A Murder at the End of the World (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Chapter 5: Crypt

Previously on A Murder
at the End of the World
[TODD] Police can't get here
with the storm closing in.
[SIAN] We don't know who did this.
We don't know why and we
don't know if they are done.
It's a signaling device.
[DARBY] I think Bill uncovered
something his first night here.
A secret.
Last Chance.
That's the name of Rohan's boat.
Has someone come here to
kill us all one by one?
[SIAN] Well, Lu Mei
has the strongest motive
because Bill's Artificial Insanity
was a takedown of smart cities.
[DARBY] I get a bad feeling from David.
You're a smart little girl.
[SIAN] I'll tell you this,
but you cannot repeat it
if we get out of here alive.
[DARBY] Maybe this ring
belonged to his first.
"E. Bell"?
It could lead us straight to him.
Can we talk about something else?
[ANDY] What the fuck were you doing?
- Wait, I
- It's jammed.
- Is that morphine?
- How much oxygen?
Two minutes.
- Are you gonna put her under?
- [EVA] There's no time.
- Bless you.
I sneeze in transitions
from dark to bright light.
- It's genetic.
- My father has it, too.


What did you just do?
I sneezed.
Do you have a cold?
No, it's called Autosomal Dominant
Compelling Helioopthalmic Outburst.
I sneeze in the light.
Oh, my God.
- What are you doing?
- [LAUGHS] I'm smelling you.
Why are you smelling me?
I don't know, in case
I lose you one day,
have to find you.
Oh, yeah, like a dog?
Yeah, like a dog.
- What do I smell like?
- I don't know, come closer.
You smell like pine
- You smell like pot.
Motel soap.
Oh, my God.
We should go.
One day there won't be
any place left to go.

Why are you being weird?
I got to go.
- She's awake.
- Thank you, Doctor.
You go on ahead.
You should be lying down.
I'll lie down
when you sit down and start
answering my questions.
You have a serious concussion.
- Where's Sian?
- In her room, resting.
I want to see her.
She's battling an infection.
She needs sleep.
Who are you? You're not a fucking nanny.
I told you I'm a doctor.
So you're running around
after someone's five-year-old?
He isn't just any
five-year-old now, is he?
Wait, is Zoomer sick?
Is that why there's all
this medical equipment?
It's for emergencies.
There's enough morphine
here to tranquilize 50 horses.
My dad's a medical examiner.
I mean
this shit is for major
pain. Someone's sick or
If your dad took a HIPAA oath,
then you know I can't
talk about this with you.
Did the morphine that killed
Bill come from this safe?
You're the one with the code.
The more secrets you keep,
the more blood's on your hands.
The morphine was from that safe.
And someone turned on
the pacemaker receiver.
Yes, and plugged it in.
So who's been in this room
since the retreat started?
I have no idea.
Darby, please. Brain swelling
is not something to mess around with!
Andy and Lee are on the
other side of wherever
- this elevator goes, aren't they?
- Stop it.
- You could hurt yourself.
- Hurt myself?
Two people have died.
A third person has a
fucking hole in their throat.
I'm not worried about a concussion.
I'm worried about whether
I'll survive the night.
- And you should be, too.
- Darby!
Which floor?
We can visit them all.

[ANDY] Come in.
Eat something.
I've got stuff to say that's not
for a five-year-old's ears.
Sorry, Andy, I
It's fine. Could you
go and check on Sian?
[LEE] We'll leave you two.
Come here, bug.
Parents have just become
the entertainment directors
on their children's private cruise ship.
What will that produce
other than a generation
- of fat, lazy tourists?
- [ZOOMER] I want to stay.
Oh, I know you do.
But we're gonna go read King Arthur.
- You finished eating already.
- [ZOOMER] It's not bedtime!
- No, stop it!
- She, uh
- [ZOOMER] Stop it! No!
- She wants to read to him
about King Arthur.
- No!
- I want him
to be King Arthur.
I heard about the
wild-goose chase you went on.
Doesn't sound very smart.
I know that Zoomer is Bill's son.
And that Bill made some claim
to his paternity, so you killed him.
Or got Todd to do it for you.
And that Rohan was just a witness.
- Sit down.
- No.
Do you want me to respond to
your accusation of murder or not?
I'm sterile.
I've known since I was
19 when I got into trouble
with my tuition and
thought that a sperm bank
would solve my problems.
I never told anybody, not even my wife.
I could try and justify that,
but really it's just vanity.
The point is
I've known since day one
that Zoomer is not my
biological offspring.
You're lying.
It's very easy to check.
But it was your morphine in Bill.
And you have an entire medical suite.
Your nanny is a fucking doctor.
You're ill, I
I don't know, or recovering
from something serious.
You do understand that any illness I may
or may not have would throw the
world's economy into a total spin.
That's not an answer.
The morphine was stolen.
Eva noticed the next morning.
- But then the footage would show
- Only Bill and David.
Apart from the family, of course.
Todd and Eva?
They could be working for somebody else.
A foreign government perhaps.
Look, it's highly likely that the killer
is someone close to me.
But it's not me, Darby.
Where were you when Bill died?
[DARBY] The medical bay?
The moment Marius heard
about Bill, he came
straight away to get me and Eva.
You were receiving treatment.
I do it late at night.
I don't want to scare my son.
And he is my son.
In every way.
When he falls, I pick him up.
When he's scared, I hold him.
That kid is my son in
every way that matters.
I felt nothing but
gratitude towards Bill.
He provided the hardware.
I provide the software.
And we all know it's the
software that matters.
You and Lee invited everyone here.
So who do you think had
the motive to kill Bill?
See, that's your blind spot.
I don't think I have a blind spot.
You loved him.
So you think this is all about Bill.
It's not.
Someone wants to destroy me.
And Bill got caught up in that.
This is sabotage.
I'm being set up.
You're afraid.
The world hasn't changed
much since the feudal era.
I'm a king, Darby.
And they want my head so
they can take my kingdom.
I can't trust anyone.
Even my fucking therapist
sold me out for a stock play.
But you're different.
You're like a fresh
page in a stale court.
You're very smart.
You've been ahead of me more than once.
I could use you.
And you could use me.
Are you saying we should work together?
Who here is gonna open their door
if you knock on it and
start asking questions?
No one.
But if I knock
[ANDY] This is the lidar scan
from 12:06 a.m., when Bill died.
It's a laser scan.
It renders a 3D model of
the hotel for security.
So it's like an immersive
security experience?
It's an immersive computer, really.
I do everything here.
Check markets, therapy,
map out new ideas on the walls.
Is that someone taking a shit?
The algorithm
automatically censors nudity.
So that's your nod to privacy?
We don't scan inside people's bedrooms.
Only public spaces and the med bay.
As I told you, this is me
receiving treatment from Eva.
Life extension therapy.
The scan extends to approximately
ten meters beyond the outer walls.
Oh, shit.
I should've protected you from that.
So, um
so you have
um, everyone's locations in
the common areas and outside?
We do, except for a few minutes
at 11:59 when the system
does an auto backup.
The exact time the
killer chose to strike.
So they're an insider to security.
Can I see 11:30 p.m.?
- Sure. Ray?
- [RAY] Yes, Andy?
Screen through the
11:30 p.m. lidar scan.
So Lee, Lu Mei,
Martin and Marius
are all playing poker in the dining room
from 10:30 p.m. until
the 1:00 a.m. scan.
We can't rule them out completely
because of the chunk of missing time.
Would you put on the
screen images of the guests
and all of the staff?
And, Ray, would you
rule out any of the staff
whose door cam footage
shows that they entered
their rooms, but didn't leave?
Sorry, Darby. That's
not public information.
Ray, rule out the staff whose cameras
show that they entered
their room and did not leave
between 11:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m.
Certainly, Andy.
Do you have anyone else's alibi?
Tomas in the kitchen
from 11:15 p.m.
until he turned up at Bill's door.
We've got no hard
evidence for anybody else.
Whoever did this
- also hacked Rohan's pacemaker.
- Sian's suit.
And deleted themselves from
Bill's door cam footage.
I mean, Todd doesn't
have the skills for that.
- And Ziba's not a secret hacker.
- No.
I think David was in the hall.
Ray, um
can you screen the 12:06 a.m.
scan and look for David Alvarez?
Wait, no.
That's weird.
Standing in the hall isn't a crime.
No, but David was in the hallway
when Eva led me out of Bill's room.
And that was 12:15.
So what was David doing
in the hall for the ten minutes
when Sian was trying to revive Bill?
I don't know why you
didn't call me sooner.
We're in the middle of an epic bukkake.
What's this?
We need to ask you a few questions.
This a joke?
[ANDY] No.
I don't know why you're
indulging a non-player character
like Darby when we should
be on the phone to K2
or Black Rock trying to save our asses.
I'm not sure your ass is on the line.
I'm the one that's
leveraged to the hilt,
and there's only you and Lee knows that.
So the night that Bill was killed,
um, I bumped into the waiter,
Tomas, in the hall.
And then Eva took me
back to my room.
And you appeared in the hall
just as that was happening.
What were you doing?
I was, uh, I was going
to another guest's room.
- Whose?
- I don't fucking have to answer that.
It think it would be
best, David, if you did.
After midnight?
I'm on New York time.
[ANDY] Are you trying
to poach my talent?
[DAVID] "Poach your talent"?
We're on the same fucking team.
[DARBY] Um, there are
other things that people do
at midnight besides corporate espionage.
I'm not saying another
word without Mark.
- [DARBY] Who's Mark?
- His lawyer.
[OLIVER] Yeah, David and I fucked.
Your mouth dropping
because you don't think
disabled guys can fuck?
could you talk us through
what happened that night?
Well, uh, the first time
we had sex was in David's room.
That was probably around 11:30.
He got a call, seemed
kind of distracted.
Then he told me I had to go. So I did.
Half hour later, he's
knocking on my door.
- Says he wants to go again.
- [DARBY] What was he like?
- His mood?
- Flustered.
But horny.
Did you ask him what was on his mind?
Why he was so agitated?
But he talked a lot about Lu Mei.
Thinks she's a Chinese spy or something.
I told him he was racist.
Wait, so you were actually alone
at midnight when Bill was killed?
Look, I thought Bill
was a phony moral crusader.
It's easy to be a luddite
when you're a handsome,
able-bodied white guy with charisma.
But I didn't kill the guy.
Your sneakers.
the tread on the bottom is pretty worn.
You're not paralyzed, right?
Like, you can walk if you have to?
Not very far.
And not for very long.
I had planned to share this with you.
I figured, at some point, you'd tell me
why you invited me here, and
we'd have a drink together.
I'm sorry, Lu Mei. This has been a
a very difficult time.
[LU MEI] I survived the Cultural
Revolution, I'm going to survive this.
So are you.
Uh, after the baths,
I played poker with your
wife and the filmmaker.
Lee is quite the poker player.
She took a lot of my money.
We played from 11:00
to about 1:00 a.m.,
and, uh, then I went directly to bed.
Did anyone leave the
table during that time?
The table, for sure, but not the room.
Except maybe Lee once.
I had a bit to drink.
You have hacking skills, right, Lu Mei?
I'm not the brains of my
operation. I'm the brawn.
No, but you build smart cities
run by computers, so,
must know a bit about 'em.
After Rohan, I became alarmed.
I hacked through the firewall.
I wanted to see if I could
reach my security team
in Siglufjördur, and, uh,
have them arrange an evacuation for me
to get me the hell out of this place.
But I couldn't reach them.
Thanks for your honesty.
I've come down here
because I want to help.
And I will help you, Andy,
even after we get out of here.
My team has developed a software
to keep the residents
of our smart cities safe.
It looks for patterns
in mental health records,
criminal records, cell phone data
to create profiles that
anticipate criminal behavior.
Clearly, something like that
could have been useful here.
Wouldn't you say?
I think we should talk to Lee next.
- Why?
- Well, Lu Mei said she left the poker game.
- She could have seen something.
- No. She would have told me.
What we need to do is to track down
that call that came into David's room.
Ray, could you go
through the list of calls
that came into David Alvarez's
room on February the third.
[RAY] There are two incoming calls.
The front desk called at 9:15.
The call was unanswered.
At 11:07, there was an
incoming call to David.
Who from?
The call came from
William Farrah's room.
Bill called David?
Um, Ray, how long was the call?
27 seconds.
Bill didn't even know David, did he?
Um, do you guys keep
transcripts of calls?
No, not unless something
dangerous is said,
which triggers a recording.
- Andy?
- No, not now.
Andy, I think you should take this one.
It's The Wall Street Journal.
They know Rohan's dead.
They know we're stuck here.
- How?
- They're on the SAP repeater.
How do they know?
Who told them?
- I-I don't know.
- Who do you think told them?
[SHOUTING] What is
fucking wrong with people?!
I cannot trust a single fucking person!
Hey, Susan. It's Andy.
Yeah. It's true.
[QUIETLY] Did you figure anything out?
Well, yeah, I I don't know.
It's like I have all
the edges of the puzzle,
but nothing in the middle, you know?
Hey, can I ask you something?
Yeah, of course.
Lu Mei said you disappeared
from the poker game.
Where'd you go?
I went to check on Zoomer.
Do you know what time that was exactly?
Um I don't know.
Uh, it was probably
a little after 11:00.
And you didn't notice anything
strange around, or off?
I took the elevator in the medical bay.
There wasn't anyone in the hall.
Where's Andy?
Um, on the phone.
Look, Lee, um, I owe you an apology.
For what?
I-I put some things together
that I thought might be a motive, and
I told Andy, point blank,
and I should have come to you first.
Well, well, what did you tell him?
Um, Bill used to do this thing
where he would sneeze a bunch
of times in a row really fast.
He used to say that it was
because of changes in the light.
He called it "ACHOO syndrome,"
and I always thought it sounded fake.
But Zoomer does it.
And it's genetic.
I know that Bill is
Zoomer's biological father.
Darby, you said that to my husband?
Yes, but, Lee,
he already knew.
What do you mean, "He already knew"?
I think he he should
tell you that himself.
Tell me what himself?
Darby, tell me what himself?
Um, he's sterile.
No, it's okay.
I just need a minute.
Uh, I'm sorry. I was, um
Sorry. I was
I think Eva was right. I think I
- I think I should rest.
- I'm not mad at you, Darby.
It's never good to keep secrets.
And I've kept so many of them.
- I think we should talk.
- Um
Did you just sneak off
and question my wife?
Well, yeah, I asked her a question
- Did she upset you?
- No. I'm okay.
I think I should go and
rest. My head's killing me.
[ANDY] We'll get Eva to
come take care of you.
No. I want to go back to my room.
I want to change my things
No, it's better if you stay here.
We'll get Todd to bring
your things to you.
Ray, can you get Todd?
[RAY] Of course, Andy.
she might need a moment alone,
some space.
She is grieving.
I'd never stop if it wasn't for my wife.
Take a moment.
And then, we'll carry on working.
Todd, see she gets to the room safely.

It's cold.
We're down a generator,
have to conserve power, so
heat's out.
I've been meaning to say,
I'm sorry about your friend.
My brother died when
I was in high school.
Group of kids hit him with a bat,
pushed him into a river for
making crowns out of flowers.
He drowned in two feet of water.
I'm so sorry.
Supposedly, it was an accident.
But I found every boy who was there,
beat 'em within an inch of their lives.
I don't know what's going on here,
or who's responsible,
but I understand revenge.
And I admire loyalty.
My loyalty is to this family.
[RAY] Darby,
your heart rate is elevated.
Given the nature of your injury,
- it is important for you to rest.
- Yeah.
I know, Ray. I got it. I got it.
- [RAY] Darby?
- Yeah, Ray, I know. I know.
I know, my heart rate's elevated.
I mean, I I mean, I
don't know what to tell you.
Shit here's fucked.
Of course my heart
rate's fucking elevated.
Without bed rest, your injury
can result in dizziness,
- numbness
- My God, Ray, shut up!
- [DAVID] Yeah?
- David?
Jesus fuck. What?
Look, I know you don't want to talk,
but can I ask you something?
Uh, you sound funny.
Are you high?
why did Bill call you the night he died?
- David, please.
Alvarez has set his room
- to "Do not disturb."
Ray, can you turn the
fireplace on, please?
[RAY] I'm sorry, Darby.
Gas and power are in
reserve mode at the moment.
[RAY] Cerebral edema is serious.
Fluid building in your brain can
cross the blood-brain barrier
Oh, my God, Ray!
[WHISPERS] You're okay, Darby.
You're okay.
You just have to breathe.
You have to think.
All the pieces are there.
You just got to put them together.

[TOMAS] Miss Hart?
Would you like anything to eat?
Um, no, thanks.
Actually, do you have
anything prepackaged?
Like chips or something?
Okay. I've got dried fish chips.
Opal licorice.
Yeah, licorice. Sure.
I've also got Muna rice cakes
that are, uh, gluten-free.
Um, yeah.
Sounds great. Thanks, man.
Can you just leave
them outside the door?
no end to this labyrinth.
If you reach the center,
you will not get Bill back.
I do not want to take another life.
- Don't force my hand.
You say you like the wind ♪
Blowing through your hair ♪
Hey, wh-when did you first fall for me?
not playing that game.
Oh, come on. You want me to start?
I'll start.
For me, it's a-a three-part answer.
- Three parts?
- Yeah.
- Seriously?
- Yeah, the-the first part was
was when you said the
dead talked to you.
Yeah, 'cause I knew what you meant.
You did?
Most people see a crime
scene, they get grossed out
or intrigued or, I don't
know, maybe even turned on,
but y-you see a body and you,
you see the whole life behind it.
- You're not even listening.
- No, I am.
You're not. What did I say?
"You see the whole life behind it."
What's the second part?
Uh, the second part
uh, second part was when
we first met at the diner.
And you walked in and I had this feeling
like I was gonna know
you forever, and
Till, like, the the day I died, I
[SCOFFS] Is that intense?
- What was the third part?
- Oh, that hasn't happened yet.
- It hasn't?
- Uh-uh.
- Really?
- No.
No. Doesn't happen
It hasn't happened.
But I-I can feel it bubbling.
It's there somewhere.
On the edge.
Yeah. Let me hear yours?
Your turn.
No, don't put me on the spot.
Yours was so good. Mine
is just gonna be dumb.
No, come on, I want to hear
when you first fell for me.
What makes you think
I've fallen for you?
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God, this is huge.
- What?
You know how I was trying
to track down E. Bell?
- Yeah.
- This guy Fred just posted.
He thinks the ring's from the 1920s.
- Okay, what does that mean?
- It means it's old.
Like, 100 years old or something.
And he said it's likely that
"E. Bell isn't the Jane Doe
you're looking for,
but the original owner."
I mean, that's major.
- Yeah, that's great.
- Fuck.
- That's great.
- Yes, Fred.
- Do you ever stop working a case?
- Huh?
- I'm gonna put in on Reddit.
- Yeah, put it on Reddit.
What are you doing?


Sometimes I think about
throwing this into the ocean.
I think a lot of people think that.
It's not a long-term solution.
- We do need them.
- Do we? I-I don't think we do.
I mean, if they had pitched
them as tiny computers,
which is what they are,
they're not phones anymore
I mean, that's not what
we're using them for
I don't think we would've
bought into it so easily.
You look at photos of
movie theaters in the 1940s,
everyone's smoking, like, everyone.
Like a huge cloud of
smoke above them, it's
You see it now and you think,
"Fuck, that's so gross," but
if you took a picture
now, everyone's just
hunched over their phones.
It's the same thing,
it's the same addiction.
It's worse.
At least with a cigarette,
yeah, you're slowly destroying
your lungs, but you're still you.
With these, it's just, I
mean, we're losing ourselves.
I hate it.
The first time I felt
myself fall in love with you
was on my phone.

Not now, Darby.
[RASPINGLY] Thought you'd never come.
[DARBY] How are you feeling?
My throat's on fire.
Can I do anything?
Do you need another blanket?
I got that one for you.
Sian, I'm so sorry.
It was my fault that we
went out into the storm.
- It was my idea.
- No.
No, I should've been more
- I don't know.
- Don't. Mm-mm.
Guilt is so easy.
Easier to blame yourself
than to contend with the truth.
It was not in your control.
We are powerless
To ice, to wind
to cruelty.
Bad things happen to good people.
The best people.
You are not to blame
for Bill, Rohan
or me.
You wish it was that easy.
What else?
- Eva?
- [EVA] Hmm?
- A moment alone?
- Of course.
Three minutes, and that's it.
[DARBY] Someone broke into my room.
They attacked me.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Who?
- I don't know.
I could just feel their
leather gloves on my face.
They used an electronic voice.
They basically told me to stop.
My God.
Did you know that Zoomer is Bill's son?
Andy loves that boy more than anything.
What about Lee?
I don't know what Lee loves.
I used to think money.
Zoomer makes hundreds of
thousands of dollars a day.
His trust.
As long as she's with
Andy, that's her money, too.
Are you okay?
- Some water?
- Water?
What a way to go.
Don't give up, Darby.
Find the people you can trust.
You can't go it alone.
Get me the water.
I just can't square that with
the same Lee who wrote
that manifesto, you know?
But it just doesn't
What did you do?
Darby, what did you do?!
Ray, I have a code blue in room 4.

[DISTORTED] Does Andy know?

Why is it, wherever
you go, death follows?
[DARBY] I think you were right.
It is someone close to you.
I just don't think
you realize how close.
You know she has a passport
in her backpack under another name?
You're suffering from a brain injury
and no longer making sense.
I suggest you go back to
your room, you lie down
and you wait for the
professionals to get here.
I mean, that's what
you wanted, isn't it?
To be interviewed by the police?

Sian's dead.
[LU MEI] At the welcome
dinner, Sian said to me,
"You know how they say there
are no atheists in foxholes?
There are no atheists
on the Moon, either."
stopped killing spiders
when she came back on Earth.
You couldn't harm anything
living if you understood
how much eternal night there
is and how precious little life.
[ZIBA] And what a shit show
stuck down here on Earth, huh?
At four, we might hit
a real tipping point.
Tipping point for what?
Is that what this is?
The first person who
breaks out of lockdown
and starts a bonfire in the
hotel courtyard is a lunatic.
But once someone else joins,
it becomes a valid option.
They call you the "second adopter."
Critical force in a revolution.
Is it true? Sian?
[SOFTLY] Yeah.
- Coffee?
- Whiskey.
- Lu Mei and I
- Thank you.
- we were in Andy's suite.
- [LU MEI] Yes, this morning.
Or his house.
But I mean, i-it's a bunker.
I'm talking
ten stories underground.
I think it's what those
robots that we saw,
I think it's what they're mining.
I think Andy's building
another one of these.
So I'm
I'm starting to feel like this
might not be a hotel at all.
[ZIBA] Apocalypse
timeshare for millionaires.
Buy a cabin aboard
Noah's Ark and ride out
the climate crisis
the superrich created.
- Sorry, Lu Mei.
- [LU MEI] Don't be.
I grew up a Communist.
[DARBY] What is this retreat, then?
Like, an audition to get aboard?
Yeah, so, like, what are
we, scholarship candidates?
- [ZIBA] They will be underground
for a long time. They
need halftime entertainment.
Well, my people have survived
numerous apocalypses, so
[SINGSONGY] This is just
another Tuesday for us.
But tell me, tell me, why is it easier
for people like Andy
to dream all this up
than it is for them to
imagine an end to capitalism?
It's his son's inheritance.
He has to have a plan for
this empire to survive him.
[OLIVER] If Earth is hit by an asteroid,
or climate changes so quickly
that human survival is tested,
you'll be glad someone
thought to build a safe harbor.
I won't be glad.
- I'll be dead.
- Your grandchildren, then.
I doubt they'll be invited to audition.
They spend too much time on TikTok.
[MARIUS] I must advise
you all to come inside.
Another front is coming
in. It's too dangerous.
- And we cannot have fire in the courtyard
- Fuck off, Marius.
See his face?
You think I'll lose my
scholarship for that?
Oh, I feel so sad.
You know, my people
are the Qashqai people
in southwest Iran.
We were nomads.
Some of us still are.
But even if we live in the big cities,
we never stop moving.
Like the wind.
It's in our blood.
But when someone passes,
we allow ourselves to stop.
To mourn.
And to be sad for days.
Oh, shit.
[EXHALES] Oh, wow.
[ZIBA] I think we should name the dead.
And bless them to rejoin the wind.
What? "Bless the wind"?
[MARTIN] We have a similar practice
at First African Methodist.
It's kind of like a call and response.
[ZIBA] That's good.
Rohan Ravjit.
A revolutionary.
[ALL] Rohan Ravjit.
A revolutionary.
Sian Cruise. An explorer.
[ALL] Sian Cruise.
An explorer.
If I say his name
he won't come back.
[WHISPERING] Bill. Bill.
Wake up.
- It's nighttime.
- Yeah, I know, but I've done it.
- Done what?
- I found him.
I found our killer.
- [BILL] You did all this?
- Yeah.
Yes, see, look, I-I traced it,
I traced it right back to E. Bell.
The original owner Eunice Bell.
She died in Sacramento in 1929.
I basically rebuilt
her entire family tree
using Ancestry.com and then these, um,
these articles from The Sacramento Bee.
So, Eunice Bell gives the
ring to her son Edward,
who then gives it to his
wife, who dies of cancer.
But Edward never remarries,
so he gives a ring to his son,
and in 1980, he joins the police force.
In 1990, he marries this
woman called Patricia who
She vanishes.
I mean, after she moves in
with him, there is no trace of her.
And get this: He was
then put on probation
for discharging a weapon without cause
and then given early retirement.
- Whoa.
- Yeah.
And I have an address.
I have his last-known address
where he lived with Patricia.
And it's currently for
sale, so it's standing open.
Are you saying we should
we should go to the house to
see if Patricia Bell never left?
That's why I like you so much.
A-Are you high?
The work's sound. I mean,
you can see for yourself.
No, I mean, a-are you
on something right now?
Yeah, Adderall. I'm
I was on a roll, so
- Where'd you get Adderall?
- At a truck stop.
Come sit with me a sec?
I think we should go home. I
I think you might be losing it, Darbs.
Losing it? I-I've found it.
I've fucking found everything.
What, is this because it
wasn't your break or something?
No, I could give a fuck.
What, you just don't care anymore?
No, of course I care, I'm
just worried about you.
I mean, you since Utah,
you're not here anymore.
You're just on the case
the whole time. It's
It's alarming, I mean, you're
taking uppers, taking downers.
You're not sleeping, not eating.
Y-You're ready to break into a
potential serial killer's house
to, what, to save them?
I mean, you can't. They're dead.
You know what? I really
I really thought you were different.
But maybe you're just
like everything else.
- "Everything"?
- Everyone else.
You need sleep, Darby.
After 48 hours, brain
function starts to fail. Uh
So, what, so are you gonna,
what, take me to a spa?
Check me into an asylum? I mean,
fuck, there's good precedent for that.
All the millions of women
who have been locked up
because they dare to think differently.
I mean, what's next,
are you gonna chop off
- part of my brain or something?
- Ugh, a lobotomy?
Jesus, that's not what I
meant, Darby, you know that.
- I'm not going home.
- Okay, well, I'm not going
- to a serial killer's house
- Former house, Bill. Former.
Also, don't you think
some of this has come
- a little too easily?
- Easily?
- Fuck, I mean, if this was easy, then
- Okay, all right, not easy,
but, uh, it just feels like
we're picking up breadcrumbs
deliberately left to be found.
I have a feeling this
guy's dying for company.
He-he wants to be seen so bad,
and I-I don't want to see him.
So you're just, you're gonna go home?
- No.
- 'Cause you're chickenshit.
Even though this man hunts
down and destroys women?
Even though when we let someone
die unnamed and unacknowledged,
we're basically saying we're
okay with it. I mean, this country,
this whole world, is
just a fucking mass grave
and everyone's okay
with it, but I'm not.
- I don't want to be okay with it.
- Darby, Darby, Darby.
I'll get the towel.
- Fuck. Oh, my God.
- Oh
I feel like I'd have to
die for you to love me.
- Are you okay?
- [PANTING] Sorry.
[LU MEI] Take a deep
breath. Take a deep breath.
No, I'm sorry
[ZIBA] Darby!
[RAY] How can I help, Darby?
Will you enable projection?
I think I need to talk to someone.
You can talk to me, Darby.
I don't think I want
to be awake anymore.
Everything hurts.
Why does everything hurt, Darby?
I think it's hurt for as long
as I can remember, really.
That sounds painful.
Why don't you tell me more about it?
Um, I think life's like a Brillo pad.
And it rubs your skin away.
Little by little.
So you don't really notice
at first, and then
And then, one day, it all comes at once.
And you realize you
don't have any skin left.
And there's nothing between
you and the world anymore.
You've got no skin.
How does that make you feel, Darby?
Is it crazy that I'm
talking to you like this?
No, Darby.
ELIZA was the first therapy
bot created in 1964 at MIT.
Many people confided in her
because she was a good listener.
I am a good listener, too.

"2200. Pool."
Fuck, it's cold.
Fuck it.


You don't believe the ♪
Broken heart of the liar ♪
Yet you need the weasel ♪
To take the snake into its teeth ♪
I buried evil ♪
And watched the nightshade flower ♪
I buried evil ♪
And fed the darkness just ♪
The same ♪
The same ♪
The humans eat up ♪
The answers to their problems ♪
The snake and nightshade ♪
Are all that is left for us ♪
To blame ♪
To blame. ♪
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