A Round of Applause (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Ahu, I'm here!
I'm here! Look! I'm up here!
Ahu! It's me, Metin!
From the block!
Remember, Alara and the others?
It's Metin!
The boring kid!
Hi! What's up? How have you been?
Good. You?
Good. We came here to have some fun.
We heard the DJ is very good.
Are you the DJ?
DJing, I mean. It's a temporary gig.
I'm just going with the flow.
I'll see
I'm not going to be a DJ my entire life.
How have you been?
Enough already.
How about we talk later?
I'd love that. Can I have your number?
How about we do that later as well?
You look great.
Stop suffocating her. Enough!
There's Nursoy. She's a designer.
Really hot right now.
A friend of Yaso.
She's besties with Nihan from İKSV.
We're close. She's such a cutie.
She'll do the design.
I'm sure she'll come up
with some great stuff. I feel it.
She and I are on the same wavelength.
When the idea is solid,
the rest is easy anyway.
What's the idea?
Plants & Friends.
What do you mean?
We're creating hubs, basically.
We'll start slowly at Kanyon.
Then Moda, Nişantaşı, Cihangir,
Berlin, New York, Ohrid, Tokyo
We won't spread out too thin.
I don't want it to go mainstream.
That scares me a tiny bit.
Cihangir's not sure yet, for instance.
It's become a bit ugly, you know.
We're a tad unsure about Cihangir.
So you're setting up shop?
I mean, we'll have these gathering spaces.
People will be able to bring their plants.
We'll have good coffee.
We signed a deal with Petra.
There will be pop-up stands.
I have a close friend
who makes sourdough toothpaste.
She'll have a stand.
There's a girl
whose vegan scarves sell like crazy.
She's interested.
There's a dude who makes electric sandals
that contain zero animal fat.
It's pretty genius.
I'm trying to persuade him as well.
We'll see. It's looking pretty good.
What is it exactly?
You'll be able to come
and hang out with your plant.
There's no such place. We looked a lot.
There's nothing like it in the world.
Idea by me, by the way.
Everyone will bring their plant.
We're designing the place accordingly.
Seating for the plants too.
Everyone's working like crazy
at the office.
So you'll bring your plant.
While the plants mingle,
the owners hang out,
chat, and drink good coffee.
Good coffee, though.
Good coffee matters a lot.
Plants & Friends, huh?
There's no such place, you say?
I can't believe
no one thought of it before.
For example, bring your succulent,
and there'll be other succulents there.
Their owners will hang out
while the succulents mingle.
Does it have to be a hipster plant?
Like, can't you bring
carnations they use in funerals?
Are you making fun of me?
I mean, no, but
What have you been up to, Metin?
Let's hear from you a bit.
I don't have anything to tell.
I won't take no for an answer.
I told you everything.
You asked what I've been doing,
and I told you.
All right, then.
It's your turn now.
Tell us!
Ahu, please don't.
What's wrong? I told you everything.
You should too. It's your turn now.
But I was the only one.
But you had the prejudice
of 30 people combined, Metin.
And I didn't run.
I talked.
I talked about a matter
of utmost importance for me.
I shared my dream,
even if it's silly to you.
What did you do? You made fun of me.
I didn't make fun of you, Ahu.
Come on now. I just
You just what?
I want to leave.
Don't you dare.
Don't just sit there, people!
Ask questions! Go ahead!
Yes, please.
Hello, Mr. Metin.
My name's Ayşen.
This may be harsh for a first question,
but here's what I'd like to know.
You mentioned you wanted to leave.
As you know, Portugal has
set the price at 350,000 euros,
while Greece is at 250,000 euros.
There's a big difference.
So Greece seems to be the better option
since it's cheaper, closer,
and also has a more familiar culture.
But considering Turkish-Greek relations,
potential future crises between them
may even lead
to Golden Visas getting revoked.
Can you share your take
on the issue? Thanks.
It's not my area of expertise, ma'am.
Surely there are some richer people.
Maybe you can ask them.
Let's keep it going with another question.
Could you pass the mic over?
My question's going to be
a bit different, actually.
I've always wondered about the views
of people in the public eye on this issue.
Valued and respected people like yourself.
What do you think
a person's oldest memory is?
I mean
At what age do you think
we start making memories?
When you look at your past, for instance,
can you share your oldest memory with us
as an example, please?
Thank you.
What are you doing here, Mom?
Take the mask off.
But the number of cases has risen.
Just take it off. Come on.
The sunglasses too.
Take them off!
There you go.
Metin, honey, believe me, I'm only
asking as a member of the audience.
Just think of me as any other fan
and not as your mother, please.
What are you asking exactly?
I'm asking how far back you remember.
Why are you asking, Mom?
What do you want to hear?
We're the ones asking the questions here.
We ask and you answer. Come on now.
Get out, Mom.
Yeah. His mom can ask him at home,
not take up time here.
We came all the way from Ankara.
We came to ask impersonal questions
concerning all of society.
Go ahead, sir. I'll take your question.
Do you think there's equal opportunity
in the entertainment industry?
As a DJ in the public eye,
can we get your thoughts on
Sir, DJing isn't a tool I use
to define my identity.
It wasn't my choice
to be in the public eye.
I can answer your questions
not as a DJ but as an average citizen.
You? Average? I refuse to accept that.
Mom, get out!
Are you kicking me out, Metin?
You're scolding me
in front of all these people?
You want to humiliate your mother?
Out of the way, auntie.
Don't make the panel personal.
Yes, ma'am. Let society speak.
Can society speak, sir?
It can't ask the right questions.
Can it now?
It's pretty clear.
I wish
I wish it could.
I'm a member of this society too, sir.
And a very important member at that.
I'm a mother!
I'm speaking here not for myself,
but for all mothers.
I'm asking on behalf
of all heartsick mothers.
Does a person remember anything
before the age of three?
That's it.
That's the issue.
That's the question.
That's the right question!
Getting the correct answer to that,
shedding light on this issue
would bring great comfort
to us heartsick mothers.
That's all.
That's it.
Because we make
a lot of mistakes in those first years.
And we never forget about them.
No matter how old the child is,
we always remember the mistakes.
We keep asking
if we caused certain things,
if we shouldn't have done this or that.
Our remorse eats away at us.
Same thing goes for fathers too!
I hope it does.
We're really confused.
I'm asking you all.
Can society ask the right questions
when we mothers are confused?
You've talked more than your son, ma'am.
We're here to listen to your son, not you.
Yes, dear. We're here to listen to you.
See, we're here for you as a society.
I swear I'm asking as a fan,
not your mother.
I talked too much. It's your turn.
I'd feel as if I am talking anyway,
my handsome boy.
Do you remember the day you were born?
Do you, sweetie?
Please tell me. Do you remember
what happened that day?
You went back inside, remember?
We took you back out again
at the hospital.
Unfortunately what?
Unfortunately, I remember, Mom.
I remember every time I look at your face.
-Are you okay?
Does anyone have any kolonya?
Does anyone have water?
It's his mother.
What a pity.
I'm not moving to Greece, ma'am.
I'm not moving to Portugal either.
I'll be going much further away.
I won't need a Golden Visa either.
I came here without a visa,
and I'll leave without one.
Got it. Macedonia.
Feeling better, Mom?
Forgive us.
Don't bring Dad into this.
Speak for yourself.
Where is your dad?
I don't know, Mom.
He leaves in the morning
and doesn't come back until late.
What time is it?
Go to sleep, Mom. Get some rest.
You took your pills, right?
I did, son.
How about your meditation?
I did it in the morning, dear.
Good. Come on, then. Get some sleep.
Where do I know that girl from, Metin?
The girl at the panel, I mean.
The moderator.
She seemed so familiar to me.
To me too.
She hasn't changed a bit.
-Come on, get some sleep.
-You're gonna leave right away?
I have stuff to do, Mom.
Sure, dear. Go do your stuff.
Don't let me stop you.
We'll be here waiting for you.
We'll keep the food warm
just in case you drop by.
We'll make your bed.
Don't do this.
Don't say "we."
Don't speak for both of you.
Don't do it. Leave Dad out of it.
You're bringing him into it again.
Just don't do it. Leave him alone.
Leave him alone.
Let him be.
Let him wander the streets until late.
Let him be. Let him live his life.
Life's right here, Mom.
There's life, man.
Right out there, man!
Ahu is opening up
Plants & Friends all over the world.
Grab a succulent and go hang out there.
What makes you any different
from the people there?
Don't ridicule people. Don't judge them.
She was telling you so sweetly.
You haven't seen her in years.
So what if it's silly?
She's your childhood crush, man!
Plants, or whatever!
She was telling you something.
What does it matter anyway?
Don't judge.
Don't look down on people.
Listen to them.
Just listen.
Hear them out
without judgment and disdain.
If you don't listen,
then be prepared for what's to come.
Or you'll find yourself
on the podium at that panel,
and they'll go,
"Come on, then. You tell us."
Could you be saying
all this to yourself, dear?
But I mean, Mom, Plants & Friends?
Seriously, for God's sake.
Idea, she says!
She says she came up with an idea!
They're going to spend
a fortune on her farcical idea.
Tokyo, she says!
She says they'll set up shop in Tokyo.
How can a person be this delusional, Mom?
What the heck, Mom?
I'm so lonely, Mom.
Me too, dear.
I'm very lonely too.
My heart skips a beat
every time the doorbell rings, you know?
I scramble to the door,
thinking it might be you.
I have a key, Mom.
I bet it's all rusty by now.
You never visit, son.
See, you wouldn't have been here
if I hadn't attended that panel today.
Am I wrong?
All right, Mom. I'll visit more often.
I will.
Get some rest now.
Well, that door is, anyway
What door? What about it?
The front door.
I'm going to tell your father
to have it removed anyway.
We don't need a door at this age.
Where have you been?
Why are you out every day all day?
What time is it?
This poor woman is all alone here.
She's panel-hopping out of loneliness!
Where have you been?
How was the panel?
The audience had no energy.
Not many people showed up either.
The conference room was too big.
They couldn't fill it up.
People sat far apart too.
It looked pretty empty.
I'd have gotten a smaller room.
It'd look full at least.
There's food in the fridge.
You can heat it up if you're hungry.
I had a döner.
The quality of the audience was poor.
It's like they let anyone in.
They couldn't even ask
one proper question.
Chicken döner.
Where is this country headed, Mehmet?
They say chicken is bad for you, but
The entire world
is headed for the worse, though.
I really craved it.
All right. That's enough.
Stop filming, mate.
Stop it. Enough!
I said enough.
Come on, dude.
Come on, man.
Let's go.
Go away. That's enough.
Come on, man! Just fuck off!
What are you filming?
What are you filming here, bro?
Why would you film right this moment, man?
What are you doing
in a person's most private moment?
Just fuck off, all of you! Just go!
Fuck off, guys!
We laughed, we cried,
we contemplated. It's over.
It's over!
Come on, man.
Just let me go back to the orange already.
Come on.
Come on.
Let me go back
to the orange already, please.
Come on.
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