A Round of Applause (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Are you sleeping?
Are you having a dream?
I mean, I am, but
But what?
Our old vacation home
is apparently in Ancient Greece.
I go, "Weird. Avşa is in Ancient Greece?"
Stupid things happening
all around, Zeynep.
Snap out of it.
Come back out for a minute.
I need to tell you something.
Something important.
Go ahead.
I can't say it to your face,
so I wanted to tell you in your sleep.
Go for it.
-Am I interrupting your sleep?
-Come on, Zeynep.
Remember how you were asking me
about that phone call?
What phone call?
You called me at the hospital
after Metin went back inside.
We were so surprised.
You were asking me what you said
and what we talked about.
And, Zeynep?
This better be good. Let's hear it.
That conversation really got to me.
There was a really honest, unfiltered,
sexy man on the phone that day.
Thanks, baby. You're sweet too
Don't get cocky right away! Don't!
You're not that man.
What do you mean?
I've been trying to fool myself for years,
saying, "That was Mehmet,
and this is Mehmet too." But no.
I just can't.
I can't hide it any longer.
I can't ignore my feelings anymore.
I should've listened to him that day.
To the man who was able
to speak the truth in its entirety.
He was a brave man
who was able to face his mistakes.
A man who knew
it was wrong to tell a woman
he could see through her clothes.
A man who wouldn't blabber on
because he had nothing to say.
You're not that man, Mehmet.
And I'm sorry,
even if he never calls again,
I'm in love with that man.
I want a divorce.
Come on. We have one foot in the grave.
What divorce?
Please, don't, for God's sake!
That's what I mean!
Look at you! You're almost gone already.
I swear I'm so scared you're gonna die
before we get a divorce.
What are you going to do
after the divorce?
Start pole dancing at your age?
I had loaded all my own issues
onto this relationship.
I dated you 'cause I couldn't be alone.
Couldn't break up, so I married you.
Couldn't divorce, so I had a kid.
Before I knew it, 30 years flew by!
Let's get this over with before we die.
I want a divorce, please.
I'm telling you it's over. Let it go.
-I'm begging you!
-Pretty please!
-Let it go.
-No, I can't let it go.
-You can.
I can't. No, I can't. I
-Looks like you are.
-I can't!
-Seems like you have.
-Do it.
-I can't!
-Let go. Do it.
-I can't! Fuck off!
-Fuck you! You let go!
-Fuck this! I'm waking up.
I'm trying to tell you
something very important here!
Why would you wake up? How rude of you!
I napped so well
I figured I'd lie down a bit,
but I just dozed off.
You could've slept a bit longer.
Yeah, right.
Run, run!
Come on in!
It's you!
Have we met before?
Have we not?
Sorry, I can't recall you.
They shouldn't have taken us out, right?
Excuse me?
We met just before we came out, man.
You really don't remember me?
-At a book fair or something?
-Book fair?
Did we meet at a book signing?
You read my books?
What the fu You wrote a book?
Don't you remember?
"You'll write long, self-involved novels
in some café," you said.
When? At the book signing?
Exactly, exactly!
You signed up for your cause that day!
What happened to it?
How's your cause going?
Tell me.
-What was the name?
Nice to meet you, my brother Kudret.
Not my name, man. Your name is Kudret.
Oh, okay! Now I get it.
You must've mistaken me
for someone else, my friend.
My name is Sertaç.
Oh no. What a shame!
What do you mean?
"No matter what silly name
they have in mind for me,
I'll always know that my name is Kudret."
It's all of them. The system, society
Remember, you told me about them?
You lost it so quickly!
You lost the cause
as soon as you were born.
You forgot your name.
They made you forget your name
the moment you were born.
Are you high, brother?
A bit.
Get out, get a whiff of tear gas,
come to your senses, and then we'll talk.
You're saying some weird stuff.
You're high as a kite.
You're talking nonsense.
We're exhausted already,
so don't make us deal with you too.
"I don't wanna see you on the news,
jumping off the bridge."
"Don't cause a traffic jam.
People have stuff to do."
Is this a joke?
You don't remember? You told me all that.
Are you imitating me?
Exactly, to help you remember.
I swear I'll smash your face in, man.
Please do!
Do it, for God's sake.
Just leave before you get in trouble.
Let's leave together.
What do you say? Let's go back together.
Let's go back to apples and oranges.
I'll pay you, ma'am.
I split the roses evenly.
One for you, one for me.
See if it has a scent.
The roses don't have a scent, brother.
They don't.
How much, ma'am?
It's 50 for you.
Here you go, ma'am.
The roses you wanted to smell good,
to be split evenly,
she sells them for 50 liras.
And that's at a discount.
No scent, no change back.
Go ahead and film us!
Go ahead. Here! Film this! Here!
Here! Film this.
You're all mirrors! Mirrors!
You're all mirrors on wheels!
You're all reflections. Reflections!
You damn reflections
God damn you all!
Reflections! God damn you all!
You're all the same. The same!
You're the same as each other.
God damn you all!
Even if he's there or not,
God damn you all!
Do you know him?
A fan of mine.
Metin? Sweetie?
It's me, dear.
Don't open your eyes.
Go ahead and do your thing, son.
Don't let me interrupt you.
Don't let me keep you from your work.
I just wanted to visit my boy,
and ask you to pick a color, sweetie.
I brought you some kefir I made, sweetie.
They say it's so good for your health.
Tons of probiotics.
Have some, sweetie.
They say the intestines
are the real brain.
Oh, how adorable!
My son has such a cute snake.
Wait, I'll just go around.
I'll just
You're hurting me, Metin.
You even take photos with strangers,
but you won't give your mom a kiss, son?
This is what it is.
This is how it goes.
This is motherhood.
Give birth to him, feed him,
raise him to be a grown-ass man,
only for him to turn his back on you.
I came all the way here to ask my son
what color he'd like
on the sweater I was knitting for him,
just so he would turn his cheek
when I wanted to kiss him,
without even opening his eyes
and welcoming his mom.
Shame on you.
I'd be thankful
even if you spat in my face, son.
Don't let me bother you.
You'd get it
if you had a child of your own, but
This is what he wanted.
This is the path
my son decided to go down.
You always had a way with words, though.
I remembered your rap years
when I was looking
at a photo of you the other day.
You looked so cute, Metin.
I remembered those days
and started laughing a lot.
I chuckled and chuckled
looking at you, sweetie.
Oh, my beautiful boy.
Do you realize that the life you're living
is so much below your potential,
my beautiful child?
You figured out what polarization is
when you were five, Metin.
Was it all to paint yourself
and beg on the streets, sweetie?
I'll knit this one
with orange, then, Metin.
It'll match your outfit.
You can wear it to work.
You've loved the color of oranges
ever since you were a kid, haven't you?
You have no answer for Mommy?
He's my son.
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