A Piece of Your Mind (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

♫A Smile in the sunlight♫
♫Though I may not be alright♫
♫You help me feel ♫
♫Better than before♫
♫And that is what I love you for ♫
A Piece of Your Mind
Han Seo Woo, come over here.
Let me hear your opinion about this.
There are some people whom my grandmother supports and sponsor, and they often send thank you letters.
So for that, she gave my and my uncle's addresses to them as the recipients.
For me, I've never paid much attention to those letters, so I didn't know this,
but Kim Ji Soo sent a few letters to that address.
It's okay.
It seems that you don't read the letters.
You would've contacted me right away if you read them.
Consul Moon, I found out the reason for the death of Won's mother.
That it wasn't because of heavy snow.
It has something to do with my husband.
I was unhappy, yet I didn't contact him.
I won't meet him, never!
Do you know why? Because
My husband made a mistake
with something.
It's too hard for me to bear by myself.
I'd like to reveal it to the world, but I can't.
So I'm just writing this letter.
I'm writing this letter while feeling relieved as you're not reading it.
What shall I do?
Does your uncle know about this letter?
No, he doesn't. He doesn't know anything except that
Kim Ji Soo must have known something about his mother's death.
It looks like she had sent several letters. Damn, seriously, this girl, Kim Ji Soo
Number one, catch Kim Ji Soo's husband no matter what and see the end of it.
Number two. Two is
He must not know.
Why do you think so?
The thing Ji Soo didn't tell him should remain unknown to him.
But she told him in here.
She wrote it, but didn't say it.
Ji Soo. The thing you knew but tried to hide desperately.
I've also decided not to know that.
What knowledge made you suffer,
later, later when we meet again, let me hear it.
If I can't cry together with you, then let me not know it, as you said.
I'll also try my best not to know it.
A Piece of Your Mind
Episode 10
Come on, is this something he should not know?
No matter how much I think, I believe Uncle should know about this.
We can't keep hiding it from him.
Han Seo Woo.
Your uncle He should not know that.
I feel sick.
Han Seo Woo, are you okay?
When I met Ji Soo for the first time,
she was barely managing to survive, day by day.
As if everything was okay as long as she's the only one suffering and enduring.
What Ji Soo decided and put a lot of efforts in,
we can protect it for her.
So now, are you suggesting you will put in that effort?
Even after knowing about Kim Ji Soo, do you still like my uncle?
The world is too small, damn it. And the recording studio is even smaller.
Yet, I feel relieved because it's you, Han Seo Woo.
To say things as they are,
after Mr. Kang's wife passed away,
he was beating himself a lot.
Saying she's travelling or whatever,
he was hiding it and was stuck in grief all by himself, so obviously he hit the bottom.
He didn't even want to believe it, so it's clear he wouldn't want to talk about it.
It seems that he said it to me only, but I think you should also know, Han Seo Woo.
In that way, you would be able to understand Kang In Wook.
I wanted to see him return as a pure classical pianist,
filming music videos and performing on stage.
I was thinking, "Yes, let's keep watching Kang In Wook achieve everything."
It was quite rewarding to help him overcoming his slump.
It was the first time in a while I felt worthy of living.
Wait, by any chance?
Are you asking if I like him? Who's worried about whom here?
I think the worrying matter already happened.
Just look for Uncle.
It feels like Ha Won will come, that's why
♫ Standing at the crosswalk ♫
♫ Waiting for the signal ♫
♫ Thinking about you briefly ♫
♫ I couldn't cross the street ♫
♫ Sitting at the window ♫
♫ When my breath mists it ♫
♫ I can't stop myself ♫
♫ and I write your name ♫
♫ From a passage I read somewhere ♫
♫ Anyone can learn at once a love like fate ♫
♫ I think you are the one ♫
♫ Disregarding everyone else without exception ♫
♫ I must give you my love ♫
♫ Why for me must it be you? ♫
Finally I get to see you.
♫ I clutched my chest which was painfully pounding ♫
♫ I knew the moment I saw you ♫
So you used to work in a hotel, I see. I have never slept in a hotel before.
Are you kidding me?
You went to a family trip to Jeju Island when you were in middle school.
You bragged so much while walking around in slippers from the hotel.
Right, right.
What about Chang Seop?
I don't know, he must be busy.
Who asked about his life? I'm asking if you're done with him.
If you don't want to talk about it, then never mind.
There was a girl making me wonder and worry how she would manage to live on.
But after watching her living very well,
I would look at her whenever I felt down.
How brave and cheerful she is.
Compared to hers, my problem was nothing, you know.
That's Han Seo Woo?
- No comments.
- Geez.
I felt sad a bit,
and then felt unfair,
after that, again sad,
and then felt as if it was nothing and I was fine.
Now I'm at the stage where I think, this isn't a matter of life and death.
What was your daughter's name?
If you don't want to talk about it, never mind.
Student Min Jeong,
you went through a lot. Good job.
Going forward, whenever you have a hard time, on top of Han Seo Woo,
you should also think, "Student Min Jeong also keeps living on."
You will gain a lot of strength from it.
I bought several different kinds, can I join you?
- Alcohol! Alcohol, alcohol
- Geez.
She's ripping you off.
Are you that happy?
Wow, I couldn't buy this one earlier as they ran out of it.
- Really?
- This is delicious.
- Yes, I like it.
Hey! Don't drink too fast without any snack.
This is why you were dumped by a man.
Will this be enough?
Today, I'll make sure to see you fall asleep before leaving.
Would you like to live here?
Come to this place when you get off from work.
When you come home, I'll be here,
and when I come home, you will be here.
Don't go to your empty semi-basement room by yourself.
And for me too, I don't have to stay here by myself,
sit down anywhere for a moment,
and not be able to sleep well.
If we don't change the way, I'm afraid you would have second thoughts.
If you need more time, maybe starting from tomorrow—
Let's start as of now.
I will have to tell Unni Eun Joo personally. She would get very upset if I texted it.
I will tell her nicely and
with spoon and chopsticks and clothes to wear at home, can you tell me what more I need to pack?
Can you really tell her?
Of course. Unni recommends this kind of life.
I'm going to count to ten. What if you can't get out?
What if I can't?
Then come tomorrow.
I'll come out exactly on time, so just count to ten.
Be- gin!
You said you weren't coming.
What are you doing over there? Come here quickly.
Hurry up. Hurry.
We just started. No, we actually started earlier. Hurry and come.
They are having a huge party. It's okay if you come in.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I was going to do something but my body fell short.
That broke my spirit.
What are you doing?
Ta Da.
Unni, I'm giving him a frying pan that isn't being used here.
Eggs stick to the pan a lot, though.
That's because it's cast iron.
You're supposed to gently wipe it with a cloth with cooking oil on it.
I'm guessing you can't afford a frying pan.
I shouldn't have given you just nurungji (scorched rice) in the morning, then.
- Hey. Give me your hand.
- Seriously.
She's looking for gold and silver hands, like in the fairy tale of Gold Axe and Silver Axe. Don't pay any attention to it.
(TN. Aesop's The Honest Woodcutter)
Unni, well
I need to tell you something.
It seems Seo Woo will be staying at my house often.
We'd like to ask you if it's okay for her to do that.
Why are you asking me?
This is Seo Woo's home, that's why.
Her home?
Hey. Is that the way it's going to be?
Student Min Jeong.
Did I say something wrong?
Why are you crying?
Let's have a drink. Clink! Welcome!
One shot!
Ah, that was bitter.
You can take your time coming.
- Why are you in the dark
- Don't turn it on! Turn it off!
Eat properly.
- Whether I eat improperly or not
- At best
At best? At best, what? Do you care?
Thinking about if, if you care, why don't you move out of this house?
What is it that I really want to say to you?
I've been racking my brains over what to say.
Should I cling onto you? Should I beg, or if not,
should we have an all-or-nothing brawl? What should it be?
Just what do I want for myself, rather than for you?
So, this is what I'm going to tell you.
Get out of this house.
Let's offset the rest of the contract with the rents you didn't pay every other month.
Even so, you're making a profit.
I'll do it but not immediately. Give me a few days.
I'm sorry.
Eun Joo's Boarding House
Some stuff and a pot I don't use.
Why did you pack so much like this?
You need it all.
You aren't going to live there completely, right?
Well, I can't do it that way. I'll just come and go.
There's a vacant room. Tell Hundred Reasons to come live here and I'll adjust the rent.
What room are you talking about?
Chang Seop's. When he is ready, he is leaving.
I told him to get out.
I did well, didn't I?
Yes. Good job.
You're also doing well.
It's a shame the space is like this. It looks like it was filmed halfheartedly, too.
Until when are you going to use Number One as its title?
Who cares? There aren't many people listening to it anyway.
Have you checked how many are listening?
Oh, Kang In Wook. I thought you wouldn't care.
Please think about it. I think there must be some title fitting the song.
Seo Woo. Give it to me. I will take you to the recording studio.
No. I have somewhere to go to so I won't be going there. I'll take a taxi.
Give it to me.
Hands! Please be careful of your hands.
You can drop me off here.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
Drive carefully.
77-41, Okin 4th Street
Let's clock out. Let's go home, go home.
- Hey.
- What was that suddenly?
He's a person who has come and gone all of his life without saying anything about it.
Why did she give you so much stuff?
♫ Through the falling snow ♫
♫ carried on the cold wind ♫
♫ In the snow covered city ♫
It's like she gave it to me as a way of throwing it away.
I think this is vintage. I like it.
♫ Because I really wanted to see you ♫
♫ I put on a bitter smile for nothing ♫
I think Student Min Jeong put that in.
♫ I really miss you now ♫
Open it.
♫ I think of you when we were strolling ♫
I put one with a floral pattern.
Why isn't there one for me?
What? Do I have to buy clothes for you?
♫ Please remember us. ♫
- Buy one for him.
- Why would I?
♫ To the night sky to which I extended my hand ♫
♫ I make a wish ♫
♫ For your sake ♫
♫ In constant regret for ♫
♫ The clumsy heart which let you pass by ♫
♫ Once more while I am walking alone ♫
♫ in the cold wind I am longing for you again ♫
♫ I am longing for you again ♫
♫ I think of you when we were strolling ♫
♫ together with steps in unison ♫
♫ Treasured in your hand ♫
♫ Please remember us ♫
♫ To the night sky to which I extended my hand ♫
♫ I made a wish ♫
♫ For your sake ♫
You keep showing up in front of my eyes. Alright, I got it.
What made you feel suffocated
and made my uncle wonder for his whole life, I will solve it all.
Ha Won Moon / AH Laboratory and Co.
Please come to the recording studio for a moment. It's for a very important matter.
Hey, I'm here.
I was waiting for you until now, but I just stepped out for a second.
Wait there just for a bit.
What were you watching here?
Ah, Mr. Kang's video clips? I'm going to use them for the promotion.
Hey, it was hard to get them, so don't touch.
This kind of performance is a first for my wife.
- What about this one?
- Good, good.
Oh, I made my uncle wait too long.
Unni, I'll get going. I'll call you later.
Mr. Kang
Someone is waiting for me, so I'm going to leave in five minutes.
Then, I should eat quickly.
No, take your time.
You're eating kimchi stew, you don't look like the type to enjoy kimchi.
Uncle, please wait for me five minutes longer.
I can't eat any meal without kimchi.
Even when I was in Germany, I made kimchi myself.
Kimchi made with those hands?
He's saying to see me next time.
Let's eat together.
Auntie! One more kimchi stew, please.
Seo Woo's strength was no joke. I gave her a ride to her home with her stuff.
Han Seo Woo's house? That boarding house?
It was in Okin-dong.
It's a sentimental neighbourhood to me. For my uncle and me, there is something about that district.
Uncle? Your uncle, Soon Ho?
Are you curious?
I think this is the first hearing about your family, Soon Ho.
He was adopted by my grandmother.
There is no big age gap between us, and he's my best friend too.
Is it the house of my uncle's?
Why would Han Seo Woo go to your uncle's house?
Ah, well, they are dating.
Oh, Seo Woo seemed as if she'd never dated before. She completely fooled me.
I found that out recently too.
Han Seo Woo is someone I see every day, and my uncle is the closest person to me,
but those two together? What? At first, I was so shocked,
but I found myself to like that idea.
After knowing that, I felt good. That's enough, isn't it?
Someone whom you see every day has another part of life that you don't know
It's totally possible, isn't it?
I guess it's possible that my wife had such a thing too
Soon Ho.
So far, I have never been on the stage I wanted to stand on.
I guess I won't be able to until my death.
Even among all of them, this concert is
It's the most embarrassing one, you know.
I'm just doing it because I'm grateful to you and your effort, Soon Ho.
After receiving applause and support from the audience,
when you finish the concert well, the piece you composed, the music you played,
and even the hard time you had, you will be able to love all of them.
Please accomplish all of them.
Miss Kim Ji Soo, I guess it's not the right time yet.
It collapsed.
The promise, that I had tried to keep with all my might,
collapsed in vain, like a joke.
What are you going to do now?
To Kang In Wook,
to Kang In Wook, I have to ask that question.
If he had anything to do with my mom's death.
Will he answer to that without any resistance?
Even if it doesn't work, I have to ask him.
No one is here.
I'm here.
Even in a movie theater, I can't find my seat well if the light is out.
You're always same.
Oh, I found you!
No, I found you.
Are you going to the recording studio any time soon?
I can't go there for the next few days.
I have some work to do here as one of my acquaintances asked my help.
I'm relieved.
Did you come all the way here to ask me that?
That too, but I'm going to get so busy for the next few days,
so much that I won't be able to go to the delivery address place.
It might not be possible, but if I get any spare time, I'll go to where you'll be.
And also, even if there is some argument with Soon Ho, please don't quit your job out of anger.
You got that job with your own ability, Seo Woo.
So, even if she pushes you out, don't budge.
Why would you say such things?
Don't be shaken because of some personal matters either.
Sorry about yesterday, it was because Kang In Wook showed up all of a sudden.
Did you wait long?
Was there some progress between you and Kang In Wook?
Yup. Why?
Do you know well about him?
What about you, do you know Han Seo Woo well? Is that why you like her?
I know enough about her.
I also know his dark secret, weak point and anxiety, all of them.
Even after that, I like him.
What if I oppose?
If you oppose? Oh, then I won't keep going.
I always listen to you. So, go ahead with your objection,
just insist on it, keep nagging and throw a tantrum. Yeah, right. You're not that kind of person.
I'd like to meet Kang In Wook, just the two of us.
It will be so awkward, how can you meet him alone?
Is Kang In Wook coming to the studio today?
Oh, I think he's coming tomorrow night.
I'll make a formal introduction one day. Not in the recording studio.
I'll meet him separately first. After that, let's get together.
Ah, you want to act like my uncle, is that it?
Right, do you have a house in Okin-dong perhaps?
So it was your house, I see.
- Why?
- No, never mind.
I might ask you a favour if I need something later.
Mr. Kang
Uncle, I have another call on hold. I gotta go!
Tomorrow night at the studio
Seo Woo, Mr. Kang says he'd like to use the recording studio. Are you available?
Today's concert is in the evening, so I have free time during day. I'll go to the studio now.
The letter, did you tell him about it?
Not yet. But I have to.
At the perfect timing.
Please don't.
If Uncle finds that out, yes, he will have a hard time,
but once he finds out exactly what he has to know
and sees the end of Kim Ji Soo's husband, he will turn around right away.
He's a quite firm person, more than he seems.
Han Seo Woo, don't worry.
That looks okay.
As for the mattress, you brought it, you can take it or whatever.
If you want to throw it away, you need to pay for the garbage collection.
I'll take it.
I'll arrange a mover with a truck and two helpers for tomorrow.
Why don't you go to work now?
If After I move out,
- if—
- I don't want to listen to your "if" story, and I'm not interested in what might happen "if".
There are too many things I have to take care of right at this moment.
Are you not busy?
Then why don't you just arrange the mover and helpers yourself?
You're damn cool, huh? Good for you.
What are you looking at?
Student Min Jeong's Instagram.
Wow, every photo is about food. Look, here.
What about me?
Wow, you've been eating well and living well, Student Min Jeong.
I envy you. Look at these, here.
My daughter searched popular restaurants online and told me to go there, so I went there and took those photos.
Since she was always at the hospital,
she liked it so much when I ate delicious food.
I went there and took photos of me eating deliciously,
and my daughter put her comments on my posts.
She clicked the like button,
and when other people clicked the like button, she liked that even more. Something like that.
I'd like to go to this place too. Please take me there.
Let me enjoy this kind of food too.
I would like to get treated nicely too.
I don't want to, that place is expensive.
It's on me.
My allowance for last month is still there.
Get changed. Let's go.
Food like scones or Madeleines goes well with this tea. How is it?
- It's delicious.
- I love it.
Shall we take a photo?
No, I don't want to.
Why not?
Let's take one.
I'll take it.
One, two, three.
- One more.
- One more?
Okay, let's act cute for this one. One, two, three!
Thank for the food, Student Jin Soo.
Don't mention it.
For patients who are seriously emotionally distressed, even if that spot is only lightly pressured by a finger, they cry out.
Don't hold it back and just shout out, please, without minding other people.
This is nothing, I can just endure it.
Wow, that's so refreshing.
It must be because of Chang Seop, right?
Have you finally decided?
This is a song title my wife used to like. It suits it well.
Oh, that house which sound you said is good, is it the one in Okin-dong?
Yes. It was my friend who liked its sound, not me. But yes, that's the place.
Oh, your friend
That friend of yours
Was it the one who gave you that plant?
Yes, you still remember that, eh?
How does your friend know whether the sound is good there?
Because she has been there.
Oh, not exactly that she has been there,
well, she hasn't been there, but
She has been there, but hasn't been there?
No, she hasn't been there. That's the correct answer.
How can it be possible?
Between me and her, that's possible.
I'd like to visit that place.
That house which sound your friend said is nice.
Can I visit that place?
It would be difficult to arrange that.
Mr. Kang, I'm down here.
Oh, Soon Ho, your uncle's house in Okin-dong,
I heard its sound is great. Can I take a look at that house briefly?
Just to check the sound, and I can meet your uncle too.
If the sound and the visuals are good, I think we can film a video there.
Wait a second, please. I'll take care of it right away.
Uncle, can I go visit your house in Okin-dong?
Let me and Mr. Kang take a look if it's workable to film our video there.
- Come now. I'll send you the address.
- Awesome!
Uncle gave me a permission about that house. We can go there today.
The house which sound Ji Soo liked.
- Seo Woo.
- Yes?
I'm sorry, but I have some urgent matter to tend to.
- Yes?
- Oh, Seo Woo.
I think I left my scores behind. Will you please check if those are there?
Ah, yes, they're here.
It's fine if those are there. Please just leave them there and don't touch any.
- Yes.
- Ah, it has been a while since I came to Okin-dong last time.
- Mr. Kang!
- I'll call you back later.
Who was it?
It's Seo Woo.
Let's go.
Is the title going to be "Sunset"?
Turn right
Oh, is that the place?
It's a song title my wife used to like.
It's a picture of Misiryeong taken in 2012.
Please cherish it.
No way
I heard this plant was a gift to you, Seo Woo.
From whom?
Are you alone here?
- But there was someone.
- That friend of yours, was it the one who gave you that plant?
That house which sound your friend said is nice,
can I visit that place?
The address for delivery!
Mr. Dawn
Han Seo Woo
The number you dialled is not available at the moment—
Oh my god, I was right.
This is such a historic place.
Nine years ago, I met my uncle over there for the first time.
You met your uncle for the first time nine years ago?
What's your uncle's name?
Moon—. Oh, it must be my uncle.
Hold on, please.
You shouldn't go.
To that house, you should never go, I'm telling you!
It's Kang In Wook, Kang In Wook!
You're overreacting, Han Seo Woo. I'll just stop by for a moment, take a few photos and see the atmosphere—
Kang In Wook is Kim Ji Soo's husband.
I'm telling you, Ha Won and Kang In Wook must never meet each other!
On what ground are you saying such a nonsense—
Don't you get it? YOU SHOULD NOT GO THERE!
That's not possible.
Han Seo Woo
The number you dialled is—
Don't go there.
Soon Ho.
Soon Ho!
What's wrong?
He says it can't be today.
Just not today, he says it can't be today no matter what.
How rude and petty he is.
But we were right there.
We were right in front of that house!
It's not here.
I got a wrong address.
That's not the house.
It's okay as long as no one died.
What if someone died?
Manager Moon Soon Ho
Send me the evidence in thirty minutes.
Ji Soo
What was your wife's name?
I'm curious about her name.
There's nothing for you to know.
Just tell me her name.
Just her name.
Why did your uncle say it can't be today?
The name of your uncle
I like you a lot.
I like you very much.
Why someone like me?
Because it's me.
It's right not to know what Ji Soo wouldn't say.
But was there something you wanted Ha Won to know, Ji Soo?
The letter, the picture Why over and over?..
Over and over
Take this and eat it.
My mum sends it over around this time.
I didn't tell her I was leaving.
Seeing how heavy it is, it's probably meat. Once more mum
What? Mum, why radish?
It's sweet. It's not easy to find sweet radish during spring.
It's good.
What? Ok.
Why? Do you regret it?
No matter what, I think I was wrong. Should I beg?
Eun Joo is really a nice girl.
Why did I? She's such a good girl.
Should I get down on my knees?
Chang Seop, remember this.
It's too late.
Carry on with your work.
What are you going to do?
What do you mean? I have to carry on with what I prepared.
It's right for him not to know what Ji Soo did not want to say. You said it yourself.
Let's not waste her efforts in vain.
I said that when we didn't know who Kang In Wook was.
Because we know that now, we have to keep that way even more.
You're telling me to keep working as usual? No matter who In Wook is?
Exactly. That's what I'm saying. Why is this so fing tangled?
You don't how to separate personal and professional matters? Keep working on the preparations.
Let's not get carried away by personal feelings.
Then tell your uncle everything you know.
And let him handle it.
And, and then if you still want to keep working on the project we've been preparing,
do it. The two of you.
For now, stay out of it. I'll keep doing what I was doing.
I understand how much this situation is fed, better than you do.
Please, for a few day, just keep doing as before.
Once this concert is over, I'll expose everything.
So please, just for a few days, don't let Uncle know.
I beg you.
I'm available, but
Manager Moon put too much effort on it, so please help us.
Even if this is in a small scale, it will help your career if you work on a concert by yourself, though.
I know that, but
Why are you saying you're not doing it?
I don't want to see Mr. Kang.
I don't want to see him, it makes me angry, drives me crazy,
it drives me nuts, it's ridiculous. That's why.
With that person present, it's a bit harsh to say you don't want to see him. And what did you say?
Drives you crazy, huh?
He went back to classical music.
He went back to what he used to be.
What he used to be.
You can do the concert, right?
I think it's only right if you do it, Director Choi.
You understand the current Mr. Kang.
I might ruin it.
No, maybe I should just ruin it.
I'll do it for you.
Why did your friend go to that house?
The house where the sound is nice.
I almost went there, but I didn't make it.
I see.
You said your friend went there.
I corrected that my friend didn't go to that house.
You definitely said she went there.
How is it possible to check the sound there if she didn't get in?
Ji Soo did not got to that house.
That's the name of my friend, Kim Ji Soo.
She's older than me.
- What's up?
- What's up?
Just for a few days, don't let Uncle know.
The weather is really nice today.
Did you know? You have to see it.
I almost missed it.
You react to my comments, I like that.
I need strong healing therapy.
Can we do banbogi? (Seeing each other briefly at a point midway between them)
Where are you?
Brief and affectionate.
I guess this must be why.
These days I feel very strong.
Because someone is by my side, someone I can rely on. That seems to be the reason.
That's a relief.
Let's meet tomorrow evening. By then everything will be alright.
Starting from tomorrow evening, I'll be there all along.
Charging done up to 70%.
The concert should absolutely be in 2 slots. At 4 pm and 7 pm.
But for 4 pm, tickets don't sell well at all.
The real performance is the one at 7 pm. The one at 4 pm is more for him to loosen up and rehearse.
Yes. The preview video we'll use for the promotion,
we haven't received it yet.
But I sent it. We can use the one that was used before. That one was cool.
What was it?
Is that it?
Yes, that's it.
This kind of performance is a first for my wife.
It looks like the page turner is his wife.
Should I upload even this?
No, just up until the part before that. When Kim Ji Soo's face was covered.
Who is Kim Ji Soo?
It's the woman standing next to him.
Could it be that uncle saw this?
Have you met Kang In Wook?
Noona Soon Ho didn't tell you that there are more letters from Kim Ji Soo, did she?
After I read them, I handed them over to her, but whether to show them to you or not,
she seemed to agonize over it.
Kim Ji Soo's husband and your mother. There was something between these two.
Go to Kang In Wook.
Go and ask him.
For today's practice, please go to Director Choi's studio, not Studio Moon.
We have some issue.
Do not come to our studio, ever!
You're here.
Kang In Wook will come for his practice this evening, won't he?
It was cancelled.
You said you would come to my house, but why didn't you?
Oh, something happened on our way there.
You did it on purpose. Did you tell us to come on purpose?
Because of Kang In Wook?
Because he's Ji Soo's husband.
You originally weren't interested in Kim Ji Soo's husband at all—
I need to see him just for a minute. Tell me when he will come here.
I can explain it.
There is nothing I want to hear from you.
I don't know what you found out, but that's not everything—
Call me when he comes here.
He won't come.
Ji Soo's letters.
All gone. I ripped them apart.
Soon Ho.
So, why? Do you want to hear his apology?
Who said I want some idiotic apology?
Are you, are you acting like this because you really don't know?
I know, I know that, but—
On that day, Soon Ho, on that day,
what exactly happened,
whether it was simply the heavy snow which unbelievably made everything disappear,
I'm going crazy because I want to know whether there was really something to it.
As long as I know the accurate fact,
I won't have any reason to ever see him again.
Apology, or resentment? I don't need any of those.
He won't come today.
Not tomorrow either.
He will never come back here.
What's this? Was Mr. Kang here?
Do not come to our studio, ever!
Move aside.
Seriously, I'm sick of love or whatever.
All people who take it as a matter of life and death are all pathetic, I'm done with them.
I spent nine years in the farm, shutting myself up from the world.
Just to avoid one man whom I didn't want see, I locked myself in there.
But, that man I had been avoiding for nine years,
even if I'm walking around his neighborhood, I never encounter him.
But why! Why are you guys so tangled!
It's driving me crazy!
He's the only one who knows.
The question I've been asking over and over for my whole life, he only knows the answer to it.
It may not be anything special to him, but—
That's not true, he is—
It will be done in five minutes.
He barely got over it and now finally,
finally got to manage to perform.
Got over it?
Got over it?
- Soon Ho.
- I know.
I know, I know how you feel. But please, just one more day until tomorrow,
don't touch him just until tomorrow, please.
Soon Ho.
In these circumstances
You How can you?
does it make sense?
Please, don't.
Ha Won.
Seo Woo, are you okay?
Have you seen Ha Won?
No, I haven't.
♫ Say you’ll be alright ♫
♫ When I see you ♫
♫ And I feel you ♫
♫ I feel when I see through your eyes ♫
♫ I can feel you ♫
♫ But don’t know why ♫
♫ Maybe I’ll one day find you home ♫
♫ Go on to your way ♫
♫ I wish I would be the one ♫
♫ Everywhere I see you now ♫
♫ I will always, ♫
♫ And always be here ♫
♫ I wish I would be the one ♫
♫ Why can’t you hear me out ♫
♫ So I’ll always, ♫
♫ And always be here ♫
A Piece of Your Mind - Preview
The first concert is sold out.
Please tell me about your mother.
Did you cry?
That's because his niece is causing so much worry for him.
When I looked up like this, it used to make me at ease.
Your daughter's name was quite something.
Don't say her name out loud.
I'd like to hear it.
Aren't you afraid?
Because it feels like I might really forget that.
He said he would ask just one question.
- Please let him, please.
- Move aside.
- Kang In Wook.
♫ When I wait for your eye ♫
♫ I can feel you ♫
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