A Piece of Your Mind (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

♫ A smile in the sunlight ♫
♫ Though I may not be alright ♫
♫ You help me feel ♫
♫ Better than before ♫
♫ And that's what I love you for ♫
A Piece of Your Mind
Is he really someone you shouldn't be seeing?
That should never happen!
I just need a piece of Kim Ji Soo.
It's not a big deal.
but it is just a person I looked at for the first time.
He came as though burrowing into my heart.
Kim Ji Soo
Kim Ji Soo
Why did you do that?
I'm sorry. But you guys were friends for a long time.
What do you know to call us friends?
I just
Did Ha Won ask you to do this?
I don't know. I really don't know who he is.
I did all this because I really wanted things to work out.
Do you know what the last words from Ha Won were?
He said to call him if I was feeling miserable.
I was feeling miserable and I didn't call him.
I'm not going to do it, and I never will! Do you know why? Because
Episode Two
77-30, Okin 4th Street.
Formerly: Okin-dong, Jongno-gu 47-431
Dear Dawn, it did not work out for the two of them.
I feel like it is better this way.
I shouldn't have done anything.
I wonder what happened between the two of them
External Input
Passenger Lee Han Song is asked to go to their gate for boarding on flight
Passing through.
Yeah. Where did you say you are?
This is Okin-dong, Jongno-gu.
It's Ha Won.
The address is here?
What is this house?
When I was calling you, this address came right in view.
Isn't this house so proper? It's the definition of a Korean house.
Since when have you been in Seoul?
I wasn't.
Where did you come from?
- From school.
- You came from the U.S.?
You said you wanted to see me so I came out right away from class.
It seemed like you had a very important thing to say.
Before that, some oxygenation.
It's okay now.
Still we can't. We're going to get in trouble from your mom.
I said it's okay.
There's a park I know of. Let's go.
Your mom always used to say,
'Won cannot live in Seoul. His whole body will get covered in hives,
and he has to live with plenty of trees nearby.'
That was when I was younger. Now I'm okay.
Say what you want to say. You said it was something serious.
I'm not going to say it already.
I've always wondered what Korea Korea would be like with you.
I've only imagined it. But now you're actually here with me.
Let's take it slowly.
Do you have time?
Should we go there?
Is there a place you want to go?
It's a place you wanted to go to.
A leaf without anyone noticing,
falls right on my shoulder.
The universe placed a hand on my body.
It's so light.
Misiryeong Sunset
It's so pretty.
Won, look!
In the past I've only imagined being here with you.
I'm so glad I came here with you.
Now I can say it to you.
I'm getting married.
A Piece of Your Mind
So? She ran away?
It's not exactly called running away
That's called running away. I can't believe she did that.
Her feelings changed are the ones that changed and so she broke everything up.
I can't believe it.
So Ji Soo is the one that broke off the relationship.
In this spot right here I'm going to plant a whole mob of herbs so that when customers come in, I can make tea with it.
Of course there's no way you'll tell me.
After breaking up with Kim Ji Soo,
I can't believe it.
My grandma, while being a diplomat,
there were times where fellow citizens would suffer harm,
but she felt guilty for not being able to do anything for them. It's different now.
Anyways, for a similar reason Ha Won became alone, and grandma took him in.
That's how he became my uncle. I told you before, right?
The one that has amazing talent?
When I first saw him-Oh, he's friends with me.
I call him uncle, then sometimes Won, or "him", "that guy" It refers to him, all those times.
Specifically we were going to keep addressing CMOS Architecture,
the technology that allows low power circuits to form in these components.
When you put a low power through a circuit for continuous
During class in the States, he got on the airplane because of one simple call from Kim Ji Soo.
He came to Seoul and has been staying here since.
- Where is he saying?
47-435 Okin-dong, Jongno-gu
Soon Ho.
I've witnessed the prelude
of a tenacious one-sided love.
Oh, that place is there. The address for the dishes.
What am I saying?
Gosh. Why am I acting like this?
Where is the place you used to live?
That's a blocked question.
What connection is there with where you lived and the research?
Where's the place you were with Kim Ji Soo?
Oslo, Seoul, Gangreung.
When did you and Kim Ji Soo go to Gangneung?
We broke up there and I stayed and lived there for a few months.
What year exactly?
You're saying 2013
Then that was when you were developing location tracking.
Where you used to live is a blocked question,
but you're not blocked when it comes to where you and Kim Ji Soo were.
Hey, if you ask everything with Kim Ji Soo, the machine tells it all.
It makes no sense right?
I think there's a connection with the response feature.
Change the password settings. Are there any other problems?
As long as it's not your device there's no problem at all.
You should try training it with virtual patients
and increase the accuracy, before you share it with a hospital.
You have to test it out with real patients so you get accuracy as well.
So, make sure to destroy this.
This is the end of our secret informal testing.
- What is it?
- What?
No. I, just, it chatted with me and answered every insignificant thing I asked.
Now that I think we're getting rid of it,
my heart just feels heavy.
- Since it's for medical treatment.
- Since it's for medical treatment.
What do you think, Seo Woo?
I like it.
Try mixing it.
Pardon? Me? Still
You will improve if you try it.
You have very good hearing so I'm looking forward to it.
Thank you.
Everyone is here so it feels weird.
There's only me left to join in, and we'd be the original crew.
What are they going to do with the recording room? Didn't they tell you plainly?
Not yet.
We're doing a live recording this week
If you want to take a look then come.
It's not that big but audio records well in there.
You will learn a lot.
Ah, yes.
Is Dawn not coming here anymore?
I'm sorry.
Did they say they are unhappy?
She was unhappy and didn't say it, that's what she said. Which means she is unhappy.
I won't come in between these two anymore.
If you want to order a drink go ahead. I don't drink.
I'm okay too.
I feel pity for Ha Won.
I don't see what is pitiful about him.
He's just like me.
What is?
Believing that there is when there isn't.
I'm really good at that.
Always running towards one destination and dreaming about it.
Putting in meaning, all my efforts and my heart and mind into it.
But that person has done it for over 10 years
Who does one-sided love nowadays? Being in love is so competitive.
'I'm more, you're more '
You can't measure love, but people just gauge and weigh it.
But he said he just need a piece.
He must've said all sorts of things in his hiding spot.
I wonder, how on earth did he endure it for ten years?
I'm so curious.
Don't you think it's possible if it's precious?
If it's someone who is like the core of their life, I think it's possible.
Some people live because a single word captured their core.
One word
I do feel like if I hear that one word, I can live well,
clutching onto it, for about three years.
A word that nobody would say to me.
'Stay with me.'
The real estate agency called me countless times to ask me to hand over the semi-basement room.
If it weren't for you, I would have sold the semi-basement on the spot.
'Seo Woo, stay with me.'
I'll get going.
Yes, get home safely Seo Woo.
The cello stands out. Do you hear it?
'Seo Woo, stay with us.'
I wonder what Ha Won's next commission will be.
There probably won't be any.
That's what he said?
You said you were miserable.
You said you were miserable.
We haven't contacted each other for years, and this is what you say?
I told you to call me.
You looked so miserable just from the back.
You can't even run that well. Why did you run for your life?
It's been long.
I'm not miserable.
Then why did you run away?
Because you showed up out of nowhere.
Then how do you want me to show up?
Won, I'm a bit busy right now. Next time-
Next time when?
Let's call again after twenty minutes.
Ten years ago
The person I'm getting married to knows you. I guess that's been bothering him.
Who is it?
He's the person I've been with this entire time after you left.
All the way from Norway there's not anyone—
Can't you just not know? I'm asking you.
Do you love him?
Ifeel like I'm maturing when I"m with him.
- We are also on the same page when it comes to music.
- So,
I asked if you love him.
Respect my decision.
Of course I respect your decision.
you, get married.
Me, I'm going to continue my love as I did until now.
♫ I can feel you ♫
My love for you has no impact whatsoever on your life.
I'm never going to interfere with your life. Don't worry.
♫ I'll find you ♫
Respect my decision too.
♫ Go on to your way ♫
I believe that you're going to live a good life.
And you have to.
♫ I wish I would be the one ♫
If you became unhappy, call me without fail.
♫ I wish would be the one. ♫
♫ Why can't you hear me out? ♫
Ji Soo
♫ So I will always, ♫
♫ And always be here ♫
Ji Soo
The recording of my voice, and the delivery address is all you, right?
Why did you do it?
I'm reminding you,
♫ to be all right when I hold you ♫
of the message.
To call me when you become miserable.
I was going to remind you every 10 years but you've been caught already.
Talking about misery again.
I can't say I'm perfectly happy but,
I also can't say I'm miserable.
I am moderately miserable and moderately happy.
Talk in a way so I can understand.
♫ Tell me I'm always ♫
Live well.
♫ will be fine ♫
- Ji Soo.
- Next time, I won't run away.
It's all good now, right?
Ji Soo.
Ji Soo, Ji Soo.
Hearing it for the first time in a while
♫ I wish I would be the one. ♫
♫ Why can't you hear me out? ♫
♫ So I will always, and always be here ♫
Hey. I'm living a good life. Don't worry.
I was going to dispose of it after I asked you.
Why would you dispose of it?
Try leaving it out in the rain. When they get rained on, they get better.
They know the difference between regular water and rain water.
But what if someone steals it?
Wouldn't it be better off stolen in a better condition than disposing of it and killing it?
- Is it possible to deliver too?
- Of course!
It seems like he doesn't remember.
What are you looking for?
Something small.
Have a look over there.
Take your time looking around.
- Hello! I'm Han Seo Woo.
- Oh, yes. Yes, Seo Woo.
Oh my. It's Han Seo Woo?
Hello. I remembered you as soon as you came in.
- You don't remember me?
- Hello?
Yes, go on.
I had Master Choi Jin Moo check the recording of the cello sonata
and I have sent it over to you through email.
I was the one who did the mixing but my master said it was okay.
I hope you listen to it. It's my first time mixing.
Congratulations. I'll check it.
What are you congratulating her for?
If you finish your call I'll ask her myself.
- Seo Woo, there is this person who will be calling you.
- Yes!
Okay. Yes.
You already hung up? I feel bad now.
Han Seo Woo.
Seo Woo. I heard there's something worth congratulating! What do you mean, how do I know?
It's a small world.
Do you want to come over here if you're free? The address is
There's something I want to clarify.
Is it okay for me to continue to come out to the recording studio?
Coming in as a fixture even if I haven't really booked a recording? Usually, it's possible.
I don't know.
Please clarify so I can decide whether to pour out my emotions into it or not.
Ha Ha. I guess your work style is that of pouring out your emotions?
Of course. I give my all to everything.
Okay. Then I guess you can be curious.
Just wait.
Tell her to stay.
He said to stay! Stay in the recording studio.
Is it Ha Won the person who told me to stay?
Lately this whole world is about Ha Won, isn't it?
I was an important person to Ha Won.
To this man, there cannot be anyone important on a personal level.
Let's go in.
Ji Soo
I couldn't answer the phone because I was doing laundry. Why did you call?
Wow I can't believe Kim Ji Soo does the laundry.
You're unbelievable. You're making me laugh.
You called for no reason right?
♫ All the stories of ♫
♫ the days of loneliness ♫
♫ Echo through your empty room ♫
♫ Are you alright?♫
♫ I see the glisten in your eyes♫
♫ The tears of a broken heart ♫
- You're here?
♫ I'm calling you home.♫
♫ Won't you be here by me?♫
♫ Your heart is weeping♫
Ji Soo
♫ in the ocean♫
♫ A lonely flower is you♫
What message did you send me?
Right now.
- It got dark all of a sudden and then it started raining, right?
- Yes.
That's also my message.
The sun rising and setting,
the wind blowing and the rain. All of it.
All the things you saw, heard, looked at.
They're all messages from me telling you to live a good life, wherever you are.
♫ to tell you that like me, you will be all right. ♫
Mister Kang In Wook sent it.
Hyung. Is today the only day we can to the actual recording?
- Yes, probably.
- How long?
An hour. It's difficult to rent the place.
Record this for me.
Han Seo Woo! Seo Woo!
Can you look for the piano?
Look for me.
Was it not a human's voice?
Stay here.
In Wook.
If, if it were possible to apologize
To whom?
Are you going to go to Oslo?
Should I?
If you're going to apologize to the wind, just do it here.
I can talk to Won.
You don't keep in contact with him though.
I know his email. Maybe I can just give him a call-
I said it's nothing you have to apologize about.
That it's something extremely distressing to me,
that it's difficult for me, how many times do I have to tell you?
Ji Soo. As long as you are okay with it, then this doesn't have to be a big problem.
You and I both, we aren't
We aren't this bad.
Now it's your problem, Ji Soo.
I saw you coming in.
Do you know this place?
This is the place I love. Isn't it nice? I saw you were looking at something.
I was people-watching. I usually do that.
By yourself?
I'm just waiting for someone.
Oh sorry, I'll go to a different table.
Right, I have something worth congratulating. They told me I can stay at the recording studio.
Congratulations. I don't go to the recording studio anymore.
You're finished?
From now on, in the morning, you should have coffee and music. No cleaning.
I should.
Right here,
I lost sight of Ha Won and Ji Soo. I almost looked for Ha Won too.
Is there something you want to ask Ha Won?
No, there's nothing.
I just want to see him from far away.
Far away?
Looking at his front profile, from far away.
Why far away?
If I see him from close, he can see me feeling sorry for him.
Because of such looks on my face.
I just want to see how he looks from a distance. 'Oh, so that's what he looks like.'
Just seeing his face. Why ask him something?
Work a long long time at the place you have been asked to stay.
Work here.
You said you were waiting for someone.
I don't think they're coming.
They will come for sure.
I have lots of other cafes I love. I can just go to another one.
Why is my mood like this, when realizing I can't see him?
Do you want to go to Norway?
Tomorrow sounds nice.
I need your help.
There's something I need you to do for me there.
What is it?
All you have to do is say one word.
What one word? I'll do it for you now.
It's okay. Just say it.
I'll help you after hearing what it is.
I said something I shouldn't have. Sorry.
- I'll call you again-
- Let's go, tomorrow.
I'll help you first and then I'll hear you out.
Okay. That cafe.
I know. The place you ran away.
There, tomorrow morning
I told you it's not something to apologize about!
That's it's something extremely distressing to me,
that it's difficult for me, how many times do I have to tell you?
No, no.
I'll call you again this evening. I have to think about it more.
Think more about what?
I'm worried it'll be hard for you.
Let's see each other tomorrow.
♫ I, I saw you as you go ♫
♫ It's flashing light, it's flashing light♫
♫ It's all with you♫
♫ Accelerate through the night♫
♫ It's slowing down in your eye. ♫
♫ Nothing anew ♫
♫ Went through the night ♫
♫ It's going to be a day the night is on our way
Have you come to visit the cafe?
♫ And it is so far ♫
- Yes.
- Do you want to wait inside?
Thank you.
♫ I'm holding in now ♫
♫ Before it's going ♫
♫ Away♫
♫ And it is so hard ♫
♫ It's slowly falling off♫
♫ Until the day of our life ♫
♫ I won't let go♫
♫ I won't let go♫
♫ Of you♫
I'll stay behind and look for the reason.
Kim Ji Soo
- I'm sorry again for what happened that day.
Please call me when you have the chance.
I'm nearby.
Over here.
It could be a gift, or a burden.
What is it?
It's a plant. If you can take care of it, then keep it.
If not, you can just leave it here and give it water every now and then. It's a tricky plant.
I'm really good at taking care of plants.
Then, it's a gift. Please keep it.
Why were you nearby?
There was something I needed to resolve.
I'm going alone. I'm scared, but I'm going to go.
I'm a bit worried that you're saying you're scared.
It will be okay.
I got courage as soon as I told you about it.
Tell me more. I'll listen to everything you want to say.
I already received a gift from you! Just spit it out. It doesn't matter even if it's about hardships.
Before I came to know my husband,
he had made a mistake with something.
After knowing that, it's been so hard for me.
In an instant, the whole world flipped on me.
Having such a hard time
I didn't know this feeling.
That is too
You didn't go to the mountain, right?
I told you to go somewhere high. It's really effective if you look down at the city.
Yelling out into the sky is effective too.
Do you want to yell and shout in there?
It's completely sound proof so it's amazing for releasing stress.
Instead of these weird phrases,
there's one phrase that you want to hear, right?
The word that will make you feel like you can live on.
'It's okay.'
'It's nothing.'
Everyone makes mistakes.
Nature makes mistakes too.
My parents were killed in a forest fire.
I usually don't talk about this.
Nature makes mistakes too.
It's okay. It's nothing.
Just a moment.
Dear Dawn, please clean up before leaving.
Afternoon like the night.
[ 1988. 8. 25. ]
Even inanimate objects tumble down.
There's no one else beside me and the machines, but strange things happen.
This What is this?
Ah, I think the person from dawn wrote it.
What does Dawn do? This looks like a flow chart.
He rents the room for four hours at dawn, so I just call him Dawn.
Ah, you know I saw him by chance yesterday at the café we often go together?
He said he won't come anymore, though.
He suddenly asked me if I was unhappy, and I was wondering what it was about.
But that's how he knew, I see.
You said you haven't seen Ha Won, didn't you?
Yes. I've only seen his back from afar.
I think you will see him. You might even have, already.
It's a relief.
Incheon Airport Limousine
Is something wrong?
I just can't concentrate.
The schedule won't work out anymore.
If you only do one more song, the recording is done.
Why did you go?
Why on earth?
Take your time to drink it.
Thank you.
It's looking bad for In Wook.
Good. That was good.
It looks like they didn't come today either.
They surely will, someday.
If I see them, I'll testify for all the time you waited. May you get rewarded for all of it.
You'll do it for sure, right?
The moon is so big tonight. It looks like it's rolling toward here.
Make a wish. They'll come.
Here, it's dazzling. I love it.
Now that I'm here, I wonder why I've live like this.
And all my uneasiness has disappeared.
Where are you?
The path Won and I always walked on.
In Norway?
How could I live while forgetting about this place?
Did you always sound this bright? Even your voice is different.
You did well, going there.
I can handle it all. I've always been valiant.
It was a really good idea to come alone.
Seo Woo, would you tell Won not to wait at the café?
I ended up coming here.
He has a simple side to him, so I feel like he will keep on waiting.
But I'm telling you I don't know who he is.
Such an easy thing.
Ah, a quiz! I'll call you in a bit, solve the quiz in that time.
Ah, a hint. It's someone you've already seen.
I'll call you later!
Just who is Ha Won?
If there are precious, isn't it possible?
If it's someone who is like the core of their life, I think it's possible.
I can't believe it.
I was miserable, and yet I did not call.
Just say you are miserable.
'Stay with me.'
He said to stay.
He said to stay in the recording studio.
Work a long long time at the place you have been asked to stay.
That is you too?
- Thank you.
- Yes.
Im Su Ock
It's been long since I've quit piano.
That your favorite disciple never had the skills,
it looks like you were the only one not knowing it.
Won said his skin is okay even though he is living in Seoul. He's healthy.
Won's mom, I love you,
and miss you so much.
Can I,
apologize instead?
Kim Ji Soo
Is it really Dawn? Is Ha Won Dawn?
Here, this is
Ji Soo?
Seo Woo! Did my call go through?
I was so scared.
What happened?
There's so much snow here.
If I go just a bit more, there is the village I used to live in.
Can't you go out to the big roads?
I can't walk anywhere at this point.
When the snow stops, it will get better.
Are you listening to music?
It sounds nice.
I'm scared but,
it's wonderful.
I used to always hang out here with Won.
You called 911, right? They have a rescue team there, right?
They said they're on their way.
Then hang up and save your phone battery.
Yes, that's good thinking.
Keo, Kyeo,
Ka, Kya.
Keo. Kyeo.
Ko, Kyo.
Ku, Kyu.
Ku, Ki.
Na, Nya.
Neo, Nyeo.
No, Nyo.
Nu, Nyu.
Nu, Ni
A leaf without anyone noticing,
falls right on my shoulder.
The universe placed a hand on my body.
It's so light.
A leaf,
without anyone noticing,
falls right on my shoulder.
Stop looking out the window.
Look at the ceiling. Your heart and mind will feel at ease.
Yes, Ji Soo.
Now, I'll stop waiting.
Wait just a bit!
Wait, Ha Won.
I'm just waiting for someone.
- Ha Won!
Wait just a little bit!
Ji Soo! Hello, Ji Soo?
I'm scared.
♫ Accelerate through the night, ♫
♫ and rising up to the sky♫
♫ Nothing anew♫
♫ When we're in light♫
♫ It's going to be a silent night when you're away♫
♫ And it is so far, ♫
♫ I'm slowly falling off ♫
♫ I'm holding in now, ♫
♫ Before it's going ♫
♫ Away ♫
♫ And it is so hard ♫
A Piece of Your Mind
Look for me.
Please let Ha Won know.
That by doing that Kim Ji Soo won't be coming back!
I left everything there. You liked Norway.
Why aren't you answering your phone? Where are you, what are you doing?
It's Ha Won! I'm worried about Ha Won!
What did you imagine?
A conversation with the real Kim Ji Soo.
Do you want me to lend you the device?
This person said they're curious about everything about you.
It's my way of missing someone. You're the last person I saw,
and conversed with.
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