on the air is going to have consequences.
I wish that were not the case, Maggie, but it's the reality.
Then I will face the consequences.
Okay, then.
Hey, Clark.
Here he comes.
Look at his face! Oh! I-It's Mr.
Dennings! Run! Just let it go.
It'll only make things worse.
Rome? Rome? Rome Howard? Dre Washington.
How are you, man? I'm so glad you asked to drop by.
- Good to see you, man.
- Yeah.
I was just thinking about you.
Do you prefer "can barely see each other" candlelight or "fire hazard"? And please say fire hazard, because I think it'd be really fun to live on the edge tonight.
That is actually why I'm calling.
I am so sorry, but it seems like Theo really needs me to hang a while longer.
Yeah, okay.
Of course.
Do you Do you want to just come over for dessert? Actually, I'm gonna spend the night over here.
This morning's session was hard for Theo, brought up some stuff, so I'm sorry to hear that.
Uh, do whatever you need to do.
It's just To be honest, I'm just I'm starting to wonder if If what? If they make "Dad of the Year" awards big enough for you.
That's very kind.
And we are gonna rain-check this one, too.
I promise.
Look at you! You look good incorporated! - And you do, too.
- Yeah.
Oh, I wish we could celebrate.
But if we're meeting the real-estate agent at 1:00, we're already late.
Where are we heading, anyway? Well, we won't be late, because we are already here.
Surprise! What? Surprise it's my old restaurant? - Yeah.
It's available again.
- What? This morning, you seemed so sad about losing Someday, I called up the building's management.
The new tenants couldn't make a go of it, so it's up for rent.
How amazing is that? We're touring it.
What? No, Dad, that's crazy.
Why? It's a great space.
It's a beautiful location.
You already know it inside and out.
I mean, it's kind of perfect, right? N-No.
We're That's a restaurant.
We're doing catering.
I know that.
You can reopen the restaurant.
We can base the catering business out of here.
Don't be scared to dream big.
I'm not scared.
I'm And it's not about dreaming big.
I-It's I-I just Okay, look.
I-I can't do this, okay? Enjoy your tour.
Heard anything from the cat lover yet? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! Milo heard us talking when he was in the bathroom.
He heard you say I should dump him! Now this is all messed up again, and it's your fault! Alright.
Obviously, I didn't I didn't mean for him to hear that.
But, dude, honestly, I did you a favor.
Come on.
You deserve so much better.
That is easy for you to say.
How many other openly gay kids do you know? Exactly two in Boston and Oh, yeah, yeah, none in Paris, which is the same amount I know! Milo made one mistake, and I would think you, of all people, would understand that doesn't mean he should never get a second chance! You know what? Sophie was totally right about you.
Danny, come back.
We just We can fix this! Dan! Before I go, I want to share something that came up in my morning show.
I-I bring this up not because I'm trying to convince anyone of anything.
It's actually the opposite.
I-I want to talk about this because I felt pressured not to.
But I am ready to face any consequences that come of what I'm about to say.
Which is that I had an abortion last year, and it was 100% the right choice for me at the time.
I also made that choice knowing that I want to be a mom someday.
I always knew that I would want to be a parent when I am prepared for it physically, emotionally, professionally, and financially.
And And those are just a fraction of the many complicated circumstances around my choice to have an abortion, but every single person who faces that choice has their own unique circumstances, and that is what makes that decision personal to them.
Not political.
It is no one else's place to judge or shame any woman for deciding what is best for her.
So, i-if you need information on abortion or contraception, please visit the Planned Parenthood website at PlannedParenthood.
Thank you for listening.
Dude, how can you come back to this place? And after everything that we went through I would think that this might be the last place you'd want to work.
When I left here to go to Stanford, it was the same thing.
The diversity was not great, but the difference was I took some classes with a few Black professors.
And I realized how much one person can move the needle, which is exactly why we need people like you to be involved.
What do you mean? I want you to screen your documentary here.
I've seen it.
It's bold.
It's challenging.
It shows reality without sugarcoating it.
I think it's exactly what the student body needs to see.
What do you say? Hope you're not picturing my face while you do that.
I just wanted to get a head start on my next gig.
Work ethic.
Another thing that makes you such a good business partner.
I'm sorry for leaving earlier.
And I-I know you mean well, Dad, but I already did the big restaurant.
I worked nonstop to make that dream work.
And, yes, I loved a part of it, but I also didn't sleep for two years.
Never stopped thinking about the overhead or if we could afford another month.
I swear, I was happier just cooking on that little food truck in Miami.
Hey, we made a hell of a meal out of that food truck.
Yeah, we did.
You know Someday was Jon's last gift to me.
And I was devastated when I lost it, but being there today, I realized that even if I could have it back, I-I I wouldn't want it.
And I think that's what hurt me the most Seeing that what used to be the dream doesn't fit who I am anymore.
I understand.
I think I just jumped at the opportunity to fix something for you because Because I wasn't here when it actually broke.
I know, Dad.
But, you know, I think it's best that we That we both look forward, and not back.
God, that was fast.
Maggie, I'm the one who's packing.
Cutler fired me.
What? No, he ca he can't.
He said if I couldn't control my talent, then he would hire someone who could.
I mean, after 10 years.
W-Why didn't you tell me about that when we spoke earlier? Because I didn't want you to censor yourself because of me.
And I am so glad that you didn't.
You were amazing.
I can't believe this.
I am gonna call him and get your job back, and if he fires me in the process, then so be it.
Do not fall on that sword.
You keep your ratings up, and you will have incredible leverage to keep doing the good work you are doing here.
Okay, but what about you? I'll find my footing.
I always do.
I know you will.
I-I just I heard you got fired.
Go ahead.
Get your gloating out of the way.
Be nice not having you as a boss.
That's all you got? Geez.
You really could use a vacation.
I meant it'll be nice not having you as a boss because now I can ask you.
Would you like to go with me to Nantucket? I'm pretty sick of acting like I don't like you.
So what do you say? I, um I say yes.
Shall we? Yeah.
Dan?! Ramen.
Oh, it's worse than I thought.
Or is it better? It's tough to say.
I feel like my whole life is falling apart, and I can't do anything about it.
And if I try to fix it, then everyone is yelling at me.
And I just can't do it.
This never should have happened.
I know.
I'm sorry for the unnatural way that my voice carries.
I mean that I never should have gone to France.
We just abandoned our lives to go to Paris because that's what my mom needed to do, and I was trying to be the good son and put her first.
But everything got messed up.
You're right.
You haven't got to be the kid you deserve to be.
I know you think Milo is bad.
But I really believe he was telling the truth when he said he was just lonely.
'Cause I was lonely, too.
I'm sorry for being pushy earlier.
That wasn't helpful.
But I am listening, now, so you tell me what you need.
I need you to forgive him, too.
I can't trust him again without you backing me up, and I hate feeling like I have to choose between you two.
You don't ever have to choose when it comes to me.
No matter what, I'm I'm not going anywhere.
You got that? You're stuck with me.
This It's stronger than whatever magical food glue they use to bind these bricks.
What is this, Dan? - I don't know.
- Yeah.
Theo got bored with that Lego an hour ago.
Wanna tell me what's going on? Why are you avoiding Anna? Because.
If I'm being honest, I was probably relieved to have an excuse not to stay over at her place tonight.
She wants me to you know stay over.
I see the problem now.
Your really hot girlfriend wants to have sex with you.
I can see why you're upset.
Ha ha.
I'm just I'm very nervous about performing since my injury.
You did pretty well with me.
But you knew what I was like before.
With Anna, it's all new, and I don't know.
It's a new person.
There's a lot to figure out.
I mean, I can relate.
Trust me.
Can I ask you something? Yeah, of course.
Was it me that sent you on your journey? Edward Saville, are you asking if you ruined men for me? I promise You had nothing to do with it.
I was never not attracted to you.
It's just now I'm attracted to her.
I mean, I wasn't even aware I could feel this way about women until now.
That's a relief For me and my fragile man ego.
Thank you.
But I feel you on how hard it is to go there with someone new.
You do? But y you, like know your way around town.
You were born and raised there.
- Oh, my God.
- I'm Just a tourist with an outdated "Frommer's" travel guide.
- Oh, hmm.
- You have all the DL on all the cool spots the locals go to, right? You'd think, but it just makes the pressure so much higher.
Like, I should know what I'm doing, and I don't.
Look at us.
We're doing pretty great.
We are.
Although I feel obligated to tell you that you're not gonna help matters with Anna by spending the night at your ex-wife's house.
Go to her and rock her world.
It's a good thing you decided to go into education because you made the worst Tweedledum ever.
Ah! Well, at least I didn't ask Alice to the prom while wearing that Cheshire Cat costume.
Hey, she still said yes, okay? Listen, I have a meeting with the Dean right now, but I'll see you on Friday? That's right.
Rome Howard.
I heard you were visiting us today.
Uh, Mr.
Didn't realize you still taught here.
Oh, I don't teach anymore.
I'm the Dean now.
Uh, if you'll excuse us, I really need to steal Mr.
Uh, but it's good to see you again, Rome.
So, what I was thinking Hey.
Thank you for putting up with me.
It was wrong of me to cancel on you, and the truth is, Theo didn't really need me there.
Does it help that I brought dessert? We got, uh, apple pie, uh, cheesecake that has 12 different flavors divided by little paper partitions, and one extremely yellow pound cake.
You baked 12 different individual cheesecake slices and then partitioned them? It's the least I could do.
I was feeling nervous about our date because I haven't had much experience in the bedroom since my injury.
And I like you.
A lot.
And you're right It is time.
And I'm extremely, really excited.
Also, it seems like things go better here if I show up unannounced.
Uh, I don't know about better.
I mean, you did miss out on a very nice dress.
And matching lingerie underneath.
But I'm sure we can make it work.
Lead the way.
Yeah, we have the St.
Matthews' confirmation in two weeks, and half of their budget is wine.
Yeah, they really love their blood of Christ.
Um, Val, I'm gonna have to call you back.
- Ta-da! - What's this? This is me taking a gamble on being a better business partner, alright? It's just a test drive.
We can totally return it.
But this morning, you mentioned that you enjoyed cooking on the set, and I got this idea, huh? We could fix her up and drive it to any job that you book.
Keep it small.
Keep it about the food.
It's perfect.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Yeah? Hey, we could even spray-paint across the front "Ease Catering.
" Okay, actually, I have a different idea for a name.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Uh, what do you think about "Starting Fresh Catering"? I love it.
It's even got the "teh" sound.
Hey, I have my test drive for 20 more minutes.
Wanna take her for a spin? I'd love to! Yes! Alright.
Clutch sticks a little bit, but she could be real pretty if we fix her up.
And then they make this guy the Dean! Wait.
What?! Wow! I can't believe that guy still works there! I guess all the dinosaurs aren't extinct.
For real.
You know, you're gonna go with me to that screening on Friday.
Oh, I'd be happy to, but I'm surprised you still want to go through with it.
Of course I do.
Dude, we're gonna walk up on the stage, and I'm gonna tell them that my film about racism was inspired by their poor excuse for a Dean.
I cannot wait to see the look on his face when I call him out.
Huh? When I'm done, that place is never gonna be the same.
Things didn't quite go according to plan today.
Danny's at the movies with Milo right now.
I guess somehow he worked things out with that little D-bag.
But I told him I would be supportive no matter what, which means I'm removing the word "douchebag" from my vocabulary starting now.
It only took you 20 years to catch up to the rest of us.
I'm so proud of you.
You know, I am really proud of you, though.
I know it meant a lot to Danny.
Well, when I was waiting at home earlier for Danny to get back, my favorite talk-radio show host reminded me that we have to let people make their own choices, even if we don't agree with them and that if you love someone, you just gotta be there for them.
It's funny.
I thought it would be easy to let go.
But knowing that he's probably gonna get hurt and It's excruciating.
He's not even my kid.
Maybe not.
But you were a really great dad to him today.
Hello, Maggie.
Thank you for squeezing me in.
I know it was very last-minute.
Of course.
It's still another month before your next cancer screening, though.
Is everything okay? Totally.
I actually wanted to talk to you about me having a baby.

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