A Piece of Your Mind (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

♫ A smile in the sunlight ♫
♫ Though I may not be alright ♫
♫ You help me feel ♫
♫ Better than before ♫
♫ And that's what I love you for ♫
A Piece of Your Mind
=Previously on A Piece of Your Mind=
You're a conversational device of Ha Won's personality and emotion.
Did you ask what makes this device become you?
4 o'clock in the afternoon, Norway, dark afternoon.
Ji Soo was scared at that time.
Excuse me? Who are you to enter that room?
Did the sun rise already?
What did you do at the recording studio?
It's the perfect place to collect voices.
I'd like to run one more test there with someone.
Exactly at dawn! That guy
There's been so many strange things happening these days.
Strangers suddenly came into my life.
Please record just a few words in Kim Ji Soo's voice.
What's all this about between Kim Ji Soo and him?
- The Children like islands.
- Who are you?
What are you going to do with her voice file?
Her voice file is enough.
I just need a piece of Ji Soo.
Can you understand the desire to have a voice file at least, just because he misses her?
I don't see any difference between keeping photos or voice files.
Shall I let them meet each other?
- It's Ha Won, isn't he?
- If you see him
No, I can never!
That guy, Ha Won, I feel pity for him.
With what, how could he have endured for 10 years?
If it were for a person who is like a core of his life, I think it would be possible.
Whatever you'd like to say, go ahead, I'll listen to them all.
My husband He made some mistake.
It's something I've agonized over.
I've told you so many times it's so hard for me.
Now it's your problem.
Won's mother, whom I miss so much.
Can I apologize on behalf of him?
Hello? Is it you, Ji Soo?
What's going on?
It's snowing too heavily here.
Wait a bit, hang in there! Ji Soo!
Hello? Ji Soo!
I'm scared
Now, I'll stop waiting.
Episode 3
Long time no see
A leaf,
without anyone noticing
If you wanted to buy dishes, you should've bought them yourself!
Why did you ask me to do that? Why did you drag me into your matter?
I can't sleep at night.
How How did I overcome it before
But now again Why Why did you do that to me again?
I hear her voice every night.
Saying she's scared, trembling
I can't do anything for her. Doing nothing for her but listening to her.
You don't know how that feels!
Take a break and come back to work.
Did Ha Won order me to come back to work?
What is he going to order me to do again? What will he drag me into?
Seo Woo, please don't act like this.
For dragging you into this mess, I'm sorry.
But, let's not say anything to my uncle.
When you're like this, Seo Woo, he must be in a worse place now.
Where is he now?
Who knows?
I don't know. I mean it. He's nowhere to be found.
77-30, Okin 4th Street.
Formerly: Okin-dong, Jongno-gu 47-431
Shall I leave this package out here?
Recipient: Moon Soon Ho / Sender: Kim Ji Soo / Item: Dishes
I shouldn't have left it there.
If he sees it, it would be hard on him
(Sender: Kim Ji Soo)
I can feel it all.
A Piece of Your Mind
Han Seo Woo - password incorrect
What's he doing? He can't log in without my password.
I'm at the recording studio now.
Kim Ji Soo's voice file hasn't arrived yet.
If you let me know your password, I will take a copy of its file only.
Please give up, Ha Won.
Folder: Kim Ji Soo - Delete
Delete - This folder is empty.
I have deleted the voice file of Kim Ji Soo from this computer.
Mail sent
Yes, Mother-in-law.
I left it all there.
Ji Soo
She liked Norway, after all.
What are you doing here?
You were sleeping, I couldn't wake you up.
What sleep? When did I?
You were sleeping.
What are you doing right now? Don't touch my computer!
- Do we keep going or not?
- You can continue.
You can't. I'm saying you cannot.
I thought this was the recording room's computer available for common use, though.
I've been the main user, and—
I rented the studio for the whole day today.
Can you get out?
He is asking whether you want us to delete the voice files we recovered or not.
Delete them.
It was for the common good.
Say this to Ha Won.
That Kim Ji Soo died, so stop obsessing over things like a voice recording.
That this won't make Kim Ji Soo return.
To stop doing macabre things.
I'll let him know.
Ah, my bag.
You said something wrong.
You said you would look at him from a distance with a sorry look.
I just want to see him from a distance.
Looking at his front profile, from a distance.
Why a distance?
If I see him up close, he can see me feeling sorry for him.
Because of such an expression on my face.
I'm looking with a sorry expression, though.
Goodbye, Ha Won.
Good work.
Let's talk a bit.
The person you said you would try with, was it Kim Ji Soo?
- I'll do it.
- You'll do it with the dead person?
Without the consent of the person herself, or even of her guardian.
- Why would you do it?
- There's no reason, I have to do everything I can.
It's for my sake.
- Nothing troublesome will happen.
- If it does, it's very bad for us.
Look at you, are you having insomnia again?
No. I slept for a bit earlier.
I have deleted the voice file of Kim Ji Soo from this computer.
What is this? Who did you stay with all night?
That's not it. I fell asleep in the studio.
This crazy little
Why would you sleep there? Can't you call?
I'll be going!
If a girl who's depressed and anxious to the extreme doesn't come back,
do you think we worry or not?
- Do you or don't you know how much she worried for you all night?
- Sorry.
- I'm hungry.
- I'm leaving!
See you!
Ah really
- Oh my!
- My phone, my phone.
- Do it yourself!
- Hey, why do you suddenly come in?
- For your charger?
- Yes.
Chang Seop, I'll do it for you.
- You know how to do this?
- Of course!
I did it for my father every time he was leaving for work.
Seo Woo, I'll go to the store. Eat and clean up afterwards.
It's done. Let's go.
Go first. I have something to tell her.
Okay, I'm going.
Something to say, my butt.
I'll just count to five and go. One
- Reveal it first before it gets out.
- Two
Why are you being all secretive about your relationship, as if it's something shocking?
I'm doing this because Eun Joo said we should.
What a lie.
Does everyone date the same way? It's different for everyone!
We're different, we should do it differently of course!
We are firm in our own style. Why would we do it like others?
You've got hell of a lot to say for someone who's dating in secret.
Three, four, five. Done.
A leaf,
without anyone noticing,
The universe placed
a hand on my body.
It’s so
For ten years, they didn't get in touch,
didn't even meet nor think of meeting.
They lived like strangers.
But can the sadness be more than for someone you've been seeing for ten years?
Oh my, there is such a person?
Yes, there was.
It's rare. It's a rarity.
Ah! It's hot.
Mister Kang!
- Is the recording room empty?
- Yes.
I'll go in for a short while. I just need ten minutes.
If it were possible to apologize
To whom?
If I can talk to Won. Maybe I can just give him a call—
I said it's nothing to apologize about.
- Oh my!
- It's alright
You're Korean?
You didn't answer, so I thought you weren't Korean.
Woah Your performance was cool.
As if you heard any.
What was that? I think I just heard something.
Can I post it on my website?
I know this.
Posting seven black and white photos of everyday life without any explanation when you get mentioned.
Have you gotten mentioned?
Is that so?
Ji Soo's everyday life on the last day of her life.
♫ Say ♫
Where is this?
♫ Say you'll be alright ♫
♫ When I see you ♫
Is it in Seoul?
♫ And I feel you ♫
♫ I feel when I see through your eyes ♫
♫ When I see through your eyes ♫
♫ I can feel you ♫
♫ Don't know why ♫
This place is
♫ Maybe I'll one day ♫
♫ Find you ♫
♫ Go on to your way ♫
♫ I wish I would be the one ♫
♫ Everywhere I see you now ♫
♫ I will always, ♫
♫ And always be here ♫
♫ I wish I would be the one ♫
♫ Why can't you hear me out? ♫
♫ So I'll always ♫
♫ And always be here ♫
It's you, Ha Won.
♫ I wish I would be the one ♫
♫ Why can't you hear me out? ♫
♫ So I'll always ♫
♫ And always be here ♫
Eun Joo's Boarding House
Hyeong Seok, you know, has been recruited to AH.
Good for him.
Our classmates are all doing great, except for you and me.
He now gets to hang out with top notch programmers like Moon Ha Won and Kim Hoon.
Hang out, my ass. They say you can't even get to see their faces.
It's said that there is a secret research center in the middle of forest. That's super cool, isn't it?
I heard that's also a lie. Nobody knows whether they make something like Taekwon V or whatnot.
(Robot Taekwon V: popular 1970s animation)
I wanted to have ssiregi soup (a soup with dried napa cabage leaves).
This is great.
Where is he, this uncle?
What if he's sitting in front of someone's house, starving himself for several days?
Hey, Moon Ha Won!
You never answer my call! Where and what have you been doing!??
How.. worried I was
What is this? There is nothing to eat here.
In the freezer.
All bagels?
I said I'm alright. This is enough for me.
Regarding the MMI, we moved onto the design and now it's the final stage.
(MMI: Man-Machine Interface)
I am cross-checking the step function as per the Chief's instruction.
(step function is the device's decision-making tool)
If you need help to reconfirm it, shall I help you?
Oh, that would be great.
I will send you the materials.
About Kim Ji Soo, is it working?
If you keep conversing, you will find the reaction point one day.
You must be curious if you would be there on that reaction point.
No, that's a question for later. I just,
just wanted to hear anything.
Damn, just throw it away.
You're home early. This is perfectly fine, why throwing it away?
How pathetic.
I'll just donate one to you.
Do you know today is your mom's birthday?
- Ah, right!
- Geez, call her right now.
By the way, how can you remember all of this?
I just remember such things.
Can't help, I remember those things just naturally.
Maybe you're full of love to me
Hey, come on! I'm just providing a service for money.
It's cold, go inside.
I got it.
That jacket, leave it with me and I'll iron it.
Come on, you worked hard to get into that company, so you shouldn't look so shabby.
Who told you it's okay to look shabby? Whose kid is she?
Mom? Happy birthday!
Of course, I remember!
She shouldn't look shabby, of course not. That's my kid.
Unni? Thank you!
Did you have a drink?
Hey, hey! Where are you going?
Damn, he will run out of that room after getting some beating from Unni.
That guy must be crazy!
Nonghyup Bank
Hey, take it. Come on, take the jacket!
I carried it in this position to avoid any wrinkles, even on the bus.
Idiot, getting all the abuse.
Eun Joo was so devastated when she found you didn't bring your uniform.
Did you know when the dried pollack soup was being served? Do you even know the truth of its meaning?
The day after the night when Chang Seop was drunk is when the dried pollack soup is served.
Were you upset because the menu was changed this morning?
How pathetic you are, Han Seo Woo.
There was some reason.
Did you already know that? So it's a real thing between Chang Seop and Eun Joo?
Leave them be and pretend you don't know. It hasn't been long since they started dating.
Wow Betrayal after betrayal.
Bus stop - #3414 / #401
Connecting A.I. and big data, DNA information and medical science,
this is the beginning of Network Medicine.
Network Medicine is a program that remembers one's personal history as both medical history and personal life story,
to then lead to a diagnosis by categorizing psychological patterns.
Kim Hoon?
Based on the perfect protection on the personal history information,
What is Mr. Dawn's job? This is a flow chart.
Please record a few words in Kim Ji Soo's voice.
Can you understand the desire to keep the voice recordings of someone whom one misses?
I don't see any difference between keeping photos and voice recordings.
Voice recordings, personal history, and Ha Won, who might be Moon Ha Won
This isn't just a simple voice recording.
Who are you?
Introduce yourself first, and I will explain the relationship.
Where are you now?
- Look for me.
- Look for me
Are you on your way to the recording studio?
This, is that, right?
So, this is like that!
At the farm, the one who said to look for him was indeed you, Ha Won.
But Ha Won wasn't there. He wasn't,
but I had a conversation with the voice and language of Ha Won.
How is that possible? Because you're Moon Ha Won.
You needed a voice recording of Kim Ji Soo for the same reason, right?
AH Laboratory & Co.
It's me.
You're doing well, right?
You know that cafe, right? I left some flowers there.
"You're doing well." I will look for that cafe in such a name.
Only the voice is Kim Ji Soo.
This function is the conversation service that we all know about.
So data-izing Ji Soo's life,
and using Kim Ji Soo's voice
What did you expect?
A conversation with the real Kim Ji Soo.
What is it?
I was just wondering if there were any CCTV around here.
There's not even gas here.
- Are you not cold?
- I'm cold.
But you're just staying here like this?
It's cold.
I'll have to buy a heater.
You can just connect to the gas from the city.
If you call you can get it connected right away.
I'll do that.
It's the safest here.
Nobody knows about this place.
Can you tell me about the last time you two met?
Before going to the airport she came to the recording studio.
She scolded me, yelling that you two had become estranged.
She must have felt bad about that.
There's no way Ji Soo would yell.
Not like shouting and aggressive pointing or stuff like that.
I'm just saying her tone of voice was higher than usual-
I made my mind up to speak about this, can you not?
I heard you spoke with her last on the phone.
- That is
- I'm scared.
Would you like to drink something?
I only have water or coffee.
How do you live with just drinking that?
You have to eat well the more you are going through challenges. That's you right now.
If, thanks to you, we met,
then what would she have talked to me about?
there would be no "if's", but if,
you guys had met thanks to my nosy self,
she might have poured out her heart to you,
and maybe she would have felt relieved and not have gone to the airport.
Asking if you're using the dishes well,
what kind of delicious food did you plate on those dishes,
and would boast about how pretty her dishes are.
And, she would ask why you made Han Seo Woo buy the dishes.
And she would compliment you on choosing such a good person like me.
I guess I will have to use the dishes very well.
On the phone call when she was in Norway,
she told me she was glad she went there.
She said she felt light-hearted, wondering why she kept living on life like that.
She told me that pathway was the path you walked with her everyday.
- Na,
- Nya.
- Neo
- Nyeo
- No
- Nyo
- Ka.
- Kya
- Keo
- Kyeo.
- Ku
- Kyu
She said she loved it so much, that she was so happy.
She said she felt that she can live on and tackle any problems that may come up in life.
Ji Soo, I'll stop here with my words about you.
What's wrong with the weather? It's so dark it feels like nighttime.
Today's weather, due to low pressure,
is cloudy, and it will rain temporarily.
- Ji Soo.
- Yes, I'm Kim Ji Soo.
Tell me what you would like me to do.
Do you want to borrow the device?
If it's scary I can change the voice for you.
That's okay.
We're still testing it so there's no earphone design that goes with it yet.
You can just plug in your own earphones and,
when Ji Soo last came to the recording studio.
- Again, again.
- No. Did she bring anything with her?
There was a wrapped package of some sort sitting in the recording studio.
What should I do? I completely forgot about it!
Oh no!
It's a picture of Misiryeong taken in 2012.
I've always kept that picture with me.
I'm so happy that,
I can give this to you.
Please cherish it.
Ji Soo! I received your two presents well.
The picture, and the plant.
I'm doing good.
Seo Woo, you're so strong.
This is nothing.
I've been recognized for a few things here and there.
There are a lot of fun things too!
I only want to tell you the good things,
so I've been looking for all the good things happening in my life.
But, what I love the most is
I'll let you know on the next episode.
What do you think would have happened if I had known Ji Soo for a little while longer?
It's hard to know each other right now,
but let's gradually do that.
Ah, yes.
Do you know where this is?
It's here.
I was standing here and Ji Soo was coming up this hill from over there.
Where do you live?
What are you going to do with that information?
- I have to know so that I can pinpoint Ji Soo's location.
- Location
Why do you want to know that?
I wonder why. I'm curious.
You see that chair below the street light, right?
If you go up to the left, it's the first house at the corner. I live in the basement.
Azure Boarding House
They passed.
Why did I hide?
There must be a reason so your body reacted right away.
She took that picture on her way home after meeting you. What was she wearing?
That too?
Yes. I'm curious.
A coat like a dress with boots. Tall boots.
Ji Soo used to wear boots a lot.
She wore brown leather gloves too. It wasn't even cold.
I think she wore them so the dishes wouldn't slip out of her hands.
Why are you curious about every little thing?
It's my way of missing a person.
♫ Througn the falling snow ♫
♫ carried on the cold wind ♫
♫ In the snow covered city ♫
♫ Time stopped for a while ♫
♫ In steady wandering ♫
♫ Because I really wanted to see you ♫
♫ who were the only full stop in my life ♫
♫ I put on a bitter smile for nothing ♫
♫ I really miss you now ♫
Ji Soo. This person says he's curious and interested in everything about you.
Miss you. Love you. Like you.
The words which express all of that. His own way of saying it.
"I am curious."
Come here.
Beside you?
It will show up soon.
This is it.
Yes, this is it.
It's what I have been seeing ever since I was little.
Now I also don't know what this is.
I'm only letting you, Ji Soo know about this.
I really like looking at him.
I really like looking at this person,
who wants to go to where you used to go,
hearing what you used to hear, and feeling what you used to feel.
I've fallen for the way he wonders about you.
I don't even know what this is.
It's a one-sided crush.
I said it's a one-sided crush.
Are you in love with how he misses me because there is nothing else to fall in love with?
Han Seo Woo, you are quite a person.
What did you get to scared?
Who is it?
Dear, dear. I see you could die any day now.
- Is it dead?
- The eucalyptus is dead?
- No!
- What?
- T-that eucalyptus-
Yes, our little eucalyptus is dying. This plant is hard to take care of.
Should I give it some water now?
You should have given it water right away! Save it!
What do you keep saying?
No, please save it.
It's all dried up.
This is the smell of it. It's so good!
Can you tell if it's alive or dead just by touching it?
Of course! They say "Please give me some water!" so desperately.
They are dying of thirst.
This is just like that! I wonder how much pain they are in.
What should I do? Please save it!
When did you buy this? I haven't see this plant before.
I got it as a gift. But I forgot about it. What should I do?
Okay. Let's try and save it.
Is it possible? Can you save it?
These plants are like that. They live even for the tiniest amount of love.
I won't be wasting my efforts for nothing.
That's why I love these. I'll try my best.
I only tapped you lightly.
Kim Ji Soo asked me to save it.
That, that eucal something.
So, you let me borrow the device so I could talk to it. I called her out.
I didn't expect much.
I guess you didn't think I would be chatting away while carrying it everywhere.
Think about what you talked about that made Ji Soo come out.
That, I talked with Ji Soo on this device right?
Where and in what situation Ji Soo came out, could you please elaborate in details?
- Such as the details of dialogue
- So, this is that kind of device.
This isn't Kim Ji Soo.
It's a conversational device with Kim Ji Soo's personality and emotion.
Why-why did you make it?
Its uses can vary.
It can be used for psychological counselling service, or preventing Alzheimer's disease.
It also makes it possible for a patient to have a conversation for treatment with whomever one wants with 24-hour availability.
It's for treatment purpose.
What does this particular one treat?
This is a test run in the middle of process.
And, at least for me, it's helpful.
Where did it answer to you?
At the recording studio.
It's a one-sided crush.
What did it say at that time? I can't remember
Not there, but here.
Try it with your own hand.
Please try to focus on while feeling your pulse here.
I said it's a one-sided crush.
Well Why are you curious about that?
It's called SA node (sinoatrial node) theory. The heart's natural pacemaker.
That one point brought all of them.
That one decisive piece has put all of Ji Soo's pieces together.
If you keep conversing with it, it will find that piece on its own.
We call it the response feature.
What could that be in this instance, then
If you explain to me what kind of conversation you were having, in terms of situation, I can infer from it.
At the recording studio, when we were talking about this and that, it came out.
This and that what?
Just this and that, mostly my story, my feeling.
I can't tell you that though.
What kind of feelings of yours?
There was a secret conversation between Ji Soo and me, it's a sort of extension from it.
I was saying that I was feeling this and that
I really like seeing him.
and saying so and so and then that
I fell for how he was curious about you, Ji Soo.
It's a one-sided crush.
and it said that's so and so.
Said this and that and so and so,
it then that and it it said what?
It diagnosed that's so and so, clear and simple.
So and so
Three words. How was the weather?
It was normal.
Oh my, you really wrote as is. Why did you write that?
Why do you have to know its response feature? Isn't it enough with Ji Soo coming out?
I was wondering if that was because of me.
For me, Ji Soo was the decisive point.
Thunder, it's loud.
4 o'clock in the afternoon.
It's dark even though it was daytime. Oslo, Norway.
The forest on our way back to home. The dark afternoon.
Can you remember that?
Ji Soo was scared, wasn't she?
Maybe to Ji Soo as well, I could've been a reason
Was there Ha Won mentioned during the conversation?
Thunder is Kim Ji Soo. Can you understand that?
There are things you've known since your childhood. Other people wouldn't know that.
Some random words you uttered unconsciously could've meant me.
If you tell me what kind of conversation it was, I can interpret that.
Then, if it was indeed you who made Ji Soo come out,
if you can confirm that part only, can you forget about her?
Why should I forget?
Ji Soo
Her feelings
Her personality
- If you see him
- It can never happen!
She wouldn't come out.
It's me.
Knock, knock, knock, knock. Knock-knock, knock-knock.
Is that you alone, Seo Woo?
What about the eucalyptus? Can you bring it back to life?
Of course, I can.
It looks like there is no furniture in this house.
How did you know that?
The sound is echoing. The sound coming from an empty place?
I happened to come here but it's empty.
Your sound tone became brighter, Ji Soo. It's totally different.
I'm naturally bright.
I like that recording studio. The sound in there feels warm and cozy too.
It's a nice place to have a secret conversation. Your story was nice too.
What of mine? Wait, I think my phone is ringing.
Oh, I've got a call, I can't keep talking now.
The story about Misiryeong.
Everyone makes a mistake.
Even nature makes a mistake.
My parents they died because of a mountain fire.
I usually don't talk about this.
I didn't know whom I should blame.
For a while, I was in pain because of that.
And then, I was in pain because I was the only one surviving that.
Right now, I'm just living, trying hard.
"Today is the season my mom likes."
"Right now, it's the afternoon my dad likes."
"Let's cherish them and live on."
Nature also makes mistakes.
It's alright, it's nothing.
Why do you suddenly bring that up?
- You said before, you think that I would meet Ha Won soon.
- Yes.
You were right about that. He was someone I knew.
That guy who rented the recording studio at dawns, it was him.
I thought it would be him. So?
With Ha Won
Would you like to have a conversation with him once?
♫ I, I saw you as you go ♫
♫ It's flashing light ♫
♫ It's flashing light ♫
Preview - A Piece of Your Mind
It's all you, Seo Woo.
Being curious about and imagining.
This is nice. This is the good part of a one-sided crush, by myself, secretly.
Why did the two of them leave the boarding house at the same time?
If I decide to come, give me the room at the end.
Just the two of them, friends, like family It's driving me crazy.
Are you alright?
I really wanted to see you.
At this time of a day?
- Any time.
- Any time.
Does Won know?
♫ And it is so far
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