A Piece of Your Mind (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

♫ A smile in the sunlight ♫
♫ Though I may not be alright ♫
♫ You help me feel ♫
♫ Better than before ♫
♫ And that's what I love you for ♫
A Piece of Your Mind
Do you remember this music?
- This is "Je Te Veux " composed by Erik Satie in 1881.
- That's enough.
Stop the music.
Who are you?
I am Ha Won.
This won't do.
If I ask Ha Won 'Who are you?',
then how and what are you supposed to say to me?
You have to say "Are you sick, Hoon?" That's how Ha Won would react.
What's with "I am Ha Won"?
Listen carefully.
You are Ha Won's personality and emotional conversation device.
Then you have to meet the conversation standards of Ha Won.
You're worse than Siri.
Your self-esteem hurts hey? Mine hurts too.
Why are you not coming out? How many days has it been?
Please just ask one question at a time.
Oh, stop.
You scared me. Why?
I heard Ha Won's voice.
Ha Won is over there.
It's a device I've never seen before. You two are inventing something again aren't you?
- When are you going to show it to us?
- It's not done yet.
Go and do your meeting.
Connecting to genetics and medicine, it has marked the beginning of network medicine.
- Here you go.
- Good work, thanks.
Using AI (articifial intelligence)
AH is taking the lead in building a more advanced medical research platform.
Pause it.
- Get rid of that composite image.
- The hospital is asking that we put you in.
Get rid of it.
I will substitute in Chairman Kim Hoon.
taking the lead in building a more advanced medical research platform.
The visual was better before.
It's looks more credible now.
How is the psychiatric counselling framework?
It's 93%.
It's at world best level if it's 93% with medical staff using A.I.
What? Your personality and emotions?
There's no chance.
Listen carefully.
Up to now, if computers have determined the average pattern of emotions and applied it to individuals.
you put the feelings of an individual here as the pattern.
This is amazing, for real.
But it's not coming out.
There's no way but to communicate with it. It didn't work with me so I thought maybe it would work with you.
It's not coming out. It's not coming out. I've been carrying it around with me
everywhere for 3 nights and 4 days and been communicating with it.
It's because the response feature hasn't come out yet.
So, what I mean is what is that response feature? When, and how?
When, how, at what point does it become you?
What makes this machine you?
The machine finds it itself.
If, perhaps Ha Won, there is no response feature,
it's a fail.
Ha Won Moo
A Piece of Your Mind
Episode 1
Directory - 2nd Floor Recording Studio A, 1st Floor Photo Studio & Office Room, B1 Floor Training Studio
Who are you?
Because of the music.
Because the owner of the building is greedy for more money, he's getting rid of the recording studio.
Let's do it again from here.
Have a nice day.
Leave the door open so at least one more person can hear the music.
It's the last song recorded in here.
It's raining.
I'm going to stay here for just a little while longer.
Thunder, it's loud.
4 pm. It's daytime but it's dark.
the woods after school, and dark afternoon.
Do you remember it?
Ji Soo was afraid of it.
When it's around the time of day where you pass through the woods after school,
it is 3:20 pm.
It becomes dark in an instant.
The name that Ji Soo gave it was,
Afternoon like the night.
afternoon like the night.
What about the response feature?
Thunderbolt. Why thunderbolt?
It's the machine's choice.
so Won.
So, what do you mean?
Since you're at the level,
I'm really curious about one thing.
Is it still all about Kim Ji Soo?
At AH, by fusing math, medicine,
science, and humanities, we form a pattern,
and create a unique commercialized network system
Time has passed and the way of yearning has changed.
Besides feeling a little empty,
nothing has changed.
- Ahjussi! The trees are good!
- Oh, yes.
How are the trees getting better by the second?
Are you okay?
I'm okay. My babies.
You guys are not okay, right?
Ah really, why did I fall?
My babies, stand up, stand up!
I can't believe this!
I'm so tired.
When did you come here?
Until when was grandma in Oslo?
From 1997 until 2005.
Grandma keeps saying she is in Africa,
and I have a mountain of work!
Do you know the UV rays on a farm are no joke?
All those rays drill into you. Melanin
I've always been known for my good skin.
Don't sit by the threshold.
I don't have any luck to run out of.
(Staying on the threshold is believed to bring bad luck.)
How many years has Soon Ho been at this farm?
Eight years.
Nine years.
One year less? It's nine years!
Uncle, do you think there's any way I can go to Seoul? I want out of here.
You said you don't like anywhere else except the farm.
That's the past.
9 posts
107 following
I think there may be something you can do.
What? Where?
What do you mean you bought a recording studio?
It's an excellent space to get another voice recording. I'm going to try and test one more person here.
That's right, we can't publicize yours. How can we expose your mind?
We can't publicize this one either.
Who is it?
You want me to meet Kim Ji Soo?
Okay! As soon as I meet her,
I'm going to slap her in the face.
How does it feel to lose out on Korea's Mark Zuckerberg?
I'm going to tell her that and take a picture of the expression on her face.
Soon Ho, the comparison is far-fetched and I feel like you're really going to slap her.
This is something I need to do.
What are you going to do for me?
There is a person who goes well with Ji Soo.
Can you move?
I'm okay but
Where in this building are you going?
The 2nd floor here. The cactus was here even before I came in so I was just going to leave it,
but if they close down the place, then I feel like they will just get rid of it so I decided to take it with me.
Oh, you worked at the recording studio.
- Where should I put this?
- Just right over there.
What did you do at the recording studio?
I was a sound engineer.
There is a person that goes well with Ji Soo.
I love the smell of emptiness.
It's a studio just for classic recording,
but I don't know why they are closing down.
Only classic? I wonder why.
But, who said it was closed?
No way
It's not closed.
I'm the new manager here.
I can't believe it.
I thought it was the end but you're saying it's not.
Right? It means I can still come out here right?
- What was your major?
- Data processing.
How are you doing classical music?
I've been also studying music and basically, engineering is
How old are you?
It's a problem. Twenty-nine year old's are the most problematic.
They have the most worries in the whole wide world!
Rather than thirty-nine year old's and forty-nine year old's, twenty-nine year old's worry the most.
They are the ones that are getting old.
When they become 30, they think they are 60.
I'm still allowed to come out to the recording studio right?
Let's decide that gradually.
Ow, my back.
Can you buy me some dishes?
Eun Joo Lodge
Why does she ask others to buy them when she can just order them herself. It doesn't feel right.
It's not a big deal.
What about work? Are you going to keep at it?
Thank you for the meal.
There was no mention of me quitting.
I'll go out now.
- Unni, I'll just be a minute.
- Why?
I can't believe it. The actual person selling the dishes came.
- Who is it?
- Kim Ji Soo.
- Do you know her?
- No.
- What's the soup for tonight?
- Bean sprout soup.
- Did you put tofu in it or not?
- I don't know.
- Oh.
- Jeez.
It's really not a big deal.
Just a person I've never met before walked up the hill.
Unexpectedly she came as if burrowing her way into my heart.
Kim Ji Soo?
I was so thankful.
Just in case they would break.
Here are the dishes.
You can keep them.
- Why?
- As you live life, things can happen.
But she really does exist. Kim Ji Soo really exists.
You know her?
An imaginary person?
Kim Ji Soo is a person that I've only wondered about for nine years.
It's way over 9 years since I started.
- So what?
- I'm just saying.
Anyway, I have no interest in those dishes.
These dishes, unworthy of you, have been carefully packaged by Kim Ji Soo,
and she carried these heavy dishes on the bus and walked up a hill.
She even told me a hundred times she was extremely thankful.
Don't thoughtlessly be like that to the dishes.
Oh, this one.
- What is this?
- They said you would know if I showed you. Recording schedule?
These are performers I've never heard of before.
- Oh my. If you don't know them, you don't do recordings for them?
- I have to.
- You have a lot to do, right?
- Yes, a lot.
I'll work hard.
Hello, hello!
Hello! Yes, hello to you too.
You're here!
What is this? I thought I would never be able to record in here again.
I know, right?
- Lower the balance of the cello.
- Yes.
What is this?
What happened here?
Dear Dawn, please clean up before you leave.
Afternoon like the night.
I'll do the cleaning.
Excuse me. Who are you and why are you in there?
Did the sun rise?
What is that person?
Look at the time interval, at exactly dawn. That person-
What is this?
I forgot to clean up after myself.
I'll do it.
Didn't you rent for the dawn?
Until 4 am.
It's way past that time.
I'm so busy.
I come at 8:30 sharp so please clean up before I come.
Leave the door open so at least one more person can hear it.
Seo Woo!
You found the place correctly.
Ah, it's because of the concert today. Give me that.
No, it's okay.
Grandma has been taking care of these trees for over thirty years.
Wow, all by herself?
- She's so amazing.
- She is very determined and caring for all living things.
How many people are coming?
The living room gets filled to its max. If there's more then they all sit in the yard.
Wow, it must be a big event.
Let's just say they are big on house events.
Grandma works as a diplomat,
and she supports Korean musicians who have talents and holds concerts for them.
She must've really enjoyed doing that.
Grandma has done so many good deeds.
I know right? If you sum up all the money she has supported the musicians with,
I could have bought a building!
Grandma emphasizes that they are all like relatives and brothers and sisters,
but that's not it.
I'm only thinking of one uncle as a family, and the rest are all strangers.
Why is it only that person that is family?
Because he's handsome. And has talent.
Did you believe me? That's not so.
There's a story behind that with uncle.
I've never seen someone in real life who supports people. Grandma is just amazing.
What do you think? Is your trust level going up with me?
So, by the way
Can you record for me a few phrases from Kim Ji Soo?
Why should I?
Do you think I would know?
I don't even know what this machine is for.
If you record with this, the audio is really vivid. It's as if someone is talking right beside you.
Exactly. I guess he wants to hear vividly Kim Ji Soo's voice.
You have to explain to me who, and why they want this in order for me to do it.
So, what I mean is, someone,
- misses Kim Ji Soo.
- Who?
Let's just stop here.
I'm not close with Kim Ji Soo enough for me to record her voice.
Do you have to be close?
You can just buy some more dishes. Meet up with her and buy dishes.
Then, converse with her. Make small talk with her and then say:
'Wow, your voice is amazing.' Then record her voice.
Does one record someone's voice when their voice is pretty?
Does anyone just go about saying: 'I love your voice very much. Can I record it?'
Let's not make a big deal out of this.
A record player? That looks very old.
I wonder if it still works.
What's up with that person and Kim Ji Soo?
Island-like kids.
You asked. About me and Kim Ji Soo.
How long have you two known each other for?
In Norway, two Korean kids met,
and they became middle school students, and then high school students.
As soon as the sun would rise they would meet, and when the sun sets they would say goodbye.
And during the white night, they were together 24 hours.
They didn't like it when the sun set.
- Ka.
- Kya.
(They are just reading out the alphabet)
- Keo.
- Kyeo.
- Ko.
- Ku.
- Kyu.
A leaf without anyone noticing,
lands right on my shoulder.
The universe placed a hand on my body.
It's so light.
The language of the two of them became a secret, and the children were bonded to each other like an island.
Who are you?
Introduce yourself first. Then I'll explain my relationship.
Why are you hiding?
Why the voice recording? Why do you need it?
Do you have no plan to meet Kim Ji Soo?
What about the favour I asked about?
I don't know. I feel like she's going to do it, but at the same time I feel like she won't.
Why did you ask me to do something like this?
What are you going to do with that audio voice recording?
A voice recording will be enough. I just need a piece of Kim Ji Soo-
I just need a piece of Kim Ji Soo.
Where are you right now?
Look for me.
I just need a piece of Kim Ji Soo.
Have you finished?
No, it was so dark in here. There's no lights.
If you just hit it a few times it worked, but, I will let the manager know.
I have night-blindness. I have a hard time in a theatre too.
Can you see?
Yes. I'm used to the dark.
It's over here.
I can see that.
Look for me.
Um, from what time did you rent the studio today?
I came here early because I heard it was empty. Around 7 pm.
So then I guess you were here all night.
I just thought I had heard a similar voice to yours.
He was hiding so I couldn't see the face.
Yes, the farm that the manager has. She had asked me to record something so I went.
It's some kind of a room. With an old record player.
There was no place to hide in there but he was hiding and talking to me.
Until when was grandma at Oslo?
- From 1997 until 2005.
- What did he ask from his hiding spot?
He told me to look for him.
What did you say that made him say that?
I had just asked him where he was and he told me to look for him.
Why did you ask him where he was?
Because he was hiding and talking to me.
- That's strange.
- It's more than that.
There's been so many strange things happening lately. People who I've never met before just showing up in my life.
Asking me weird favours.
Sorry to bother you.
Time is money here.
Work hard.
Excuse me,
do you understand someone saying they want a audio voice recording of someone they miss?
It's not normal, but I understand.
I think there's no difference with keeping a photograph, or keeping a voice recording.
Work hard.
- I think it will be okay to record the voice-
- No, don't do it!
That girl is weird.
How desperate is she to even sell dishes!
- Just record her voice.
- No!
It's all fake. Han Seo Woo is stupid to be in the middle of all that.
Just reveal her real name!
- What's her name, the one who got married in my major-
- Aigoo!
I told you to put all used dishes in the sink! I did all the dishes but-
So should I record her voice or not?
Eun Joo Lodge
When the sun is up and shining, open the windows.
Don't close the curtains! It rained a lot there too, right?
The lower chamber here is flooded.
It's chaotic with all the water in the boiler room.
You'd think we are up high so we would be okay, right?
Seo Woo! Today, all the young ones came and took pictures and went on trips together.
They looked like they were enjoying their lives.
You should date too. You're young so you should date.
When the sun is up and shining, open the windows, okay?
Don't close the curtains. It rained a lot there too, right?
The lower chamber here is flooded. It's chaotic with all the water in the boiler room.
You'd think we are up high so we would be okay, right?
Seo Woo! Today, all the young ones came, and took pictures and went on trips together.
They looked like they were enjoying their lives.
I programmed it so that it wouldn't communicate with other people except for you and me.
It could be a simple error or a mistake.
What are you going to do, just leaving machines behind?
Did I or didn't I tell you it would be hard to use as a psychiatric consultation tool if you couldn't put a language discriminant?
I've reprogrammed it again. There won't be another error.
Use it again, and try and look for another mistake.
Is he saying there will be a mistake or not?
I'm tired.
Send me the Seoul address that will be receiving the package. I'll fulfill the mission.
She's making things complicated. Why can't she just receive the package where she usually has been?
Send any address in Seoul. Han Seo Woo said she will do it.
What are you looking at?
The green over there.
My mind and heart feels at ease when I look at the colour green.
If I sit down here I think I will be covering the green, so should I move my seat?
No, that's okay.
Do you work around here?
Yes, it's just a few bus stops down.
I had asked to meet because I had wanted to order more.
Do you like the dishes? They go along with Korean food too.
I can just send them to the same address right?
No, no. Not there. Don't come and bring them yourself. They are heavy.
The address iswhat did she say? She's just someone I know.
I'll write the address down.
It's a prescription.
I know what kind of medicine it is.
I did go to see a psychiatrist. Just once.
Lately, isn't it common just like the common cold?
Where should I write it down?
I can send it to you through text.
That's right. What am I doing
When I would feel frustrated, I would go to the highest place in the neighborhood.
When you look down at the city you feel much better.
The astronauts say that when they look down at earth from space they come down with a different viewpoint.
All their worries feel like grains of sand.
That's why I'm selling dishes. After the psychiatry consultation,
I felt like I should be doing something so I've been posting pictures of my dishes.
In 3 months, I've never been out but that was my first outing, delivering the dishes to you.
Wait a moment.
So, you know ABCDEFG, right?
Consonant, vowels, and phrases.
So phrases like what?
I'll just send it through email.
I'm not even going to understand anyway.
Check your email. You'll understand when you see it.
When you record her voice, refer to the email.
What is this?
♫ All the stories of ♫
♫ the days of loneliness ♫
♫ Echo through your empty room ♫
♫ Are you alright? ♫
♫ I see the glisten in your eyes ♫
♫ The tears of a broken heart ♫
♫ I'm calling you home. ♫
♫ Won't you be here by me? ♫
♫ Your heart is weeping ♫
Let's go.
♫ in the ocean ♫
♫ A lonely flower is you ♫
♫ Your heart is weeping in the ocean ♫
♫ A lonely flower is you ♫
♫ Keeping your heart ♫
♫ Wherever you go ♫
♫ Sleep tight, good night ♫
♫ I'll be here, for you ♫
♫ Love, I'll be your moon, ♫
♫ Be your sun, for you ♫
Won, look at the ceiling.
My mind and heart feel at ease.
Come in.
Stand in front of the mic.
You can just say whatever you want to do.
I'll record it and sell your voice at a high price to someone who misses you a lot.
There's no person like that.
Don't you think everyone has at least one person who misses them?
Don't think too hard about it. If you don't feel comfortable, you don't have to do it.
What should I be doing?
First, let's start with ABCD.
When I give you the signal, you can start.
Gya. Geo. Gyeo.
Go. Gyo.
- Gu. - Gu. Gyu.
It's not ABCD?
Let's try it for longer this time.
The phrase isjust a moment.
A leaf without anyone noticing,
lands right on my shoulder.
A leaf without anyone noticing lands right on my shoulder.
The universe placed a hand on my body.
It's so light.
It's so light.
The phrases earlier, you memorized them.
I studied Korean through Korean poetry and fiction in Norway.
I'll send the dishes as soon as I get home.
The address.
It's near the cafe.
I've never been to unni's house before.
I sent it.
Then, I'll get going.
Han Seo Woo
47-341 Okin-dong Jongno-gu
It's Ha Won, right?
Is all of this something Ha Won asked you to do?
I'm not sure who he is.
The address you sent me, is the address that only Ha Won and I know.
I'm not sure.
What about this address then?
Who lives here?
My manager.
What's your manager's name?
Moon Soon Ho.
Oh, it's not.
Right, it doesn't make sense anyway. I'm just being overly sensitive all by myself.
There's no way.
You're okay, right?
Seo Woo! Who is that?
My heart is beating so fast.
I used up all my life's worth of lies.
I asked who that is.
Kim Ji Soo.
Are you crazy? Why did you bring her here?
Answer: Ha Won.
That Ha Won is just telling everyone he is Ha Won.
Kim Ji Soo looked at the address and said right away: 'Is all of this something Ha Won asked you to do?'
She said this is an address that only the two of them know about.
Kim Ji Soo memorizing all the phrases, and the address she knows,
Ha Won is basically just sending out obvious hints about himself.
It should be about time he shows up in person.
Why isn't he coming out?
So, I asked you, why did you bring her here?
Who is Ha Won?
- Why do you want to know that?
- He said to look for him.
Ha Won said that to you?
Anyway, anyway, he's so crazy. That's why you bring Kim Ji Soo here.
I can't believe all of this!
The idiot!
I guess I will do something now.
Don't ask me to do anything else again in the future!
A leaf,
without anyone knowing, lands
As soon as I send this, I'll be done.
on my shoulder.
The universe
placed a hand on my body.
- Her tone of voice went down.
- Pardon?
- 190 Hertz with no booming.
Around 55 decibels.
It's so light.
- A depressing tone.
- That's right.
Just answer using common sense.
This recording studio has a connection with a guy named Ha Won.
From personal requests to this studio, I don't know when he started planning all of this,
but he makes his moves while hiding. He's secretive.
Everything is evolving around Kim Ji Soo. He misses her very much.
However, this woman is depressed.
As I was saying,
what do you think of making the two of them meet?
What kind of reasoning is this? I'm just crossing boundaries, right?
I'm usually one who doesn't mind other people's business.
Why do you want to do that in the middle of the two?
You don't remember everyone's first impressions, right?
Me too. I can't remember all of them.
However there is someone for whom I clearly remember the first impression I had, no matter how much time passes,
even though all we did was brushing past each other.
How that person is sitting and standing,
and how the person is talking.
How the person came up the hill.
Those kind of people tend to stay in my life for a long time.
Ji Soo is like that. I want to help her.
Do you usually stare at people like that?
Did I do that? It was because the reasoning was fun. It's pretty persuasive.
Are you persuaded?
When you say that your heart is leaning towards something,
even when you don't know the reason why.
There must be lots of afterimages piling one after the other.
I've never thought about first impressions.
I do remember a first impression.
Me too.
We saw each other in this recording studio. You were inside the studio, and I was out here.
Look at how you don't remember. I must be someone just passing by in your life.
Should I make it so the two meet?
I would feel bad if I made them meet but it doesn't work out.
That is up to them from that time on.
When the sun is up and shining, open up your windows.
Don't close the curtains.
It rained a lot there too, right?
The lower chamber here is flooded.
It's chaotic over here in the boiler room.
I don't converse with people who don't know music.
Teacher, that's not it.
She's here. The musician.
Since when were you a musician?
You're here? What happened was-
I don't care about the reason.
You could have just let me know through text that the recording scheduled for today has been cancelled.
Don't you think so?
Um, because our recording studio closed for a short period of time,
it was known that all the recordings scheduled were cancelled and-
- I heard that recordings were still going on though.
- That's because different schedules were made.
So you do those recordings and not mine?
I will contact Director Choi right away.
Teacher, Teacher.
Let's do it in one go.
You want me to do it?
I'll talk about mixing with Hyung Jin Moo.
- Let's just cancel today's recording and-
- I'll try my best.
I will for sure consult with my teacher about mixing and if he says it's horrible then-
Then we get rid of the recording and there is no second chance.
This is hurting my self-esteem.
Coming here again hurts it even more.
Brahms: Cello Sonata No. 2 in F Major, Op. 99
Omo! What's wrong with you?
I'm on my way to go see Kim Ji Soo.
You said you won't do anything.
Tell Ha Won to come out.
Are you okay?
What's wrong with her?
Chief. It's Sunbae Hoon.
- Yeah.
- Nona Soon Ho wants you to give her a call.
It's the 'don't answer phone calls' time for you right now, isn't it?
She's yelling at me so I'm thinking it's urgent.
Han Seo Woo
Han Seo Woo
Are you here alone?
I don't think my friend has come yet.
Would you like to order first?
Ji Soo. Ji Soo?
Yes, Seo Woo.
I think I'm going to be late, but where are you going?
I think I saw someone.
Someone whom I should never see.
Is it someone whom you should never meet?
It's Ha Won, right?
- If you see that person-
- That should never happen!
Don't look back!
It's not a big deal.
But it is just a person I saw for the first time.
He came as though burrowing into my heart.
♫ Accelerate through the night and rising up to the sky ♫
♫ Nothing anew when we're in like ♫
♫ It's going to be the silent night when you're away ♫
♫ And I made it so far. I'm slowly falling in love. ♫
♫ I'm holding in love so it's going ♫
A Piece of Your Mind
I should have never done anything.
Is there something you want to ask that Ha Won guy?
I just want to see him from a distance.
I won't run away next time.
When, next time?
If I could just apologize,
I told you it's not something you can apologize. How many times do I have to tell you it's just because I'm tired?
I wonder how he endured those 10 years.
Let's go. Tomorrow.
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