A Piece of Your Mind (2020) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

♫ A smile in the sunlight ♫
♫ Though I may not be alright ♫
♫ You help me feel ♫
♫ better than before ♫
♫ And that's what I love you for ♫
A Piece Of Your Mind
The medicine kit
Where is it? Seo Woo said she left it in here.
Oh, it's here.
What is this?
What is this?
Who's this?
His own song, number one
She told you she was miserable a thousand times but you didn't even pretend to listen then.
What do you want to hear now?
You have no right.
Ji Soo
In Wook
- I went back, but no matter how many times I screamed and called her
- Enough.
Do you know what you've done? What you stole from me,
and what you stomped on and smashed to pieces.
How I have lived every day so far,
and how I have survived.
Don't force your thoughts upon Han Seo Woo.
After struggling a long time,
this is the truth which I've come down to.
I'm hurting because of his regret.
I'm distressed because of his tears.
I want to say to him,
"It's alright. It's time now to stop having a hard time."
I want to become a person who will be a strength for In Wook.
Now that I have come to that decision, I feel at peace.
When time passes, I'll be able to talk with a smile
about everything which happened today.
I will contact you again then.
I pray you will have good heath, Consul Moon.
Yours truly, Kim Ji Soo.
Ji Soo. Can you guess
who relayed your truthful heart to Kang In Wook?
The person who has suffered the most because of Kang In Wook.
Ha Won did that.
Ji Soo, your earnest truth,
I relayed it to him,
so now, rest in peace.
You didn't get hurt anywhere, and you look fine.
You know me, I have a sturdy bone structure. I'm strong.
♫ When I see through your eyes ♫
Tomorrow Student Min Jeong is leaving, so I need to go.
♫ I can feel you ♫
♫ But don’t know why ♫
♫ Maybe I’ll one day ♫
♫ Find you home ♫
Did you cry?
I told you, I never cry.
♫ Go on to your way ♫
Right, you're the one who has never cried in your life.
♫ I wish I would be the one ♫
♫ Everywhere I see you now. ♫
♫ I will always ♫
Of all people,
♫ And always be here ♫
Of all people, Ha Won, this man saved Kang In Wook.
♫ And always be here ♫
A Piece Of Your Mind
You really move to a faraway place. There are many nursing homes near Seoul too!
- Final Episode -
It's close to the ocean.
It's close to the ocean. I always wanted to live near the ocean.
It's good for a short period only.
My parents also loved Geoje Island when they first moved to there, but now it's just so-so to them.
If I can like it even for a moment, that's enough.
Aren't you afraid to live in an unfamiliar place?
I'm afraid, of course, why wouldn't I?
Yet, I have to go. I want to go there,
and push through it.
"I'm not weak!" I'd like to show it to myself.
Alright, good that you're brave, but
Ah, I don't know
Hey, why are you running a boarding house? You hated it to death before.
I insisted on it to my parents.
I was going to make a large sum of money from working hard for five years and enjoy my life as I please after that.
- But the five years has already passed.
- Of course, passed a long time ago.
Now my goal has changed. Seo Woo
When she moves back to the ground level, then I will quit.
She's saying that she feels sorry for living well.
She says she's more comfortable to live down there.
Although she keeps saying she's fine, fine,
she would finally be fine when she moves back to the ground floor.
I'm going to make her move back, no matter what.
Otherwise, I won't be at ease.
- I'm home.
- Oh, hey!
- Jin Soo!
- You guys are drinking without snacks again.
- I knew it, so I bought some.
- What did you get?
- Sausages and
- Yay!
Please give me a little strength.
Why am I so sad like this?
It's driving me crazy!
Oh, you were such a nasty one.
- Well, that was because of my contract.
- It's true that you were too harsh.
- I did nothing wrong.
- Come on.
She doesn't drink, she shouldn't drink.
Seo Woo, Seo Woo! Seo Woo, Seo Woo, Seo Woo!!
W-What's wrong with you, eh?
It's okay, give it to me.
She's drinking well.
Why am I so sad now?
Why can't I stop crying?
Hey, Student Min Jeong is leaving tomorrow, but why are you acting like this?
I don't know, Unni, but my heart is hurting so much.
7:40 AM - 2 missed calls from Mr. Dawn
J-J-Ji Soo?
T-T-That's right, it's me.
- How come?
- I heard In Wook's music.
Wasn't it you who played that performance, Seo Woo?
- That's—
- This is good, as I wanted to ask you a favour.
Do you know what In Wook confessed to me?
Why all of a sudden—
How would I know? Who is this Kang In Wook guy—
He told me that he had watched me for ten years.
By himself. Since he liked to see me, he didn't even leave Oslo.
His words and his facial expression back then, I can't forget those.
He was the cutest in the world.
The one-sided love toward Ji Soo for a long time
He wants to be where you used to be, Ji Soo,
and to listen to what you listened.
This person who wants to feel what you felt,
I really like watching him like this.
It's a one-sided crush.
Ji Soo's response feature,
it was Mr. Kang's one-sided love to her.
I want to hear In Wook's voice.
- Please help me.
- No, I don't want to.
I don't even know who he is, and I don't want to get close to him.
As this will be hard on him, make it so that only I can hear his voice.
- Not a conversation.
- He's not having a hard time at all now,
I drank too much yesterday, so having a conversation is a bit hard now.
- Take a rest, Ji Soo.
- I
I am dead, right?
I have a practice scheduled.
I'm not in a mood to say hello, but I did it.
I talked to you.
Don't you have anything to say to me?
Do you think I'm talking to you because I want to?
I'm sorry.
You talked.
You're preparing the concert for Piano in April, right?
Wow, you're going to be on such a privileged stage.
W-Why, all of a sudden?
You spoke again.
Your own song, Number One, please play it.
I want to listen to it, right now.
Well, Seo Woo, I can't play it just because you asked—
Please do it for me.
In Wook's voice, In Wook's piano,
I want to listen to them.
It'll be hard on him to have a conversation with me, because of my death.
Please, let me hear it without him knowing.
S-S-Seo Woo?
Listening, so keep going, please.
The longer the better,
I'll listen to it for five minutes only.
So far,
I've been wrong about everything.
I was stupid too, so please don't keep those words I told you in your mind.
Ha Won and Ji Soo—
Please talk as if Ji Soo is here.
I'll explain it later, so please do as I say.
She knows she's dead.
She asked me to just let her hear your voice.
Please grant Ji Soo's wish.
Ji Soo's wish—
This song I wrote it while thinking of Ji Soo.
This is also for Ji Soo.
Even when Ji Soo didn't know of my existence at all,
and when I liked Ji Soo by myself.
Then, one day
When she noticed me for the first time, too.
While living together after our marriage,
I've played the piano while thinking of Ji Soo.
I love her,
and I miss her.
Wasn't it hard for you to have a conversation with me?
It just felt like having a phone call with a friend who lives far away?
Can you continue doing that?
Please tell me honestly.
Well I'm not so confident about that.
You're honest, indeed.
Then, my last request.
Will you please get rid of me?
Bye, my early 20's.
I'll see you off at the bus stop.
- Let's say good bye in front of the house.
- I'm telling you, we'll accompany you there.
- Then, I won't come back.
- Geez.
Hey, why isn't Han Seo Woo coming now?
Then, let's go together up to the bus stop.
No, I'm fine. Let's part ways in front of Eun Joo's Boarding House.
See me off lightheartedly, saying, "See you again."
Like it's not a big deal.
A feeling like, "I'm going grocery shopping."
She seems uneasy.
Student Min Jeong!
I'll give you a hug.
I don't want that.
You will come back every time you have a day off, right?
Make sure to text me on the day before you come!
I'll cook delicious things, let's eat together!
Next time, I'll treat you with more delicious food, so please come back again, for sure!
For sure!
I'm okay.
Tell Eun Joo I'm okay.
Visit us often, please.
Please visit us, have a good rest and food.
Don't cry unnecessarily.
- Good luck with your dating.
- Yes.
Don't worry!
Don't you worry about anything!
Courage! COURAGE!
Alright, this is what Eun Joo's Boarding House is about.
Thanks to you, I feel stronger.
Eun Joo. Now, your mom
will cheer up.
Will you please get rid of me?
It's only right for me not to exist. Please get rid of me.
How can I
If it's too hard for you, then ask Won—
No, I can't!
Making him part again with you, Ji Soo,
I can't let that happen.
That's right, I think so too.
I will do it myself.
So that no one can have a conversation with you,
I will get rid of you.
It will be difficult for you, but please do it.
I remember when I first met you, Seo Woo.
It was when I was having a really hard time.
Carrying the box of dishes and walking up the hill,
at the end of the road, you were standing there, Seo Woo.
Some people are shining with an aura, they say, but that was the first time I really saw it.
Ms. Kim Ji Soo?
Over there at the end, sparkling and shining.
Because I was so thankful.
Just in case, I was worried they would break.
You were standing there, holding the door for me.
I'm grateful to you, Seo Woo.
After getting rid of me, forget about me too.
Good bye.
I Now I can't. No, what's wrong with my words
I can't see you.
- Seo Woo.
- Right now, I can't see you, Ha Won.
♫ All the stories of ♫
♫ The days of loneliness ♫
Call from Mr. Dawn
♫ Echo through your empty room ♫
♫ Are you alright? ♫
♫ I see the glisten in your eyes ♫
♫ The tears of a broken heart ♫
♫ I’m calling you home ♫
♫ Won’t you be here by me? ♫
♫ Your heart is weeping in the ocean ♫
♫ A lonely flower is you ♫
♫ Your heart is weeping in the ocean ♫
♫ A lonely flower is you ♫
♫ Keeping your heart ♫
♫ wherever you go ♫
♫ Sleep tight, good night ♫
♫ I’ll be here for you ♫
♫ Love, I’ll be your moon ♫
♫ Be your sun, for you ♫
♫ Love, I’ll be your moon ♫
♫ Be your sun ♫
You're glad to see me, aren't you? I think you must be very glad to see me.
We parted, but have met each other again within 35 minutes.
So, people really part ways saying "Goodbye", I see.
You're not bothered by Kang In Wook's words, are you?
I'm not influenced by what others say.
I don't care.
Your arm will become numb like this, and then you won't be able to sleep.
It's just the right weight.
I'm feeling sleepy already.
Voice recording 007
♫ You told me with a smile ♫
♫ I want to fly very far away like a bird ♫
Seo Woo.
I'm alright.
It's just Because right now I'm confused quite a bit,
even in my opinion, I'm very weird.
It seems that the one who saved Kang In Wook at the end
was you, Han Won, so that's
That makes me feel so much sorry for you.
Feel sorry for you
It's only right for me not to exist.
Please get rid of me.
I will do it myself.
It was for everyone.
It wasn't for just one person.
So you don't have to be sad at all.
I told you, I'm the weird one.
Mr. Kang.
I can understand you.
The feeling of being in between those two.
When I'm in between Ji Soo and Ha Won,
it's not like those two are pressing me down maliciously,
but very painfully
they weigh me down twice as hard.
Please try to get away from it for a while.
Then, you will see, whether you were in between them,
or you were standing side by side.
Aren't you coming back to the recording studio?
Well, I don't know.
"Studio Moon to treat your slump."
That was correct.
You took me out of it.
I guess I used up all my energy on that. Now I don't have any strength left.
I'd like to apologize.
To whom?
There must be more than one or two.
To you, Soon Ho,
and to Ha Won too.
To me, please do it now.
I'm sorry,
and also thankful for taking me out of it.
To Ha Won
I'll relay your message.
By the way, if Uncle keeps insisting on seeing you face to face,
I will relay that back to you too.
Will you, please?
The thing is, when he says "enough", then it's really enough and done.
For more than ten years,
while you've been suspicious about Ji Soo and Ha Won,
Won is the one who found on his own
how to get out of the hardships, which had hit him suddenly.
He has his own way.
It's not even all of it,
but he protects just a piece of the important things,
and then he keeps the balance, achieves his dream, and eventually protects himself.
Are you annoyed because I keep complimenting Won?
You have a really good uncle, Soon Ho.
Invitation Ticket - "Piano in April - Kang In Wook Piano Recital"
If you have time, please come to my concert.
This place,
it's really nice.
I'll see you in the recording studio.
For slumps, Studio Moon is the remedy
You should also get out of your slump, Soon Ho.
Today, I'll go to Eun Joo's Boarding House.
Where are you?
At work.
When will you come out?
In around thirty minutes.
I'll contact you again later.
I'm on my way out.
When you leave the company, do you pass by the lobby?
No. Are you at the company?
No. I'm at the delivery address house.
You sounded like you were in the company's building.
Then which way do you go? You don't pass through the lobby?
I do have another passageway, but
Why do you ask?
Nothing, just because.
So you missed me, that's why.
You're right. I wanted to see you from afar.
But you don't pass through the lobby, I see.
And I'm at the recording studio right now, so it's not like I can use a magic trick to contract space.
Seo Woo.
Tell me.
Alright. I'll tell you.
I have to tell you.
I understood the reason why I'm behaving strangely.
There is something I cannot bear.
The thing I cannot overcome,
is that I am too scared of sad things.
When I look, when I am looking at you, Ha Won, I
Why are you sad when you look at me?
From there on, the issue is on my side.
You haven't done anything wrong.
I Since I am the issue.
Still, I can't not see you.
Just for a little bit.
It won't be long, just for a little bit.
Seo Woo. Seo Woo, look at me.
I mean, imagine I'm here.
Imagine I'm in front of you.
I'm imagining you're here.
Imagining you're here.
Just for now, for a very short while,
let's stay apart.
- Seo Woo.
- While we're apart,
do something, anything, for my sake.
For my sake, do something that cheers you up.
Under your ear, your pulse. Put your hand there.
♫ Say you’ll be alright ♫
Thump. Thump. Thump.
♫ When I see you ♫
Each time your pulse beats, carve these words in your mind:
I love you very much,
and cherish you a lot.
No matter what, don't crumble because you feel sad.
I'll wait, so whenever,
♫ But don't know why ♫
contact me, without fail.
♫ Maybe I'll one day ♫
I will.
♫ Find you home. ♫
I'll imagine that what is protecting me,
is pulsating here.
Every time my heart beats, I'll engrave it on my mind.
♫ Everywhere I see you now ♫
♫ I will always ♫
♫ And always be here ♫
♫ I wish I would be the one ♫
♫ Why can't you hear me out? ♫
♫ So I'll always ♫
♫ And always be here ♫
Drink this and sleep tight.
♫ Say that you'll be alright ♫
♫ When I hold you ♫
♫ And I will stay here ♫
♫ You know, ♫
♫ When I wait for your eye ♫
♫ I can feel you. ♫
♫ And you know I'll follow you ♫
♫ Daily I worry ♫
♫ that you'll be fine ♫
♫ Go on to your way ♫
Piano in April - Kang In Wook piano recital - 28/04/2020
I'll do well.
Ji Soo.
Piano in April - Pianist Kang In Wook
Studio Moon (Eucalyptus plant)
You did well, Kang In Wook.
Ji Soo.
She will call.
I didn't ask.
You're so confident that I feel bad.
I can't explain it, but we cannot possibly break up.
Did our final test run come out?
Wasn't that Jin Hwan?
We decided not to do mine, remember?
It's that engineer's, right?
The current temperature is 17.5 degrees Celsius. The fine spring weather
- Han Seo Woo?
- will be somewhat dry.
It must have been over thirty years.
Have you been here all this time?
Let's see.
The sound is great. Listen well, Miss Seo Woo.
Do you know Seo Woo?
I will start the search for 'great harmonium'.
Oh, this. It's not Han Seo Woo, then.
It's only Miss Seo Woo's voice.
That isn't Han Seo Woo yet.
Just a second.
It's because the response feature hasn't come out yet.
What did she like, again?
Eun Joo's Boarding House
I will start the search for Eun Joo's Boarding House.
You're here? Hello.
Why are you so surprised?
That thing, you can't just touch it however.
I did learn how to turn it on and off.
I've started learning about sound. I'll be overseeing your practice today.
You're overseeing it?
I'm saying that I'll watch it carefully.
The line-up for the performance was no joke. You'll have to practice a lot.
Have you decided to keep on coming to the studio now?
Did I ever quit?
If I was going to stop over that kind of heartbreak, I wouldn't have started at all.
I'll study hard, and then I'll be Han Seo Woo's assistant when she works on your next album.
An album takes around two years to make, right?
I don't work with people who don't know about music, though.
Then I should also study music. I have so many things to do.
Then, should we bet on whether your album will come out first,
or I finish my self-studying first?
Let's live enthusiastically.
I did as Han Seo Woo told me to, but it doesn't work.
Why aren't you coming to hang out? Will you come this week or not?
You're working too hard again, aren't you?
Alright, I'll come.
- Ask her.
- Wait a minute.
Seo Woo, she's asking if you have anything else, different from last time?
I don't know!
- She's saying she doesn't know either.
- Ah, what could it be?
Misiryeong Sunset. Yes.
No, I'm memorizing it.
Who is that?
She hung up.
Hey, you. Who is Mr. Dawn?
Starting the search for—
Student Min Jeong!
It, It came out.
Ma'am, this, it came out!
Han Seo Woo came out. Would you like to try to converse with her?
Mr. Dawn.
Mr. Dawn tunes Han Seo Woo's senses together.
It makes sense.
Who is it?
There's someone like that.
It's over there.
Stay with me.
When Han Seo Woo is at rock bottom,
There is someone for whom I clearly remember the first impression I had, no matter how much time passes.
Those kind of people tend to stay in my life for a long time.
someone who pulls Han Seo Woo up.
Me, Mr. Dawn.
Mr. Dawn. Goodbye.
Thank you for everything.
When you said you liked to look
Don't tell me
I want to see you, be with you,
and hold your hand. Stay with me.
I will get better.
I will get better.
I love 17 degrees Celsius the best,
as it's good to go for a walk. The perfect weather to recover.
Would you like to live here?
Come to this place when you get off from work.
When you come home, I'll be here,
and when I come home, you will be here.
The one who pulls Han Seo Woo up when she's at rock bottom.
Someone who can say "That's me" about that.
What are you on about?
The response feature is complex, but it is explained in just one word. Isn't it amazing?
Just like going from failure to success, it has a distinct feature that is like the two sides of a coin.
It's mesmerizing. It's exciting.
Thunderbolt. Think again from there.
Thunder is striking.
Ji Soo was afraid of it.
How is it?
- Should we add some chili pepper?
- Should we? Alright.
Ji Soo, you should play so we can hear!
Thunder. It's loud.
Thunder is striking.
Whenever thunder strikes, Ahjumma plays the piano.
So that you won't be afraid.
Since I got to know someone this precious,
shouldn't something change in me as well?
If I had not gotten to know Seo Woo,
I wouldn't even have thought of going.
The way home from work feels like walking on a flower path. I'm so happy to be back.
- What about dinner?
- I ate before coming, of course.
You did well.
Go on in first. I'll come in with Seo Woo when she comes.
Lately she hasn't been feeling well.
Don't take this.
Eun Joo's 💝Boarding House
Seo Woo.
Me too.
Let's go home.
When did you draw the heart?
- A heart?
- Yes.
Is there a heart?
- Wasn't it you?
- What?
- It wasn't you?
- What heart?
- This one.
- It wasn't me.
- You're saying it wasn't?
- Yeah.
- What is it?
- I think I know.
Don't take this.
Eun Joo's 💝Boarding House
Unni, that do you have a hammer or something like that?
What for?
I need to get rid of something and it would be better to smash it.
What are you getting rid of?
I received a request to do that.
Who would ask you such a nasty thing? Don't listen!
Look at your eyes like a deer in the headlight! You're already shaking and stammering.
Don't listen to bad guys' requests.
- It's not that.
- Don't do it.
You don't have to do it. Don't do it.
Did you have dinner?
I was going to finish eating this the day I closed my boarding house.
Let's eat it now.
Stop eating only when it is meaningful and
let's eat when we want to eat.
When you think you are alone, you become weak in front of people and get influenced by them.
You are not alone.
Gather together the person who loved you, the person who loves you now,
and include the people who will love you in the future, isn't that reassuring?
You can't be weak.
You have yourself, you who thinks more about Han Seo Woo than anyone else.
What's the matter with you that you would treat yourself so badly?
Why would you do that to your precious self?
Eat and be strong. Give me the phone number of whomever made the request.
I really am not going to let this slide.
Get rid of it with your own hands. Why make it hard on someone else?
Don't do it.
I won't.
Thinking about it, I don't have to do it.
I must have lost my mind, Unni.
If you're like that, you can't eat this.
No. These are tears of enlightenment, of joy.
Eat up. My cherished Seo Woo.
I'm refusing your request to get rid of it.
Instead, I'm going to put it somewhere no one knows.
I also refuse your request to forget, Ji Soo.
I am going to remember.
It is you kids' your favorite weather. Sprout buds and keep growing healthily.
Han Seo Woo, these last few days you part with quite a lot of people.
I guess it is all significant.
It's no surprise, when someone precious came and left. That's why my uncle also left.
Where did he go?
He went there. Uncle.
Because while thinking of you he mustered the courage.
- Where to?
- I didn't know either that he was going there.
He didn't really have to, so why go there? I was opposed to it too, but what could I do?
I asked you to where?
If I didn't have Ha Won, the place I couldn't go to.
I'm back.
Mom. Father.
I know where you have gone.
Im Soo Ok
Kim Ji Soo
I came home.
♫ You told me with a smile ♫
♫ I want to fly very far away like a bird♫
♫ Through the falling snow ♫
♫ carried on the cold wind ♫
♫ In the snow covered city ♫
♫ Time stopped for a while ♫
♫ In steady wandering ♫
♫ Because I really wanted to see you ♫
♫ who were the only full stop in my life ♫
♫ I put on a pointless bitter smile ♫
♫ I really missing you ♫
♫ I think of you when we were strolling ♫
♫ together with steps in unison ♫
♫ Treasured in your hand ♫
♫ Please remember us. ♫
♫ To the night sky to which I extended my hand ♫
♫ I make a wish ♫
♫ For your sake ♫
♫ In constant regret for ♫
♫ The clumsy heart which let you pass by ♫
♫ Once more while I am walking alone ♫
♫ in the cold wind I am longing for you again ♫
♫ I think of you when we were strolling ♫
♫ together with steps in unison ♫
♫ Treasured in your hand ♫
♫ Please remember us ♫
♫ To the night sky to which I extended my hand ♫
♫ I make a wish ♫
♫ For your sake ♫
♫ Don't forget me ♫
♫ I think of you when we were strolling ♫
♫ together with steps in unison ♫
♫ Treasured in your hand ♫
♫ Please remember us. ♫
♫ To the night sky to which I extended my hand ♫
Han Seo Woo
♫ I make a wish ♫
♫ For your sake ♫
Han Seo Woo
Han Seo Woo
What are you looking at?
At the sky.
What are you looking at?
The night sky, the front yard, the clothesline.
It's the delivery address.
- I think you must be feeling somewhat better.
- Yes.
Because I came here, I am feeling better.
Hearing your voice briefly now makes me feel so much better.
When was I sad? I can't even remember.
The sound of your voice has that effect. It's more than enough.
If you see me, you will recover completely.
Completely cured.
I have to see you soon, then.
When can I see you?
I'll see you tomorrow.
I like that.
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I will be there in fifteen minutes.
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Thank you to Korean to English subtitlers, cont.: cgwm808, staewithme and mogukyuu.
Thank you to editors: cgwm808 (Chief); emilyazel (Translation) and edwoodi (Translation)
You're here.
I came back.
Thank you to the viewers for loving "A Piece of Your Mind".
♫ Standing at the crosswalk ♫
♫ Waiting for the signal ♫
♫ Thinking about you briefly ♫
♫ I couldn't cross the street ♫
♫ Sitting at the window ♫
♫ When my breath mists it ♫
♫ I can't stop myself ♫
♫ and I write your name ♫
♫ From a passage I read somewhere ♫
♫ Anyone can learn at once a love like fate ♫
Did you see the moon?
It's huge.
- Isn't it beautiful?
- It's so bright.
♫ I must give you my love ♫
♫ Why for me must it be you? ♫
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