A Million Little Things (2018) s04e14 Episode Script

School Ties

1 So, we are back together.
Previously on "A Million Little Things" We're gonna walk up on the stage, and I'm gonna tell them that my film about racism was inspired by their poor excuse for a Dean.
I know when you were younger, I could have done a better job of protecting you.
I will never make that mistake again.
Nothing would make me happier than us working together.
I don't just want your money.
I want you.
I'm not sure how much I want to have happen.
How about I just follow your lead? I had feelings for you when you asked me to homecoming.
I just didn't realize it at the time.
Thank you for squeezing me in.
Is everything okay? I wanted to talk to you about me having a baby.
Um, I-I was able to get pregnant last year, uh, but the timing just wasn't right for so many reasons.
As you know, it was too close to my chemo, and I just wasn't ready.
But now, I'm in a different place with a different person.
Um Uh, Gary, actually.
That makes me so happy.
I was always rooting for you two.
Really? Thanks.
Um, yeah.
So, pregnancy is something that I'm starting to think about, and I just I'm here because I wanted to know if, um if this home could entertain guests.
Well, the short answer is yes.
Because your cancer was estrogen negative, I'm not worried about pregnancy-related complications.
No longer radioactive.
That's That's great.
Yes, but even though you are a healthy 30-year-old woman, with all the chemotherapy you've been through, you may not have 10 years of ovulatory life left.
Simply put I'm running out of time.
Grande iced Americano, soy milk, two pumps of caramel, Splenda, and an everything bagel, lightly toasted.
That sounds delicious, but I'm gonna hit the dining hall at Sussex before we screen our film today.
I'm telling you, those prep schools have the best tater tots.
Coffee ain't for you, playa.
An order that complicated can only mean one thing.
My mom's coming over.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
I have to tell her that Dad and I are officially in business together.
You might want to take a preemptive Advil.
She practically lost her mind when she walked in on you and Flo cooking together, - and Flo's just my dad's girlfriend.
- Yeah.
I had no idea your folks hated each other that much.
Oh, yeah.
It's one of the main reasons they got divorced.
It didn't help that a few months after they split, he got together with Angie.
Which might explain why Shelly Photoshopped the two of them out of all of our wedding photos.
Oh, that's cold.
And that's why I have to talk to her.
For too long, our family policy has been to not discuss anything.
That has to change.
You know what? I don't know what size that coffee is, but might want to make it a venti.
Good call.
Alright, have fun showing your movie.
Enjoy those tater tots.
Oh, you know I will.
Hey, read this.
What is it? It's my speech for after the screening.
Dean Dennings won't know what hit him.
What's the point of a reunion, anyway? Oh, well, um, you know, it's an opportunity to show all your old classmates how successful you are and rub it in their faces.
So, somewhere around 2050, I get to brag to Tommy Johnson about being the first surgeon on the moon? Exactly.
And I think that astronaut doctors have to know their fractions, so get cracking on that homework.
Come on, Theo.
Breakfast is ready.
You know, Randy Kwan's mother say he'll be at reunion.
Mom, I barely knew Randy in high school.
Besides, Greta and I have a-a bunch of people we want to catch up with.
- Greta Strobe? - Hmm.
No, Molly McCabe was a troublemaker.
She almost got expelled like five times.
Greta happens to be a very in-demand tattoo artist.
I don't understand why someone would ruin their body like that.
Dan, what happened? Where's Colin? You brought home the wrong dog! Yeah, right.
You are not getting me today.
Seriously? You two are still playing Made-Ya-Look? I thought you just did that with Theo, when Eddie said he wasn't allowed any more screen time.
Yeah, that's how it started.
Then I got Maggie, again - Mm-hmm - And again.
And now she's taking it to another level.
Yeah, I may have convinced his barber to make him look in the mirror after his haircut.
Trust between a man and his barber should never be broken.
He shaves the back of my neck with a blade that could decapitate me.
Well, then you're lucky all I had him do is make you look.
You know, it really concerns me that two of the most important adults in my life have nothing better to do with their time than to play a game intended for children.
That's a loser's mindset, Dan.
It's like Maggie said, it's all about getting the other person to drop their guard so that you can Hey.
Is that a hickey? Nice try, Mendez.
Oh, hi, Cam.
How are you? Made ya look.
It's just too easy.
Hello? Yo.
Where are you rushing off to? I want to get in an ab workout before Milo and I go to our friend Sarah's party, which I still need a ride to.
Yeah, you know the deal.
First you gotta walk Colin six blocks.
I did.
Really? You sure you wanna stick to that? Because I put this locator on his collar after he got out last time, which means I just tracked the whole half a block that you walked him.
I'll still give you a ride to the party, but if he takes a dump on that rug, you're cleaning it up.
Do you wanna join me for the ab workout? I'd rather babysit Darcy's new kid.
By the way, she had the kid.
"The fact that Sussex promoted a man like Dean Dennings, who turned a blind eye to such an egregious racist incident just confirms this institution stands on a foundation of revisionist history.
" Damn.
I thought you just wanted to call him out, not burn the whole place down.
When I found that "Whites Only" sign on the water fountain, I went to that man for help.
He told me to forget about it, "just let it go.
" And the mere fact that he's still at Sussex all these years later needs to be addressed.
'Cause until it is, it's not just about Dennings.
It's about the entire institution.
Look, I get it.
I'm all for speaking truth to power, but have you thought about your friend, Dre, and what it could do to the Black students who go there? I'm doing this for those kids.
And the kids who came before me and after me that went through the same thing that I went through with this place.
It's the right thing to do.
And is that why you didn't mention it to Gina? I didn't mention it to Gina 'cause I don't need people questioning me like you are right now.
I'm not saying this because I'm worried about Dennings.
I'm not even worried about the school.
I'm worried about you.
You've been going through a lot lately, and I don't know that this is gonna help.
Oh, so you're saying forget about it, "Just Just let it go.
" No, that's not what I'm saying.
Because we leave in a half-hour.
Oh, there he is! Still wearing the clothes he had on yesterday, doing the roll of shame.
I take it you and Anna had quite the night.
You got me.
I'm gonna go sleep it off.
That's my boy.
Proud of you, man.
You're making it weird.
And where are you going? Yeah, like I'm telling you.
You are not gonna Make-Me-Look out in the wild.
She's just too smart for us, Colin.
That's my Bloom.
Always one step ahead.
Oh, honey, I love this.
Right? At first, I was skeptical, but this truck has everything I need.
And the best part is it keeps my overhead down, so I won't be struggling to cover the rent every month like I did at Someday.
Don't be fooled if you think this is gonna be less work than Someday.
You are gonna need more help.
So, uh, Mom that's not all I wanted to talk to you about.
Uh, when I was down in Miami, I, uh - I saw Dad.
- Oh.
And he actually found time for you between rounds of golf? Sorry.
How are he and Angie? Actually, Angie left him.
What? Yeah.
And I think it's really changed him.
I'll believe that when I see it.
Hey, baby.
I know we're supposed to meet later, but my graphics guy sent over the artwork, - couldn't wait to share it with you.
- Oh, Dad Shelly.
Artwork? What's he talking about? - Well, I-I was about to - We're going into business together.
So, that's what this is all about.
The out-of-the-blue invitation, the everything bagel, the coffee that was almost perfect.
You were sweetening me up.
You thought I'd be upset about you working with him, and I have to say I'm thrilled.
Wait, what? I'm glad you two are doing this.
I couldn't be happier.
Now, let's go see this food truck.
Um God, it smells exactly like it did 25 years ago.
Like B.
and desperation.
Some things never change.
Like your mom giving me the stink eye.
I'm really sorry about that.
Don't be.
I have been scandalizing parents since the late '90s.
You know, I-I do plan to tell her about me.
And us.
I'm just working up to it.
Hey, believe me, I get it.
It took me a long time to work up the nerve to tell my family.
You should take as much time as you need.
Thank you.
Now let's go see if the cafeteria still smells like Teen Spirit.
Dude, looks like she's headed to Longwood.
Probably that big Target, right? I can see it now Maggie's just going about her day.
"Ooh, what's that? Oh, that looks cool.
" - - And then bam! Runs into a mannequin holding this.
That's cool.
After you kidnap her, throw her in your van, can I get her apartment so I don't have to live with you anymore? Wow.
Mean humor doesn't usually work for you, but that was genuinely funny.
What's going on, Ed? I-It's nothing.
Something happen with Anna? It's more like what didn't happen.
Let's just say that the train pulled out of the station last night, but wasn't able to reach its destination.
Train arrived early, huh? No.
It didn't make it to the station at all.
You just said it left the station.
The first station.
Wait, there's two stations? No wonder the train pulled out early.
No, the train didn't I couldn't finish, okay? Neither could she.
You know, just when I think I have finally adjusted to my situation Did you talk to your doctor? After the accident, she prescribed me you know Yeah.
But I never needed them with Katherine.
And last night, by the time I realized I needed a little extra staying power, it was too late.
How'd you leave things with her this morning? We had a lot of awkward conversation over frozen waffles.
Then I left.
We're supposed to go to a concert tonight, but now I don't even know.
Alright, in my experience Which, as you know, is vast I find that honesty is a hell of an aphrodisiac.
So, why won't you talk to her, huh, take one of your little pills, see what happens? I bet you'll be pitching a tent just in time for The J.
Geils Band.
And he's back.
Much like The J.
Geils Band, I never left.
Seriously, thank you.
It is nice to be able to have a mature conversation about this.
Well, I am the epitome of maturity.
Ooh! Maggie's parking! Okay.
I gotta go beat my girlfriend at Made-Ya-Look.
It's a pretty good turnout.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh, my God.
Someone grew up and got their braces off.
I'm just saying, it's not too late to change the speech.
Yeah, are you saying that because it's what you believe, or 'cause you just want to be able to come back and get more tater tots? Why can't it be both? Rome.
Hey, man.
Thank you, guys, for doing this.
Our kids are really looking forward to seeing the film.
Man, we appreciate you setting this up.
Hey, Mr.
Kendra, this is Mr.
This is Tyrell.
Kendra will be introducing you.
- Hi.
- Hi, Dean Dennings.
Rome Howard.
It's not every day we get a big-time Hollywood director on campus.
- Can we get a few pictures? - Of course.
You got it.
You are a great example of what a Sussex Prep education can make happen.
Which is why we are going to be featuring you on the school's website during Black History Month.
Our donors love this kinda stuff.
Let's go see the movie.
Forget everything I said.
You need to take that guy down.
Look, I wanna apologize for that.
I hope you know I didn't invite you here to get more donations.
How do you come to work every day knowing that guy's your boss? Look, man, the fact is these places are full of guys like Dennings.
They're what's left of institutions that are changing.
You keep saying this place is changing, but I don't see it.
And you apologizing for him is part of the problem.
These kids deserve to know the truth about this place, and as soon as this movie's over, I'm gonna tell them.
You know, I-I guess we both came back to Sussex with an axe to grind.
I'm using mine to chop down the things that are standing in the way of progress.
You get to decide how to use yours.
Just make sure you're not chopping down so much that there's nothing left.
Alright, it's gotta be one of these two.
Hey, Shell? - Yeah? - Hit it.
Whoo! Oh, that sounds a lot better.
Knew I could fix it.
Ho! You mean, "we" could fix it.
We could fix it.
You're right.
We are still a pretty good team.
Remember when we "fixed" the shocks in the Buick we had back in '79? You remember why they went bad in the first place? Mm.
I plead the fifth on that one.
Are you alright, sweetie? Hmm? Mm-hmm.
Honestly, I am glad you're so okay with this.
Of course I am.
I'm glad your dad's here, finally helping you.
W-What's that supposed to mean? I always helped out as best I could.
From a thousand miles away.
Almost as if you were trying to get as far away from us as possible.
Well, we both know it wasn't Regina that I had a problem with.
Why don't I just show you the deep fryer? No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
Real mature, Ron.
Can't imagine why things didn't work out between you and Ange.
Shelly, please, uh, remind me When is the last time you had a relationship? - Okay.
- Oh s Hey, hey, Mom, Dad, stop.
You know what? I shouldn't have come.
I'm just gonna get my things and go.
Everywhere I go, people stop and they see So, Katherine, I knew you would be here.
In fact, my mom texted me three times today already.
Oh, I know.
My mom's already registering us at Bed Bath & Beyond.
It's weird to be back here, huh? Oh, after the number of times I got caught smoking pot in the activities hall bathroom, I was surprised they let me in.
You, uh, wouldn't happen to have any on you, would you? Randy Kwan.
I didn't know you had it in you.
Oh, I definitely have it in me.
Just ask this one.
Greta was at all my high school parties.
Yes, that's where some of my favorite memories were made.
Do you remember when we went pool hopping that one Halloween? How could I forget? I had my first kiss with Molly McCabe running between my pool and Paul Mastriani's.
Whatever happened to Molly McCabe? Oh, you're not gonna believe this, but she is a super successful hedge fund manager now.
Molly McCabe manages a hedge fund? The girl who put laxatives in the principal's coffee? Uh uh, allegedly.
High school her would be so disappointed she turned out to be such a square.
Oh, well, that's probably true for all of us.
Remind me, Randy How many different "Amys" did you hook up with at your big post-prom party? Shh, shh, there's, like, two of them here, okay? So You were there, right, Katherine? Uh no, I-I think I missed that one.
Ah, well, consider yourself lucky.
Mastriani puked all over my Air Jordan collection.
Oh, my God.
I totally remember that.
Yeah, you still wore those, like, the rest of senior year.
God, I miss high school.
- I'm gonna get a drink.
- Is that Paul Mastriani right there? Is he wearing Air Jordans? That's deliberate.
He's He's messing with me, right? Your driver has arrived.
Where's Gary? He is busy playing peek-a-boo with Maggie, so you're stuck with me.
The good news is I'm a five-star driver.
Uh yeah, I-I can't go anymore.
Turns out it's a pool party, and I didn't think to pack my swimsuit.
We can hook you up.
I know for a fact that Gary kept a few Speedos from his "Borat" phase.
High five! I'm sure he has some regular trunks, too.
Don't worry about it.
I'm not going.
I also think we should put our name here.
That way, anyone stuck behind us in traffic will remember.
Great idea.
Gigi, I'm sorry things got tense with your mother.
I should've kept my mouth shut.
I just wish you could be a little more patient.
You being back here is It's a lot for her.
Is it? Dad, you left and replaced her with another woman.
Is that what she told you? No, she didn't have to.
You were with Angie less than a year after leaving Mom.
It's not hard to do the math.
Alright, first of all, I didn't even meet Angie until after your mom and I split up.
And I left because Because what? I'm not having this conversation.
I didn't want to hurt the relationship with your mother then and I don't want to do it now.
Tell me the truth.
- The truth? - Yeah.
The truth is I left because your mother was having an affair.
We need to talk.
I know.
I'm sorry I let your father get to me.
It's just There's a reason why we haven't spoken all these years.
Does it have anything to do with your affair? Dad told me.
You let me believe my whole life that Dad left us, that he was the bad guy.
I never said that.
Maybe not, but you implied it with your attitude every time his name came up, and all the while, you were the one who was unfaithful.
Regina, it's not true.
I never cheated.
It's just what I let your father believe.
What? Why? Because at a certain point in our marriage, something changed with our physical relationship.
I-I stopped wanting to be intimate, and at the time, I didn't I didn't understand what was going on.
But with lots of therapy, it finally made sense.
When you were, I don't know, about five, uh, my brother, he moved back to Boston.
And his presence and seeing him regularly just it just Of course, I I didn't put the two things together.
I-I just know that That after he came back, the the thought of having sex with anyone made me physically ill.
And the more your father tried to figure it out, about what was going on, the more I felt trapped.
And I-I-I had no idea how to talk about it.
And then, one morning after church, he saw me laughing with Frank Harris.
The choir director? And I hadn't laughed like that with your father in ages, and he got the wrong idea.
And that night, he He asked me if I was having an affair.
And And you just went with it? Honey, you have to understand, we were just so unhappy.
And we were fighting every day, and I just figured that it was only a matter of time before he left me for someone else.
I am so sorry, baby.
It's not your fault.
But you know what, Mom? It's not Dad's fault, either.
I made such a mess of it, and I wish I could tell him the truth about all of it.
We'll do it together.
I love you.
I love you, too.
It's gonna be okay.
Got you now, Bloom.
You can run, but you can't hide.
Hey-yo? Hey, do you know what's going on with Danny? He just made up the flimsiest excuse to bail on his friend's party.
What do I do? Look, Ed, I gotta call you back, a'ight? I'm I'm kinda busy.
Can you focus on something other than surprising your girlfriend playing that dumb game? Yeah, well, it turns out the surprise is on me.
Maggie's at a fertility clinic.
That's great.
Is it? I thought I wanted to be a dad, but all the stuff that happened with Sophie What if I'm just terrible at it? Maybe that's why Maggie didn't tell me where she was going.
For all I know, she's here to find out about getting her tubes tied.
Okay, now you're spiraling.
I, an actual father, am calling you to get advice about how to talk to Danny.
Theo is an open book compared to him.
Dan's easy.
Just challenge him to whatever video game's still in the console, and by the end of the first level, he'll let his guard down and start talking.
And you're seriously worried about your dad skills? Come on, man.
You got this.
Gary, what are you doing here? I, uh was, uh, trying to Make-You-Look.
And I-I realize now that, um, this Excuse me might have been a bit of an overstep.
So, I can hit the road right now, if that's what you want.
Just say the word.
So, I went to go see my oncologist.
- What? - No, everything's okay.
With that.
He just got in my head about how much "ovulatory life" I have left after all the chemo.
And I know how much you want to start a family eventually, and I think I want that someday, too.
So, I'm just here to find out if we have the green light.
And I didn't tell you because just what if it's too late? Listen to me, whether we have the green light or the red light or a purple disco light, we have each other.
And I need you to know that no matter what's said in there all that really matters to me is you.
Maggie Bloom? Hi.
Come in with me? Yes, I will.
There is this armor that we have to wear just to get through the day, and every time another innocent Black person is killed, that armor gets heavier and heavier.
But I've seen what can happen if we just keep showing up.
- Black Lives! - Matter! - Black Lives! - Matter! Things can change.
That was incredible.
This is just the movie I needed to see.
When Ms.
Garnes spoke about the complexion for rejection, I felt that in my spirit.
But I just didn't have the words for it, until now.
It's a kind of weight that I've been silently dragging with me, like some inherent responsibility for being Black.
This weight is our reality, but with a film like this, I have hope things can change.
Please welcome our special guest, director Rome Howard.
Thank you.
I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to say today.
Agonizing over the words that I thought would have the most impact.
My truth.
And that truth is, I'm here because of one person.
Someone who was here when I sat in these very seats.
Someone who's been elevated to a position of leadership and has had a profound impact on my life.
And that person is Vice Principal Dre Washington.
Dre not only gave me the opportunity to screen my documentary, but he also gave me a chance to learn something about change.
Before we can make change in the world, we must be willing to make changes in ourselves.
There you are.
I've been looking all over for you.
What's this? The President's Award.
Is this a bad time to tell you I have no idea what the President's Award is? I got it our senior year at the big assembly? Is this a bad time to tell you I skipped the assemblies? Of course you did.
You were too busy having the time of your life with Randy and Molly, while I was trying to be the model student.
So I could get this.
And you did it.
That's amazing.
My mom was really proud of me.
You know, to her, it meant that I'd really been accepted.
I spent four years here, and I have nothing to show for it.
You're right.
Your thriving law practice is a total waste.
Everything you are and everything you've been through, they're the reasons I've fallen for you all over again.
That's really sweet.
But I feel like I can't leave high school until I do at least one bad thing.
Cover me.
Wait, what are you doing? I'm taking this with me.
I don't think that's a good idea.
- Come on! - Katherine Oh, my God.
Be careful.
Let's get out of here! Come on! It's a pool party, and I don't want Milo and everyone else to see me with my shirt off.
The guy Milo kissed? He's totally ripped.
He has, like, a 16-pack, you know? And then there's me.
I've been working out like crazy, but how can I possibly compete? You can't.
When is Gary getting home? Hear me out.
This isn't a competition.
This is about how you feel about yourself.
Well, right now, I feel pretty bad about myself.
Alright, I get that.
And to be honest, I'm going through something similar with Anna right now.
But I think what you and I both need to realize is that the most attractive thing in the world is being comfortable with who you are.
Oh, yeah.
Easy peasy.
Okay, hold up.
When I look at you, I see a kid who has an excellent sense of humor, who absolutely crushed it as Danny Zuko in "Grease," and who dropped everything to be there for his mom when she needed him.
Now, can that other knucklehead compete with that? Huh? I'll go get my suit.
Okay, see this area right here? It looks like a spooky game of wack-a-mole.
Or the, uh, negative image of Swiss cheese.
Well, I'm very happy to report that these are actually your eggs.
Yeah, and this month, you have nine.
A perfectly normal count for your age.
So the party's still raging in there? It is.
But when is, um When's last call? From what I'm seeing, you don't need to rush.
I'd say as long as you start trying in the next three to five years, you'll be fine.
If I could give you one piece of advice Sure.
Pressure never helps anyone get pregnant.
So, start trying before you have to start trying so you can just have some fun.
Did you hear that? The doc here is prescribing fun.
Um, there is just one more thing I should show you.
- Boom! Made-Ya-Look! - No way.
- Oh! - That's not even poss I did I'm not even mad.
I'm impressed.
You're just You're that good.
- I know.
- And you, Doctor, accomplice.
Did you even go to medical school? I promise you, I'm a real doctor.
After what he just did to me, he better be.
Congratulations on the film.
It was impressive.
Thank you.
You know, I'd like to think in some small way, I can take some credit for your success.
You don't get to take credit for my success.
I succeeded in spite of this place, not because of it.
Let me ask you a question.
My senior year, what happened with the water fountain? I don't know what you're talking about.
Let me be more clear.
What happened with the water fountain? The kids should never have put the sign up.
But that was a long time ago.
It wasn't just the sign.
It was what you did after.
I tried to help you.
Blowing that incident out of proportion would have only put a target on your back.
Kids pranked each other all the time back then.
I didn't want you to be the one singled out because you couldn't take a joke.
Nothing about a "whites only" sign on a water fountain is funny.
It's racist.
And you have no idea how hard you actually made it for me.
It's one thing for a couple of stupid teenagers to do what they did, but it is another thing for a grown man to tell me to turn away, as if that is the way I should live my life.
As if what they did wasn't wrong.
I've been fighting that suggestion for the last 30 years.
So, any self-celebrating you do about how you've made a difference in kids' lives, know that you have.
And you should be ashamed of yourself.
- Hi.
- Hey.
You look great.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So do you.
I'm really glad that we're doing this.
You know, to be honest, I wasn't sure that you were gonna come tonight.
No, no, no.
It's okay.
I actually wanted to talk to you about last night.
Look, ever since my injury, my, um functionality has been different, and it's something that I'm still getting used to.
I should have been more communicative about that.
But I guess in the moment, I was nervous.
Thank you for saying that, because, Eddie, I was I was really nervous, too, and I didn't know what to say or do.
How could you? I didn't speak up because I was embarrassed.
After last night, I did some research of my own, and I read that for some guys with injuries, it's totally normal to use These? Those.
Maybe we skip the concert? I cannot believe after all that, you almost left this in the cab.
- I know.
- I am a hero.
Oh, Mom.
Uh, we lost track of time.
What is that? Oh? This is On your wrist.
Did she make you do that? Greta didn't make me do anything, Mom.
I wanted to do it.
And I want to do this, too.
That day, you made an assumption about me and Frank Harris, and I let you.
Because I had to.
Well, what do you mean, "you had to"? Dad, just hear her out.
I was going through something I didn't understand.
When I was a child Neil did things to me.
Your brother? Mm-hmm.
And it lasted several years, and I blocked it out.
But it was always under the surface.
Always there.
And then when he moved back to town, it broke something in me.
Shelly I thought he was a great guy.
He wasn't, Dad.
He was a monster.
And I-I know that because he hurt me, too.
- What? - Ron, I know this is a lot.
No, no.
You knew what this man was capable of - and you let him around our daughter? - Dad, please For years, I struggled, thinking I wasn't there enough for Regina, thinking I was the bad parent.
Turns out, that was you! No.
I'm really really digging your new doctor.
Oh, me, too.
And I am available to "have fun" up to three times a day as needed.
Please don't ruin this.
What? You alright? Uh I think I felt a lump.
Please say "made ya look.
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