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Episode 6

- But I think I want to go home now.
- Of course.
Tell her I really will run away with her if that's what she wants.
I am giving you my trusted man from Baitar.
People look up to him around here.
Vote for Congress! Vote for Congress! - Saeeda Bai does not want you to marry Tasneem.
- Just leave.
- You know Lata? - Yes.
I hope to marry her.
She is not my sister.
She is your sister.
- Oh, don't be mean! - Don't you ever use that word for me again! Where is Firoz? - Where is he hiding? - Come on.
Put it down! Bhai Sahab Banaras.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, arrest me, please.
My name is Maan Kapoor, son of Mahesh Kapoor, and I have killed my best friend.
Nawab, sir.
Will he live? His chances are fairly good.
The only concern now is infection.
I only hope they get whoever did this.
Has he said anything about that? He said a lot, none of it coherent.
- He seemed very concerned about his sister.
- His sister? He is young and strong.
You must have hope, Nawab Sahib.
God forgive me.
Vote for! Zindabaad! Vote for! And perhaps by the next election, you'll be standing as a candidate yourself.
My friend Malati is involved with our student socialist party.
She likes to be right in the thick of things.
And you prefer to be an observer.
But a clever young woman like you, what do you want to do? I thought perhaps teaching literature, like you.
But in school, not university.
Of course, Ma would want more than anything else to see me married.
Ah! There's the rub.
Lata the key to a good marriage is to find a man who will give you the space to grow.
Such men are not commonly found, but do exist.
Bye, Lata.
"Dear Haresh, I didn't mean for my words to offend you.
I am still in Calcutta with the family.
If you're here during the holidays, please do call upon us.
Affectionately, Lata".
- Did you bet on the winner? - Need you ask? - Everyone else has all the luck.
- Bloody fool.
Varun is not a fool, or he would not have been interviewed for the Indian Administrative Service! Mm-hm-hm! Maybe it's a clerical error.
And don't you know it's bad manners to read at the table? You do it.
- Bye, apa.
- Oh, my God! What is it? - Pran.
- Mm.
Your brother has been arrested.
- What? - There, take a look.
What is it? What happened? We will have to leave for Brahmpur immediately.
The idiot, the poor, unthinking crazy idiot! Ma, Baoji has always said - Ma, Lata, no need for you to come - Of course we'll come.
We'll all travel together.
Maan has brought disgrace upon the whole family.
- What will happen to you now? - Ma I'll book the train tickets.
I'm sorry, Baba.
How is Firoz? Alive.
For now.
Have you spoken to him? His father has cut off all connection between our families.
- What did you expect? - Are you very angry with me, Baoji? I am fighting the election.
He'll have a fair trial.
He can't expect special favours because of who he is.
Ma? Ma? Oh, Pran! Maan Kapoor.
Shh! Come here.
I need to see Saeeda.
It's impossible, Maan.
She's a material witness in the case and can never see you.
How can I tell her I'm sorry for what I did? Even if Firoz lives, attempted murder carries a life sentence.
Forget her.
Vote for me.
Socialist Party.
You see my name here, Khan, just below yours.
Mahesh Kapoor.
Socialist Party.
Socialist Party.
Ma? Ma? Ma?! Ma.
They have denied permission for Maan to come, Baoji.
Ma is gone.
She's gone.
Agarwal? You understand the situation he is in.
Bent in a filthy cell.
You are a father too.
He wasn't even allowed to shave his head for his mother's cremation.
Purposes of identification.
It wasn't appropriate on my part to intervene.
"My Dearest Lata, I am sorry for being upset about a word you used, which I realise in retrospect you did not intend as I took it".
Oh, forget it! "My Dearest Lata.
With the passing of time, I realise I was in the wrong.
Forgive me for ending New Year's Day in such an unpleasing manner".
Oh, bloody hell.
"My Dearest Lata.
The feelings I have for you increase every day, and unlike my shoes, do not take Saturday and Sunday off.
Please write to me.
Your very own, Haresh".
Hello, Lata.
Our speaker today is not the least of those who merged the vigour of the West with a sensibility distinctly Indian, a sensibility both sensuous and sensual, sensible and sensitive.
The Fever Bird.
The fever bird sang out last night.
I could not sleep, try as I might.
My brain was split, my spirit raw.
I looked into the garden, saw the shadow of the amaltas shake slightly on the moonlit grass.
Thank you.
Beautiful Hello Hello, Lata.
How do you know Amit Chatterji? - Everything he does is directed at you.
- That's rubbish.
Look at him now.
I'm the only person he knows here, apart from Pran.
- Amit's my brother-in-law.
- Oh.
He's my brother Arun's brother-in-law.
That's why I saw him outside your house in Calcutta.
- When did you come to Calcutta? - I came and I went.
I ran out of courage to see you.
I imagine you had plenty of opportunity to meet him there.
Did you go for long walks with him in Calcutta? - Sometimes.
- Did he read you his poems? Yes, sometimes.
I suppose you went boating at dawn with him, too! Kabir, what is this, an interrogation? Does he write you letters as well? What if he did? What if he does? What are you doing? Are you trying to make me jealous? Please let me go, Kabir.
The trouble with an election is that we elect the ones who seem the least like the last lot, and then they turn out to be exactly the same.
Well, not your father, of course.
You know, sometimes I wish I were a cockroach.
A cockroach? Why? I wouldn't be wondering whether I'd get a promotion.
Or worrying about my father getting elected.
Or my poor brother getting convicted.
Or whether I'll live to see my daughter grow up.
Cockroaches don't have these concerns.
Don't talk like that.
It's not like you at all and it's upsetting.
All right.
I'll try to be careful about what I say in my own house and with my own family.
- I think I need a drink.
- I'll help you.
Don't drink any more.
I'm just on edge.
It's all right.
- You know, I quite pity you.
- Why? Because you'll never know what a pleasure it is to be in your company.
Do stop talking like this they are all waiting for us outside.
In that case, will you marry me? Quick! Before they come.
Say yes.
Was it a family heirloom? I suppose I'll have to wait.
I thought I could surprise you into agreeing.
I do like you.
The trouble is, I can't take anything you say seriously.
And I don't think you can either.
Now, why are we kneeling here facing each other like Japanese dolls? Ma will come in any minute.
That bastard Waris.
This ignoble business, this is not what our family stands for.
What have we done to my friend's family? Lata.
Pran said he thought you would like to see me.
- Is it all right? - Yes.
I thought everybody would have given up on me.
Of course we haven't.
What a beautiful Gardenia.
Is that from my mother's garden? May I? Is it very terrible here? No, it's fine.
It's fine.
It's quite peaceful here.
And the guards tell you what to do and you do it.
You don't have to think about anything.
But what about you? What's going on? Ma wants me to marry a shoemaker.
Meenakshi wants me to marry her brother.
What about the other one? The cricketer? The handsome boy.
What's he like? He's very much about his own dreams.
He's very passionate.
That's what got me where I am now.
How do we know? I haven't been a very good son, you know, but my father he really loves me.
He wants the best for me.
Just like my mother.
He's changed.
He's trying to find a different way to live now.
And I think I should, too.
What does that mean? Giving up thinking of Kabir.
Do you know those lines that go, "There are two kinds I believe, of human attraction".
"One that merely excites, unsettles and makes you uneasy".
The other he talks about the calmer, less frantic love.
Which helps you to grow where you are already growing.
When I am with Kabir or even away from him, I become utterly useless for anything.
I don't want to become a wreck.
India has been holding her first General Election.
The biggest the world has ever seen.
- Have you been to vote, Billy? - I didn't bother.
- What's the point? - Well, you know, I thought I should.
But without much enthusiasm, eh? I know how you feel, old boy.
Historic day, I don't think.
Frankly, between you and me, things were managed much better when the British were in charge.
Well, they are not here any more.
It's a three-month affair and Mr.
Nehru, who's travelled thousands of miles through the country, has of course been campaigning for Congress, as well as urging the people to exercise their new democratic right to vote.
Mahesh Kapoor.
Congress Party.
15,575 votes.
Shant, shant! Shant, shant! Waris Khan, Independent.
16,522 votes.
To add to my humiliation, Congress has won everywhere else.
Not that I'm not happy about that.
Will you remain in politics? I'm not sure.
- I think I've lost heart.
- Don't worry, Baoji.
- God brings relief to those who suffer.
- Maan, you may be shut away here for the rest of your life.
Certainly for the rest of mine.
I deserve no less.
Shut up! The court is in session.
The knife wound was here.
The blade penetrated the body to a depth of four inches, almost severing the large intestine.
I call Nawabzada Firoz Ali Khan of Baitar.
Nawabzada Firoz Ali Khan! Would you tell us in your own words what happened on the night of the 1st of January? I went to Saeeda Bai's house to deliver an invitation for her to sing at Baitar house.
The maid was just showing me out, when I heard a commotion and raised voices.
The maid and I hurried in to Saeeda Bai's room and I saw her there with my friend, Maan Kapoor.
He was holding a fruit knife.
I went towards him but stumbled and fell on the knife.
What? What was that? I stumbled and fell on the knife.
It was an accident.
This is not what you said in your statement to the police.
I was ill and confused when I spoke to the police.
Now I am better, I remember things much more clearly.
Do you realise that the accused has confessed to the crime? He was quite drunk at the time.
I suppose he thought he had done it.
You may leave the witness box, Mr.
Your next witness, Mr.
I call Saeeda Bai Firozabadi.
It was, as the Nawabzada said.
An unfortunate accident.
In the absence of any evidence that this was anything but an unfortunate accident there is no case.
I am therefore compelled to find the accused not guilty on both counts.
All rise.
It was my father's idea.
Kon aaya? kon aaya! Haresh, what a surprise! Lata! Lata! It was all a bit last-minute, Mrs.
Come in, Haresh.
What will you have? Tea? Lata! Oh.
Will you excuse us, Haresh? Savita and I have some things to do in the other room? Yes, of course.
- I - I wanted to apologise for my rudeness when we last saw each other.
I shouldn't have been so quick to take offence.
I felt bad about upsetting you.
- I really didn't mean anything - I know.
I know.
How have you been? How is work? And, please Very good.
The Goodyear Welted line is going from strength to strength and I am in line for a promotion.
Also, I've persuaded the management that we can outsource some of the work to Brahmpur, hence my presence here.
And on a personal note, I have given up paan.
- Oh.
- I've been made aware that your family think it an unattractive habit.
- I never said anything.
- I know.
But I can tell.
And actually, I think you are right about that.
I'm glad I've put it behind me.
I know that, uh you don't return my feelings.
Your brother has made that very clear to me.
I I haven't come to pester you, Lata.
I I just wanted to apologise for my stupid outburst last time we met.
Now I have to go and complete my work in time to catch the five o'clock train.
Haresh, what did you mean about my brother ? I suppose, uh I suppose we may never meet again so I want to wish you every happiness in your life.
- Goodbye.
- Haresh! I am in Brahmpur for a conference, representing Bentsen & Pryce.
Quite a responsibility, as you can imagine.
Arun, could I have a private word with you? There's something I'd like to ask you about.
Where else would you turn for advice but to your elder brother? Come.
Did you tell Haresh I don't want to see him any more? I did.
For your own good, Lata.
Did he write to me at your address? The question was settled, so that's beside the point.
Did he write to me? Did he? As a matter of fact, he did.
You never sent me his letters.
So what did you do with them? I destroyed them, of course.
That was a horrible thing to do! I will overlook that remark.
Khanna may have some good qualities, but he is utterly unsuitable.
For a start, English is very far from being his first language.
Secondly, society matters.
Compare him with Meenakshi and Amit, whose father and grandfather have been High Court judges.
Does that sort of thing really matter? Honestly, Lata, a cobbler who chews paan? He gave that up, to please me.
And that makes everything all right, I suppose! Do you know, it's a funny thing, the more you say against him, the more I realise how much I What? What are you doing? Where are you going? What are you doing here? Has something happened? - I wanted to say - What? - Yes.
- Yes? Will you marry me? Yes.
Yes? Yes.
- You should go.
- Never! - I will write.
- Well, I should hope so! Au revoir, Lata! Ma.
I see you've found my place.
Your father used to come here, too.
Did you like how I proposed to Haresh? On a train station platform.
It's like something out of one of your silly novels.
Malati thinks I'm absolutely mad.
She says, "Trust you to do just what Mummy says".
Is that why you did it, Lata? Because Mummy says? Does it matter? For you, Lata, it matters more than anything.
You must choose for yourself.
He really loves me, Ma.
He's so real.
His feet touch the ground.
I'm even getting used to his corresponding shoes! No-one can be sure of what the future will be.
I've known that since we lost Daddy.
Are you pleased, Ma? I am! Of course I am! Namaskar! Ma? What do you think? Chalo ab, Varun, one last stop for today, hm.
Namaskar, dada! My daughter is getting married.
- Something a little delicate.
- Hm.
Yes, something like this.
You can deliver to my son's house, and he will bring it with him to Brahmpur for the wedding.
And the address is? Mr.
Arun Mehra.
He's a manager at Bentsen & Pryce, you know.
- It will suit Lata.
- I know this name.
Get me those boxes.
Here, your daughter-in-law brought in some medals a little while ago.
She wanted them melted down to make a pair of earrings? Yes.
Such fine workmanship.
Precious things should remain in the family.
Consider it a gift, you can take them.
Where is Maan? He should be here? Will they be happy? Who knows? Congratulations.
What a fiasco.
Those shabby fellows there are the bridegroom's family, I presume.
And who are those white people in cheap suits? - The Czechs from Praha, I suppose.
- Oh, pipe down, Arun.
What? I think you heard what I said.
Your brother is so handsome in his suit, isn't he? - I beg your pardon? - Some men are late bloomers.
Just think, now you can boast a brother that works in the Indian Administrative Services.
Why, hello, Kalpana.
And how is my Iron Frame of India? - All the better for it.
- Congratulations.
You made it.
I really have no idea how.
Kalpana, my dear.
Oh, Ma.
Isn't this all just lovely? I am forever indebted to you for finding Haresh.
But never mind about Varun.
Meenakshi - Hello.
- Why, hello! Varun, I must say Varun - Excuse me a moment.
- Just a little word.
- Yes, Ma.
- You too will marry a girl I choose.
Yes, of course, Ma.
Not one like that.
A suitable girl.
That is what your daddy would have wanted.
Don't forget what I told you.
Big thrills on your wedding night! Enjoy the boing-boing! - I love you, bitiya.
Khyal rakhna.
- Bye, Ma.
- Bye-bye, Mrs.
- Bye! Be good to each other.
Varun! Take good care of her.
Varun! Aa jao!
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