A Murder at the End of the World (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Chapter 4: Family Secrets

Previously on A Murder
at the End of the World
I hacked the doorbell cameras.
Do you think I don't know that?
It's a conference of hackers.
[ZIBA] It's no secret
that I came to Iceland
for Bill Farrah.
[MARTA] She found a silver
pin in the back seat.
[DARBY] Probably belonged
to his previous victim.
[ANDY] Did you know that Bill was around
when Lee was in Florida?
[DARBY] Were you having an affair?
[LEE] No. We hooked up once.
[DARBY] So who here knew Bill?
Rohan, I think?
[RAY] There is no available
information about Rohan Ravjit
after 2006.
And the vessel Last
Chance has no entries
- in maritime databases since 2006.
- Careful, girl.
[DARBY] They're covering
something up here.
[TOMAS] Whatever happens here
is so secretive.
They want staff who don't talk.
[ANDY] You grew up on crime scenes,
and you think this is one, too.
- It's not.
- [SIAN] Don't bite the hand
that might feed you.
[ROHAN] We had a plan,
but Bill uncovered a secret.
I think I know what he uncovered.
- [DARBY] Rohan?
[SIAN] No pulse.
He's dead.
[ANDY] Todd.
Get everyone underground.
[LEE] It's all right. It's all right.
We're just going downstairs.
It's gonna be all right.
[MARIUS] Everyone, this way.
- [LEE] We're going to a safe place, okay?
- [MARIUS] Please come.
Here we go, buddy. Come on, come on.
- I'll be back.
- [DAVID] Wait, wait. Wait.
- What's the plan here?
- Todd is going to assess the situation,
he will be back, and
there will be a plan.
[LEE] It's my fault.
- I invited him.
- [EXHALES] Don't say that.
[ZIBA] Just take a deep breath.
Has someone come here to
kill us all one by one?
We don't even know what
happened to Rohan yet.
[LU MEI] She's right.
He stumbled into the
bar, clutching his chest.
It looked like heart attack.
[DAVID] Oh, really?
Then why are we six stories underground
in a concrete room if the
man had a heart attack?
I want to know what Darby thinks.
I think it was a heart attack.
Well, no, I-I think it was
heart failure.
Rohan told me that he had a pacemaker.
Um, the surgery, I think,
was a few years ago.
And any pacemaker made after
2011 has a wireless interface.
So Rohan had an attack surface.
[ZIBA] Uh, sorry, I don't get it.
Well, Marius was also looking for Rohan.
He wanted to tell him
that he had an urgent
phone call from Heartfront.
They make pacemakers?
They manufacture pacemakers.
So my guess is that they
were calling to warn him
that his pacemaker had been hacked.
[MARTIN] Is that even possible?
- [BOTH] Yeah.
- [ZIBA] Then we can trace it back
- to an I.P. address, right?
- [LEE] It's not that simple.
Uh, you need specialized RF hardware
or you would need to modify a pacemaker
home monitoring system.
[LU MEI] Yes, my father
had one of those at home.
Hospitals have them.
But I doubt Rohan
would have brought his.
[LEE] Eva?
We don't have one of those, do we?
In the medical suite?
We do.
Normally, I keep it in a cabinet.
But today, when I came into the suite,
someone had taken it out,
plugged it in and turned it on.
Police can't get here
with the storm closing in.
It's gonna be at least
48 hours. Probably 72.
That's okay.
We're prepared to be snowed
in. These things happen here.
- And the cause of death?
- House EMT confirmed
most likely a heart attack.
Marius, have you spoken to Heartfront?
- Really?
- [MARTIN] Come on.
[DAVID] Why can't we
just leave right now?
There's been an avalanche at the pass
where the storm's already hit.
What about your, uh, security detail
- in Siglufjördur?
- [LU MEI] What can they do for us
if the roads and sky are impassable?
Where the fuck is Andy?
Trying to sort this all
out. From a secure location.
Andy's not the only
valuable person here.
You can't just keep us
trapped in this goddamn room.
[TODD] Of course not.
We are going to ensure
- everybody's safety.
- [OLIVER] Oh, you've done an amazing job
- of that so far.
[DAVID] Oh, I get it.
You think you're
keeping him safe from us.
What are you, what are you
doing with Rohan's body?
I suppose we should move it
into the walk-in refrigerator.
[DARBY] No. No, no,
please don't do that.
If you do that, you'd be destroying
valuable trace evidence.
I mean, if no one's gonna look at it
for the next 72 hours,
you've-you've got to let me.
I can take notes, I'll pass
them along to the coroner.
- You fucking millennials.
- David.
[MARTIN] She's not even
a millennial, you asshole.
I'm a millennial. She's a
Whatever. Children of
the fucking Internet.
No one's examining any
bodies until Interpol arrives.
It's not Lord of the goddamn Flies.
- Everything's okay.
- It would be a clever plot, wouldn't it?
To lure some of your
greatest competition
and sharpest critics
into a remote location
and then dispatch of them
one by one in a superstorm?
[MARTIN] The billionaire's largess
- as a Venus flytrap.
- [ZIBA] I need my cell phone back.
[DAVID] You know what we
need right now, we need
- the fucking satellite phone, okay?
We are not prisoners here.
You cannot keep us here. Now.
[TODD] Listen up. Security
has finished the sweep.
We've been cleared to go back upstairs,
but you are all going into
lockdown in your rooms.
Meals will be brought to you.
As we know more about
when help will arrive
and when we can depart,
we will let you know.
We will get through this, okay?
- Together.
Sorry, but how can we
do anything together?
We don't know who did this,
we don't know why and we
don't know if they are done.
[TODD] It's how Andy wants it.
[SIAN] Someone will
be patrolling, right?
[TODD] All night.
After we finish dropping off guests.
Good night.
And sorry, Sian, I'm
gonna need your laptop,
iPad, any electronics you got.
You're kidding.

I don't have my Ring.
Oh, yeah.
Your electronics.
Internet's shut down till
after the storm anyway.

- Can I come in a sec?
- Are you vi or Emacs?
It's a, it's a hacker thing.
If you don't have a visceral reaction,
then you're not a hacker.
So, you're not the
killer. Yeah, come in.
I'm sorry, what's vmacs?
Emacs, uh, it's, uh, it's a text editor.
So, if you wrote code for computers,
then you were either
die-hard vi or Emacs.
It was like a holy war between the two.
Anyway, what do you want?
I owe you an apology.
You felt something was
wrong, off, when Bill died.
In my gut, I felt you were right,
I really did, but I overrode it.
Because you're you're very young.
[LAUGHS SOFTLY] And a girl, you mean.
And a girl.
I'm sorry, Darby.
I really am.
If I had stood by you when you
said Bill's death was foul play,
we might not be in this situation.
But I'm here now.
If you want to see Rohan's
body, I can help you.
How can you help me?
I spent a lot of time with Andy
when he was building this place.
I know how it works. How
its security functions.
- What about Todd?
- Fuck Todd.
Fuck Todd.
What about Andy?
He should have listened to you, too.
Blind the cameras as you go by.
[MAN] I'll check the dining
room and the rest of level two.
- You check level one.
- Let's go.
[MAN 2] Copy that.

[MAN] I'll check the baking area.
- You go to the lobby.

[DARBY] Who did this to you, Rohan?
That's it.
Incision in the deltopectoral groove.
He was chipped.
How does the hack work?
Well, the hacker uploads
software updates to the cloud
and the pacemaker downloads a pattern
of fatal shocks to the heart.
Jesus Christ.
Yeah, it's dark.
It's a signaling device.
Rohan told me that him
and Bill had a plan,
and I don't know what it was, but
but one night I followed
Rohan out of the hotel,
through this canyon to a bluff.
He started signaling into the dark.
And someone signaled back.
What the fuck?
I-I think there's something
going on here that
that we don't fully understand.
So we find who's at the
other end of the light.
- In this blizzard?
- I've walked on the dark side
of the Moon in minus
175 degrees Celsius.
I can handle a fucking snowstorm.

- [DARBY] What are they?
- Climate suits for new Earth extremes.
They're kind of like space suits,
only Andy had them designed
in case of radiation or
biochemical poisoning.
[NEWS REPORTER] of Iceland
is heading west. This storm
For the end of the world, basically.
two to four inches of snow
per hour overnight tonight.
The superstorm hit Reykjavík already.
We have about three hours.
- We have to move fast.
- [NEWS REPORTER 2] Plunging temperatures
have brought significant
travel disruption across Europe,
- with dozens of flights
- Along that river, there,
that's where Rohan
came through the canyon
to that bluff there,
signaling southeast.
If we leave now we can
make it there and back
- before the winds hit.
- This Arctic snowstorm is
And if we find who
Rohan was signaling to,
maybe we can figure out what
he and Bill were planning.
[NEWS REPORTER] Some countries,
like France and Germany,
are dealing with crippling
snowstorms and blizzards.
Rescuers are warning
visitors to simply stay away.
I can go alone, tell you what I find.
I'd rather not wait
in my room for someone
to come inject me with
morphine in my sleep.

This is it.
So, everyone's a suspect?
Like Andy said, it's basically
a conference of hackers.
It's around here.
[SIAN] But Bill was
injected with morphine.
That's not a hack.
No, but whoever murdered Bill
knew how to break the
hotel's security protocol
and delete themselves from the footage.
And that is a hack. [CHUCKLES]
[SIAN] Well, Lu Mei has
the strongest motive,
because Bill's Artificial Insanity
was a takedown of smart cities.
Why was Lu Mei even invited?
I thought her work was
a direct rival of Andy's.
Andy sees his work as peerless.
I get a bad feeling from David.
If David was going to kill
someone, it would be Lee.
Because she stole
Andy's focus from David.
The moment Lee got pregnant,
all Andy cared about
was starting his family.
Zoomer is his life.
[DARBY] Here.
Rohan did it here.
Morse code's pretty old-fashioned.
Yeah, some dads read
their kids bedtime stories,
mine taught me military code.
That's funny. My dad
taught me Morse, too.
He was an astronomer.
Fought in the Gulf war.
Where is he now?
He gassed himself to death
in the garage when I was 13.
God. That fucking sucks.
Yeah. It really did.
People talk a lot
about how terrible it is
to be a woman in this
world, and it is terrible.
I don't have to tell you that.
You're picking up their bones.
But the other half's got it bad, too.
Hard to be made into a killer
when all you wanted to do
was look up at the stars.
I think we have to go there.
[DARBY] I think Bill uncovered
something his first night here.
A secret. I think that's
why he was late to dinner.
Why he was acting so strange,
why he asked me to come to his room.
He really needed to talk.
[SIAN] So what do you
think the secret is?
[DARBY] I don't know.
But it must be connected
to whatever plan they have.
To Rohan's signal.

[DARBY] There's nothing out here.
[SIAN] Ropes going into the water.
[DARBY] Last Chance.
That's the name of Rohan's boat.
- It's a zodiac.
- What's a zodiac?
An inflatable boat you
take to reach a ship
too big to come to shore.
Probably in a hurry to
head south before the storm.
Rohan didn't check in last night.
And the boat is off the grid.
We have to go.
Come on. Let's go.
[DARBY] Rohan signaled
"One down, still a go."
[SIAN] It sounds to me
like they lost a man. Bill.
The plan was to carry on.
Yeah, but carry on with what?
[SIAN] I don't know.

[SIAN] Oh, shit.
- [DARBY] What?
[SIAN] It's the engine.
- Fuck.
- [DARBY] The engine?
It's a clogged pilot jet.
Listen to me, we're gonna
be okay in these suits, okay?
- We're not far.
- Yeah.
Look at me. But we need to walk.
- [DARBY] Walk?
- Yes.
[SIAN] Come on. Let's go. Come on.
Stay close.

[DARBY] Wait. Is that
The guard shack.
Is that what I think it is?
All right.
All we need now is a key.
[SIAN] An OBD terminal.
- A hack?
I do know my way around vehicle command.
That's a lot of black ice.
- Sure we shouldn't walk?
- No.
Not in this storm.
So, you think what Bill
uncovered is connected to Andy?
I don't know.
I just think it's weird.
I mean, why wasn't
Andy in the safe room?
He's humiliated.
He hates losing control.
But I mean, why is
there even a safe room?
These climate suits?
What is this place, really?
Andy has run a lot of
climate projections.
He thinks the extremes slated
for 2050 are coming sooner.
A lot sooner.
He wants to be prepared for that.
Why hasn't he released that
information to the public?
People listen to him.
If you're on a plane
that is about to crash,
should one of the pilots really tell you
how many minutes until impact?
Especially if there's
nothing you can do?
Hundreds of millions of
people are going to die.
- Millions are dying already
- I think there are things you can do.
You can eat less meat,
you can stop driving a car.
All good, yes.
But it has to be so much
bigger, so much faster than that.
There's too much money in coal,
oil, industrial agriculture.
No one is gonna leave that on the table.
And they all think technology
is going to save them.
- Well, what does the King of Tech think?
- It will not save all of them.
I'll tell you this, but
you cannot repeat it,
if we get out of here alive.
Ronson Industries' coffers are dry.
The funding for his space program
has been completely drained.
Andy made me the face
of an empty PR campaign.
I don't think he's
sending anyone to space.
I think he's been draining
the funds for something else.
Probably this place,
but he won't say why.
And neither will we.
I wish I'd gone to
Bill's room that night.
He would've told me everything.
- Shit.

I guess today we'll find out
if this is Carmen Perez's pin.
[DARBY] We're meeting Sue
at the morgue at 11:00.
Take me to coffee?
[SUE] These are the two
I was telling you about.
Came up yesterday,
so thanks for coming,
pulling this together for us.
Sue says you have dental records?
[DARBY] Uh, yeah. Here.
- This is your girl.
I'm sorry. I'm just
thinking about her family.
Their daughter finally going home.
[SAM] You never give up, Sue.
No, it's not just me.
There's a bunch of us on the Internet.
We're all connected.
These two found a tiny
silver pin from a survivor.
And it belongs to Carmen Perez.
- Owe you, Sam.
- [SAM] You owe me nothing.
You want to do my job for free,
I'm just gonna say thank you.
[DARBY] Do you know if they
found anything with the body?
Uh, yeah, there's an
evidence bag over there.
Hair, clothing remains.
[BILL] Darby.
Oh, dear God in heaven.
They've found silver.
"E. Bell"?
[SUE] Okay, so I'm
gonna upload those photos
of that engagement ring
as soon as I pick up
my daughter from karate.
I'm so impressed by you two getting out
from behind the computer
and pursuing this trail.
It's momentous that we
found Carmen Perez today.
Oh, bless you. You have a cold?
No, I have, uh, ACHOO Syndrome.
Autosomal Dominant Compelling
Helioopthalmic Outburst.
I sneeze in transitions
from dark to bright light.
- You're pulling my leg, Bill.
- No, I'm not, I'm serious.
It's genetic. My father has it, too.
Here. Take these, then, sweetheart.
- Oh, thanks, Sue.
- I'll call y'all tomorrow.
All right, yep. Sounds good.
Goodbye, little quiet girl.
- Bye.
- Take care, Sue. Bye.
- Bye, Sue.
You know, we could ask her.
No, Darby.
She'd definitely let
us crash on her couch.
[SIGHS] Her family does not like
that she stays up late
investigating dead people.
There's no way They
don't want us staying there.
Well, fuck sleeping in this
thing for another night.
You haven't even heard my idea.
What's your idea?
Do you trust me?
Not at all.

[BILL] Can I help you with that?
Thank you.

Okay, follow my lead.
Bill? What-what are you
What are you what Bill?
[LAUGHS] What the hell?

Hey, man.
- Um
- Hold on.
Sorry, uh, we left the key in the room.
Uh, 115.
- Name?
- Uh, Miller?
- There you are, son.
- Thanks. Thanks, man. Let's go.
- [DARBY] Mm. Mm.
- [BILL] Mm.
- [BILL] Hey, do you want kids?
- [LAUGHS] What?
[BILL] Just, like, generally
speaking, do you want kids?
- Generally speaking, I have
- In the future?
- literally never thought about it.
- No?
- Probably not.
- Okay.
- You?
- Oh, yeah.
[BILL] Like, seven of them, at least.
- [DARBY] Seven at least?
- Yeah, why not?
[BILL] In middle school,
my mom used to see
this psychic called Faye Winter.
[DARBY] [LAUGHS] No, her
name was not "Faye Winter."
[BILL] [LAUGHS] I swear to God.
But she told my mom, she said, uh,
she said I'm only gonna have one kid
- [DARBY] Yeah.
- and it's gonna be with someone
I slept with only one time.
- You believe that shit?
- No, of course not.
That's why I'm having seven kids.
- This is us.
It's a little room.
- Whoa.
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, yeah.
- [LAUGHS] Yeah. This is great.
- Oh, no. Oh, shit.
- [LAUGHS] Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck. Oh.
- It's okay.
- Oh, God. No, it was the Millers.
- It was the Millers.
Now we're the Millers.
- God.
Oh, man.
You know, I'm not gonna say this often,
so don't get cocky, but
this was pretty clever.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
[WHISPERS] It was pretty clever.
My love has no beginning,
my love has no end ♪
No front or back and
my love won't bend ♪
I'm in the middle, lost ♪
[BILL] Hey, you've got good music taste.
It's, uh, it's dated, but I'm into it.
It's my mom's. It's her iPod.
- It's her music.
- Oh, really?
Okay. Easy.
We're celebrating, aren't
we? Had a huge break today.
Yeah, we did.
You ever think about looking for her?
Your mom?
- No.
- No?
We're pretty good
together at solving shit.
Feel like we could find her so easily.
Why would I look for
someone who left me?
Besides, she knows where I live.
I think we're nearing the end.
Of ?
This case.
I mean, look, we found all
of the Jane Does with silver,
and even if there are
bodies that we haven't found,
bodies not logged on NameUs, I mean
Also, maybe there aren't.
Maybe this ring belonged to his first.
Yeah, maybe.
I mean, it could lead us to him, Bill.
It could lead us straight to him.
How, though?
uh, serial killers are
hard to find, right,
because their victims are strangers.
So no matter how far you trace
the victim's web of
relationships, nothing connects.
No matter how many
family secrets you dig up,
you get nothing.
the first life that
a serial killer takes,
it tends to be someone he knows.
- So he gets the taste for it.
- Can we talk about something else?
Just for tonight? Uh Is that okay?
- Yeah. Yeah, sure. Yeah.
- Yeah?
It's just a lot. It's
- Sorry.

Okay, Darby.
- [BILL] You okay?
- Yeah.
It was intense what we saw today.
I grew up in a morgue, Bill.
Yeah, I mean, that's intense
too. You know that, right?
We've got a war to fight ♪
Never found our way ♪
Regardless ♪
Of what they say ♪
How can it feel ♪
This wrong? ♪
From this moment ♪
How can it feel ♪
This wrong ♪
Wait, Darby, Darby, wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
I'm, uh It's late.
You know? I'm gonna
I'm gonna go to bed, I think.
Never found our way ♪
Regardless ♪
Of what they say ♪
How can it feel ♪
This wrong? ♪
From this moment ♪
How can it feel ♪
This wrong? ♪
- Bill, I'm so sorry
- Can I just say something first?
Because I-I've been
thinking about it, and, uh
you know, we're out here
in the middle of nowhere
investigating women who
have been hurt by men.
And I'm a man, and that's
just a lot, you know?
And last night, it
didn't feel right, but
I just want to know what you want.
Um, if you, if you know what you want.
And there's no rush to that.
I want you to hold me.
Right now?
Yeah. Right now.
Do you want to kiss me?

- I can feel your heart racing.
- Don't call me out like that.



[SIAN] [DISTANT] We were in an accident.
The car flipped over
and tumbled a few times.
- [MARIUS] Where's the car now?
- Who gives a fuck about the car?
[EVA] Marius, can you get Andy?
- You, are you hurt?
- [SIAN] I'm fine. Ankle may be sprained.
Listen, she was out
for about 25 minutes.
Severe concussion, I think.
- [GRUNTS] It's jammed. Damn it.
Jesus fucking Christ.
- It's not coming off.
- Todd, get me the painkiller IV.
Are you a nurse?
I'm a doctor.
Is that morphine?
[SIAN] Todd.
Can you give me a hand
here? It's not coming off.
Just press the button
and it should release.
Wait, I-I don't want morphine.
It's just one milligram, for the pain.
It's all right.
- [SIAN] You see it? It's not coming off.
- The light's coming on.
[EVA] It's gonna be okay. Now
I'm just gluing this laceration.
What the fuck were you doing?
It's not Her-her
helmet's jammed or something.
- It's not responding.
- [SIAN] It won't release.
[ANDY] You're in manual override?
- [SIAN] Of course.
- What does the readout say?
[SIAN] "Helmet sealed."
[ANDY] How much oxygen?
Two minutes.
[SIAN] Is this a hack?
[ANDY] You need to
sit down. Conserve air.
- [MARIUS] Sian's helmet won't come off.
It's in manual. We can't get it.
She only has three
minutes of oxygen left.
Can we thread oxygen through the gap?
There is no gap. It's
sealed for chemical attacks.
- You could hit her skull.
- [SIAN] I'll take my chances.
- Hold still.
- [GRUNTS] Nothing doing.
[SIAN] One minute.
Okay. Lie back.
Brace yourself.
We need to do an emergency tracheotomy.
- Have you done one before?
- No.
- Only in school.
- Quick.
- You're gonna put her under?
- No. There's no time.
Try to relax.
[EVA] Okay. Hold that, hold that.
- [ANDY] Do it.
- [EVA] I'm just trying to
avoid hitting her vocal cords.
[ANDY] Do it.
- Come on, Eva.
[LEE] Hey.
You feel okay?
How you doing?
Where's Sian?
She's all right. She's
in her room recovering.
I'm sorry I have to keep waking
you. It's for the concussion.
I'm gonna let you go back to sleep.
[DARBY] Zoomer?
How long have I been asleep?
What did you just do?
I sneezed.
It's called Autosomal Dominant
Compelling Helioopthalmic Outburst.
I sneeze from the light.

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