A Suitable Boy (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 It was all a mistake, the whole thing.
I love you and you really owe me an apology.
We are a Hindu nation.
Muslims have their own country now.
I don't want him anywhere near that house.
I think he might be just the boy for Lata.
May I write to Lata, Mrs.
Mehra? Of course, Haresh.
Dagh Sahib.
She's sent for me.
I think you are a lipstick girl.
Go away! Pran! Bhaskar! Bhaskar.
Bhaskar Tandon! We find him.
Bhaska-a-a-a-r! Bhaskar Tandon.
Bhaskar Tandon.
Professor Kapoor? Oh, my God.
He's alive.
Ma! Savita! Bhaskar? Is he all right? You knew my name? I'm a student at the university.
I know Lata.
Kabir Durrani.
Oh, thank you.
My Bhaskar.
Thank you so much.
Ma! Thank you.
Your Bhaskar was one of the lucky ones.
And Kabir, the hero of the hour.
So, is it all over between you and Kabir? He wrote to me in Calcutta, you know.
- Did he? - He seemed to be blaming me, as if he was the one whose feelings had been hurt.
I suppose it was very melodramatic of me asking him to run away with me.
Very adventurous, rather.
You're always telling me how bold I am, but I think you have outdone me.
I don't know any more.
Did anything else happen when you were away? Yes.
I was called a lipstick girl.
But I don't want to talk about it.
All right.
Firoz! Oh, oh, oh.
Firoz! Maan! It's good to see you.
How wild and brown you look.
Try shitting in the fields, chotay Nawab.
I'm exhausted.
Come on.
You're in danger of dissolving.
Not bad.
This must be the biggest Kurta you own.
No doubt you'll soon be taking it off again.
I don't like the way you said that.
You're not in love with her yourself, are you? You do realise Saeeda Bai closes shop for Manu? Does she? The Raja of Marh will be annoyed.
She won't sing for him or you.
Don't tell me you're jealous.
Well as you once said, I never tell you anything.
Ooff! Can't I just stay here? Then I can go visit Saeeda.
If I go home, Baoji will be furious.
I think you should go home first.
It's disrespectful to your parents.
You think I've planned all this.
Perhaps you have.
But I don't mind.
On second thoughts, why not? Points to remember.
One, keep up with news and world affairs.
Two, exercise at least 15 minutes every morning.
100 Three, make 1951 the deciding year of my life.
Four, pay off debts.
Five, learn to control temper.
Six, perhaps shave off my moustache.
Or not.
Seven make Lata love me.
Dear Lata, I must thank you for your visit and the nice time we spent together.
You must have brought me luck, because the moment you left, I won a big order for the company and I fully anticipate an early promotion.
Where is Jagat Ram? That lazy bastard? Gone.
He left his shift before time.
His daughter is in the hospital.
I gave him leave to go home early.
You had no business dismissing him.
I want him reinstated instantly.
You give men time off for sick children, then what happens? You have no workforce at all.
I said, I want him reinstated instantly! Since when have you started giving orders? I say what happens round here, not you.
What is done is done.
Am I to be overruled in favour of this clock-watching mediocrity? Mr.
Khanna, that is no way to speak about a colleague.
I will not have it.
In fact, I think it will would best if Mr.
Sengupta took over the HSH contract from now on.
What? I slogged my guts for that order.
This has changed the fortunes of this factory.
If you give it to Sengupta, he will butcher the job.
We'll find out, but as of now, my decision is final.
In that case I can see no point in my carrying on here.
So I'm tendering my resignation.
You cannot leave.
You are under contract.
I refuse to work at this benighted place, whatever the consequences.
Mr Just like that.
Are you a lipstick girl, Lata? What's wrong, Lata? You're not yourself.
You know, what you need is something different to occupy your thoughts.
Journeys end in lovers meeting.
Lata I have an idea.
Come here, Look.
Twelfth Night.
Just what you need.
Why not try out for it? I will if you will.
Come on, Lata.
A play is just the thing for you.
First day, first day! I'm nervous.
Come in, come in, come in.
Introduce yourselves to each other.
This first reading will just be a run-through of the text.
You set this up.
What are you doing here? The same as you, I suppose.
You never told me you were interested in amateur dramatics.
Nor did you tell me.
Well, I wasn't, till Malati dragged me to the auditions.
And I hear you did very well.
Is that why you auditioned? Possibly.
It's good to see you again, Lata.
So, who are you playing? Malvolio.
I auditioned for the Duke, but Malvolio's the better part.
No-one remembers the Duke.
Where is the Duke? Anything that brings us closer together.
You're mad.
Shall we begin? If music be the food of love Play on! And commands shall be executed.
I think we do know the sweet Roman hand.
Olivia? Wilt thou go to bed, Malvolio? To bed? Aye, sweetheart, and I'll come to thee.
Ladies and gentlemen! A little decorum, please.
Quiet! Lata? Yes? I was wondering, could you give this to Bhaskar? My father heard he has a gift for mathematics and thought it might interest him.
I hope it's not too much trouble.
No, not at all.
We owe you so much for what you did.
It was lucky I was there.
I'm sorry I embarrassed you in the rehearsal.
Not your fault.
Shakespeare laid a trap for us.
I must go now.
A kite for Bhaskar.
Isn't it a beautiful kite? So, you see, I don't know what to write to Lata.
What will she think? What will her mother think if I have to tell her that now I am a workless man? Not workless, but between jobs.
You know you will soon find a good post.
I'm going to try with Praha.
The Czech firm? They're first class, but they've only ever had one Indian in a position of authority.
Then you can be the second.
I don't know.
Perhaps they won't see me at all.
Of course they will.
But first, you must write to Lata, and tell her the truth.
Then write to me and tell me how it goes.
I'm going to stay at my place in Delhi.
After my success with Lata, Ma is sending her youngest son Varun to stay with me while he interviews for the IAS.
I haven't seen him since he was a little boy.
I wonder how he's turned out.
As you can see, I am on my way somewhere.
The cause of the Pul Mela disaster.
What conclusions have you reached? Ah, now.
Many possible explanations have been put forward.
It is possible that we may never know.
Agarwal, as Home Minister, surely you must be exploring all urgent enquiries.
And may I remind you, Mr.
Kapoor, that with an election imminent, this may not be the best moment to open up matters that might damage the reputation of our party.
Best to move forward, don't you agree? Weren't you yourself responsible for security at the Pul Mela? Hundreds were injured, 12 people died, I almost lost my grandson.
I'm thinking of leaving the Congress party.
What? You mean leave politics altogether? Perhaps.
With the Zamindari Bill being written into law, and upheld by the courts, maybe it's the right time.
Nobody is going to take blame for the Pul Mela disaster.
And the Home Minister knows exactly what will happen between Hindus and Muslims if Ramlila and Muharram clash next month.
I'm sick of the face-saving and the corruption in Assembly.
But that's why the country needs people like you to fight corruption.
In fact, the countryside needs you.
Look, come to my constituency, stand in Rudhia, where you can make such a real difference.
Will you consider it? I'm touched by your trust in me.
Come and stay at Baitar Fort and see how things are.
You might bring your son.
Maan? Won't he be a liability? My people tell me he is greatly respected by the villagers of Rudhia and Salimpur.
And Maan has spoken to me of his interest in the lives of the village people.
And when did he tell you this? Didn't you know he's staying here at Baitar House? No.
No, I did not.
Maan Mamu! Bhaskar? How are you? - Are you recovered? - Yes, Maan Mamu.
You must watch me or I'll kutti with you.
You can't kutti with your mamu! Huh? Now, little monkey, 17 times 369? 6,273.
I'm sure you're right.
Namaste, Baoji.
How did you know Bhaskar has been recovering? We did not write to you.
How long have you been back in Brahmpur hiding from your family? I'm here now.
You bring shame to us with your behaviour.
You only come back home now because Saeeda Bai shuts her house to Hindus for Moharram.
It's my life, Baoji.
Unfortunately, you're part of our lives.
You won't be going back to her again.
I'm taking you back to the countryside.
I'm standing for Congress in Rudhia.
In Rasheed's village? Yes.
Rhudia is in the Nawab's constituency.
And you are coming with me.
Suniye? Where is the doctor? The doctor will be here very soon.
No hurry.
First births take a long time in general.
12 hours is quite normal.
Oh, don't I know it! With my first, it went on so long, and the pain, it was so terrible, I wanted to die.
Shall we talk about something else? I am trying to prepare her! Otherwise, what is a mother for? Is it really that painful? Yes.
It's truly terrible.
But when the baby is born, it is a joy to behold.
If everything is all right, that is.
- What do you mean? - What? - Well - Ma, please.
- Breathe.
- I'm right here.
"I feel so sorry to burden you with the news I have given above.
You will have to decide whether you could care for me as a man without employment.
My feelings for you have not changed.
Indeed, the more I think of you, the stronger they grow.
But if you wish to stop corresponding, I will understand".
Ma! Thank you for waiting.
Hello? Mr.
Novak and Mr.
Havel will see you now.
Take the stairs, it's the third office along.
Why are you here? Because I want to work here.
And I think I could be an asset to your firm, sir.
When you wrote to us, we offered you a job and you turned it down.
As a workman, at 28 rupees a week.
I was in management at CLFC.
Something clearly went wrong with that, or you would not be here begging us for a job.
Havel? What do you think of this man? Show me your hands.
Bend your thumbs.
You're not a shoemaker.
- I am, sir.
- No, you are not.
Some other line would be better for you.
I can make a first-class pair of shoes from - the design pattern to the finished product.
- Out of the question.
Suppose you choose the most difficult design on your production line and I make a first-class shoe to that design will you consider it then? Brogues, Blake Welted.
For the foreman's job.
You make a shoe to our satisfaction, and you can start as a foreman on 80 a week.
How's that? I accept.
Relax, Novak.
He will fail.
He doesn't have the thumbs for it.
"Dear Haresh, I'm sorry to hear you had to resign from your job.
Their loss will inevitably be someone else's gain.
Every time I see bare feet, I think of you making a shoe for each one.
Don't forget that the unkindness of people only hurts as long as we remember it.
It would be good to talk to you again.
And I hope you have not lost your smile".
Which bed for Mrs.
Savita Kapoor? - Bed number four.
- Okay, thank you.
- Kuku.
- Yes! Baby, baby, sweet as mangoes See your aunties twirl and tango! - What a lovely surprise.
- Oh, we couldn't leave you to struggle on without help.
Oh, this is very pretty.
A Lady Baby came today, what words are quite so nice to say? They make one smile, they make one pray for Lady Baby's happiness.
Hush Lady Baby's fast asleep, the friendly fire-flames dance and leap.
And burning her to ash, they sweep across the Lady Baby's dress and that's one Lady Baby less"? Kakoli, that is not amusing! Meenakshi, control your sister.
No-one can, Ma.
She's hopeless.
So, Lata, you're an actress now.
She is most certainly not.
It's just a college play.
Twelfth Night.
Oh, I wonder what it would have been like to be married to him and have him whisper sweet words in my ear.
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Amit sends his love.
He was sorry you left Calcutta so quickly.
I was sorry to leave so soon But we were introduced to a very fine young man in Lucknow, weren't we, Lata? A shoemaker.
A shoemaker? A shoemaker.
This is first-class work.
Admit it, Novak, this is better than you or I could do.
So I get the job? You do.
Foreman, 80 rupees a week.
Do you accept? I agree the salary, though it's low.
But there's one more thing.
I need to live in the Praha accommodation and be able to use the Officers' Club.
Absolutely not.
You don't realise how far we go to accommodate you.
It is important to me.
I am hoping to marry and start a family very soon and I must have a good home to offer them.
If it is not granted I'm prepared to walk away.
Welcome to Praha, Mr.
Madam, you have done me wrong.
No, no, no! Madam, you have done me wrong.
Try it again.
Is that the handsome Muslim? - Madam - That's the one.
- Hm Very nice.
- Mm-hm.
I am mad Thick, dark hair and luscious lips Madam, you have done me wrong.
Our brother had better look sharp - if he wants to stand a chance.
- Madam, you have done me wrong.
Is Amit interested in Lata? More than he has been in any other girl.
Pray you Would you young ladies please keep quiet? - Thank you, Professor.
- Thank you.
Excuse me O-o-o-o-oh! "Dear Haresh.
Good news about Praha.
Everything happens for the best.
Meenakshi and her sister Kakoli just left for Calcutta.
Our home is in chaos at the moment, and my afternoons are taken up with rehearsals".
Let me see your face.
Look you, sir Such a one I was this present.
"I don't know if I'm myself or one of Shakespeare's creatures.
Please keep me informed about everything that happens.
No-one here has lost faith in you.
Affectionately, Lata".
Oh, that's nice.
A bit higher? Yeah.
It's nice to be back home.
Oh, did I tell you? Kuku and I saw Lata's new student flame.
Very handsome, flashing eyes.
That Muslim? Forget it.
What about the other one that writes to her? Your mother seems to favour him.
And she could have Amit.
Let's invite him to us.
- Who? - The cobbler.
You can sound him out, and if he's not quite the thing, as I suspect, send him packing.
Bloody hell.
For once I wish my damned brother was here.
He could speak to the cobbler, so I don't have to.
Darling Gosh, I don't know how to do this.
Never say, "I don't know".
Always say "I'm afraid I have no idea".
I'm afraid I have no idea.
You look very presentable.
Much more handsome than your brother.
If you start to feel anxious during the interview think of last night.
Tell yourself "I am the Iron Frame of India".
I am the Iron Frame of India.
"I am the Iron Frame of India".
I am the Iron Frame of India.
So you're originally from Delhi, is that right, Mr.
Khanna? Yes, indeed.
I went to St.
Stephen's College there.
Ah, very good college.
And then you went to England? Was that to Oxford or to Cambridge? Northampton College of Technology.
Really? It is one of the best places to study shoe manufacture, you know? Yes, I dare say it is.
When I go to London, I always stay at Claridge's.
And the manager always asks me, "Is everything to your satisfaction, Mr.
Khandelwal?" And I say, "It is all to my satisfaction".
He never takes me.
And do you like London, Mr.
Khanna? Yes! I like the pubs.
- Pubs? - You can find a pub on almost every corner.
Very friendly places.
- "Gentlemen, time, please".
- Hm? That is what they say at closing time, you know? Oh ! I expect you saw quite a lot of plays in the West End? The Deep Blue Sea? The Lady's Not for Burning? I was in Northampton.
There was the local repertory theatre, but mostly I went to the cinema.
Dick Barton.
Red River.
Easter Parade.
All very excellent.
Where do you buy toys for your little girl, Mr.
Mehra? I am always telling Mr.
Khandelwal to buy toys from England.
Well, of course, there's nowhere to compare with Hamleys on Regent Street.
Ah, Hamleys! Five floors of nothing but toys on every floor! When were you last in England, Mr.
Mehra? Darling.
Dekho tou.
I do beg your pardon.
- So maybe ? - Sorry.
You were telling us when you were most recently in England.
Well as it happens it might surprise you to learn, but I have never actually had the opportunity to go there.
Drinks, anyone? Oh, my darling.
Anyone for another drink? Amit.
Yes? What do you think of Lata? I like her very much.
Enough to marry her? Perhaps.
You know, you have rivals.
I scorn to compete.
But you must let her know how you feel, or you will lose her.
Leave me alone, Kuku.
Luscious Lata, born to be Lady Lata Chatterji Kuku-clock chimes out her name You are the stupidest girl I know.
Go and bite Amit.
Come on, Cuddles.
- Rou Sakeena! - Haye haye.
- Rou Sakeena! - Haye haye.
- Rou Sakeena! - Haye haye.
- Rou Sakeena! - Haye haye.
- Rou Sakeena! - Haye haye.
- Rou Sakeena! - Haye haye.
- Rou Sakeena! - Haye haye.
- Rou Sakeena! - Haye haye.
- Rou Sakeena! - Haye haye.
- Rou Sakeena! - Haye haye.
Saeeda? You know you can't speak to her today.
Just to see her was enough.
It means something, what she's doing, giving out sherbet.
It is the holiest time for our Shia community.
It commemorates the terrible thirst of the Shia martyrs at Karbala.
You must respect the gesture.
Do you think she will forgive me? Moharram is almost over.
I'm sure Dagh Sahib will find his way back to her soon.
I have to go and see Bhaskar now.
He's in the Ramlila procession.
Come and watch? Yes, after I have led the Tazia procession with my father.
I'll meet you here.
Peeto mohibbo Hind se Aaqa ka kooch hai Rou ke aaj Sayyed-e Waala ka kooch hai Shah ast Hussain, badshah ast Hussain, deen ast Hussain, dar dast-e-yazid, haqaa key bin-aey la ila ast Hussain.
Ya Hussain.
Ya Hussain.
Ya Hussain.
Ya Hussain.
Bhaskar, haath upar karo achey se.
- Look, there's Bhaskar.
- Bhaskar, Maan Mamu.
Bhaskar! Bhaskar! - I'm mighty and I'm powerful! - Hey, my mighty boy! We should move.
Come, Bhaskar.
Stay close to me.
Sh, sh Maan hasn't reached home yet.
No, Lata, don't, please.
Sh, sh, sh Maan mamu.
Sh! Don't worry, the blood's not from us.
I must call my father.
What happened? Kya naam hai tumhara? Paper dikhao apnay.
Pura naam kya hai? How has Ammi been today? Not so good.
I hope she didn't know about the riots last night.
How are you, Ammi? Close the door, it's cold.
It's all right, I closed it.
What day is it? It's Thursday.
Tonight's the opening of Twelfth Night.
Remember? I am playing Malvolio.
That's right.
How is your father? Still asking if two and two makes four? Yes.
When I was married to him You still are, Ammi.
You're not listening to me.
When I You've made me forget! Listen.
We don't have much time.
They're trying to get me married to someone else.
They've put guards outside my door at night.
And my doctor, did he go to Karachi, or did they kill him? They lit his beard I saw him go up in smoke.
And you don't care, Hashim! Kabir, Ammi.
Kabir came last week.
Ammi, I am Kabir.
I found the girl I want to marry.
Ammi I came to you for your blessing.
You look beautiful, my dear.
Really, Lata, they are going to love you.
It feels wrong to play a comedy after all that chaos.
Beginners, please! - Orsino, Curio, musicians.
- Olivia, you look beautiful.
And where is Mr.
Durrani? - Has somebody seen him? - Sir.
Oh, hurry, hurry, hurry.
Will you be at the cast party? I'd like to speak with you.
All right.
Break a leg.
Thank you, I will.
Some are born mad, some achieve madness.
And some have madness thrust upon them.
The play is directed by Professor Mishra.
Also known as The Great White Whale.
If music be the food of love, play on.
God bless thee, Lady.
Take the fool away.
There she is.
Lata! Look.
Do you not hear, fellows? Take away the lady.
What think you of this fool, Malvolio? Doth he not mend? Yes, and shall do till the pangs of death shake him.
Not black in my mind, though yellow in my leg.
- Wilt thou go to bed, Malvolio? - To bed? Who is that boy? Kabir Durrani! - Ma-ji.
- Ay, sweetheart, and I'll come to thee.
You shall from this time be your master's mistress.
- Ahoy! - Hey! Madam.
Is this the madman? Ay, my lord, the same.
Why have you suffer'd me to be imprison'd, kept in a dark place, visited by a priest? Alas, Malvolio, this is not my writing.
Poor fool, how they have baffled thee.
I'll be revenged on the whole pack of you! But that's all one our play is done And we'll strive to please you Every day.
O gore gore O banke chore Kabhi meri gali aaya karo Gori gori O banki chori Chahe roz bulaya karo Roz roz mulaqat achchhi nahin Pyaar mein aisi baat achchhi nahin Thora thora milna Thodi si judaai Sada chandni raat You were so good! And I am so proud of you.
If only your father could have seen you.
Thank you, Ma.
Now, get changed quickly, let's go home.
No, Ma.
We've worked on this play for months and we want to celebrate.
Come on, Lata.
Professor Mishra will see I get home safely.
Dazzling, Lata.
Well done, players.
Thank you, Professor Kapoor.
Gori gori O banki chori Chahe roz bulaya karo Gore gore O banke chore Kabhi meri gali aaya karo Coming, Lata? Gori gori O banki chori Chahe roz bulaya karo! You were so good tonight.
So were you.
You're not still angry with me? No.
I don't know.
I've thought so much about things.
I let you down, didn't I? No, you were being sensible.
Why didn't I just say, "Yes, let's run away together"? It's just not possible for us, Kabir.
Who says? I know it's difficult for us, but where is your spirit? Don't you care for me? I do.
I do, I've never stopped loving you.
Oh, Lata.
But I can't give up my family.
I can't give up my mother.
If you stand firm, as you did tonight, your mother would have to accept it.
Kabir, do you know of any mixed marriages that have worked out? Do you know of any that haven't? I don't know of any at all in our family! Your family is not going to be there for ever.
Are you going to sacrifice yourself for them? You don't understand, Kabir.
My family is not like yours.
You're right, Lata, your family is nothing like mine.
Lata? Lata? We have all been invited by a certain Mr.
Khanna for Christmas lunch at the Czech cobblers' club.
I don't want you to ruin Lata's chances.
She doesn't have to stoop as low as that.
Do you know how happy you make me? But now you are going to leave me again.
We Muslims are in a minority.
Who can protect us and our culture? It's Amit's book of poetry! It's very nice to see you again.
Why do you love her? Because she's Lata.

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