A Piece of Your Mind (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

♫ A smile in the sunlight ♫
♫ Though I may not be alright ♫
♫ You help me feel ♫
♫ Better than before ♫
♫ And that's what I love you for ♫
A Piece of Your Mind
I see that Won still doesn't know that.
The fact that you like Won.
You said you liked to look at him.
Precisely a one-sided crush.
Is it not the case anymore?
That is
I like it.
I like watching him a lot.
I like everything about observing the person who devotes both heart and soul into
both missing you and cherishing you.
Won doesn't know how you feel, right?
Yes. I would like him not to know.
You didn't know how much he adored you.
I would also like him not to know.
A Piece of your mind
Why are you following me out?
It's late. I'll accompany you.
- About—
- Don't.
- Don't do what?
- Don't do anything.
But I haven't done anything.
What I'm saying is that it's fine, don't pay attention to what Ji Soo said earlier.
I'll pretend not to know anything.
No- Don't do that either. Don't do anything.
But what was it about you liking to watch?
I'm leaving.
Let's go together. I won't do anything.
Is it really fine not to do anything?
I'm asking if there's anything I can do for you.
And if I ask you to do something, you will?
Tell me.
It won't be easy, though.
I'll listen to it first.
You must be in a good mood.
You were in Ji Soo's response feature. That's why you're in a good mood.
That's true. Goodbye.
Ah really I'm going crazy!
Ji Soo.
Episode 5
Is it not good here?
Should we go to the recording studio? It seems like you felt comfortable there.
Arrived at the recording studio.
Here, you can hear it too now.
Is it too dark?
Why do you feel comfortable here? You said the sound was comfortable.
Ji Soo.
Let's take our time. Slowly.
After I left Norway,
when you were scared going home alone, you said you memorized that like an incantation.
Won, I can do this alone.
Let's take our time getting used to this. Slowly.
Let's take our time.
Did you have a conversation?
No. It seems like a conversation isn't possible with me.
I am currently not knowing anything.
Our recording studio might close after only renting microphones all the time.
Wouldn't it be great if there was a shooting like the one from earlier in our studio?
The hourly rate was no joke.
Doesn't Sunbae Jin Moo bring in a lot of work?
What use is that? They all come with their own sound engineer.
What use is it to have Han Seo Woo?
It looks like it is difficult to become first engineer in this field as well.
Nothing is easy.
At this rate, you won't become big before you're sixty years old.
I'm fine right now. Money isn't everything.
You're lying.
Still, it'll probably happen before you're sixty.
Th- Leave it here.
I'll just tidy this up before going.
I'll do it. I forgot that I had someone coming.
Yes, alright.
Give it to me.
Good work today!
It's good.
- Open the door for me.
- Yes.
It's heavy.
Aren't you being too much? How can you talk about it as you please?
A one-sided crush is something you do on your own. You don't say it.
What are you talking about?
You exposed everything in front of Ha Won!
- You were together with Won? But you said it was your house?
- Aah!
What's going on, with you two alone at your house at night?
She is Han Seo Woo. Leave a bit later, so that you don't run into her.
There's nothing good that will come out of you two knowing each other. Avoid her.
Why would I need to avoid her?
Han Seo knows too much about Kim Ji Soo, whom you are crazy curious about.
And Han Seo Woo is the most curious about you right now.
You two can be crazy curious, but the start, the development and the twist, everything is about Kim Ji Soo.
There's no need to say anything. She shouldn't know.
Don't even say the name "Kim Ji Soo".
- "Ji Soo", "Ji Soo", you're the one who says it the most.
- Me?
The address here is Okin-dong 47-431.
It's a house that's like Ha Won's office. It seems he has his important talks here.
It's the shipping address.
So that's why he said he would receive the dishes here.
That must be it.
The dishes I know I sold the dishes, but why was I selling them?
She doesn't know why she was selling them?
Prescription for Kim Ji Soo.
If you keep conversing with it, it will find that piece on its own.
It'll be nice to open the windows here and record.
Instead of the recordings done at a concert hall, I find the recordings done at houses or churches to be really nice.
The sound here is nice.
When you go to a nice church, the piano sounds amazing. It's like that here.
I will try and record here.
If you do record here, you have to let me listen to it.
Of course.
Stay with Won here using the excuse of work.
Aish, really.
There are not curtains here, right?
Until where does the sun come in through the windows?
It covers the living room fully.
In Oslo, the sun is very precious. Days are shorter too.
I was looking at pictures from Korea and I saw that there were curtains in every room!
While I was looking at the pictures, Won and I said,
'Why do they cover the sun? The precious sun?'
Because I live in a basement, the sun is precious to me too.
Really? Have you been to the house Ha Won lives in?
Of course I haven't.
I'm curious how Won is living about his life.
Do you want me to go to his house for you?
So many lame excuses.
Just show me this place.
He doesn't ask me to come to his house, anyway.
I'm sending over pictures that prove this is an office.
It's work for Ha Won, but for Han Seo Woo it's an ulterior motive.
- I'm now comfortable.
- Pardon?
I'm really comfortable with you now.
Let's look together for nice furniture that we can put here.
We can just have what we really need. Won doesn't keep useless things around him.
Please take care of it.
Then, can I ask you a favour too?
What is it?
But what's weird is that Ji Soo herself does not know why she sold dishes.
Why did she sell dishes?
I don't know.
Do you live here?
I sent you an email.
The house of the shipping address is so empty. Buy them for sure.
This is Ji Soo's taste.
She picked these out with me.
Make sure to buy them. So that Ji Soo will grant my favour too.
Ji Soo is always worrying about Ha Won.
What is there to worry about me?
I'm worried about Han Seo Woo who lives here.
The door looks sloppy,
and it looks like it will be humid inside.
You're openly staring at me too much.
I'm upset.
I'm not going to tell you, even though I completed one important task.
What is it?
What are you going to do for me?
You're always asking what I'm going to do for you.
Just say it without worrying about the level of difficulty.
I'll really say it so you have to do it for me.
I always wake up at 2 am and 4 am in the night.
I'll call you every time I wake up.
The level of difficulty is very high, right?
I'm always awake at that time. Call me.
Ji Soo accepted to have a conversation with you.
Tomorrow evening.
You got moved, didn't you?
I did it!
What are you doing?
I'm feeling sorry for you.
I'm feeling sorry for you.
Seo Woo.
Thank you.
♫ Through the falling snow ♫
♫ carried on the cold wind ♫
♫ In the snow covered city ♫
♫ Time stopped for a while. ♫
♫ In steady wandering ♫
♫ Because I really wanted to see you ♫
♫ who were the only full stop in my life ♫
♫ I put on a bitter smile for nothing ♫
♫ I really miss you now ♫
♫ I think of you when we were strolling ♫
♫ together with steps in sync ♫
♫ Treasured in your hand ♫
♫ Please remember us ♫
♫ To the night sky which I extended my hand ♫
♫ I make a wish ♫
Mr. Dawn.
♫ For your sake ♫
♫ n constant regret for ♫
♫ The clumsy heart which passed you by ♫
♫ Once more in the cold wind ♫
♫ While walking alone I am longing for you again ♫
It's room service.
Do you want me to extend your stay?
You're not doing work again?
I'm going to live using all the lodging coupons I received when still working, and will tour all the hotels.
You never took any days off.
You must have a lot of lodging coupons.
Then, rest well.
What about Seo Woo?
She already left after eating.
What's up with your clothes.
What about them?
It's just the two of us. We're comfortable with each other.
Let's have some nervous tension between us.
I'm off to work.
I told you to eat your whole bowl of soup!
These are what I used to always wear.
Send over the list quickly.
Hurry up and send it.
Min Jeong!
You came early to see me, didn't you?
Do you want to come in to the consulting room with me?
No, I'm going to finish eating this first.
But, are you going on a trip?
- Doctor, our appointment is at 1:30, right?
- Yes.
It's 1:15 right now.
I'll see you at the exact time.
I think it's been more than 100 years since I've been on a trip.
I don't know why we're living like this. Eating kimbap and sandwich everyday, right?
Oh! Right! Do you want to do a test?
It hasn't been released yet,
but it's a conversation device that contains your personality, and emotions.
Are you interested?
I'll see you at 1:30.
Okay, fine! Jeez.
I bought this not too long ago so it is still warm.
Eat this and let's see each other in the consulting room.
Because I'm always in the consulting room my back is out of place.
For menopause, they say it is good to move,
your whole body.
I'll see you in 10 minutes.
It's tuna. I don't eat tuna.
Do you have a place to sleep?
You came all the way here to ask me that?
You won't answer my phone calls.
Just go ahead and date all you want. Don't mind me.
You're such a cold person.
I'll get going.
Choi Soo Ji.
Why are you so lethargic?
There's less work to do, so my body is just not used to it and it hurts.
Why is there less work to do? Chang Seob eats the most.
You guys ate a lot too!
I took such good care of you guys! You guys ate a lot too!
Yes. That's right. This is the unni I know. Yelling a bit.
So, stop throwing a fit and just come back again.
There are some coupons left for a hair salon.
You use it. It's my gift.
What time did she say you will converse this evening?
I'll take care of the hardware and the sensor signals,
and with regards to the processor and the output of power, Do Yeon will do it.
I will proceed with the software training.
How far have you rolled the test data?
She won't answer.
I'll help you.
- Where are you going?
- It's break time right now. I'll be right back.
Ji Soo! At what time exactly today?
Today at 6 pm. Fighting!
Did she leave?
Today at 6 pm. Finally.
You've worked hard.
Thank you for your hard work!
What's happening at 6 pm? Is it near the recording studio?
If you find an opportunity to distribute your business card, do that well.
Let's speed up the promotion of our studio.
Oh no! We didn't decide on the place!
Be seated, be seated.
In Wook is here. Have a seat over there.
I'll give you a discount for your music practice.
- Why won't you give me one?
- Of course I have to give you one!
I heard your wife went on a trip. Is she still not back?
Yes. She doesn't seem to have thoughts of coming back.
What thoughts does a woman have to go on a trip by herself?
What about for men?
Is there a difference between a woman and a man?
They could go on a trip by themselves because of some circumstances.
For example, they need some time to think, or they are going to see someone-
See who?
Soon Ho, stop.
He's already sensitive due to work.
I heard you're taking In Wook out of this project. Does that make sense?
I've never heard of that before either. Who said that?
That's not it. It's cancelled.
Adjust the recording schedule for now,
In Wook's slump will not go for long.
Excuse me!
You forgot something important.
Did I do something wrong?
What are you doing, right to someone's face?
Just tell me exactly what you're mad about.
Was it because I said earlier that they could've gone to meet someone?
You're thinking of strange things! I meant a friend.
A female friend. She could've gone to see her friend-
Your wife
is very cool.
What did I just say?
010 0209 0696
Do you see me?
I don't see you.
Oh! I see you! I'm over here!
I see you.
This way.
Ji Soo, we didn't decide where you'll see each other.
Near the recording studio.
The overpass?
I know where it is.
You're only conversing with him once?
Once is a bit harsh.
Okay. Just once.
Converse with Ha Won,
Even if it's just once.
Rest well.
You heard right? She will only converse with you once.
It must be hard for you,
to decide what to say if you're only talking with her once.
There are words I want to hear,
and words I want to say.
I'll get going first.
♫ Say you'll be alright ♫
♫ When I see you ♫
5:59 pm.
♫ And I feel you ♫
♫ I feel ♫
♫ when I see through your eyes ♫
♫ I can feel you ♫
♫ But don't know why ♫
♫ Maybe I'll one day ♫
♫ Find you home ♫
♫ Go on to your way ♫
Ji Soo.
♫ I wish I would be the one ♫
♫ Everywhere I see you now ♫
Ji Soo.
♫ I will always ♫
♫ And always be here ♫
♫ I wish I would be the one ♫
♫ Why can't you hear me out ♫
♫ So I'll always ♫
♫ And always be here ♫
Ji Soo.
♫ Say that you'll be, ♫
Ji Soo.
♫ alright ♫
♫ When I hold you ♫
♫ And I will stay here ♫
Ji Soo.
I was miserable and I didn't contact him.
I won't do it. I'll never do it!
I know but, I know it all but,
please come out.
♫ Daily I worry ♫
♫ That you'll be fine ♫
Ji Soo.
♫ Go on to your way ♫
Ji Soo.
Ji Soo, Ji Soo, Ji Soo. Are you going to call me all day?
♫ I wish I would be the one ♫
♫ Everywhere I see you now ♫
♫ So I will always♫
♫ And always be here ♫
What is this?
Why aren't you saying anything?
It's just once. One conversation.
What are you going to talk about?
I did think a lot about what I should tell you.
I've always wondered,
if we were given just one opportunity to talk,
what we would talk about.
- You did this on purpose?
- Yes.
I've wondered what Ha Won will talk to me about, if there is just one time.
What is this? You can't even say anything.
Ji Soo, Ji Soo.
You kept calling me so I was listening.
You see the church with the blue roof in front of you, right?
- Yes.
- The three trees above the building, the Autumn Study Dorm
What about the high school to the left?
I don't remember.
Where is Han Seo Woo?
Find Han Seo Woo for me.
And if I find her?
Find her first.
What do you mean why? It's for Han Seo Woo's sake.
She said she likes even just looking at you. How do you feel?
I don't know.
Ha Won never says 'I don't know.'
I felt a bit weird.
But, Han Seo Woo and you, you two look good together.
There is a person who goes well with Ji Soo.
Your conversation is over? Already?
Ji Soo told me to do this.
This is very uncomfortable.
There are a lot of pretty things.
- Do something
- Show me the back of where Seo Woo was standing.
In front of where Seo Woo is standing, on the top shelf, there is a diffuser that I really like.
- Buy one.
- I don't have money.
- I said I don't need it.
- I'm going to use it.
The candle next to it has a very nice scent too.
- I don't need the candle.
- Ah
I'm sorry Seo Woo.
Let's go out.
What's that behind you? The thing that is sparkling.
Instead of that, this is prettier.
- Are you on the overpass?
- Yes!
I like it because it seems like we are all looking in the same direction.
Are you guys standing beside each other? Are you guys real close to each other?
We're close to each other because of the earphone length.
Seo Woo, you must be looking at Ha Won's side profile.
Yeah, you can say that.
Ha Won must be looking at Seo Woo's side profile.
No. Seo Woo is looking at me so I'm looking at the front of her face.
Now it's my side profile.
The last time I saw Ha Won, I was looking at his side profile too.
You ran away because you saw him there.
Let's just say that's what happened.
What do you mean let's just say that's what happened?
When did you see me again?
The sun is setting, right?
Right now! Show me what you guys are seeing!
So that's what it looks like when the sun is setting here.
I wanted to see it.
I've always thought it would be nice to see the sun setting there.
I remembered the words Seo Woo told me when she told me to go up somewhere high,
and it came right into view.
It would be nice to see the sun set here.
Incheon International Airport
Airport Limousine
That was my last memory.
After that, there isn't anything left.
So you don't know anything that happened after that.
You don't even know why you sold dishes,
and you don't know why you went to Norway.
She will find out herself.
No. She can't know. Never.
She can't know what happened to her.
Stop it.
I said to stop conversing with her!
As you keep talking with her, she finds out.
Then, in the end she will find out everything.
Why did she sell dishes?
To do whatever she can.
Selling dishes, and going to Norway,
all have something to do with Ji Soo being miserable, right? And you know what that misery is, right?
Ji Soo, why was she struggling?
It was something Ji Soo did not want to talk about. Don't try to learn what it is.
She's going to end up finding everything out! I'm telling you not to do it!
If Kim Ji Soo does not exist, then there is no reason for Kim Ji Soo's misery.
There's nothing. That's nothing. That's what nothing means!
Not being able to see her doesn't mean there is nothing.
It exists. At least to me.
That's a delusion of lunatics.
In that sense, one-sided love is the same.
Seo Woo. That is
I'm doing my very best to run this business!
As I'm comforting those sensitive idiots,
I'm going to succeed.
- Over here.
- Why?
2:09 A.M.
Mr. Dawn
I don't know if you'll understand what I'm saying,
but the words I heard the most often are
"Forget Ji Soo"
"Stop it".
I don't really know what that means.
What do I have to do to forget and stop?
She is present even when she's not here.
She's here even when she can't be seen.
How should I explain this?
I don't know how to explain it at all, so I don't talk about it to anyone else.
That's what I'm saying.
It's different from your one-sided crush.
You're right. It's different.
I'm having a one-sided crush for my own pleasure, to make myself happy.
It's very different from you.
You can't hold back from being curious, right?
She said that her husband made a mistake.
That because of that,
because it gave her such a hard time, she didn't leave her house.
That she wanted to at least do something, so she sold the dishes.
This is all I know.
To be more precise,
this is all she said about the reason for her world's misery.
That's why I'm telling you to stop trying to know more.
It is the right thing to not know about the things Ji Soo didn't talk about.
I-In Wook, what happened is
If you were going to keep quiet about it,
you should have done it properly.
No, that is- Why didn't you tell him?
You said you had told him.
When did I? You should have done it properly.
You guys are being too much, really.
What about you then, Mr. Song? You said we should go on without Mr. Kang.
What brings you here?
The recording studio.
I'll open it for you right away.
Did they lock the door?
Please wait a minute.
Did you come to work? It looks like the door is locked from the inside.
Right now Ah, right now!
Sir, could you go somewhere briefly for just 30 minutes
and then return after a really short time?
I'll go get someone first and then come right away to open it for you.
I'll send you the passcode as soon as I arrive there.
I'm sorry!
Stop trying to know more.
It is the right thing to not know about the things Ji Soo didn't talk about.
Ah really, what do you want me to do?
Usually I drink a lot,
but now alcohol over! I won't drink anymore!
Who would believe that?
I came to ask you for the passcode to send it to Mr. Kang.
- Who?
- Mr. Kang, he's waiting.
I got a message from Mr. Kang yesterday.
And I even replied to him.
But I don't remember at all.
So I didn't work hard in vain! Right?
The passcode.
I'm so proud of myself. Wait a second.
Here, I sent it.
But, why am I here?
- Isn't it your house here?
- I don't have a house in Seoul.
Look at this. Is it a bedroom, a living room or a kitchen?
What's this?
I'm leaving first. Mr. Kang was very angry.
I'll call a taxi.
Let's go together!
There is someone.
- Who could it be?
- The taxi is here.
It's my uncle! Don't worry,
if you explain to him well and tell him to go out, he will leave without a problem.
He is an easy-going person, you know?
Or if you prefer, I'll go and solve it.
Just stay nearby for five minutes.
I'll rush over. Yes. Yes.
What was he stuck on that he stayed up all night?
What do you think?
He was stuck on someone's misery all night, of course.
Uncle, come out quick.
Mr. Kang is there right now. Let him in.
He's sensitive, so I can't talk to him first no matter what. You do it, Uncle. Quick.
What are you doing? Get on.
I left my phone.
Come quickly.
Ji Soo.
Where do you think I am right now?
Ji Soo. Stop the music.
You said you couldn't see Ha Won's house, didn't you?
I saw it.
If you ask me what I saw in that house,
I saw that everything is pertaining to you, Ji Soo.
that isn't right.
I heard you're taking In Wook out of this project. Does that make sense?
I've never heard of that before either. Who said that?
I heard your wife went on a trip? Is she still not back?
Did anyone say she's going secretly to meet her first love?
If, if it were possible to apologize
To whom?
If I can talk to Won
You don't keep in contact with him though.
Can I use your phone?
Sorry, we don't have a phone you can use.
Then, I'm sorry,
but can you just call this number and check if it is a woman or a man?
You just have to check if it's a woman or a man.
If a man answers,
then can you ask if it is Ha Won?
Customer! This
Let's stop it.
let me be sad, nothing else.
Stop hoping for possibilities that she will come back when she is in misery,
and that she would contact you when she is struggling.
I'm telling you to end your long one-sided love right here.
You said you didn't know what ending means, and you didn't understand why you had to end, right?
My one-sided love has at least 1% chance.
You're probably wondering, who says I have a 1% chance?
It's because he's alive.
You don't even have 1% chance. So stop.
I'm sorry but I know I should be sorry, but
so I'm going to stop too.
I'm going to stop even my 1% chance of one-sided love.
You, should have stopped earlier.
♫ Hold the story soft ♫
♫ The days of loneliness ♫
Where did Teacher Kang go?
♫ Echo through your empty room ♫
♫ Are you alright ♫
♫ I see the glisten in your eyes ♫
♫ The tears of a broken heart ♫
♫ I'm calling you home ♫
♫ Won't you be here by me? ♫
♫ Your heart is weeping in the ocean♫
♫ A lonely flower is you♫
♫ Keeping your heart ♫
You said you were miserable.
I live well. I am moderately miserable and moderately happy.
She's going to end up finding everything out! I'm telling you not to do it!
♫ I'll be here ♫
If Kim Ji Soo does not exist, then there is no reason for Kim Ji Soo's misery.
There's nothing. That's nothing. That's what nothing means!
My one-sided love has at least 1% chance.
♫ love ♫
Because he's alive.
♫I'll be your sun ♫
Are you alone?
There was something I wanted to do for you.
What is it?
I want to hug you,
but this situation is a bit
That was so random.
I want to hug you and gently pat you on the back
Try screaming out loud.
What's wrong with you?
Just yell and scream out. Try it.
More, more.
That's it.
When you said to converse with each other just once,
there was something I wanted to hear from you,
and there was something I wanted to tell you.
I thought a lot about what I should say.
I'll tell you what I want to tell you.
If I say this, it feels as though I am giving you a hug.
What is it?
The thing I used to do when you were struggling or feeling down.
Ji Soo.
Ji Soo.
Ji Soo.
Ji Soo?
Ji Soo, Ji Soo.
Ji Soo.
Ji Soo.
Ji Soo.
in peace.
♫ Say you'll be alright ♫
♫ When I see you♫
♫ And I feel you ♫
♫ I feel ♫
♫ When I see through your eyes ♫
♫ I can feel you ♫
♫But don't know why ♫
A Piece of Your Mind
What kind of music do you want to listen to?
So you missed Mr. Dawn a lot. Me.
You emptied the room at the end of the hallway, right?
You have to see what kind of a person they are, when you let people in!
I'm very curious how Seo Woo, your 1% will grow.
I'm going to grow it to be strong.
Who are you to act all high and mighty toward me?
Kang In Wook, at this point, it's your habit to mess with people.
Are you stupid?
How can a person never cry?
Don't you have anything to say to Mr. Dawn?
It's nice to meet you, Ha Won.
♫ I will always be here♫
♫ I wish I would be the one ♫
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