A Piece of Your Mind (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

♫ A smile in the sunlight ♫
♫ Though I may not be alright ♫
♫ You help me feel ♫
♫ Better than before ♫
♫ And that's what I love you for ♫
A Piece of Your Mind
There is something you need to do for me.
All you have to do
is to go back and forth so that I can see it.
When you said you liked to look
No way
I can't say what sort of feeling this is. But
I need you.
Can you stay for me?
Stay with me.
A Piece of Your Mind
I have to stay with him.
So, why are you doing that to me
Episode 7
Oh! I'll call you back in 5 minutes. Are you going somewhere?
- I have to go.
- Look at what you're wearing.
Right, not now.
Get ahold of yourself.
Hey, hey. Recently these girls are cozying up to me like crazy.
Even now there is a colleague that everyone says is so pretty
and she got drunk and in tying up my phone.
What's happening to me nowadays? When I was in college, no one liked me.
Right, no one did.
Why do they make things so complicated? Should I answer or not?
You said she is a colleague. Accept the call.
If something happens later, you know it's all your fault.
Don't answer.
Who called that you went outside to accept the call?
Oh, well Han Seo Woo was running out like she was out of her mind.
So I stopped her and sent her back in.
What was she doing in the middle of the night?
I have to stay by his side
how can I do that?
Seo Woo!
Seo Woo! Seo Woo!
- Seo Woo! Seo Woo
- Unni.
Let me see.
- Why did you come here?
- Come over here.
- Don't have weird thoughts.
- About what?
He said you were running like a madwoman.
Don't you dare think of doing any rash action again.
I won't. You're really
When that time comes around, my heart starts to pound. Wondering if you'll do it or not
I told you that's not it.
It's really tiring. You need to get ahold of yourself.
♫ Through the falling snow ♫
♫ carried on the cold wind ♫
♫ In the snow covered city ♫
♫ Time stopped for a while ♫
♫ In steady wandering ♫
♫ Because I really wanted to see you ♫
♫ who were the only full stop in my life ♫
♫ I put on a bitter smile for nothing ♫
♫ I really miss you now ♫
♫ I think of you when we were strolling ♫
♫ together with steps in sync ♫
Seo Woo, today some young people came and took pictures.
They were on a trip they looked good together.
You should also try dating.
♫ For your sake ♫
♫ In constant regret for ♫
I don't know where my stuff is.
Would you like me to bring it to your place?
No. I'll go there.
♫ Once more in the cold wind ♫
Floor B3.
♫ while walking alone I am longing for you again ♫
I arrived.
Go to parking space C 48.
♫ I think of you ♫
♫ I think of you when we were strolling ♫
♫ together with steps in sync ♫
♫ Treasured in your hand ♫
♫ Please remember us ♫
♫ To the night sky to which I extended my hand ♫
♫ I make a wish ♫
♫ For your sake ♫
I want you to hear it.
Mom, Dad
When do you finish work?
Is everything okay?
I texted just because.
How are you? Isn't the weather nice?
I like it when you contact me with something so trivial.
It means you are thinking about me.
Everything's good.
I just saw something nice, so I'm in a really good mood.
I thought, maybe
I'm trying to figure out how to make you feel better.
It's the same reason I texted you for nothing.
There is nothing you need now?
Since when you're at the recording studio, you're usually lying face down, something like a cushion?
Or slippers.
It looks like you need something.
I'm okay.
Do you know what you say out of habit?
Out of habit? What could it be?
It's "I want you to hear it".
Leave the door open so at least one more person can hear the music
It's the last song recorded in here.
I want you to hear it.
I want you to hear it.
Master! About the house concert. It looks like it was booked some time ago. Do you remember?
I forgot.
Ah. I thought so.
Today is the rehearsal. If you don't think you can come, please call me in advance.
Soon Ho.
You used to be a gardener, right?
I still am one.
How do you dispose of flowerpots?
Why do you want to dispose them?
Because it's dead.
Can you take a picture and send it to me?
I'll take a look at its condition.
Ah, it's not dead.
I told you it is dead.
If it's hard for you to grow them, could you send all of it to our farm?
- But. is that a veranda?
- Yes.
It's not there. The eucalyptus.
You said it was a gift for your wife and bought it.
What did it look like?
Ah, we have the same in our recording studio.
Seo Woo got them as a gift, but she also neglected it and it almost died
I saved it. Wait a minute.
Han Seo Woo got the flowerpot from whom?
I didn't ask her that.
Ji Soo went to the recording studio
and she gave Seo Woo a potted plant.
Moon Soon Ho Office
What on earth was it with these two?
Ah, the weather is really nice.
I totally hate it.
So she threw the potted plant away.
I want you to hear it.
Harmonizing with Mother Nature in Gangwon-do
Express Bus Times
Here at Eungseo-ri, you can see that several buildings are still bursting into flame as if being bombed.
Shall we go and check up on your house together?
I won't go. I can't go.
Is it something like "History taking"?
(History taking: listening to the patient's medical history to establish a diagnosis)
It's different. They can ask more casually.
I can find the reaction point quickly. Hold on.
Kim Min Jeong
You'll come out right away if I talk about your daughter.
Where are you now?
Where did you say?
This is where I have to stay.
Getting to the terminal is a big improvement.
You said that after that you've never been there.
I can go with you.
I made a huge deal to my mom that I would bring what I recorded to her.
She always asked me when I would bring it so she can listen to it 1,000 times.
When my gift is ready, then I'll decide if I should go.
Show me what you recorded, I'll pick the best one.
Would you know if you hear it?
You'll be surprised.
This one is
duo lim200020
Brahms. Cello Sonata, number 2?
- Next one.
- Next
It's not that good.
He's really good, but he's in a slump so his condition isn't good.
He played this during his slump, you can tell?
I have no choice but to show you my skills.
You can play?
My mother was a piano teacher.
So you learned it.
I told her I liked listening to it, not playing. So she didn't teach me.
I learned by watching, wait and see.
Next time you come to the studio, I'm bringing my recording equipment.
Looking forward to it.
It looks like you've slept, or maybe not
Once it's all resolved, you'll be able to sleep really nice.
Your body sends a signal.
"Ah, it's over. All that was tangling my mind is finished."
Then you fall asleep.
Losing something is hard every time you experience it.
But when you have something, you're bound to lose it at the same time.
And you have to endure it every time.
What was your method?
It worked when just one person understood.
"I'm having a hard time, I feel lonely, I need help"
One person who would listen every time, if I didn't hide it and instead talked about it right away.
During that time, who listened to you?
Unni Eun Joo.
But she's also slowly getting exhausted.
It's true that she put up with me for a long time.
1% and 1 person.
That's all you need.
You left everything at the studio.
Oh right, I just brought my phone.
Let's go together. I also left something there.
Something like your heart?
My bike.
Your bike.
I've been wondering how I can stay by your side.
How was messaging?
Did you feel that someone was by your side or not? I felt it.
Not really physically next to me, more like in the air,
warming my surroundings.
Your messages have some effectiveness.
It's a relief.
I'll go in.
You should go.
My bike.
Ah, right. Your bike.
What's this?
Ah this
It's crazy, really.
It's pretty. That's totally my taste.
Gosh, he's really distracting.
In Wook, can I work?
I'll stay for a bit.
When I'm in here, I can stop having trivial thoughts.
I see. Stay here, eat and sleep.
Trivial thoughts are the worst thing.
It comes in harshly and eats away at the heart and mind.
Hyung, it's just a plant
but I feel like I'm being exposed.
Eun Joo Home Stay
Seo Woo!
I said I wasn't late yesterday.
Open the door, quick.
Take it, take it, take it.
I'm exhausted.
You removed the band-aid on the picture?
Put it back on, are we going to bow to you?
It's okay, we can still do it.
No, cover it with something, anything. This won't do.
Put it back, fast.
There you go, good.
Let's bow.
Mother, Seo Woo is staying in the basement because she wants to.
I can't get her to agree with me.
So, don't be too upset with me.
It's all good now.
If I don't say this, I feel troubled all year.
You're not exhausted yet.
What are you saying?
What about Chang Seop? Did he not come home last night either?
No, he must be really busy.
He usually tries not to work overtime into the night, though.
Maybe he can't try to, these days.
But how much do I have to talk to reach the response feature?
It's the first time I've tried to talk to someone for so long since I last dated when I was twenty-two.
I stayed up all night.
It differs for every person.
Her daughter should definitely be the response feature, but it's not reacting.
It could emerge at an unexpected spot.
No. For Ms. Kim Min Jeong it's her daughter, I'm 100% sure.
Her daughter had leukemia.
When she got the date, she called me and booked an appointment with me for her mother.
In case my mom might have bad thoughts.
She's sensitive.
Please make sure to meet with her once a week.
Well, you're such a good girl.
I'm jealous of your mom!
But Ms. Kim never talks about her daughter.
Even though it's healthier to talk about it.
Ms. Kim's daughter did do well. If she'd been left alone, she would've been a very critical patient.
"I'm having a hard time, I feel lonely, I need help"
One person who would listen every time, if I didn't hide it
and instead talked about it right away.
Complaining shows determination to survive.
If she didn't have that determination, she wouldn't talk.
In life, close people should mutually listen for each other, but
What the heck am I supposed to say
so that Kim Min Jeong will come out?
This is too hard.
Ms. Kim Min Jeong.
You may go in.
- Oh, the smell of food.
- Oh, sorry.
Because I'm working on a research study, I ate in the office.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
But what's up with the address? Are you moving?
I'm planning to.
You didn't tell me. You only put "Eun Joo's Boarding house". Do you know people there?
How would I know them?
You have to give me the address, though.
I won't suddenly cut off contact and disappear.
How can I believe that?
Anyway, give us the address today.
What should we talk about today?
Doctor, your teeth.
- A moment, what?
- You have something stuck.
I'm wondering about how you are doing, and also about the little ones in the veranda.
If it's all right with you, could I take the plants on the veranda with me?
If the plants you grow are struggling together with you, it's even more depressing.
It's all right.
Then throw them away instead.
If you leave them in front of the door, I'll take them and take good care of them.
Because of a slump, the pianist is shut up in his house.
And at the pianist's, the plants on the veranda are dying.
Honestly, I don't know how to help with a slump.
I've never seen one before.
But for plants,
I know exactly how to save them.
We have to save one of them, right?
Yes, I'll handle it—
What do you mean, handle it? When you're always running away.
I'm going.
My wife and I know that family well. I was worried they'd talk about useless things.
Do you actually have a wife?
Oh, there's the veranda.
Shall we start?
Are you all ready?
I never said I play well.
You don't like it?
Do you want to try one more time?
No. I'd like you to mix it well and touch it up.
I wonder if I'm that talented.
Where are you heading?
Um, one ticket for Yangyang County. (in Gangwon Province)
Yes, for Yangyang.
Have a safe trip.
♫ Hi, I saw you as you go ♫
♫ It's flashing light ♫
♫ It's flashing light ♫
♫ Is all with you ♫
♫ Accelerate through the light ♫
♫ It's slowing down in your eye ♫
♫ Nothing anew went through the night ♫
♫ It’s gonna be a day the night is on our way ♫
♫ And it is so far ♫
♫ It's slowly falling off ♫
♫ I'm holding it now ♫
♫ Before it's going away ♫
♫ And it is so hard ♫
♫ It's slowly falling off ♫
♫ Until the day of our life ♫
♫ I won't let go ♫
♫ I won't let go of you ♫
♫ Accelerate through the night ♫
♫ And rising up to the sky ♫
♫ Nothing anew when we're in light ♫
♫ It’s gonna be the silent night when you're away ♫
♫ And it is so far ♫
♫ I'm slowly falling off ♫
♫ I'm holding it now ♫
♫ Before it's going away ♫
♫ And it is so hard ♫
♫ It's slowly falling off ♫
♫ Until the day of our life ♫
♫ I won't let go ♫
♫ I won't let go of you ♫
I recorded this.
I'm doing well.
Don't worry about me.
I'm back.
Mom, Dad
You touched it up pretty well.
The person who asked you to stay at his side should follow you around.
Since you came alone, it doesn't matter if we go back together, right?
From now on, around the time they died, it should get better.
Have dinner before you go. I want to do the welcoming meal now.
Are you crazy?
What? Because I spoke informally?
We are dating. Satisfied?
Why are you being like this? You're embarrassing me.
Are you embarrassed? Is that why you're doing this to me?
I'm really sorry. Really.
- Student Jin Soo, I packed kimbap for you to eat together with the hospital staff.
- Ah no, it's fine.
Since I'm a little late.
No, but —
Give me some kimbap. I'm kinda hungry.
The hospital was home for me.
When I was in my 20's, living in a boarding house,
or hanging around and playing in a group
I never had those kinds of days.
Searching the specific categories about those days —
Min Jeong, stop.
What about Eun Joo's Boarding House?
I am searching for information on Eun Joo's Boarding House.
- Searching —
- Stop searching. Stop with Eun Joo's Boarding House.
Obviously I went in to see Eun Joo.
Who is Eun Joo?
When I was 20 she was the daughter of the boarding house I lived in.
She was a spirited girl.
I felt like maybe I'd get the strength to live, if I see her.
You are Min Jeong?
Why did this suddenly became Min Jeong?
I'm saying it's me. What's up with you?
Are you really Min Jeong?
- I'm saying it's me.
- Oh!
Because I'm seeing you, my strength is fading more.
Thank you.
Eun Joo's Boarding House
I'll get going.
They say they delivered the mattress. I moved the sofa by myself last time.
You moved that heavy thing by yourself?
It was tiring. I thought my shoulders would fall off.
This we have to do it together.
One, two three!
Slowly, slowly.
No, no, no, no. In the room.
- In the room?
- 1, 2, 3
Finally, the room and living room have been distinguished.
I didn't approve of how you were using them without differentiating them.
It has a flower pattern.
The cushion is nice too.
There's no food for me?
You said you weren't having breakfast.
I have to eat it today.
You don't have to ladle out the soup.
I'll get it for you.
The person eating should get what she can eat for herself.
Chang Seop was late for work, and Jin Soo is sleeping in his room —
I'm not curious about that.
What's up with you? I told you to contact me!
Sorry, sorry.
Unni. I went to my hometown.
That's commendable. You weren't feeling well since yesterday.
Our Seo Woo is amazing.
Did you go alone?
That's so commendable.
She looked pitiful, so I thought I'd eat with her.
- I'll come back later.
- Sure.
What's this?
Did he wake up?
That's commendable. You grew again.
You're happy you got a new family? I see.
There is lotion and BB cream. Use it all.
Thank you.
It is an occasion to celebrate that you didn't even go home.
The recording studio isn't even going well, but let's celebrate.
What about the chairs?
Why would there be chairs?
- Do we stand and listen?
- It's a house concert. We lie down and listen.
Everyone comes with their pillows.
So that's why it's a house concert? I almost believed you.
Han Seo Woo, what good thing happened that you say such nonsense?
She's full of energy. She carries everything so easily.
Yesterday, I went to my hometown.
A one-day round trip?
Seo Woo, that
What is it? What is it that only the two of you know?
Han Seo Woo, you overcame your trauma.
What trauma? Hey, let me in on it.
What's this? Hmph.
You rode a bike? Even though you never took it out after coming to Seoul?
I also drove.
How far did you go?
Round trip about five hours.
Why are you doing stuff you don't usually do?
That's why you collapsed and slept in.
Geez, now I'm tired.
You're hiding something, aren't you?
Your wife is not coming.
You can't accept that.
- That's half right.
- It's right?
Then, what is it you cannot accept?
So tell me if it is the worst part or not.
If you only do that, even if it is step 1, I can help you.
The worst, the worst has already happened.
Just exactly how much does Han Seo Woo know?
Why aren't you answering the phone again? Something doesn't feel right.
Why don't you get in
You don't look good.
It's I feel very anxious right now.
Can you take a breath?
I think you need to take a deep breath.
There is someone I shouldn't see.
I want to avoid them.
In the auditorium?
Who is it? I'll make that person leave.
Your anxiety is really bad.
Can you take a deep breath?
First, come out. I'll help you.
Try to get out and to stand up.
Step on the ground. Come on.
Sir! Just for today, close your eyes tight and play.
Perform just for today, and then quit the piano.
Doing that is not going to end the world.
What you worry about won't happen.
Wait a moment.
Take it easy for today's recording.
Director Choi also said not to feel pressured.
You're alright, right?
Everything is ready.
Hey, hey, hey. I think we should all be listening together.
Kim Min Jeong's response feature came out.
Let's hear that.
I'll put you on speaker.
It's Eun Joo's Boarding House. It's Eun Joo' s Boarding House.
Eun Joo's Boarding House?
Ah, great!
At dawn I leave for work at the hotel.
I either eat a quick lunch or go to a pretty restaurant somewhere to take pictures.
I eat something delicious, take a picture of it and upload it on my SNS around 1 pm.
Immediately after the drama is over, I phone my daughter.
We chat for a while about the drama and then I go to bed. There's nothing special to my day.
Did you get a response point? That's so random.
It doesn't sound random.
- It could be a subjective view. It's related to one's positive self esteem.
- Positive
Although there are personal differences,
a memory which becomes a button to elevate your will,
I mean, everyone has a memory which allows them to survive,
which cheers you on. Something.
Is it like the most beautiful moments of one's life?
No. It's not that.
Should I say it's the most resistant experience, the strongest?
A piece of one's own mind.
2020 House Concert
One Day in Spring.
It's suddenly different. That's nice.
It seems that he went back to what he was before.
Is he playing well?
I don't think there is anyone here whom he should not have seen.
You must have gotten over it. You're completely different.
I was extremely anxious.
But it was strange out there.
Rather, something came out.
Well, I don't know if extreme confidence works with anxiety.
Your condition was as good as it has ever been.
What could that be?
- You did a good job.
- Well done.
Today In Wook is treating.
Master In Wook looks like it's the first time he hears this, though.
Yes, let's go.
- About Seo Woo
- Han Seo Woo!
Leaving first
Seo Woo, come with us.
I have lot of things to sort out. You go first.
- From now, please assist me with recording.
- Wow!
Are you officially asking her?
I'll do my best.
You worked hard today!
- Where did you sleep?
- A house I own.
It's that house, that house.
That house is perfect for you. Quantum Mechanics.
In the end, it's about interaction, isn't it?
Something matched perfectly with you.
There's a whatsis in that space, bearing a certain mass. It isn't a photon or atom.
That whatsis, by occupying space like this, like this, like this,
it brings the electron energy which is at the terminal end of your nerve,
from it's lowest level
to an excited, excited state.
Yes. It's just right for making up some quantum mechanics story.
That type of, that whatsis, that something, that
Why are you walking so fast?
- Am I walking fast?
- Yeah.
- I have an appointment.
- What kind of meeting is this?
Just, it's not really an appointment, but something similar.
I'll get going.
"Just"? Why do you do things you don't usually do?
When did you get here?
Just now.
You just kept looking at me?
I felt there was someone behind me.
When you get some rest, this is what you look like.
You looked very sensitive, before.
But now I think even the feeling is different and has been lifted.
I slept well after a long time.
This kind of feeling.
Why I slept so well.. all day I've been analyzing this.
Because you were tired, and you'd also been driving.
The delivery address. You and that house match perfectly.
That house is perfect for you. Quantum Mechanics.
Please, just not quantum mechanics.
It's like the frequency. In quantum mechanics terms, it is the interaction.
It matched perfectly on a specific frequency.
It was moved from one place to another.
The delivery address. It's perception by you is caused by the specific frequency.
That thing, that whatsis
And that's why earlier you felt I was behind you.
That's what I'm saying. The delivery address is the cause.
You're sharp.
At the delivery address, there is a stream which is sleep inducing for me.
That stream of whatsis. I'm sleeping there from now on.
Good. That's great.
Did you have a good sleep?
Yes, I also slept well. I might know the reason.
I was scrunched up under a new blanket. It felt good.
I just fell asleep.
- The blankets.
- I'm sure about that.
I didn't see you sleep.
- Next time?
- Next time, let's also sleep together.
Sleeping together does that make sense?
They're having a gathering, so I have to go as well.
Are you going to the delivery address?
Just to confirm that it is because of it's location.
I see.
What do you mean by saying that?
Why are you being so awkward?
On my way here, I was wondering. "Although we didn't make an appointment to do so,
will she be there?"
I came while looking forward to it.
While I'm not used to it, it is warm.
What you are saying is nice.
Master Kang In Wook.
I think he's telling me to hurry over. Just a moment.
Yes, Sir.
My performance today I want to hear it in the recording studio.
Now? I left the recording studio.
This is
This is also an unusual experience for me.
The snacks are delicious too.
Tonight I'm going to drink until it's late. Tomorrow we'll come back in the afternoon and work on it.
Yes, okay.
Eat a lot.
Ten minutes would be enough.
It was not a special performance
but it means something to me.
Ten minutes would be enough?
Master Kang In Wook has been in a slump for a long time.
Today he performed really well.
He wants to hear the recording.
I will wait.
Kang In Wook.
It is definitely different.
The tension
There is this tension which makes you anxious.
The tension given to you by someone you don't want to encounter.
Is it someone you saw earlier at the auditorium?
No, I thought he would come, but he didn't.
Ah, the tension that you thought he had come.
That could happen.
I'll play something.
You mean you'll play something now?
It will be over soon.
Is he playing by himself?
I think it's a little bit of a feeling.
What should I do?
Let's listen together.
I will text you more often.
You said that even with just that it gives you the feeling that I'm being here for you.
I'm giving you some help, right?
I think when I help I am the one receiving more.
Giving is like receiving, and receiving feels like giving.
Doing it together is what it is all about.
You're giving me tremendous help.
It's a relief.
What you said about feeling like I was present in the air around you. The more I think about it, the more I like it.
It's being present for you in a way that's as comfortable as the air. How great is that?
Flowing like a stream of water, just as it is.
The feeling that someone is by your side it's nice and reassuring.
I can be the person who stays for you, as much as you'd like.
Not everyone can do that. Because of me, it's possible.
Why is it possible for you?
I think because it's a person named Ha Won who is like this and that, with a Han Seo Woo who is like that and this,
it's possible.
About what this and that is, it's up to anyone to fill in the blanks.
It's a feeling as if we share that one single thing
we wish someone would acknowledge and understand.
I'll do it for you too.
The person that will be by your side.
I will do it.
♫ Standing at the crosswalk ♫
♫ Waiting for the signal ♫
♫ Thinking about you briefly ♫
♫ I couldn't cross the street like that ♫
♫ Sitting at the window. ♫
♫ When my breath mists it ♫
♫ I can't stop myself ♫
♫ and write your name ♫
♫ From a passage I read somewhere ♫
♫ Anyone can learn ♫
A Piece of Your Mind Preview
♫ to to love like fate once ♫
Hand. Shortly and softly.
If you spend the entire day at the studio with Kang In Wook, what kind of feeling is that?
Eun Joo broke things up.
Just get out.
You're going to leave this place anyway.
I want to settle down.
So out of the blue.
Did my 1% chance grow to 20%?
The hand I want to hold.
If you take that hand tightly, it's really nice, isn't it? .
Close your eyes.
♫ I clutched my pounding chest as it hurt ♫
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