A Suitable Boy (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 You, too, will marry a boy I choose.
I am hoping to marry and start a family very soon.
- What do you think of Lata? - I like her very much.
Enough to marry her? Perhaps.
I am thinking of leaving the Congress Party.
Come to my constituency, you might bring your son.
Maan? You won't be going back to her again.
I'm taking you back to the countryside.
The sister, Tasneem.
Have we met before? Who's that boy? Kabir Durrani? My family is not like yours.
You're right, Lata.
Your family is nothing like mine.
- Good shot, sir! The university team is batting for the win.
The Old Boys look rather ragged.
Two wickets remaining, and Kabir Durrani is on course for a mighty hundred! [MAN IN CROWD SHOUTS.]
You're both looking very pretty today.
- Turn round! - Watch the ball! It's all right it's never going Oh, my God! [CROWD MEMBERS BOO.]
Excruciating fumble at deep mid-wicket.
The Old Brahmpurians have been caught napping again.
- Shush.
The University Boys need 11 runs to win, with two wickets in hand.
Howzat! An appeal, and Umpire Kapoor says it is.
It is.
Oh, poor University Boys.
That's an over! Exciting.
11 to win with one wicket standing.
Not a problem, Professor Kapoor.
- Catch it! - He's hit high! And it's a six! - Good shot.
- Thanks.
It's all in the hands of Malvolio! - University Boys need five runs for victory.
- Don't let him affect you.
Can Kabir Durrani save his team? CROWD CHANTS: Kabir! Kabir! Kabir! He's hit it high again! Really, really this should be a catch! - He's done it! - Oh, my God! Oh! The Old Brahmpurians have it! Malvolio unlucky again! I can't believe Maan is man of the match.
Fluke of a catch.
Nicely done! Nicely done! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay.
All right, all right.
Lata, look! This parcel came two hours ago from Calcutta! Open it at once! I want to see what it is! It is addressed to me, Ma, not to you.
All right! I'll open it! [SHE CHUCKLES.]
It's Amit's book of poetry! He promised he would send it, but I wasn't sure he would.
The Fever Bird, Amit Chatterji.
They make such beautiful things in England.
Give me chance, I haven't read it myself.
Ma! "Late, I admit, but better late than not".
"A gift to one who need not spare its flaws".
"This book comes to you from a verbal sot".
"A babu bard, a bachelor of laws".
Do you know how happy you make me? But now you are going to leave me again.
Tell me to stay and I will.
No, you must go, your father needs you.
I'll be here when you return.
Tell me, what's bothering you? Many things.
Your friend the socialist, for one.
Rasheed? I knew he liked her, but he has a wife.
- That makes it worse.
- I'll go see him in his village.
I'm sure I can persuade my father to pass that way.
You would do that for me? Promise me, no more fasting for my health.
Your own health is not all that good.
I'm fasting for your votes.
Bas, bas, bas.
Chalo, chalo, you're going to make us late for everything! I have analysed the population of Salimpur by religion and caste.
Look at my charts here.
Chances are very good for you, Nanu! Thank you, Bhaskar.
Bye! Brr! Brrr! [ENGINE STARTS.]
Bye, genius! "Dearest Lata, I hope you are very well.
I am in excellent health myself, and my career is prospering at Praha.
It was a great pleasure to meet your brother and sister-in-law at their home, and I am hoping that I can return the invitation by giving your family a Christmas luncheon at the Prahapore club".
What this country needs is a controlled dictatorship.
Not what these silly politicians are doing.
Careful, Arun, my father is a politician.
Well, I didn't, er - Give me baby Uma.
- Wait, wait.
- Savita di! - Hello! Come to me My dear family, we have all been invited by a certain Mr.
Khanna for Christmas lunch at the Czech Cobblers Club.
Yes, but before that, we have a dinner party at Chez Chatterji and Amit has been so longing to see you again, Luts! Welcome home, Uma! [BABY SQUEALS.]
Welcome, Rupaji! And this is where you do your writing? Mm, most of it.
And the fever bird in your poem was singing just outside this window? In the amaltas tree.
"Shake slightly on the moonlit grass".
Thank you for writing a poetic dedication specially for me.
You have a nice smile.
It's a pity I can't see it.
Oh, no.
It would be wasted on you.
But what should I do? I am no good for anything.
No, no.
No, don't join the Indian Administrative Service you'll end up a version of your older brother.
- How did you do in your interview? - Terribly.
Savita sends her regrets, she has her hands full with baby Uma.
No matter, one day I shall visit Uma and take her out for her first walk to the Victoria Memorial! Our pleasure.
This is what you call a luchi.
My luchi! My luchi! How's Krishnan bearing up, Kuku, with the news of you marrying Hans? Krishnan is taking it very well.
He will always have a place in my heart.
Of course.
Who is Krishnan? One of your predecessors.
Don't worry, Kuku's heart is full of specially reserved places.
No, it's not.
No, it's not.
You are completely heartless, and you are upsetting Hans.
He has a very pure soul.
Take no notice of my frivolous children, Hans.
We are not frivolous about important things, Baba.
No? What is more frivolous than qualifying as a barrister and then not practising the law? Hm? What do you think, Mrs.
Mehra? I do think that a man should have a proper job.
Ah, Mrs.
Mehra, if you don't consider poetry a proper job then I am doomed to disappoint you.
Of course, it's not for me to tell you what to do.
Now, there I agree with you entirely.
Amit! Shh.
Ekla cholo, ekla cholo, ekla cholo, ekla cholo re Jodi thor dak shoone ko na ashi, tobe ekla cholo re HANS: Jodi thor dak shoone ko na ashi, tobe ekla cholo re [HANS ENDS SONG WITH OPERATIC FLOURISH.]
Now I think we should be going.
I promised to show you the Botanical Gardens sometime.
Come see with me, the banyan tree, should you happen to be free? I would love to.
I don't think I'm doing anything the day after tomorrow.
- Prahapore! - Ma? She is going to Prahapore with the whole family! Oh, yes.
Haresh has organised a gala lunch for us and you are thinking of gallivanting off to the Botanical Gardens? - I forgot, Ma.
- "Forgot"! You will forget your own name next! Come, Lata.
Maan! For God's sake, Maan! - Drive straight.
- Sorry.
So many of the women in these villages are in purdah.
Yes, they are.
When I was with Rasheed, I wasn't even allowed in the house.
What we need is a really powerful woman speaker.
That would show them what progress is like.
It would have been nice if your mother could have come and campaigned with us.
I can hardly imagine Ma holding fort on a podium! No, but she's from the family, I need to be seen as a family man.
Here he is, the man of the moment! We will show the bastards what is what, yah? I hope you're not offended by my rough manners, Minister sahib, you know I am here to serve and be useful.
Your son is very famous in Rudhia now, as a wise counsellor! - How are you, sir? - - How was the journey? - Tolerable, thank you.
Welcome! Arrey Maan Mian, aiye, aiye, aiye, tashreef laiye.
Excellent to have you here.
This estate is a national treasure.
But will the privy purse maintain it? It's not my own house that I am so concerned about, - but the people who depend on me.
- Mm.
Welcome to feudal life! I could get used to this.
Why ask me to stand as your candidate when you could stand here yourself? I am not a politician, Kapoor sahib.
I can't go round the villages asking people for their votes.
And the Hindu vote will be a problem for me.
This was the heartland of the struggle for Pakistan, this is where much of the bitterness was created.
We Muslims are in a minority.
Who can protect us and our culture? Only people like you, who have friends among us, who do not prejudge us, because you judge from experience.
You will have all my support, Kapoor sahib.
I am giving you my trusted man from Baitar.
Consider him a fixer.
He can work with you to ensure an even larger share of the votes.
Who is he? Waris.
- Your servant? - Don't underestimate him.
He's tough, and people look up to him around here.
Look at that! Have you ever eaten peacock? They're delicious.
Waris! You know my father doesn't like people shooting peacocks on the estate.
Yes, yes.
I know that.
But if one shoots one by mistake, one may as well eat the bastard.
"By mistake"? - Well, it happens.
- Waris! All right, huzoor.
Not today.
- Put Kapoor sahib's things in my room.
- Ji, huzoor.
What an honour to see Khan sahib play.
The honour is mine, to host the man who saved my son's life.
Hm? Maan hides his good deeds from you instead of his sins.
Ask your son to tell you how bravely he saved my son's life.
Khan sahib.
So what's this about? It's about Lata.
I thought as much.
I can't stop thinking about her.
I'm always wondering when she'll meet someone whom she gets to like more than me.
It's difficult to explain, Malati.
I had such a sense of joy when I was with her.
But it lasted no time at all.
She's so cool towards me now.
But I know she still has feelings for me.
Tell her.
Tell her I really will run away with her if that's what she wants.
You're her best friend, Malati, she'll listen to you.
I would, but she has left with her mother and sister.
They're celebrating Christmas vacations in Calcutta.
Why do you love her? Because she's Lata.
I love her because I can't help it.
I have no idea why I love her, I just do.
Will you help me? I think you need to tell her that yourself.
You're right.
What about the vegetarian dishes? All organised, Mr.
- And the Christmas pudding with brandy sauce? - Yes, yes.
Or do you think it should be apple strudel? Christmas pudding is more special.
You understand no expense is to be spared? - Proper Scotch whisky, premium gin.
- Of course, Mr.
At 18 rupees per head instead of seven, no need to worry, Mr.
Any problem, Mr.
Khanna? What a pity the swimming pool has no water at this time of year.
You think they will want to swim? - No, no, for the look of the thing! - Oh! All right, Khushwant.
- Arun Ji, welcome.
- Mm-hm.
Hello, Haresh betay.
Lovely place.
Thank you for coming.
Varun, don't eat so much bread! Can't you see how many courses there are? Okay, Ma.
The Czechs are good chaps at heart, you know.
They believe in results, and I've been able to double their productivity.
They're not like those Bengalis, who keep talking, talking but do no work.
I think you might be forgetting that my wife's family is Bengali.
I I I'm so sorry.
I was not talking about your kind of people, I was meaning the fellows on the factory floor.
Please accept my apologies.
How lovely these flower arrangements are! - Beautiful.
- Very beautiful.
Yes, yes, yes.
Red, red roses oh, so fresh Bleeding, pleading for Haresh.
For you, Mrs.
Mehra, a special vegetable bake.
Thank you.
How thoughtful of you.
I'm so glad you're happy with it, Ma - "Ma"! - You are so considerate, Haresh, and this must have cost you a fortune! A month's salary.
But what does that matter if it brings pleasure? So did you enjoy the meal? ALL: Oh, yes.
We wish you all a very merry Christmas.
The Czechs were sceptical at first, - but they couldn't argue with the production figures.
- Mm.
And, you know, they respect a man who is prepared to roll his sleeves up and get his hands dirty! Lata has been saying how much she has been looking forward to seeing you in your smart new place! You must come for dinner on New Year's Day to our place in Sunny Park! Do you like cricket, Haresh? Yes, but I'm not a good player.
Oh, I'm not talking about playing.
Arun will take you on New Year's morning to see the Test match he has several tickets and you will join us for dinner later.
Mm, we can make a gala day of it! - Cheers! - ALL: Cheers.
- Cheers! - Cheers! Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
Thank you, that was a lovely lunch.
- Are you all right? - Hope to see you soon.
We haven't had the chance to talk.
Good luck.
That's a lovely salmon pink sari you're wearing.
What?! [SHE LAUGHS.]
Salmon pink? Wasn't pink specific enough? It isn't pink? [SHE GIGGLES.]
Thank you for lunch.
Green, is it? You're colour-blind? I'm afraid so.
I do get most of the colours right.
I never make a mistake with blue.
Then I'll wear blue next time.
Goodbye, Haresh.
Goodbye, Haresh! Mr.
Haresh, not so fresh! - WOMAN: We'll see you in Calcutta.
- MAN: Thank you! I hope it was all a great success for you, Mr.
Yes, absolutely it was.
I think.
Thank God that's over! The whole thing should be nipped in the bud.
I can't stand him.
What is it you have against Haresh? That he isn't one of us? He's a dapper little man with co-respondent shoes and a big head.
And now we've got to have him on New Year's Day, it seems! - Arun bai.
- What? I don't want you to ruin Lata's chances.
She doesn't have to stoop as low as that! Others are interested Meenakshi's brother, for one! Amit? Yes, Amit.
Well let Lata decide for herself.
Leave it to her.
Darling, could you let me out here? I have a few things to buy.
I'll take a taxi home.
- Are you sure? - Yes, I'm sure.
Thank you.
Sorry I'm late! Lunch went on a little bit.
You know, this thing makes me anxious now.
Oh, as long as it doesn't detract from your performance.
Which it doesn't seem to.
I mean, Shireen and I will be married soon.
What difference does that make? I'm married, you will be married.
I enjoy this, you enjoy this.
That's all there is to it! Merry Christmas! - But, I mean - No buts, no fuss.
It doesn't suit you.
In fact, nothing suits you except your birthday suit.
Come on, now, get your things off! [MUSIC: DER LEIERMANN BY SCHUBERT.]
Keiner mag ihn horen Keiner sieht ihn an Und die Hunde knurren Um den alten Mann [HE SIGHS.]
How can anyone think with that racket going on?! My fiance's lovely singing a racket?! You have a cloth ear, big brother.
Time to wake up, look around you, or soon you will find yourself a lonely old man.
Minister sahib, now you leave everything to me.
Transport, meetings, singers, drums.
You just tell the Congress Party to send us plenty of Nehru posters.
We will put them up everywhere, and we will not let anybody sleep for one month! Waris, will you take us to the neighbouring village tomorrow - to see the elders? - Of course.
- And the reason for this? - Rasheed and his family live there, and they're very influential locally.
I think it could do you a lot of good to be seen around him.
We might make a politician of you yet.
Jump in.
Vote for Congress! Vote for Congress! - WOMAN: Vote for - WOMEN: Congress! - WOMAN: Vote for - WOMEN: Congress! Please vote for Congress! - WOMAN: Vote for - WOMEN: Congress! Where is Maan? Rasheed [MAHESH GROANS.]
Oh, sleeping under the stars at my age? [HE GROANS AGAIN.]
I think you're enjoying it.
Mm, dazzling, Lata.
I hope you know I am seriously annoyed? You should be spending New Year's Eve with your mother.
- You have us, Ma! - Yes, yes.
Ready? Happy New Year.
Happy New Year, Ma.
End the year in fun and frivol Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la Let the rest be drab and drivel Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la Come on, Luts! - Will Amit be there tonight? - Well, I hope so.
Varun, I want you to go and keep an eye on your sister.
- I don't trust Meenakshi to do it.
- Oh, Ma! Don't you, "Oh, Ma" me! What would your father say? 1952! Happy New Year, my darlings! Kuku! May the year of 52 be a gala one for you! - Hello.
- Oh, hello.
Amit! Amit! I feel the need to escape.
I can't, I have a chaperone.
We'll give him the slip.
So lovely.
1952, how new it seems.
As if each digit were polished.
That's very good.
- May I borrow it? - Be my guest.
And you'll come to the Botanical Gardens the day after tomorrow? Of course.
It's very nice to see you again.
I feel the same way.
May I? REVELLERS: Happy New Year! Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
Are you annoyed with me? No.
But I think I want to go home now.
Of course.
Ah, can you tell me, is this the Mehra apartment? Yes, it is.
Aren't you Amit Chatterji? The poet? Yes, indeed.
I suppose I am.
I like your work.
You must come and do a reading at Brahmpur University.
I'm a student there.
I might.
As it happens, I'm rather in love with a girl from Brahmpur.
Really? Well, I'm rather in love with a girl from Brahmpur too.
Good morning.
Good morning! Really, Arun, you're being extremely tiresome! I cannot understand what is the big difficulty in this.
That's because you pay no attention to anything or anyone but yourself! Oh, Amit darling, so sweet of you to come for us.
Arun's been absolutely troublesome Ah, Khanna, sorry.
Test match kaput, as far as you're concerned.
- The Bentsen & Pryce box is full.
- Oh, but I thought And I'm afraid we've made other plans for dinner tonight.
- Come on, Arun! - Nothing to be done.
And we are in rather a hurry.
Bye! Well, at least I get to see Lata.
You know Lata? Yes, I hope to marry her.
Do you know her as well? Yes.
I know her very well.
Who's that? Is it Haresh? Do come in, Haresh.
Lata's on the veranda.
I'm sure she will be delighted to see you, hm? Here she is! Hello.
Oh aren't you going to the match? Apparently not.
I'll leave you two together.
Please sit.
May I? I've started reading Hardy again.
Don't you find him a bit pessimistic? Well I am such an optimist, perhaps he is good for me.
Lata Do I have grounds to be optimistic? Haresh, I think we should meet and talk some more before I can make up my mind finally.
It is the most important decision of my life.
Well, I'm sure I know I'm not very eloquent It's not that.
I need to know.
I only have tomorrow, then my leave will be over.
We can spend tomorrow together will that give you time to decide? I can't see you tomorrow.
I've arranged to go to the Botanical Gardens.
Cancel it now.
I insist.
Don't be mean! I'm not mean.
- Haresh, I didn't - I'm not mean! Don't you ever use that word for me again.
I'm going now.
I'll find my way to the station.
Thank your family for me.
- Where is Haresh? - Gone.
Gone where? And why? I don't know.
He just got angry with me and walked out.
What do you mean, walked out? Lata, what's the matter? Haresh has gone! Walked out, she says! What did you say to him? - Lata? - I don't know! - Ma - Well, you've ruined your future now! - After all my hard work! - Ma! Now, you little monkey.
This fellow and I were sleeping under the stars together.
What were the numbers in the different villages, Manu? First you come to me.
Mm! Later, you can analyse everything later.
- Baoji? - Hm? I have to go see a friend.
Go on.
Time off for good behaviour.
But don't be late.
Thank you, Baoji.
- So, were you a good boy? - Yes.
- Were you good to Nani? - Yes.
- Nani, was he a good boy? - He was a good boy.
This is from the Nawab's son Firoz.
What is this young man to you? I like him, Apa.
And you are never to see him alone.
Understand? But what is wrong with him? Am I never to see anyone? Idhar aao.
He is not the one for you.
Why have you come here? I have no time for Urdu lessons at the moment.
I don't have time.
No, I've been missing you, Rasheed.
Are you all right? The Congress Party is in league with the big landlords.
Look at your father and the Nawab of Baitar.
My father pushed through the zamindari bill, Rasheed.
He's on your side in this.
I hated you as well as the others when I realised what you were all up to.
Don't pretend you don't know! You knew I was married, and yet you joined this conspiracy.
Don't deny it! What conspiracy? I know you and Saeeda Bai, and the others, including some important people in the Government, they're all trying to get me married to Tasneem.
Of course I don't want it, but she will go insane if I don't return her love.
What are you talking about, Rasheed? I'm not part of anything like that.
I know what is what! Don't lie to my face! You think you are doing this for my good what about my child, my wife? My wife, my child! My wife! Rasheed! Rasheed, you've got it all wrong.
Saeeda Bai does not want you to get married to Tasneem.
So you say now.
She told me that you've been sending some disturbing letters to Tasneem.
Have you? You'd better not send any more.
And stop accusing me of being part of some sort of plot.
And you stop making these denials.
All right? I have to stay here and think.
No-one likes to be called mean.
Maybe he's sensitive about his background? His family? But I didn't mean anything like that.
I only meant that Maybe he took it literally.
Just a misunderstanding.
You'll put it right.
But if we don't understand each other when we speak, what possible future can we have together? What about Amit, then? Meenakshi seems to think you and he could have a future together.
Amit? And, er Kabir Durrani? What happened between Kabir and me makes me want to hate love.
Passionately, forever.
Just a couple of months ago you were saying you didn't want to get married at all.
I know! I don't know what's happened to me! Everything's gone wrong! You'll be fine.
I'm going to turn into Ma before I'm 25.
We will all become Ma one day.
I've done as you asked, Saeeda Jaan.
I don't think you'll have any more trouble from him.
But I just got here.
What's the matter? What's upsetting you? I don't really have time for you this evening.
I'm expecting someone.
Is there someone else you're seeing? Is that it? - Tell me.
- I can't tell you.
You can't tell me?! I've done everything you asked me! And now this! What am I to think? And all those things that you tell me, are they to count for nothing? Think what you like! Think I've gone mad.
Tell me, you owe it to me! Bibbo! [SHOE THUDS ON PAVEMENT.]
Saeeda Bai.
Were you expecting Tasneem? I am here to tell you that you are never to write to her again and you are never to meet her again.
Saeeda Bai, I apologise.
It was wrong of me to try to see your sister without asking your permission, but my intentions are honourable.
How could they be? She is not my sister.
She is your sister.
God forgive me, she is my daughter.
And God forgive your father.
- Where is he? - How dare you? Where is Firoz? He hasn't been here! What is his walking stick doing outside? He left.
He left.
He left! - Was it your sister he came here to see? - No! It was you, wasn't it? He wants you.
- Was it you? - Dagh sahib! [SHE LAUGHS WILDLY.]
You dare to laugh at me?! Was it your sister he came here to see? No! You fool! It's not my sister he's in love with! You fool! [SHE GASPS.]
Where is he hiding?! - Where is he hiding?! - Maan?! - Dagh Saab! - Where is he hiding?! - Where is he hiding?! - Maan? - Where is he hiding?! - Maan - Come on.
- What is this? - What's the matter? - What is this? - Put the knife down.
- What is this? Put the knife down.
Maan, what are you doing? Put the knife down.
What's the matter? - Put the knife down.
- Get off me.
Put it down.
Put it down.
Put it down.
Put it down.
We need a We need a doctor.
- We need a doctor.
- What have I done to you?! FIROZ: Go.
Just go.
Go quickly, Maan.
I only hope they get whoever did this.
Maan has brought disgrace upon the whole family.
- What will happen to you now? - Ma! I know that you don't return my feelings, your brother has made that very clear to me.
I might actually be in love with a girl from Brahmpur.
- Does he write you letters as well? - What if he does? All rise!
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