A Piece of Your Mind (2020) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

♫ A smile in the sunlight ♫
♫ Though I may not be alright ♫
♫ You help me feel ♫
♫ Better than before ♫
♫ And that's what I love you for ♫
A Piece of Your Mind
He's the only one who knows.
Only he knows the answer to the question that I've been asking over and over for my whole life.
I know, I know how you feel, but please
Soon Ho.
Just one more day until tomorrow, don't touch him just until tomorrow, please.
How can you?
Please, don't.
Does this make sense?
It's in Seo Woo's room.
If the mat is not there, then look for the wrapping cloth.
No, it's not here either. You come over and look for it yourself.
By the way, a word to your conscience, you should not accept any tenant to this semi-basement room.
Back in the days when I had stayed here, your mom didn't put any tenant here.
Come on, Seo Woo insisted on that room, I told you.
Episode 11
- Student Min Jeong?
- What?
- Don't come out, don't, don't!
- I told you not to come out.
- Why shouldn't I?
Did you cry?
- No, I didn't.
Over there he looks even worse.
Why are you two crying and tearing like that?
Well, his niece is causing him so much torment, that's why.
Geez, even if his niece causes him some torment, how big of a torment can it be?
If it's a niece, she must be so cute to him.
You can't win against a niece, how can you?
Well, this is good, then. I was going there because of this Miss Jeon Eun Joo with her distressed mind.
I told you, I'm not distressed!
Where are you going?
- Going for a walk.
- This late at night?
Night is the perfect time to go for a walk.
I know a great spot in this neighborhood. Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
Geez, you should refresh yourself there.
Let me introduce this great spot!
Wow, I didn't know that our neighborhood had this kind of place.
Seriously? Don't you remember that after you ran away,
your mom and I found you here?
She ran away from home all the time, you know?
True, I hated my home back then.
I hated many people coming and leaving too. It didn't feel like a home.
What? You told me that you're running this boarding house out of your filial love to your parents.
That's exactly the same.
She was a little girl, but never listened to her parents, always talking back to them.
She didn't even meet the eyes of boarders, saying they're all vagabonds.
Well, I only remember what I did well, though.
I envy your limited memory.
When I lived in Eun Joo's Boarding House, whenever I felt disturbed, I often came here.
While looking at here like this, it really made me feel relaxed.
This feels nice. It's nice.
Eun Joo's Boarding House
Hey, let's go, let's go in.
Go in.
Aren't you afraid?
Knowing exactly what that situation was, aren't you scared of it?
Not at all.
Piano Recital - Waiting Room for Pianist Kang In Wook
Piano Recital - Kang In Wook - 1st show at 16:00 - SOLD OU
Sold out?
You said Director Choi would be in charge.
If it were me, I would've dragged you away from that door,
barged in and asked all questions to Mr. Kang.
It's not going to happen between me and Uncle.
That's right, what a bond you two have, right?
If it were me in your position, I would've opened that door for him.
I would've put a chair for him there, so that he could talk with Mr. Kang alone.
You said you would skive off, yet you came. As long as you came, that's good enough.
Thanks for coming, and I'm not sure you're interested,
but the first show is sold out. Keep up the good work.
Hello, sir.
Here, please take a seat.
No, it's okay.
What do you mean? You're the main engineer today.
No, as I asked you on such short notice, I know you must have been working hard all night
to analyze the song list and sort it out.
Of course, I did.
Please take a seat.
Kang In Wook - Piano Recital
3:50 PM
Excuse me, it is really sold out, correct? By any chance, were all tickets sold to one group?
Why does nobody show up?
There are no people coming, although it's almost the time.
Is it usually like this, the audience coming in only when the performance is about to start?
Isn't this a bit weird now?
It is true that the show is sold out
The purchased tickets haven't been cancelled either.
What's wrong again?
Ah, n-nothing.
I shouldn't just sit here. What should I do in this kind of situation?
Well, we can't see from here, but it's possible there are some people outside our field of vision, too.
Ah, let me check.
Don't go out! The concert is about to start.
Manager Moon!
- Let go of me.
- He said he would ask just one question.
Let go!
He couldn't ask anyone until now, and finally he found out whom he should ask.
Move aside.
Mr. Kang In Wook.
Kang In Wook.
On that day,
what you saw,
what you heard,
and what you did,
tell me everything exactly.
Move aside!
It's the question he has buried in his chest his whole life.
He has to ask.
Please, please leave him be.
It snowed,
and I saw your mother on my way home.
- (in Korean) Oh, sorry!
- (in Korean) No, it's okay.
Oh, you are a Korean?
I've seen you walking around here since about two months ago.
You never responded to me, so I thought you were not a Korean.
Are you attending Ivar Aasen High School?
Because I used Korean without realizing it.
Ha Won is on his way here now.
Didn't they take shelter at the school by any chance?
It will snow more heavily, it seems.
Where is your house? Would you like to stay in our house for now?
(in Norwegian) Good bye.
I said something unnecessary.
I went back.
Ma'am! Ma'am!
Ha Won's mother!
Ma'am! Won's mother!
Won's mother!
Won's mother!
I went back, but no matter how many times I screamed and called her,
no matter how many times I called her
Two sets of boots.
For Won and me,
to give them to me and Won To me and
Piano Recital - Waiting Room for Pianist Kang In Wook
It was very windy,
and dry, we thought that was the reason
Now he's saying it wasn't because of that.
He's saying Kang In Wook did that.
I have to take a revenge on him,
but I have never done that before, so I don't know how
Should I break his fingers?
But I don't know how to do that.
Why does everything here feel
as if I'm kicking in the air?
Don't be sad.
After the introduction, the development and the twist, you can't put sadness as the conclusion.
If you become sad over something you should get angry at or frustrated with,
it's really bad for you.
You can get angry, don't be apologetic.
You worked hard.
Go home.
What's up? I suddenly wanted to call you.
That sign is quite a wonder.
Soon Ho called me and told me to call you.
She said that you're having a very hard time.
What happened?
Please tell me about my mom.
Geez, you used to not allow me to utter a word about her.
Didn't you say you were determined to forget about her?
I thought she would vividly stay in my mind even if I was determined,
but it feels like I really will forget about her.
I want to hear about her.
Of course, she was such a beautiful person.
How can you forget about such a person like her?
Pianist Im Soo Ok.
She was bright, cheerful and beautiful.
Her piano performances were awesome.
Oh, she was quite bad at cooking though. Her Korean food was awful.
She used to make an excuse that she couldn't improve her cooking skill because you ate everything well. That's right.
Do you need any help?
I'm not doing anything, so why would I need your help? Come, sit down here for a moment.
For tomorrow's breakfast, what shall I make?
Shall I make sandwiches, out of the blue?
If you make something totally new for this house's everyday breakfast,
will Chang Seop think of it as something special, or will he think you're trying to insult him?
He would be happy to have something new. He's simple-minded.
It has been years since I started to walk along this path
I now realize that I wished someone would care for me like this when I was having a hard time.
Don't you feel supported?
Your core being fully supported.
I'll stay like this all the time. I won't go anywhere.
I know very well the things I like.
You don't know how much I cared for myself.
First, I have to go to work early in the morning.
There is no one in the building,
so I open the door to let the fresh air in.
While brewing coffee, I turn on the music I recorded the day before.
Then, when I hold a cup of coffee,
and drink a sip, standing by the window,
I really like that.
What about you, Ha Won?
I'm thinking.
You must study how to make yourself happy, and then put a lot of effort towards it.
This isn't something that just comes to you easily. Think hard and thoroughly about it.
Tell me one more of yours, Seo Woo.
On my way back home, when I turn around and look back,
and the sky is glowing with a really pretty sunset.
I can imagine that. One more, please.
I go to work at my usual time,
and find that it's light today while it was dark the day before. When that happens.
I like seeing the world changing on its own according to each season.
Every day it changes slightly.
It's like playing "The Rose of Sharon has Bloomed" with the world.
(TN. Korean Red Light/Green Light game)
I just found something I like.
Listening to what you like.
Do you have something to say?
I don't have that many things I like, though.
What else are there, let me see
The recording studio. At the recording studio, with the top notch audio equipment,
when I listen to the music played by the top musicians right in front of them. I love it.
I'd also like to see that.
What is it?
It keeps playing in my mind, but I don't know what it is.
I think my mom played it sometimes.
Let me hear more.
I remember a few bars only.
I can find it easily.
I'll find what song it is for sure and play for you.
With piano. You also played some for me before.
I think you have something to say.
Go ahead.
Kang In Wook, I will not let him get away.
Don't get your hands dirty, as I'll take care of everything.
I don't think that was what you meant to say.
Manager Moon is totally weird.
That's exactly how Soon Ho is.
Want to know if I'm alright?
No, I'm not alright.
It's correct that I'm not alright.
Right now,
it just feels foggy as if clouds were hanging over me. It's weird, isn't it?
Even I know I'm weird.
It will get better.
The world changes on its own, you know.
Let's rely on that.
Today it's 12 degrees Celsius. Tommorow it will be 17 degrees Celsius.
"I will get better. Today it was cold,
but tomorrow it will be warm."
"I will get better."
I love 17 degrees Celsius the best, as it's good to go for a walk.
The perfect weather to recover.
We should hang the lines for laundry,
and go for a walk. We have a lot of things to do.
I like that.
Eun Joo's Boarding House
Hyung, will you leave this shampoo behind?
No, I'll take that with me.
There isn't a lot left, though.
- Well, if you want it that much, then I can leave it here.
- Okay.
Hey, hey! Aren't you thanking me? Hold on!
Jin Soo.
Yes, thank you.
Oh, yeah! This is my favorite soup.
So this soup has such a story?
Not to that extent of a story. What's wrong, Hyung?
Oh my, Student Min Jeong! Are you having a job interview today too?
Yes, three interviews for today.
Wow, we have a lot of good side dishes today.
- These are the usual ones—
- These are the usual ones—
Oh, well, I guess it's hard to get a job again.
That's why you should be thankful to your parents.
Student Min Jeong, you should run this boarding house.
Wow, yes, I think you will do a great job.
Jin Soo, you should be the witness.
I'll just live in leisure at my room, while taking 50% of rent and boarding fee.
- Geez, then I won't do it.
- See? You don't want it either.
This is exactly how you should live; thinking about the reason why you're doing this work.
Once you do it, when you wonder later why you're doing this job,
you can tell it to yourself.
Chang Seop, are you going back to your parents' house?
Oh, so you do remember.
Nobody really cares about me. There is no good bye,
just a lecture about how to live your life. Even though it's my last time. Finish the rest, please, go ahead.
The last time? Are you going to die tomorrow? How could you say "last time" so thoughtlessly?
I'm just asking if you're moving back to your parents' house.
It takes two hours of commute, for a single trip.
Bus, and subway, and bus again—
You just need to get up early.
You don't know how I feel.
Giving me such a precious thing Thank you!
To Chang Seop, I gave two pieces of your mother's pickled vegetables.
Since today's breakfast is the last one with him.
Good job, it's Chang Seop's favorite, so you did well.
Good, Uncle, you're doing great. When you're mad, you should ignore the call.
Great, you're doing great!
I knew you would be like this. I came to bring you out, Mr. Kang.
Let's go. Let's get some sunlight and delicious food.
What's good around here?
Soon Ho,
that's enough.
What's enough?
You don't have to do this, so—
I have something to tell you too. Let's go.
The audiences who saw the concert have posted quite a lot of comments on social networks.
That concert you said was embarrassing, you have completed it well.
Just enjoy its reward. You've prepared it for a long time after all.
For good comments and posts, I will sort them out and send them to you so that you can cheer yourself up.
Is that all you wanted to talk about?
Please meet my uncle.
Meet him and unburden yourself neatly. I'll help you.
If I meet him
and apologize, will it end?
Why don't you meet him and ask him that same question? Whether it will end if you apologize.
In this situation, do you know what I keep thinking about?
Ha Won and Ji Soo,
whether they met each other
How come your thoughts jump in that direction?
I know, right?
This doesn't make sense, but I keep thinking about that only.
I'm told that Ji Soo went to that house in Okin-dong. No, she didn't go but—
No, she didn't go. She has never been to that place.
Yes, I see
Forget about such things, but just think about what you did yesterday.
For one thing, you've finished your concert very well.
Another thing is my uncle.
If you're agonized, my uncle should be the reason why.
This is me.
This is why Ji Soo was in pain.
If I was going to change, I should've changed long time ago.
It's not even worth an answer, but no, they haven't met each other.
And, please try your damnedest to get away from that thought.
Yes, I will try.
I just said, your damnedest.
My uncle
had nothing and no one,
and even got dumped by Kim Ji Soo, who was like family and whom he had thought would be his family for his whole life.
Despite going through all sorts of hardships and difficult times,
he desperately tries his best to hold onto his core and keep his balance.
He doesn't know how to throw himself away.
That's what we call doing one's damnedest.
I've always been watching him for 10 years. No, it's for 9 years.
I keep adding a year.
That is
how the last nine years have been for my uncle,
who has been left alone in this world, just because of your few words.
From Kim Ji Soo - To Ms. Consul Moon Jeong Sook
From Kim Ji Soo
Grandmother, please tell Uncle to come home and have a meal.
He's having a hard time right now, he might die from it.
Why don't you tell him yourself?
You do it for me, please. I can't see Uncle right now.
Or rather, I won't. It's a bit awkward now.
Still, call him.
I'm a bit early. I thought the engineer was a lady.
Ah, I'm not an engineer.
Ah, I'll go up first.
28th - Device (Voice recording)
Voice recording?
100 people for a test run. I'm the 100th one. Once I'm done, that's it.
I see, a test
- Voice?
- That's right.
A conversation device with that person's real personality, emotion and voice.
This recording room's air itself is a bit dry. Manager, can I get some water?
Yes, wait a second, please.
What did you say was broken?
What was it?
Oh, my bag fell down, that's all.
How does your friend know whether the sound is good there?
Because she has been there.
Ah, not exactly that she has been there
I think I'm going crazy. I hear things.
Our studio sometimes gets a commission from a big company. Collecting data of voices, I heard.
A conversation device with that person's real personality, emotion and voice.
Ji Soo
Ji Soo's device.
You've mentioned before that you got a commission from a big company for collecting voice data, right?
You said so. When I told you I heard some voice,
you explained it to me. You got a commission from a big company.
Which company is that? Why did they do that?
Soon Ho, this is something important. This is—
It's not something important.
I was expecting you to say, "sorry" or "I was crazy", something like that, reflecting on you—
It was on that day, when I told you I must have gone crazy.
- On that day. What I heard—
- It's correct that you're crazy.
Soon Ho. Please tell me which company it is, that's all.
That's it, thank you.
Thanks for your work.
Ah, your manager was quite brusque.
Was my manager here?
- To open the door, as I came early.
- I see.
You worked hard, thanks.
Manager - Moon Soon Ho
Han Seo Woo
I wish someone waters me
and lets me enjoy sunshine, that would be nice.
When did you get a caregiver license?
I've always lived only preparing for the future. During the time I was doing that,
if I had stayed longer with my daughter instead, that would've been better.
What do you mean? She loved you working.
I saw from her comments on your posts. Your daughter liked you living your life so diligently, Student Min Jeong.
She was proud of you so much, as you lived your life so diligently without wasting any second of your time.
Saying that every second and minute was precious to her,
and her mother was also living in that way.
Your daughter's name was awesome too.
- I had to fight with my in-laws a lot because of that name.
- Huh?
They said that no, it should never be that name, it's not a good name.
What's wrong with Eun Joo?
If you look around, those people with the name Eun Joo usually have great lives. You gave her a great name.
Don't say her name.
So you came to Eun Joo's house.
So, you have to live a good life. You should have a life twice as good, taking on my daughter's share as well.
Don't worry, I'll live well by four fold.
Try not to live well, and you'll see what I'll do.
For a week, I will treat you really well.
So that you will never forget about Eun Joo's Boarding House.
Everyone forgets about this place too easily.
When they stayed here, they acted as if this was the best place in the world.
You won't become like that, Student Min Jeong.
Don't try too hard. For me, when I turn around, that's it. Thanks to that personality, I barely manage to live on.
I will make it so that you won't be able to forget.
Why are you saying that to me, when you should've said that to Chang Seop?
Just wait and see. You will never be able to forget me, Student Min Jeong.
Where did you put it, you say?
Where Oh, here I found it!
What's that?
Oh my, did we have such things in this house?
See? There were such things in your house.
You want to do some exercise?
Come on, you should receive it!
- Here.
- Oh my god!
Ah, come on, you should move.
Now you should be nervous. Here we go!
Geez, this is no fun.
No fun? Oh, you want some fun, that's what you wanted?
I'll do it for you, don't worry, I'll give you that. See, here we go!
What's that?
See, this is— Oh, Student Jin Soo! Do you know how to play badminton?
Of course, I'm totally good at it.
No, you don't have to be good, but fun.
I'm not sure about being fun, but I'm totally confident I play well.
Okay, go ahead.
Is this funny?
Is that funny?
One more time, please.
Ah, hold on, please.
Why does this shuttlecock keep going backward?
Uncle, a Korean's strength comes from rice.
From Kim Ji Soo 16-15 Munjeong-ro 57-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
To Madame Consul Moon Jeong Sook
I recently learned you have two addresses.
I guess that even if it was a relief that the letters went unread all of this time, it is disappointing.
I am sending one last letter.
After struggling for a long time, this is the truth which I've come down to.
I am hurting because of his regret.
I am distressed because of his tears.
I want to say to him, "It's alright.
It's time now to stop having a hard time."
I want to become someone who will be a strength for In Wook.
Now that I've come to that decision, I feel at peace.
When time passes, I'll be able to talk with a smile about everything which happened today.
I will contact you again then.
I pray you will have good health, Madame Moon.
Yours truly, Kim Ji Soo.
AH Laboratory and Co.
You have to connect to the device for the personality to emerge.
If you are going to interact with the device, you need to evoke the situation.
It seems the personality responds depending on the situation, and from there will come the sense of touch.
Isn't that inducing an optical illusion?
It is making one believe that there is a feeling.
After placing a stimulus on an element, because a nerve was touched, a feeling comes into existence.
Because you seem to be getting tired, just one more point.
For this as well, the device calls out the situation on its own.
Because for every individual there is an earnest memory about touch,
- well, I expect it's random as well.
- Jin Hwan, enough.
Take a rest, please.
Two sets of boots.
For me and Won.
Mom Mom
Han Seo Woo - Log in password
I was just trying to turn on the music, but because of the password
If you're uncomfortable, I can do it by myself.
This is also my job. Even if I'm uncomfortable, I have to do it.
About Ji Soo When I found out that Ji Soo knew you, Seo Woo,
I was anxious, wondering if you knew something about me.
Being anxious on trivial things,
being agonized and putting Ji Soo in a hard situation.
I think that was enough.
I will do it by myself for today.
I guess that would be better.
By any chance,
had Ji Soo come to this studio before?
- To see me.
- Just once?
- Then, back then, Ji Soo—
- I don't want to talk about Ji Soo with you.
It's hard on me.
Voice Voice recording
Voice, voice
♫til Mountain Baekdu wears down~ ♫ (The first line's lyric of Korean National Anthem)
National Anthem? Hmm.
I think this is clearly a ballad but not Kim Kwang Seok's, right? (Kim Kwang Seok - a famous Korean folk rock musician, died in 1996)
You always think everything is by Kim Kwang Seok.
Why should we find out about that tune?
Well, Won was wondering about it all day long today.
It keeps playing in my head too, driving me crazy.
♫ You told me with a smile
♫ Even with a really small thing
♫ I cry. (A Violet by Jo Dong Jin)
Oh, that's right, it's the one, right?
It's the song one of my patients liked.
Oh, you're pretty good at singing for a doctor.
Ah, now I want to go to karaoke.
Why don't you just sing?
I'm even worse at singing, no, I can't.
I was wondering who it was.
Please go down, Han Seo Woo told me to escort you.
♫ You told me with a smile
♫ "I want to fly very far away"
♫ "Like a bird"
A Violet by Jo Dong Jin, 1985
Aren't you going to sing the second verse?
Yes, please.
I want to do it well.
Ah, I should've recorded it properly. It was such a precious performance.
Record this?
Your performance was worse than mine, but not too bad, well
Geez, considering the time I practiced, I think I was better than you.
I can't accept that.
I will practice more and give you its recorded file later.
With that, you can go to Oslo.
We can go together then.
For me, I'd rather go to a place where we both have never been to before.
Seo Woo.
I love you.
Does that make you sad?
My self-esteem is recovered just now.
Let's go together.
To Oslo, to my hometown
Let's go together.
This is nice.
I'm getting sunlight, and I've watered myself.
Who'll do it for me? I do it for myself.
Moon Soon Ho
Moon Soon Ho
Um, Grandma called you right?
I told her to.
It's not like I wasn't worried about you.
You scared me.
I thought you wouldn't pick up.
Should I not?
Soon Ho.
Are you okay?
No way I can be alright, don't you think?
I'm sorry.
Tell me what you're sorry for, one by one.
Look at this, are you playing hard to get?
You should repent properly.
"I'm sorry for this and that."
I'm sorry for everything.
I wasn't sane.
Are you sane now?
You know that I can't see anything when I like someone.
Are you really repenting right now?
Yeah, I'm the problem, I am.
You're important to me.
But still, I'm so glad I have you.
How could I have an uncle like you?
Your repenting is a bit over the top.
Don't die before I do.
In the past, when Grandma told me to meet people
that she wanted to sponsor, I always refused to go.
They were all in unfortunate situations,
but somehow they were all better than me, so I compared myself to them.
But I strangely went to you.
When I think about it now, it's the best thing I've ever done.
Soon Ho.
No, but
So you were rejected as soon as you came here?
After so many years, she said to meet up and you met up, then rejection?
Wow, I'm starting to cry.
What if I hadn't bought you that kimbap? You wouldn't be you today.
Of course.
I did something valuable right?
Soon Ho,
to me, you're a precious and unique family member.
You're overflowingly
Ji Soo
Were you here all night?
Ji Soo Device.
Do you have it?
She came to the studio with this plant
and you recorded her voice.
You gave it to a company making a device with her personality and emotions, and tested it.
So, she never went to Ha Won's house but knew it had a good sound.
Kim Ji Soo never went there, but you heard her opinion.
Because you could talk to her.
Is that it?
If that's it, if the Ji Soo device exists-
It doesn't.
Says who? Who said you could record her voice-
Mr. Kang.
Let me talk to her.
The one who wants to forget her needs it even less so!
I don't have it.
Han Seo Woo!
Just give it to me.
I'm the only one who can have Ji Soo's device.
I don't have it.
You do! Just give it to me.
I don't. Please leave.
I thought you would understand.
Since you're in between Ha Won and Ji Soo, you would know.
I don't know.
Just once.
Just once, I want to listen to her talking straightforwardly.
If Ji Soo really
I just want to listen to her thoughts and sincere opinions, as they are.
She told you she was miserable a thousand times but you didn't even pretend to listen then.
What do you want to hear now?
You have no right.
Let me give you a word of advice, Han Seo Woo.
No one can get between Moon Ha Won and Kim Ji Soo, don't delude yourself.
I'm not.
I saw, heard, and believed in so much.
I precisely felt it all.
I don't distort them how I want, I'm not like you.
Moon Soon Ho
Uncle, where are you?
The recital is over since forever, so why'd you leave Kang In Wook be?
I told you to do as you please after the recital.
Why? What's wrong?
He said no one can ever get in between you and Ji Soo.
In front of Seo Woo.
Where is he?
♫ All the stories of ♫
♫ The days of loneliness ♫
♫ Echo through your empty room ♫
♫ Are you alright? ♫
♫ I see the glisten in your eyes ♫
A Piece of Your Mind
Do you have any idea what you've done?
We can't let her drink.
Give me some strength.
I love and cherish you a lot.
Will you please get rid of me?
Let me go like it's not a big deal.
Don't worry!
Be brave!
Let's be apart, just for a very short time.
I'm back.
♫ A lonely flower is you ♫
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