A Piece of Your Mind (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

♫ A smile in the sunlight ♫
♫ Though I may not be alright ♫
♫ You help me feel ♫
♫ Better than before ♫
♫ And that's what I love you for ♫
A Piece of Your Mind
Relief supplies, medicine and food, 10 boxes each?
Okay. Hurry up and tell me.
I'm busy. I have to go catch someone.
This person was all crazy about using the recording studio, but he never showed up.
He doesn't even answer his phone! I have to find him for sure.
Yes. Okay. That's it?
Relief Supplies: Blanket, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towel, toilet paper
Medicine Kit: Scissors, dressing, bandage, cold medicine, painkillers, diarrhea medicine
Food: Instant noodles, water, seaweed, instant rice, rice, fruit
So, when are you coming back, Grandma?
Do you like it there that much? You like it better than me?
How could you be like that?
She's old now but still travels around all the time.
You try and say something! She listens to you.
I'm so worried.
Okay. I'll try and talk to her.
Don't worry.
Why do you have no energy? I'll send you an email of what grandma needs.
It's so loud! Where are you?
Outside where?
You know where you're roaming about right?
Don't space out and go somewhere weird.
Soon Ho.
Why is it so hard?
You never say things like that.
Han Seo Woo! Where were you?
I didn't see you there. Anyway, Kang In Wook is not here.
- I'll try and call him.
- He doesn't answer any calls.
That guy!
Maybe he has other plans.
No, no. He just left.
He couldn't wait those few minutes.
I'm going to catch him for sure.
Can I go home now?
Something's going on, right?
Is the recording studio empty?
I'll go for a little bit.
Recently I've had the best sleep there.
You have your house, what are you talking about? Okay.
He doesn't need a house.
I should take it for myself.
I thought you were going?
I'll just open up the recording studio.
Leave after doing that.
Kang In Wook! I'm so mad!
I just ran out without even being able to wash my face!
Stop it.
I'm telling you to end your long one-sided love right here.
You said you didn't know what ending means, and you didn't understand why you had to end, right?
My one-sided love has at least 1% chance.
You're probably wondering, who says I have 1% chance?
It's because he's alive.
You don't even have 1% chance.
So stop.
I'm sorry, so I'm going to stop too.
I'm going to stop even my 1% chance of one-sided love.
You, should have stopped earlier.
Did you turn on the music?
The music playing now is good music for falling asleep to, I heard.
Sleep well.
A Piece of Your Mind
Episode Six
You came out to see me in?
You ate dinner, right?
Yes. You came out knowing I was tired, right?
This feels nice.
You're having a hard time again?
A roommate is supposed to come in tonight.
Since when were we roommates?
Everyone except you two are roommates. I don't want to become attached to them.
The word "roommate" doesn't really carry the feeling of attachment.
Oh! He's coming.
Student Bae Jin Soo?
Hello. I am Bae Jin Soo.
Oh. You're wearing a padded jacket in April.
Do you have anymore stuff?
ConcertI think it's you.
I used to be in a orchestra in medical school.
We asked if you have any more things?
More will be delivered tomorrow by a delivery service.
Your gown is so dirty!
Take it off as soon as you head in. I'll wash it for you.
The gown that a doctor wears should be clean.
I'm just a student though.
Suna from Senegal said she became an athlete swimmer.
I will do my best. Take care.
I love you, Teacher. I miss you.
I'm so proud of this kid who used to have a weak health.
Something happened to you, right?
You're calling me and reading a letter.
You caught me.
When that happens, you just have to read anything.
It will help you.
That's why I had them all addressed to you and Soon Ho,
but Soon Ho never reads them.
I guess she doesn't have any challenges or heartbreaks.
It's good to not have any.
When will you come?
Soon Ho worries about you a lot.
I'll go when it's time.
Let her know I'll be visiting before it gets hot.
If it gets hot here, it's too much for me to handle.
I'm already happy about it.
4 am
4:02 am
A leaf,
without anyone noticing,
I was just curious.
About what?
Kim Ji Soo. Moon Ha Won's fixed point.
The center coordinate which remains no matter how things may be distorted.
The sense of urgency which is pushing Ha Won's technical skill to its outermost limit.
Perhaps it is this person. If it is,
all research must have started from Kim Ji Soo.
Testing of Kim Ji Soo device has finished.
The hint regarding the next step is here.
Get rid of it. Discard everything now when I'm watching you.
Right now. Immediately.
Program deletion in progress
Deleting the program
I erased everything.
- I don't understand.
- Of course.
How frustrating it is to not be able to understand with that good brain of yours.
So separate yourself. Go over there.
- R2 team.
- That's right, R2 team. You know it well. Join them.
They will be happy to see you there.
I don't want to. If it's somewhere Moon Ha Won and Kim Hoon are not, I'm not going anywhere.
Kim Ji Soo? Who is she? Who? I don't have any interest at all.
Don't have any interest.
Hey that Jin Hwan. The kid is such a clever bastard.
The fixed point never changes, but!
It should satisfy the conditions of the Lefschetz theorem,
and the condition interval only exists in the Anti-Ha Won space
Sit up.
Lean here.
The capillaries in your eyeballs are about to explode.
You can't sleep again? You need sleep though.
Student Jin Soo! Are you going to have breakfast?
Student Jin Soo!
He must be really tired.
You're sleeping with the gown on! It's creating wrinkles!
Take it off and sleep!
What? What's going on?
I'll take it off him!
Let's do it together.
Oh no, student Jin Soo, what to do?
What's wrong with you?
Look at this. I have to wash it again.
Director, where is Teacher Kang?
I've known In Wook for a long time.
This is the first time we got the opportunity for a recording with a major record label.
Of all times, he has a slump and feels betrayed.
In Wook is not in the right sense of mind right now.
He can just do it by himself, then.
That is.
I've never heard that answer before.
We record when we're performing at our best,
not when we're at our lowest.
Then after setting a goal, he can just work to bring his skill up to that.
It's easy for you to say.
Let's do it! Let's do that! Will you do that for me?
If the roots aren't rotten, then it will live.
Where is Teacher Kang?
In the studio.
- Hello Teacher Kang.
- Turn the lights off.
You don't have anything to tell me?
About what?
About yesterday.
Are you not the one who made all the commotion about opening up the recording studio?
I ran like a crazy person!
How long did you want me to wait?
- You couldn't wait the 10 minutes?
- I waited for 20 minutes.
This or that. They're the same.
- If you weren't going to wait then at least text me!
- Turn off the lights and leave.
I'm just getting started.
For slumps, do you know that Recording Studio Moon is the remedy?
Record by yourself, and release an album. What's the problem?
With Han Seo Woo, our recording studio will help you as much as possible.
All you have to do is have the right mind.
You have my business card, right?
- I gave you my card.
- I have it!
Now you seem like a person after yelling out like that.
Give me a call!
I found Kang In Wook and talked business with him. Did you see the schedule?
Did you sleep at your house in Seoul?
I have a house in Seoul?
The house where you crashed after drinking.
That house! No.
Wait. No. I can just live there.
But there's someone living there already.
I can just make it mine.
What about the person actually living there?
It's family matters. I asked if you saw the schedule.
I'm on my way to take a look at the schedule.
Don't go. It's a voice recording.
- That
- Yes.
Like Kim Ji Soo. You don't want to do it, right?
Let's just check on the time and give it to someone else.
- Since we only need to lend them the recording studio.
- I'll do it.
STUDIO MOON, 12-9 Sejong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Can I take a picture? To put on Instagram?
Someone introduced me to this place.
If I do end up staying here, save the room at the end for me.
Uh, your face is showing. It's still showing.
We'll start with simple consonants and vowels, and then some phrases.
I just have to read this?
Yes. If you want to stop at any point you just have to stay 'Stop'.
Since everything is recorded.
They say I can really communicate with myself.
Is there really a device like that?
Have you seen it?
I signed a contract that says I won't tell anyone about the recordings.
So you've seen it.
Excuse me, that.
You don't have to use this.
But I want to. It looks cool.
Hello. Hello.
When I give you the signal you can start reading.
- Ma'am! Let's try and read a bit more slower.
A, B, C, D
Sorry. Let's go a little bit faster than that.
A, B, C
I was finished, and the winter was about to end too,
so one day I went to the southern coast without any plan.
Spring already came over there
so it was the peak season for sea bass, trouts and blue crabs.
Um, just a moment.
- Shall we take a break?
- I want to put it on Instagram.
I have to post at 1 pm.
It's good now.
We'll resume with the recording then.
Where was the page again..
I can't see the words very well.
- Where is the garbage?
- Give it to me.
I can't do this twice. I'm so tired.
You've vacated the room at the end, right?
Vacate it.
She remembers.
There was one from Heikin
Where did it go?
Take it.
Mr. Dawn, the file name for the voice recording is Kim Min Jeong.
Where are you Mr. Dawn?
It's me, I'm Mr. Dawn.
So you've missed Mr. Dawn a lot.
That's I'm talking about that person from that time.
Exactly. That person from that time. Is me.
You must be craving coffee since you just woke up. What would you like?
I didn't sleep! I was just thinking.
You're okay with having a cup of coffee with Mr. Dawn, right?
Why are you glaring at Mr. Dawn?
- You cried, didn't you?
- No.
- It's the face of someone who cried.
- I don't cry.
How can a person not cry?
I don't cry.
Oh, I've cried once when my mom put mustard into my cold noodles.
I don't have any other memory of crying.
It's hot.
I did come earlier than the assigned rent time, but I'll leave after I drink this.
I'll leave. I'm done.
It's hot!
Are you going to stop it?
You don't really have to stop, though.
Yes, I'm going to show you a sample of what it is to stop.
I started it for my own happiness,
but now it doesn't matter. I'm going to stop it for sure.
Because Ha Won, that guy, isn't an ordinary man.
I told you that he's meticulous,
wait, no, not meticulous, I think.
It's for your own happiness, Seo Woo, then why should you stop it?
Ha Won is just Ha Won,
so regarding your 1% chance, please just leave it alone, to be free.
Don't pluck it yourself.
Ha Won will do as you told him to do,
so you don't have to show him the sample.
Then, I'll leave—
It's Mr. Dawn's time,
so Mr. Dawn must clean the room before he leaves.
And don't touch my stuff without permission, and where is my bag?
Should I leave the door open?
Close it, please.
It was dark, so I thought you would be scared
Where is Chang Seop?
He will stay overnight at his parents' house to take care of something.
What's up with him?
Come home late tomorrow.
Chang Seop will take a day off tomorrow.
You're bad at taking a hint, you know
Ah, I see, okay.
The cozy time for two of you only?
As we have a vacant room, why don't you move up? I'll give you a discount.
Not yet.
Unni, if I say 1%,
would it be a possibility or a false hope?
If you think of it as "as much as 1%", it is a possibility,
and if you think of it as "a mere 1%", then it's a false hope.
What is it about?
A crush.
You're doing it by yourself already, so why don't you keep it to yourself?
I'm going to throw it out there.
I'll throw this 1% over there,
and I'll keep watching how it survives,
if it really survives,
or if it just crawls and falls down.
I'll raise it strongly.
Are you saying you'll keep doing it or not?
Mr. Kang
Sweetheart! Sweetheart!
Mr. Kang said he would work with you for his record.
I suggested it. Wow, it's awesome!
Mr. Kang, this is Han Seo Woo.
I heard from Manager Moon,
I will do my best. See you later in the afternoon.
Why did Ji Soo have Han Seo Woo's number?
Why Han Seo Woo?
Employee - Choi Soo Ji / NH Nonghyeop Bank
What's up?
It was a good time to get served with breakfast by Eun Joo every morning, wasn't it?
Have you been doing well?
You're not concerned about me, so why bother?
I just asked.
Why are you having breakfast here?
Worked overnight.
Are you doing well with Unni Eun Joo?
You're not even curious about it, so don't bother.
Never mind, then.
What's wrong?
Seeing you having a hard time after leaving because of me,
- I feel bad.
- What?
- Frankly speaking,
you liked me, didn't you? Isn't that why you were so upset and left?
- Are you crazy?
- These days,
there are a lot of girls who like me at my office too.
The older I get, the cooler I become. I'm that type.
My broad chest makes my suit look so great.
As my status gets better suddenly,
now I reflect on me whether I made a wrong choice too.
You son of I told you I'm going to kill you if you break up!
Undies, socks, shirts
This is the person who made a contract for the end room.
I'm going to move in today.
C-contract? I haven't made it though.
(in informal/rude speech) HEY! You guys even accepted my deposit fee. That boy!
Chang Seop or whatever! How dare you try to con me
(in informal/rude speech) Hey, didn't you receive my deposit?
W-W-What did you say?
I did. I've wired that deposit to your account right away. Check the balance.
I've selected a person who wouldn't have breakfast.
Why did you make such a contract?
Why are you making a fuss when I helped you?
We should see the person's personality and character before making a decision!
Since when did you check the character before letting a tenant in?
I worked so hard for this!
Damn it!
Earlier The phone call
- (in formal speech) Let's go.
- Yes.
(in informal speech) I clearly said I wanted the room at the end.
When.. did you?
(in formal speech) I've mentioned several times that I want the room at the end.
Uh, well When did you, how many times?
(in informal/rude speech) I SAID TO THAT GIRL IN THE RECORDING STUDIO!
Well, since it turns out this way,
please leave, we already have a tenant in that room. I'll send the deposit back to you.
(in informal/rude speech) I won't leave.
Until you give me that room, I won't move a step from here.
I clearly told that girl in the recording studio about the room at the end.
A girl in the recording studio Must be Han Seo Woo
Let me check first.
Pick up, pick up the phone, Han Seo Woo! Han Seo Woo, you
Pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up, PICK UP! PICK UP!!!!
Pick up, pick up, pick up, PICK UP, PICK U~~~~P!!
You're here, sir.
Let's have a talk first today.
We can record 3 to 4 songs for a test too.
I should do a good job, as this is my first time.
Mr. Kang, who is he?
The engineer who will work with me.
But I heard from Manager Moon that you would work with me.
If you could please explain
I don't recall saying I would work with you, Seo Woo.
Shut the door and leave.
- Where are you going?
- I'm checking out early.
What do you mean, go? Where are you going?
- He came with another sound engineer.
- What?
What is she saying?
Come up.
He definitely said that he'd be working with you.
- He must've changed his mind, then.
- In the span of a few hours?
I've known Teacher Kang from before.
He's not that kind of person. Plus he's in a slump.
If he's in a slump, then can he treat other people rudely? Don't yield to such whim.
Follow me.
I'm fine. Really, Manager.
Are you okay?
Are you stupid?
If I think of such things as yielding, then I can't do anything around here.
In the process of work, there can be some misunderstandings and mistakes.
I'm fine.
It's unfair, but why am I not even mad?
Let's hold it in, hold it in.
Soon Ho, you should hold it in if you want to live well in Seoul.
- She ran away?
- Yes.
Han Seo Woo ran away, but—oh, I'm so mad.
It's always the good-mannered ones who run away first.
Where did she run off to?
I don't know. She was walking away quietly, but-
I'm so pissed off! It broke my heart!
Han Seo Woo took In Wook's side so many times, too.
She explained to me that there are a lot of unknown but great talented musicians in Korea, and
Kang In Wook, that jerk—I hate backstabbing the most.
Then it's the fault of Kang what's-his-name.
What's pissing me off more is that I'm putting up with it.
Why are you putting up with it?
That's what I'm saying!
I don't even want to associate with that guy.
Kang In Wook, you definitely said
that you'd be working with Han Seo Woo, that you'd try it out.
I heard it, as clear as day.
Han Seo Woo must have felt pretty bad.
There was a situation that called for it.
Mr. Kang, at this point, messing with others is like a habit for you.
- I'll explain.
- Do it by yourself.
Since you're paying us rent for it anyway.
Using all the time, by yourself, you can try your best to explain,
or just pound away at the piano.
I need some powerful healing.
♫ Through the falling snow ♫
♫ carried on the cold wind ♫
♫ In the snow covered city ♫
♫ Time stopped for a while ♫
♫ In steady wandering ♫
He's crazy. He always leaves the door open.
♫ who were the only full stop in my life ♫
♫ I put on a bitter smile for nothing ♫
♫ I really miss you now ♫
♫ I think of you when we were strolling ♫
♫ together with steps in sync ♫
♫ Treasured in your hand ♫
♫ Please remember us ♫
♫ To the night sky which I extended my hand to ♫
♫ I make a wish ♫
♫ For your sake ♫
♫ In constant regret ♫
♫ For the clumsy heart which passed you by ♫
♫ Once more in the cold wind ♫
♫ while walking alone ♫
♫ I am longing for you again ♫
♫ I think of you ♫
♫ Treasured in your hand ♫
♫ Please remember us ♫
♫ To the night sky to which I extended my hand ♫
♫ I make a wish ♫
♫ For your sake ♫
♫ Don't forget me. ♫
♫ I think of you when we were strolling ♫
♫ Together with steps in sync ♫
♫ Treasured in your hand ♫
♫ Please remember us ♫
♫ To the night sky to which I extended my hand ♫
♫ I make a wish ♫
♫ For your sake ♫
February 27th (scratched out)
Are you going to go to Oslo?
Should I?
You should've hidden it with all you had.
If I don't know about it, then it's nothing.
As tiring and painful as it was, you should've hidden it.
- You should've hidden it with all you—
- Why can't you understand me? Why?
You know I didn't even do it on purpose.
I'm telling you it was a mistake.
Just tell me that it's okay.
If you do that, I can somehow live, Ji Soo.
Is this a good time?
Just a moment is enough.
Drinks? Dinner?
The manager and Teacher Kang are there together.
Soon Ho is there?
Why are the two of them together?
They're fighting, most likely. Soon Ho called me because she was mad.
Soon Ho hates when promises are broken.
She did seem to be acting a bit sensitive.
It's more than being sensitive.
Because of that, she turned her back to the world and for about 9 years, she lived in a farm.
No, but
So you were rejected as soon as you came?
After so many years, she said to meet up and you met up, then rejection?
Wow, I'm starting to cry.
Wow, what's up with Kim Ji Soo?
This backstabbing is dramatic in every form.
The first time I see you, Uncle, and I already really like you.
Wow, how is this possible? Birds of a feather flock together.
She was even engaged to her first love,
but he fell in love with her best friend, so they called it off.
She took me to a snack bar to console me, but ended up wailing herself.
After that, she gave up on Seoul and went down to the farm.
And she became a gardener. Soon Ho is a child with a very fragile heart.
There aren't a lot of places we can go Are you really hungry?
I was worried about you.
Well, now, shall I listen to your story?
Wait, if you don't have anything to say, let me start first.
Please come to the studio as per the reservation by the end of this week.
As Han Seo Woo said, this can happen due to some misunderstanding or mistake.
And for the new reservation, I don't care if you do it in another place with a fresh mind or whatever.
You care for Seo Woo a lot. Are you two close?
I'm not close with anyone. I'm not an affectionate person to begin with.
Life is originally starting and ending by oneself, so I'm planning to live lonesomely as much as possible.
But why to Han Seo Woo?
Mr. Kang In Wook, when a person cares for another,
you're not supposed to approach it with explanations like "they're close" or "one likes the other".
This is simply about a promise.
You broke your promise, and Han Seo Woo was sad about it.
And it makes me feel shitty.
Seo Woo did you first meet her in the studio?
That was the first time I got to know her.
As soon as I arrived at the studio, she helped me with a difficult task.
To buy dishes through on-line shopping, I didn't want to use my own name.
She bought them for me.
Well, although it can be nothing, someone might take it suspiciously.
"Why doesn't she buy them herself?"
"Does she have a credit delinquency?" I would be doubtful too.
Same for your slump too. Depending on people's stance, many would be doubtful—
D-Dishes Who did you buy them from?
It's selling and buying though online shops. How would I know that?
Right, even when selling them, all you need are address and phone number.
You don't have to see the faces either
I'll work with Han Seo Woo for my next album.
Are you kidding me?
No, not at all.
Are you using those dishes well?
Those are not for me either.
I got that request from another person too.
Life is disgustingly twisted, you know.
By the way, why do you keep laughing?
No, just I'm just dumbfounded, that's all.
We ran out of sandwiches, I'm sorry.
Then what about ramen?
Eat here?
Ramen you eat at a cafe is so delicious, you know.
Close - see you next time
Shall I testify that you've waited long time?
- She must not be coming today either.
- She will, one day.
If I meet her, I'll testify for you how you've been waiting so far.
The person I was waiting for was someone else.
- I know her too.
- I see
After that, have you met her?
My cafe is where the waiting usually ends up with the meeting.
Each cafe has a different vibe, you know.
When I see a person who got stood up, that makes me feel sad too,
but the very next day, they show up together.
You will meet her eventually.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have brought it up
he should have cried much earlier.
On that table, you were with another lady, weren't you?
That lady arrived first and she was looking up the ceiling when she was waiting for you,
so I still remember her.
She was the person.
The one he waited for.
Oh, she came though.
Seo Woo, would you please tell Won not to wait at the cafe?
By any chance, are you the same person who said has never cried all his life?
I can c-cry too, I found that out today.
Moreover, didn't you come because you were worried about me?
I didn't come to show you this
It totally cheers me up.
Why do I feel refreshed when I saw someone else crying?
Let's go.
To where?
You must feel embarrassed,
why are you waving at the empty street?
Nice to meet you, Ha Won.
So, can I be Ha Won now?
Do you have anything to say to Mr. Dawn?
I guess he won't show up going forward.
So, this is the last moment with Mr. Dawn?
I can't tell him not to leave though.
Would you please turn around?
Just say it, please.
Since you're Mr. Dawn?
Mr. Dawn, good bye.
I was thankful.
That's it.
Kim Ji Soo!
Make some noise!
Ah, Ji Soo! Turn on some fun music!
What is it? Why isn't the music on?
Kim Ji Soo?
Did he change it?
Huh, you think I won't be able to find you guys?
Genie? Siri?
The device?
No, please listen.
This piece when I first saw you.
I remember,
when I looked outside, some man was looking around,
so I turned it up so that he could hear it.
Oh my, oh my, so it was you, Ha Won?
So you remember the moment when you first saw me.
It's vivid,
I heard this song, so I looked up. And went to the studio and you were there.
I told you, that the relationship lasts long if the first impression was vivid.
I must be so impressive then, am I right?
Of course.
But the first encounter I remember was when you were in the recording booth.
It's a different scene. If we remember differently, that what happens?
Then, keep watching what would happen next.
Are you feeling better?
I told you this story to make you feel better.
After seeing you crying earlier, I forgot all about the upsetting things.
Your door looks open.
Oh, stop, stop!
I still have something to talk about.
This can cause a big trouble, you know.
Wait, wait!
It's looks better than looking at it from the outside. It's warm too.
I live here because it's not too bad. Unni Eun Joo doesn't let me just live anywhere.
- What about the device?
- I got rid of it.
It sounds a bit harsh to say I got rid of it
In the past, it was clear what Ji Soo gave me.
I was happy when I thought of Ji Soo during difficult times,
Ji Soo could comfort me when I was feeling empty.
Ji Soo could make me keep myself together.
Now, when I think of Ji Soo,
it's difficult.
It's time for me to stop.
It's ambiguous to say I'm stopping.
But I've realized that no matter how abstract it is, there is a way through it.
Since I've made up my mind.
I'm going to find out what and how to stop.
Enough about me
it's your turn.
You told me.
That you like looking.
I honestly didn't know what that meant.
I never valued looking at something for a long time.
I've also believed that emotions continue even if you've never met.
But now I know,
what it means to like looking at something.
It was nice to look at when things were difficult.
Look at what?
you didn't stop, right?
You're talking without context again.
1% chance isn't easy to obtain, but you would stop? When 1% actually makes all the difference.
I 'm really curious how your 1% chance will grow.
Seo Woo!
- Hey, Han Seo Woo!
- Excuse me.
Han Seo Woo!
Student Jin Soo has been waiting at the bus stop for half an hour.
I'm going to pick him up and escort him, so you go quickly on up.
How can you stay stuck inside when you know we're busy?
Eun Joo is working like the devil by herself in the kitchen. Get going!
Oh, right!
We have a big dinner together when new boarders come. I completely forgot.
If I fail to show up, Eun Joo will kill me.
There's one more thing.
I thought it would be better for you to find out about everything while your mind is set.
Among the things Ji Soo wanted to tell you,
there is one more.
Ji Soo went to the cafe you had agreed to meet at.
Oh. Seo Woo. Put a little soy sauce in the japchae. It's bland.
These alleys are a little confusing.
There's just one butcher shop in the alley leading to our boarding house.
A butcher shop?
- Yes. But next to it, the sweet sour chicken is delicious.
- Butcher shop. Sweet sour chicken.
If I had only turned around.
Ji Soo!
Stopping this about you
will put a stop my life-long regret.
Feel free to eat as much as you want.
- I only ate one roll of kimbap at 2. I appreciate it.
- Eat up.
This household's japchae is amazing.
Our Soo Ji was the japchae lover, though.
Who is Soo Ji?
She told you she's a japchae lover. Why are you talking about her again?
You're speaking without honorifics
That's not it.
Ah. We are dating. Don't be concerned.
This is delicious.
Unni. I'm going to make a phone call. I left my phone.
Hurry back.
I have never stopped.
Having said that does not mean I am expecting something from you.
Because I will take care of myself. So, Ha Won,
make sure you figure it out. Accomplish that.
I figured it out.
What and how to quit
I did figure it out.
There is something you need to do for me.
All you have to do
is to go back and forth so that I can see it.
When you said you liked to look
No way.
I can't say now what sort of feeling this is.
I need you.
Can you stay for me?
♫ Standing at the crosswalk ♫
♫ Waiting for the signal ♫
♫ Thinking about you briefly ♫
♫ I couldn't cross the street. ♫
♫ Sitting at the window ♫
Stay with me.
♫ When my breath mists it ♫
♫ I can't stop myself ♫
♫ and I write your name ♫
♫ From a passage I read somewhere ♫
♫ Anyone can learn to love like fate once ♫
♫ I think you are the one ♫
A Piece of Your Mind Preview
I want to make you listen to it.
I should show off my skills. You're going to be so surprised.
At this time of the year, my heart throbs.
You're hiding something, aren't you?
I feel I am being exposed.
I also left something behind.
- Like your heart?
- My bike.
Handsome. Totally to my taste.
The worst already happened.
One of the two must live.
The 1% and one person
The one who asked the other to stay should follow the other.
♫ I would know ♫
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