Absentia (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Me You Him Me

Previously on "Absentia" - How long? - You've been gone 6 years.
It's like that movie where the angel takes the guy and shows him what life would be like without him.
And everybody is so much worse off.
Except in my case it's the opposite.
I can't be around you, or her, without feeling like I'm betraying someone.
Just as life was starting to become bearable again you had to come back.
You're such an asshole when you drink.
Emily, you and I have both been victimized by the same person.
The vision is getting worse.
And part of me just wants to forget it, and then the other part just wants to remember.
And I'm terrified of what would happen if I ever do.
They found my DNA on Semerov's body and now Harlow is dead? Someone is covering the tracks, Gibbs.
Someone is trying to frame Emily.
Make sure your girl doesn't leave town.
Why do you trust me? I know you.
Robert Semerov, sex trafficker.
Had a habit of naming his favorite girls after flowers.
Regina Talbot.
She's working for one of your guys too, man.
It's Adam.
He's the one behind Regina Talbot.
When did you see Byrne last? Give me a timeline, Agent In other words, you lost her.
We'll discuss this back at the office.
Anybody seen you? It's him.
- It's him, Nick.
I found proof.
- Slow down, slow down.
Proof of what? Uh, Radford He keeps a journal.
He drew what I've been seeing.
- You broke into Radford's house? - No, I had to.
Just listen to me.
- Emily - He keeps a journal he has when from just after I was captured.
There is no way that he could've known.
I told you to stay at the hotel.
Nick, the bleeding eye drawn in it, over and over again.
- You're not making - Nick, he drew what's in my head! Emily! Emily! Emily.
Listen to yourself! I know what I saw.
Look, I get that he's corrupt but we don't have any evidence.
None that he had you in that cabin.
- How do you explain the bleeding eye? - I don't know and I will look into it, but right now I have to take you in.
BPD has issued a warrant for you.
No, I need more time.
Do you want Flynn to see you get arrested? Is that what you want? You should see him, then we have to go.
NICK: Come on.
NICK: Hey.
I told Maura and Julian you had a work emergency.
We were supposed to have diner.
I completely forgot.
I was taking Emily back.
We were working a case.
Figured she could she could took Flynn in.
I just wanted to check in on him after the concussion.
I understand, Emily, but he's asleep.
You can look in on him.
Ah, thank you.
You still believe her.
With everything that is starring you in the face, 'cause I've seen on the news, that she's a suspect in Harlow's murder.
She didn't kill Harlow.
NICK: Hey.
Transcribed & synced by kinglouisxx Proofed by PetaG Nick, can we stop by the hotel? I need to grab a few things before we go to county.
Just make sure Flynn doesn't listen to what people are saying.
I'll have the rest sent to your dad's.
Emily? Emily! I trusted you and now I look like a goddamn idiot.
I should charge you with aiding and abetting fugitive.
She was only out of my sight for a few minutes.
Oh, yeah? What was she wearing when you saw her last? Let me know when you remember.
A green jacket, black hoodie, black pants.
You can add that to your APB.
What's the point? Uh? She probably changed clothes twice by now.
Where are you? I'm sorry, Nick.
I just couldn't face being a captive again.
I couldn't do it.
- Em, where are you? - I can't tell you.
You'd have to bring me back in.
Running makes you look guilty as hell.
If you come to me now, we can probably No! I'm gonna solve this.
H-How, Emily? How do you plan to do that? You'll see.
Just don't loose faith in me.
I need the batteries for this.
Where have you been? Uh? You know I don't like being kept waiting.
It was on purpose.
I brought you surprise.
- You did? Yeah? - Yes.
Why don't you go upstairs? I'll get us a drink.
Go away! Mr.
Byrne, it's Detective Gibbs.
Byrne! What do you want? Can you open up? No.
- I'm looking for your sister.
- She's she's not here.
So where is she? I don't know.
At a motel somewhere.
Which one? She didn't give me the details, all right? She just I'm glad to be rid of her.
Listen up If she reaches out, just call me.
Yeah, she's not gonna reach out.
Should go to our dad, he's the go to.
Good luck.
ALICE: You did the right thing.
She escaped.
What? I don't understand.
I had to stop at a light, and she's jumped out, ran off.
You couldn't catch her? Don't you think I tried? Why are you getting angry with me? Sorry.
I should have cuffed her.
I don't know why I thought I could trust her.
It was stupid.
It was really stupid.
ADAM: The Emily Byrne we knew is gone, people.
It's tragic, but whatever happened to her during those years, it changed her.
She's violent, dangerous.
The prime suspect in two murders.
So the best thing we can do for her is to bring her in.
I wanna turn it over to Detective Gibbs, who's running point for BPD.
Yeah, um What's this? Uh? What did I tell you last night? The door.
I gave you a chance to open your eyes, Nick and you didn't.
I said she was playing you and she did.
Now you gotta pay the price.
Badge and gun.
You're suspended.
You're gonna join the hunt yourself? See if you can do her like you did Harlow? She's still in your head, isn't she? Jesus, Nick.
Why are we up here? Why don't you come down? Just, uh can we talk for second? - Sure.
- Come here.
Oh, man.
These hands are cold, huh? [BLOWING.]
People are gonna be saying things about me, and I don't care.
I just care that you know that they're not true.
I need you to believe me, okay? - I believe you.
- Good.
- Good.
- Mom, what's wrong? Baby, it's hard to explain and I don't have enough time.
So if you ever hear anything that makes you question things, you just ask your dad.
I trust him and you can too, all right? - Okay.
- Okay.
I love you.
Do you love me? - You do? Huh? Okay, come here.
- Go sit downstairs with your friends.
- Okay.
: Bye.
Have you lost your mind, showing up here, putting Flynn in danger, all these kids? I have the right to see him.
I'm sick of trying to make this nightmare lovable for everyone.
- Leave, or I'll call the police.
- Flynn is my son.
You don't deserve him.
You're hurting him.
You hurt everyone around you and you don't care.
Yes, police.
FLYNN: Mom, please, don't do it! Mom, what's happening? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
The police do not want the public to approach the fugitive.
Call the hotline number at the bottom of your screen.
Shut it off, dammit! You got it all wrong.
Emily is innocent.
I'd bet my life on it.
Help me find her.
The sooner we'll bring her in, the sooner we'll clear off the charges.
Myself I like Emily.
I wanna see her get a fair shake.
Cut that crap, I know what you're up to.
I was making collars when you were in diapers.
Then you know.
The longer she's out there, the more the situation escalades and the less chance we have of bringing her in safe.
You could help your daughter.
She hasn't come by.
I called a few times, didn't hear back.
Any family outside of Boston? Old friends? Who's gonna take her in? You got the whole damn media all worked up.
Making her out to be a crazed killer.
Nobody's gonna help my little girl.
- I understand how you feel.
- You understand dick! - Hello? - Dad.
Josie how are you doing? You can't talk, I get it.
Um I'm hanging in there.
You ready for the polka dance contest? I don't know what to do.
There are people that are working against me.
And I think I've figured out a way out of all of this, except it's dangerous.
And, um It might make things worse.
But I think it's my only chance.
Do it.
I've always believed in you.
You've already got the moves, I trust you know how to use them.
I needed to hear that.
I just I needed to hear your voice.
I gotta go.
Take care.
Who was that on the phone? Josie.
You know For a guy who's little girl is on the run, you sound damn good.
Anything else, Detective? Not today.
Thank you.
- Asshole.
- Nick - Just a minute.
- We need to talk.
- Oh, yeah? Okay.
I'm going for a run.
Why later? Why not now? Because I just need to to clear my head.
You said you needed me to get through this.
You're not acting like it.
Why are you shutting me out? You're just ignoring me now? I have to go, Alice.
Don't move! Emily, why don't you put the knife down? You reach for it and I will slit your throat.
Hands up.
- Where to? - Just drive.
Where are you? With Radford.
I'm taking him somewhere we can talk.
Wait, wait.
Did you Did you say you're with Radford? I've got him under control.
Listen to me, Emily.
Very carefully, listen to me because your life literally depends on it.
You've abducted the special agent in charge of the Boston field office.
Just like he abducted me.
No, no.
No, no.
He's the dirty agent, no question.
Do I think he killed Harlow? Maybe.
But the cabin it doesn't add up.
Think about it.
He's gonna confess, you'll see.
After I do to him a bit of what he did to me.
How could I get through you? Do you Do you want Flynn to see you shot dead by SWAT on TV? Is that what you want? I just want this to end.
Enough! Emily turn around.
Come back.
Please, Em.
I'm begging you, this is not the way.
Your call has been forwarded to - an automated voice messaging system.
- Come on.
Come on, now! - At the tone, please record your message.
- Goddammit! - NICK: Where are you? - EMILY: With Radford.
I'm taking him somewhere we can talk.
NICK: Did you say you're with Radford? EMILY: I've got him under control.
- He's gonna confess.
- Listen to me, Emily.
Very carefully, listen to me, because your life literally depends on it.
You've abducted the special agent in charge of the Boston field office.
EMILY: Just like he abducted me.
No, no.
No, no.
He's the dirty agent, no question.
Do I think he killed Harlow? Maybe.
But the cabin it doesn't add up.
- NICK: - Think about it.
- EMILY: He's gonna confess, you'll see.
After I do to him a bit of what he did to me.
NICK: How could I get through you? Do you want Flynn to see you shot dead by SWAT on TV? - Is that what you want? - [PAUSES RECORDING.]
because your life literally depends on it.
You've abducted the special agent in charge of the Boston field office.
EMILY: Just like he abducted me.
NICK: How could I get through you? Do you want Flynn to see you shot You've abducted the special agent in charge of the Boston field office.
EMILY: Just like he abducted NICK: How could I get through you? the Boston field office.
EMILY: Just like he abducted me.
No, no.
No, no.
He's the dirty agent, no question.
Do I think he killed Harlow? Maybe.
But the cabin [RECORDING STOPS.]
Adam missed a diner appointment with the Deputy Director.
No phone call, no email apology.
Very unlike him.
So I tried tracking him down, came up empty.
That's when I called on Detective Gibbs.
We determined Radford went to the driving range this evening but his car wasn't in the lot.
Here's why.
That's Emily Byrne.
She tampered with a couple of the lights.
She was picked up by a traffic cam on I-93, driving the junker parked next to Radford's car.
By the time security realised the lights were out, she was out of there with Radford.
Now we have zero leads on where they might be headed, We need to generate some and fast.
Exhaust every avenue you have.
I was in her corner too until she screwed me over.
Look familiar? This is where I was abducted the night that I followed the lead on Harlow, the night that you didn't back me up.
You took them off, didn't you? You set me up.
You're going to admit to what you did.
It's the only way you're getting out of here.
What do you think I did to you? Why did you do it, Adam? Why did you take me? I need to know! Emily, I wasn't there.
Why did you let me go? Are you framing me? Is this some kind of a sick game? You're the sick one here, you're delusional.
You're not thinking straight.
This is our new game.
Boston field office.
Just like he abducted me.
No, no.
No, no.
Boston field office.
Just like he abducted me.
No, no.
No, no.
He's the dirty Boston field office.
- Yeah.
- Before you hang up What number is this? I'm calling from a burner.
Protecting my life.
- What? - Never mind.
I'm onto something.
I think I know where Emily is.
I'm supposed to believe you? She called me.
She said she had Radford.
Any reason you're not sharing this with your own people? Yeah, um, my work situation is Yeah I know.
I need your help.
Gibbs, I'm the only lead you have.
We can leave anytime you want, if you just answer my question.
- What did you do? - Nothing! [GRUNTS.]
You did something to me.
I know.
It changed me.
You're insane.
You kidnapped yourself! You and Harlow were partners, admit it! No You were my partner.
Okay I got Regina to lie.
I got her to call the cops, and say you were with Semerov.
I didn't know what you remembered or what you didn't.
- You poor bastard! - [GRUNTS.]
The whole time that I was working the Semerov case you kept him one step ahead! He cut me in.
Regina laundered the money.
Why did you kill him? Was it 'cause he was gonna cut you out? I didn't kill Semerov.
You killed him and then you put my DNA on him! No.
I swear.
Then who? Who planted my DNA? I don't know! The lab found your DNA on his body.
I thought for sure it was you.
I thought I was helping put a murderer in jail.
You're the murderer.
I saw the journal! I saw the eye with blood on it.
I had visions, Adam! I want to know why.
Why you have my visions in your journal? You wanna know why I drew the bleeding eye? What do you think I did after you vanished? I looked for you.
I was troubling you, you were glad that I was gone.
It wasn't like that.
I knew Harlow was involved, somehow, but I stayed on your case.
The bleeding eye was the only clue I could never made sense of.
It haunted me.
It still haunts me.
That's why it's in my journal.
I don't understand.
Before we arrested him, I was trailing him.
And he made a call.
I don't know who he was talking to but he said something and it's stuck in my mind.
He said: "I'll meet you at the Bleeding Eye".
It's not a person, Emily.
It's a place.
EMILY: A place? What do you know about it? I don't know.
I just keep seeing it ever since I came back.
If you're seeing the bleeding eye, it means you've been there.
Maybe whoever had you took you there.
Or maybe your your mind made it into a vision.
Think about it.
It wasn't you And it wasn't me.
Then, there's somebody else out there.
They know where the Bleeding Eye is.
All right.
Adam! Adam! Here! Give yourself up.
I can't.
Here! Come on! - I'm here! - [GUNSHOT.]
No, no, no.
No, no.
- You okay, man? - Yeah.
You? All right.
Wait, Nick.
Nick! Nick! Emily! GIBBS: Shots fired.
Agent down.
Transcribed & synced by kinglouisxx Proofed by PetaG