A Piece of Your Mind (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

♫ A smile in the sunlight ♫
♫ Though I may not be alright ♫
♫ You help me feel ♫
♫ Better than before ♫
♫ And that's what I love you for ♫
A Piece of Your Mind
I'll be the one for you too.
The person who will be there for you, Seo Woo.
I'll be that one for you.
A Piece of Your Mind
Episode 8
Ah, hot, it's hot!
Store-bought seaweeds are really delicious too.
I'm doing this because I want to eat it though.
- Would you like to have beer?
- Yes.
What about the others?
Jin Soo will come home at early dawn.
And Miss Min Jeong will go to bed on time as soon as the drama ends.
Not sure what she's doing during the day
I haven't seen you for a few days, and now your face looks a bit rough.
I thought about something for a bit.
I admit that I'm feeling a bit pressured.
What pressure?
If we keep at it, I think I should be more serious.
Human psychology is quite strange. I didn't know that when we dated secretly,
but after dating openly, now I have a lot of thoughts in it.
I can't just simply love you.
You should just love, what else do you need?
It's not working in that way.
Well, then how far do you have to think?
Whether marrying this person or not,
whether you will be a good dad or not,
how can you estimate such things in advance and worry about them already?
You just love a woman if you like her now, and you get married if you keep liking her.
You must also think about the next step obviously.
So what step are we at now, then?
It's the step where we should think about the next step.
- What's all talk about steps, steps—
- Seriously, you're so frustrating!
Can't you connect the dots naturally?
No, I can't.
Tell me the main point. Don't beat around the bush.
Take off all those words like future or next steps. Just get to the point.
Let's end our relationship.
For last few days, this is the only thought I have had.
Sorry, but this is too burdensome to me.
I'm home.
Wow, it has been a while.
Then, I'll hurry and leave you two alone.
Damn, that's noisy!
What an amazing team play! That was great.
Why are you home?
This is my house.
Welcome! Let's talk about that, have a seat.
The lease here ends in the next month.
Renew it under my name, please. You will leave soon anyway.
Who said so?
You did, you said that you would stay only for a while when you first came here.
You came here just because of Kim Ji Soo, you know.
Oh, sorry.
That wasn't the only reason.
Are you going to keep staying?
Yes, I want to settle.
That's out of the blue. Why?
I can sleep well too.
Ah Right, you're saying you'll keep living in the place where you've lived,
what other reason do I need. Then let's live together.
- I don't want to, it's uncomfortable.
- Then, move out.
That's absurd.
You will grant my wish at the end though.
What about you, are you okay to live in Seoul?
Yup, I like my job now.
I dragged out one musician who had hit the bottom and put him back on his feet.
If he gets better and better later,
this would be unbelievably rewarding. It's a different kind of joy from gardening.
I guess I like a person whom I can help.
No, I noticed a few strange things here from Moon Soon Ho.
- You know, Moon Soon Ho is—
- He has a wife, a married man.
But one day, his wife suddenly left for a trip,
and hasn't come back yet. Up to here is what Mr. Kang said.
Who knows, those two might have already broken up.
- End there.
- Don't worry, I'm not that crazy to pursue that kind of person.
I check and calculate all different angles and then start dating a guy who doesn't have a problem.
But it's true I haven't felt this kind of feeling for a long time.
It feels as if I became a worthy person.
- When should I move my stuff?
- Take your time.
Ah, indeed you're my uncle, here!
So it wasn't because of the place.
Are you going to work?
How are you?
Eun Joo and him.
They broke up.
Unni, I'm going to have lunch at home. Let's eat together.
You're early today.
I'm going to stay until the evening. You're available today, aren't you?
Yes, I just need to step out for a bit during lunch hour
- Will you please turn on the recording from yesterday?
- Yes, sir.
Han Seo Woo! Where are you going?
I need to go home now, I'll be back after lunch.
What do you mean home, in the middle of working?
I have to go!
This is the recording from yesterday's performance, isn't it?
If you didn't drag me out of the car, Soon Ho, this performance wouldn't have happened.
You really came.
I promised to have lunch together Ah, can't breathe..
I cooked only one ramen though.
We can mix rice in it.
Okay then. There are sheets of cooked laver seaweed too.
With this, I can have two bowls of rice.
- Unni.
- Hmm?
What's going on with Chang Seop?
Chang Seop wants to end.
This crazy—
What crazy? It's a common story.
What about you? Are you okay?
I know, right? I don't feel any.
How's your work?
I came in the middle of it, because I was worried about you.
Then hurry up, you should leave quickly.
In the evening, can you come home early?
I'm going to cook refreshing Octopus soup.
I want to eat something hearty.
That sounds delicious.
Argh, my tummy
Yesterday, did you have a good sleep?
It seems that it wasn't because of the place.
So you couldn't sleep well?
I'm going to look for other reasons.
What would that be?
If we bring hands into everyday life,
will that help reducing the anxiety?
Anxiety usually occurs from the increase of certain neurotransmitters,
so the main point should be drug treatment to tone it down, isn't it?
The causes for anxiety can vary just like there are various people,
so if we can make it include the communication treatment too, that would be great.
In what method?
For example, letting a patient hold a hand
Whose hand?
A hand of the person that the patient wants to hold.
Ah, you want to make a hand?
- Agree!
- No, it's possible with a training, a pattern training.
A training to make it be perceived as a person's hand, when a specific pattern and pressure is applied.
We can make its model to make a patient think he or she feels it because of the training,
just like a phantom pain.
When we say a phantom pain medically,
that's usually indicating that a patient who physically lost a hand
feels the pain on the lost hand's fingers.
Yes, similar to that.
So, if we approach the problem in the brain, not on the fingertips
Then even if there is no hand,
one can feel as if holding another person's hand in the air.
Then, we just need to make a hand.
Only the sense of touch.
Well, if we combine its treatment with the conversational program at nursing homes, that would be good for Alzheimer disease patients,
because the mere action of holding a hand can give them great emotional stability.
Cappuccino for me.
Yes, one Cappuccino, and Americano for the rest of us.
- Please send me more research articles about anxiety.
- Okay.
Soon, thanks to you, I guess this machine
will also pour booze for me depending on my feelings.
It will happen one day.
The hands should come before the sense of touch, but why only make the sense of touch?
Go ahead and make it in another department. Not here.
Oh, it makes it quick, nice speed!
It's working hard now.
Wow, delicious.
- Oh, right.
- Good job.
It's the time when Min Jeong will post photos on her SNS.
- She always uploads them at 1 o'clock.
- Oh, really?
No, this isn't right.
Sir? Shall we take a break?
I heard this plant was a gift to you, Seo Woo.
Ah, yes.
From whom?
From my friend.
What kind of friend was it?
A friend whom only I think of as a friend.
That friend doesn't think of me that way.
Why do you only think in that way?
Well, because I know well how I think
but I don't know well about that friend's thought.
She left to a place faraway.
So I can't know any more about that friend's thought.
Mr. Kang,
I think it's not a bad idea to release a couple of singles first through online platforms,
instead of making a full album.
Why is it so quiet?
He's again
Mr. Kang, it was good just now.
Shall we continue?
Shouldn't we find more data about the neural network?
I've told the research team R2 to find more
- Is it finished?
- Yes.
Good job, I'm proud of you, Engineer Han.
Are you going to stay longer?
It seems you can't play well without Seo Woo.
- She's a good fit with me.
- I see
Yup, I'm going.
Probably on my way
Unni, I'm go-going.
Where are you going?
What should I do
Did you spray something on this blanket? I feel so sleepy here.
Sleep some more.
No, I just came for a bit because I promised to "be with you"
and had some time, but I gotta go now.
Why are you leaving so soon?
Did you get some sleep?
Since I was tired today, I guess I will sleep a bit later.
Since something is going on at the boarding house, I have to be with Unni.
As she's feeling the worst now. I'll come again.
I'm so popular these days, no kidding. I'm needed in everywhere.
Mr. Kang also told me to stick with him while he's performing.
You know that Kang In Wook is married, right?
Why do you point out the fact that Mr. Kang is married?
- It's not like that it's
- Oh, my gosh
No way.
Did my 1% grow up to 20%?
No, well, to both Soon Ho
and you, it seems Mr. Kang gives some hint
Just now another 5% increased! Now it's 25%.
No, that's
Oh, Unni.
I can't stand Chang Seop walking around here. If we broke up, he shouldn't come home.
I made this soup to cheer me up, but why does he stuff himself with it!?
I'm not okay, I'M NOT OKAY AT ALL!
I didn't have dinner yet, and worked hard all day long.
Although I had a bit of sleep, I don't have any energy left.
Explain it simply.
I'm thinking.
Breaking up, it isn't true, is it?
No, not that.
Should I still live here?
Should I leave? I mean that's what I'm still debating.
Didn't you break up with her after thinking about that?
Hey, I'm saying we should end the relationship,
not the contract of boarding.
For now, just sorting out the situation—
What the heck?
Argh, I'm hungry.
I'm exhausted. I don't even have energy to argue with you.
Have the leftover soup. Eun Joo's octopus soup is awesome.
Get out. Don't think any more, just leave!
Since something is going on at the boarding house, I have to be with Unni.
As she's feeling the worst now.
I finished it up.
What do you think I'm looking for?
So it's not because I was tired either.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you!
- You're welcome.
Why are you moving your stuff to this place?
Because it's my place.
- But it's not.
- I told you it would become mine, didn't I?
Wait, this is
Come in.
Soon Ho!
Soon Ho?
Yup, it was all changed to my name.
Originally it was a different name.
He must have made a firm resolution. My uncle, I mean.
He probably had some expectation that he might run into Kim Ji Soo one day.
But it's over now.
So I thought he would leave Seoul soon, but he said he would settle here.
Uncle He's definitely not like before.
That vibe of a wanderer is now gone.
By the way, a funny thing is, when Uncle said he let go of Kim Ji Soo, I feel a bit sad.
In terms of love, I have only seen people who are so cold or be wracked after fights,
but he was someone I would think, "that's right, this kind of person should also exist."
Like a human air purifier. I guess I was cheering on him subconsciously.
There are better damn things to cheer on than that.
What the heck?
You should cheer on something existing. As a family, why don't you help him?
Oh my, you became a fan of my uncle's, eh?
He's peerless, for sure.
- Is it okay to put this on here?
- Yes.
Ji Soo?
- What about the device—
- I got rid of it.
Ji Soo
- Seo Woo!
- Oh, yes!
Ha Won?
Let's go.
By the way, why did Mr. Kang send so many text messages?
Forgive me if I'm ignorant to ask, but are you needed for his practice too?
Usually, no.
He's demanding Han Seo Woo, it's unusual.
Why did I bring this?
But still Ji Soo
Where are you now?
So it's possible? If that happens, that would be really great.
When you feel anxious, even with one person holding your hand, you feel much calmer.
So at the hospitals, that would be even worse. Going to get examinations makes a patient nervous.
But if someone holds their hands, that would be so great.
That's the point. We should try to make it.
Feeling them even if they aren't there
Let's do this.
Close your eyes, please.
You should not open your eyes.
Can't you feel anything?
I'm basically quite dull in sensing.
Now, open you eyes.
I'm going to do this on your hand, Seo Woo.
Please close your eyes again.
It's because this action is perceived. It became a pattern now.
It feels as if you touched me.
This is touching though.
Are you listening to music?
It's nice.
I'm scared,
but it's beautiful.
The music Ji Soo listened to in her last moment.
It's not because of the place, or because I was tired.
I think the reason why I fell asleep was because
someone was with me then.
Can you
be with me now?
I miss you.
I'll try again.
Miss Han Seo Woo?
Han Seo Woo?
Ji Soo.
If I mean, really "IF",
If Ha Won is gradually forgetting you, Ji Soo, then I will,
I will remember you as much as he forgets.
♫ Hi, I saw you as you go. ♫
♫ It's flashing light ♫
♫ It's flashing light. ♫
♫ Is all with you ♫
♫ Accelerate through the light. ♫
♫ It's slowing down in your eye ♫
♫ Nothing anew. Went through the night ♫
♫ Went through the night ♫
♫ It’s gonna be a day the night is on our way ♫
♫ And it is so far. ♫
♫ It's slowly falling off ♫
♫ I'm holding it now. ♫
♫ Before it's going away ♫
♫ And it is so hard. ♫
♫ It's slowly falling off ♫
♫ Until the day of our life ♫
♫ I won't let go, ♫
♫ I won't let go of you ♫
♫ Accelerate through the night. ♫
♫ And rising up to the sky ♫
♫ Nothing anew. ♫
♫ When we’re in light ♫
♫ It’s gonna be the silent night when you're away ♫
♫ And it is so far. ♫
♫ I'm slowly falling off ♫
♫ I'm holding it now. ♫
♫ Before it's going away ♫
You should've told me if you wanted to leave.
♫ And it is so hard. ♫
♫ It's slowly falling off ♫
♫ Until the day of our life ♫
Han Seo Woo?
♫ Until the day of our life ♫
It shouldn't fall down.
♫ I won't let go, ♫
But because it fell down
♫ I won't let go of you ♫
Let's do a proper job.
There was some urgent work at the recording studio, so I couldn't go.
So you're at the studio, right?
Then it's okay.
I will contact you again, I'm sorry.
It's okay, you can take your time.
Why are you sighing?
Even if I shut myself in my room, I can hear all the noises Chang Seop makes.
The noises of him walking, opening a door, drinking water, and even peeing.
Since I gave you 50% discount for this room, half of this room is mine.
Unni. When we say love—
Shut up. Don't talk about love or life, whatever. I don't want to hear.
I'm having a full check up tomorrow, so I have take this medicine and shit
I have no energy whatsoever
Talk about yourself, why did you sigh?
Hurry up, go ahead.
For me, maybe it's because I have never had a good relationship before,
but whenever it looks like things are going well,
a hundred of reasons why it won't go well comes to my mind.
Indeed, it's Han Seo Woo. Your repertoire of discouraging yourself is bottomless.
Tell me one thing among those hundred reasons.
It feels as if I'm intercepting the love which was meant for somebody else.
H-H-Hey, are you dating Chang Seop?
Are you nuts? Oh, Unni, your hair!
Oh, this, I changed my hair using Soo Ji's coupon.
Hey, I haven't been there for a year, so now I could see the chief hairdresser gained a lot of weight.
As I told her she gained weight, she didn't want to accept
that coupon as it was under someone else's name.
Of course, she must have been upset. Then?
I told her I got dumped, and she pitied me and worked on my hair right away.
Oh, good job, you did well.
How does he look?
That hundred, the hundred reasons.
Okay, Won. Your shoulders,
make your shoulders like this,
square your shoulders, that's right.
Push your bangs to the sides.
- My bangs?
- Yes, to the sides.
That's right.
Your face should look bright, just like mine.
For an ID photo, oh, your mouth, smile a little.
Okay, that's good.
But it's not for an ID photo.
Then, what? If it's not for some documents, why do you take a photo?
Someone asked me to take a photo of mine, so
Oh, who is it?
You said you were busy, and now I see you were really "busy".
Who asked you to send your selfie?
Ah It was a selfie?
The photos Well
I-I-I don't have any. None.
If you don't have any, why are you looking for it?
Is that the signal?
I I need to go to the bathroom.
All the restaurants you told me to go to, I went there.
I cleared the list of delicious restaurants, I finished it.
Your mom ate at all of them.
So, now everything is done.
These are the songs I made, four to five minutes long per each song.
Seo Woo, you select any of them. We can record them or whatever.
This piece, please.
I transferred it to a score.
It's the impromptu song you played at the music hall before.
And you played it yesterday too.
I loved your performance then, so I recorded it and later transferred it to a score
This song should've been gotten rid of.
- There is not such a thing—
- This song is such a thing.
To someone, when the person was in a really difficult situation,
this song, it could've been a help too.
Music can save the world, something like that?
Yes. It saved for a few seconds.
For a few seconds at least, I'm sure.
Give it to me, please.
I'll play it.
The invisible touch which can calm the anxiety down?
For its technical parts, I'm sure you would solve the problems, Mr. Moon.
However, who would want to use it for medicinal purpose only?
It must not be made.
Since it's invisible, it's highly possible to be put to bad use too.
Making nonexistence to existence.
Mr. Moon, you're quite consistent too.
I know, right? I can't get away from it.
I should, though.
I won't do this one.
Are you sure you can decide on that so easily?
I haven't even started.
Thank you for everything.
That's not good.
I'm not terminal.
A doctor like you can't really tell me what to do.
I just came to say goodbye.
But I don't want to.
Where is Eun Joo's Boarding House, by the way?
- Does it even exist?
- Thanks for your hard work all this time.
Let's meet personally.
We can just eat together once or twice a month.
I don't have friends either, just work and taking care of my child.
Would I have any friends left?
What should I do? I don't have time.
I'm going to leave this place.
There's nothing to do about this, then. I'll have to talk to your device, or something.
Even the personality is the same, except for one thing.
What is?
It's bright.
- That's not me, then.
- It is exactly you.
You're just briefly at rock bottom right now.
Can I talk to her?
Bright Kim Min Jeong?
According to the rules
we should prevent the person being consulted from meeting them.
I want to hear what kinds of things
the bright one says.
You think I don't know that?
We can just take Min Jeong out.
We have to do it now, it's the only way.
I'm in front of the consultation room.
General Ward A
Come in.
How can I talk to myself while being sober?
Right? It's not like you're being treated.
From now on, it's just personal.
Since we're friends now,
not doctor and patient. Of course a drink.
He's the one who invented the device.
I can't do anything without his permission.
Pretend he's not there.
How can I when he's right there?
Look at him, he doesn't even reply.
He's not here, not at all.
Well then.
- Cheers!
- You'll drink, too?
No, I'm just making a toast.
I don't drink while working.
This is making me uncomfortable.
Do you want me to turn it on or not?
I'm turning it on.
Ms. Min Jeong?
You should talk if you called me.
Ms. Kim Min Jeong.
Why are you so bright?
Why would you?
What is this tone, as if you have no worries or concern?
Why would you?
You're so shameless why Why would you?
Why would you!
That scared me.
Why are you alive?
What's wrong?
You're awfully bad at running.
What do I do?
What do I do?
My baby
What do I do?
What do I do?
What do I do?
Open your eyes.
Mom's here, open your eyes.
Mom's here, open your eyes.
Open your eyes baby.
What should I do?
If I had only run faster
Just a bit, if only I had run just a bit faster
Just a bit faster, I should have run a bit faster
If I had just held your hand
If I had just held your hand
If you had just held my hand
You tried to hold my hand
If you had just held my hand
I only went home once or twice a month.
I was crazy busy.
- Hello.
- I made a reservation.
What is your name?
My daughter looked at my Instagram in the morning as soon as she woke up.
She was happier the more likes I had,
and on the days I wasn't eating properly, she would nag me.
So the next day, I would eat what she told me to and take a picture.
I couldn't do anything else for her.
I realized after she was gone,
since I didn't have her, nothing mattered anymore.
Working hard or living, none of it mattered.
I can't forgive myself.
If I had just held her hand
Earlier, didn't someone hold my hand?
I felt like I could live.
Your bag.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
I came to visit somebody.
Where are you going? Wanna go together?
No, I have somewhere to go.
Can't we go together for now? I don't want to go alone.
Go alone. Don't whine.
It wasn't a woman's hand.
- What are you listening to?
- Mr. Kang's.
Oh right.
How do you feel being in the recording studio with Kang In Wook all day?
What do you mean?
I'm just curious.
You don't feel anything different right?
No, I don't.
Okay then.
When working, I focus on doing work only.
I said okay.
I like someone.
When did you start dating?
I'm not dating, I just like him.
Isn't that the same thing? Oh, it's one-sided?
I like him, and I think he thinks I'm a good person.
It's similar but there's a completely different connotation. Like earth and sky.
Is it really that much?
It doesn't seem one-sided.
If dense Han Seo Woo is confused, it's not one-sided.
Why do you think that? I didn't even think of that. Why?
Just because. I'm just saying.
In this situation, would I tell you to stop it?
It's at the level of encouraging an employee.
- You always say empty words!
- Did you like that?
Mr. Dawn.
Do you know the word "banbogi?"
Banbogi? Is it seeing only half?
(literally, "half view")
When studying Korean I saw many maps and Korean dictionaries.
The word appears in the Korean dictionary.
When a married woman wanted to see her mother.
She would meet her briefly at a point exactly midway between their homes. That was called "banbogi".
That's an ancient word. It's not a word used nowadays.
Banbogi. Let's do that.
Seo Woo will walk ten minutes
and I will drive ten minutes.
The pedestrian overpass is the midpoint. Let us banbogi there.
I'm in the midst of work so I can't see you for long.
That is banbogi.
A brief and affectionate look.
Brief and affectionate.
That's enough.
- You'll probably also be busy tonight —
- I'm not.
I'll see you later.
No. No. This feeling is not it.
- He asked me to stay.
- Stay for me.
- I told him I would stay for him. "I have to stay for him."
Then staying for him is fine.
He asked for help, and so I just have to help him.
I stopped myself from going because the device fell?
What kind of novel am I writing by myself?
I cleaned everything.
I said I cleaned.
You do it well, once you make up your mind.
Did you sleep here?
- I slept fitfully.
- You must have been uncomfortable.
It's because I'm a light sleeper.
Well, I came because I wanted to help you sleep.
First, let's start with the setup.
How was I doing that?
You were there in the bedroom.
Right. I was in the bedroom. And you were on the sofa.
Start with putting your purse down.
At the time the door was open. The same way as it was.
With the same position as then.
The angle where we could see each other.
You were there. I slept on the sofa.
Oh, right. Then, let's go to bed.
Good night.
But when do we eat this?
- Where is that thing?
- "That thing"?
Th-, yes, that. That th that th
I don't have that thing, so just eat it.
Frying pan. That was a frying pan.
There was one time I didn't sleep for a month.
It was before I left Oslo.
Even though it may seem strange to others.
I didn't sleep. I didn't eat regularly.
Not really caring to make a separation between the bedroom and the living room. Not settling down.
I'm used to being like this.
It's the same blanket as then.
You slept well because of the blanket. You said it was new and you scrunched under it.
When the sunlight is good in the spring and fall, Unni Eun Joo and I do a major airing of the blankets.
On those nights, I sleep really well.
I need to put up a laundry line in the yard.
Let's do that.
I will go right after I see you fall asleep. I have to go.
The boarding house suddenly has gotten busy. Well, now
Oh, it's working. Go to bed.
Stand up, before I get any sleepier.
I'll take you home.
Come anytime if you want a good night's sleep because no one will use that blanket.
I can't go down to your semi-basement room, after all.
I just hear exactly what you are thinking.
The thing you are thinking It's true.
♫ A smile in the sunlight ♫
♫ Though I may not be alright ♫
♫ You help me feel ♫
♫ Better than before ♫
♫ And that's what I love you for ♫
- Hey!
- Hmm?
Tell me one more of the hundred reasons why it won't go well.
Look at this.
You won't let me go. Because you want me too much.
Just for today. I just need you today. Starting tomorrow I won't need you.
I don't want to be alone today. I'm anxious.
Thumbs up!
♫ Standing at the crosswalk ♫
♫ Waiting for the signal ♫
♫ Thinking about you briefly ♫
♫ I couldn't cross the street. ♫
♫ Sitting at the window ♫
♫ When my breath mists it ♫
A Piece of Your Mind Preview
♫ When my breath mists it ♫
One day suddenly, a hundred reasons why you shouldn't like that person will appear all at once.
Did you do that on purpose? You stopped on your way, and looked briefly?
What was your daughter's name?
You know. A noose from the ceiling.
Ji Soo?
Someone was there.
Exceptionally, I will just listen to Master Kang.
As long as no one dies.
What if someone died.
I miss you. I want to be together.
I've never had this kind of interaction before.
♫ I think you are the one ♫
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