A Piece of Your Mind (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

♫ A smile in the sunlight ♫
♫ Though I may not be alright ♫
♫ You help me feel ♫
♫ Better than before ♫
♫ And that's what I love you for ♫
A Piece of Your Mind
77-30, Okin 4th Street.
Formerly: Okin-dong, Jongno-gu 47-431
You said that before, that you think I would meet Ha Won soon.
- Yes.
- You said I may have met him.
You were right. I do know him.
The one who rents the recording studio at dawn. It's him.
I thought so. So then?
With Ha Won
Would you like to have a conversation with him?
- I mean—
- I don't want to.
- Sorry?
- Don't you remember?
You know I ran away when I knew Ha Won was there.
And I got mad at you because of that.
You remember everything.
- Please re-consider.
- Don't turn it off suddenly.
You know you just turned it off the last time.
Please say something before you turn if off so I can get ready.
What would be good?
Yes. "Ji Soo, get some rest. "
I'll do that.
- Ji Soo, get some rest.
- Yes.
I'm afraid a conversation will be difficult.
I know, I heard it too.
I am sensitive about people looking at me like this.
"What should I say to her?"
It shows that you are trying.
I never talk about my family, why did I tell Ji Soo?
Is it related also to the picture which Ji Soo left?
It's in the vicinity of my hometown.
Ever since that accident, I've never visited there. After hearing that, she left the photo.
In the recording studio too
you talked about Misiryeong, right?
I told you it was our secret. It has nothing to do with you.
Ah, is Misiryeong you?
It has something to do with you. Is that enough now?
It has nothing to do with me.
The recording studio, the Misiryeong picture,
everything pertaining to Ji Soo is yours.
No. Ji Soo's response feature was elicited by my crush.
From my feeling toward you, Ha Won,
for that reason, Ha Won, it is you.
A Piece Of Your Mind
Come In
We're OPEN
Episode 4
- Unni.
- Yeah. You came?
Why did the man who just left come again?
He said he wanted to buy the same thing he bought before.
How can I remember what he bought?
Do you have any nutritional supplements?
Did you listen to my mix of your performance with Teacher Song Yeong Min?
I think I answered before that I listened to it.
I heard you came to our recording studio and played and Manager Moon was very impressed.
She couldn't have heard because the studio door was closed. How can she have been impressed.
She said that she felt the passion, which was like almost hearing it.
But who sent you to Han Seo Woo?
- Oh, Director.
- Oh, Office Manager.
What brings you to our humble recording studio?
In Wook said to meet here.
He said there are too many people he knows in my recording studio.
I think we are going to have an unpleasant conversation.
Well lately he has been performing well. After he started performing, it was the first time he recorded an album,
and his mood was good but Whack! He got discouraged.
- Hello.
- Hi!
Teacher Kang will be right back. He went to have a beer.
I thing something is going on with his wife.
In Wook received meticulous support from his wife.
She even had a separate case just for his performance suit.
She would send different teas in a thermos bottle according to his condition.
She knew music well also and got along well with him.
Nowadays, he has no thermos.
How can you pack that all the time? Isn't that over zealous for a wife?
No, that family was different.
It was a feeling of being extremely quiet for the sake of her husband
rather than over zealousness on behalf of her husband.
Why are you glaring like that. You're going to bore a hole in his face.
That's awesome. It's because of this particular way of observing things, that your understanding of musicians is unique.
Who would have paid attention to Teacher Kang's thermos?
That's why the musicians, who are like shining stars, rely on you.
I'm far from that.
It'll come soon!
Director, then—
Good work.
Bounce back. It's very different from before the slump.
What is? How is it different. Speak up with specifics.
When the cello plays the melody, the piano sounds a little
a little rough.
It's to the point she can hear it.
Even if you get offended, if you don't get over your condition now, you will be the only one to suffer.
I also need to know what's wrong, to respond appropriately.
Just the two of us should talk about it.
- Why did you come out?
- I was told to leave.
Hey, how far are you going?
Are you telling me that now?
Why would Ji Soo have gone by herself to Norway and gotten into an accident?
Your relationship with her was so close.
It was.
Because it was good, I though she would understand me. So I told her, recently.
What did you talk about?
In the past
Someone precious to her had an accident.
of a lie I told out of my childish heart.
Ajumma! Ajumma!
I had been keeping it to myself, and I told Ji Soo.
Ha Won's mother!
She was in agony over it and went there.
- Because of me.
- Don't think weird thoughts about that situation. Stop it.
Why are you bringing up stories from the past?
- I will talk to the others and handle it.
- Don't.
I will overcome it somehow,
so don't tell anyone.
I'll try to reschedule it, but will you be able to do that before then?
I have to.
Only if she understood me
Ji Soo wouldn't have to go there.
Why couldn't she understand me?
Why did she worry about him only?
I'm sorry, I'll be there soon.
I'm nearby, wait for me.
In Wook, let's go now, you're drunk.
I called a cab. Stand up.
To my wife
There was someone like a family to her
Someone like family to her?
Family, my ass.
He liked my wife. I'm positive.
Otherwise, why would a student, enrolled in a program in the States, come all the way to Seoul?
No, no, I don't know any more.
I can't get between those two.
Those two Those two are driving me crazy
Yes, hello? Soon Ho, please stay here.
Yes, hold on a sec.
Those two, by themselves, as friends, like family
Every since their childhood How can I win against that?
Mr. Kang?
Are you alright?
Would you like to drink some water?
Stand up, please, stand up.
Here we go.
Please hold me.
I'm holding you.
As soon as we introduce this, the world will be upside down.
We should inform the hospital about the timing of sharing it.
- We should also discuss separately with Jin Seon.
- Of course.
Why is it so weird though?
Whenever something is finished, there are always just two of us left, you and I.
Even if the company grows big like now, it's the same.
It was always exciting before, after we finished making something.
But nowadays, it's not always happy.
When you witnessed the fire in the mountain, you said that we should be able to know where the people are, no matter what,
and we quickly made that program. After that, how touched we both were, eh?
Back then, hey, where are you going?
In the middle of conversation, where are you?
What is it?
Are you collecting cell phones too?
2013 Fire at Ilseong-gun, difficult to control due to strong wind.
I'm in front of the community center, used for emergency shelter at the moment.
So where are you now?
Where did you say?
Dad? Dad, where are you now?
It's in the vicinity of my hometown.
Ever since that accident, I've never visited there. After hearing that, she left the photo.
How long has it been since we all gathered to have dinner together?
- Seo Woo is not here though.
- Oh, Seo Woo isn't here, right?
- Doesn't Seo woo count?
-What's wrong with you again?
Tell Seo Woo to come over for dinner.
- You call her.
- Geez, seriously.
Leave it, she will come on her own.
Can't keep watching this.
I didn't notice it before I knew it, but what a sight it is.
What do you know? Do share it with us.
You sleeping with Eun Joo, do you want me to share with you?
Shall I? How long has it been? How long have you slept together?
How long have you slept together?
- Stop it!
- Under the street light,
there is something secret for two of you, correct?
I broke it in pieces on my way home today.
Why are there so many secrets? What's with you two?
The chair What did you say you did?
I said I broke it in pieces!
You, get up now. Stand up now, hurry!
Get out, come on!
Let's go.
Hurry up!
Bring it back.
Who cares what happened to it now!
- I said to bring it back!
- What's going on?
- Bring that chair back here.
- Chair?
Why are you taking it out on me?
If you're embarrassed about your secret dating life, just say so.
I'm so dumbfounded. What's so embarrassing? Why?
What's with you two then? Say it out loud then.
I like Chang Seop. Are you satisfied now?
How ridiculous. Are you going to defend him until the end? Hey!
Bring that chair back, or you won't be able to come home!
- I won't go. I will not live here!
I'm so disgusted from your betrayal. This is wrong, Eun Joo.
To me, you were like my mom. Living in Seoul, how much I trusted you
What is this? Whom should I trust now?
Soo Ji, come on.
From where should I start
Right, let's start with the chair.
It was the chair my mom brought.
- Mother!
- Eun Joo!
What are all these? So many things.
- No, no, I'm strong, don't worry.
- Let's go in.
You should go in first. I'll wait for Seo Woo.
But what is this chair?
Somebody dumped this perfectly fine chair so I brought it over.
It's dangerous at night, so I'm going to sit here and watch out.
Seo Woo!
What a surprise!
- When did you come?
- - Just a while ago.
- Wasn't it cold? You should've waited inside.
- Just wanted to wait for you.
- Wow!
- Mother!
- Mom!
Slow down, or you'll fall down!
- When did you come?
- Not long ago.
Not long ago.
- Ta Da.
- What did you bring again?
You like it though.
- Eun Joo's pickled dish
- What's this now?
Whenever she came to Seoul, she sat there waiting for me.
Under that street light.
As if she announced that here is someone waiting.
Do you know why my parents have the same death anniversary?
Because they passed away on the same day.
Because of fire, one day suddenly.
Who did that?
Because it was dry and windy?
Yes, I'm at the fire site of Eungseo-ri, Ilseong-gun.
Here at Eungseo-ri, you can see that several buildings are still bursting into flame as if being bombed.
It seems that the fire started at the hill which is about 1.8 km from here
Seo Woo!
Are you okay?
Shall we go and check up on your house together?
I won't go.
I can't.
Wait a second, I'll get you some water.
Please stand back.
The inhabitants of Ilseong-gun
Relief Aid Support
The place I used to live in, and the yard and my room,
my Mom, Dad, they all disappeared in one day.
Seo Woo.
Seo Woo.
Seo Woo, what are you going to do?
- Hello! I am Choi Soo Ji.
- Welcome.
Hello! I am Si Hyeon.
- Yes. I can take this for you.
- Thank you.
Han Seo Woo!
Hello. I am Han Seo Woo's friend from university.
Yes. I can take this for you.
How old are you?
I'm older than you. Just call me noona comfortably.
You look like an aunt.
You never mentioned anything like that.
Of course. I can't just tell you what happened to my parents as soon as you come through the door.
There's more I haven't told you.
Han Seo Woo! Why didn't you buy bean sprouts?
I was to buy potatoes, and you were to buy bean sprouts!
There's no soup! I told you I can't eat dinner without soup!
You told me that the food is awesome here and now you're being like this?
You have no sense of responsibility!
After that, I've never been out of Seoul.
I've especially stayed away from Gangwon-do.
(province where she is from)
I have really bad insomnia, and when I have scary thoughts then I run upstairs right away.
Why? Where are you going?
Her, her. She said she's coming in.
What happened?
It's nothing. Just sleep. Sleep.
What else haven't I told you?
From then on, I don't drink anymore.
I stay alert and live three times as diligently, which is worth my parent's share as well.
I don't drink because I'm scared I'll think of wrong thoughts when I drink.
- What else? What else haven't I told you?
- Hey.
I couldn't tell you at that time.
There's no other reason.
Please understand Eun Joo as well.
You know where the chair is, right?
Can you tell me where it is?
It's very precious to me.
I should have brought it into the house.
Out of nowhere
This feels good. One-sided love is always like this.
Secretly by myself.
I texted because of Misiryeong.
He's so persistent! What else is he trying to pry into again?
I had stayed near your home town in the past.
This is a picture I took at that time.
Thank you.
Thank you for the picture.
I really wanted to see that village in an intact state.
I should've gone in March when it was my mom's birthday.
I wasn't able to go.
I've been regretting it since.
I'll help you whenever you want to converse.
You're saying that and leaving?
I have somewhere to go.
At this time?
Of course. I'll get going.
Good morning!
You said you would help me whenever.
Let's start.
I'll see you again tomorrow.
Oh my!
I stopped by after doing some work.
Converse again?
- Ji Soo.
- Why are you showing up now?
I was a bit busy.
What is there to be busy about? It seems like you have a lot of time.
I'm actually very busy. Work to do in the recording studio,
and doing mixing and going to the hall.
I've also been on stage before.
Not my own concert but at a competition. As an accompanist.
You must have been pretty.
If you wear a dress and sit in front of a piano, anyone looks pretty!
I can't get used to this.
Your voice is so happy! I like it this way but
Being kind, bright, and curious about the world.
I was always like that.
You're at the recording studio, right?
I can remember everything vividly. The window, cactus, and piano.
- Did you put up the picture I gave you in the recording studio?
- It's in my room.
That was the picture that was in my planner. Have you been there recently—
I don't go.
Me too. I haven't been back since 2012.
I couldn't get myself to go.
- Are you okay-
- Are you okay-
You're okay, right?
Did you see the fire that happened?
No. I saw it in the news.
The house that is half cut off in the picture, really looked like my house. With dried radish greens hanging off the edge.
Only our house turns on classic music, so we stand out.
When my mom put out peppers and vegetables to dry, she used to turn on the radio.
A classical music channel. She believed that the plants like to listen to it.
She knew nothing about classical music, but she said she had a feeling it would work.
But, all the houses were similar there, so
The two of us talked about Korea a lot when we were in Norway.
Always wondering about it, and imagining about it.
What kind of smell would it have, how would its air quality
As every country has a different vibe.
The town in that photo, I mean, your hometown.
The town and its sky, it was like what I had imagined, just like that.
Peaceful and warm. You know, the kind of town that only exists in Korea. That kind of feeling.
I liked that place.
Back then, my hometown was peaceful, I see.
That's nice.
That's my bus.
I'll get going.
I'll come with you.
You can go home now. It's right there.
Have you sometimes looked down this road?
Since Seoul has some high and low, isn't it lucky to live where you can look down at the city?
Is that so?
I've said something similar.
I said that once, although it was really something briefly mentioned.
I told her to climb any hill nearby or go up to any pedestrian overpass,
and look down when feeling frustrated.
You know, the same effect that any astronaut would get after their space trip,
where the worries of the world become dust.
The overview effect. (a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth from outer space)
She must have done that as per my advice.
Looking down here.
Let's see her photos again.
We're right, it's a view where she looked down from a higher point.
- It's clearly
- A pedestrian overpass.
The buildings are not clear
I think I've seen it before though.
Ji Soo. Han Seo Woo coming between you and me, would it be a coincidence?
Knock, knock.
Knock, knock, kno-ck.
Knock, knock.
Did you also leave me some message?
Why don't you leave after the breakfast?
I'll leave now.
Good bye.
What should we do about the refund?
I'll wire it to your account.
That would be great.
Why should you give her refund? If she leaves before the due time, it's her breaching the contract.
Was there some clause that the tenant can cancel the contract if the owner is dating someone?
Please give me half only. It's partially my fault too.
I will do that.
To your mother, shouldn't I give her a call though?
When I see you, you remind me of my grandmother in Tongyeong.
Stubborn and timid, just because she was undereducated.
Generous to everybody, but harsh to her daughters only.
My mom is not like you either, you act like a grandmother.
No 35-year-old women these days would act like you.
Unni, you're just 35 years old. You're young and full of future.
Be more confident.
Don't be dragged by him.
Thanks for your concern. Now, do you have any place to stay?
If you're leaving just because you're upset, you can take some time to find the place first.
Of course, I should leave when I'm upset, or why would I?
You! You think Jeon Eun Joo is a pushover, huh?
- How dare you take your anger out on her?
- You!
If you break up with her after this, I'm going to kill you.
What a big fuss!
How can she talk about betrayal? It's not a matter of life and death!
Since it came to this, why don't you hurry up and get married?
We don't have any money.
Then just register the marriage.
It hasn't even been half a year since we're dating.
This is not our honeymoon house, but a boarding house. There is a line between work and private life.
I'm going to work.
Why are you going in there?
To clean up.
- Here is your drink.
- Oh. Thanks.
I'll put out the D2 which completed the test.
About attending the developer conference, we've received a refusal.
And the R2 team is doing testing now.
Oh, I see some comments on the R2 team.
Why did you Things are going crazy now.
If the device has the same personality, it will also hide the same secrets which the patient is trying to hide.
So we have to run some tests with patients.
Among the patients who use our data, please sort out the people who consented to the test we just explained.
Then, now, get to the point. Show me.
Show what?
I'm sure you've already run a test with someone you know.
It must be either one of you.
Whose personality did you use to make it?
Let me see that incredible result, from the same personality and voice of you guys.
- Once we get the test version, we will share with you.
- Oh my, it was you, right?
We're starting it now, it will start now.
I see, so you don't have it now? Of course, it will be a bit trouble if you have.
No, even though you guys made it, you would've run the test a couple of times and discarded it.
- Sure.
- Of course.
Of course, you should! If your brain gets hacked, our hospital will be in a big trouble too.
Oh, Noona, please take it easy and have a drink.
- I'm almost dying because of your work and also my hospital's work.
- Don't die, please.
By the way, what is this program called?
- D Program.
- D from A, B, C, D?
Over there.
Ah, that? That's not "D".
When I asked to draw a house, she drew a moon, half moon.
She's totally fine, always smiling.
Her problems? She never talks about them.
The reason why she came here was also because of your counselling tool.
Her daughter's will.
If a woman gets older than 50 years old,
pomegranate is good.
Pomegranate is the best food supplement for menopause.
If it's hard to eat it, it's also good to blend it with beet, carrots or apples together.
Did you go grocery shopping yourself?
Yes, because the weather was so nice today.
I went for a walk for 2 hours.
Is it okay to draw it like this?
Professor Song! Head Director would like to see you.
- Just a moment Min Jeong.
- Sure.
Why is there no call from Soo Ji?
Wait. Oh!
Wait here for a little bit.
Just a moment!
I think I have a cold. I came home early.
Chang Seop!
No, wait.
Eun Joo!
Wait a moment.
Someone guided me here.
For rooms.
RoomThis way.
There's no interior sense here.
Stuff here and there.
There's not even any good clothes to pick from that she could wear to go out but where did the owner go?
On a date.
Everyone's enjoying their lives to the full except me.
Why did two people leave this boarding house at the same time?
For no big reason.
Something must have happened.
If I do end up coming here, give me the room at the end.
Have you decided?
The owner has left the house and went on a date. I wasn't able to see her face.
Is there a rule where a boarding house owner cannot go on dates?
What's the owner's name?
I'll let you know if you decide to move in. Do you eat breakfast?
How old is owner?
Thirty-four. Oh no wait.
She was thirty-four last year so she is thirty-five now.
The food at this house is amazing.
This place has been passed on from generation to generation so she has a sense of duty, and she can't stand dirtiness.
It's always clean and the owner is quite innocent.
When she falls over laughing, she laughs even more.
She's never bitter! Even if she's displeased, she doesn't make a fuss out of it.
That's stupid. Enjoy your date.
She said she went to see the rooms. I arranged it.
What are you going to do if Soo Ji comes back?
She won't come back. Even if she does, don't take her in!
The mood feels different, seeing you outside.
Yeah, so why did you ask to see each other outside? It's a waste of money.
Because I always see you in the house. And we can get served food too.
What's wrong with the house?
Meeting you here feels like I've accidentally run into my mom at a restaurant.
What you just said,
if I take in those words with offense, then I've taken a lot of offense.
No, I mean, I'm just saying I feel comfortable. It's not bad.
It's feels very unfamiliar if you see your mom outside.
I'm just saying that a person I feel comfortable with feels unfamiliar outside.
Hurry and eat.
I'm going to look for a pedestrian overpass.
You're going to search through the whole city of Seoul?
Wait, it could be in the whole of Gyeonggi-do.
(Province of Seoul)
Shall we ask Ji Soo?
There was such an easy way.
Where should we meet? Let's decide on a place.
I'll send you my contact information. Let me know what time works best for you.
New Contact
Mr. Dawn
We're going to listen to a fifteen minute presentation from Project B,
and then it's going to take an estimated ten minutes on the fifth floor and another thirty-five minutes in the room next to it.
We have the same schedule so far, and then you-
- I don't have any.
- You don't have any what?
Why did I never think of this before?
It's close to the recording studio.
It's so early! Why did they close already?
This place usually opens until 10 but- that is eucalyptus!
She said you asked what the name of the plant was.
The plant you bought last time. It was eucalyptus.
The present you gave to your wife.
Are you going to buy the same one?
It's good for the indoors to have multiple of the same plants.
Your wife knows a lot about plants.
What's wrong with him?
- If, if it were possible to apologize
- To whom?
To whom?
If I can talk to Won.
You don't keep in contact with him though.
Teacher Kang In Wook
Mr. Dawn
There's a pedestrian overpass near the recording studio, right?
I think there was one if you walk a few blocks down.
There is one. I'm thinking of going there.
Right now?
I'm on my way right now.
Let me know when you find it.
Will do.
Studio Moon
♫ Through the falling snow ♫
♫ carried on the cold wind ♫
♫ In the snow covered city ♫
♫ Time stopped for a while ♫
♫ In steady wandering ♫
♫ Because I really wanted to see you ♫
♫ who were the only full stop in my life ♫
♫ I put on a bitter smile for nothing ♫
♫ I really miss you now ♫
♫ I think of you when we were strolling ♫
♫ together with steps in sync ♫
♫ Treasured in your hand ♫
♫ Please remember us ♫
♫ to the night sky which I extended my hand to ♫
♫ I make a wish ♫
♫ for your sake ♫
♫ In constant regret ♫
♫ for the clumsy heart which let you pass by ♫
♫ Once more in the cold wind ♫
♫ while I'm walking alone ♫
♫ I'm longing for you again ♫
♫ I'm thinking of you ♫
♫ Treasured in your hand ♫
♫ Please remember us ♫
♫ To the night sky which I extended my hand to ♫
♫ I make a wish ♫
♫ For your sake ♫
How can you live and not know love like this?
He is so desperate.
♫ Please don't forget me ♫
♫ I think of you when we were strolling ♫
♫ together with steps in sync ♫
♫ Treasured in your hand ♫
♫ Please remember us ♫
♫ To the night sky which extended my hand,

♫ I make a wish

♫ For your sake ♫
How did you get in?
You leave the door open all the time. You should lock it tightly or there's going to be trouble.
Did you find the overpass?
She met you, then went to the overpass, then to the airport.
I don't know what she thought about there.
So that's why your expression is not happy.
I thought you would like finding the overpass.
It is nice to know one more thing about what someone you like knows.
Conversation! You don't need any?
I need it.
If you put these on, she won't know where you are.
Ji Soo.
I can tell from your voice that something good must have happened.
Something good?
There wasn't anything in particular. I can't say.
- Where are you?
- At home. My home.
- You must be wearing earphones.
- Right. Is it that different?
It's like we are on the phone. Do you see Ha Won regularly?
Well, sometimes. As we come and go.
- Does Won know?
- About what?
When you called me out from the recording studio, you talked about Won.
At the time we talked about Misiryeong.
That's not so. I see Ha Won still doesn't know that.
The fact that you like Ha Won
No, that, don't you think you should not be saying something like that so easily ?
You said you liked to look at him.
Precisely a one-sided crush.
It's because I was a little sentimental that day.
Is it not the case anymore?
That is
I like it.
I like watching him a lot.
I like everything about observing the person who devotes both heart and soul into
both missing you and cherishing you.
Ha Won doesn't know how you feel?
Yes. I would like him not to know.
You didn't know how much he adored you.
I would also like him not to know.
♫ Standing at the crossroad, ♫
♫ Waiting for the signal ♫
♫ While thinking of you briefly ♫
♫ I couldn't cross the street ♫
♫ Sitting at the window ♫
♫ When my breath misted it ♫
♫ I can't stop myself ♫
♫ from writing your name on it ♫
A Piece of Your Mind
What do you mean when you say you like to watch?
Even now, it's okay.
I'll pretend I don't know.
Don't do anything.
Did I make a mistake?
Who are you going to meet?
Whatever Ji Soo didn't tell you, it's better that you don't know it.
Let's stop. Stop.
You should have quit in the first place.
Call me.
I have a one-sided crush to make myself happy.
You're very different.
♫ Disregarding anyone else without exception ♫
♫ I must give you my love ♫
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