A Murder at the End of the World (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Chapter 3: Survivors

Previously on A Murder
at the End of the World
What if we find a woman who fought off
the killer and lived to tell?
There must be thousands
of reports like that.
[BILL] But we just need one
that mentions silver jewelry.
- Holy fuck.
- [DARBY] Yeah.
- We should go talk to her in person.
- How?
I'll come pick you up.
I can drive you to Iowa.
[ANDY] Bill Farrah passed away
last night.
- [MARTIN] What?
- [LU MEI] Oh, my God.
It appears that he overdosed
in his room sometime after midnight.
- [DARBY] Ray?
[DARBY] Can you help me?
[RAY] Of course.
Do right-handed people
usually inject themselves
into their right arm?
Rarely, if ever.
didn't kill himself.
Someone else did.
Probably someone in this room.
cameras here are wireless.
They're on their own VLAN.
Don't get caught.
[DARBY] Time to spill
your secrets, friend.
Tell me you're not around ♪
Then you're asking
me to be all right ♪
Nice ride, by the way.
Oh, thanks. It's my uncle's.
I borrowed it.
But he doesn't he
doesn't know it yet.
Always down ♪
- So you stole it?
- No, I left a note.
I know, I know ♪
At point two miles.
You ever heard of death by GPS?
Happens all the time. There was a
a mom and son in Death Valley
who followed the blue
dot into quicksand.
Swallowed the car whole.
It was fucking terrible. They died.
Why would the GPS route them that way?
Quickest way to get
from A to B, I guess.
Why did they go through the quicksand?
- Why did they go through it?
- Yeah.
Uh I don't know. I guess
- I guess
Well, people trust the blue dot
more than they trust themselves.
Yeah, stupid people, maybe.
- Stupid people, yeah.
- Stupid people do.
Stupid, yeah.
[DARBY] You know, I think this victim
came after the Jane Doe
from the construction site.
[BILL] Yeah, and maybe
after the survivor
we're on our way to see.
[DARBY] There should be
a mark here somewhere.
I think this is it.
The autopsy said she was
alive when he brought her here.
Marissa Bahari.
Born: Lincoln, Nebraska.
Survived by
Amir and Benjamin Bahari.
He did it out in the open.
I mean no trees, no buildings.
You can see the road from here.
He wasn't even trying to hide it.
You think he wanted to get caught?
No, I think he just thought
he was so good, no one
would ever catch him.
[DARBY] I'm gonna catch you.
- Ray?
- [CHIMES] Yes, Darby?
Where is everyone?
The guests are in the
library for a performance.
Um I don't think we've met.
I'm Darby.
You're Rohan, right?
You knew Bill.
- Mm.
- [LU MEI] Darby?
- [ROHAN] Excuse me.
- How are you doing?
It feels like such an outrage.
Death and love, I suppose
just come and go as they wish
and do what they want with us.
- Yeah. It's sad.
- [LEE] Mei? Yeah, sorry.
Can I borrow Darby for a moment?
- Yes.
- Thank you. Hey.
Did you find anything in the footage?
I don't think you're
telling me the truth.
Yeah? Why is that?
[SCOFFS] Darby, I can
hack the footage myself.
I know. So the question is
why'd you make me do it for you?
Does your mouth taste of metal?
Excuse me?
Grief puts a metallic taste
on the back of your tongue.
no, I-I can't taste anything.
You will.
Did you know that Bill was
around when Lee was in Florida?
He was helping us save
that little old house
in Crystal River from
falling into the swamp.
You must've known him pretty well, then.
No. Met him a few times.
Lee was running a kind
of gutter punk salon
- from out of there.
Ziba's ready to start. We
should get everyone seated.
[TOMAS] Let me get you a fresh one.
Oh, thanks. [CHUCKLES]
Shiraz from Iran, courtesy of Ziba.
Kept in its original clay
from the region since 1964.
I'm sorry I crashed into you last night.
- It was my mistake.
- No. No, it wasn't.
Let me know if I can get you anything.
Yeah. Actually
do you know who ordered that
tea to Room 11 last night?
Was it Bill?
- Enjoy your wine.
- Do you know
how many cups he requested, Tomas?
I have to pour for other guests.
[SIAN] Hey.
Are you gonna question me next?
They printed, what,
5,000 copies of your book,
and you sold, I don't know, 2,000?
Impact isn't just about
having something to say.
It's about having the
power to be listened to
when you say it.
He sees something in you.
That's why he invited you here.
A friendly word of advice, Darby.
Don't bite the hand
that might feed you.
[ZIBA] Hi, everyone. Hello.
It's no secret that I came
to Iceland for Bill Farrah.
I followed his work for so many years.
I admired him.
I didn't agree with
everything he did or said, but
I think he was trying to
wrestle down the darkness he
felt had devoured the world
and that I can understand.
This song was written in 1900
by a man in prison.
He wrote it so his
spirit could fly free.
May Bill's spirit also fly free.
[MARIUS] And while we have
successfully helped transfer
Mr. Farrah to Reykjavík,
chances are some journalists
will call, wanting to know more.
Looking for gossip or worse.
Might say they are family
or friends of Mr. Farrah,
members of the diplomatic corps.
In response to any of these calls,
your only answer will be:
neither confirm nor deny."
[MARIUS] I ask you to remember,
we are not only protecting the
reputation of this new hotel,
we are protecting Mr. Ronson
I don't want to get you in any trouble.
Ms. Hart. You shouldn't be down here.
But you've got to tell me what you know.
You don't even have to
tell me. Just write it down.
Bill was my friend, and
he didn't kill himself.
And we both know they're
covering something up here.
Whatever happens here is so secretive,
they want staff who don't talk,
and they're willing to pay well for it.
I was handpicked by Marius,
flown in from Berlin.
I saw him die.
And he was scared.
He was so scared.
[TOMAS] Three.
You asked how many tea cups.
There were three.
- Ray?
- [RAY] I'm sorry.
The music makes it difficult
for me to pick up your voice.
Oh. Uh, Ray, turn off the music.
Ray, are you boxed in or
do you have Internet access?
I do not have access to the Internet.
The last Web crawl I have
access to is from a week ago.
Um, all right, all right, uh,
let's use that.
Ray, could you do a scan for me
of any of the guests in the retreat
who have any connection to Bill Farrah,
or to the artist FANGS
starting with Oliver?
Of course.
Would you like to enable projection?
- Um, yeah, enable it.
Oliver tweeted, "FANGS isn't an artist.
He's a failed programmer
who wants attention."
[SCOFFS] How did Bill respond?
He retweeted it.
And, um, who else at the retreat
has a connection to Bill Farrah?
On July 4, 2019, Martin liked
a tweet from FANGS that read,
"The eight richest men in the world
hold the same wealth as the
3.6 billion poorest people."
Lu Mei and Bill were on the
same flight from Hong Kong
to Vancouver in December 2018.
How'd you know that?
That's not on Wikipedia.
L2/L3 data.
When you purchase a flight,
the credit card company records
the departure and arrival cities.
What, L2/L3 is public information now?
L2/L3 data is available for purchase.
Who else in the retreat has an
online connection to Bill Farrah?
Lee Anderson Ronson attended
FANG's "Artificial Insanity" exhibit
in Detroit, May 3, 2021.
And Andy Ronson and Bill?
There is no known connection
between Andy and Bill
Farrah besides Lee.
Oh, what about Rohan? What does he do?
A climatologist and
environmental activist.
He was among the first
to ring the alarm bells
as to carbon's role in climate change.
He was arrested in Moscow
and held in a prison camp
for three years under
charges of espionage
in 1987, in connection
with the Chernobyl disaster.
Um an-and what about
Rohan's connection to Bill?
There is no available information
about Rohan Ravjit after 2006.
And the vessel Last
Chance has no entries
in maritime databases since 2006.
Rohan went off the grid.
It was strange, though,
the way he cried.
It was like he knew Bill
Um and Sian?
What's her connection to Andy?
After becoming the first
woman to walk on the moon,
Sian Cruise challenged global leaders
to fund space exploration.
In 2017, she was recruited
by Ronson Industries
to lead their lunar
colonization program.
All right, um and
what's Oliver's deal?
I know of no deals that
Oliver is negotiating.
[CHUCKLES] Uh, no, as
in, what does Oliver do?
Oliver Marwan was inspired
by a childhood toy robot
that walked like he
did to develop robotics
that break down disabling
barriers in society.
He was admitted to Oxford at 16.
He was the youngest person
to hold the Pirrone-Kim Chair
- in robotics at Harvard.
- Christ.
Is anyone here normal?
No, Darby.
Not even you.
- Ray?
How can I help?
Never mind.


- [RAY] Darby,
your temperature is dangerously low.
Yeah, no shit, Ray.
If your clothing is wet,
remove it immediately.
Warm your trunk first.
Warming extremities can cause shock.
The cabinet in the closet
has emergency supplies.
Get the hot water bottle
and the medical blanket.
- Ray?
Yes, Darby?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Your temperature is stabilized.
Who was that?
Who was who, Darby?
After hypothermia,
you should stay awake.
You produce less body heat when asleep.
[BILL COUGHING] Coffee and Coke?
That stuff will kill you, man.
[DARBY] Statistically speaking,
something else will
probably kill me first.
- All right. Yeah. Go on.
- You want to try it?
- Bottoms up.
- All right.
- Mm-mm.
No. No, that's awful.
- It
- That's worse than I thought.
It's an acquired taste, I guess.
[DARBY] Mm-mm.
- Take the next right.
- Right here.
What if it's not a matter
of catching him, you know?
What if it's a case of him
revealing himself to us?
- Okay, good.
- But how?
Uh we tempt him?
With what?
Right. Corner him?
[SCOFFS] I mean, we're
not exactly a SWAT team.
Well, fuck, I don't know.
We trick him, we trick him.
Mm. Could happen, could happen.
But this guy is an organized killer,
not a disorganized one.
This isn't spur-of-the-moment, it's
- Yeah.
- You know, it's meditated on.
- Yeah.
- Like, the silver jewelry?
Yeah, it's not a a souvenir
because he's not keeping it.
He's just passing it from
one victim to the next.
It's-it's, uh
It's not a trophy, either. It's
- It's a trail.
- It's a trail.
Yeah. To be tracked, followed.
Like we're doing.
Like we're doing.
But what's-what's the motive
of someone who kills like this?
I have no idea.
But maybe she does.
His only survivor.
Hi. Could I come in a minute?
- Um
- Mommy
Uh, yeah.
He's always had nightmares, but
normally, I walk the halls with him,
and eventually, he
falls asleep in my arms.
Past few nights, though, he
hasn't been able to settle.
No, no, I-I get it. Um,
I had nightmares as a kid.
Mind if I let him rest on the sofa?
- [LEE] Are you ready?
- [ZOOMER] No.
Could I put on some
music, help him sleep?
[LEE] Ray, 48 Variations for Two Pianos.
- Does that sound good?
- [ZOOMER] Yeah.
Look, I know you have
no reason to trust me.
I might've written some
stuff when I was your age that
you admired, but
I do trust you.
I want to be helpful,
and I think I can be,
but not if you don't
tell me what you know.
Why didn't you hack the camera yourself?
Having a five-year-old that
isn't sleeping is a full-time job.
Hosting this retreat and
not letting my husband down
is another full-time job.
As much as I'd like to hide in a closet
and hack for a few hours, it's just
not really possible.
I mean, why didn't you
give me the password?
I don't know it.
Come here.
[DARBY] Yeah.
Does that mask mean anything to you?
I've never seen it.
But I know what it is.
Fuck. Can I fix a drink?
W-What is it?
Yeah. It's a mask to thwart
AI facial recognition.
Protestors in Hong Kong used them
so the police couldn't identify
them from camera footage.
It means it's someone who knows
the footage is software-monitored.
Well, wh-who could that be?
Me, Andy, Sian,
Marius, Todd, Eva.
I don't know. Probably David.
Okay, so everyone?
Did you invite Bill here?
My husband did,
but I encouraged Bill to come.
We wanted opposing viewpoints.
Were you having an affair?
No. Honestly, no. Uh
I met Bill six years ago.
He was one of a few people
who found me.
After you were doxed?
My reputation was destroyed. [CHUCKLES]
There was just fake porn
all over the Internet.
It looked so real, I-I
thought it was real.
I-I couldn't open a computer
without having a panic attack.
So I basically went back to my parents'
little place in Florida to
just disappear.
Ordered a lot of pizza.
Tried to stay away from the Internet.
And one day, this guy shows up,
sunburned to a crisp.
Soles of his shoes
worn completely through.
It was Bill.
He said he'd read my manifesto
and wanted to talk about it.
I mean, I was terrified.
I wouldn't let him in the house. I
He slept on the porch
for a few nights, and
eventually, we started talking
about the terrors of technology
and everything we were afraid
of that was coming, and
He didn't say much
about himself, you know.
He'd clearly been
through something, but
One morning, I come down
to breakfast, and he's lined
all these Polaroids up
across the kitchen table.
And he starts talking to me about you.
But you never ?
You were never together? You never ?
We hooked up once.
We were both wasted.
It was his last night.
I mean, he lost his hard-on.
I was embarrassed. He was embarrassed.
I mean
Darby, we were meant to be friends.
And then you met Andy?
No, Andy and I had been seeing
each other off and on for a while.
And, uh
then we got pregnant.
And I got married. [CHUCKLES]
[DARBY] Right.
Right, so who here knew
Bill, besides you and me?
[EXHALES SHARPLY] I don't know.
Um Rohan, I think.
Yeah. Yeah, that would explain
why Rohan was crying in breakfast.
[LEE] I didn't notice.
I know he knows Ziba,
or at least he admired her activism.
Darby, let me hire you
to find whoever is
hiding behind that mask.
Um, I'm an amateur sleuth.
clearly very good at it.
No, as in, uh, I don't
take cases for money.
[SIGHS] You do it for love,
and especially in this case.
I hope you'll be careful, Darby.
If Bill was murdered, it
was very sophisticated.
You have only one real advantage.
No one sees a 24-year-old girl coming?
You're just another
guest in our retreat.
So long as you play the part.
Finally. [CHUCKLES]
Would it be all right
if I let him sleep?
Thanks, Darby.
- [RAY] Wake up, Darby.
Darby, wake up.
Wake up, Darby.
You slept through the alarm I set.
The time is 9:51 a.m.
The temperature outside
is three degrees Celsius,
with an expected high
of four degrees Celsius.
There is someone at the door.
- Mm.
A gift from Andy.
Oh. Thanks.
- Can you ?
- Oh. Yeah.
Another one?

[ANDY] Here we are, naturally.
We're, like, seconds away.
- [ANDY] Okay.
[LU MEI] You all right?
- Yeah.
- [ANDY] Okay, so,
I'm sure you're all wondering
how arduous this is gonna be.
Well, it's not gonna be easy,
but it's definitely worth it.
What's waiting for you at the top
is unforgettable.
- Excited?
- [SIAN] Let's do this.
- [WOMAN] Well, Martin.
- [MARTIN] Hey.
Martin Mitchell.
[DAVID] You're liking this altitude?
[LU MEI] Oh, I love the mountains.
To be with nature.
I don't get to do this often, you know?
So, what what are you writing now?
[ANDY] Why are you
making this all about you?
[SIAN] why I wasn't called?
Didn't have questions for me.
Oh, no. I've been avoiding you.
[DARBY] Yeah?
You knew Bill.
Did you?
Lots of folks knew Bill.
Knew of Bill.
Oh, it's a little early for me.
We are talking about a comrade
who died two nights ago, aren't we?
Uh, mescal.
The irony gets thick here.
Did you know Bill got me sober?
- No.
- Yeah.
I was killing myself with drink.
I mean, folks gave me a wide berth.
What could they say?
Climatologists who've been
in the game long enough
know how it's going to end.
Sooner than you can imagine, and
far, far worse.
It drives a lot of us to bow out early.
But Bill, he wouldn't let
me wallow in the drink.
No, he he gave me the only thing
that can really, really change a person.
A different perspective.
He used to say that
You take humans too seriously."
And that humans were not at the center.
So what if the Earth
becomes a swamp again?
New creatures will be born from it.
Death begets new life.
I was five years sober
until two nights ago.
Five years.
I guess some funerals are
harder to handle than others.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
Had a heart failure
two years ago. [SIGHS]
I've got a little machine in there,
keeping my ticker ticking.
Oh, right.
Did you see Bill, or talk
to him, the night he died?
A good detective always has a timeline.
I'm not a detective.
[CHUCKLES] That's not what Bill said.
He said you were the best.
That you weren't like
anyone else he'd ever met.
Welcome to the future.
[DARBY] What is that?
They self-organize,
self-repair, and they use each other
to build bridges and
to construct tunnels.
All of this brought
to beautiful fruition
by Oliver.
Thanks, Andy.
We call it "swarm robotics,"
and they are designed
for new climate extremes.
Imagine a world where
humans no longer have
to occupy ourselves with finding
shelter and gathering food,
when we have the space
to deeply contemplate
the radical future of humanity.
Where will that take us?
prototype did all the
foundation work for the hotel
- Can I, uh ?
- Yeah, yeah.
You looked like a kid in a candy store
out there with those robots.
- I'm not a kid.
- Trust me,
- you are.
- Why are you such a dick?
[DAVID] Because I'm rich.
Mm. Pretty sure
you'd still be a dick if you were poor.
Let's grab a drink later.
I read your book. You're
a smart little girl.
Oh, my.

One down.
Still a go.
Careful, girl.
It was you
who went to Bill's
room the night he died?
Wearing the mask?
I would never hurt that boy,
not one hair on his head.
But you were there.
Leave it.
- [ROHAN] Go.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You're the next closest
person to my age.
I guess that's true.
Want to go on an adventure?
You know, I'd love to
- Uh
- You're busy. It's okay.
No, you know what? Um
Sure. What do I do?
All right. You're gonna be by yourself.
- Mm-hmm.
- But don't be scared.
You're just exploring.
And if you get lonely,
Raisin's in there to help.
Okay. Do I put it on? Oh.
[DARBY] Whoa.
Oh, my God.
[ZOOMER] Over here
is the science corner.
[DARBY] Huh. Yeah.
[ZOOMER] And then you can go
past my friend, Sir Archimedes.
- Good day, milady.
[DARBY] Whoa.
[ZOOMER] You're supposed to
try to get the crown, Darby.
Crown? Oh.
[ZOOMER] See? It's
harder than you think.
Oh, my God.
It's fun, right?
Yeah. I never had anything
like this when I was a kid.
That's 'cause technology is exponential.
Wow. Um, you're smart.
And you're very lucky.
Except when my parents fight.
When you were little,
did your parents fight?
Um, yeah.
Yeah, they did.
They did. A lot, actually.
What do your parents fight about?
[ZOOMER] The future.
- Zoomer, come here.
- Dad!
- Dad!
- [ANDY] Hey.
- I showed Darby my castle.
- Yeah? Did she like it?
[ZOOMER] Yeah, but I
think she needs practice.
Mmm. Okay. You go finish your game.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
S-Slow down. Careful.
You're good with kids.
I was one.
Doesn't always help.
Know anything about Walt Disney?
Um, I mean, his movies, yeah.
So, in the 1920s, no one believed
it was even possible to
make an animated feature.
Took him seven years, and
then he broke all records.
Years later, when he was in his 50s,
he built all these
train tracks in his home.
People thought he'd lost his mind.
There was this grown man
riding in and out of the
living room on a children's toy.
But he was thinking in three dimensions.
- He was working something out.
- What?
Something that had
never been done before:
A movie in motion in the real world.
A theme park.
And you feel a kinship with him.
So, I bought Zoomer a couple of hamsters
and I thought they were both male,
but turns out one of them was female.
And he loved watching
the babies be born.
So we started to mate them together.
Study the patterns.
Black hair, brown hair, blue eyes,
recessive traits, dominant traits.
Think we had over 50 at one point.
[ZOOMER] 67.
Lee thought I'd lost my mind.
But you were working something
out in three dimension.
I realized that the way
to leap AI forward was to mate them.
You can do that?
Ray is a combination of my
language processing algorithm
and my home security AI.
Like Disney, you leapt
tech forward through play.
So, after giving it
some serious thought,
I really do think it's
best that you go home.
You're grieving. And to
be perfectly transparent,
interrogating the guests
and my staff is something
I'm just not comfortable with.
I asked them questions
because the police didn't.
How do you know that?
Because I watched Bill die
and no one's asked me anything.
And if they did, what would you say?
That someone came to see him
a few minutes before he died.
I hacked the doorbell cameras.
You think I don't know that?
It's a conference of hackers.
I've seen the footage, too.
I know that someone in a
mask came to Bill's room
at 12:03 a.m., but he'd already
injected himself at that point.
See, we don't have cameras in the room,
but we do monitor heart rates.
And Bill's spiked, as a
result of the morphine,
four minutes and 36 seconds
before the arrival of
the uninvited guest,
and six minutes and 11 seconds
before you turned up at the door.
The reason the police
didn't ask you anything
is because they got
everything they needed to know
from Bill's blood.
The toxicology came in. It's definitive.
He overdosed.
You grew up on crime scenes
and you think this is one too. It's not.
It's the site of a tragedy and
keeping you here is painful.
For you and the others.
No. Sorry, I
I don't want to go. I
I want to stay.
Look, I'm okay, honestly. I
I'm just keeping busy, like you said.
I have to do what's best for everyone.
A car is gonna take you to Reykjavík
and there'll be a first-class seat
on a plane back to the U.S.
What you need, Darby,
is rest.
You're very fragile.
Can I take your ring?
Be good if you started to pack.
- Ray?
Translate this for me.
[RAY] Controversial artist Bill Farrah,
better known as "FANGS,"
had died at the age of 27.
A former computer coder and hacker,
Farrah was seen as a
criminal prankster by many
and as an artist and activist to others.
His first known work as
"FANGS" was a global project
to remove the "S" from Shell
stations around the world,
leaving a scathing critique
and PR nightmare in its wake.
His most recent and acclaimed work,
Artificial Insanity, was staged
in an abandoned auto factory in Detroit
and was deeply critical
of the tech industry.
Icelandic authorities say
Farrah died Monday evening
from a drug overdose.
He was on vacation alone in
the small town of Fellabaer.
He is survived by his
mother, Elizabeth Farrah,
a nurse in Dayton, Ohio.
Mourners from across the
Internet are posting videos
and comments about what
Farrah's art meant to them.
[MARTA] These were my grandmother's.
Is there anything else you remember
about the man who took them from you?
Anything about how he looked or
Didn't see his face.
It was 16 years ago.
What he smelled like?
Bleach and aftershave.
And his hands?
Um, how did they look
or what did they feel like?
Strong, long fingers.
He was choking me and
his-his face was right there.
I can't call for help or turn,
but I'm holding the keys.
I gouge him in the face.
He cries out, surprised-like.
And I ran from the car to the Wendy's.
[BILL] That was really brave.
Did they tell you that?
- The police?
- Yeah.
No, they said I shouldn't
have been out so late alone.
[BILL] Ah.
All right, we should-we
should get going.
Why y'all doing this?
Well, I-I guess 'cause we're angry.
When I was the same age as your girls
I believed that I really mattered.
And then I grew up and realized
that I really didn't.
I guess I just don't want them
to grow up feeling that way.
Wait a sec.
My sister got my car
detailed after the
You know.
I kept thinking I could smell him.
She found a silver pin in the back seat.
Wasn't mine.
I told the police but
they didn't give a shit.
Thank you. This could really
help us name other victims.
Hard to imagine kids like
y'all solving this thing.
Well, we're-we're not alone.
We've-we've got each other
and dozens of others online to help.
[DARBY] You know, this was
probably his previous victim's.
[BILL] Yeah, that's how we're
IDing Jane Does silver.
Can I show you?
Here, let me take a
Right. Um
Just have to wait a few.
- Oh, here we go.
All right, yeah. L-Lincoln High School,
Wickenberg, Utah. 2000.
And I almost didn't open the door.
I thought y'all were
selling magazines or candy.
Don't give up on this, okay?
I'm holding out hope that whoever
did this can never do it again.
- Ray?
Will you get me Andy Ronson's email?
I'm sorry, Darby.
The contact info for
guests and hosts is private.
[MARIUS] How may I help you, Ms. Hart?
Can you put me through to Andy Ronson?
I'm sorry, Ms. Hart, that
room is set to private.
Well, can I leave a message?
Tell him I'm keeping my room.
Rohan, I know you're in there.
Whatever happened,
whatever is happening
I know you loved Bill.
I know you love him still.
I'm here.
To listen.
Darby, snowcat's waiting.
We better get a move on.
Storm is about to hit Reykjavík.
I'll help you with your bags.
Give me a minute.

[ROHAN] I do still love him.
I know, Rohan.
Because I love him still, too.
I don't want to talk to
you but I think I have to.
It was me.
I went to his room.
You were the one in the mask?
I didn't want there to be a record,
in case, later on
We had a plan.
A good one, we thought.
But Bill uncovered a secret.
Something he wouldn't
say over the phone.
When I got to his room, I thought
he had gotten high, wasted.
I got angry, left.
I see now he was drugged.
He never got the chance to tell me,
but I think I know what he uncovered.
- Rohan?
- Oh, God.
Oh, my God!
Darby! Hey, whoa!
- Rohan in there?
- What is going on?
[MARIUS] Panicked call from
people at Hardfront. He
- He's not in there?
- Wait, a call from who?
What happened? What happened?
Rohan? Rohan?
Talk to me.
No pulse.
No breathing.
He's dead.
Get everyone underground.

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