A Piece of Your Mind (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

♫ A smile in the sunlight ♫
♫ Though I may not be alright ♫
♫ You help me feel ♫
♫ Better than before ♫
♫ And that's what I love you for ♫
A Piece of Your Mind
So it wasn't because of the place either.
It wasn't because I was tired, either.
No matter how I see it, I think the reason why I could fall asleep was because someone was with me.
I miss you.
Come anytime if you want a good night's sleep, because no one will use that blanket.
I can't go down to your semi-basement room, after all.
I can just hear exactly what you're thinking.
The thing you're thinking It's true.
A Piece of Your Mind
You haven't already quit, have you?
Are you going to give me another empty word? Please don't, my mind is totally at peace right now.
Of course, why do you think you're at peace? That's all because of these babies.
There is always a reason.
One morning, when you wake up, suddenly a hundred reasons why you shouldn't like that guy will come to your mind.
- How did you?
- Just listen to me. Kang In Wook and Han Seo Woo
are just working hard even if they are alone in a dark room.
But to the eyes of people who don't know them, that's not understandable.
Whether something happens or not, there is always a reason.
Think about that. Some trivial, simple,
and meaningless reason will show up eventually.
You will keep staying here, right?
I don't have to be here for Mr. Kang's practice. Please stay here, Manager Moon.
It's not possible to have no reason.
I have to put Ji Soo back in her place.
- Mr. Kang.
- Ah, yes.
Your performance was good, but it was too good for me that it kept lingering in my mind even before my sleep.
How could you make such a song?
Thinking that such a person as me likes that song, that means it's really a good song, right?
Well, did you listen to it that many times, for it to linger in your mind?
It was stuck in my mind at once, you know.
Can I listen to it here?
Suit yourself.
- Well, Miss Soon Ho, would you please move aside a bit
- Huh? Oh, yes.
You don't have to go that far.
Ah, I see.
Oh my!
I came because Soon Ho asked me to fix the blind.
Did you also come here beause Soon Ho asked you to run an errand, Seo Woo?
No, that's
You can just say, "yes".
By the way, you don't have time to see me,
but why do you come to see the house I live in?
Seeing me and seeing my house, what's the difference there?
By any chance, did you do it on purpose?
Stopping on your way to come, or seeing me for a short time.
You really can't tell a lie.
- That's—
- I want to see you, be with you,
and hold your hand.
This is my first time in this kind of mutual relationship.
For me, this is that kind of thing.
- You will be here longer, right? I'll leave.
- No, I won't.
Soon Ho, are you still there?
The plants you took from my house, they're all fine, aren't they?
Of course, who do you think I am— Wait, ah, ah!
I thought those were the only ones my wife left behind,
but in the least expected place,
she let me breathe again.
While playing this song, now I feel like I can live on.
My wife
She's not in this world any longer.
I got the result of my full check-up.
What did they say? They said there is no problem, didn't they?
The doctor said,
that he had never seen such a pure and clear colon like mine.
After hearing his words, I got to wonder why I was agonized a lot over nothing,
and all of things which had made me suffer so far felt like nothing.
It was disgustingly bothering me that I had to see him every morning and night even after the break-up,
but on the other hand, I can see him even after the break-up, when it's usually not the case.
- So it also has some pros.
- Usually, people break up in order not to see each other.
Well, in case of a relationship at w-work place, they still see each other even after the break-up though.
But they don't make breakfast for their ex.
- Shall I kick him out?
- Yup.
- Hey, are you really Chang Seop's friend?
- But that gives you a hard time.
- Who isn't having a hard time after a break-up?
- Chang Seop isn't.
Anyway, for now, I'm done.
You, you, tell me one more among those hundred reasons.
Why are you suddenly, again
You'd better have a real hundred reasons. I'm going to hear every single one of them.
Well, you know, that is What was it
Give them to me, all of those hundred reasons. See, you don't have them, do you?
Why are you lying when you don't have them? Give me those hundred reasons!
Give me a hundred reasons.
A hundred, hundred
He kept telling me.
I need you, Seo Woo. Please be with me.
Asking me to come, to be with him.
- I want to see you.
- Saying he wants to see me.
I want to be with you and hold your hand.
This is my first time in this kind of mutual relationship.
There is no reason that I can't go to him.
This is clearly a mutual relationship.
- That thing.
- That thing.
Take it.
Suddenly the temperature dropped.
This table would be uncomfortable. It will give you some muscle strain to your back and shoulders too.
There is a way, you know.
If you lie down like this, the blood circulation in your legs get better, and you can also sleep better.
How did you know?
I thought the blanket would get a hole from your staring.
Did it snow?
It's a spring snow.
Everything with the word "spring" is pretty.
Spring snow, spring night, spring-ache
You know, in springtime, you ache all over your body because of loneliness.
That word originally doesn't mean that, but Unni Eun Joo and I use it in that way.
I woke up because of the sound of snowing.
You heard the sound of snowing?
You can't hear that in Seoul though.
In a super quiet rural countryside,
when the snow falls on the lids of crocks, then you can barely hear it.
For me, I can hear that from time to time, ever since I was 18 years old.
That's amazing.
Today I have my first recording.
An official recording. I would be its main engineer.
It even snowed secretly, so this is a good sign.
Sweep the rest.
Hurry up.
Over there too.
- Are you alright?
- It was nothing.
Geez, you must be nervous already, but I made you even more nervous.
I think it hit your hand.
My hands won't get hurt easily.
I'm more worried about you, Seo Woo.
- I would be able to do a good job, right?
- Of course.
By the way, how is the pianist's condition?
I've tried to lift it up as much as possible,
but we decided the song selection yesterday.
You will do a good job. As long as Kang In Wook's original talent comes out, it will be done in a breeze.
Teacher, please give me your golden hands.
Shall I start?
Yes, sir.
I think it was good just now.
Let's use this one.
Good work, sir.
Yes, you too, Seo Woo.
Thank you for not letting this song disappear.
Before releasing this song, I will send you its file and consult with you.
You can listen to it with the people you want to share it with in advance.
I don't have such people.
I'm really tired now.
Ah, yes.
Today is a joyful day, but why do you all have long faces?
- Great job, everyone!
- Yes.
Puradak Chicken
- Oh, thanks.
- Hmm.
Ah, this is delicious.
- This is good.
- Delicious?
You know,
they can make any other delivery foods quite well,
but only the chicken can't meet this level.
Whenever I crave for chicken and beer, I miss this taste so much.
Our chef, you know,
is not as good for making chicken and Pyeongyang cold noodle.
Our lab would be perfect if these two are fixed, right?
But didn't he say that he could make the cold noodles?
Just an imitation.
If the pressure is a bit higher, the noodle gets hard,
and if it's too weak, the noodles are broken in pieces.
The perfect condition of pressure, you know,
and the buckwheat's glutinousness is too hard to meet.
Seriously, we need to donate a milling machine for noodle-making.
The other side, the other side.
I even checked where to put it. Hey, wipe your mouth.
But it takes too big space.
It uses a pump to give the pressure, hey,
its blueprint is in your storage room.
It's still there.
You haven't cleared it?
Wait, wait, wait.
Okay, this is good.
Hey, I'm starting my vacation as of today.
Okay, cheers!
- Good, go have some time to relax.
- Okay.
The potted plant you kept looking at,
that's Han Seo Woo's, so I can't give you that, but here.
What is this?
I bought them a few days ago.
I wanted to use them today, but I think I shouldn't use them.
A few days ago, I mean,
the day before you talked about your wife?
Today is a good day, so you can use them today at least.
But that's just my opinion, so you do whatever you want.
Jin Soo! Come have breakfast!
Where is the chair that was here?
- The lady in the end room took it.
- I see, the end room.
What's wrong with him?
This is the emergency key of the room I got when I stayed there.
T-That, you know that, hanging from the ceiling.
This is a typical method,
as you see in The Shawshank Redemption, the inn, the ceiling and the chair!
- Hurry up, shouldn't we open that door?
- What are you talking about?
This isn't an inn either! That doesn't make sense.
- Oh my god, what should I do? What should we do?
- Here is the key!
Key, key! Hurry up, hurry up!
What should we do?
What's this?
What did you say you wrote?
How can I remember that? It was years ago.
So you were the Unni of the end room? Student Min Jeong?
Why do you always call me Student Min Jeong?
As a middle schooler, you always called me "Student Min Jeong, Student Min Jeong".
You look so old now, I can't find any trace from your look back then.
I almost called you Unni when I saw you again for the first time.
Just because I was going to inherit this boarding house, she called me a daughter of a wealthy family.
I thought I would die from the unfairness back then.
- But I was right.
- What is?
You aren't having bad thoughts, are you?
Why would I?
What is this? She wrote a man's name and erased it all.
Seo Joon Hui?
I remember that. Geez, I did all sorts of things.
There is another, Cha Hyeon Woo? This was scratched off by nails, it seems.
If I broke up, it should be erased, of course.
Just how many are there? You should erase it properly on the ceiling of someone else's house.
I was on a roll, so popular.
"This is so great, exciting."
"Don't forget today. 2002, May."
Seo Joon Hui; Cha Hyeon Woo; Don't forget today. 2002, May
What day was it?
I don't know.
You wrote, "Don't forget."
Even if I don't remember, I must have been excited.
There she is, the bright Min Jeong.
If you put another name there, it will become the Big Dipper.
Welcome, Student Min Jeong.
- Why have you gotten so fat, Student Min Jeong?
- What is that?
Your curly hair didn't suit you at all. You should've changed it like this one a long time ago.
- Shall I write Chang Seop's name?
- Oh, come on!
Wait, wait. If you press this the music will be uploaded, right?
Kang In Wook's music file has been registered.
Message - From Han Seo Woo: No.1
Mom, Father,
this is the song which sound source I engineered and released.
It's awesome, isn't it?
This is so great, exciting. Don't forget today. 2002, May.
Yoo Jae Ho, Seo Joon Hui, Woo Sang , Cha Hyeon Woo
How was the music?
It's great. You're the one who recorded it.
How should we celebrate?
What are you going to do for me?
I've never thought about this before.
Han Seo Woo.
- You two
- The guy who records at dawn. Mr. Dawn.
Oh. Mr. Dawn. Oh, hello.
I've heard so much about you. Do you know each other from work?
There must have been a mistake about time we each use the recording studio.
If you're done, you should leave.
- Good bye
- Good bye.
Just a moment.
Why didn't you tell me you were close?
We're close.
Han Seo Woo.
To celebrate the first recording by Han Seo Woo, instead of just saying congratulations,
I gave you a tangible congratulation.
Check your account.
Moon Soon Ho sent you money - ₩3,500,000 ($3,500)
All One Bank
All One Remittance Details. Free Savings Account 0922-52-2877412
Han Seo Woo Remittance ₩ 3,500,000
Increased by 130%, Ta Da!
Oh my god, you surprised me!
Congrats, congrats. You're our main engineer, so I made sure to level you up.
Wow. Thank you.
How did you do this?
The frying pan did it all.
Wow this is amazing.
I've heard a lifetime of congratulations today.
Can I have all of this?
Hurry and eat.
You said sometimes you could hear the sound of snow falling.
Every since you were 18 years old, you said?
Is it because something happened?
My Mom.
I haven't said anything about my mom
and it won't come out of my mouth.
It was similar to your parents.
Because of a snowstorm.
That was all.
But the reason is
No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn't accept it.
I had waited for it to snow.
The reason
Telling myself I would find a reasonable reason.
I was a little surprised to hear you say that even nature makes mistakes.
There's no mistakes in nature.
That's what I wanted to believe.
So you have heard the sound of snow since you were eighteen.
On your amazing day, for nothing I have
♫ I wake up in the morning.
♫ While I look at the neatly arranged bedding
♫ Suddenly I have a thought
♫ If I were to disappear
♫ If I were to disappear
♫ As if I were never here
♫ in the first place
♫ if I live life like that
♫ One day there will be a reason
♫ why I shouldn't disappear
♫ If I live like that
♫ If I live like that ♫
The reason why I should never disappear.
♫ Secretly I had that thought. ♫
♫ The thought that it would be nice if I disappear ♫
I got a raise.
Here is a red cardigan instead of red underwear. (TN. Traditionally, to celebrate the first paycheck, people give parents red underwear.)
Now I will pay 70% of the monthly rent.
If you are dressed prettily, you'll remember what is good for yourself.
Promise me you will do it for yourself.
What can I do for myself?
Only I know.
Only I do.
Hey, this time my project was chosen by the team.
I kept working on ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) sound sources only.
My project will be made in an app independently, you know?
I used to love eggs.
But now they make me think of Cha Hyeon Woo.
What about Seo Joon Hui?
He was younger than me.
- Are you going to the farm any time soon?
- No, I'm not.
Hoon is there, to rest his mind for about two days.
Doesn't he know I moved to Seoul? How dare he order me around?
As he's already there, tell him to clean the house and take back his stuff in the storage.
He said he couldn't open the door of the storage, though.
Then you can go there and open it.
Do you need anything for the house?
Cash. That house needs cash.
Oh, Teacher!
- Did you hurt your wrist?
- Yeah.
Up to the elbow. These days, I'm a bit forgetful.
I think I won't be able to work for a while.
But my last job was to initiate your first engineering work.
So I'm so glad for that.
Once you get better, you should keep working, as you and I are one team.
I did a really good job.
- Of course, you're an artist of tuning.
- No, not that.
I did well telling you to cry in the studio. I heard that made you decide to work here.
This is a perfect room to cry in.
Is it your first time visiting this recording studio?
I came because my Sunbae told me to meet here.
I will wait over there.
How old are you?
I'm at the senior year of university.
It's an age with difficulty.
But still, it's the best, isn't it?
You have lived together with your mom and dad.
When you woke up and came out of your room, your mom was there in the kitchen,
and in the evening, your dad came back home from his work.
And your siblings must have been there with you.
It's like a dream, and one wonders how they could all live together.
My parents, by accident
I'm usually alright, but out of the blue sometimes
Wait a second, please come in.
Don't hold it back, you can cry in here.
You really did make a good decision to work here. You're very good at it.
Did you come all the way here to tell me that?
Of course. I wanted to compliment you.
In the place you like, Ji Soo,
and in the atmosphere which you like, Ji Soo.
I greet you properly.
Ji Soo.
Ji Soo?
Is it broken?
What's broken? What do you mean?
What did you say was broken?
Are you alone here, Seo Woo?
What is that?
Oh, it's nothing.
I didn't hear you would come.
I'll leave now, then.
Were you Were you really alone?
There is no one here, you can see.
But there was someone.
Indeed, cash! When you feel down, the shopping is the best remedy.
Hello, babies!
Uncle, thanks!
Mr. Kang. You're here.
What's wrong?
I think I'm going crazy.
I hear things.
Our recording studio sometimes gets some commissions from a big company too.
Like gathering audio data?
Anyway, you must have heard that.
Which company is working on that?
Its contract has a non-disclosure agreement, so I can't tell you. Anyway, it's not a shady company.
The point is that you're not crazy, okay?
♫ They say it will shut off ears ♫
♫ Or swallow anything they say, Will stop the constant tears ♫
And usually I don't like to listen to other people's hardship.
It makes me depressed, you know? But for you especially, I'll listen to your story.
You can tell me all the details, go ahead.
♫ So walk to the other side, May as well enjoy the view ♫
♫ So roll down the grassy hill, And find your long lost youth ♫
Kim Ji Soo
From: Kim Ji Soo / To: Ms. Consul Moon Jeong Sook
In this place,
since you like the late afternoon around sunset, in that time frame
I called you, but why aren't you answering me?
Here is your lunch.
- Hey!
- Hold on.
I'm living well. Both my husband and I are not used to the life in Seoul,
but the fact you're somewhere here gives me some comfort, Consul Moon.
Because there is no one else I know here.
Come to think of it, I always live in a place where I don't have many acquaintances.
In Oslo, I had missed Seoul, but now in Seoul, I miss Oslo.
Especially this time of the year.
The entire town was full of Christmas trees.
Merry Christmas.
December 24th, 2019.
Merry Christmas
P. S.
Please forget the story in my previous letter.
- So, this is her previous letter?
- Yeah
I mean, it's not
I'd like to meet you once, ma'am.
Here I included my contact details, so please give me a call.
As long as Won is okay with it, I think everything will be okay for me too.
Everything, all of them.
I found out the reason for the death of Won's mom.
Won Well
I already looked into them. I did check and I told you I was mistaken, but you're not listening
Ji Soo. Where do you think I am?
It feels like the recipient's address for delivery?
I found out the reason for the death of Won's mom.
It feels so distressing.
From Kim Ji Soo, December 24th, 2019
Consul Moon, please give me a call, I'd like to meet you once.
Since this is a letter not being read, I'm relieved.
Because I wanted to shout out to somewhere in the world.
I miss Won.
As long as Won is okay with it, I think everything will be okay for me too.
Everything. All of them.
The most regrettable thing for me
is that I told her.
I gathered all the past video clips of yours, In Wook.
Video clips?
Some of them are from your early twenties.
Later, I'm going to make your personal homepage.
- Do you like it that much?
- Yup.
How hard it is to be included in a line-up for Piano in April!
This is your first time, In Wook.
I'm really glad.
You've worked so hard so far.
Without any connections, you worked hard by yourself,
so now the world recognizes your efforts.
Now your hard time is over.
Hard time
This isn't even hard time.
The thing embedded and stuck here, this is the problem.
What is it?
If I tell you, will you be able to understand me?
I'll listen to that first.
I'm not going to tell you.
Tell me because I'm in a very good mood now.
This happened when I was young.
Young when?
When I lived in Norway.
Whatever it was, it would be nothing special. As long as no one died.
What if someone died?
Look at you, being shocked.
When was I shocked?
When I lived in Europe, moving around here and there,
to adapt to the new environment, I didn't socialize with Korean people.
In my childish mind, I didn't like that idea for no reason.
I wouldn't speak Korean either.
There was one Korean boy I hated.
Why did you hate him?
No, that doesn't matter, it's possible to hate someone.
So what then?
Possible to hate someone That doesn't matter
That's the correct answer.
It snowed, very heavily.
- (in Korean) Oh, I'm sorry!
- (in Korean) It's okay.
Are you a Korean?
I've seen you walking around here since about two months ago.
As you didn't answer me, I thought you weren't a Korean.
Attending Ivar Aasen High School?
Everyone was taking shelter at the school,
but I said without realizing.
Ha Won is now on his way coming here.
So, when you were young,
because of an unnecessary lie, someone had an accident. Is that what you're saying?
So what?
You shouldn't have told me.
As long as you said it's nothing, this would become nothing.
You shouldn't have told me.
It was just a mistake, I'm telling you.
If you just tell me it's okay—
How can that be okay?
Ji Soo.
You can't do this to me. Back then, that was just—
To Won How could you to Won
Why can't you take my side?
Why can't you? Why?
If you tell me just one thing, that it's okay,
if at least you tell me that, I would be able to live on.
Why couldn't she take my side?
If she took my side at least
It was nothing after all. It's okay.
It's okay.
Please play the song you recorded with the tuner's help. I can tell you right away when I hear it.
At the last part, there is always the last feeling of an ending. I will try to find that out.
Are you ready?
I'm looking forward to it.
The performer is Kang In Wook.
I'm scared, but it's beautiful.
You shouldn't have told me.
I found out the reason for the death of Won's mom.
That wasn't because of the heavy snow.
Why can't you take my side?
Why can't you? Why?
It's something to do with my husband.
I can't bear it by myself.
I'd like to reveal it to the world, but I can't.
So I'm just writing this letter.
I'm writing this letter while feeling relieved as you're not reading this letter.
Leave with Consul Moon. She's more dependable than my mom.
That will put me at ease too.
It's not snowing, so I can't leave.
Leave, and I'll stay here and find out the reason for sure.
Look at the ceiling.
It will ease your mind.
Now I got it.
The reason why I sold the dishes.
Now I know.
The reason, now I know the reason.
Now I know the reason.
Not the heavy snow, but for example, whether someone was involved. Some external factor like that.
It was out of nowhere, not even in a shelter, when she had that accident.
We've asked that same question over and over again, more than a thousand times.
- It seemed that she went out to fetch you—
- That's exactly what I couldn't understand.
She knew the guidelines on how to take shelter, better than anyone else.
If it weren't in the shelter midway, it should be the school's shelter.
She knew that better than anyone else, so why would she go there?
I think Ji Soo found something out recently.
If it were something you must know,
wouldn't Ji Soo already have looked for you?
There must be some reason why she didn't tell you that.
She looked for you, Consul Moon.
She wrote several letters to you.
If she looked for me, not you, then it's even more clearly something you don't have to know.
I'm sure there must be some other reason.
As your elderly parent, shall I give you an advice?
There are many things which would be painful to know, and also other many things for which ignorance is bliss.
Whatever happens afterwards, and whether it would get better or not,
I'm not afraid of any of those at all.
What I'm afraid of the most
is to pass by the truths I should've known.
It's cold. It gets chilly at night.
When I first met you, we were in Boston.
You know, when it snows there, it comes down heavily, piling up at knee-high level.
I saw one guy standing in the middle of the street, looking up at the sky like this, like this.
I was thinking, his neck must hurt a lot, with his head bent like this.
But when I took a close look,
you were glaring at the sky so viciously.
It was intense.
Won. For Kim Ji Soo too,
she must have been thinking of it whenever it snowed, and probably realized it recently
that Won's mother might have passed away not only because of snow but some other reason.
In a relaxing way, very serenely
some sort of enlightenment?
I'm guessing she might have wanted to tell you such things.
There is something I'm suspecting.
What is it?
The cause of Ji Soo's unhappiness.
You have put so much effort and time to try not to know about Kim Ji Soo's husband.
I didn't say it was her husband.
Well, it's probably something like that. For something you decided not to know,
just leave it there until the end.
Oh, why?
- Noona.
- Yes?
Is Kim Ji Soo's husband a foreigner?
Why are you curious about that? I'm curious about why.
You said that Kim Ji Soo and Ha Won were the only Koreans in Norway then.
Why do you think they had such a tight bond? That's because there were two of them only.
Anyway, you! Don't you dare ask Uncle about such things.
He left his cell phone here.
He can't do anything without his cell phone.
I think he left it behind on purpose.
- Why?
- Trying to be out of touch with the world.
Aren't you coming here?
Why would I? I'm so busy, gotta go.
Why is she mad at me?
Over there, hey!
What are you doing in front of someone else's house? Get out!
Why are you smiling?
I came to see Seo Woo.
Oh, that hundred—
Come in, please come in.
Seo Woo is not picking up the phone.
Didn't you call her before coming here?
I'll be at the recording studio. Please tell her to come there.
I don't have my cell phone with me now.
Have you had breakfast yet?
I'm okay, as my stomach is not feeling well.
If I let you leave without getting a cup of water at least, I'll be in a big trouble with Seo Woo.
Come on.
When your stomach doesn't feel comfortable, scorched rice porridge is the best.
(rice scrubbed from the bottom of the pot)
This is good.
By the way, why did you come here without any prior arrangement?
I guess I came here because I missed her?
You didn't come to talk about something hurtful, did you?
I don't like Seo Woo getting hurt.
No, when I see Seo Woo,
all my trivial thoughts disappear.
And I feel comfortable.
My Seo Woo is a bit like that.
When I see her, I gain strength. Same for me too.
By the way, why does Han Seo Woo have so many of them?
She said that she liked someone but a hundred reasons were blocking her.
I asked her one by one, but all of them were rubbish.
Please tell me just one of them.
That she feels as if someone else's misfortune became her happiness.
Exactly! Right?
She's usually brave, but at the crucial moment, she becomes dispirited.
At those times, she lies down like this, sagging like a rag.
"I don't know. I won't do that. Leave me alone, please."
Making up a hundred reasons. She just shrinks back.
Does it taste terrible? Why aren't you eating it? You would disappoint me if you don't finish it.
It's delicious.
You startled me!
Something happened to you, doesn't it?
What is it again?
Tell me, tell me.
Uncle, you're acting weird.
Go home, don't just wander around.
You're going home, right?
I came to see Seo Woo.
Seo Woo? She's working at the filming site now for Mr. Kang.
We're making a music video, isn't it awesome?
We're going to use every possible promotion.
By the way, did you make an appointment with her?
No, I just wanted to see her.
You, you! That's
That's correct.
The sound isn't right here.
No, it resonates too much.
Come on, just pretend you're playing.
We're going to film it live because you insist you didn't want to act.
We'll edit the video files according to the music, so let's just film it.
This isn't a real classical music anyway.
Manager Moon wanted to film it in a visually good place, so that we can use it for your concert poster too.
That's why she chose this place.
So you haven't come here before, Seo Woo.
Soon Ho might think that way, but you should've checked this place beforehand.
Considering the availability at this moment, number one option is our recording studio.
And number two, Director Choi's studio.
I can check their schedule. Or, a house you previously lived in,
or any other places that you're more familiar with could be okay too.
My house? Fine,
the apartment where I lived when I was four is okay.
And there's the house of my pianist aunt which is in Oslo.
Does our schedule work for those places?
When are we going to find a house with good sound?
There is one place.
My friend also told me that place's sound is good
No, never mind.
Number two, Hyung Jin Moo's recording studio.
You startled me.
Are you startled? With just this?
I was startled so much earlier that I almost fainted.
You came
What happened?
As you can see, this place sounds bad to begin with,
but the director told him that this isn't a real classical music anyway.
So at the end, we've decided to film at Director Choi's studio. The schedule discussion is done.
No, I don't like that, that place isn't pretty.
This place is pretty but its sound is shitty.
Look at you! Oh, that's right, right!
That's why you were acting so high and mighty! Han Seo Woo, you—
Kim Hoon
I told you I'm not coming, I told you that!
Did you meet the guy who said he wanted to see you?
Mr. Dawn
The number you called is not available at the moment. Please—
Noona, this is a big trouble. At the gate, all the plants are dying,
or dead!
Nonsense! Send me a photo.
Come here, hurry up. You should come and see them yourself.
Is he kidding me?
I'll leave now.
Let's go.
All of them look fine.
Hoon lied to me.
Where is he?
It's pretty.
Kim Hoon, where are you?
Everything is perfectly fine!
Noona, Noona, wait a sec.
Noona, please save me.
I found out the reason about Won's mother's death. It wasn't because of heavy snow. My husband is involved
What is this? Kim Ji Soo's husband did something to Won's mom?
Oh my god, what a crazy bastard! What's going on here?
Where can we catch him? We should catch him and ask.
I'm against that.
- What the heck?
- We can't do anything with this letter only. Only Won will get hurt.
Hoon, let's say Won caught that bastard.
As long as he finds out what exactly happened, that would be the end of the story for him.
This guy was still Kim Ji Soo's husband. He wouldn't treat this guy harshly.
He wouldn't? He should treat him harshly!
Anyway, Kim Ji Soo's husband or whatnot, we need to catch him no matter what, and see the end of it.
I'll take care of it.
Then, you should tear it in pieces. I trust you.
- Regarding tearing up, why don't you do it?
- It's your letter, after all.
Anyway, Kim Ji Soo, that girl's life was really tough too.
From: Kim Ji Soo / To: Consul Moon Jeong Sook
The reason why I sold those dishes,
now I know the reason.
Never! She should never know that.
She can't know what happened to her.
As you keep talking with her, she is finding out.
Then in the end, she will find out everything.
In a place you like, and in the atmosphere you like, Ji Soo
Since you like the late afternoon around sunset, in that time frame.
The performer is Kang In Wook.
What triggered you, Ji Soo?
Won, don't you want to go to Norway?
You need to say just one word.
As long as Won is okay with it
She said her husband made a mistake.
The cause of Ji Soo's unhappiness.
You have put so much effort and time to try not to know about Kim Ji Soo's husband.
It didn't say it was her husband.
I found out the reason for the death of Won's mother.
♫ Through the falling snow ♫
♫ Carried on the cold wind ♫
♫ In the snow covered city ♫
♫ Time stopped for a while. ♫
♫ In steady wandering ♫
♫ Because I really wanted to see you ♫
♫ who were the only full stop in my life ♫
♫ I put on a bitter smile for nothing ♫
Do you know about him?
I like you a lot.
Kim Ji Soo. It's my friend's name.
Shall I just ruin it?
Don't hold it back, but just shout out.
I'll be with you all the time. Would you like to live here?
I love it because this house doesn't have many things.
He must not have money enough to buy a frying pan.
I can just fill all of it up.
Why is it so tangled!?
I want to know it so much that I'm going crazy.
Ha Won and Kang In Wook should never meet each other!
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